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Nokia E72 review

 Review: March 2010  

Last updated January 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia E72 is a competitor to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 or Curve 3G. With full support for push email, attachment editing and web browsing, Nokia offers a real alternative. The E72 also features a 5 megapixel camera, video calling, a media player, FM radio and GPS with Ovi Maps. Ultra-fast data access, WiFi, and stunning battery life complete the package. It's available in a choice of Black, Grey, Brown or White.

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The E72 is a straightforward upgrade of the very successful Nokia E71. The E71 was a very close rival to the BlackBerry Bold, and the E72 delivers almost everything that we were hoping for as an upgrade. But time has marched onwards and the E72 now has to compete with the upgrade to the Bold, the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Has it got what it takes to finally knock BlackBerry off its perch?

The first thing to note is that physically there's almost nothing between the E72 and the E71. They look virtually identical, have the same size and weight and the keyboard feels the same. That's a pity, because whilst the QWERTY keyboard is good, it isn't quite up to the very high standards set by the Bold or Bold 9700. What a shame, because Nokia have proved that they can make brilliant keyboards - the Nokia E63 has quite probably the best phone keyboard of all time! The E72 is a lot slimmer than the Bold 9700, so if you want something slim enough to fit in a shirt pocket, the Nokia might be the one to choose.

The display on the E72 is exactly the same as the E71, which is another disappointment. We were hoping for an increase in resolution above 240 x 320 pixels. For instance, the Bold 9700 has more than double the number of pixels. Still, it's a good display with excellent clarity.

It's messaging that is the reason for buying the E72 of course, and it doesn't fail to deliver. The device is excellent for both text messaging and push email, with support for IMAP, POP and SMTP email protocols. Attachments are supported, and the Quickoffice application lets you view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. The E72 is fully equipped for security, with a keypad lock, remote lock and even encryption for data stored in memory or on the memory card. Full support for Virtual Private Networks is provided. But the E72 does use the antiquated Symbian operating system, which means that it can be slow and sometimes freeze or shut down completely - not great when your business depends on the phone.

The E72 can be used handsfree, with either a handsfree speaker or a Bluetooth wireless headset, combined with both speaker-dependent and speaker-independent voice dialling. You can set the phone to answer automatically when using a headset or a car kit.

The E72 beats the BlackBerry when it comes to media, with a very good 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and digital zoom. It also has an excellent video camera capable of recording at up to 640 x 480 pixels, and it has a secondary camera for video calling too. The E72 can handle music playback, and has the added attraction of a 3.5mm audio headphone jack. There's also an FM radio with RDS support.

The Nokia also includes integrated A-GPS satellite navigation, with the Ovi Maps application pre-installed.

You can also use the phone for web browsing. The built-in browser can handle XHTML, Javascript, stylesheets and Flash, so is able to display most websites correctly. You can use the Navi™Key very effectively to zoom in on web pages, a bit like the iPhone. The E72 features HSDPA with ultra-fast data downloads of up to 10.2 Mbps supported. That's pretty well as fast as it gets in 2010.

The E72 has excellent connectivity too, with support for Bluetooth 2.0 (with Enhanced Data Rate), micro USB and WLAN.

The internal memory has been increased to a sizeable 250 MB, and the phone supports microSD memory cards up to 16GB, twice the capability of the E71.

We're impressed by battery life too. The E72 has a monster 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery which delivers stellar performance. You'll struggle to find a phone with better battery life than the E72.

So, the E72 has many strong features, and it isn't an expensive phone either, being available free on contract at around the £20 per month level. At this price, we can ignore the fact that the screen and keyboard don't quite match those of the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and we'll remind ourselves that the Nokia is a lot slimmer than the BlackBerry and has a better camera too! The comparison shifts even further in favour of the Nokia if you compare it with the similarly priced BlackBerry Curve 3G. The E72 outperforms the Curve 3G in almost every respect, except for one: reliability. The Symbian operating system that powers the E72 can be frustrating and unreliable at times, and if that sounds like something to be avoided at all costs, then you should choose the BlackBerry option instead, even though BlackBerry offers less for your money.

Nokia E72 features include:

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In my phone nokia e-72 software update any download application?

Asked by abdie jimie from ethiopia on 14th Sep 2017

Can i download viber apps in this phone nokia e72? Thank you.

Asked by jesus guarino from United Kingdom on 11th Aug 2017

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Average rating from 90 reviews:

Reviewed by Zinbokhaing from myanmar on 21st Jul 2017
Nokia e72 is not software update.

Reviewed by H@r! from india on 21st Jun 2016
best ever phone ....

Reply by Harsh from India on 12th Sep 2018
Is it still working now

Reviewed by Steve jones from wales on 1st May 2015
Bought new but what a waste of money as it won't work on email. Tried everything but cutting my losses and going for a Blackberry Q10 instead. A good firm consigned to history.

Reviewed by emily123 from UK on 6th Dec 2014
Hello, I am emily123. I have a Nokia phone. It's good to use, but there is a problem: When I go on the web to search for any image, when I click "Display options" and click "Load images", it does load the pictures. But when I click "Display options" and click "View images", if I select an image and click "Zoom in" two or three times, the picture quality is very very poor, I cannot see the picture cleary, it comes out all of this very little square things.
Can someone help me solve this problem, give me some instructions to help me make the pictures clearer? Thank you.

