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Nokia Lumia 800 review

 Review: November 2011  

Last updated January 2012

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia Lumia 800 is the first phone from Finland to use the Windows Mango operating system. It's a very capable smartphone with a premium look and feel.

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A year ago we wrote that Nokia were pinning their future on the new Symbian ^3 operating system. Well, that didn't work out so well. One year later, Symbian is dead, and Nokia are now pinning their future on the Windows Phone operating system. The Lumia 800 is the first Nokia phone to run Windows Phone, so let's take a peek and see whether Nokia + Microsoft = success.

The first thing we want to say is that we think Nokia made a good decision dropping Symbian in favour of Windows Phone. At Mobile-Phones-UK we've always liked Windows, even in the days when most people hated it :) Now that Microsoft have launched version 7.5 Mango, it's becoming quite a snazzy and refined operating system. "Easier, Faster, Funner" is Nokia's description of the phone. And even though funner isn't a real word, it's a description we can go with.

If you're used to old Nokia smartphones, you'll be used to doing battle with your phone every time you use it. It'll come as a surprise to learn that the Windows Phone operating system is actually on your side. It's working with you, not against you. There's no need to reboot your phone every few hours because Symbian crashed again. That's the "Easier" bit.

"Faster" is because the operating system isn't as greedy for resources as, say, Android. So the 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor and 512MB of RAM that Nokia have given the Lumia 800 are more than adequate. There's no need for a dual-core processor and gigabytes of RAM to make Mango run fast. The Lumia 800 also has hardware acceleration of graphics. Multi-tasking? 3D transition effects and live tiles on the home screen? No problem!

What about "Funner"? Well, this must be about the way the user interface of Mango works. It's all about tiles. Obviously, Microsoft looked at the iPhone and Android phones, with their little icons dotted around the screen, and thought, "Why waste space? Let's fill the screen with tiles." Now tiles aren't icons. They're a lot cleverer. Sometimes they behave like icons, just sitting there waiting to be pressed, but often they live busy lives of their own, displaying info, retrieving data, checking for updates. So the messaging tile updates to show when you've got new messages. The calendar tile shows you what's happening today. The people hub shows photos from your social networking contacts. And when you open a tile, there's a cool 3D effect. Hence, "Funner."

One of the features we like is that social networking is built into the heart of Windows Phone. Facebook and twitter are integrated with emails and text messaging. There are a growing number of apps available for Windows Phone, and Nokia has added some custom ones for the Lumia too. Angry Birds is here and Nokia Drive gives you turn-by-turn navigation with voice prompts. On the business side, Office is available, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. One thing missing is Flash support in the browser, but the iPhone 4S doesn't have that either. Another thing missing is Profiles, which Symbian users may miss. Overall we give a thumbs up to Windows Phone 7.5, and we look forward to see how it develops and what new apps Nokia brings to the partnership.

So much for the OS. What about the rest of the phone? Well, it's a looker. Constructed from polycarbonate, it feels tough and looks cool, with its smooth, seamless one-piece body. Although rectangular when viewed from the front, it's curved and tapered from the side, making it feel slimmer and easy to grip. We like the minimalist feel, and it comes in a choice of colours too. We think it looks great in black though, with the blackness of the screen merging with the phone's body for a very cool look. But watch out for scratches! The screen isn't the largest by any means, but it's bigger than the iPhone 4S's screen, and it's big enough. It's a capacitive AMOLED screen, so blacks are very black and colours are very colourful, and with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, it's very sharp and detailed too. Gorilla Glass gives it much-needed protection.

The Lumia 800 comes with 16GB of built-in memory, which will be plenty for most people, but we'd have liked to see a microSD memory card option too. However, that's not the way of Windows Phone it seems.

Music is good on the phone. In addition to the Zune software that comes with all Windows Phone devices, the Lumia also has Nokia Music. This gives easy access to all your music tracks, organised by Artist, Album, Genre, Playlist, etc. It also gives access to Mix Radio, which streams music to your phone over Wi-Fi. Mix Radio lets you choose a genre, then you can listen to playlists streamed to your phone. There's also a built-in FM radio. As with most Nokias, music quality is excellent, especially when using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The camera is excellent. It can't match the quality of the Nokia N8, but with an 8 megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, a wide f2.2 aperture, autofocus and a dual LED flash, it's got what it takes to match most of the competition. In poor lighting, it can be a bit noisy, but in daylight we can't fault it. The camera can also record video in HD 720p resolution. For a flagship phone, we'd have liked to see 1080p, but it's not the end of the world. We'd have liked a front-facing camera too, like on the HTC Radar, but that's also missing for some reason.

The Lumia 800 comes with a substantial 1450mAh battery. This is enough to power it through a day of heavy use. If you're economical with it, you might get longer.

So, we've come away liking the first Windows Phone product to be released by Nokia. Considering what a big change in direction this is for Nokia, they've done a great job in a short time, and we look forward to seeing what they'll do next. Should you buy the Lumia 800? It's an excellent phone, but not an outstanding one. We like the new operating system, we like the look and feel of the phone, we like the fact that the phone never feels stretched, however many apps you play with. But it doesn't wow us. It doesn't have a super-sized screen, it doesn't have the best camera ever, it doesn't have the number of apps that iOS and Android have, it doesn't even have a memory card. But it doesn't cost as much as an iPhone 4S or a Galaxy S2 either. If you like the Goldilocks appeal of being not too hot and not too cold, then you'll find yourself warming to the Lumia 800. And if you're in the market for a Windows Phone device, then choosing Nokia could turn out to be a good move, given the closeness of Nokia and Microsoft.

The new Nokia Lumia 710 offers most of the functionality of the 800, but at a reduced price.

Nokia Lumia 800 features include:

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Average rating from 66 reviews:

Reviewed by Donna from Uk on 15th Oct 2014
My windows HAV e GON down and I can't get it bk

Reviewed by Megan from Uk on 10th Feb 2013
I love this phone. Had it since Christmas and it seems to be phased by nothing. My friend has a white shiny one and another has just got a matt black one. I have a matt magenta one that is fantastic.lots of cases available and the colour range is brilliant. Browsing is fast, applications are easy to install thanks to Xbox. I love the title screen as it is easily accessible to every thing. The battery saver is a fab add-on as it increases my battery by 8 hours. I never charge for longer than required because there is a change of ruining the battery. I rate the camera, it is very good. I love the colour coordinating with the colour of the phone and the "theme". It's a bit odd how my contacts are named "people" that is odd. Both my friends V and D like their windows phone. The shiny looks a bit tacky by comparison to the matt, but has a quality feel likewise.5 star absolutely ++++!!! Thanks Nokia, impressive!

Reply by Someone from Somewhere on 17th Feb 2013
I agree, however, I think the shiny ones are horrible, not just tacky. Thanks

Reviewed by Buddy from UK on 9th Feb 2013
Very good but not stunning. I agree.

