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Nokia E65 review

 Review: July 2007  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: 3G smartphone with 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, memory card, Bluetooth & WLAN.

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The Nokia E65 is a 3G smartphone aimed squarely at business users. It's the nicest looking of the E series, looking remarkably like a Samsung D500, but with a different choice of colours, so no-one could mistake the two. Unlike the Samsung, it's very much targeted at the serious business user. This is a Symbian phone, so if offers a lot of scope for power users to customise the phone and install their own applications. The calendar is very flexible, and contacts are easy to manage. There's support for email with attachments, and fast access to data via EDGE or 3G networks. On the negative side, Symbian can sometimes be slow and the phone may crash or freeze from time to time.

There are some great features in this phone, but others that aren't so hot, so you'll need to make sure it's right for you. Starting with the exterior, we've mentioned the attractive design of the phone already. It's a very nicely-sized phone and not too heavy, although we'd have preferred a slightly larger keypad - what is it with Nokia and small keypads? The slide design is practical as well as smart, as it enables a large screen to be fitted to a compact phone. The screen is one of the nicest features of the E65, using Nokia's latest 16 million colour technology and a high resolution. However, the E65 does use very small fonts, so be wary of this if your close-up eyesight isn't what it used to be! On the other hand, it enables you to view a lot of information on the screen at one time.

One of the selling points of the E65 is the fact that it can make Voice over IP (VoIP) calls using the integrated wireless LAN connection. It's virtually unbeatable when it comes to connectivity in fact. Not only does it have WLAN (both 802.11b & 802.11g are supported), but it offers Bluetooth, USB and infrared too, so you ought to be able to connect it to just about anything. Onboard memory is reasonably generous at 50 Mbytes, with a slot for a MicroSD memory card too.

Although the phone features a camera and a music player, these are bonus features, not core to the phone. One obvious ommission is that there's no capability for making video calls, as there's no secondary video camera.

The battery life of the E65 is less than average, which is not surprising considering that this is a 3G phone with WLAN and Bluetooth. You can switch off any of these features to conserve battery life if they're not needed.

Overall, the E65 is a reasonable implementation of a 3G Symbian phone, although it is dogged by reliability problems and slow menus. If you don't have a need for all the high-end features, you'd be better off with something simpler, like the Nokia 6300 or Nokia 6500 Slide.

Nokia E65 features include:

  • Series 60 3rd Edition Symbian operating system
  • One Touch keys for direct access to contacts, mute/unmute, and conference calling
  • Java & Symbian applications
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) calls via integrated WLAN
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email with attachments (POP/IMAP, SMTP, and IMAP4 protocols), Instant Messaging
  • Voice dialing
  • Voice commands for menu short cuts, keypad lock, and profiles
  • Voice recording
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Display: active-matrix TFT, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music player (MP3/AAC) and media player
  • Talking ringtones
  • Calendar with weekly view, contacts, to-do list, and notepad for short notes - all viewable while managing a phone call
  • Memory: 50 Mbytes plus MicroSD memory card support
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2, USB, Infrared, WLAN (802.11b, 802.11g)
  • WAP 2.0, EDGE (maximum download speeds of up to 296 kbps)
  • XHTML web browser
  • Size: 105 x 49 x 15.5 mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Quad-band (EGSM 850/900/1800/1900) plus 3G (WCDMA 2100)
  • Talktime: 3-6 hours (2G) or 2.5 hours (3G) or 3 hours (VoIP)
  • Battery standby: up to 11 days (2G) or 5 days (3G/WLAN)

Nokia E65 user reviews

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Average rating from 201 reviews:

Reviewed by Shesil K Abraham from India on 8th Nov 2014
My Nokia E65's bluetooth is now not working. It is saying "Unable to perform bluetooth operation" and yesterday when i switched off and switched on my E65 it shows nokia and lights turned off and on the screen it is showing nokia again and again. But i like Nokia E65 very much.

Reviewed by Cassidy from Zambia on 4th Jun 2014
My phone can not light on the keypad what can i do

Reviewed by Sirdick from Kenya on 3rd Dec 2013
Am an I.T Techie for 3yrs. This is the best phone for any I.T out there. Reason is that u can customize it with amazing features u cant believe than ever before. What i love it for is Greatest hi-speed net conectivity. 2. Very compatible from USB,WLAN, BLUETOOTH name it waow. U can instal good computer apps and customize it. Mine is a little laptop on my palm. Streaming speed is the best with You-tube something many android cnt. This my best forever

Reviewed by Makaka Samuel from Uganda on 28th Oct 2013
I can't watch youtube,but the rest okey.

