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Nokia E63 review

 Review: March 2009  

Last updated September 2010

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia E63 is arguably the company's first BlackBerry-beater. With full support for push email, attachment editing and web browsing, an absolutely superb QWERTY keyboard, WLAN and 3G support, it meets the full needs of the business user.

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The Nokia E63 is the little brother of the E71 business smartphone. We liked Nokia's E71 BlackBerry-buster a lot, awarding it 5 stars and concluding that it was better built than the BlackBerry Bold, had great applications, connectivity and battery life but was beaten by the Bold on the size of the display, memory and ease-of-use. Can the E63 address any of these issues without compromising anything important?

Well, although we described the E63 as the E71's little brother, it's actually a larger phone. In particular it's 13mm thick instead of 10mm. It's not any heavier though, as the E63 and the E71 use the same battery type. One physical improvement is the keyboard. We find the E63's keyboard even easier to use, thanks to subtle modifications in the shape and size of keys. The display is exactly the same as on the E71 - a 2.36 inch QVGA with 16 million colours.

Inside, the E63 is very similar to the E71, so read our E71 review for a more detailed description. Both phones are Symbian 9.2 SmartPhones running the Series 60 3.1 user interface. There's a wealth of applications available and the operating system seems to be mature and pretty much bug-free. Some things have been removed from the E71: HSDPA has gone, but it's still a 3G phone. GPS has gone too. The camera has been reduced from 3.2 megapixels with autofocus to 2 megapixels with fixed focus.

One improvement is the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Hurrah! Now we can plug in any headphone we like, or plug it into the car stereo. A Nokia stereo headset WH-102 is supplied too.

Although the E63 isn't quite as capable as the E71, it's still a superb all-round phone. Whether you choose the E63 or E71, you'll find that accessing email, sending texts and viewing web pages is very easy indeed. This is thanks to the full QWERTY keyboard, large screen and excellent internet support.

It's not really fair to compare the E63 to the BlackBerry Bold. A better comparison would be with the BlackBerry 8900. Now the Nokia has a real chance of coming out on top. First, the keyboard is just as good as the BlackBerry's and the Nokia's Navi™Key works a heck of a lot better than Blackberry's trackball. BlackBerry wins when it comes to the screen, and the two devices draw when it comes to email and web software. The E63 has 3G, whereas the BlackBerry 8900 has to rely on EDGE, but the BlackBerry has a better camera. We think that on balance we actually prefer the Nokia. For its core business functions, the E63 excels.

The fact is that we're becoming spoiled for choice when it comes to business phones that offer QWERTY keyboards and mobile internet, but which don't compromise on other features, usability or even size. The bottom line is that the Nokia E63 is an outstanding phone, and offers a less expensive option for those not wanting GPS or a top-notch camera in their phone. In fact, if you don't need these, we'd recommend the E63 because of its outstandingly good keyboard.

Update, September 2010: The Nokia E63 is disappearing from the shops now, but a lifetime of 18 months has proved its popularity. We originally awarded the E63 5 stars, but have downgraded it to 4 stars now to reflect the fact that newer phones have appeared with better features. Still, we just love that keyboard!

Nokia E63 features include:

  • Series 60 3.1, Symbian 9.2 SmartPhone
  • 2 megapixel camera with LED flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera with digital zoom - 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) at 15 fps
  • Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.36 inches)
  • Music Player (MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ formats)
  • FM radio with Visual Radio support
  • MP3 ringtones / video ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice memo recording
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols), Instant messaging with Presence-enhanced contacts
  • Attachment viewer for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Symbian and Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications
  • Internet: xHTML web browser, Flash Lite 3.0, WAP, GPRS, EDGE, 3G (384 kbps)
  • Connectivity: WLAN 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, micro-USB, 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Memory: 110 Mbytes plus support for microSD cards (up to 8 Gbytes)
  • Vibration alert
  • Quadband (850/900/1800/1900) plus 3G
  • Size: 113 x 59 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 126g
  • Talktime: 4.6 hours (3G) - 11 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 430 hours (170 hours using WLAN)

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Nokia E63 user reviews

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Average rating from 224 reviews:

Reviewed by tope olupona from nigeria on 21st Dec 2014
X my product i love

Reviewed by makholi from south africa on 20th Dec 2014
When playing games u cannot play using keyboard

Reviewed by zukisa from south africa on 22nd Jul 2014
i love the phone Nokia E63,like the enlargement of its keyboard. Also its weight.

