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Nokia E66

 In a nutshell  

Date: August 2008

The E66 was never fully released in the UK and we will not be reviewing it.


Nokia E66 features include:

  • S60 3.1 Edition Eseries SmartPhone, Symbian OS 9.2
  • Camera: 3.2 megapixels with autofocus, LED flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera: 320 x 240 pixels, 15 fps, 4x digital video zoom plus front camera for video calling
  • Display: 16.7 million colours, 320 x 240 pixels (2.4")
  • Music player: AAC, AAC+, MP3, AMR-NB, AMR-WB file formats
  • FM radio 87.5-108 MHz with Visual Radio support
  • Ringtones: mp3, aac, 64-tone polyphonic (25 built-in tones)
  • Dedicated one-touch keys: Home, calendar, contacts, and email
  • Integrated hands-free speakerphone
  • Speaker dependent and speaker independent voice dialling
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, email with attachments (IMAP4, Mail for Exchange, POP3, SMTP protocols)
  • Integrated A-GPS with Nokia Maps application
  • Flight mode
  • Memory: 110 Mbytes plus microSD card slot (up to 8GB)
  • Connectivity: WLAN 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, Micro-USB connector, Infrared, 2.5 mm audio jack
  • Internet: WAP, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA (3.6 Mbps), Web browser, Nokia Mini Map Browser, Flash Lite 3.0
  • Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 plus 3G
  • Size: 107.5 x 49.5 x 13.6 mm
  • Weight: 121g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours (3G) - 7.5 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: : 260 - 330 hours

Nokia E66 user reviews

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Average rating from 72 reviews:

Reviewed by Okoth Patrick from Kenya on 25th Jun 2014
I need to flash-back my device to nomal vew because i have more problems including homepage apps download address link, imail setup, video call, WLAN WIZARD, apps deduct.

Reviewed by nelson from Tanzania on 5th Jun 2014
i have a Nokia E66 when i make a call my phone shut down automatically what can be the causes

Reviewed by Kailashkumar from Nepal on 9th Apr 2014
I have some problem with my mobile

Reviewed by Paul james from Nigeria on 7th Apr 2014
Nokia e66 is a phone that is worth its name.i used this phone and am still using it 2 d moment and dnt see y i should sell it .b/c its attracting and has alot of inbuild apps and what impresses me most is the real player included in it i.e to watch video online directly.

Reviewed by Acekid from Nigeria on 10th Jan 2014
I have never regret using this phone nokia e66. The phone was so nice it fullfill all his promises,i just like the phone and i advice any one that wants to go for it then you should better go for it quick before it finished

Reviewed by Gruia from Romania on 12th Dec 2013
I've held on to this phone for as long as I could, as there are no quality phones with a classical keypad anymore. I had to finally replace it with a Nokia 515, giving up on wi-fi, secondary camera and accelerometer. I was surprised to find that I also gave up on the ability to search the contact list by both name and surname - it's either one or the other (and forget about other details such as company name, nickname etc.). No wonder Nokia turned into a failure

Reviewed by Venkat from India on 6th Nov 2013
Nokia e66 super fast mobile all in one

Reviewed by Maria from Philippines on 12th Feb 2012
I've had this phone since 2009 and I absolutely love it! It's awesome and it's the best phone I've ever had. The two things I don't like about it is that sometimes it's a bit slow when I text multiple messages as the same time and that it doesn't have too many games. :) Overall this is a really great phone. I've dropped it thousands of times yet it still works perfectly! Some of the paint on the underside of the slide is already scraped off though. Yet, this is still the best phone ever! It's even better than some of the touchscreens I've used!

Reviewed by Jeff from Kenya on 3rd Jan 2012
I am disappointed coz quickoffice has no licence n whenever I try to install anything it says file corrupt. Batt has to be recharged frequently which has forced me to carry an extra one all the time.

Reviewed by Hammad Ahmad from Pakistan on 25th Nov 2011
Nokia e66 made in korea . 1 year user.