I've had it a month now, and I upgraded mine to Windows 7.8 last week and its just as speedy and responsive as it was under 7.5. Great build quality and gorgeous/premium looks too with a stunning screen. Overall it feels wonderful in the hand like a luxurious slab of chocolate of perfect weight and size. No complaints about the battery life either as I usually get about a day and a half of medium usage. Great Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and I'm more than satisfied with the camera.

However, the downsides IMO are more numerous than I expected and mostly relate to the Windows platform and the disappointing MP3/music player:
1. Zune - I found it surprisingly clunky to use.
2. No drag and drop facility of files into phone as an MP3/memory drive.
3. Texting is also finicky compared to what I've been used to with Swype on Android, and it's also awkward to highlight/correct individual letters in words after they've been typed.
4. Music player has no equalizer - yes, I know it's a windows platform diktat - and the volume is too low for my liking - it never 'rocks' like other phones & mp3 players I've had, even when I use high quality earplugs.
5. No webpage autoresizing when browsing and no BBC iplayer
6. Can't get some apps (e.g. Skype) to run truly in the background whilst multitasking so I can stay online and get calls still coming through on Skype like I could on Android.
7. Can't find any options to send my SMS's via Skype like I could on Android.
8. Other drawbacks relate to the lack of memory card, inaccessible battery, and lack of front camera, no upgrade path to Windows 8 - I knew about all of these but didn't let them stop me buying the phone.

What I can say though is that at the price I got it for (150 PAYG), it's undoubtedly good value for money and makes a refreshing change from Androids and iPhones if not necessarily a superior choice. So much so that I can almost forget it's shortcomings and as for that clean Metro UI, it's simply irresistible :)

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 17th Jan 2013
Have had the 800 for about 6 months. Overall its very good and does many simple things well. Lover the style and tiles and it feels great!
However the bluetooth really annoys as it keeps switching itself off. I drive a lot and bluetooth tends to disconnect after each call and reconnecting is a pain,even with the connectivity app. Have had other Nokia's and they have all worked on the car bluetooth system. The software is fully utd - makes no difference. Sorry Nokia, am about to leave. As Lord Sugar would say: with regret - you're fired.

Reviewed by Meg from England on 27th Dec 2012
I just got rid of my Samsung chat 335 (yes, I wrote a reply review on that too) and upgraded to this fantastic phone! Some bad reviews which confuse me. Mine lasts three days between charges, with quick Internet, and there is no problem with pass codes or anything. I love this phone and it is worth all it's money. The Calender is fine and everything is easily accessible. Fantastic display. I am blown away with the HD video re ording I can do. I had to download Zune onto my PC to get apps since I didn't know I could do it on the phone itself. The colours available are just brilliant I got pink!!! Only one downside, the screen is slightly bezeled and curved so the screen protectors don't cover the surface area of the screen, but I understand Nokia wanted to achieve the nicest looking, sleekest phone possible. Let me tell you, they have pulled it off, no doubt about it. Take my word for it...this phone is great. Highly recommendable. Better than the N8, Nokia have come on leaps and bounds since that slight disaster. And bad comments, I think you may have a faulty phone. Also some fantastic cases available, too! Thanks, hope I helped.

Reviewed by BazzaT from UK on 19th Oct 2012
At first I was blown away with this phone
Then after a week I got frustrated by the poor battery performance.
But after following some great tips on blogs and forums I am back to being very happy with this phone. If it had a micro SD card slot to boost the memory to hold more MP3s I would give it 5 stars

Reviewed by Hippy from Uk on 17th Oct 2012
Just got this phone through Orange, have always had Nokias. Never comfortable with E5.
This is incredibly irritating. I have recently started using an iPad and it is similar in speed but I dislike the keypad. I can type but dislike the inability to backspace without deleting. All very fiddly.
Maybe it is early days but my disenchantment with the brand is increasing.
Eg. Opening page is stuck on Sunday 1st Jan. I cannot find settings. There does not seem to have been a set up process.
Yoyoing around looking for basic stuff is tiring. Will give it a few more days but think this may be going back

Reply by peter from uk on 19th Oct 2012
you cant find settings? Just click on the main screen where it says settings. I don't understand the backspace without deleting. It works exactly like a PC in mine. You can move the cursor if you want easily. Do you mean your calendar is wrong? Try settings. In mine when I land in another country it automatically knows where I am and changes the time. I can't fault mine, best mobile ever had and tried android (and my friends iphone). I suggest that you have a look for some youtube videos for the basics, it's the easiest mobile to use though. There are couple of apps that are contain instructions only.

Reply by kitt from UK on 21st Oct 2012
Mine works fine. Had it for 3 weeks. Some people just need to learn how to read the little book that tells you how to work it.

Reviewed by Pablo from UK on 30th Aug 2012
Just got the Lumia 800. So far so good. However, first call sounded a little tinny and the ringtones a little tinny and distorted on the loudspeaker. About to set up the accounts, so do I need a Zune account in addition to my Windows Live and Nokia account?
Will update later

Reviewed by juliet from UK on 5th Jul 2012
I always got problem down loading on Facebook and it also slow

Reviewed by jim treadgold from uk on 2nd Jul 2012
This phone could have been so good if it wern't for some basic totally unforgivable flaws. I upgraded from an aged Sony Erricson p910i, I had resisted because frankly no new phone in the last 5 years has impressed me and the sony still outperforms nearly all 'smart' phones in connectivity, apps and usage ( why they didn't carry on with the model I don't know!)The Lumnia has a lot of good points, screen, camara ok, maps etc. BUT... The effort involved in adding your own ringtones and only for calls, messaging etc stuck with beeps and blips. Hideous front screen blocky, boring and dull.Absolute rubbish link with computer and I tried in vain for hours to add my contacts from old phone. The bluetooth is only for headsets no data transfer to from other devices. No infrared which is quicker and more dependable than bluetooth. Vibrate only lasts 2secs and is so slight hardly feel it.Sound quality of speaker very tinny. No sd card. I could go on. I will probably stick with it as the poor old sony has really had it, but I so wish there was a new version of that phone, I can't see me having this one 10 years!!

Reply by peter from uk on 12th Jul 2012
There is an app for ringtones. to add your links to your phone, upload them to your hotmail, gmail account and they sync automatically.

Reply by Mike from uk on 7th Oct 2012
Wife goot one of these yesterday and copied her contacts via the bluetooth.

Reviewed by andyo 123 from england on 30th Jun 2012
Got lumia 800 on Wednesday at 4pm. Was back in post office to be returned by 10am on Friday morning. Absolute rubbish!!! Battery is truly AWFUL. Web pages don't load as they should, and most annoying of all with the message alert set on full volume I really struggled to hear it. I'm having it replaced with htc one s (which I should have picked in the first place). Absolute pants!!!!!