Reviewed by nassoro from tanzania on 2nd Sep 2014
very nice phone congratulation nokia for this model

Reviewed by Jebril Mohamed from Ethiopia on 29th Aug 2014
Some videos cant played on my mobile

Reviewed by Bam from South Kurdistan on 3rd Nov 2013
I am having mobile phones since 2005, I have changed 13 mobile handsets each several months or so. I am having the E72 since Feb 2012, now its Nov. 2013, the only handset that staying with me more than 7 months.. I really want to change it but don't have the heart to do so!! battery = 3 days. incredibly practical handset.

Reviewed by francis from zambia on 26th Oct 2013
the E72 phone is the true product of nokia phoness and ilove it with its great speed, quiet keyborb its jst what u espect from an original nokia phone

Reviewed by emma from UK on 28th Jul 2012
I have had my nokia e72 for a few days now and I absolutely adore it. The qwerty keyboard makes it a dream to text and phone in general feels well built. The camera is what you'd expect from a five megapixel camera to be honest and the front facing camera is handy when there are no mirrors available! haha. The twitter application however doesn't let me go 'back' which is a bit useless and to update my twitter status i basically just 'tweet via text'! So no major problems. I hope this review is usefull.

Reviewed by Mira from UAE on 30th Apr 2012
This phone is completely unreliable, it constantly freezes. Had it in repair 4 times, they gave me a new unit, the problems remained. Sometimes 'unavailable' for few hours without realizing. After i restart my phone, i find number of missed calls and messages! met few people using this phone, they have the same problems. stay away from this phone.

Reviewed by Mike from Philippines on 11th Apr 2012
Judging from some, if not most of the negative comments here, it's either you got defective units or it's the first generation of the E72, the first units to come out of the market. I got mine in December of 2010 but I never experienced all your problems. this is not an exaggeration. I never had problems with freezing. my unit still looks new and it has never failed me yet. I use it as my primary phone, calling (what is our phone for? hehe.), texting, MMS, chatting, for my social networking i have my facebook and twitter accounts running thru gravity, music gadget, and most important... Email. I love its office tools! And again, it never let me down. It works perfectly. oh, just a reminder, try to reset your phones if you think it has slowed down a bit. Every gadget needs this, even computers. Update your software if there is an available one. it's made for your phones to work well. I have a blackberry, and i'm telling you, it's nowhere near my E72.

Reviewed by kirsty from england on 17th Mar 2012
The phone's apperance is stylish and smart. And it does the job a mobile should do (call and text) to a satisfactory degree. However they are the only positive things i can say. Its complicated to work and takes time getting used to how everything is set up. When transfering files to my laptop the phone would often decide it didn't want to complete the task. Often the phone would completely freeze if say if i was using word or power point and all i could do was switch it off and lose my work. Wonderful. The memory space isn't as large as it suggests. Often telling me i had no space when clearly i did. The internet would just close itself down and the battery life was pathetic to say the least. I've had it 5 months and i can not wait to get an iphone

Reviewed by i shah from uk on 14th Feb 2012
this phone is very nice and i love very much

Reviewed by Yancy from Philippines on 5th Feb 2012
A VERY GOOD PHONE! Great features.. good battery life! one of the best smart-phones i had! :) GO NOKIA!

Reviewed by Rikki from Philippines on 27th Dec 2011
Outstanding phone in every aspect with the appropriate price. Everything had been very well said on this review. If you want a phone you will not regret 2 years later (mine was bought 2008), then buy the Nokia E72 now.

Reviewed by MR SHAH from PAKISTAN on 16th Dec 2011
brilliant set personally one of my favorites outstanding allround set for the business part that is was basically made for it offers excellent options with everything & feature a business user requires from messaging, emails. documents viewing & editing. to web browsing & connectivity & to top it off with excellent connectivity & call quality it brilliant on the multimedia side the set isn't far from the brilliant nokia n95 either delivering superb music quality with clear sound which a also quite loud as for the camera which had traditionally been a weak spot of nokia e series sets except for e90 this set is awesome with superb still pictures at par with n95 though video recording is not upto the mark but quite acceptable for a business set in short to call e72 as a business set does not do justice to it's capabilities as a multimedia capabilities which are just as good this is the perfect professional allrounder set of it's time & I can say it's better than even the n95

Reviewed by vijay bam from india on 27th Oct 2011
A very well built sturdy phone. Misbehaves at times, flashes incorrect info such as memory full and quits the task on hand, on checking found 221mb free. Faults few but irritable.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 26th Oct 2011
Had the phone a few weeks all seems ok the battery life is acceptable 5 day's constantly on 24/7 with 3 hours spent talking,have been told that when talking my speech dips in and out, this seems to be random and only occurs every now and again, apart form that well impressed with it's keypad and many fuctions.