Reviewed by Ronn from Philippines on 10th Nov 2011
Awesome phone! I've had it for 2 years but I've never had any major problems. Battery time is quite. Sometimes when I don't use it the battery could last for a week. Most of the time when I go sound tripping I can use the music player for 4-5 hours without having a low batt. (Ride from Manila to our province is around 4 hours. I use it continuously and I never get a low batt!) Btw, I always have my bluetooth on. :)) I really love it! It's got everything I need. The only things I dislike is sometimes it hangs when I send several messages at the same time. Also, the silver color of the phone (I have a black one) fades over time. Looks cheap that way, although it's definitely not. But overall, it's a great phone. I'm actually very careless and I've dropped this phone several times but it's still standing. Really great phone and I don't regret asking my parents to buy me one.

Reviewed by Happy User from Singapore on 2nd Nov 2011
E66 ..... Let me tell you that you ROCKS. !!! Such a tiny phone with so many features...Whatsapp , Youtube , Games , Skype , and many more. What else do you wanna ask for. I have never had any problem of phone hangs, never had any problem of drop calls or even a problem with the phone. I travel everywhere with it. Its a wonderful phone to have. Easy and compact. Yes true that the battery life span is not long enough, but just prepare yourself with a backup battery. What do you expect with a small phone like this ? To me, Its an excellent phone for everyone to have. Now I just bought another phone for backup :)

Reviewed by Munir from Bangladesh,ctg on 13th Oct 2011
i got dis fone in october 2009,yes second hand,its really awsum for hard core users who type a lot kuz the keypapd is really comfi,plus kan play many games wit 3d n hd types nowadays,the camera is very satisfactory bt realy poor at dark areas,the flash does well at light areas bt is poor at dark areas..sound is awful bt its gud wit gud quality headpones..net speep is also gud..only cons no pic or vid editing or full screen home menu wallpaper..the prob dat i face now is dat memory card slot is screwd as always the mem gets auto removd ro haf to pul the card n re insert again,n in the vids the sound cums b4 the pic,really annoying..overall a very handy set

Reviewed by Mr. Hiralal Thakur from Nepal on 20th Sep 2011
I have been using this very set since Six months And found this set very interesting and useful . Internet is very fast in this set. And i am very Happy With That.....

Reviewed by kama kennedy from zambia on 31st May 2011
it's quite a romantic type. however, ever since I bought E66 it doesn't take more than 3hr for power to be sustained. i endeavoured to buy another battery but alas! it still remains a daily big bother

Reviewed by Jack from Denmark on 24th Apr 2011
miss the dual cpu from nokia e65 this phone have only single cpu.. the phone freeze offen when some one calls, and i have to take the battery off for restart.. after 2 years with this I miss the Nokia e65

Reviewed by yssa from phils on 29th Mar 2011
i cant use the front camera as well as the connect pc to net using WLAN its annoying because i've tried it for couple of times at different days hoping it will work, to my dismay ive read that E66 have its missing features

Reviewed by chris marshall from ex pat in uae on 23rd Feb 2011
this is the 2nd phone of same model. both of them somehow freeze, where i cannot dial out or receive any calls, my phone acts as if it has turned itself off. however i do love the phone but i am not a phone tecky.

Reviewed by Mark Smith from U.S.A on 12th Feb 2011
Nokia E66 is a business phone and it's a awesome phone with lots of features

Reviewed by asabe elawa irmiya from 1020 on 2nd Sep 2010
i love this phone i will buy it again

Reviewed by JItendra Bhut from India on 14th Aug 2010
Look wise Good, Slider Good, Speaker Pooerest , Signal strength low, hang any time, Battery life very low. Should say Never buy nokia phone.

Reviewed by syaf from k.s.a on 10th Jul 2010
I think it is not good dont 00000000000 stars

Reviewed by olive from Uganda on 3rd May 2010
E66 was a gift but it is ugly, battery life is low, the signal is poor, volume to eat is also very poor

Reviewed by Zain from U.A.E on 27th Apr 2010
i have been having my E66 for the past 3 months and i must say thay it has been the most amazing cell phone i have ever used.Its got great looks great functionality and is compactible.I suggest that every should hav one of E66

Reviewed by Hennie from South Africa on 22nd Apr 2010
A rubbish phone!!! cuts calls, no signal, change signal from 3.5g to none in split secon, when standing still, Nokia says not there fault, service provider say the same thing, did all firmware upgrades, with no luck just got worst. I will never by a Nokia again!! Samsung Rules!!!

