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Nokia E70

 In a nutshell  

Date: March 2006

We will not be reviewing the Nokia E70. Please read the consumer reviews below for opinions on this phone.

Best buy: Nokia 130 from Tesco Direct (£19.00)


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Nokia E70 user reviews

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Average rating from 48 reviews:

Reviewed by jorge orosco from uruguay on 28th Sep 2011
exelente tel

Reviewed by Budi Suryadinata from Indonesia on 21st Jun 2009
Got mine 2nd hand, handset & charger only. Condition is cosmetically quite bad, got rubbed off keypad, slightly cracked case near the screw. But overall I'm quite happy with it. Wish they had implement some additional basic & indispensable features like FM Radio and LED Light. Oh well, guess one can't get anything with limited budget, right? But for functionality it's quite useful, especially in "Internet Everything" today. Wifi is good, 3G somewhat acceptable for a GSM service, Camera is just so-so. Screen is superb, think it's the best one for under the direct sunlight visibility. Almost like an outdoor phone. Put a 2GB MiniSD card in it (around US$6), and I have so much space than I ever needed now. My most useful function of this phone (other than basic GSM service) is as a downloader using free WLAN service available here and there, camcorder (record a very nice video quality), alternative internet device, google maps, video player, etc..etc..etc.. (quite a lot, now I realize). One useful device for a limited budget kind of technoid (izzit me?)

Reviewed by Nelson Nigel from united states on 21st May 2009
This is THE BEST PHONE EVER! I have had this phone for like 3 years now and I still have yet to learn about better cell phones except other Nokias. Nokias ROCK!!! The phone has more features than I could ever use, the phone has dropped like fifteen thousand times and still works PERFECT. It is way old for a phone but who cares, it still outshines any phone in the american market. For ex, i take 6 pictures with a 2.0 MP camera at one time, i can take 1 hour of video, I print wirelessly, etcetc, 3 years old, haahaha, fuggettabout it. IT IS TRULY AN OUTSTANDING CELL PHONE. i give it fifty stars.

Reviewed by Sharad from India on 7th Sep 2008
E60 is better

Reviewed by Obaid from saudi arabia on 8th Jul 2008
I have nokia e70 myself and its a very cool phone there is wifi from which i could use internet a cool internet mobile its a whole pc in ur hand the only thing i didn't like the most that is there is no camera flash. its a great mobile there is wifi, bluetooth and infrared we can even connect to a modemand use internet. yeah and it also have a conection to black berry. i love the keyboardit is having when the first time i saw it seemed to me like a junk or not so nice mobile coz the mobile before this many mobiles in the same shape like 6820 and 6810 came were no use of that mobiles coz there was no camera or bluetooth but when i read e70's features i think that i was totally wrong about it.

Reviewed by james from South Africa on 15th Feb 2008
This is the perfect phone for me. At first it was a little slow, but after updating the firmware it has been working much better. I would highly recomend it, because it has all the functions of a normal phone plus so much more (Eg. opening and editing office documents)

Reviewed by Rich from UK on 29th Dec 2007
There's no point in writing bad reviews base don this phones slowness. Agreed, it is slow....until you upgrade to v3 firmware. This is waht should have been on this outstanding device from day one. The bad previous firmware has damaged this phone's reputation as its the best thing I've had in a very long time. I've dumped my BlackBerry and now use this phone with Mail for Exchange instead and its better (and cheaper!). One recommendation, get the Pearl Black theme as its easier on the eye (and Psiloc Magnifier set at 125%). Well done Nokia on finally making this phone be what its great at being.

Reviewed by John from UK on 29th Nov 2007
Quite honestly this is one of the worst devices that I've ever had the misfortune to use. The phone is ghastly beyond belief. It feels cheap and tacky in the hand, it's difficult to use, and the battery life is less than a day if one is doing anything more than just using it as a phone. I had been using an HTC before buying this piece of junk. Configuring the HTC takes 10 minutes, and it's up and running, I am still geeking about with this thing some eight hours after taking delivery and it still won't work properly. I used to be a strong Nokia fan, but after this and all the Marketing snake-speak, they deserve to go bankrupt, which they will unless they adopt the windows platform. I mean who wants to geek about for hours just to get a few limited functions up and running. I intend to take this disaster outside and ceremoniously smash the thing. I can't stand shiny garbage that doesn't fufil its hyped promise.