Reviewed by shahida from kenya on 11th Oct 2011
I had a lot about the E72 as initially had an E71 which was not performing for some strange reason, had it upgraded and cost me 3000Kshs but nothing worked any better. So when i bought E72 was so happy my problem is sorted as i need mail for exchange but this keeps freezing like nobodys business and amazing enough even nokia care in kenya could not sort its network coverage when it had a problem.

Reviewed by Douglas H from UK on 3rd Oct 2011
I've had this phone for 18 months and my advice is run a mile from it. Constant problems with freezing, misdialing and data transfer. Also despite monthly payment plan taken and staying well within limits bills are always more than expected. suspect as phone regularly connects to the net on it's own. The biggest fault is the battery cover. Its design is flawed with a very weak metal tab holding it on. Now on my 5th replacement cover. Also when cover breaks you're knackered as battery keeps falling out so I result to an elastic band to hold the cover on! Given it two stars as when it does work it's acceptable and battery life is good.

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 2nd Oct 2011
Couldn't agree more with the reviews which are complaining about this phone. It is good for the first 5/6 months then everything starts going wrong with it. First of all, it starts freezing and the only way to get the phone working again after this is to remove the battery and put it back in, which is a nuisance to do when you are having this problem numerous times a day. I sent it off for repair and they said they had repaired the handset, a few weeks afterwards the same problem occurred so i was sent a replacement E72. For a few days, it worked fine and then the same problem occurred. Another problem started as well, I was unable to send or receive texts or make or receive calls even with full signal - people could not contact me. These are the two main problems, however I also experience problems with texting - the phone would not recognise when I was typing at various times.

Reviewed by bj from uk on 18th Sep 2011
This phone is one of the best phones i have had by far the camera on the phone is great and it has a very good battery life the GRPS Navigation works alright and gets me back on track when im lost, the speed of the internets also good but there are faster phones out now.... THE ONLY BAD POINT AGAINST THIS PHONE IS THE OPERATIONG SYSTEM FAIL's ALOT RESULTING THE PHONE TURNING OFF AND ON OR FREEZING

Reviewed by Lisa from US on 26th Jul 2011
I've had a lot of blackberry bolds but I would say that this phone still is my favorite phone. I've had the phone for 5 months and still am not bored with it. I love how small it is. It functions great, I love the secondary camera for video calls, and I love how customizable it is. This is a really great phone and I don't mind that it runs on the old symbian software. I have never had any problems with the phone besides the fact of how complicated it is at first. I learn a new function the phone is capable of every week. Its a little phone with a big package. It was definitely worth the money.

Reviewed by lisa from nigeria on 10th Jul 2011
i love nokia phones,but i've a problem with my e72 dat i got 3months ago.at first it was ok,den it started going off on its own,i changed my sim card,den it stopped downloading.i dont know wat 2 do.

Reviewed by kartik from india on 28th Jun 2011
this phone is ok

Reviewed by Jennifer from United Kingdom on 21st Jun 2011
I've had this phone for less than half a year before it all starting going wrong. The phones freezes at every opportunity, whether I dial a number, or trying to access the internet, in the middle of facebook, whatever. It often just cuts off while talking to people, other times it echoes. I've now been told to return it after numerous phone calls to Tmobile - who I might add are never very helpful. Now I have to go out and buy myself a phone to use until they return my E72, although at this stage, I don't even know if I want it back.

Reviewed by cpk from south africa on 13th Jun 2011
Got this phone when my BB 9700 got stolen and I was pleasantly surprised with its functunality - email, browsing and qwerty pad. I sure miss the BB screen but that is about it. Symbian is a good, easy to use Os, and thus far everything runs smooth and fast, no slower than the BB. Email is spot on, quick and documents can be edited on the move. Excellent battery and earpiece clarity, qwerty is comfortable and well spaced, solid feel to the phone and it is a good looking phone. App store is limited but that is ok, unlike android with thousands of apps of which many of them are the same thing with a different name. Music player is great and gps maps are well updated and accurate

Reviewed by cheryl wilkinson from united kingdom on 25th May 2011
i have own two nokia e72,the first started to crash after 4 months of having it but, but was replaced by nokia for another, great. i have had touch screen phones and i must say that i would never go back to them, as i love the key pad on the nokia e72, i would have gone for the blackberry cruve byt the camera isn't as good as the e72, and let face it i can still log on to face book, twitter. and if you buy it in black it looks like a blackberry any how..

Reviewed by Marti from England on 12th May 2011
I was the lucky owner of the fantastic nokia e71 until I lost it on a night out, and I'm pleased to say that its successor, the e72, is even better. Between these phones I had the 5800 xpress which I really didn't get on with ó poor touchscreen and all three I owned were prone to crashing. In my opinion, this is in the top three phones around now. It is very reliable, with a good camera (pictures are clear even when viewed on a large computer screen), easy to use email service so I can use outlook and hotmail accounts on it, excellent navigation on the internet and phone, gps works really well (and is an unbelievable attraction to nokia), fantastic build quality, with it being heavy enough to feel solid, but not too heavy to distort pockets etc, and is very slim. All in all, it's a hefty package. HOWEVER, what stops it being a clear number 1, is the operating system. It's not bad, but I've had this phone about 9 months now, and the time's taken its toll. It's starting to get slow and the email has gone a bit dodgy as well. Still, if you like the convenience of the package this phone provides, without heavy and long-term multi-tasking requirements, this phone is fantastic. The fifth star is in lieu of a competitive symbian OS relative to android.