Reviewed by André from Portugal on 12th Apr 2010

Reviewed by omid from iran on 11th Apr 2010
Nokia E66 sometimes hangs when you receive a call and you have no choice to turn off the phone .Nokia service says it is because of the sim card but I do not believe it.After that I tried Nokia 6700 classic .THIS PHONE IS EVEN WORSE BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SET THE DISPLAY LIGHT TIMEOUT .THE PHONE IS FRAGILE AND VERY BAD QUALITY,everything is loose (frame,camera ) I WILL NEVER BUY A NOKIA MOBILE EVER !

Reviewed by Michael buhagiar from Malta /England on 9th Mar 2010
I couldn't belive that nokia makes mobile like this, it totally a disgrace mobile and it's not cheep,infect i will never buy a nokia anymore.i had this mobile since November 2009 and i never use it because to reaper the hole time since now it only make 2 mints and the display goes off,nokia gave me a new mobile but the brand new ones are worse than the other,why they don't give another model which is better.why they continue to sand crap mobile to let people be more annoyed and upset,, of nokia ,it not fair we payed good money for this mobile and we should get vale for money not crap mobile like this ,so i decided that in my life time i will not buy any type of mobile nokia ever , and if people had the sme problem they need to complane so that thing hoprfully changes

Reply by 23 from germany on 7th Aug 2012
Just because the e66 is bad doesn't mean all Nokia phones are. I had a n95 8gb, which was seriously the best phone on the planet, but i also had this phone e66 which was so bad... E66 always freezes, breaks easily when it falls, slow as hell etc. that NEVER happened to my n95 8gb. Nokia is still the best phone maker, but each phone is different... the e66 may be really bad, but many other Nokia phones are not!

Reviewed by Donovan from South Africa on 25th Feb 2010
Nokia E66 is a terrible phone. Had my first one taken in due to a list of problems. Then they replaced it with a new one. Took the new one in after 2 months as all the same issues are now arising again. Now nokia have done some software downloads and they have sent it back to me. Problems are: No signal, Battery life bad, Cuts calls. Not sure what to do as they will not send me another type of phone!

Reviewed by Rebecca from Greece on 18th Feb 2010
I bought the Nokia E66 on Christmas and I can say that I am very satisfied with all the functions of the phone. The only problem that aggravates me is that the battery needs charging every 2 days depending on the functions being used ie. WLAN or Bluetooth, whereas with other Nokia phones every 4-5 days.

Reviewed by d ray from india on 17th Feb 2010
i've had this e66 white beauty since march 2009.i has some design flaws-first- when gripped by the sides u inadvertently press on the stainless steel back cover release 'catches' .... had to keep pressing back the back cover into place to keep it shut. the location of the speaker at the lower end of the back, normally gets covered when u grip the phone so it muffles the phone. the back cover springy catches ,from inside , had no 'springiness' and would not hold the back cover, I had to wedge some snips of foam wrap under the spring- catches so that it gripped the back cover at the bevel -this fault I noticed on the first day itself so normal wear- tear is not the cause ..[ btw my e63 has a more well designed back cover hold -release slider catch ] ...next was the 'too tight' sim card holder metal plate , u need a pin to push out the sim card by pushing through the serial holes in the card holding metal plate ...u can end up abraiding, damaging , the contact area on the sim card . needs two -three pushes on the red on/ off button and u don't know, by the whirring sound -key pad light flicker , if u managed to switch on or off , only the nokia jingle and logo screen tells that the phone has come on.costwise the phone is of 'enterprise' level but ovi has no free nokia maps for this model.... that's very mean of nokia / ovi, I feel. well u wld have guessed I have two nokia phones from their E_ stable but..... still looking to upgrade and e66 already has become an 'obsolete' model after a very short time ..... my 6600 older-avatar- odd shaped sturdy model stayed much longer in the market ! good or bad ,finnish or chinese / taiwan I still remain a brand fan of nokia

