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Nokia E71 review

 Review: September 2008  

Last updated November 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia E71 is Nokia's greatest challenge to BlackBerry yet. With full support for push email, attachment editing and web browsing, Nokia have definitely parked their tanks on the BlackBerry lawn.

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It's the Nokia E71 vs the BlackBerry Bold for the title of best business phone of 2008! For the past couple of years, BlackBerry have been carving out a niche as the brand of choice for corporate users, with their winning combination of full or near-full QWERTY keypads and push email systems. Nokia have been steadily improving the user-friendliness and power of their E series phones too, and now it seems that both BlackBerry and Nokia have made a further leap forward and both landed up with highly polished mobile communications devices. Whether you choose the BlackBerry or the Nokia, you shouldn't go far wrong when it comes to communicating on the move.

Both the E71 and the Bold offer a full QWERTY keypad, with numeric keys situated in the centre. The Bold has a more refined styling, whilst the E71 has more buttons to push and a more techy look and feel. The E71's extra buttons are dedicated one-touch keys for Home, calendar, contacts, and email. The E71 uses a Navi™Key that works rather like the mouse pad on a a laptop and provides accelerated scrolling for moving about the screen. This is arguably a better input method than the BlackBerry trackball. The Nokia also has software aids to text input, including automatic spelling correction, auto-completion, and word candidate lists. The E71 is quite a bit narrower than the Bold, making the keys slightly smaller, but has the advantage of being much thinner. In fact, at just 10mm thickness it feels almost flat, and makes the Bold (measuring 15mm) look huge by comparison. Either way, both devices provide excellent support for text input.

Nokia have equipped the E71 with one of their best screens. Measuring 2.36 inches across, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, this gives a good space for working on emails and documents, or viewing web pages, but it doesn't have as high a resolution as the Bold's screen. Nevertheless it's an excellent display, capable of displaying 16 million colours and using an active matrix LCD for good visibility and clarity, even in moderate sunlight.

The E71 can be used handsfree, with either a handsfree speaker or a Bluetooth wireless headset, combined with both speaker-dependent and speaker-independent voice dialling. You can set the phone to answer automatically when using a headset or a car kit.

Messaging is what the E71 is all about, of course, and it is well equipped for both push email and text messaging. The device supports IMAP, POP and SMTP email protocols, as well as Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email. Attachments are supported, and the Quickoffice application lets you view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. We don't think that Nokia have caught up with BlackBerry yet, but the email system is certainly usable. The E71 is fully equipped for security, with a keypad lock, remote lock and even encryption for data stored in memory or on the memory card. Full support for Virtual Private Networks is provided.

The phone is also strong on multimedia. A 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash is included, and you can record video in MPEG4 or 3GP formats at a resolution of 640 x 480 at 22 fps or 320 x 240 (QVGA) at 30 fps. A secondary front-facing camera is used for video calling. The camera certainly beats the Bold's camera without a doubt, although you might argue that for a phone of this type, the camera is rather over-specified. The music player can handle all common formats, and there's also an FM radio with Visual Radio support. RealPlayer is used to playback video.

Like many smartphones, the Nokia includes integrated A-GPS satellite navigation, with the Nokia Maps application pre-installed.

You can also use the phone for web browsing. The built-in browser can handle XHTML, Javascript, stylesheets and Flash, so is able to display most websites correctly. You can use the Navi™Key very effectively to zoom in on web pages, a bit like the iPhone.

The E71 has excellent connectivity with support for Bluetooth 2.0 (with Enhanced Data Rate), micro USB, WLAN and even Infrared. The WLAN connection can be used to make VoIP calls. A 2.5mm Nokia headphone socket is provided, so you can plug in a compatible headset, but it would have been nice to have a universal 3.5mm jack, like the BlackBerry Bold has. The phone also features FOTA (firmware updatable over the air.) A comprehensive suite of personal organiser functions is included.

Battery life is very good, but the WLAN eats battery power quite quickly, so you won't want to go without a charger for too long if you're planning to make much use of this feature. Remember to turn off WLAN when not in use! And the GPS too! The internal memory of the phone is 110 Mbytes, plus the option to add up to 8 Gbytes of microSD card memory. Whilst many users may find this to be sufficient, we'd have preferred to see a lot more internal memory. The BlackBerry Bold comes with a 1GB or internal memory, and we feel that the Nokia is under-specified in this department.

So, which to choose: the Nokia E71 or the BlackBerry Bold? As usual, it's horses for courses. The E71 is significantly more compact than the BlackBerry, is probably better built, and has a much better camera. It holds its own when it comes to applications, connectivity and battery life. But the BlackBerry beats the Nokia when you consider the size of the display, its vastly superior memory, its ease-of-use and power when it comes to configuring email. Don't get us wrong, the E71 is a great device, and probably Nokia's best mobile office so far, but BlackBerry still rules in the kingdom of mobile email.

The E71 has now been superseded by the even better Nokia E72.