Reply by peter from uk on 12th Jul 2012
Web pages don't load properly? Are you serious? That comment left me thinking if you are actually a real reviewer. What do you call bad battery awful? 2 days is not good for a smarthphone, this is what I get.

Reply by Archie Fatcacky from UK on 10th Sep 2012
Web pages are created by web designers to work on different platforms. If they haven't designed it to work on a particular phone type then it's not the phone's fault. All smartphones have bad batteries if you keep screen on full brightness, wifi, bluetooth etc on watch videos and listen to music. Tell me one that doesn't run out in a day. The fact that you made this review based on a few hours testing is testament to the fact that it's not really a valid review.

Reviewed by emily from UK on 24th Jun 2012

Reviewed by Mr R from UK on 8th May 2012
The Lumia 800 is a fantastic device, great design and build, software is slick and fast.
Battery is sorted via the update, got mine free on Vodafone for 15 pm via a online dealer.

Sat nav is great and free, nokia music great and free.

Take off you i blickers and wake up you are been RIPPED OFF.

Reviewed by Nick Davies from Enhland on 5th May 2012
Phone and software work well together, makes IOS and android look old fashioned, only downside having to update with Zune connected to the computer, once updated battery life is ok. Mix radio is fantastic, and Bing search and maps work well. Social network, and contacts/calendar integration work seamlessly. Browser is lightning fast, camera is ok, bearing in mind I had an N8 before this. I like the way you don't have to close stuff down the OS does it for you.

Reviewed by Adrian from uk on 4th May 2012
Had one of these for about a week. Sent it back to O2. Pros: Internet usage pretty good. Good signal reception.

Con: 1
Very poor battery life, 20 mins call, 20 mins browsing, 30 mins music player enough to flatten the phone from full charge. Standby realistically maybe 8 hours if unused, if texting or calling or anything using media player it will drop to a few hours.

Con: 2
Music player terrible sound quality, really really poor. My 9.99 MP3 player from Tesco sounds better. No graphic equaliser or any way of changing tone of sound. Just sounds tinny and really cheap.

Con: 3
Zune software and Windows Live and Nokia software must all be registered to and used to do anything, the synching is mind-numbingly slow, about 1 hour per MB using USB 2.0 and the Zune software.

Overall if you don't want to use it for music and can charge it every few hours then is a good handset for calls and browsing oh unless you want to go on a website that uses Flash (ie pretty much every website out there)

Really just avoid this like the plague, Nokia have no plans to improve the sound options or the player or install Flash. I called then to check, Microsoft saif the Windows Phone 7 software issues on the phone are up to Nokia (go figure).

So all in all, was very disappointed with this, sent it back.

Am personally going for a Blackberry as I wasn't keen on a touch screen but this was fine on this handset. If you want a good touchscreen from freinds recommendations go for an HTC One or a Galaxy S2.

Reply by Nick Davies from England on 6th May 2012
Software update cures battery issue, still not good but get at least 1 day with heavy usage. Once updated, music quality via headphones is better thsn any mp3 player I have listened to (including ipod touch). Zune is a pain though. This phone won't play flash, but a lot of sites use wmv or avi format. People put this phone down without giving it a fair go, if you give it a chance (and an update) the pros far outweigh the cons.

Reply by paul from uk on 30th May 2012
I got orange to orange so im on the Phone all day on headset and it last all day long so 20 minutes call there is something wrong with yours ,this has gotta be the best phone I've ever had I've had 1 iphone never again and multiple htcs but i think Nokia is back with quality again with this phone

Reply by Archie Fatcacky from UK on 10th Sep 2012
No Apple phone, Windows Phone and now no Android phone supports Flash. That just about covers 90 odd percent of the market so shouldn't be dwelled upon as a negative. 1 hour per MB - are you for real? That is just not true. That would mean taking 3 or 4 hours to transfer a single MP3 song.

Reviewed by Dragmeister from UK on 30th Apr 2012
Had this phone for 4 months, apart of good looking phone the rest is bellow average. Before first battery update my battery was 1520, after first gone to 1100- 1000, after second update gone to 1250-1350 not more then that. Also I don't know if any of you have noticed that when you downloading pictures from your emails takes forever, I had iPhone 4s and the pictures were downloading so quick.Also this phone doesn't support MMS, you can't open MMS which is picture message, which is shame,I own Nokia E72 and mms is great on this phone straight opening as soon you open the message, Nokia shouldn't gone with windows, they should have stick with Meego which is better OS, also it gets frozen quite often, and I have to take every day my charger with me to work so I can't run out of juices, first and last windows phone, unless Nokia go to their own OS better then windows they will go down so soon, it will be shame of such a great mobile company like Nokia, unless they get those Morph phones very soon to destroy likes of Samsung or apple as they were at the top for 14 years they will be finished soon.

Reply by andew from uk on 1st May 2012
you are either trolling or you have a faulty device. The nokia had some battery problems which have all been resolved with the software updates. Telling us your battery went down with the updates not sure what to think!. Have you thought it might be your netwrork for the download speed? Downloads in mine are really fast and reception is great, my colleague with an iphone 4s doesn't get reception at work, I do, we in semi-basement so reception is bad.

Reply by Dragmeister from UK on 2nd May 2012
my network is same as with my Iphone 4s, O2, even when I'm home using my router it takes ages for pictures to be download, for the battery it's true, from perfectly healty from day one, now have to take my charger with me every day. You didn't say anything about the MMS, haver you noticed that you can't open them! It's a shame good looking phone but OS is very poor

Reply by Andrew from UK on 6th May 2012
As far as I know MMS works fine in mine. It is common sometimes that an MMS from another OS may not arrive correctly in another OS (The Nokia in this case) but MMS definitely works. However, in this age who sents MMS messages anymore, I can just write an email which costs me nothing and attach a few pics as well, not just one pic. As for downloading pics, it works extremely fast, but all depends on your network connection. The Nokia Lumia have one of the best signals due to the materials they use for the shell. What you descibe sounds like your have a faulty device. This is the best, most reliable mobile I've used.

Reviewed by dave from uk on 28th Apr 2012
have always had had android phones but wanted something a bit different. Had this phone for 2 weeks and its great. It feels high quality and windows phone is good to. It has some really cool things in the creative studio and camera.....the panoramic feature is better than i've seen on most stand alone cameras. Really pleased with it.

Reviewed by Clive from UK on 26th Apr 2012
Well, the Mrs wouldn't budge as she thought the nokia 800 was cute so she bought it and bar an issue receiving calls due to the screen protector its been excellent. Had it about 3 weeks, get a couple of days out of the battery(not heavy use) and sooooo easy to use. Drive is excellent and with my iphone contact coming to an end soon may consider one of these (or even the 710) myself as some good deals around. A few more apps would be nice but they'll come eventually.
Overall, very impressed.
Zune is rubbish admittedly though but can live with that. Windows connector on my mac is fine.