Reviewed by Lisa from Qatar on 7th Jan 2010
I have had this phone for exactly three months and I love it, but now I hate it. The display is not working however the phone works. I see below that another person has had the same problem within the same time period. Hafez mentioned below since they are being produced in China, but the back of my phone(which I have veiewed alot lately) states it was made in Korea. Maybe they are not paying the workers in the display section enough if the displays are going out regularly. At this point I just want my texts that I can't read off the phone. I can't do anything with it at this point but answer calls on it. Not the best buy at all! P.S. Shane from NZ you have issues.

Reviewed by Romeo from Romania on 5th Jan 2010
Not eweryone does now how a filled software phone works, i meen those people hwo say that nokia should bring up a better battery, a better camera etc..This is a wonderfull phone, despite the battery life but i can assure you that if you have a notebook and you are using it at full capacity the battery will go down werry soon, nokia e66 is used at full capacity all the time, even in stand by modus, that's the explication my friends, that's Nokia's explication.

Reviewed by denis doherty from Ireland on 18th Dec 2009
I got my e66 about 12 months ago the screen went after 3 months without any reason it was replaced under warranty . it has been back with signal problems about 5 times (got a new imi board in august NO improvement now lcd has cracked again (without reason) and warranty will not cover it. It has some lovely features but what good is that when it is away for repair half of the time . Probally the nicesest but worst phone i ever had and they dont come cheap

Reviewed by Ernesto from South Africa on 27th Nov 2009
I got my E66 about 4 months ago and everything was going OK until now. The battery all of the sudden has become weaker and weaker and I have to recharge more often. In the past, when it reached the last bar, it would still give me a day or so to recharge again. Now once it gets to the last bar is a matter of hours and it dies.

Reviewed by Hafez from Jordan on 14th Nov 2009
Hello all,, today i've visited Nokia Center at my country, i realy found E66 is a very nice Mobile, i've postponed buying it to read these posts, I DO REALLY AFRAID TO GET ONE.... i think sine Nokia started priducing the mobiles in China, the quality has got down, but still the prices of them are going up.... NOKIA, Please Back Producing your PHONES as the last , Finland is the best products... Guys, Remeber the Nokia 6610 ? 6660 ? Baby Nokia ? waw nice devices ...

Reviewed by M.Owais from Dubai,UAE on 1st Nov 2009
Always Hanging , somtimes arabic characters disappear.! Battery life is very short I'm totaly regret buy this stupid mobile it make me feel how was great the nokia banana Era....!

Reviewed by bert from uk on 1st Nov 2009
probably the worst phone ever made!!! battery life 2 days max and thats not using it that much. i tried everything to try and get more life from it,turned the brightness down,changed the screen to basic,bluetooth i never used to scared to! i even went into the advance settings on the wlan and turned the tcp power down to 4mw. still useless! as for updating the software i think thats what finished it off!!

Reviewed by Rodney from Australia on 22nd Oct 2009
phone is very fragile, sreen has been replaced 3 times in 4 months, not covered on warranty. once fell from lounge to carpet in its leather case and another screen fracture. good phone when you can see the screen.

Reviewed by paparazzi from pinas on 16th Oct 2009
I am giving out this review before disposing my unit. Firstly,it could have been better if the keypad is QWERTY.Secondly, The quality of the sound is poor.The unit is user-friendly, even a first time user would be aquianted easily. Lastly, after using the unit for about 7 months, a black spot started appearing on my screen which is growing worst every day!!! I just woke up one day and found out about this, to think that i take care of my cellphone really good, never fell, minimal scratches an I never lay my phone on wet areas.