Reviewed by Dave from Malaysia on 2nd Oct 2007
I've had this phone for over a year now, and although it has a number of imperfections (not enough application memory, reboots - occasionally, slightly oversized, bad loudspeaker compared to sony-ericcson), they are more than made up for by the functionality. Full qwerty keyboard has spoilt me - i no longer need to t9. The wifi is great for browsing web / email on the fly without the need for a pc or laptop. All in all there's no phone on the market that i prefer, even after all this time. Nokia, pleeze release a smaller faster version with more mem :o)

Reviewed by bevan from ireland on 9th Aug 2007
After 3 months use, and getting over the novelty factor, time to contribute with a review. Hardware: It's a superb phone, no doubt about it. amazing screen resolution (better than my brother's E61 'PDA' phone) and very crisp. nice numeric keypad, excellent unfolding qwerty keyboard, the highlight of this phone is even better than I had expected, very usable for such a small device, and doesn't make you look like a wannabe executive or a geeky gadget lover each time you answer a call. Good set of internal features too, which you probably know already if you're reading this. Downsides: the silver paint wears off the trackpoint thing very fast. mine was reduced to the white underlying plastic after just 6 weeks. And no hardware volume control for phone calls. Software: On paper the software suites looks great. And it does have some very good application: Top grade browser, true smartphone OS (a wizz to download and install 3rd party software - I strongly recommend truphone for Voip calls over wifi). Correct music player, and messaging. And my phone is actually very fast - none of the slow display problems other early users have been complaining about. But the office suite is a poor show. Creating documents and presentations is soooo painful it might as well not support them. Forget even simple diagrams in presentation, basic additions of cells in the spreadheet, basic copy+paste in the document editor. Each time I've tried any office app, I've ended up pretty close to throwing the damn thing against the wall in frustration. There is hope though: because it is a smartphone, it's possible someone might come up with a very much improved commercial office suite for it. Reports you might read about bugs are very true, most applications and OS features have a lot of annoying little bugs. Last comment: when switching sim cards, it forgets all my call history (in, out, and missed), which is VERY inconvenient. Even my previous 'ordinary' phone would remember that. Conclusion: Nokia have an almost perfect piece of harware with the E70. They seem to have done some good progress with software upgrades in the last 6 months, but there is still a long way to go for the software to be up to the quality of the hardware. In fact it's not just Nokia. Game developers could also adapt their products to make them usable in querty mode. The setup (one hand on each side, screen in middle) would make excellent gameplay if it was supported. So far all the games I've bought that claim support for the E70 only work in normal phone mode.

Reviewed by gluino from Singapore on 14th Jul 2007
Have used it for a few months. Running firmware: 2.0618.07.10 which is current for my particular sub-model (Singapore), even though other regions have newer fw available. In general it is too slow, and bug-filled UI. Just showing "Contacts" sometimes takes 2 seconds. Same with going to compose new message. Opening the keyboard has a 2-5 second delay in redrawing the screen, and also in switching between loudspeaker and normal-speaker when in a call. Example bug: When creating a new contact, if you quickly start typing in the name field before giving the UI like 2 seconds to catch its breath, you end up with "joHn" instead of the desired "john" or "John" because the UI tries to auto-CAPS the first letter of names... and it gets confused if you type fast. SLOW!! NOT RECOMMENDED !!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Jun 2007
Good size, very neat looking phone with good functionality. Excellent change from bulky smartphone with the QWERTY keyboard. Owned now for 6 months - Used to replace phone as soon as a new one comes out, but this one really has stopped me in my tracks. Not looking for new handset, very happy with this one. Only one problem, it needs more internal RAM to handle operating system - very slow to turn on, and display anything when phone is switched from normal handset use to opening it up for full keyboard. I will put up with it though !! Its excellent.

Reviewed by Warren from UK on 26th Apr 2007
Re: My previous review (17th Apr). My E70 is now back, with a letter telling me that the software's been upgraded. However, typing *#0000# reveals that it still has the same old software - 1.0610.05.07, 30-05-06, RM-10. And five minutes spent using the phone shows, not surprisingly, that it also has the same old faults. It's so infuriating! Customer services have now told me that I should take it to one of their stores where it will be upgraded whilst I wait. Watch this space...