Reviewed by fozzy from UK on 26th Apr 2012
Wrote a small review in January and gave the phone 1 star purely based on the terrible battery life. Even then I said I actually loved the phone itself. Now the battery issue is solved, I'd give it 5/5. Lovely to look at and hold. Great design. Can't wait until the Lumia 900.

Reviewed by R Rodger from ENGLAND on 3rd Apr 2012
Thanks to the latest Nokia software update, the battery life has improved immeasurably and so has the quality of the music player. Battery now at 34 hours capacity on my phone and that's with Hotmail and Facebook apps running constantly, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. Still missing a front faced camera and flash but plenty new apps in store quite soon. I would now recommend this phone and will give it 4 stars. Pity Nokia took so long to sort out the gliches, however. Orange 3G connection still rubbish which affects the download speed but that's not Nokia's fault.

Reviewed by SouperJim from UK on 3rd Apr 2012
Picked up this phone for the Mrs today, I've got to say I'm really impressed. Great looks, fantastic build quality, excellent performance. The whole package oozes quality and windows 7.5 is very slick, I'm seriously tempted to move away from android when my own handset is due for upgrade in a couple of months!

Reviewed by whataguywants from United |Kingdom on 16th Mar 2012
There's much that I love about this phone. The styling is sublime, even sexy, and the build quality is amongst the best out there. The screen is awesome, no glare even in bright daylight. WP7 is the way forward. I love the quality of the camera pictures although the flash is a little underpowered. The biggest problem is the battery life which doesn't last the day even with moderate use, hence reluctantly it is being replaced by the HTC Titan

Reply by steven from australia on 20th Mar 2012
if u get the update battery life is a lot better

Reviewed by R Rodger from England on 15th Mar 2012
Further my post on 13th March and with help from Peter's reply from London, I have figured a way to forward contact tel. no.s to another contact in the phone using the following steps: 1. go to contact whose tel. no. you intend to forward.2. press and hold the tel. no. and a white box appears with the word 'copy'.3.press 'copy' and release ('copy' and white box disappear.4. go back to main menu and press 'messaging' box. 5. Press '+' icon at bottom of page.6. Add name of contact you intend to receive the number.7. Press white 'message' box when it appears.8. Press the 'paste' icon' and number copied appears in box.9. press send icon and number sent.
Note: I contacted Nokia help by email and they said it couldn't be done!! Hopeless support, which was written in poor English. It is no surprise to me that Nokia is losing business. Good phone but poor support and user guide.

Reviewed by R Rodger from England on 13th Mar 2012
Had the phone 2 weeks but my local Orange connection is poor and so I am hoping that a switch to O2 might improve download speed etc. In the meantime the issues I have concern such things as the phones inability to simply forward a contact to another contact. This is basic on most phones yet inexplicably missing on this device. Also no equaliser for the music ie bass, etc,and it's not possible to download Adobe Flash so you can't access SkyGo. Finally, I can't find out how to delete an Office Note I composed and emailed. If someone can assist re: the above and help solve them, I'll give the phone 4 stars, otherwise it's three stars and l'll go for an iphone next time.

Reply by peter from london on 13th Mar 2012
You can't forward the whole notes, ie email, address, mobile all at once. But if you go to a contact, press on the phone number and hold, a pop up will appear and you can do copy. Then you can paste in an email with paste. Adobe flash, is dead on mobiles, Adobe annpunced it so you won't see flash as html5 is the new standard. but most of the websites I go if there is a video you press and it brings up the youtube link. As more website support html5 the problem will disappear. To delete an office note, press search then the whole list appears. Again if you press and hold an option appears to delete. I would expect more features to appear with the tango update in the next 2-3 months though.

Reviewed by Dave from England on 9th Mar 2012
I've had the Lumia 800 now for around 3 months, on the whole I really like it, wanted a change the iphone and couldn't get on with Android at all and use a BB for work so wanted a change.
The handset its self looks fantastic with a premium feel, a bit slippy though so if you're accident prone best use the supplied gel skin to offer some protection.
I have had the battery issues, I've installed all the updates, I can now get up to 2 day usage now with minimal use, an easy full day with moderate usage. The screen is really quite good, very good in outdoor conditions, far better than my previous (shortlived) HTC Sesation and the iphone 4. No memory card slot so you're stuck with the 16Gb internal memory, keyboard not as easy to navigate in my experience as the HTC or iphone, camera is perfectly acceptable for snaps. The supplied satnav pre installed (Nokia Drive) is excellent and use it regularly and had no issues with it. I'll be keeping an eye on the forthcoming release of the Nokia Lumia 900 which has a bigger screen (but same resolution I believe).

Reply by steveeds1960@aol.com from united kindom on 8th Jan 2013
how do you get updates for battery for nokia 800.

Reviewed by Howard from England on 27th Feb 2012
I've upgraded from the HTC Hero which was a great phone in its day. Had the Lumina 800 for two weeks. So far so good. Battery keeps it's charge for three days. I do turn everything off including WiFi and have screen brightness on medium and turn Battery Saver setting on. Great screen. Easily readable in full sun. The polycarbonate material feels premium. Good build quality. A bit on the heavy side and I would not want a bigger phone than this. Its just about pocket friendly. Great camera and sound quality is fine. The silver back plate is very prone to scratches so I put celotape over it. The rubber cover hides the tape. Windows is less complicated than android and seems very reliable. Some Apps are expensive which puts me off from getting them. Nokia maps is great. Most of all, I get a good signal even in poor areas where my other phone and others wont work. The touch screen wont respond until its stopped scrolling so a tiny bit of patients is called for, especially if you expect everything to work super quick. The fm radio is a blessing for me. It works fine. You wont find an fm radio on many phones these days. So far I cant fault the phone. Looks like Nokia have turned a corner, at long last! ps, It looks very distinctive and expensive, but isnt!

Reviewed by spen from uk on 26th Feb 2012
i agree with all the above been a fan for years.ive had nokia for many years and yes they have made some mistakes and made some of the best .i'll will miss buttons and profile but this is a start for nokia getting it right .....

Reviewed by Helen P from England on 25th Feb 2012
I love the look of this phone but am having real problems with the battery at the moment. This morning after a full charge it showed battery time remaining of ony 17hrs!!! After a full charge??? Haven't made or rec'd any calls today nor sent or rec'd any text messages but still the battery life is just draining away. It's fully updated so the supposed software fix doesn't seem to have improved anything at all. Have just spoken to someone in Tech Support who's said the battery needs to be "conditioned" which involves running the battery out completely and then recharging fully and I've to do this 4-5 times. Have only had it 6 days and am hoping I don't have to take it back and change for something else as I do really like it. If it wasn't for the battery issue I'd give it 5 stars.