Reviewed by Nola from UK on 13th Oct 2009
A really really good phone. Does everything the E71 does, but much prettier :); it is really cool looking and sleek. Would recommend it for S60 addicts like me. Had it 3.5 months now with no issues. My battery doesn't have any issues either; I get about 2 days of use on average. I would buy another if I could afford it :)

Reviewed by Mustafa from UAE on 9th Sep 2009
its the best phone i ever had

Reviewed by João from Portugal on 6th Aug 2009
I like the phone, but when he turns off because the battery is discharged, when i turn it on again, I have to insert the correct time and date, because he assumes a pre defined date

Reviewed by noor from pakistan on 1st Jul 2009
salam nokia e66 is a great cell phone i like nokia e66 set

Reviewed by adnan from lebanon on 5th Jun 2009
I got my E66 2 weeks ago, and so far it's excellent, it is so fast and easy to use,i like the slider and most importantly it is a great looking phone. unfortunately, the battery life is very poor, it lasts max for 36 hours, and the camera is very poor at night, but very good at day light.otherwise, it's an excellent phone and i'm proud to be holding it.

Reviewed by Niraj from India on 19th May 2009
This is an undertested product. It HANGS up frequently & there is no solution from Nokia on this problem. Pls avoid buying it if you can.

Reviewed by tom from holland on 18th May 2009
-battery life sucks! -menu rubbish + perfect internet access + gps

Reviewed by jussab from united kingdom on 6th May 2009
I think this is the best phone nokai made after n95 this is very stylish open/close the programmes very quicker than other nokia's like n96 n95 i think this is simply the BEST should buy

Reviewed by Mario Sant from Malta on 3rd May 2009
I am totally disappointed with the new E66. i had several problems with the software. each time the supplier upgrades the software and again each time it stall or hangs up. I had the mobile changed to a new E66. the problems now are that when i call the receiver gets cut off after interruptions with the line even though the reception is excellent. when people call me the line is excellent.

Reviewed by Kevin from Botswana on 24th Apr 2009
The battery life sucks,does not last 12 hours without recharging.Also does not work in low signal areas.The E65 is a better phone.

Reviewed by allen from Kosovo on 21st Apr 2009
I love this phone and have no complaints what so ever.best phone ever

Reviewed by waqar from UK on 28th Mar 2009
great phone although camera could be better.

Reviewed by felipe from greece on 18th Mar 2009
Very, very bad battery....

Reviewed by michael skehan from ireland on 5th Mar 2009
i love my e66. the maps are great also. can anyone tell me why the my warning light is always flashing even though i turned it off altogether?

Reviewed by AKUBHA from India on 5th Feb 2009
I bought this expensive phone after going thru specifications and features. However, to my dismay I found this phone hopeless for the following reasons: 1. The battery does not last even half a day. Overnight, even when there is no call/activity, about 35% of the battery is consumed on standby. 2. The speaker volume is so low, especially while talking on handsfree mode, that you can never use the speakerphone facility. 3. The 3.2 MP camera is not even equal to a 1 MP camera. Pictures taken indoors, despite its so called flash, come out very poor. 4. The modem of this phone malfunctions. Often the modem kind of hangs and stops transferring data to the laptop. I have to switch the phone off and restart it to continue work on internet.

Reviewed by Dave from Northern Ireland on 5th Dec 2008
This phone is ace, with really nice features. Shane from New Zealand, if your personality is defined by your phone then I'd be worried mate.

Reviewed by ferr from dublin on 28th Nov 2008
it is rubbish

Reviewed by tom from UK on 28th Nov 2008
to hard to use

Reviewed by Robbo from UK on 26th Nov 2008
Unfortunately I think Nokia missed the boat with this one, whilst the fact that the phone is packed with features and the build quality and screen are excellent, it does not translate into real world usage. In my job i utterly rely on my phone, and i find the E66 wanting. I found that the ability to find and hold a signal poor, several times I was showing no signal yet collegues had signal on their phones.(same provider) The caller volume is quite low so difficult to hear with high ambient background noise. The wifi performance again was poor, and as i use this feature a lot in my job a serious downfall, again others were fine in same location. The battery life is absolutely appalling, unbelievable that Nokia lost the plot so badly. This phone does have a lot of redeeming qualities (looks,build quality,features) but I feel it is not worthy to wear the "E" badge, more of a high end consumer phone than a proper business tool. I just think that they missed their chance with this one. I've gone back to my E51.

