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Nokia Lumia 635 review

 Review: July 2014  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia Lumia 635 is a budget/mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone with a large screen, a fast quadcore processor and 4G compatibility.

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The Nokia Lumia 635 is exactly the same as the Lumia 630, but with the addition of 4G. Read our review of the Lumia 630 for more details. The 635 will cost you a few quid extra, but if you live or work in a 4G area, that few quid could be well worth it.

Nokia Lumia 635 features include:

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Nokia Lumia 635 user reviews

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Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Da Ducky from UK on 8th Jan 2017
I previously had a Lumia 635, my first personnel smart phn. Anyway that suffered from a miserable windows restricted set of apps, which the Android Moto E doesn't so now i,ve swapped to that. Also the 635 ran internet explorer, which like all browsers receives legion ads. But while the Moto e runs chrome crisply, steadily, without collapse; the 635 Lumia was the exatcly opposite. The prime offending ads serving from taboola.
I loaded Skype onto the Lumia, but under windows 8.1, you cannot text mobiles from.Skype in windows, whereas you can in android.
You can,t read the screen in sunlight despite what the blurb says.
The glass on the phone broke in my back pocket when I sat on a soft cushion.
The phone is a good intro to smart phones. I paid £79 for it on ebay 2nd hand maybe 3-4 years ago.
The Moto e I got on eBay for £40. It's leagues better.

Reviewed by S Parker from UK on 20th Apr 2015
This is my second Windows phone, I had a lumia 620 which i loved.

This as a replacement was roughly the same price and is a nice phone bigger than average but small enough to operate one handed, 2 things i've noticed in the couple of weeks i've had it apart from no front camera and no flash, bluetooth is rubbish, will not connect to anything else in my home (i have a work iPhone that has no such problems) and no compass, so if you enjoy geocacheing etc. your out of luck,

Mine came with 1GB of RAM not sure why everyone says it's 512

last but certainly not least the windows app store is getting smaller, apps that were previously available are no longer and a lot of the older ones still suffer from the same problems that were there when they first came out.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 2nd Mar 2015
I have had the iPhone 5s, htc one m8 and other flagship handsets, I like my gadgets. But after my iPhone 5s met its end when it fell out of my works van and broke beyond economical repair I had to rethink why I kept getting flagship phones at high prices. I couldn't actually think of a genuine reason other than just being a sucker.

I saw the Lumia 635 cheap in a local store, with its green shell being what caught my eye. I thought it'd do until I make up my mind of what handset to get. I have had windows phones before and liked the OS but as I had spent lots of money in the apple ecosystem and some money in the android ecosystem I've never stuck with it.

Anyway, as I saw the 635 at a cheap price I thought what the hell.

I am after 4 weeks still impressed by this phone and what it can do. I have never used phones for games, more for photos, a bit of social media and normal communication methods so I have all the apps on it I need. my slight negative is lack of flash for the camera, but if I want a decent photo I grab my DSLR.

It does what it says on the tin. Battery life is great considering how much I use mine. Lasts longer than my iPhone 5s did with the same usage.

Do I have a negative, not really other than lack of flash.

great handset if you are on a budget or like me, sick of spending lots of money on flagship phones.

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