Nokia E71 features include:

Nokia E71 user reviews

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Average rating from 207 reviews:

Reviewed by francis from nigeria on 21st Oct 2015
nice phone

Reviewed by Omur Faruk from Bangladesh on 25th Oct 2013

Reviewed by akbar baig from pakistan on 26th Mar 2012
I am using the nokia brand e71 series mobil I am satisfy from his working and I think so it covers the todays requirments. eg. Camera, music, wlan,gps ,network internet,memory

Reviewed by abid raza from india on 30th Jan 2012
mobile perform is the best but camera not good

Reviewed by Mohammed A Fattah from Bangladesh on 9th Jan 2012
I bought E71 6 months back with the hope that it will perform trouble free, unfortunately now in the Nokia Care center for repair since 25th December 2011. The trust that I got over last 10 years has all gone. This is the 3rd time I took my phone for repair. The people in the care center do not speek the truth. They misguide customer. My request, let nokia management be honest to its customer

Reviewed by sholae from UK on 27th Oct 2011
i love and hate my e71 it worked wel 4 a month then it gave up it freezes and switches off when roaming the net, dont know my wlan wep key password to. Did a hard set but to no avail, i need help! Email me: jengobin@hotmail.com

Reviewed by michael okonkwo from UK on 9th Oct 2011
The nokia E71 is one of the best phone that can handle applications very well. The 110mb internal memmory is not an issue because you can also install applications in the SDcard comfortably. Unlike the bb bold 9000 which is a useless phone that has no space for applications.

Reviewed by nessssssss from UK on 17th Sep 2011
my phone's menu is out of order...non of my files are where they should be...and i cant reset it through the *#7370# pin

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
This phone is amazing, ive never had any problems with it. I have set my email up on it and not had any problems. The internet is great, the keypad is great much better then any touch screen, ive had this phone about 18months now n one or two other phones inbetween but i always go back to this one as its so reliable, well done nokia.

Reviewed by susil from UK on 18th Aug 2011
it is very bad phone

Reviewed by jessica black from UK on 21st Feb 2010
i hate this phone it was the worst phonme ever. it kept freezing on me and i didnt like the style if i could have my money back i would....

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 6th Feb 2010
Very nice phone, got rid of my HTC touch due to the battery only lasting half a day... This phone lasts me 3 days on a full charge! The WiFi doesnt work but im not to bothered, but like previous review said, dont buy this phone if your just after wifi. Haven't had any hangs with the phone. Email is easy to set up and keys are easy to get used to. Ive had many phones over the years but this is the best i have owned, its not just for the business person either.

Reviewed by Monkeypolice from UK on 27th Jan 2010
I'm generally very pleased with the E71 and it seems ideal for people like me who need to compose emails on the move. However the buttons get uncomfortable to press after a while and have caused slight rsi in my wrists - its not like I'm even writing a lot or too frequently either. I guess this is the problem with no touch-screen phones. The games don't seem to work too well but I don't think people are looking to play games if they choose this phone. On the plus side the phone seems to suffer from less problems than other nokia handsets and hasn't yet crashed (I've owned it for 1 year).

Reviewed by bomer from UK on 20th Jan 2010
the 71 is a nice phone but when you press the menu button it frezes and youve got to knock the phone of then you are able to get in to menus and when you take it back to tmobile which are useless they then have got to send it to nokia to fix (they wouldnt give me a new one and i only had it for 6 hours TMOBILE ARE RUBBISH..BUT PHONE IS OK

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 16th Jan 2010
I have had my phone for 18 months and I love it - best phone I have ever had, it does all that I want it to do as and when the network (3) allows it to.

Reviewed by Pamela from UK on 10th Jan 2010
Best phone ever with o2 and a few hick ups getting onto the net but o2 as usual sorted me out a treat and I am up and running without any problems.....loving it, loving it.....

Reviewed by Heath from UK on 9th Jan 2010
Very resilient, I lost the case for several weeks and managed to drop the phone onto drives, pavements, concrete and even into the bath! But the phone just keeps on going. This is my fist contract phone and I really like it. Battery life is fantastic. Regarding the keyboard, it might be small but it works well. Iím 6í 5Ē tall with big hands but texting with this phone is simple. Iím coming to the end of my contract and Iíve been looking at other phones. The more I look the more I think Iíll just stick with the E71. Itís a good phone well worth getting.

Reviewed by david from UK on 5th Jan 2010
i am so pleased with my e71 that ive proposed to it.... on a more serious note i purchased from carphonew/house went out to my van and within 5 mins had it set up and running with vodaphone , at home in evening loaded software on my puter and downloaded all the software upgrades and some other downloads, this is the best phone ive ever had bought it to replace my palm and navigator ,screen is pin sharp camera is actually quite good,handset does not freeze or drop signal strenght, battery life is very good wifi is first class, picks up more than my mates i phone, i recommend this phone to geeks cause its GOOD

Reviewed by Andy Cregan. from UK on 28th Dec 2009
Why are the reviews so good on this phone. A) no maps pre installed. B) Blue toots will not stay connected to car system. C) Loudspeaker will not work. D) OVI connection is very poor and very slow and does not want to sync. What do reviews mean and who checks the phone??