Reviewed by Andy. from UK on 3rd May 2011
I think this one of the best phones on the market and I would NEVER have a touch screen phone. Reliability is fantastic and has only froze once and the battery life I think is unbeatable... Internet browsing is excellent, as is the pop 3 e-mail. I would reccomend this phone to anyone. Prior to this phone, I had the Nokia N95 8g, which I then, thought was the best phone around, apart from the battery life, which constantly had to be charged-up... So, to everyone, BUY THE E72.

Reviewed by Tom from England on 25th Apr 2011
When i first got this phone around 6 months ago i found it fantastic..... However now it is one of the most annoying thing in my day... It freezes alot on.... also the keypad is not very quick on responding when typing.... the software is just to slow on it... the camrea is ment to be 5 megapix but seems to be a 2mp its terrible... the only plus is it battery life which will last you 6 days but when it freezes god it annoys you...

Reviewed by Nik from Greece on 22nd Apr 2011
I only buy Nokia phones and I loved the N90,N93 and N93i.Wasn't into qwerty ,however this E72 is one of the BEST nokia phones produced. Most importantly,EXCELLENT battery life, it will never let you down. I give it a 10/10.

Reviewed by Nik from Greece on 13th Mar 2011
Nokia E72 is an unbeatable mobile phone. Excellent features it won't let the user down. Aove all battery life is EXCELLENT. I have many nokia phones this particular one has the best battery life up to date. I use the E72 alot and do take many shots and vids but the battery has never let me down it goes on for a WEEK! The only drawback is the keypad..too small and if one's got thick fingers you're in for a suprise, bit difficult in wanting to write a msg on the spot one must kind of really focus as to not mistakenly press the next key instead of the correct. Overall..really an EXCELLENT phone..thanks Nokia.

Reviewed by Linzaly from Malaysia on 10th Mar 2011
I've had this phone for about a year and a half now, and it's starting to be problematic. Freezes alot, and tends to restart at the wrong time. People have complained for not being able to reach me on the phone too. Email works fine but sometimes doesn't come through. Basically, it's a phone that can do way more than it can handle. I'm getting a BB Bold 9780.

Reviewed by satheesh from india on 5th Mar 2011
it is an amazing one......

Reviewed by Ruth from United Kingdom on 21st Feb 2011
Ive had this phone on the t mobile network now for 5 months and haven't had a single problem with it. It's a fantastic phone, easy to use and smart. I use the internet on it regular aswell and have had no problem with that. Another cracking 5* phone from Nokia and nicely priced aswell. Excellent!

Reviewed by Graham J from United Kingdom on 16th Feb 2011
I have this phone with Orange pay monthly. The phone is good for calling and texting. Battery life is no more than 2 days. The Symbian O/S is slow, much slower than the Blackberry O/S. But where this phone really falls apart is with data. Apps are slow and often do not connect at all. The internet browser is lousy and almost unusable. I have yet to find a decent Twitter app. All in all a very disappointing phone. I have 10 months to go on my contract but would not get another Nokia Symbian phone.

Reviewed by shelly from northern ireland on 23rd Jan 2011
i have my e72 abot 5months,a great wee phone to start with ,not now ,it freezes everyday and freezes in the middle of a phone ,never again i can no longer depend on this phone

Reviewed by peter miller from uk on 16th Jan 2011
Have never had such a load of rubbish in my life. What are Nokia thinking about selling a phone that keeps needing to go back to the shopto have software up grades all the time. Had Sony Erricson before but wanted to try something different, boy what a mistake. The phone is rubbish for texting , even mundane things like trying to ring people up. Also I am a driver and the bluetooth facility and connetivity are garbage. Advice to anybody thinking about buying either new or second hand DONT!!!.

Reviewed by saeeid from iran on 5th Jan 2011
the mobile e72 & n8 bouth them are very good! i hav not any thing to say so. have you a nice day.

Reviewed by Robinson O from Nigeria on 4th Jan 2011
This phone is it. It is a great black berry beater, and the best I've used so far.

Reviewed by Khizer Hayat from Pakistan on 20th Dec 2010
i have updated my firmware to and it has a big issue with it that machine is a bit slow now.... as moving into menus is no a bit slow... rest its workin great

Reviewed by Juned J P from India on 12th Dec 2010
best handset nokia ever launched so cheaper

Reviewed by astri from dubai on 14th Nov 2010
I bought this phone 3 months ago,happy about it..love the colour! but it lately the phone got freeze for quite some times..and need to turn off then it back to normal