Reviewed by Barth from Nigeria on 28th Mar 2012
I kinda love the product but. The product became problematic when I could nt use a fully charged battry for more than 3hrs, the usb/handsfree port stopped workin and I could not find any solution to it. Thugh still in the house bu I'm not using it anymore

Reviewed by Omar Juma Omar from UK on 12th Nov 2011
E65 its a smart phone its features offers better services, to me, its fast in internet. Its very smart,

Reviewed by philippines from UK on 16th Oct 2011

Reviewed by bongani dube from UK on 7th Oct 2011
this is a good phone but it doesnt support new apps it say phone is too old

Reviewed by ibrahim musa from UK on 23rd Sep 2011
the phone is so nice..this phone can run 3 to 4 internet programmes becouse it has a key you can minimise with it..moreover, i can make a call when am still in the internet without necessarly login out. Whoa! I like this phne...buy ths phne

Reviewed by Nora from UK on 17th Sep 2011
This phone is a very nice piece of work good job NOKIA

Reviewed by Fungai furai from UK on 7th Aug 2011
Its a great phone bt the camera is poor

Reviewed by viktor from UK on 7th Dec 2009
is the best mobile i ever had

Reviewed by Charles from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
I bought this phone for R3350. Although i could have the new e66 i bought a buggy thats slow and that has no video calling bt its a 3G phone its not very good in gaming

Reviewed by Nimbark from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
I am using this phone since 1 year and 2 months. And the most points are asunder. Camera very slow i have to wait and hold the mobile at a same position for 5 or 6 seconds after clicking the capture button or the picture to be taken will be blured or if moved other frame will be taken than intended. Means software response time after clicking the capture button is more. starting 6 months failure of phone applications like autm restart without any reason hang up while call sudden shut down without any reason. Etc. But i have used a lot of internet on my laptop with using it as a modem. Very good speed of net. i connect it via USB CABLE with laptop Or pc. If connected via blue tooth very low speed. After latest software update in august09 which is nokias latest software update the phone has become more stable. No more restart now with out reason. also the update was done using net via e 65 using as a modem. plate form security in latest software is so high not hacked by any one so far. May be hacked but i have not heard. Very good music effects over ear phone very good phone if used with extra applications like x plore Smart movie dictionary nokia should give this types of application free with phone. Advance call manager has come free with phone and a nice application. Over all a slow operating phone while opening messages and application . But very good phone also and at a reasonable price. i have no need of using anti virus after update of software. Also previousaly i have not used. When viewed price matter very good also 3g enabled. Who will give all this at a cheap price. 2 MP CAMERA also giving high good pictures in day light. Night camera not good. nokia Should give flash. Over all i have got all return what i invested. Care center service also good. Replaced my screen within a 30 minut as a dark spot was there in screen in corner during warrenty period. Very good return against investment. Should by with latest software by nokia. Looks nice and uniq.some times Some body asked is that china phone? .!!!!! As china phones are also looks smarts in appear ance. Thank you all for reading this JAY GURUDEV.

Reviewed by Trisha from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
The phone I have is completely useless. The SIM registration card constantly fails and the signal disappears frequently which then disconnects me from the person I'm speaking to. I'm back to using my old phone now. Avoid.

Reviewed by jules calata from UK on 14th Jul 2009
slow processor but very satisfying features....

Reviewed by David from UK on 15th Jun 2009
I've had this phone for about 18 months. In that time it has been in for repairs 7 times and I've had three new handsets - as far as I can work out, the phone has been out of my possession for about 3 months of the 18. Faults - Spontaneous shut-downs - Loss of network connectivity - loud earpiece whine when keypad is lit - keys losing their detent click - disconnection of calls when opened. Also seems to be insensitive to signals as well as can't get reception where my very elderly and el-cheapo Alcatel works just fine. Just dreadful.

Reviewed by S from UK on 28th May 2009
Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. Terrible camera quality- it makes the pictures look horribly scratchy and fuzzy. ABYSMAL battery life- with my old Sony Ericsson W810i I only had to charge it once a week or so (and even though it was like 2mp it still took better pictures than this)with this, even without long calls I have to charge it frequently. The camera has no flash and always makes that annoying sound which you cannot get rid of. You can't really adjust the brightness/contrast seetings, it has really weird and useless rigid camera settings. You can't see the wallpaper background properly because of all the rubbish blocking it. The worst phone I've ever had.

Reviewed by Julia Ryna from UK on 21st May 2009
Just g0od..but t0o bad,no turbo msn n i cnt d0wnload any themes..

Reviewed by Neil Zietsman from UK on 12th May 2009
While this phone is full of many functions it falls short in one very imprtant aspect. It holds its self together about as well as a peach in a blender. Not only did my screen break in the first three days of owning it but it has broken again a few times over the two year period i ahve owned it. The simcard holder cant hold the sim card still so the card keeps moving and the phone keeps going off line. Also my Battery kept moving so the phone would turn of in the middle of a conversation. The plastic black coverin on the phone keeps peeling off making it look like it has lepracy. The Key pad light has stopped working so texting in the dark is a game of hit and miss. The buttons on the side of the side of the phone stopped working!