Reviewed by Warren from UK on 17th Apr 2007
I chose this phone for its business potential and QWERTY keyboard. Frustratingly, it does everything very slowly. It's often three or more keypresses behind me and the phone takes . . . an . . . age . . . to . . . react . . . to . . . the . . . flip! There's a firmware upgrade, which, as a Vodafone customer, I cannot download. Customer services have told me that they'll fix it, if I can send it back for 7 days. Luckily, I still have my trusty Nokia 6021 in a drawer, so I can live without the E70 for a week. This has the potential to be a truly great phone, but it's currently let down by the version 1 firmware. If I do get it back with v2 (or higher) and the speed and memory issues are resolved, I'll be posting a glowing, 5-star review.

Reviewed by Kusean from Trinidad on 9th Apr 2007
The phone is great its a bit slow o-but overall is stands out when i was trying to upgrade the firmware in was not connecting to the pc

Reviewed by Sharad Deshmukh from India on 2nd Apr 2007
I am using E70 since last 5 months.It has very very slow processor. Sometimes it does not record the caller's number in received calls list. Though the caller's phone number is stored in E70 the name of caller is not displayed everytime the caller calls.It's voice recording stops at about one minute and there is no indication when the recording stops. If the keyboard is poened the phone gets unlocked automatically but not vice versa.In standby mode the date and time can not be seen only with eyes. It has nice 2Megapixle camera. the qwerty key board is fantastic for notes. The caller name saying is really good.

Reviewed by Chrisww from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
I've had this phone since July2006 - bought from Vodafone UK. On paper, this was a great phone when it was released. In reality, it has been plagued by initial poor firmware, and slow release of new firmware I still can't update the firmware from v1.xxx to v2.xxx or v3.xxx via Nokia's update site because apparently Vodafone havn't authorised its realease for my phone code. I will have to go begging to a Nokia service centre to see if they are willing to put generic firware on it. Anyway, here are some pros and cons PROS: high resolution great quality screen (if you've got good eyes); wifi; ok camera; works well with 1gb ultra Sandisk card; a couple of good apps available such as Opera mobile, WorldMate, MobiReader, OggPlay; with a bit of editing, can play good resolution/quality video clips CONS: very poor memory management with v1.xxx firmware that affects internet browsing and swapping to landscape mode; wifi connections can drop/time-out intermittantly; chrome plating and buttons started to wear away after a couple of months of light use; phone a bit big and heavy Overall a reasonable phone - it could have been excellent, if Nokia and the operators had released updated firmware more promptly. It has put me off Nokia a bit - lets hope the latest models are fully supported by regular updates. The Nokia E90 looks good as does the E-Ten X800 with HSDPA, GPS and VGA screen!

Reviewed by sugadev from UK on 20th Mar 2007
Its a all rounder business phone with awesome features. I just cannot explain how good this phone is to me. Few other opinions stated here show how illiterate they are. Its the best phone for intellects; others pls go for 3310 and don't ever dare to have a business phone like E70

Reviewed by Francis Reegan from India on 16th Mar 2007
I bought the mobile from Baharin.There are various features like email,office applications.The 2MP Camera is good .but battery life is very low.We cant download themes for nokiaq e70

Reviewed by Roger from South Africa on 14th Mar 2007
I bought this phone as an obvious upgrade to my 6822, which is super-practical but has (a) p1ss-all memory (b) lousy camera (c) no 3G (d) no email. This phone does pretty much all I want it to do -- foldout keyboard is great for on-the-go email and note taking, screen is big enough to browse web when desperate and away from PC, 3G lets me connect when travelling, native pop3 email support very handy. Criticisms: it's _really_ big, a LOT bigger than the 6822 (although having a decent size screen is good). Battery life a bit low (have to recharge every 3 days or so, and I make very few calls, wifi/BT turned off). Symbian is an appalling design UI, it's really nasty (but workable when you get used to it). Really lousy bundled apps - picture viewer, music player etc are barely functional Likes: 2mp camera is fine, being able to put in 2gig mem is cool, WiFi support is great (except it needs more flexibility, I run my Internet connection over Wifi VPN, which this phone wont let me do easily). This is by far the best alternative IMHO to the 9000 uber-bricks if you want some office functionality, but not a "micro-laptop".