Reviewed by Michael Lovell from UK on 15th Feb 2012
The phone is a load of utter RUBBISH. Battery life is too short, Bluetooth not compatabile with my other phone, a Nokia X6, the touch screen reacts only when it's in a 'good mood' etc... Just had the phone die on me when trying to retrieve voice-mail and now it WILL NOT turn on again. Taking it back to Carphone Warehouse where hopefully I will restrain myself from slinging it through the door as I enter.

Bottom line, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE and if it's a gift, don't pass it on, or else you'll lose your friends and family! You've been warned!

Reply by peter from uk on 16th Feb 2012
It must be a faulty device. Freezing etc it's not like android. Windows phone is extremely stable and never frozen on me for the past year. I think you were just unlucky. The battery problem has a software fix which you need to update if you connect your mobile to your PC and should easily last 1 day with heavy usage. 1.5days with medium-light usage.

Reply by annie from england on 23rd Feb 2012
I'm now on my third Nokia lumia the first two did the same as another comment, it didn't say it was low on battery so I was on the internet in the middle of the day and it turned off and when charged wouldn't turn back on, twice. It has to be charged every night as it is. This one iv had three days and it fell off my lap and the screen cracked ace. Unreliable and weak, lucky for me they were under a month of having them. Don't think this crack will be under the warranty.

Reviewed by chaz from uk on 10th Feb 2012
Brilliant handset, the only downside being the standby time that lets it down even with the software upgrade that was supposed to fix the battery issue.

Reviewed by Ant from Scotland on 9th Feb 2012
Been a Sony Ericsson fan for many years but tried out the Lumia 800 in a local mobile phone shop and was pretty much blown away. The screen transitions are really slick, and I'm quite a fan of the Windows Phone tiles which display basic info without you having to actually open up the application. The style of the phone is impressive too. Downsides? Well, there are a few. Battery performance despite the Zune update remains poor - I travel between Glasgow & Edinburgh two or three times a week (50mins each way on the train), and I'm lucky if the battery has enough power to allow me to use the phone on the return journey. The screen size is starting to bother me having been used to the 4.3" screen of the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. There aren't as many apps available for the phone compared to iPhone or Android. And finally, having to use Nokia Zune to import / export pics & vids is a real pain. So overall, the phone is ok, but in truth there are better alternatives out there. I really fancy the Motorola RAZR...

Reply by fozzy from uk on 9th Feb 2012
I've got the Razr. It's quality but seems to be very wide in the hand.

Reviewed by Rbn from Bangladesh on 5th Feb 2012
It's a amazing phone. I like it very much.

Reviewed by SAJ from UK on 5th Feb 2012
Initially I wasn't sure whether I should go for Galaxy 2 or Lumia 800. But took a bold decision to go for this. Have been using it for a week, no regrets and surprisingly it's amazing. First, the Windows OS - is flawless and very responsive. The application tiles on the home screen is a new concept and easy to access to any apps. There are no lags in the system and the transition is simply great. Second, the handset is distinct from other handsets in a way the screen (gorilla glass) is slightly elevated but it curves down and merges with the handset beautifully. The clear black display is a joy to view. Third, Nokia drive - GPS gets connected quickly (even if you are inside a building) and turn by turn navigation is superb. Four, it is user-friendly. The basic features are restored. For example, the transfer of contacts (> 600) from my other handset literally took 25 seconds and it is just a one touch!
As it has a single core processor, it is not one of the fastest browser. But I can wait for 2 more seconds for the web page to load. But as mentioned earlier, there are no lags as you have in other dual core handsets. Like others I feel the battery is an issue. But the good news is Nokia has announced it is releasing a software to fix it.
The negative points is that it lacks a micro sd slot, less apps and front facing camera. On the whole it is a good looking phone, superb & easy OS and joy to use. Reviews may vary from one person to the other but to me it serves my purpose, thus I would close my eyes and give it a 5 star.

Reviewed by Happily surprised from UK on 3rd Feb 2012
Some dodgy reviews here may I say. First time I've felt the need to leave a review in an attempt to try and change a few opinions and give an honest one.
I've had many phones being a heavy business user, from a Galaxy S, to Iphone 3G, 4, HTC Sensation, Desire etc, had quite a few. Last phone was the Iphone 4S and while it's a very good phone there's not much difference between that and the older 4 in my opinion, not enough to make me want spend so much to change anyway. So I fancied something new and decided what the heck, I'll give this a try. Not had a Nokia for a while but was a big fan in the old days, though recently they have lost there way sadly. Well, I couldn't have been more surprised. Admittedly, it takes a little getting used to after having used Android and IOS previously but once you do it's a really satisfying experience. The handset itself is a real eye catcher. Loads of mates have asked what is it, let me have a look and then I get the "wow that's a nice phone" ! That doesn't make it a phone good however, even if it does give me a warm wry smile. The OS is so much better than I expected and as we are an MS environment it works beautifully with Exchange and the MS Office suit. Social sites and personal e-mail such as Hotmail work brilliantly, and it seems really fast as well. Admittedly the apps are a little disappointing, I was a big user of itunesistore but the marketplace is getting better and I see there are more and more coming on at a steady pace. Browsing is adequate, the camera is very good and the sound is fine. I've seen a few reports the battery life is poor but I upgraded the software when I got mine and it lasts longer than the iphone even when everything is running. All in all, the more I use this little gem the more I am liking it and I shall now be keeping it, at least until the Lumia 900 or the Galaxy S3 come out. Be brave, take the plunge and be different, you'll be pleasantly surprised and be smiling, oh and it's much cheaper than it's rivals. Good to see Nokia are back where they belong, long may it continue.

Reply by spud from England on 12th Feb 2012
Nice review I was thinking about getting this or the Samsung s2 you may have swayed me towards the Nokia thanks

Reviewed by Moody from Iran on 2nd Feb 2012
I dont know why doesnt anyone mention the main problem with this phone.
I used it for 3 days and then while talking the battery ran out and the phoned died, I did everything but couldnt turn it on again, It has happened to a lot of people you can search in google, it is a lovley phone but it has serious problems that cant be unseen, and nokia support...dont ask me about it! I just wasted 800$ and here they dont get the phone back or change it...honestly dont buy it

Reply by Jayboy from england on 4th Feb 2012
Probably because there have been battery fixes that have now corrected things.

Reply by Hellraiser from England on 23rd Feb 2012
If you start charging it, leave it ten minutes then press the power button for about ten seconds it should turn on and start charging, it does for me, I googled all the solutions and so far it hasn't failed. There are plus and minus points for the phone but the call quality is superb as is the screen but even with the update the battery remains an issue,for mine anyway. So far the plus points outnumber the negative and it is keeping my Samsung Galaxy S left in a drawer.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 30th Jan 2012
Love the Nokia Lumia 800, but I've had to return it as the people at Nokia decided to install PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) instead of Remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP), therefore my phone cannot connect to the pre-installed bluetooth system on my car. Useless if you want to speak to customers whilst driving, and it's hardly practical to go out and buy a separate stand-alone bluetooth kit! So far I've heard of the same connection problem with Audi, Saab and VW. I spoke to Nokia, but they have no plans to provide a software upgrade/solution. Very disappointed! :-(

Reply by PetervE from Netherlands on 9th Mar 2012
Hi Paul, I had the same problem trying to connect my Lumia 800 to my Mercedes using Bluetooth. I am also considering returning the damn thing, but what is the alternative ? what are you going to buy in stead ? I know no smart phone that provides Remote SIM / rSAP, do you ?