Reviewed by J from UK on 27th Apr 2009
This is a feature packed phone with appalling performance. I had mine for well over a year and had no end of problems: - Crashed frequently when dialling out - Randomly reset - Terrible battery performance (Generally less than 1 day) - Not possible to update firmware - Repaired 3 times and issues not resolved - Awful reception (on '3' network) - Once reception is lost the only way to re-connect to the network is to re-boot the phone, which takes forever. - Tiny fonts - Useless camera - slow shutter, no flash, generally poor quality photos All I can say is mine was run over once and still worked afterwards! Now have an E71 and it's fantastic

Reviewed by Bryan from UK on 9th Apr 2009
Stop questionin and complainin about it, as it is a nice phone. all your problems can solve it by upgradin the firmware (check it on the nokia website/ nokia center) you should always check if theres an available update for the firmware to fix the bugs and faults of your phones. i onwed this phone for almost 2 years now and i never experience any problem. i belive it is somethin to do about the user not the phone. you must know how to take good care of it. regardin the camera issue, you shouldnt ask it for a good capture as this phone is not a Kiddie stuff, if you want good camera then go to Kodak or Canon. this phoen has no secondary phone, but still use for videocalling. No radio or fm tuner, but who cares, you're not always listenin to radio, dont yah? the screen display of this phone is almost the same with the n-series phone like N82 ans N95 16 Million colours, wow! and the 3G its super class 32 very fast. wlan edge and hsdpa conectivity faster than ever ... it reads adobe files and other pdf files, can even connect to voip if you have the plan like the vonage. and the ofcourse you can transfer anyfiles tru bluetooth, infrared, or by usb cable. the processor is good faster like n95. and the memory both internal and microsd card slot is really spacious and genrous memory. GPS, well its not on package but you can download an symbian aplication that reads maps and directions, cool. batery like is still doin great despite of the multi task and it's been almost two years and i never replaced the batery pack. very powerful phone, i just wish nokia would releas the i version of this like Nokia E65i LOL!

Reviewed by nice from UK on 1st Apr 2009
Initially i was dissapointed with the phone, but after using it for a couple of weeks I could not fault this phone at all! The battery life may not be outstanding but it's reasonable, there are no games to start with, and baring in mind this is a business phone, you can download them. I had the phone for 20 months on orange and had no problems, in fact the only reason I gave it up is because I wanted the iphone. I would go back to the E65 anytime! I didn't use this phone for business purposes, and so as an everyday phone this is great.

Reviewed by Carl from UK on 26th Mar 2009
Had this phone for 2 days from a friend, as a replacement for a few weeks, after 2 days it is driving me insane, wont send messages then sends everyone 6-7 messages, poor basic features, not good at all, rather get a cheep 7 alcatel for the next few weeks!!!

Reviewed by Clint from UK on 10th Mar 2009
My Nokia E65 started randomly beeping and hitting out symbols. The top right corner keypad button stopped working. When I spoke about it to friends, the same thing had happened to them. Mine was just over the 1 yr warranty, the other lucky people were in it and got a replacement. The dealer new of this problem and siad it couldn't be fixed? If it was a car there would have been a re-call. Keypad backlight doesn't work either. Almost a good phone if it kept working.

Reviewed by Lharris87 from UK on 10th Mar 2009
Initially i was dissapointed with the phone, but after using it for a couple of weeks I could not fault this phone at all! The battery life may not be outstanding but it's reasonable, there are no games to start with, and baring in mind this is a business phone, you can download them. I had the phone for 20 months on orange and had no problems, in fact the only reason I gave it up is because I wanted the iphone. I would go back to the E65 anytime! I didn't use this phone for business purposes, and so as an everyday phone this is great.

Reviewed by Syahrul from UK on 4th Mar 2009
rubbish phone nothing in this e65 is usefull

Reviewed by Deepak from UK on 16th Dec 2008
I have used this phone extensively for the last 16 month. It looks and feels good. But it has a very buggy software - switches off automatically (not uncommon). It has happened a few times that the person at the other end could not hear what I said, but after re-starting the phone, it works fine. Low battery life and WLAN is useless. No recurring alarm. This is definitely not what I would expect from a smartphone.