Reviewed by sibongiseni from south africa on 23rd May 2014
that's why I love this phone it got many things that amazing an is not difficult I'm soo love with e63 that ma best phone that I enjoy be with it I wll always thanks you guys an encourage do more we really like them this brand its improve as a lot Dankie syabonga.......

Reviewed by ALIU ABDULHAD from nigeria on 4th May 2014
nokia is on of the best products on the univer and I am planing on how to buy new smartphone such as e63 or e71.:...............laughing copycant

Reviewed by ALIU ABDULHAD from nigeria on 4th May 2014
e63 is much even better that blackberry in some ways not only in battery

Reviewed by Bikram keshari Biswal from India on 12th Apr 2014
nokia E 63 is a very good mob hand set

Reviewed by mohammed shafi from india on 5th Apr 2014
i was truely amazed with this phone... Faster internet,WLAN,3G,...etc i'm almost happy with this phone. But we can't play mp4 videos and other format videos and nokia stopped this phone and they doesn't provide any new update rather than current update (510.21.010) it makes me so saad

Reviewed by zanele from south africa on 31st Jan 2014
i am still looking for this model and i can`t get my hands on it, please help me find it, i love it and i`m inove with the battery capacity

Reviewed by Maxwell from Nigeria on 25th Jan 2014
is good but sometimes it fail in downloading some applications

Reviewed by sanu from india on 23rd Nov 2013
nice phone but sometimes it hangs i dont like this point of this phone other wise it is a best fon to type for using internet etc etc

Reviewed by Y.D from South africa on 15th Nov 2013
I firstly got it in 2011..'i nvr new bwt it b4 den'...bt den yeah...it is de best phne i evr boought...i evn mde my frnds envy it by hackin nd modifyin it...i stl wndr y it ws mde for business...coz its mre fun dat...its games nd awsum apps beat de blackberry's...my review is dat blackberry is for does intrsted in socialising...bt e63 is for entertainment nd socialising.Best indeed...

Reviewed by KHOZEMA.AK from INDIA on 2nd Oct 2013
The internet is fast,the apps work well and the battery life is very good.Also,the pictures and videos are crystal clear.and also install wahts app.finaly this is very smart phone.

Reviewed by TJ from New Zealand on 17th Dec 2012
The e-mail function is OK, but other than that, I hate this phone. It's always freezing, so I have to often take the battery out to get it to restart. And I get error messages that my mailbox is full, but it doesn't let me delete any messages unless I tak the battery out and put it in again.

Reviewed by Paula from UK on 7th Sep 2012
Its, with any doubt, the best phone I have had. Left it a year ago for an Xperia 8 and never get used to it and after having problem with memory space I found my Nokia and I'm not change it for anything till it get broken.

Reviewed by gepa from Malawi on 18th Jul 2012
i love this phone its just amazing. the price is even cheaper than the features it is made of. This one of the best from Nokia

Reviewed by amerat alromancya from united kingdom on 2nd May 2012
i have had this phone for nearly 2years... Its beeeen great all th way... It fell on the the sink for sevral times and i leave it for around 3days to dry and phone is back to normal... Would defintly reccomm .. great phone with great features..

Reviewed by Chris from England on 22nd Apr 2012
Had the E63 for coming up to 3 years now, not got a bad word to say about it. I got a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 last year that was supposed to replace the E63 but it's a load of garbage, so I went back to the E63. If I was to have one criticism it would be to say that the internet is quite slow but that could be because I've had it so long and is used daily. The qwerty keyboard is brilliant, well happy with it and am keeping hold of it for the time being

Reviewed by tman from uk on 24th Mar 2012
i got this 2 hrs ago and i think its okay

Reviewed by naren from india on 15th Mar 2012
this is the best nokia qwerty phone. if you own e63 then don't upgrade to e5 or e72 becuase those models are very buggy. Rely on e63.

Reviewed by Jasellia from England on 6th Mar 2012
This phone is outstanding!The internet is fast,the apps work well and the battery life is very good.Also,the pictures and videos are crystal clear.I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

5 out of 5!

Reviewed by kenny from zimbabwe on 4th Mar 2012
the best, wordz alone are not enough 2 discribe how amazing maE63 is. I lv this phone thanx Nokia for this wonderful phone it's the best eish I lv it.

