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Nokia E75 review

 Review: April 2009  

Last updated November 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia E75 is usable as a normal phone with a keypad, or with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode.

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The Nokia E75 is a business phone with a lot to offer. The E75 is described by Nokia as a slide slide phone, meaning that it has a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out to the side. Surprisingly compact when the slide is closed, it's a very usable design, working as a normal phone when you want it to, and as a mini-laptop when required.

When the keyboard is closed, the Nokia E75 seems to be a perfectly normal phone, although certainly heavier than average at 139g. The numeric keypad is small but well laid out with dedicated one-touch keys for home, calendar and email. The display is reasonable at 2.4 inches, and is very clear with 16 million colours and QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels). Two customisable home screens are available - one for business, one for personal use. When you need to use the full keyboard - for texting or emails - you just slide it out, turn the phone on its side, and you have a very comfortable QWERTY keyboard available for text entry. The display automatically rotates to landscape mode too.

Naturally, the E75 excels at mobile email. Most protocols are supported, including Mail for Exchange, and of course attachments can be viewed on the phone.

The E75 runs the latest version of Symbian (9.3) and the S60 3rd Edition user interface. There are quite a few apps installed - Quickoffice (Quickword, Quickpoint, Quicksheet), PDF Viewer, ZIP Manager, RealPlayer and Nokia Maps to name a few - and plenty more available to download. The contacts database is extensive and supports multiple number and e-mail details per contact and contacts with images. The phone is multi-tasking, so PIM data is available to view during calls. A-GPS is included, with Nokia maps and automatic geo-tagging of photos.

Recognising that users will want to store a lot of personal or business data on this kind of phone, Nokia have helpfully installed a high level of security on the E75. As well as locking the phone, the user can protect data on both the phone's internal memory and any microSD card by encryption. This means that if the phone falls into the wrong hands, it will be impossible to read any of the data on the device without knowing the encryption key. This is the kind of security that we normally see only on laptops. The WLAN connection is fully secure too.

The web browser is quite powerful, with support for CSS, JavaScript and Flash Lite 3.0. Browsing is fast with HSDPA enabling download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. The screen is an acceptable size for web browsing, although it can't compare with some of the touchscreen smartphones.

The internal phone memory is quite limited at just 50 MB, but the phone does have the capability to accept microSD cards up to a massive 16GB. A 4GB card is included in the sales package.

Outside work, the E75 caters for all modern needs. The camera is surprisingly good, with a 3.2 megapixel resolution, flash and autofocus. The video camera is also high quality, and a secondary front camera enables video calling. The music player supports all common formats, and the phone has an FM radio too. A standard Nokia stereo headset is included in the sales package, and you can plug your own headphones into the 3.5mm AV jack. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are supported, in addition to WLAN.

The E75 is the kind of phone that cannot fail to impress. The road warrior is really not missing anything with this device, and the design makes it very easy to use - although obviously it's not the kind of phone to give to your Grandma! The combination of user-friendly design, slide-out keyboard, excellent email, security and general all-round capability make this an outstanding business device. Of course, there's always more that we'd like - more juice in the battery and a slightly larger screen perhaps, but that would make the phone bigger and heavier, and we think that Nokia have got the balance just right in this respect. Nokia are making very determined inroads into BlackBerry's home territory and with the E75 we think that they have created a real masterpiece.

Nokia E75 features include:

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by Kamil kemal guller from U.k. on 2nd Mar 2014
This is the best nokia ,if you are using text msj and it's is not touch screen so keyboard is better for new users
I don't think you can get new models maybe second hand ,but I will not advise second hand to buy,

Reviewed by peprah from ghana on 14th Jun 2013
i have been experiencing intemitent power off, whats the problem?

Reviewed by kamil kemal guller from u.k. on 27th Nov 2011
this is the best mobile.l had qwert mobiles before .this is compact and for business traveller easy to carry and use it all around the world.l travel to east africa and no problems with other sim cards prices are very good too.

Reviewed by Joanne from Kuwait on 22nd Sep 2011
I've had a few Nokias and had always been happy with them. This phone changed that. The pros: size and weight are great. I like a Qwerty keyboard; this one works fine but the phone still fits in a pocket. The camera takes nice pictures and is pretty easy to use. I liked the look of it and liked Nokia so I bought it after a fair bit of researching. Oh dear. The Cons: failure of almost any 'smartphone' feature. The Bluetooth is incompatible with Windows 7; the browsing experience is horrible; Ovi PC suite is not available in my location; continuous problems syncing Outlook and a host of other problems my non-Nokia colleagues don't have. In addition to that are the dropped calls and the flimsiness of the casing (the bottom of the frame WILL break within a few months even if you never drop the phone). As will be pretty obvious, I can't recommend this phone. It's fine for the most basic functions but awful for almost everything else.

Reviewed by Rotibi olaoluwa from Nigeria on 17th Sep 2011
My NOKIA E75 is d best eva but i culd have love it more if it was bigger,never theless it a beatfull device.

Reviewed by Timo from Finland on 22nd Aug 2011
It's a great phone otherwise, but the Bluetooth sucks. Continuous connection problems with the hands-free... Any other sw problems that are mentioned in other comments below dissappered with new sw versions.