Reviewed by Liz McG - Scotland from UK on 6th Nov 2008
Don't buy this phone. I got this phone on contract in August 2007, as it is now November 2008, i have had my phone turned off for the past week and a half (end of October 2008). It is rubbish, and screwed. The phone turns on and off, and only now accepts calls if i have the slide down. None of the buttons on the main part of the phone work, something serious has gone wrong. And for this supposedly good, but very expensive phone, it is cheaply and badly made. When i first got it, it was okay, then it started crashing, then sometimes wouldnt let me text, and now everything is broken. I would never recommend this phone.

Reviewed by cronik from UK on 5th Nov 2008
i think this phone is a load of rubbish

Reviewed by ownage from UK on 1st Nov 2008
noobs this phone boosts a very nice exterior and its msging is just so convenient. the red version is one of the nicest phones around. i have been using it for 2 years and counting. i highly recommend it.

Reviewed by tareq from UK on 31st Oct 2008
it's very nice ... i like it ...

Reviewed by hanny from UK on 13th Oct 2008
the E65 is a GOOD phone no matter how many ppl whinge about it ....i only had 1 problem wit mine and that was water damage 4rm 1 drop of rain on the keypad ....ppl who are on there 2nd and 3rd phones must be doin sumting wrong ...downloadin third party sofware maybe ????nokias dont react well 2 that ...otherwise go buy a motorola or an lg and prepare 2 be angry wen it breaks ....

Reviewed by Olivier from UK on 12th Oct 2008
Good phone that I've used for a good 6 months. Nice form factor, quite thin and light, yet nice screen and a long list of useful features. No problem whatsoever with the handset that I got "refurbished" from 3 uk. Although 3g, it's not hsdpa so not very quick but ok for mobile web pages. opera mini is a must on this phone. Camera is poor and the video recording is better left unused. Agreed, it's a business phone but this is the worst video recording have had on a phone for quite a while. In short, an good functional and small smartphone, but really unexciting.

Reviewed by Fazil JF from UK on 25th Sep 2008
Very nice phone, Very Eazy to use, very speed symbian operationg system, nice to use the calender and other office accessories, problem is sometimes the keypad light does not work,sice hard to type sms at night times

Reviewed by mike from dundee from UK on 25th Sep 2008
would not have bought this phone if i could have had a shot of it beforehand. The phone is well built and reliable. I have not had any problems with it. However, i know it is a business phone but c'mon nokia, it is soooo boring. The voice aid is cool but really just a gimmick. It doesn't come with a memory card or anything. Have kept my SE W850i for the fun-factor which is just as well because the E65 is dull,dull,dull. Good for the office but thats it.

Reviewed by David from UK on 24th Sep 2008
I purchased the Nokia E65 made in China and there are problems with periodic locking up of the phone's four function keys for group calls, own key, contacts, and phone muting, the phone needs to be turned off and back on to unlock the four function keys. The phone was returned to Nokia for repair and after several attempts to fix the problem they finally tried replacing the mother board, that also failed to correct the problem. I purchase a second E65 for a back-up phone but this one was made in Finland and there are no problems with the four function keys. The Nokia E65 made in Finland works perfectly. My only complaint for the E65 is the absence of a flash for the camera. Otherwise I really love the phone for my personal and business use.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 19th Sep 2008
this fone is ok it has its good features. but its SO slow and freezes and truns off at its own free will i had to send it bak the first week i had it the screen messes up alot and the signal goes in and out heaps takes like 1min to get into messages it does have good memory... but i wouldnt recommend any one buy one i just got a LG viewty and its a GREAT phone.

Reviewed by Nic from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Having purchased an E65 a year ago as a business phone in Australia I found the battery life when using 3g and activesync to be around 2-3 hours without making a single call. Futher to the dissapointment of purchasing a 3g business phone (for email and high speed internet access on the road), it was a rude awakening when visiting the Nokia care(less) centre. I was made to wait near to an hour to retrieve my phone each time, and the problem was never fixed. In fact only on the phone's 4th visit did they declare there was a problem, they then insisted the phone was out of warranty and not their problem any longer. Having waitied weeks for unreturned phone calls and the Nokia care centre nearly throwing my phone in the bin, I contacted Virgin Mobile, my carrier to discuss my disappointment, they immediatly picked up the issue by replacing the battery at their own expense and taking the matter up with Nokia directly - bravo! Bottom line is not because of their product, but becaus e of their complete disregard for customer service I will never purchase another Nokia again, shame on you Nokia for pushing around the little guy. PS I will remain with Virgin Mobile for as long as they maitain this level of service. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by Steve from west mids from UK on 20th Aug 2008
This is without a doubt, 'THE' worst phone ive ever had! and ive had a few.. 9 out of 10 times when you try to make a call,it wont connect & comes up with connection error.Nokia have admitted this is a known fault & cannot be repaired!!! Steer clear of this phone at all costs!!!!!!

Reviewed by jas from UK on 20th Aug 2008
very slow phone,the phone switches it self off if slide is to quick both up or down,do not rate it much at all avoid!