Reviewed by Fredrik from Sweden on 12th Mar 2007
VOIP is great, the browser and mail is perfect for me. I love it. I would really recommend this to anyone, any time.

Reviewed by tob from bishops stortford on 10th Mar 2007
the phones great.

Reviewed by Ben from England on 4th Mar 2007
Hmm... Where do i start.. EVERYTHING on this phone went wrong. It died on me after a week! How rude, It could have told me! Meh i have an N72 now!

Reviewed by Oakey from England on 27th Feb 2007
THis phone is good feature wise. IT will do everything you want it to. its only down fall is a slight glitch when you lock it all the writing for the options dissapears but that can be sorted by pressing the star key. ALso the size of the phone in pictures is quite decieving it is alot bigger than you think it will be. if this phone had the same features and was the same size as the 6230 it would be the ultimate phone.

Reviewed by jignesh from usa on 27th Feb 2007
its not good

Reviewed by Ganesh from INDIA on 22nd Feb 2007
Waste of money and time.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 9th Feb 2007
Well, it's got great features like SIP/Voip, but is let down by crashing with no outgoing reason, either during a call, just as it's about to get a call, etc... Sometimes it locks up requiring battery off/on to reset it. Sometimes it reboots on it's own. Nice toy. That's about it. A toy. Now where's my old 2110 - that used to work...

Reviewed by Ted Phill from London, UK on 17th Jan 2007
Had phone about a month, feels as if the casing will break, it twists and creaks. So far only problem is it answers a call before/as you take it out of case so as you press green button to answer, it puts caller on hold and you think there is no-one there. It's a pain and for the cost, well it ain't worth it. It seems that mass production of an item is bad for the consumer. This will definatly be my last Nokia phone.

Reviewed by meagan from scotland on 16th Jan 2007
awsome phone 5/5 !!!

Reviewed by Shehim from UAE on 14th Jan 2007
Yah, Good features!!. But it runs out of memory on use of Wifi or even zooming!!!!!!!!!! How pathetic. Those days are gone by M/s Nokia!!!!!!!!!! Time to think about alternatives to Nokia. May apple will satisfy!!!!1

Reviewed by george from uk on 8th Jan 2007
rubbish phone i had 1 4 1 week its camer brok then it wuld not tren on i chard ir 4 agers but it still did not work then i got n93 mutch better (:

Reviewed by oiltec from uk on 22nd Dec 2006
good all round mobile, does more than i realy need,but best to have to much. not happy with the size and the opening part of the keybord is to flimsey so am changing to the e 60

Reviewed by johnson from uk on 12th Dec 2006
this phone is great its much better than the privies 6820 and 6822 also it has a 2mp camera (like before it was 0.3mp a poor camera) and the display too. this phone is just as good as n70 but no were as good as n73 n80 and k800i the 3MP phones

Reviewed by saha from france on 11th Dec 2006
fantastic!!! one word simply fantastic i dont have 2 say any more about the phone just go out there and buy one !!! NOW !!!

Reviewed by Richard Fell from UK on 4th Dec 2006
Note to the blind: the top of the 'submit a review' page says: "Love your mobile? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help opther people. . ." But what happens? These reviews are full of half-assed illiterate postings by morons who don't own the phone they're "reviewing" and who condescend to tell the rest of us that such-and-such is "brilliant, man!" because they've half understood the tech spec. "Get this phone now!" they scream. . . and then sit back wondering if they'll ever be able to afford a replacement for their 3310. Pathetic. Anyway. This is my account of my experience with an E70. 1. It's a great concept. 2. It's badly executed. 3. The hardware lacks precision and no amount of "learning curve" brings the reassurance of consistent, accurate performance. 4. I had the E70 for almost a week and lost count of the number of times it didn't do what I wanted it to because of an input mechanism that's as wayward as a small boat in a Force 10 gale. 5. So it was returned to the supplier. If you want tech specs, have a read elsewhere of all the posts from all the people who don't own the E70 but would wish you to believe they're experts that know what they're talking about. Yeah. Right. If