Reviewed by Nick F from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
I am reading your E71 reviews and thinking "is it me". Mine is fine for email and mobile outlook integration, but as a phone, it is the worst I have ever used! If you are in anything but an A1 signal zone it is impossible to conduct a conversation. My previous Blackberry was fine at home and at the office, I now have zero coverage at either place. My 10 colleagues all have the same problem, so it is not a one-off. So, townies buy an E71, country boys & girls - check first! You have been warned

Reviewed by Fitnaaa from UK on 15th Dec 2009
Yes.....Nice.... Powerfull and beautifull mobile phone I have ever had.... What I can say is just....Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss...Nokia

Reviewed by ali hadi from UK on 12th Dec 2009
nice shabe,nice web browser nice cam

Reviewed by H A Cooper from UK on 10th Dec 2009
Basically a good phone nice and small with sophisticated functions. On the downside text size on screen even when enlarged is very small which if you are long-sighted makes it difficult to read especially in dim areas. Battery life not too good will need charging nearly every day depending on use. Email functions are very good but it's not the iphone's major competitor - I'm going to swap it for that next month. Being unable to plug in decent headphones is irritating too. Nokia will get it right one day - can it be that difficult to match the technological expertise of Apple? Surely not!!

Reviewed by mike from UK on 4th Dec 2009
I had this E71 for about three weeks now. What i really sorry about is it freezes at least once a day. I had over the past many years a lot of Nokia phones, even currently i own N85 (for about 6 months) and N73 (for the last 2 years), and non of them have such problem. It is really a great drawback for E71. I asked around and all my friends have the same problem as well. Even after upgrading the software. E71 is a solid phone with long battery life. For sure i would not recommend it. Sorry Nokia, I am really a loyal customer of your mobile phones but not with N71.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
I have to disagree with the reviewer below, the wifi works fine on my e71. Used wifi at home, work and and out and about at hotspots with no issues.

Reviewed by vwman01 from UK on 24th Nov 2009
Had this phone about a month now and its a Gem, quality piece of kit. Got it to replace my Blackberry and I'm glad I went for it I originally went for the Palm Pre what a load of rubbish that was, I had to replace that twice. The guy in the O2 shop recommended the E71, and for me it has been the best phone I've ever had I cannot fault it well done Nokia

Reviewed by Marc W from Manchester from UK on 13th Nov 2009
The phone is very nice (it's a phone) it does all the jobs its asked to do, it looks really good, feels stunning, however my major complaint is the battery, does not hold its charge very well, even though other people say its brill, (i must have a duff battery with my phone), have had the phone three days and i habe to keep it on charge when i am not using it, otherwise it dies on me.

Reviewed by owner of an nokia E71 from UK on 8th Nov 2009
this phone is fantastic and has defiantly giving blackberry a run for there money this phone has everything you need from internet to 3.2 pix camera i have loved this phone and have not found a problem with this phone yet and hope not to i recommend this phone to anybody who is looking for a blackberry type phone but not a blackberry.

Reviewed by joanne from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
this phone looks brilliant. and as for the blackberry being better, the nokia is almost the same as the blackberry and not to mention a more reasonable price! i'd go with the nokia e71 any day.

Reviewed by terry from UK on 31st Oct 2009
ive had my E71 for 6 months and its got to be the best nokia ive ever had im on o2 pay and go but setting up emails was so easy not to keen on nokia maps but google maps works a treat.

Reviewed by Phoenix from UK on 30th Oct 2009
Ok, I have had this phone for less than 24 hours and I love it already! Infact I am actually writing this review and sending it from the phone! I was sceptical about getting a smart phone and hate the idea of a touch screen, so went for this one as I needed email on the move on a phone that's simple to use. I'm really pleased with how fast everything works, and although I thought I'd be compromising on the camera with a smart phone, the camera is not too bad at all. My only groan is that with such a clear high-res screen, its a shame that most menu icons are grey! Still, thats merely cosmetic! Well done Nokia!

Reviewed by Wotan from UK on 30th Oct 2009
two blckberrys later this phone is excelent and better than the blackberry in many ways. The main one is the robustness of the track pad the failure of the trackball being the reason I came away from the BB. Conectivity simple and setting up multiple email accounts is easy, wifi works well what u have to watch is if u have wlan set to auto it will connect and then when u browse or email it will ask u to connect again and u dont need to so it reports an error, prob in the OS I guess but if u find it a pain there is an app on ovi called handy wifi that will sort it for u. Key pad looks small but it works really well and is quick and easy to use. Apps on ovi allow u to set up the google suite and then the phone becomes a really great tool. Not had the problems with the GPS detailed in one of the reviews but satalite location can be slow if you are in a poor coverage area. Battery life quite good for a Smart Phone and bluetooth connection to car sets excellent.