Reviewed by Al from UK on 16th Aug 2008
Had this phone now for a couple of months, got it on the orange outlet on ebay for less than 60. What a bargain, WLAN is fantastic, camera is pretty decent, switch apps off to prolong battery. Screen is best out there and the organiser is brilliant, upcoming appointments come up on screen at the start of that week. A++++.

Reviewed by Nicole from UK on 8th Aug 2008
Apart from aesthetics, this handset is terrible. I have had to have the software on it updated as the phone kept switching off. Even now it still occasionally switches itself off for no reason and I constantly get a "SIM card registration failed" message even though there is nothing wrong with my SIM card. The software is appallingly slow and the menus take forever to load. The alarm clock is no good either is you are unable to set recurring alarms. Much prefer the E51.

Reviewed by simon from UK on 8th Aug 2008
good phone had it 14 months no problems what so ever wish there was a new nokia like this one coming out, i would buy straight away,

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 4th Aug 2008
I had this phone just so then i could use the skype application on it (being a student its easier) but i cant believe i gave up my nokia 6500 slide for this..... when i got it, it was by far the most confusing phones from nokia... the camera is rubbish (not even a flash) no games for those boring train journeys... the only good thing it has good goin for it is that it comes in nice colours.... cant believe ive got another 6months on my contract for this!!!!

Reviewed by Zakithi from UK on 3rd Aug 2008
Its nice

Reviewed by Andrea from Glasgow from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
Personally I really didn't like this phone. So much so that I went and bought a Motorola A1000 to use until my contact renews. No use for video calls, only one camera. The battery life is rubbish. I felt it was on charge all the time.

Reviewed by Jan from East Yorkshire from UK on 22nd Jul 2008
Had this phone less than a year ,keeps loosing power,fonts on texting too small cant change, battery goes flat after two days quite un user friendly ,only good thing was colour & slider facility.Store where I bought couldn`t care less nor 3 the service provider.In process of legal action to get a different phone as thoroughly fed up of it.

Reviewed by Win Travis from UK on 20th Jul 2008
Nokia e65 is the worst phone i have ever had.IT cnnnects with the Seat Leon handsfree system works for about 2 days then decides to crash.It constantly tells me i have a missed call even though the phone does not ring.It is supposed to be a business phone but, it is totally unreliable.Buy somthing else.

Reviewed by RF from UK on 12th Jul 2008
Terrible phone, switches off radomly horrible interface, thank god for Iphone 3g. PS 3G performance is a joke.

Reviewed by Penny from UK on 4th Jul 2008
The phone turns itself off when you slide it closed.

Reviewed by James from UK on 3rd Jul 2008
Worst phone ever.

Reviewed by Mark Shaw from UK on 2nd Jul 2008
The e65 hides a lot of features and great usability in a somewhat boring, business-like shell. But don't let that put you off - it's a great phone. www.nokia-nseries.co.uk

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 16th Jun 2008
Hate this phone.. I must have gotten one of the "reconditioned" phones from Three Ireland. There are so many things about this phone that annoy me.. From day of purchase, the back light on the key pad has been not worked. I have contacted Three about this twice and they are ignoring the problem. So basically, I cannot text in the dark. There is no FM radio.. There were no headphones supplied with the phone. The slider function is horrible, there is no ridge to grip when sliding the phone open. The phone feels awkward and the metal on the key pad is nasty.. This is the LAST Nokia phone I will be buying for the foreseeable future. Since I moved to the the Three network, I have purchased Nokia. All of there were Symbian "smart" phones. This OS is absolute trash.. It's far too slow. The phone doesn't know wheter it's coming or going half time time. I like a phone to respond immediately when I press a button, not a few seconds later. I will probably end up throwing this phone against the wall.

Reviewed by Jose Castro from UK on 10th Jun 2008
The most beautiful phone in the market. Beautiful and efficiente.

Reviewed by Alan Heath from UK on 7th Jun 2008
I've had this phone now for twelve months , too be honest i'm totally happy with it, it's got loads of features and an abundance of connectivity options, and it'll even do sat nav what more could you ask for. menu's are a little slow but it's been very reliable

Reviewed by David from UK on 7th Jun 2008
i have had the Nokia E65 for 6 months and once a week it locks up the screen goes black and shuts down. Then you have to reboot it wish i never got the phone now.

Reviewed by christian kaburu from UK on 27th May 2008
I think the E65 is a very great phone.But does have an in built unti vaires?