Reviewed by ferr from UK on 24th Nov 2008
it relly is poor

Reviewed by Fizlan from Malaysia on 31st Oct 2008
Just bought it last week (end Oct 08. my comment is WOW. Great feature but my last sonyericsson was more freindly user

Reviewed by Ken from Australia on 19th Oct 2008
This phone has just been released in Australia ( Oct 2008 ) & sells for around AUD $650 or it can be obtained on a plan. Trouble here is, that all the plans never advertise mins un-like U.K. Briefly, I had a 2G I-Phone, Samsung U 900 & looked closely at the Nokia E 71. The E 66 is a great phone, good looks & feel.

Reviewed by robin from uk on 18th Oct 2008
Returned the Omnia becaus ei bit of fmore than i could chew. Found everything I wanted in a phone here. Easy to text, easy to browse. Battery life not that important to me as I don't expect to be kidnapped in the near future or replace Mr Sutherland in 24.

Reviewed by dave from uk on 7th Oct 2008
had this phone for about about a month on vodafone.great build quality,face easy marked tho and batt life not gud .but overall a great phone with loads of features;automatic display rotation ,and voice for reading texs.upgrade from samsung g600 good move!

Reviewed by Michael from Philippines on 20th Sep 2008
I just got mine yesterday. During the first charge, it hung!!! I had to remove the battery to switch it off and on again. Other than that, it's fine so far, it's pretty fast too as long as you switch off the "effects" function of the built-in themes. I'm giving it 7 days and if it hangs 3 more times, i'm returning it. My E51 is 10 months old and it has NEVER hung. My 6300 is 18 months old and it too has NEVER hung.

Reviewed by bangssy from australia on 19th Sep 2008
great phone although makes a big buzz when i talk so i need to use headphones cause my ears have been aching. bought online so cant send back. other than that no other problem. great phone with good operating system. another downfall is it has a very poor camera.

Reviewed by bernardgu from singapore on 18th Sep 2008
just got it for 2days.my ex phone is sonyericsson. the phone 'hang'just now,cant off it cant do any thing with it. took off the battery and fix it back again. now dare not to 'touch' anything . cant set the phone to my convenient. problem... cant pass the subscriber's web page whenever i tap on wifi, so cant use it again headache ,

Reviewed by Deepak from India on 4th Sep 2008
Very good super phone.....only price is a problem...other all excellent...

Reviewed by mamac from malaysia on 28th Aug 2008
well, looks good with good applications, slide in nice but camera is very bad! very very poor camera especially in low light environment. almost impossible to take good photo, unfortunately!

Reviewed by Shane from New Zealand on 27th Aug 2008
How do you spell boring N.O.K.I.A, if a phone is an extension of your personality then you're saying a lot about yourself with an E66. There is nothing that really stands out with this phone. You will whip it out on the train and no one will notice, you will place it on the table at meetings and people with shrug with indifference , you will show your girlfriend and she will soon after takeoff with your best friend- no doubt while you’re engrossed watching the beach Olympic beach volleyball.

Reviewed by Mikewot from UK on 23rd Aug 2008
Very good build quality, much better than N95 particularly the slider which is smooth with absolutely no wobble. Feels very solid in the hand and (to me) really looks the part of being a quality product (albeit half the price of an N95 8Gb). The operating system looks like standard Symbian S60 so transition from any other symbian phone is simple. However it works much faster, navigating around menus and texting is about 3 times faster than N95. GPS lock is fantastic, about 10 seconds and that was indoors near a window. Garmin XT installed no problems, works fine. Tilt works really well and an improvement over moving the slider on the N95. Quite amusing to use the facility to have your extx etc. read to you although the robotic voice ah la Stephen Hawkin isn't the best but does recognise LOL as Laugh Out Loud! Overall I was nervous that I may have made the wrong choice between it and the N95 8Gb but having fondled it for nearly a day I'm really pleased with my choice :-) Next trial will be when I'm back at work to see how it does emails etc. but that'll have to wait.

Reviewed by david whidden from uk on 23rd Aug 2008
Had the phone for a week but sadly sent it back,very nice phone but in rural areas had a big problem with signel drop but built up areas no probs,slide action not as good as i am use to,

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