Reviewed by Inderdip Singh from UK on 27th Oct 2009
what a phone blows i phone away much much bettre value for money and also has downloadable apps which are usually free. this is probably my best buy ever

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
Does everything well except make calls, suffers from very poor signal strentgh and is alwayys dropping calls. Check the nokia forums for issues regarding its poor reception or even youtube (better signal when upside down !!!

Reviewed by dinesh from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
only problem with the e71 is that you can not take pictures without shutter sound and flash and there is no software till i found to remove it. If anybody has pls update me

Reviewed by Tejas Oza from UK on 21st Oct 2009
Best phone I ever used. Simple and user friendly. Great internet connectivity, Great SIP/ Internet calls. Easy setup and voice clarity. All I can say forget IPhone and go for Nokia E71 Bought 1 week back

Reviewed by louise from UK on 21st Oct 2009
I have this phone. Its Actually amazing, the only thing is that hen your on facebookor social networking sites the photos take forever to load if you were to get it, get it on a deal with unlimited internet & unlimited text because you will be stuck to this phone and with the query keyboard its so addicting to keep on texting :L x

Reviewed by LesT from UK on 15th Oct 2009
No problems here had the phone for just over 6 months opera and skyfire working well with wiFi just take the time to read the instructions - as with all things if you don't know what doing it won't work, anyway the phone has never let me down signal strength is excellent and beats my old Sony, the keypad is easy to use even for those of us with large fingers. Screen is good and clear and since the firmware upgrade the camera has improved, using Youtube and Facebook is really easy to. Emailing is also simple to set up and use and very reliable, if you are having any problems with the E71 check for firmware updates go to your local nokia site and click on support then download the update software - it will help

Reviewed by Mark from Manchester from UK on 14th Oct 2009
Congratulations! These phones have been given to everyone in my office, and I am pleased to announce that this has won the accolade of ďThe worst phone I have ever used in my lifeĒ. This is based on features like terrible email integration with Exchange, a keyboard designed for people who have fingers shaped like that of a pixie, application response times that make the original SPV on the first ever windows mobile device look fast, graphics on the home screen clock that are comparable to a BBC computer from 1985, a battery life which on standby lasts about as long as a viagra, and most importantly beeping every 10 mins for no reason at all, so that when you go to unlock the screen phone (which is again deigned to super fast pixies) there is no message at all. All in all if you want a large heavy phone, that will damage your productivity and state of mind, or want to buy a phone for someone you really hate, then go no further, this is the perfect phone.

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 13th Oct 2009
Being very particular about my choice of phone (a lot of bad experiences over the years) I can honestly say that the E71 to date is by far the best phone I have owned. Reliability is, in my mind far superior to other phones on the market (excluding Apple, not had one) by a country mile, no hanging or crashing, just great. Battery power is phenomenal even with bluetooth switched on permanently. Although keys are small, they are pyramid shaped to help people with bigger fingers (providing they are not like sausages you should be ok). Reading other reviews, wireless seems to be an issue but I've not had a single problem in 7 months. In summary, there may well be better phones out there but you will not be disappointed with the E71, a superb all round phone.

Reviewed by GMK from UK on 5th Oct 2009
Superb phone,easy to set up easy to use,bomb proof

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 3rd Oct 2009
Love my E71 to bits, it's my 4th Symbian phone, (Nokia N80, SE P1i, 5800 XM) lack of touchscreen is a non-issue. Only minor issue I've had is some overheating and crashing of the web browser, the SE P1i's keys were softer and easier to type on, and whoever thinks its ugly is in a minority, everyone I've showed it to is amazed by the thinness and the shiny metal casing. GPS is much more responsive than the 5800's, but I wouldn't use it as a music player/watching videos. Apps I run include Fring, Google Maps (street view is great), QuickOffice 6 (Free Upgrade, full editing) Mobbler, Qik, JoikuSpot Light, Frodo s60, Tweets60, Shozu, and Opera Mini 5 beta. The email works seamlessly with my gmail and hotmail inboxes. I hear the BB Bold has twice the screen pixels, but I bet it doesn't have the software range s60 has. Owning one will make you slightly guilty about having something so nice, and you feel sorry for everyone else.

Reviewed by Ciara Mesha from UK on 28th Sep 2009
i think this phone is ace. I was on the hunt with my mum to try and find a good phone i was going to get a Blackberry but found it was incredibly complicated. i thought the phone would be big and bulcky but it is not it is practically perfect in every way!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dantheman from UK on 22nd Sep 2009
Features are good and preferable over the blackberry. Signal is poor and drops out. The phone also locks and switches itself off. We have 5 of these phones at my company and they have all been swapped/replaced because of the problems encountered. Replacements are now locking and dropping out too! What is the alternative? perhaps go back to the E61i which although is massive has never had any problems.

Reviewed by JohninNewForest from UK on 20th Sep 2009
Damn it! I really should have looked before leaping into this phone. As a Mac user I'm sad to report that the E71 has become a disaster for me. It is just about possible to sync contacts with the Mac through the Mac's iSync program, but it's a very limited facility, and it's a fiddle. On the whole, I quite like the phone, but the ability to sync without messing around is fundamental to many users, and I'm one of them. How amazingly stupid stupid of Nokia NOT to supply a Mac version of PC suite with the phone. Sure, Macs are only 10% of the total computer market, but Mac users tend to be more clued up, and heads up, than PC users: just the sort who would go for the E71's abilities. I'm very cross with myself (clued up or not) for having bought the E71. Dammit! I should have bought the new iPhone, and just tolerated the God-awful battery life.