Reviewed by Todd from UK on 12th Nov 2010
This phone is a replacement for the Blackberry 9105. The 9105 was NOT user friendly. The E72 is much better. Texting is easy, even though I have large hands. People have reported software problems, but so far (1 month) I havenít experienced any problems. The camera is very good for a phone, but recording video onto the supplied 4g memory card at the highest quality is rubbish, as the picture keeps freezing. But it records ok if the quality is set to "normal" instead of "high". This may be a card issue, I hope. The free maps are a great plus, especially for me as I will be doing a lot of travelling soon. The gps picks up your position very quickly, faster than my Tomtom. And the voice is loud and clear. Ring tones, and message tones are loud and clear as are callerís voices. Music play back is very good. The radio is very good and you can actually use these features while out travelling as you can be sure the battery will last. My battery lasts 4 to 5 days, mainly texting and 10 min call per day. But this is also due to the fact that I turn apps off as well as wi fi etc, and set the phone to gsm only. E mail worked ok but I very rarely use it. This is an excellent phone and as long as it does not develop soft ware problems I hope to keep it for a long time.

Reviewed by biggie from mauritius on 10th Nov 2010
hi there best phone ever but the ringing volume is quiet low though it's still set on the highest volume possible.Is anyone else facing the same problem???

Reviewed by Cheryl from India on 6th Nov 2010
Got this after quite some research and I'm glad to say I'm very happy with it..good solid affordable phone.. texting is a breeze.. good for multitasking.. surprisingly its torchlight has come in handy quite a few times... camera is more than sufficient for any random moments/sights that u want to capture... for better quality, use a digicam!! :D probably the strongest point is its battery life..even my 6303 wouldnt last a day while this baby can go on for 2 days... with lots of interent usage: browsing, emails, chatting on gtalk, msn using maps and what not my only gripes with it being: the symbian e-mail client..not that great but its allrite if you are a casual user... loudspeaker volume couldve been a lil louder...

Reviewed by Johir from London on 30th Oct 2010
It was good for 5 months, and now can't use Video or play back as it freeze's a lot, the main problem seem to be that E72 small phone with too many responsibility in it's plate, mybe a bad OS inside.

Reviewed by Anisa from New York on 23rd Oct 2010
This phone is like soo amaazing.. I absolutely love it, it's soo reliable and so great to take pictures with.. like wow, go Nokia! I recommend it to all :D Peace.

Reviewed by Richard from england london on 17th Oct 2010
this is my second review on this phone great phone but i had it for 6 months and got sick to death of the e mail symbian client it is so slow sometimes connects sometimes dose,nt , I run my business on email and need a phone that responds quickly this phone dose not do that, also setting up e mail is a frustrating task, i now use a blackberry bold and its so so much better and the battery is just as good, if you are looking for a phone with rubbish e mail buy this phone , but if you are serious about business do not use this mobile as it will let you down..buy a blackberry..

Reviewed by Manu from Belgium on 2nd Oct 2010
In one word: superb job you've done with this E72,just great, Proficiat to your team, waiting the next gr8 smartphone you'll do

Reviewed by anthony from Riyadh KSA on 28th Sep 2010
i just had a new E72 and the best phone i ever had since i start using Nokia mobile..i was pretty ammazed after i accidentally dropped it hardly but still..it still kicks a lot,,thanks

Reviewed by sandesh from india on 3rd Sep 2010
I love my E72 coz it has almost everything i lookout for....

Reviewed by Kim from England on 31st Aug 2010
I've had this phone for 4 months and it crashes ALOT. The space bar stops working meaning i have to turn my phone off and on again. The phone sometimes doesn't let me send messages so i have to re-set my phone meaning everything is deleted off my phone :(

Reviewed by Ted from England on 21st Aug 2010
It is a really good phone, although it freezes A LOT

Reviewed by Anthony from Israel on 20th Aug 2010
I love my E72 and would not go back to blackberry its easy to use and watch movies with bluetooth headset which automatically reconects for the next time use although the resolution is not as good it still provides superb quality when watching them. On top of that you do not need a seperate blackberry package just a simple internet package will sueit this phone love it very happy with it and the price does not matter to me LOOOOVVVIIINN it

Reviewed by sammy from england on 14th Aug 2010
i just got it n its amazing!!!

Reviewed by Ben773 from UK on 10th Aug 2010
The Nokia E72 has many positive features though also a few of unexpected disappointments. I find it frustrating how often the internet freezes/says it's not available. I've even contacted my service provider who sent me a new sim card though the problem still occurs. Maybe a service provider issue though I'm not convinced. What definately isn't related to my service provider is the screen and font size of the E72. For a smart phone it is too small when compared against its rivals such as the Blackberry. Browsing the internet can be a real challenge. Finally, I find the complexity of the camera inhibitive. On many occasions I have missed a good photo opportunity because the options prevent a "quick snap" on the spur of the moment!

Reviewed by coghit from italy on 6th Aug 2010
the Best phone, when it works! freeze to often.