Reviewed by Bertie from uk on 20th Jan 2012
5 stars for looks and thats about it. This is without doubt the worst phone I have ever used. Upgraded to this phone and sent it straight back to Orange who aggreed the phone was rubbish and laughed about it being a contender against any similar phone out there. Orange have had more of these phones sent back than any other phone ever. Do Not get this phone.

Reply by Howard from England on 28th Jan 2012

Reply by Carter from UK on 31st Jan 2012
Obviously trolling.

Reviewed by James from UK on 17th Jan 2012
This phone is awesome. I've been a dedicated iPhone user until I thought I'd have a change at upgrade time. I took a blackberry 9900 which was a bad move, and went back and was given the Nokia Lumia. Quality of the handset is great, software is superfast, and all runs so smoothly. Battery life is 3 days standard use (granted some people seem to have issues). The apps available are good quality rather than just lots of quantity. And, nokia mix radio is great! Only issue I have is the apps are a little pricey compared to apple. Other than that, why this phone is not 5 stars is so strange!

Reviewed by sean from Ireland on 14th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for 3 weeks. Im frankly astounded this phone did not get 5 stars in the above review. It is easily the best phone I have ever owned. I agree that the operating system is in a league of its own. The phone is stylish and is perfect sized. Most importantly the phone has the best signal of any phone I have owned and the call quality is exceptional. 50,000 apps and growing. Built in Sat Nav is worthy of the price alone. Fantastic device! Battery issue has been fixed with software update. I now get 3 days out of the phone before needing to charge it.

Reviewed by Les from UK. S/yorks. on 13th Jan 2012
Reviewed this phone on the 8th Dec. 2011. Still the best mobile on the market, Iphone to expensive, android to complicated, nokia Lumia 800 is the best operating system I have ever had. No battery issues with my phone, easy full day with lots of use, two day's with all data turned off. This is the only phone iv'e made a follow up review for and I still say it's the best I've owned. GO GET IT.

Reviewed by fozzy from UK on 12th Jan 2012
Lovely phone. If the battery was as good as the build it would be a world beater. Have now stopped using mine due to constant charging. A real shame.

Reply by peter from uk on 4th Feb 2012
Do you know there is a battery fix by Nokia? Just connect to your PC and install Zune and update should be done automatically. Smartphones don't last more than 1 day, but the nokia has superior battery than most smartphones, should be 1.5 2 days.

Reply by fozzy from uk on 8th Feb 2012
Have done it mate. Still awful, that's with everything switched off. No wifi, bluetooth, 3g, location services,e-mail and xbox live. Charged it fully yesterday morning. Never used it. Put in on the mantlepiece to see how long it would last. looked at it this morning. Totally dead. Much prefer my HTC Radar.

Reviewed by paul from london on 12th Jan 2012
@ Sukanta. Sukanta how many reviews to you need to make your point, you've made 2 so far. Most of your bad points don't affect around 95% of the normal population. Having used this phone myself I can easily say it's the best in the market right now. Android is ok but it's so overcomplicated with so many things running that the battery is finished, especially with the low range models. Iphone is ok too but it's too pricey for what it does. With the lumia you can throw away your TomTom as it comes with an excellent gps app which also downloads maps so you can use in Europe. Top marks from me if you need a phone that just works.

Reviewed by Sukanta from uk on 11th Jan 2012
The phone looks beautiful & posh. It is a real stylish gadget and will score 5 out of 5. That is why I bought one. Functionality wise it is useless. It will never score more than 1 out of 5. Let me tell you why.. 1. The bluetooth only allow contact transfer. It does NOT support transferring any other type of data ie no file transfer. 2. This will not work as USB mass storage unless u hack the registry of ur laptop/pc and you ned to be a techy to do that. 3. It cant play AVI container. All u have to do is to convert all your AVIs into wma using painful Zune. So unless u are ready to spend rest of ur life is converting AVI to WMA/MP4 then only go for it. 4. This does not support tithering ie yo can not use this as a MODEM to access internet from ur PC/laptop. 5. Only support micro SIM. So ur old large SIMs will have no luck until you cut them. which is a bad. 6. I expect such a modern phone should allow extended memory but this does not have any micro SD slot. So u r confined with 16 GB built in. Of these, 5 and 6 are not major issue but rest four were sufficient enough to say a goodbye to such stylish handset.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 9th Jan 2012
Having obtained a Nokia Lumia 800 before Christmas I can now say i love this phone . an update sorted out one niggling issue with the battery life . That aside the phone looks great does everything I need it to and a few things i never expected it to . I have run speed tests against the iphone 4s and in most but not all cases the Lumia is faster . The screen looks the part and the finishing touch is Gorilla glass which means no more horrible screen protectors. Windows 7.5 mango os is smooth . After owning a pc with MS vista I vowed to buy a pc from Satan himself before going back to a windows product . But Windows 7.5 is a joy to use . Even my mother wants to get a windows phone now ( and she doesn't do technology ) so credit where credit's due microsoft and nokia got this one right to the point where a few of my friends with the new iphone now regret not looking at the Lumia first

Reviewed by Dr Patel from UK on 8th Jan 2012
Great phone and great price plan too!Bought it from three, and postage was really quick too. No complaints about signal either, full bars wherever ive been so far!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 6th Jan 2012
Amazing signal quality! In our house we have two iphones (3G & 3GS), a Galaxy S and now this Lumia. Our area is nearly a complete backspot for mobile calls and data on all of these devices except the Lumia. That's on O2, Vodafone, Orange or 3 - tried em all. So many smartphones are so smart they can't make a call. I love my 'smart', don't get me wrong but this phone has an amazing signal on all the sim cards I chucked at it. At last I can get rid of that costly bolt-on for the landline just to be able to call mobiles. App prices are horrendous though!

Reviewed by harrison from uk on 6th Jan 2012
I find the Nokia lumia 800 very good phone and has a very fast system but the only thing keeping the phone out of the iPhones and android phones league is the lack of use full apps Nokia's next update should be for the market bringing lots more apps to the phone e.g. Liveprofile, Skype and alot more commonly use social networking sites.

Reviewed by steven from scotland on 6th Jan 2012
Good phone but avoid Vodafone if you live in falkirk

Reviewed by Matt from Uk on 5th Jan 2012
Wow, what a phone. Such an easy to use OS and the phone never feels slow, ever. The screen is stunning too. I love that not everyone has one, but it is so much cooler than the 4S. Battery needs charging every night but so what? Awesome.