Reviewed by geekfreek from UK on 18th Sep 2009
i think it is a lovely phone..looks great...feels great...works great.. So its GREAT...!

Reviewed by Thomas Yeung from UK on 13th Sep 2009
I have had my Nokia for over a year now (since August 2008). I have used it for my main PDA and it does this very well. No problems with linking it to my POP email or gmail account. Nokia Maps worked fine, but I found it frustrating we had to pay each month - once my free trial ran out I switched to Garmin XT. I have cracked my screen, and now sufferred some water damage. Thinking about replacing it, have had a blackberry for some months (from work), probably going to replace it with another E71 or iphone 3GS (but this is much more expensive and doesn't look 'corporate'. Still thinking . . . .

Reviewed by Asim from UK on 11th Sep 2009

Reviewed by vamsi from UK on 11th Sep 2009
for every year i usually change 5 to 6 phones.... when i bought e71 i am very satisfied & i had not changed my phone from past 7 months.... the best battery back up..... the best wify... great look..... not even a single probs still now... THE BEST PHONE

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 10th Sep 2009
Tremendous mobile I ever used. IN the near past, I used N73 but is much better than N73.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 8th Sep 2009
The best PHONE ever watch out BlackBerry

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 5th Sep 2009
I've Had many Phones before, But this one is the Most Practical & usefull Of them all, One thing i like is that i dont Have to charge my Mobile Regular as its battery life is good For around 5 Days, Every thing else Works a Treat. I can even Connect to my Wireless Network at the Back of my Garden With lots of Signal Strength.

Reviewed by Claudio from UK on 29th Aug 2009
I have this phone for a week now and I can tell a mobile phone don't last too much on me, as I always change them finding them boring, too small screen, poor battery life, getting stuck when leaving 2 or more aplications working, getting scratched too easy, creaky annoyng housing construction, either they have wifi but not GPS, or have GPS but not Wifi, BUT THIS PHONE HAVE IT ALL Nice keyboard construction with quality feeling when tasking and excellent shape of the tasks allowing an easy press. Nice quality came having flash, which my previous e51 did not had one. The camera is not to compare with the n82's one, which s the best camera on a nokia I ever had, but hey for special occasions, use a seperate camera, will always make better fotos. The built it quality is one of the best seen on a mobile phone, feeling rock-solid, and the paint used for the "non-metal " parts is quite resistant to friction, unlike my previous N82 which has bad quality on materials, keyboard had weird noises(fixable, althought) and was a very creaky phone. The menu is well made with lots of options and the mode commuting is really very usefull! nokia maps works flawless and It never got stuck. the GPS reception is also very good and I installed seperate GPS aplications which works very good. It may sound strange, but I think nokia make a mistake by making this phone, because a full qwerty phone with big screen , very slim-10mm-, with integrated GPS AND WIFI connection, and which fits all the pockets is the ideal phone. this phone already have huge sales, and that thing will make the others same generation models just non-interessting) I was to buy the 6700 , another great model BUT has no wifi.

Reviewed by Audra D from UK on 28th Aug 2009
Great for emails, messaging, but video poor, unabl eto send pciture message due to memory.

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 28th Aug 2009
I change my phones almost every 3 years The E71 is a outstanding phone in every area, emails, web, media and navigation yes navigation I have TomTom installed and Iam so impressed with the overall performance that I have stopped using my TomTom Go 720. I use my E71 less for talking and more for emails and browsing using 3G or wifi,I also use quickoffice creating word docs and spreadsheets. I would concluded that this is a nano pc with the option to make a call now and then. Iam due for a upgrade soon and Iam looking out for the E72.

Reviewed by jason from UK on 27th Aug 2009
BEWARE: great phone but the wireless function is v v glitchy. NO GATEWAY message. I work in IT over 10 years and I cant get it to work despite trying everything. Off to visit the retailer right now to try and resolve this DEAL BREAKER problem. Otherwise amazing phone.

Reviewed by Saqib from UK on 24th Aug 2009
Hi. I've had this phone for a week now and I think it's a excelent device. I love the solid steel exteria and display. One thing which stops me calling it the perfect phone is that it hasn't got a standard 3.5mm socket for standard headphones and I'm finding it difficult to get hold of an headphone adaptor. This phone is easy to type on and it feels sleek and solid and I just have the habbit of picking it up for no reason. I had the E63 before this phone and I was slightly let down due to the exteria. It didn't feel that solid but it was a good phone because it had a better keypad with a couple of extra buttons so the length of the space bar was compromised. The GPS on this E71 is much more reliable than the N95 8GB and the N82 which both were part of my previous collection. If you have money to splash out on a good business phone then purchase this phone as it won't let you down.