Reviewed by bob from hawaii on 30th Jul 2010
this phone is amazing and i love it to peices. GET IT

Reviewed by keziah from uk on 22nd Jul 2010
i have got the nokia e72 and i think it is so great i can't leave it alone now. BEST PHONE I EVER HAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Minty from UK on 20th Jul 2010
I've just got this phone and I already think we're going to get along well. Apart from one website it just refuses to load (the scroll page of Dragon Cave, for those that care and that made the phone freeze so I had to turn it off and on again) I've had no problems at all. Shame though, seeing as my old E63 managed to handle the page easily, so I don't quite understand it... hence the one star mark down (what can I say? I adore DragCave). There is so much that I am stumped by, but seeing as I shan't be using it for business, only pleasure, I'm not too fussed. It was a bargain, too, as I got it on the £15 Web tariff from Virgin Mobile. As I say, it's early days so things could go wrong, but my first impression, and a couple of hours compulsive use has me saying well done Nokia :) I've never even touched an iPhone so I can't compare them... but my Mum has the Blackberry 9700 Bold and I must admit to preferring the E72, the Bold seems so overwhelmingly complex to me, but then again it wasn't my phone so I was wary of pressing too many buttons and causing trouble, lol. If any little problems arise in the future, I'll be right back to list them all, lol.

Reviewed by Stuart P from United Kingdom on 18th Jul 2010
Owned the E71 for about 6 months and then upgraded to E72. Both phones are excellent business phones with a mass of features. I previously owned the Iphone 2G and 3G models but would not go back to touchscreen. I like the tactile feel of a QWERTY keyboard and they don't come much better than the E Series phones. The E72 looks good, feels good and is well worthing shelling out for.

Reviewed by John Glover from United Kingdom on 16th Jul 2010
Phone is outstanding and am more than pleased. But the manual supplied leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe someone should write a book as per apple

Reviewed by asboste from UK on 9th Jul 2010
Bought this phone for business as I have had iPhone and Blackberry earlier. The Nokia looks great feels good and battery life is amazing compared to the iPhone and BB (2 -3 days VERY heavy usage). Email client fior exchange is OK, Hotmail not bad, but the software is absolute rubbish. The symbian OS looks like it came out of noahs ark, it seriously lets it down. When running muliple apps it slows down incredibly and freezes all of the time. I constantly have to switch off and on. Upgraded to the latest Nokia software and had a day of trouble eventually got it going again (and I am an electronics techie!!). Today radio wont work, switch on and off and it came back! Bluetooth randomly disconnects from my carkit when it feels like, again on and off and it comes back! If you have it set to auto push mail and you try and use it while it happend to be syncing forget it it runs like a dog. Sorry Nokia nice try but OS and speed are very poor. Looking at a HTC now.

Reviewed by Andy H from England on 7th Jul 2010
Got to say this is the best phone i've ever had. I've had it for two weeks now and it does exactly what i wanted it to. If you want to keep up with your hotmail/live account on the go then this phone must be considered. Also great camera. Only downside is the satnav is not a patch on tomtom but as it's free you can't argue with it!

Reviewed by nikk from india on 6th Jul 2010
hi this is nikk.i like your model E72.i using that model wright now.

Reviewed by MG from Devon, England on 3rd Jul 2010
Ummd and aaahd about the Nokia E72. 1st one froze. 2nd one had poor build on screen face. 3rd one good so far. Feels good in the hand. Mostly fast althouth this may depend on network coverage. Keys are small and I've found that I often double up on keys. Haven't used the Blackberry so can't compare. Battery excellent.

Reviewed by nellie from UK on 1st Jul 2010
This phone is sooooooo sloooooow. rubbish rubbish rubbish. give me an iphone or desire any day

Reviewed by abhishek agarwal from india on 27th Jun 2010
i loved it...............

Reviewed by Nceba Ntweni from South Africa on 24th Jun 2010
Fantastic ! ! I have yet to buy the phone but seeing and using my girlfriend's,has made realise that I'd rather go for the Nokia E72 than the Black Berry I fancied.Having been a Nokia man all my life,I realise what a great investment I will be making. Kudos to Nokia for this magnificent piece !

Reviewed by Mohyadiin Omar from Somalia on 22nd Jun 2010
I am the person who left the previous 5 star review. While I stand by my previous review, I like to give this phone 4 stars. I was too generous earlier. It is still fabulous but the radio is a letdown. When the radio is on and the loudspeaker is on, there is a degree of echoing that is irritating. When the headphone is on, it is perfect. That is my only complain. If you are not a radio fan, then you have a fastastic mobile that could rival any blackberry phone.

Reviewed by Mohyadiin omar from Somalia on 12th Jun 2010
Fantastic! In fact, words fail me to review this phone. Nokia e72 is the best phone that Nokia has ever manufactured. Texting is easier and a lot quicker thanks to the QWERTY keyboard. The camera is great. Pictures are stunning in broad daylight. Of course a dedicated camera would produce a much better result, but this is a camera phone and it is good enough for me. Also there is a free GPS as opposed to aGPS, which cost you in data connections. But you have to dowload your free SatNav from Nokia website first to realise this great feature. The Satnav is just as good as TOMTOM and you NO pennies for it. So you have great phone with qwerty keyboad, great camera and a wonderful satnav for a good measure. Plus a great battery life. Seriously, what else do you need? The phone has many useful features including Wi-Fi and radio including internet radio(connection could be through Wi-Fi if you don't have your own internet from the mobile services operator). But the Internet feature is only available when you upgrade the phone's software. without the upgrade, it is just good old FM radio. After the updating available for free from Nokia website, you will notice an Internet radio added to the mix. what is so wonderful about this is that the Internet radio picks all the Internet radio stations for you automatically. All you have to do is to just go through stations one by one(there are thousands)and add what you like in your favourites. What's more, when the Internet radio is tuned in, the headphones are not needed. The unit works as if it is a dedicated radio. That is a wonderful addition for a radio junks like me. If I have to pick a fight with Nokia, I would ask why they put the loadspeaker at the back of the phone?. The sound comes out a bit muffled when the phone is on surface and the loadspeaker is on. It should be on the front or sideways. But that is just small stuff. Well, there is no perfection is this world. Is there?