Reviewed by Ryder from UK on 26th May 2008
Perhaps you should write down the things you want from a phone before purchasing this model. It is not a digital camera. It is not a video phone. These things are quite clear in the specifications listed by nokia. I have had no problems with my phone after many months of use, no lockups and fully functionality. Only activate bluetooth and WIFI when you need it, Check your task manager (press and hold the menu button in standby) to ensure all apps you are finished with have closed, and make sure you treat your battery properly and this phone will last four days with reasonable useage. Functions are great, text/mail/voip/quick internet searches (again, this is not a laptop!!!) and the user interface has been smooth and intuitive. I have owned 9 different nokias prior to this one and to be honest this is better than a few of them and on par with the rest, N73 included! Make sure it is what you want and then buy it :)

Reviewed by SAQIB from UK on 26th May 2008

Reviewed by junouk from UK on 19th May 2008
I thought it was just my phone... worst nokia ever. I hate it. cant wait for the contract to be up so I can swap it.

Reviewed by jim from UK on 18th May 2008
for features i give the phone a 10/10 too bad it's unusable with its frequent crashes and freezing. stay away from nokia, i've researched their phones in great detail... very poor!

Reviewed by Angela - Australia from UK on 16th May 2008
I am on my 4th E65 - phone is rubbish - have had phone replaced 4 times twice cos the memory cards were duds, once cos phone turned itself off and would not come back on, and the lastest one will not initialise. Taking it back for a complete different modle. Worse phone ever had !!

Reviewed by sammy from australia from UK on 10th May 2008
i've had the E65 for a few months now about its really cute i love the looks the size, the colour, its really flashy when u push it up, its beautiful remind me of myself, other than that the phone takes a while to send another message when texing that pisses me off first of all i still loves it very much cuz it fell a few time and havent even gotten a scratch on it my phone is sill in good shape and looks brand new, even my friends love it a lot, plus i've got offers to buy it, my biggest problem with the phone is the f.m radio that it dosent have i'm really mad about that honestly the camera is not bad in the day but at night its a waste of time trying to use the camera it wont work all u see is blackness, so the worst thing bout the phone is the camera at night and the fm radio is dosent have, but its flashy to walk around with.

Reviewed by Aussie Dave from UK on 7th May 2008
Awfull had the phone two days and the camera not working, I was told non in NSW have to wait for the dealer to get back to me. Less than helpfull response. Aussie Dave

Reviewed by zanna from UK on 6th May 2008
bad phone: 1) no games 2)no radio 3)keep frozing all the time 4)very slow 5) keep turn of all the time 6) its not higher volume, whenn somebody ring you so, im not ecomended buy this phone

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 4th May 2008
I've had my E65 for 15 months now, and all in all I think it's a very good phone. The user interface is straighforward and very intuitive, it's easy to customise the set-up to suit your own preferences, and I've found the battery life pretty good given the technology it's carying. My only gripe is that I think the volume when transmitting via bluetooth to a headset or in-car unit isn't strong enough.

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 27th Apr 2008
i have had this phone since September 2007, at first i as very impressed, my boyfriend has the n95 and even he was jealous but then i discovered that there is no real snooze function on the alarm. it offers a snooze option but you only get 5 minutes and this cannot be altered. the alarm also has to be set everyday. the small fonts were a problem and the fact that the wall paper is not full screen. other than this there were no other problems. then recently it has begun to throw a wobbler and switch itself off, it decides not to let me make calls and tells there is a connection error and randomly will not let me open text messages saying that there is not enough memory and i need to close all other applications even though there is no other application open.... i find the contacts search really annoyin, i think it is soomething to do with surnames and first names, when i search for my brothers number typing in Lew it provides about ten other names before my brothers and it is effort to have to scroll down to the correct name even though it is the most relevant to hte search. i have enjoyed havin this fone but come july when i am eligible for an upgrade i will not be sad to say goodbye

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 27th Apr 2008
Terrible phone - put it in your pocket & it will phone people by itself as the slider moves while you are walking along!

Reviewed by Robert Walls from UK on 26th Apr 2008
The worst phone I've ever had the misfortunte to own. Purchased online through the 3 store about a year ago. It has been returned and replaced 7 times so far. Crashing software, phone powering down by itself, speaker giving up... AVOID!

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 23rd Apr 2008
Good phone. Looks great and operates great

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 23rd Apr 2008
Although it is loaded with features, it doesn't perform reliably. You are probobly OK if you buy in UK but in France customer service does not exist even though bought from SFR (Vodaphone). I have owned it for over a month but it has already been sent away for repair three times, so have only used it for about 5 days! Coudn't recommend it. From an engieering point of view, the production team have done a good job but the software guys need shooting. How is it that we now accept such poor reliability in phones and computers?

Reviewed by ben from UK on 18th Apr 2008
excellent fone i love it it's the best phone i have ever had !