Reviewed by malik from UK on 24th Aug 2009
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it....

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 23rd Aug 2009
Do the people that write bad reviews on this phone not check all the other bad reviews first?...The signal on this phone is absolutely fine, the only reason why yours is bad is because you are on THREE, every single one of you that has said its signal is useless has said you're on THREE. Now if alarm bells didn't ring and tell you to stay away from THREE then this is your fault, not nokias. I have had this phone for a while now and not had one problem with its signal at all, and I travel round most of England.

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 22nd Aug 2009
I took this phone as an alternative to the Blackberry which I use for business. As the reception on the E71 is so poor, even if my caller has full signal strength and me also, I now divert all calls to my Blackberry and hey ho, the problem dissappears.Theres issues with this phone, even after going through all the trouble shooting to sort it out. Sorry,give me my Blackberry every time, as I need to be able to have a business conversation and hear whats going on not a breakup throughout the conversation.

Reviewed by graham johnson from UK on 22nd Aug 2009
it was a good day when I chose the E 71 i am not a techy so it is simplicity of use I need . Its easy to operate, emails text ,spread sheets, you name I can use it and its a good phone ! The best video call I ve ever had . Blackberries are too big and a little complicated. This is very user friendly . I really like it .

Reviewed by chris mallon from UK on 17th Aug 2009
hate: can only open the inbox in exchange, not sub folders, maps hangs at 90% all the time

Reviewed by gman from UK on 14th Aug 2009
Wicked phone does everything :-). The qwerty keypad took some getting used (and I've got fat fingers) to but now it's a doddle & the mobile dictionary is excellent, I hardly have to spell or insert new words like other phones. The phone's extremely fast. It's like having a mobile office. The low light keypad sensor is excellent. The only gripe I have is that the music volume level is way 2 low, may have 2 buy the Nokia in-earphones. This is definitely the best phone I've ever had. I'm on it so often I charge it daily lol. Wifi connection/email/web functionality is great & the screen is so clear though some pics do look dark & there's no brightness or contrast setting. Not at all bothered though minor tings dat. I definitely recommend this phone.

Reviewed by MG from UK on 7th Aug 2009
Excellent device.... Nokia you cant go much wrong with it anyways. But this is brilliant business phone... Just Love the internet connectivity on 3.5G or WLAN.It is smart, powerful and exetremely reliable phone...

Reviewed by Cany from UK on 4th Aug 2009
This phone is the Best i have ever Had, & one of the Best around, It does every thing you want it to do, As for anyone giving this Mobile a Bad Review must be Dumb or dont know how to use a Mobile

Reviewed by Majid from UK on 4th Aug 2009
Very good phone with incredible battery life.The only weak point I can see is that the sound coming out of the speakerphone is mono.

Reviewed by Peter Chapman from UK on 4th Aug 2009
Got to say I've never been a fan of Nokia's but the E71 kicks some serous ass! The only slight downside is the camera which at 3.2 megapixel isn't exactly a low rent one. other than that, the qwerty keyboard is so easy to use, and the interface is excellent. If your thinking about getting a blackberry type phone. make this the top of your list

Reviewed by michael from UK on 4th Aug 2009
best phone ever

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 30th Jul 2009
Excellent phone, heaps of battery life, easy to use. Very fast with little menu lag. Excellent buy - 5 stars from me!

Reviewed by Gerald dinghi from UK on 27th Jul 2009
horrible horrible phone to work with

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 26th Jul 2009
Hey mine connects to my wifi fine good so far 1 day. Cant find the pair tab on bluetooth connected to my car by sending a file and pairing that way.

Reviewed by Spete from UK on 26th Jul 2009
Had this phone for 3 months now and its superb, better than any previous phone I've owned. Not experienced any problems with reception and the battery life is excellent.

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
Superb Phone, its a Mobile, Mini Laptop, Office Budy, Email Phone, & Sat Nav all in one it does Just about Everything you want it to do Apart from Making the Toast, Worth Every Penny. Well Done Nokia.

Reviewed by Awais from UK on 15th Jul 2009
This Is A G Star Phone .. I Dont Need To Be Near A Computer To Check My Emails Or Go On Msn .. And This Is A Really Good Texting Phone :) I Would Recommend It Too Any One Who Likes Email Or Msn Or Texting ! :)

Reviewed by Teju Omole from UK on 13th Jul 2009
Nokia E71 is an indispensable mobile office. I found more than I imagined i could, it's an all in one machine.I did not regret investing my money on it.