Reviewed by Sardar Khan from Dubai - Uae on 6th Jun 2010
I was planning to buy BB 9700 but was little confused to buy with Etisalat or Du subscription. I just scroled the net & found the E72 the best for my choice as most of the features are better than the BB's. Nice choices of colour. I am fully satisfy to own E72 in comparisson with BB or I-phone.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 31st May 2010
my e72 is probably the best phone i personally have ever used. Ive tried out both blackberry bolds, the samsung omnia pro and the iphone. the e72 out classes them all with fast 3g web browsing, multitasking with apps, an good quality camera and a simple qwerty keyboard, and whats even better for all of this is the price! 5 stars for pure Nokia excellence

Reviewed by Dr A A saiyyed from india on 20th May 2010
I am using E72 since 5 months now. Its an excellent all rounder. Only one thing thats annoying is its poor earpiece volume. Can anybody tell , is it my handsets problem or in general problem of E72? Anybody , pls help.

Reviewed by nottmbantam from Saudi Arabia on 2nd May 2010
I bought this handset a few days ago, as I wanted a phone with a qwerty keyboard. THe Blackberry models in teh same price bracket either didn't have 3G ( eg Curve - 2G only ) or the camera wasn't as good ( Bold, only a 2mp camera ) , so this seemed a pretty good bet. I had sold my N97, and had gone back to using my N95 , so missed the k/b on the N97. As I had bought the N97 as a PAYG handset and was left ultimately disapointed, I didn't want to be spending another £500. I also work abroad, I wanted an unlocked handset, so paid around £245 for this, cheaper than some of the BB Models. Ok - first impressions - nice looking phone, very handsome, nice weight in the hand, nice and slim, quite ergonomic really. One downside is that I find the k/b a little too compact after the N97, which is quite nicely spaced out, but I do like the fact that the main punctuation marks are easy toa ccess, rather than to go through the 'Symbols' sub menu. Screen size is more than adequate, even when surfing. I am using Opera Mobile, which zooms into web pages quite effortlessly. I have also updated the phone's firmware to v31, and did a hard re-set. From building the phone up from scratch, I found the initial email set up a bit 'glitchy', as it didn't run smoothly. I did get there in the end, and since then, my Gmail account works perfectly.I think the best way is to first set the 'Destinations' for the device, then go into setting up email. The camera is good, and more than adequate - not as good as the N95, optics are not same standard, but when viewing the pics on a laptop screen, they are pretty decent. Video recording although is only at 15 fps, is again good enough. Obviously the newer phones now are recording in HD, but this is in essence a messaging phone . business phone, so the video recording facility aint gonna be pulling up trees, but it does the job. THe other media apps are fine, FM radio now has Internet Radio as part of the new formware, gallery , video centre are pretty similar to other Symbian phones. The shortcut keys are useful, although I would like the option to customise the home screen a little more. The application shortcuts are cahngeable, but the list of items below that are the ones I'd like to change. I like the fact I can switch to 'Personal' mode and then have a different set of shortcuts, so in effect giving a much wider range of shortcuts is needed. Menu is good, Control Panel is very good I have to say, and easy to access all aspects of the phone's operation. I don't miss the touchscreen of the N97, as I find it as quick using the D Pad. I'm not sure about the optical navi key - in reality, the surface area is a little small really to be quick when using it, it's quicker just pressing the four direction keys. I find the loudspeaker in a bit of an odd place really - is it just me? It's on the back of the phone, so if the phone is on a desk surface, and I'm using it on the the loudspeaker, the sound is muffled. The only problem with volume is that it's perhaps too loud (!) , as it makes the speaker vibrate too much and can almost distort the sound. Maybe speaker at the side of the phone, or even stereo speakers built into the sides? Being picky here, but this IS a review. I have put in a 8gb memory card, and have installed the main key apps I use- all work very well and without problems - Skype, Joikuspot, Opera, fring. Battery life seems pretty good, the phone is always on 3G, always connected to the internet, and will last for a good two days. So, in summary, I think it's very very nearly perfect for what it's intended for, maybe a few very minor improvements. Looking through the stars ratings and what they mean, it is in my view an excellent phone, so hence 4 stars. A few minor improvements and it would be outstanding.