Reviewed by Will from UK on 5th Jan 2012
Got the Lumia on the 23rd after being recommended by guys at the carphone warehouse. Came home with it and was a bit concerned with some of the reviews on here. Firstly, the phone looks amazing. Screen is quality, build feels great. So slim, and not as large as some of the other phones out there. Windows runs great, a bit slow at first but seems to have warmed up and now its smooth as it could be. Also at first, had a problem where the screen would be slightly unresponsive, but that seems to have completely fixed itself. On tot he nub of the matter though, everyone is complaining about the battery. Im sitting here right now with my phone, last charge was 3 days 5 hours ago, and i still have 30% battery. Yes im running battery saver mode, but why would i? All it means is you dont get emails automatically, but you can get them manually in a second. Im also running brightness at lowest, but thats no big deal either. Great phone, if you dont believe me try it :) i love mine

Reviewed by Sukanta from UK on 3rd Jan 2012
Well it all sounds good when you read reviews. But to reveal the truth you need to use it. I liked the look and performance and even the OS. The things I did not like and ended up returning the phone on 3rd day of purchase are not something out of the world I was expecting. 1. You can not use this as USB mass storage unless manually change the registry setting op your PC/Laptop. 2. You can not transfer multimedia and files over bluetooth from/to other bluetooth phone. 3. Finally just bin all your large avi movie files that you ripped/converted/downloaded since you had a computer/laptop + internet. Lumia 800 can not play avi and there is no standard app available to play them. Only option is to use ZUNE to convert avi files into wmv and then play in the phone. It is certainly a option if u are ready to spend rest of your life in converting avi file using ZUNE as it will take at least 3 hr to convert a 700MB avi file!!

Reviewed by Oliver from UK on 30th Dec 2011
Previous phone I had was the Nokia N900 and before that different Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones. One of the reasons I went for the Lumia 800 was because the N900 was one of the best phones I have had in a long time. Nokia make fantastic handsets and the Lumia 800 is absolutely stunning. It feels very comfortable in your hand and looks the business. The interface is quick, smooth and simple to use. On my old N900 i used to go on the web alot using mozilla. With internet explorer it much more smooth and quicker to browse with. The Sat Nav is great and is much better then the previous maps I had on the N900. It comes with voice navigation too. If you want some games on your lumia 800, Plants vs Zombies is a great game to try. As for the battery issue, I've noticed some reviewers have complained about it. It is a software issue that will be fixed on the 18th January 2012. The problem is that some phones only recognizes 1000mah and not the full 1500mah battery. To find out if your phone has the bug, dial ##634# to see if the battery capacity reported.

Reviewed by Jeff from UK on 26th Dec 2011
This phone knows what I'm thinking! So intuitive, so smart and looks & feels so much better in real life. Its sorted my life automatically and has so many features that they don't tell you about- is it has its own fully functioning 'siri.' It comes with Microsoft word, note and Excel which really sets it apart. Best phone today, no question.

Reviewed by Sean from Ireland on 22nd Dec 2011
Terrific phone. Feels great, looks great and has a fantastic OS. Built in Sat Nav and Office are superb features. As an iPhone user, I think there's a new kid in the block! Stop reading this and go and buy this to find out for yourselve!

Reviewed by john c from uk on 22nd Dec 2011
Everyone should own this phone. Nokia are back, in the best possible way. Windows is simply the best phone operating system out there.

Reviewed by OtoChan from UK on 20th Dec 2011
I got this phone on saturday and so far is amazing! but one thing that defo lets it down is the poor battery life. I don't even listen to any music or run applications long on my phone and it already goes down to half a bar in 2-3 hours. Most of the time its on standby with all applications off and it hardly lasts a day. If this is suppose to be a competitor to the iphone, the battery needs a good sorting and the iphone seems to last for 2 days of heavy use.

Reviewed by Carol from UK on 13th Dec 2011
Having owned the Nokia N8, I decided to change to this phone. It is excellent. Windows 7.5 o.s. makes everything else look so old fashioned, it's quick, smooth and syncs with contacts, calender, email etc perfectly. I have had the phone for nearly three weeks and must admit I did have battery problems and then the phone wouldn't turn on after 4 days - I had one of the duds! I exchanged it and have had no problems with this handset, battery life is now fine. The camera is pretty good, the screen resolution is superb and more apps are appearing daily. I also like being able to pin google, live bus departures etc. to the home screen. I really like this phone and have recommended it to my friends.

Reply by Meg from England on 27th Dec 2012
I agree Carol. I think the N8 was a starting point for Nokia, it came on leaps and bounds since then. The N8 wasn't really that good it has to be said, but Nokia have rightly learned from their mistakes. You made a good, honest and reliable review there.

Reviewed by Les from UK on 8th Dec 2011
Don't waste any more time reading reviews on this phone, just go and buy it. Have had 3 new android phones up to now, but just could't seem to find what I was looking for. Then I got the samsung omnia 7 windows phone and thought this was it, the o.s. was just fabulous, smooth, fluid and fast, sync'd seamlessly with windows, google, facebook and all my e.mail accounts, just needed a few minor improvements to make it the perfect phone. Then 3 weeks ago I got the Nokia Lumia 800 and this has got to be the best phone on the market, the build quality is superb, the screen is fantastic, don't be put of by some remarks on poor battery life, they obviously hav'nt charged it properly, or for some unfortunate reason have just got a dud, I get above a full day of moderate usage out of mine and if you turn of all data and blue tooth you can easily get 2 day's out of it, though I don't know why anyone would want to switch everything off. The cameras above average for a phone, though obviously not as good as a canon or nikon, but then again I bet they could'nt build a good phone into there cameras, eh. Some people knock it for not having a front facing camera, do you really want one, would you use it, I certainly would'nt. Then last but not least try picking up a smart phone with a 4 inch plus screen and try using it with one hand, very difficult, the Nokia Lumia at 3.7 inches is just perfect, everything just seems to work, the windows 7.5 o.s is superb and the Nokia Lumia is the icing on the cake, by far the best phone I've ever had, can't fault it.

Reviewed by peter from UK on 5th Dec 2011
This is an excellent mobile. People talk about how good windows phone with mango is so won't talk about the OS. The Nokia has 2 main advantages from the other Windows Phones, a full TomTom like system where maps are downloaded on the device so you can go abroad and use it without relying on Internet or be in the middle of lake district with no phone reception and it works, and also the free music. The phone also has excellent reception due.. The battery is very good too for a smarthphone, easily a day. I noticed people mentioned some problems so maybe some devices have been affected but there is a fix in early Dec from Nokia if affected. Also, it's very durable and won't get damaged (like the old nokias). I really like this mobile.