Reviewed by Hossain Ahmad from Bangladesh on 1st Mar 2012
nothing to say .....just love this phone my nokia e63........bt some time app not support

Reviewed by Claudia from MEXICO on 21st Feb 2012
OMG... I've had this phone for 2 years, and still works like new, batery life is great, and I use my phone A LOT, I can't beleive I'm stll discovering new functions on my phone every day, now I get notified everytime I get an e-mail!!!....NOKIA E63 is one of the best phone ever, I love it. btw..my phone came with USB cable included and hands free or blue tooth I dk how you call it but yes very well equiped :D I'm soooo happy with my NOKIA E63

Reviewed by Prashant from India on 16th Feb 2012
Really Great phone....
But Symbian OS Games are not worked on it...

Reviewed by shankerlal from india.agra on 13th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Arif from England, United Kingdom on 8th Feb 2012
I've had this phone for over 2 years now, when having WiFi on your phone was quite special. Over this time period, the phone is still very capable of several functionalities; such as playing un-resized DivX/XviD videos with a 3rd party app (CorePlayer, SmartMovie - supporting subtitles). Also JoikuSpot allows tethering 3G onto other devices as a WiFi Hotspot.

The phone also is very reliable, no problems whatsoever over 2 years. Although 3rd party apps are limited, it is only a good device if you plan on only using it for a phone, and very minimal multimedia use.

Reviewed by yenus from Ethiopia on 3rd Feb 2012
even other bussiness phone appeared,Nokia E63 is a durable,with a suitable keyboard and service potential.I like it well

Reviewed by Justine Longwe from Tanzania on 29th Jan 2012
I have this Nokia e63. but i wonder when i connect to my laptop its not charging, please help whats the problem with this device????

Reply by Wiggysan from England on 29th Feb 2012
The reason it is not charging is the data lead is a data lead, not a charge adapter. The charger is the small pin point on the bottom left. The data lead is not a charger.

Reviewed by fidaullah from pakistan isb. on 19th Jan 2012
i think e63 is bettar but low camera is only fault.becoze every man is like to feature &havy camera but it is not beg isue but company member d;nt mach to other in feature there for every nokia phone from 2007 to 2011 is a same opr system this is very becoz only change shape only for marketing i used many nokia phone eg nokia e65 n79 n97 n95 etc but i found all these is similar there for i requst changing in oprating not in shaping thanks

Reviewed by CNH from RSA on 17th Jan 2012
Over 2 years ago I wanted to buy a phone with qwerty keyboard for under R3000.00, so I reasoned that Blackberry's 8520 curve would be the better option because at that time it was R700.00 more expensive than the nokia E63. I had the phone a day, realised that it's internet is rather sluggish, it's bluetooth is over-complicated and it's overall usability is horrid. Needles to say, I returned it demanding a Nokia. I'd have been the first to own a BB in my school then, but now I watch my friends and family go to buy Blackberry's regardless of my warnings. What good is ''free internet- at R59 p.m'' if BIS is RIP? They don't evaluate that the mean-internet usage per month is actually lower than R59 and excessive usage in rare cases only warrants the bias towards BB's internet plan. I like the scroll-ball, that's all. Furthermore it's Nokia Galore.

Reviewed by DENNIS MENACE from UK on 8th Jan 2012

Reviewed by siraj from India on 3rd Jan 2012
Its very easy to use...

Reviewed by Shivam from India on 24th Dec 2011
Quite an excellent phone bt the camera is poor just like a vga one but overall a good one by nokia

Reviewed by Lily from Canada on 19th Dec 2011
Actually got mine as a refurbished item- and so glad I did! I have had it for almost 2 years and its still going strong. I dont really use it for data purposes but the keyboard makes it really handy for sending messages. And who needs apps when this lil thing has it all- dictionary, calculator, speech reader.... amazing deal for the price!!!

Reviewed by sam from india on 2nd Dec 2011
its just awesome for the price!!!

Reviewed by Lloyd Nyamaropa from Zimbabwe on 1st Dec 2011
Its e best phone to use.i take this one rather than blackberry

Reviewed by Phil Hudson from England on 27th Nov 2011
Brilliant phone does everything I need.