Reviewed by Dariush from UK on 29th Apr 2010
Really recommend this phone, absolutely everything you could want! I'm on a contract with Virgin and with free internet it's a great phone! Battery Life= 3/4 days V.HEAVY USAGE! (you can turn on power saving though- gives you up to a week usage) Applications= Absolutely everything you could want and lots of free downloads from Ovi! Ease of Use= My mum could use it! (Very easy) Bad Points= NEED A MEMORY CARD (actually comes with 4gb which is great but get a larger one for music etc...) Best Phone I have ever had, hands down!

Reviewed by nellie from UK on 29th Apr 2010
stupid battery cover. Other than that this phone is ok and getting better with each firmware update.

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 14th Apr 2010
Recently got this phone on contract from O2! And all i can say is it's easily the best phone i have ever owned! No problems at all easy to figure out battery life is good! Camera is better in daylight than inside but nothing is perfect... well done Nokia on this onee! Five star rating!

Reviewed by izzah from England on 13th Apr 2010
my Nokia E72 handest is definetly something, it never slows down at all or plays up like my old nokis 6500 slide, the phone has impressed me so much, especially considering that im only 13, the only problem is not the phone but owning this phone means that it is a good target for thieves, but its music players is good, and the camera is also excellent, i also love the secondary camera, its not amazing but it is good when i take pics of me with friends and family n:) five star product *****

Reviewed by Mick from England on 10th Apr 2010
Quite simply, the best phone I've ever had. Superb

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 13th Mar 2010
The E 72 is the best phone I've ever owned and I love the push e mail the maps feature (also Google maps). Camera is poor indoors, but OK in good light. Biggest disappointment is the battery life. It tends to go on to low battery saving mode at about 40% charge which is irritating to say the least. If you use your gadgets, it will be on charge every day. Number of useful free apps is growing by the day. Keyboard is easy to use even if you have big fingers like mine. Love the way it will latch on to wireless net if one is available. There is nothing I don't like about this phone, except the battery life.

Reviewed by Arshad Mehmood from Pakistan on 11th Mar 2010
Every thing excellent except screen resolution. Come on nokia u can do bit more.

Reviewed by Reza from Iran on 10th Mar 2010
In one word Awesome

Reviewed by Adel El Husseiny from Egypt on 9th Mar 2010
outstanding Mobile. excellent Battery. well done Nokia.

Reviewed by Michael from United Kingdom on 6th Mar 2010
I recently upgraded to the Nokia E72, having used a Nokia 6300 for the last 18 months(which was probably one of the most reliable & user-friendly phones I have ever had). Initially, I found using the Nokia E72's Symbian S60 software more complicated than the 6300's S40 software, but having played around with the E72 for about a fortnight & getting used to the phone, I have to say I am impressed at it's capabilities. More amazing is the fact that all of the E72's tech & features are packed into such a slimline & compact phone - hats off to Nokia for achieving this! I primarily wanted a phone for internet/e-mail on the move, and the E72 doesn't disappoint. Whether using Wi-fi or 3.5G, the phone is fast, and browsing the net is a breeze. I would recommend downloading the Skyfire Web Browsing App, as I find to be a bit better than the standard pre-installed internet browser. Good points of the phone? The call quality on the E72 is crystal-clear, the processor is super-fast (a friend told me that it is faster than the N97's processor? If so, that it impressive!), and the camera (whilst not featuring Carl Zeiss optics) is good for the casual snapper. The QWERTY keypad is suprisingly usable (despite the small keys), and a 3.5mm headphone jack is included for listening to music on the move. Oh, and the phone looks fantastic - several people have commented on the nice design of the phone! So what's not so good about the E72? Not much! The optical track-pad can be a little temperamental at times, so you will need to adjust the sensitivity to your personal preference. The screen resolution should really be a bit higher, but Nokia will no doubt improve this feature when they release the E73. On a more general note, Nokia's Ovi Store doesn't have a huge range of apps for the E72 yet (in comparison to the amount of apps available to iPhone or Android users), but more apps are starting to appear & it's worth browsing the wider net to find out what apps are coming out. For those upgrading from the E71 - whether or not it is worth the upgrade will depend on whether the improvements matter to the individual user, as the phones are broadly similar. But on the face of it, there seems to be some great deals around on most of the UK networks for the E72. Overall, I am very impressed with the Nokia E72, and I highly recommend it as it more than exceeds my requirements. Well done Nokia - keep up the good work! PS. Neil from UK - If your E72 is freezing, it is worth downloading the firmware updates that Nokia have released - a v22.007 update was released in early January, and a v023.002 update came out in mid-February. Both are worth downloading, and the v023.002 update in particular has certainly stabilised the Symbian operating system.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 5th Mar 2010
An epic phone! does everything from communicating in every fashion from texts to msn, to taking excellent pictures. great build quality too but I have to say that I.m not entirely sure what the reviewer of this article is on about with the keyboard as I find it to be excellent. the bold was spongy and the buttons smaller and harder to use. Overall a faultless phone with a fantastic price

Reviewed by Ng'andwe from Zambia on 3rd Mar 2010
Excellent phone. No problems.

Reviewed by neil from uk on 2nd Mar 2010
i have both , e72 freezes and needs rebooting a lot the 9700 bold is by far the best phone ive ever owned , and ive had dozens

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