Reviewed by Bobby from UK on 3rd Dec 2011
I've had this phone for 2 weeks now and have to say it's the best phone i have use in the last year. It's super fast even with several applications opened at once and very easy to use. The build quality is ahead of any phone in the market and windows apps work very well. I have used android and iOS4 before and thou they have more apps they don;t have the ease of use that WP7 has.

Reviewed by KamurochoLullaby from Scotland on 1st Dec 2011
Well after initially being very excited upon taking ownership of my Lumia on launch date, I have been left pretty disappointed to be honest. The Windows OS is very nice and simple - and fast. However, the battery on this phone is dreadful. I swapped an HTC Incredible for this, but the battery was actually better on the HTC ! Additionally, the camera - by any standards, not just Nokia's usual high ones - is utterly useless. The flash is terrible in any conditions, and the pictures all have a horrible yellow/orange hue to them. Fortunately people are still paying premium prices for these - more fool them - so I have managed to sell mine and get myself the phone I should never have gotten rid of to begin with (the Nokia N8 !). With Symbian Belle (sorry reviewer I have to disagree with you in that Symbian is most definitely NOT dead) onboard it's a dream phone and one which will last me a long time indeed. There may be a future for Nokia's Windows Phones, but it certainly aint this one.

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 1st Dec 2011
This phone has great functionality, really easy to use, looks great, but the battery is absolutely appalling. OK, so apparently there are battery fixes coming soon from Nokia, but will they really solve the issues? Ive had this phone for 7 days now and have gradually turned off apps and services that might be draining the battery. Yesterday, I left the house at 7.30 am with 100% charge. During the day I made one 5 minute call (to Orange!). The rest of the time it was on standby. Everything turned off. WI-FI, Bluetooth, Data, 3G, Auto Time.. and by 4.00pm it was completely dead. For a company staking their future on this new phone, its remarkable that they should release something so poor. Such a shame as its potentially a great phone, but without power is completely useless. Oh dear. Bye bye Nokia.

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 29th Nov 2011
Got one today.Outstanding design.I just like the design, it is light and comfortable in the had and slides into your pocket nicely. The screen is large enough for me.Processing power is far better than any iphone I have had before.I have just one minor gripe in that it would be better if it had a forward facing camera. Overall very pleased.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 28th Nov 2011
You could run 10 WP operating systems on this phone and it would still run fast! Windows Phone isn't RAM and CPU hungry like Android and iOS so don't let the specs put you off (infact, this has way more processing power than you'll ever need) and as for the RAM, I'm barely even using 30MB of the 512MB!

Reviewed by Tris from England on 27th Nov 2011
Got the lumia the day it was launched. Nokia have made a great device. All the good stuff looks wise has come from the n9. Its super fast. Holds well in the hand. Works great with mango and is just that bit more different than an iPhone. All in all Nokia have gave a solid first offering. Here's the not so good part. Nokia for some reason have not included a ffcamera. In todays market it really needed this feature. The other gripe I have is the fact that if you took the Nokia logos away and 2 or three apps which mango has its own versions of anyway, you would be left with a standard windows phone. For me being a Nokia,its all about the little things. There's no profiles. Not a stand out feature untill you own a Nokia find just how much you do use it. Also the standby screen clock. Such a simple but great feature. It seems Nokia have sold the soul to save the body. All said and done, it has a vivid screen,its very fast, in the age of monster screens this offers some refined class for those who don't want the screen size to big. Its build is first rate and fits into a busy social life really well. Battery isn't blistering but then again... Are any of them now. My verdict.... A good move by windows. Its nearly there.

Reply by Tris from UK on 17th Feb 2012
Sad to say but mine has died and wont switch back on. Its had its first update so why this has happened i dont know. The most worrying thing is both Three and nokia have both told me this is very rare to happen. Im no fool when it comes to mobile phones and know this shouldnt happen at all. Must admit i feel a bit ripped off. If this is rare to happen then why has it happened to others on this site. Pull your finger out nokia..... nobody wants to buy mobiles that dont like being charged!!!!!!

Reply by Tris from UK on 27th Feb 2012
I got my replacement after 2 weeks after nokia could not fix the problem. I stress the word replacement.... not new, and guess what.... just on standby alone without anything running i managed to make 2 short calls and have a quick look on market place, All in all 15 mins use in total. It went from very nearly full to just under half on battery. I phoned a guy at a nokia approved centre and this is the code he gave me. Dial##634# and accept, select battery status. Your battery should say its full charge should be around 1400mah. If its less then 1000mah you have a problem..... as i do. Mine is going back and sad to say all though i love mango, the hardware just isnt there yet. Lumia feels rushed and has bugs. 2 stars and thats for looks and mango. Its a shame coz i really do like the 800 but it needed more time spent on it.

Reply by Tris from UK on 9th Mar 2012
I have just got back a third handset from three. After its first charge i used it for a few hours and noticed it rebooting a few times. I called three to talk to a advisor and mid conversation it rebooted. I have arranged to send it back yet again but this time i have arranged to change the 800 for a different mobile. Im sure other people with good lumia 800s are very happy and i can see why. Its a good mobile waiting to happen. Ive been very unlucky. Anyone who is thinking of getting one then be careful and to those who say they havent had problems..... I think you have... its just not bothered you to much.The first crop from nokia hasnt done it for me and i have had to use a nokia n8 instead. How about that... going backward to go forward lol

Reply by Tris from UK on 16th Mar 2012
I have now had my 4th lumia as the 3rd looked like it was kicked around the workshop floor..... but thats down to 3 and not nokia. Just sent it back as the soft keys dont light up and it keeps rebooting under 50% charge. Ive decided to give up on the lumia and buy an iphone 4s cash. Its not really the answer but atleast apple look after you as i found with the 3gs. If your gonna get a lumia on contract.... youve been warned. If your gonna part with your hard earned cash....... Dont buy it!!! This is the more extreme end of the scale with the lumia. Please be warned!

Reply by S21 from UK on 17th Mar 2012
Tris, sorry to hear you've been so unlucky with your Lumia! It sounds like Three have just been sending you a series of broken ones :-(

Reply by Tris from Uk on 10th Feb 2013
Thought I would give the 800 another chance after buying an lg l7 for work but found I couldn't get on with android and the l7 was a real pig. This time round I have been very happy indeed. At 119 on payg its a real steal. Incredible value for money and with WP 7.8 its still running with the pack. Very unlucky first time but couldn't be happier this time. Money very well spent indeed and runs on hsdpa too. Alot of phone for peanuts.

Reviewed by Lloyd from England on 26th Nov 2011
Having owned 2 iphone 4 and a 4s then a htc sensation xe and now a nokia lumia 800 . Its easy to say that nokia has the best os out of all of them great looking phone great screen and very well built every thing runs super fast and smooth as the windows 7.5 manfo os was desighned for the 1.4 ghz chip set no lag wot so ever. The mango os makes apple and android os look old.my only problem is the ear piece volume could of been louder as in a noisy place you might have problems hearing. Apart from that top phone made by a top company

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