Reviewed by Jasmin from UK on 17th Apr 2008
I absolutely HATE this phone. The memory is too large for a mobile phone. You cannot apparently 'Delete ALL' messages, but have to do it one by one. So please tell me how you are meant to do that with a thousand or so messages. and as a result of loads of messages, it takes so long to go through the menu (using the memory). it turns off so many times, when i flick it shut, and basically, is the WORST phone i have ever had.

Reviewed by Rivona from UK on 14th Apr 2008
I have the Nokia E65. I do believe that it is a waste of time. It doesnt have many features. Its advertised as a really good phone, but not really. If I could get a refund on the phone, I would so do that. It doesnt even have games. Its not even user friendly.

Reviewed by shernelle from UK on 14th Apr 2008
i hav what dem trinis call a me2 it boss it works well takes hard falls really all i need is something that can make and recieve calls and text don't spend money foolishly be like me it boss!it shoulda get 10 stars!

Reviewed by Fanie Engelbrecht from UK on 11th Apr 2008
On 20 July 07 I renew my contract with a Nokia E65 Cell C Cellphone. Guaranteed for 2 years. I experienced the following problems with the phone : Busy talking - Makes a noise and people on the other side cant here me clearly. All of a sudden my phone would just cut out and reboot for no reason. I went back to Solly's where I renewed my contract in the beginning of March and they send the phone in for repairs. Received the phone back... The problem is not fixed. I realy want you to assist me in this matter as I am very unhappy about the service this phone has given me since the first day..I'm in the police which you know is a very responsible work and to be out in a crisis sitting with these problems is furstrating and not save when you have to help people, report crimes and it is your only communication. Please can you contact me on : 084 711 1147 or e-mail me on : belindajehle@ananzi.co.za The serial number on my Invoice for the phone is : 353261017584377 I trust that you will find this in order and would like from you a.s.a.p Thanks F.A. Engelbrecht [Editor's reply: thanks for your review, but please don't complain to us. We just review phones, not sell them!]

Reviewed by luke andi hutchinson from UK on 1st Apr 2008
i have a nokia E65 previously on a contract but now on pay as you go. i have to agree with the phone being more of a business phone than a entertainment phone or photography phone. but it does what you need it to do. you can access messenger anywhere, browse the internet (provided enough credit) and is lightweight and slim. after 2 years of use it has only recently started to show the signs of use so it is pretty hardwearing. i myself get bored of mobiles so am in the market for a new phone. but if you do not get bored of mobiles easy, then i would recommend this phone for businesses and/or regular use. it feels good and is easy to use.

Reviewed by Clarice from UK on 27th Mar 2008
I had this phone as an ugrade from my samsung d600 last june, and I am now counting down the days to my next upgrade. I will list down teh main problems I have with this phone. It has everything you need (if it's not built-in, its still very easy to find applications on the internet) but battery life is very appalling!! I'd be lucky if it lasts a day and a half. On average, it crashes at least once a week when youre trying to access the main menu from standby (even though only one other application is running in teh background). The paint on the housing comes off easily from day to day constant rubbing with other things in the bag. But at the end of the day, I cant really complain as it's a good business phone and I can see my daily calendar entries and helps me keep track of my to do lists. Probably if I buy a new battery off ebay I wont be moaning as much..

Reviewed by Guitta Lebanon from UK on 27th Mar 2008
the phone is very good and stylish but the battery is awful I have to recharge it on a daily basis.

Reviewed by Ed from Worcester from UK on 23rd Mar 2008
I love this phone and it's got wi-fi wich is good. Bit slow at times, font could be better, battery not too bad, still a good phone not the best fone in the world!!!!

Reviewed by malcom from UK on 21st Mar 2008
This phone is ok.But I really hate that when I set my pictures as my wallpaper it dosen't fit the whole screen,which really bug's me alot.

Reviewed by tony from UK on 21st Mar 2008
good phone for business use, only concern is the poor battery life, phone 4 months old and battery does not last out the day - outside of that can't fault it

Reviewed by Joshua from UK on 18th Mar 2008
I think this is a very good phone for business users but i am not 18 yet and i still find it great.

Reviewed by James from UK on 8th Mar 2008
I upgraded from my N70 to the E65 even though I was hesitant on a slider phone from nokia as 6620 was so loose and chattery. Suprisingly it had a solid feel, quite a few fucntions and reliable without being slow to access features. It is a business mobile but I also take snaps and listen to mp3s with 2 gig expansion. It does everything you want but its also reliable and small. The only downside I can point out is the talk time and standby-I've had to charge it every 1-2 days maybe I am asking too much? left alone and its on standby for nearly a week. I find the wifi, bluetooth pretty reliable too-I've never had a fault with it. Tempted to keep it another year as the other mobiles on three upgrade are not exactly great. Get it in black or red.