Reviewed by Jemma Hawtrey from UK on 25th Nov 2006
I've owned - in order - Ericsson R380, Nokia 9210, Sony Ericsson P800, Nokia 9300 and finally the E70-1. Dont ask me what the '-1' means - I assume that it refers to the colour version (mine being the silver model). Of all the phones I have had so far its probably the best of the lot. Its pretty much got all the functionality of the 9300 PLUS it has a decent camera. The lack of camera is what kills the 9300 stone dead as anything other than a business phone - it wouldnt have killed Nokia to have put a decent camera in the 9300i - but I digress... The phone is well built and is a lot less intrusive in a pocket than the 9300. Its keyboard is a little trickier to use mainly because of the 'natural keyboard'-esque split which houses the screen and selection joystick & ok/cancel controls. I had gone into the shop with the intention of getting one of the D900 samsung handsets. I am very very glad that I didnt because this E70 is amazing. This illustrates one important consideration when going into a retail shop to purchase a new handset. Do your research first because there will most likely be a handset that will match you perfectly but dont expect the salesperson to even know that it exists.. not through any fault of their own, but the number of handsets available. Put simply if you want a handset that can handle web, email, wifi - has a qwerty keyboard - with the plus of a very reasonable camera and built in video recording & MP3/MP4/AAC playback there is not another phone on the market that even comes close. Nokia have done their job with this handset brilliantly - their only mistake - no-one actually really knows it exists!

Reviewed by Easilyled from UK on 21st Nov 2006
I had the phone on trial from my service provider, fortunately. I managed to use it for a day before becoming totally frustrated with it. The first problem is the 5-way selection key. Great in theory but rubbish in practice. Unles you press it EXACTLY straight down, it tends to slide off up, down, left or right before registering the select, thus you get whatever option is above, below or alongside the one you actually want. It needs a separate button in the middle and certainly the one I had was virtually unusable. I hope Nokia take note. A simple 2nd key somewhere programmed as "select would help then you could use the (tiny) joystick, I needed to use my fingernails to move it, 4 ways only and dont bother with the "perpendicular press". In 2 years use with PC and laptop, my wireless router has never missed a beat over wifi. At first I could only get the E70 to connect with no security on the wifi at all. Gradually I turned security on, 1st access control (only approved MAC addresses) then encryption. The E70 would not work with non-broadcasting wifi name. The router had to be set to broadcast its id. Well I got it to work eventually but 24 hours later, no joy again. As a phone its a flawed concept, too big for a phone, to small for a PDA and how do you keep the screen scratch-free so you can see the admittedly amazingly clear small font? Nice idea. Not for me though.

Reviewed by NJSS from UK on 13th Nov 2006
A great 'phone in principal, but not yet fully debugged. Mine was very slow, and communications by cable or Bluetooth to PCs were patchy. A firmware upgrade was recommended and carried out by the local club Nokia depot. This improved the speed somewhat but spoilt the keyboard mapping - hitting the + key have an @ sign etc. After four firmware upgrades in a couple of weeks - all done by the Club Nokia shop the 'phone won't communicate at all. It has been returned and I have gone back to my excellent Nokia 6810. My recommendation is to avoid 'phones with the Symbian O/S and stick with those with Nokia's own O/S.

Reviewed by kevin from england on 23rd Oct 2006
this fone is amazing it can e-mail and even send stuff by bluetooth coooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by honshud from korea on 2nd Oct 2006

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 29th Aug 2006
Nice phone just sent to market too early. I have had an E70 for about 3 months, as an eval blackberry replacement. We liked the keyboard and the screen but at launch it had no Blackckberry client. Now there is a client but it needs a software update, no software updater yet for this phone. So for the last month I have used it as a phone....not as a replacement for my blackberry, how retro is that. You can't connect it to your PC via the out of the box cable and charge the phone. You need another cable for that. It plays mono out of the box, want stereo then there is another cable for that. Want a car kit that doesn't use bluepoop, well its not out yet. This will be a great phone for business when Nokia finally get all the bits we need in the box on day one. At that time we will by lots of them. Until then we will be deploying blackberries.