Reviewed by stevo from UK on 13th Jul 2009
has its bad points but much better than blackberry

Reviewed by Abi Baker from UK on 11th Jul 2009
I got my E71 a few weeks ago and, although when I first got it I wasn't taken with it at all, now I can honestly say it's the best phone I have ever had! I am Blind and use it with a program called Talks which allows me to access all of the phone's menus and features etc. Unlike other phones I've used Talks with, the E71 has only ever crashed on me once so far. My old N95, on the other hand, was always crashing on me and the only way to revive it was often to take the battery out. The battery life for the E71 is also better by far than any other phone I've had! I also really like the qwerty keyboard. It has a blob on the G/5 which I sometimes forget about (you would usually find the blobs on the F and J) but am getting used to that now. I also think the call quality is brilliant. As for the size, it probably seems like a heavy phone on paper, but it's so slim that it really doesn't feel weighty at all and I find it quite satisfying to hold. I can't praise this phone enough and I'm really pleased with it and I would say that anyone who is visually impaired should definitely think about getting this phone as it's by far and away the most reliable one I've used with Talks so far.

Reviewed by NOKIA E71 Owner from UK on 10th Jul 2009
this fone is brill

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 7th Jul 2009
For anyone complaining about the WiFi message "no gateway reply", this is actually down to your old router software and not the phone. I had this problem for ages and Nokia helpline couldn't help, but upgrading the Netgear Router to the latest software/firmware made the E71 connect via secure WPA encryption immediately. Nokia need to train their technical staff more ! Also, it would be the perfect phone if it had Windows Mobile, so I have to also carry an iPAQ around to sync Word/Excel/Powerpoint etc. Come on Nokia - introduce Windows Mobile and you'll have the best phone in the world !

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 6th Jul 2009
The reviewer above gets extra points for enthusiasm, but this phone is as frustrating as it is good. There are 3 major deal breakers for me. Dealbreaker #1: There is no native mail app that works well - and no really great mail app to be had on this phone. In today's world, users demand IMAP. Want IMAP? Download Nokia's works-sometimes, we're going to charge you in the future email app. It mostly works, but subscribed folders appear and disappear and the mail gets there when Nokia decides to send it (which is 95% of the time.) Want IMAP natively? It's limited to headers only, so emails take a painfully long time to view. Want Outlook/Exhcange? The Nokia client is limited to one folder. It is buggy and doesn't work well at all. Also, I might add that email editing is a clumsy and painful affair, no matter how you slice it. Dealbreaker #2: The UI is ugly. Like red-headed stepchild ugly. Think Palm 1997 ugly. For all the marketing videos that Nokia produces and for all the self-congratulatory design videos I have now watched, couldn't Nokia spend a $2,000 for 3 decent themes? Symbian gets points for stability and responsiveness, but loses for the Soviet-style icons and lack of customization. Dealbreaker #3: The total cost of ownership is ridiculously high. Want apps? Be prepared to shell out some hard-earned cash because they are going to cost you. (Handy sells a much softwware needed bundle for $125. Well the phone sells in the US for $450 unlocked/$99 with a 2-year plan. Is this rational pricing.) The fact of the matter remains that for all it's market share and marketing might, Nokia has so far not been able to attract developers or get traction with it's Ovi store. ---- Overall, if you need a hardcore, email management phone, the E71 is doomed to disappoint. I am glad I owned an E71, if only to understand my parents cheapo-Symbian phones so I can update the UI with things that they would actually press. But the E71 is definitely NOT a great messaging phone.

Reviewed by SD from UK on 2nd Jul 2009
Good Phone, i get a strong signal on my network, WIFI picks up networks from across my Street, Built quality is good, OS is slick & Smooth, I've had many Phones, this has to be the Best i've had.

Reviewed by dickrasta from UK on 2nd Jul 2009
i love it..

Reviewed by Nilanga from UK on 1st Jul 2009
It's FANTASTIC!!!! Easy to use, reliable and smart look! :)

Reviewed by ganr from UK on 28th Jun 2009
It's a nice and smart phone (almost like a fashion accessory), BUT: Nokia should have never ever released it with such a WEAK reception - It's useless in many areas of the country (In the UK where other mobiles on the same network work well) - thus cannot be regarded as a serious business tool! Customising is somewhat limited and automatic email retrieval is missing (had it on the N70...), so overall a great missed opportunity - Nokia should open up and get outsiders to improve usability!

Reviewed by neil from UK on 27th Jun 2009
quite good.

Reviewed by David from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Best phone I have ever had after 8 different handsets over 8 years. Fantastic for calling, texting.

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 20th Jun 2009
Very good phone. So much better for texting. x

Reviewed by REN from UK on 17th Jun 2009
The Best & the most Usefull of the Nokia Phones i have Had, Super, I will be keeping this for Quiet a While.

Reviewed by min from UK on 10th Jun 2009
Excellent connection for all including WIFI without any problems Best compact Nokia ever and the build quality would score 10/10

Reviewed by Skitt from UK on 6th Jun 2009
Great phone. The OS is quick slick and does everything well. the mail client is what lets it down as it when hooked to Exchange it doesn't understand multiple mail folders but just my inbox. Had to down load seven.com. When will Nokia realise that not everyone just uses their inbox.