Reviewed by matt from UK on 7th Mar 2008
DONT GET THIS PHONE !!!! Im now on my 4th e65. orange keep replacing it but they always develop the same faults, ie, switching itself off and then back on and ringtones /wallpaper is restet to defaults when this happens. Also locks up etc. phonebook button seems to work when it feels like it and bluetooth connection is poor.Also often the microphone or earpiece doesnt work when trying to make calls, the only way to sort out any of these faults is to switch it off and back on or to remove battery. Every fault i have mentioned has occured on every hand set iv had. I dont think this can be coincidence. In short this phone is a pile of junk.

Reviewed by waleed from UK on 7th Mar 2008
its an marvelous mobile igot it on january and it didnt have any problems at all the mobile phone rocksssssss it has a loud voice and excellent battery and looks beautiful and it can store up to 500 musics and more ita a wonderful mobile

Reviewed by Jaezebel from UK on 6th Mar 2008
I bought my E65 almost a year ago and I love it. For Benson from Australia; I have 6 recurring alarms every day, I set them on the calendar and then they automatically go off every day, no need to reset. I only use the alarm function for random, one off alarms. The battery isn't the longest lasting, but it is running a lot of applications. I like having Wi-Fi, bluetooth, WLAN and it's worth the slightly shorter battery life to have these functions. I really love the ability to multi-task. I use it all the time. I think the group contact in Team Suites is great. In fact the only thing I think they could have improved on is the camera. I would have liked it placed better for video calls. I don't like the delay when taking a photo. But all in all, a great phone. I am very pleased with it & would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a phone with these functions. I would give it 4.75 stars.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 4th Mar 2008
Had the phone for less than a month .......... keeps switching itself off. Just about to get a replacement - I wish my company hadn't bought these phones!! Batteries last less tan a day if you're using it alot - don't get one

Reviewed by MR from UK on 3rd Mar 2008
Awful camera quality - my older 6230i was much better :/ Sometimes lags a bit, or freezes up (rarely). Otherwise good.

Reviewed by GG from UK on 27th Feb 2008
Do not buy this phone..no wee pictures to send in texts, no flash - camera poor, no 2nd camera for video calling, battery lasts 2 days just with minimal use......enough said? You have been warned!!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 24th Feb 2008
This is the worst phone I have ever owned. It randomly decides to hang at points, constantly tells me that I have new voicemail messages (when I don't) and it sometimes doesn't let me make or recieve phonecalls even when I have a signal! I'm counting the days to my renewal

Reviewed by Dan from Rutland, UK on 17th Feb 2008
This phone is OK. It feels good, but the performance is poor. Mine was repaired and then replaced. Also the stand-in handset I was given lost a key in the slide. Compared to the E51 it's a bit lumbering. However it has a superb screen and handles email very well.

Reviewed by Sydney from australia on 14th Feb 2008
this fone is okay.. ive had it for a while but lost it.. the camera was not good at all but the voice activating stuff was pretty cool but some of the features i didnt even use , like the conference and all the business features . if only i had known dat dis was a business fone i wouldnt have bought it.. i recommend it to business ppl but not 2 anyone else

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 8th Feb 2008
Buyer beware....the phone is as good as the supplier. Most phones sold through mobile shops are grade A- B remanufactured. Mobile stores get special deals on buying reworks. Most reworks still have a higher failure rate. All in all if faulty get a working one and then write an review.

Reviewed by ling from singapore on 4th Feb 2008
lousy phone. its less than a year and it has been constantly rebooting and hanging. no games, no fm player, no flash. many features but not very useful, no timer. camera was not very impressive too. on the whole, i cant wait to sell this phone. worst nokia phone ever.

Reviewed by dave from england on 28th Jan 2008
gud fone, an the wireless surfing on is excellent i can access my emails in no time

Reviewed by H from London, UK on 18th Jan 2008
This is by far the worst Nokia I have ever had... in fact, the worst phone I have ever owned! I am on my 4th E65 so far, each developing simular faults... the main one being, the phone often decides not to allow outgoing calls from the recent calls list or phonebook and regularly drops its signal. In fact, all the problems that have been mentioned by others here already! If I had the choice I would not be having this phone again... however, 02 have a policy that states after 4 handsets I am entitled to pick a different handset, not before. So, livid as I am, I am lumbered with it until it decides to develop a fault again! I would not recommend this phone to anyone.... looks can be decieving and I have collegues who are having simular problems!

Reviewed by Justin from wa on 17th Jan 2008
i have had the NOKIA E65 for about 2 months and it is the best phone that i have ever had... it has all the fetures i could want in a phone but they look the 1000000000 bucks u pay for them

Reviewed by Lill from australia on 8th Jan 2008
Pretty good phone, but it doesnt look so good

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