Reviewed by Agaba Nelson from Uganda on 19th Jul 2011
I have owned an E75 Nokia since November 2010 but just 2 days back it began behaving in a funny yet serious way and I am just confused. Every after 5 mins, it switches its to Camera mode and heats up. I dont know what could have caused this. Now am hating it. But putting that aside.. its a real masterpiece fo people who love browsing on the go. Good music output too.

Reviewed by Sadeepa silva from on 26th Jun 2011
It 's a good smart phone desingned by nokia and this phone let me a superb web browsing and multimedia iove this phone

Reviewed by Bob from Ireland on 4th Mar 2011
I received this phone in August 2010. Four months later the problems began. Drops calls when incoming message is received. Regularly loses bluetooth connection in the car. Contcat list freezes. Battery life reduced from three days down to seven hours. The list goes on. I do not recommend this phone to anybody. It is a peice of infuriating junk!

Reviewed by aeb from uk on 30th Nov 2010

Reviewed by henok from ethiopia on 15th Nov 2010
awsome phone.i like d keys easy to work .i got difficuly in using wlan

Reviewed by Paul from Luxembourg on 7th Nov 2010
I have had the E75 for a bit less than 2 years and now it will have to go. The build quality has been poor and the screen is now pixillated. A bit of a disappointment really, but not actually bad.

Reviewed by D.Speirs from Scotland on 31st Oct 2010
At first i thought it was an alrite phone, untill i had it for a few weeks. the screen started to freeze, the keypad stopped working, its a contract phone so i sent it back and again and again all the same problem never again when the contract is up i am going back to my old phone Nokia E71 i had this phone 2 years i bounced it off everything and it never gave me any problems, i dont even think its worth one star.

Reviewed by ed el sayed from lebanon on 12th Sep 2010
so good

Reviewed by lyndsey from england on 4th Jul 2010
this phone is the worse one ive ever had... had the same problem over six times were the phonebok freezes NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Reviewed by Rose Muraya from Kenya on 28th Jun 2010
I have used Nokia E75 for about eight months now and I agree it is a smart phone. I noted that a piece of the side molding - the one at the bottom was coming off and that is something that need to be checked - it looks ugly without the molding. Features are good though it is not easy to master them all. It is however poor with network and drops calls where others are working fine. Last Saturday, it just went off. I have no idea what the problem could be since I had adequately charged it. It is not taking charge it just remains dead. I have been told that the warranty is only valid in the country of purchase and I had sent a friend who bought it in Germany at such a high price and taxed close to 400 Euros. I need to be rescued!! Rose Muraya email rmuraya@kippra.or.ke

Reviewed by emmanuel from india on 15th Feb 2010
the nokia e75 is a impressive device, it has lot of function and its video clarity is better than n73, i like my e75

Reviewed by Sajid Khan from Pakistan on 2nd Feb 2010
(sajidrashid11@yahoo.com) Very Very Nice Phone Nokia E75

Reviewed by kate from uk on 28th Jan 2010
I bought this phone to replace a very old HTC with slide out keyboard which ran windows mobile and was easy to use. The e75 keyboard is fine but I hate the phone. The most irritating factor day to day is the inability of the phone to stay in predictive search mode when looking up telephone nos - and if you use the keyboard to search it is worse. The web browser is so irritating that I have hardly used it. Since then I was given an ipod touch which is fantastic and I am now about to pay a lot of money to scrap the nokia and move to an iphone!

Reviewed by aloke saha from uk on 27th Jan 2010
i always used to use nokia i moved aways to blackberry because of its q t key pad and e maling services now nokia has come back with a bang with e 75 i am glad to join the nokia club again

Reviewed by stephen Straun from united Kingdom on 20th Jan 2010
I've had this phone for about 5 months, and it gone back for service quite a few times, such as software issues, blue tooth not working, and it drop your calls in the middle of your conversations. i would not recommend this phone to anybody, i am considering getting the Iphone.

Reviewed by arjun from england on 15th Jan 2010
wow.... great phone.... charges up in like 3 hours, camera is good, apps open quickly and the phone isnt as sophiscitated as most other smartphones on the market.

Reviewed by GKD from UK on 14th Jan 2010
I was very impressed with the phone when i first got it apart from it being a bit slow it did the job and i receieved instant emails to my personal address. After about 4-5 months my phone began to crash and the screen became pixlated and jammed.It could not keep up with commands. Often the screen begins to flicker. Now i find it just freezes and its hard for me to use and get started up again.I spend alot of my time trying to get it started up most of the time being off during the day. Do not reccommend this phone in the long run.

Reviewed by James from UK on 30th Dec 2009
This phone is an excellent messaging unit. Nokia Messaging built in to allow easy access to Gmail or Hotmail etc. 3.2MP camera which gives reasonable results with built in flash (Also built in front facing camera for video conferencing).Biggest asset is the slide out qwerty keyboard which allows text messages or emails to be written with ease. It's not a touchscreen device, but that is sometimes not such a bad idea.