Reviewed by W2C from UK on 11th Aug 2006
I have had the E70 for a week now. Initially the keyboard takes some getting used to but once you've used it for a while it quickly becomes comfortable (I'm writing this review from the phone). Initially I found the phone very frustrating because it kept running out memory especially when using the web browser. I had it flashed to the latest firmware by a friend and it no longer does this anymore. It also used to take a lot of time & memory to switch screen orientations. This is much faster now (although still a bit slow). Anyway now it is a pretty good phone plus email plus browser machine. wifi works very well. it is much snappier than my 9300. the screen is very nice and the fonts and pictures are very clear with the onboard camera (atleast for taking pics of whiteboards) BUT it is much smaller than the 9300 internal screen. Best function is the voice control that lets you turn on bluetooth or change profile after long pressing the voice key - use ful in the car. Biggest disappointment is that the Blackberry software doesn't work with the new firmware but that should be temporary. But I'm taking a star off because I need that functionality & my company does not support other push solutions. Overall a keeper if you get the new firmware.

Reviewed by André from Switzerland on 7th Aug 2006
The Nokia E70 is one of the best "technically performant" mobile phones on the market today. It currently has one the finest screens, sporting 352x416 pixels (totalling 146'432 pixels). This allows it to show more information than other handsets, which usually have around 40'000 pixels, maybe 80'000 for the better ones. Another strong selling point for this phone is its ability to connect to WiFi. Data connection costs can be very expensive; for example, by simply loading the CNN web page on the phone browser, one could be billed as high as $1. Thanks to WiFi, the the phone user can take advantage of wireless hotspots and surf online for free. Furthermore Wifi is much faster than the connection from the service provider. One might be disappinted by the absence of built-in FM radio, however an add-on accessory, the HS-2R Nokia headset, could be used to provide such functionality. The built-in camera has also received some criticism: it has no auto focus, which means that a photography of something close, like a page of text, might be too blurry.There is an application being developed (Mobile Scan) to address this issue, allowing using the camera as a scanner. Also criticized is the lack of a frontal camera (the camera on its back can be used for video calls, but that would be a little cumbersome, requiring tricks like pointing at a mirror for the callee to be able to see the caller), and somewhat bulky and "inelegant" looks under certain angles. The phone is available in two colors, silver and black. It should be overtaken, in terms of capacities by the soon-to-come Sony-Ericsson P990i.

Reviewed by the gimp from england on 31st Jul 2006
best fone ever must buy!!!!!!

Reviewed by Sree Kumar from sree@ziksa.com on 23rd Jul 2006
I have a small review of the fantastic browser on the Nokia E70 at www.missaticum.net/mobileblog/.

Reviewed by nerd from Iceland on 21st Jun 2006
This is pretty much a phone for a business person looking for something like a Blackberry 87xx but in a smaller package, a super compact communicator. I traded in a iPAQ PDA phone running Windows Mobile for this one and so far the E70 can do anything my PDA phone could and more. I particularly liked the E70s impressive connectivity features, the fold out QWERTY keyboard with which you can type obscure Scandinavian, German, French etc... letters without having to jump through flaming hoops, the display which makes up for it's small size with a resolution of 352x416 pixels (which is actually a greater resolution than my old iPAQ had) and the fact that Nokia managed to cram all this into a package that isn't much bigger than an Ericsson T610 I used to own. The E70 impressed me by having broad support for all the things a business person most needs and dispensing with alot of bells and whistles. The E70 has broad support for Email (supports: POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP plus it will sync with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes and it is Blackberry enabled), chat clients are available, it has a (very) basic word processor and spreadsheet editor, a PDF reader and the web browser is actually quite usable!! Features I haven't tested yet include: what appears to be quite good VPN support which is essential for accessing corporate networks and a WLAN interface. From my point of view as a business user it's biggest shortcoming is actually the camera which sometimes results in it being confiscated by security personnel.

Reviewed by hannah chorley from england on 20th Jun 2006
i bought this phone for its nice looks and practicality, but when i got it home i was very dissapointed, the whole set up was the biggest pile of ********* i have ever seen, then the **** store would not return it or give me a refund so i was stuck with this phone and ended up buying another one a month later do not buy this phone

Reviewed by zamra from united kingdom on 6th Mar 2006
this has enough memory to last a life time unlike the n91 it does not have a 4gb hardrive but style makes up for the specs with a 2mp camera. I highly recomend this phone becouse i've had mine for amonth and it is a superb phonewith a qwerty key boured

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