Reviewed by K from UK on 5th Jun 2009
I absolutely LOVE this phone :) I hadn't had a Nokia phone for about 8 years but had heard that Nokia users nowadays tend to stay very loyal to the brand. I hoped from that it would mean a reliable, easy to use handset and so far I've not been disappointed. Admittedly, I use this handset more for personal use than business and for me, it suits my needs perfectly. The battery life is an absolute joy. The first day I had it, I only charged it for about an hour as I was eager to get going with it so decided to forgo a full charge. Such is the addictiveness of the handset, I used it almost non-stop for calls, texts and internet for most of the day from 8am and I still had just under half of the battery life remaining when I finally switched it off at 11pm. Compared with various handsets (including one gimmicky one which was sent back to Vodafone as I'd only get half a day out of it, from fully charged) it was absolutely perfect. Internet browsing is very easy and I've found that the handset in general, is very easy to use. The only slight negative is that the camera is only 3.2 megapixels which is a shame, especially as my previous handset was 5. But my priorities are different now and things like battery life are much more important than a flashy camera. The chrome finish does attract fingerprints but it's nothing that a wipe over with a cloth won't fix. The case included in the pack keeps it very well protected. Although I've had the phone a few days, it feels like I've only just scratched the surface in finding out the phone's capabilities. Can't wait to keep discovering more!

Reviewed by Ahmed from UK on 1st Jun 2009
Have been using E71 since the past 6 months now. Though it did hang up twice soo far, I am still in Love with it and it hasn't let me down in any way yet. The features are excellent and pretty much complete that you would find distributed among all other Nokia models. I however hoped it had the LEAP protocol for its wireless. I could have then used it at my work place where we use the LEAP WEP protocol.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 30th May 2009
I love everything about the Nokia E71! Not only does it look great, but it has an excellent feature set too. I have found it brilliant to use for email on the move - the screen is really clear, and the keyboard is very good. In my opinion, this phone knocks spots off the competition!

Reviewed by Knibs from UK on 25th May 2009
Having been a Nokia fan for quite some time I moved away from the brand to sample a few of the others.... Oh How I have missed Nokia after buying this model, It had everything I need and with bags of battery power that can last a couple of days if your careful with the GPS/Wifi... Easy to use, even the tiny buttons are ok after a couple of days gettingto grips with them. Excellent phone and perhaps Nokias best one to date (well for me anyways)

Reviewed by Ricky from UK on 19th May 2009
This is what Mobile phones should be, Good Battery Life, Relaiable, Robust, & Easy to Use & full of Buisness Features. its the best Smart Phone out at the Moment. No business should be without it. Great.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 15th May 2009
I hav'nt Had any Problems with the Nokia Browser using the built in WiFi, Google Works a Treat too, Disable the Power Saving Mode on the Wireless Lan & all should Work well. Surely this Mobile does'nt Deserve a One Star or a Poor Rating, as i think Its a Brilliant Phone & Unless you Dont Know how to use the Features Properly then You Should'nt Rate this Mobile As Poor. For Me Its Outstanding.

Reviewed by Boo Raddley from UK on 14th May 2009
Becausing no phone seemed perfect, I spent ages researching phones - iPhone, Omnia, various B'berries, X1 Experia, sundry HTCs and Nokia E75 - before deciding to get the E71. Great choice! The features are perfect for my needs and the interface speed is AWESOME. There is nothing worse that having to wait for an interface to respond and this is possibly the fastest phone interface I have worked with. The test for me is always... "Having owned a phone, would I make the same choice again?" The answer for the E71 is "Hell YEAH!"

Reviewed by Jai Ramdin from UK on 11th May 2009
I upgraded from E61i and considered the SE Xperia or Nokia E90 but plumped for this simply because of compact design that would not ruin the lining of my suit. My vanity was well rewarded as this is a very good business phone. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 9th May 2009
Hi i have just purchased a Nokia E71-2 and find it great apart from poor signal which is no good to me so i am returning it.If i put it down on a table and leave it for a few minutes the signal will come up to full bars but if i leave it and do not touch it the bars will move down to 3 then 2 then 1 and no bars if i leave it for about 30 seconds it will come back up to full bars again,i have tried it in my place of work which is 12 miles from my home the same thing happens,my son in law has the same phone and he says the same thing happens to his E71,so i think if the retailer changes it i will be no better off.Not happy

Reviewed by grrh from UK on 9th May 2009
my e71 keeps doing weird things! I should have complained once i noticed the little weird things it did. First, when i want to call someone and click on their name, the list will disappear and it will just go back to the menu. I realised if i pressed the first letter of the name i wanted to call, then the correct number will come up! grrh! The WIFI NEVER WORKS. It doesnt tell you the length of your last call, it doesnt tell you when ur text msg got in unless you go to options and look at the msg details, it doesn't tell you what percent of your battery is left, and the BATTERY LIFE is horrible! I didn't use it at all when I was abroad, just kept it with me for emergencies, and it STILL only lasted 2 days , max 3. It lags when you want to quickly close something, the camera takes forever to take the picture, and I dropped it once, and now it WONT START! It just starts up to the menu, and once i press a button it shuts off again! I can't stand it. Will the new update help solve all this? because if it doesnt and i have to pay for this new phone to be repaired, i am NOT going with NOKIA again!

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