Reviewed by Jeff Dabbs from uk on 20th Dec 2009
This phone is rubbish dont buy one unbarably slow has lost all emails & accounts for the third time Stay well clear of this phone

Reviewed by Arron from UK on 17th Sep 2009
@Mobile Phones UK: I believe the version of S60 on this phones is 3.2, i.e Feature Pack 2. This might make a difference for a few people as there is some application incompatibility between the two versions.

Reviewed by Andy from England on 24th Aug 2009
This phone is jam-packed with features and oozing with technology but I'm afraid I can't give it any more than one star due to the fact that my handset has not proved to be very robust at all in the three months I've owned it. The software has had plenty of gltches and I've had to switch the phone off and on again to reboot on many an occasion. However, by far and away the worst and final failing was the inner screen cracking just after the phone had been charged. I haven't dropped the phone or treated it it harshly - quite the opposite in fact, and now I look as though I'm stuck with a totally unuseable handset as the high street chain (CPW) I bought the thing from refuse to believe my account of events. Owning this phone has been a nightmare, and a costly one at that. I certainly don't think I'll be getting a Nokia ever again - it's back to Samsung for me.

Reviewed by richard from england on 18th Jul 2009
not a bad phone battery is rubbish phone gets very hot, all i wanted was to recive e mail and that was it but it seems to struggle with that. this phone keeps on droping calls all day on the orange tarrif so fustrating. The key pad is ok and easy to type with but theres is to much rubbish on the menu which you wont use and its very hard to work out ....my opinion give it a miss....

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th Jul 2009
The worst phone for email I have ever used. Fairly easy to setup but keeps deleting settings for the mailbox at least once a day. Which does not help when one is relying on this phone for work. I have spent about 4 hours on the phone for support but the issue still keeps happening. I will be swopping the phone later today for an E71.

Reviewed by Roddy from Scotland on 1st Jul 2009
Just got my E75 yesterday as an upgrade from a Nokia 6500 Classic and I am very impressed. It is a great looking phone and has got the balance between size and technology spot on. The QWERTY keyboard is really easy to use, instant email is great and there are NO problems with using WLANs....surf, surf, surf! A very classy and cool alternative to the touchscreen mania from other manufacturers. Great job Nokia, just a shame there are no graphical smileys :-(.

Reviewed by tom from uk on 22nd Jun 2009
this has got to be one of the worst phones i have ever bought the signal quality is very poor once you do get a signal to make calls the call is dropped whilst your in conversation, even on the orange network this phone fails to perform

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Even on the Orange network? LOL

Reviewed by Andre from indonesia on 13th Jun 2009
I bought my E75 a week ago, and this phone is amazing. Who said the WLAN is troubled? It works fine for me, and I can browse anything with no problems at all. The screen is small, but as the reviewer said, it's used to maintain the compact size of the phone. And it's as wide as my old Nokia 95, so actually there's no problem again. The new email system is amazing, now I can receive and send email anywhere without browsing to the mail server first. I haven't install any third applications, since i use my phone for business only, and i'm not intend to, because sometimes it'll harm your phone. Overall, i love this phone!

Reviewed by Kerry from India on 6th Jun 2009
I bought this phone the day it was launched and replaced my old Nokia N95. I was excited for a day or two. GPRS connectivity, email, WIFI etc is excellent whereas the camera is useless, music on loudspeaker is not audible,it is too heavy for it's size,the keypad is too tiny and impossible to text, the slide-out keyboard is difficult to use with two thumbs unlike we see in the Advertisements,sliding out the keyboard is not at all easy as it seems the display clarity is great but again too small, perhaps i'm used to my Nokia N 95 which i'm going to use again.Nevertheless, it has the latest applications loaded with the latest technology, no wonder the price is not as high as expected.

Reviewed by Vinson John from Philippines on 29th May 2009
i am tall and has big hands...the key pads are small for me...but overall the phone is nice...i made the right choice of replacing my iphone 3g.....

Reviewed by Nathan from uk on 26th May 2009
quality phone - fantstic for syncing with outlook calendar and email!

Reviewed by Siddharth from India on 11th May 2009
hi, the e75 has a very typical problem with its wlan, it has a lot of problem, i have read online and surfed a lot, many people are facing the same problem, the wlan will just keep on troubling you in one way or the other

Reviewed by Thaniga S J from India on 29th Apr 2009
The phone is really amazing. It has replaced My e90. Good job keep it up.

Reviewed by my from uk on 29th Apr 2009
best phone

Reviewed by Ruca from UK on 19th Apr 2009
Excelent phone... one of the best Nokia's ever.

Reviewed by jamie from uk on 16th Apr 2009
its an amazing mobile phone however there are always a few problem mysef i work for nokiea and they do try and do evertying on the cheep

Reviewed by Reza from Iran on 9th Apr 2009
I bought this phone today and its awsome,only they weight is a little much but its not a big deal.texting is easy,camera and flah is good,the e-mail system is the best one in this phone

Reviewed by Sarah20 from UK on 25th Mar 2009
Awesome phone looks great in red, so many features role on the summer!!

Reviewed by tttttttttttt from uk on 20th Mar 2009
not the best pone naf keypad and not the best shape or size

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