Reviewed by alesia from Romania on 25th Nov 2011
it is the best phone ever...it changed my life

Reviewed by VIJAY from UK on 15th Nov 2011
Really e63 super phone! Have it enjoy it.

Reviewed by sagar sheet from UK on 14th Nov 2011
E63 is good smartphone, it's web browser is amazing very fast browsing and fast with multipli download like as 7,8 tasks. E63 runs on s60v3.1 symbian os 9.2 . It is unbeatable phone, but it's camera is very poor only 2 mega pixel but it night pic is awesome for his single led flash. And its missing hsdpa and gps but nokia maps is preloaded its support google map 4.1 by voice search. Its missing hsdpa but wcdma/umts is very very fast net its net faster than wave 525, all corby seris , champ, nokia x3-02 .over all its a nice phone. In this year i think it is 1 of top 10 smart phone in world

Reviewed by Mose Issa from UK on 13th Nov 2011
defiantly get this, its absolutely amazing. Gives soo much for soo little ive had it since may 2010 and it still works perfectly :)

Reviewed by Nixon from Sri Lanka from UK on 26th Oct 2011
really im proud to say Nokia e63 is my fist smart phone, simply its superb. Supporting every features for my business. But onething, the camera is not good. For more informations : anthonynixonsam@yahoo.com

Reviewed by adan hirsi from UK on 20th Oct 2011
very nice phone

Reviewed by gabriel t, magarireyi from UK on 20th Oct 2011
i love nokia e63 so much its avery good phone to use .

Reviewed by Antonia Micallef from UK on 18th Oct 2011
E63 great phone

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 17th Oct 2011
my nokia eseries e63 it wont let me text anyone at all keeps saying unable im on a contract and my contract hasn't run out and ive used a rubber and rubbed the sim this phone is getting on my neves and its hopeless

Reviewed by techy Les Syscontrols from UK on 15th Oct 2011
Better than, the by now much blackened Blackberry and truly the best mobile phone I have ever owned. From it's grippy casing to the super keyboard and vivid display, points all to easily lost in the design of a phone with everything. Impressive battery life too. If I were to be super critical however, I was disappointed that a forward facing camera was not fitted, as Video Skyping would have been the jewel in the crown.

Reviewed by nish from UK on 10th Oct 2011
this mobile is dumb at this price.. Evrytime i connect it 2 my pc.. Or want to download sumthing it switches off... Bad 4 internet.. I would never recommmend... But gud 4 listening songs& texting

Reviewed by Alexa from UK on 27th Sep 2011
I have the Nokia E63 but I really want the Blackberry because so many people have it. I guess I'll just have to work my way towards getting a better phone next time. I wouldn't hesitate to ask my parents but I just got my phone like a few months ago. Better luck next time. If my phone just had bbm I'd be the happiest girl in the world!

Reviewed by gideon aigbe....fb-gideon rex aigbe from UK on 27th Sep 2011
av been using d fone for about a month and i wld recomend d fone to anybody yound to me i wld say d fone understands me...lol,cos i installed an application that just marvels me on how it works...it knows wen i cnt pick call n put my fone on silent etc,it also locks n opens at a button touch n also locks even with mt voice.i can even lock my fone with a friends fone if i forget my fone in d house isnt dat amazen?,....to me dis fone i would call it my p.a. lol....tanx to a friens dat recomended it to me...

Reviewed by Sanet from UK on 13th Sep 2011
I hate it cause I can't open my ovi store then it freez I can't download whatsapp cause it freez

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 11th Sep 2011
I love the phone, and it's easy to use and to get your head around. However, I am having many problems with the signal, and if I drop it, it completely loses signal. For instance, in my room, I usually get full bars. If I drop it gently, it immediately loses most signal, and I have to keep it by the window to get signal. Other than that, it's really good and seems to do a better job than the BlackBerry.

Reviewed by Vuyokazi from UK on 6th Sep 2011
I like it .

Reviewed by supratik from UK on 29th Aug 2011
i like my Nokia E63 very much.... Its is very powerful and can be made fully functional if useful apps are downloaded...... it has almost all the feature comparing to its price

Reviewed by Mike ipapo cruz r.n. from UK on 25th Aug 2011
for those whose lacks budget on getting an iphone...THIS IS THE BEST UNIT! THE MP3 SOUND IS SUPERBLY NICE AND LOUD! its like listening to an iphone/itouch(actually much better than itouch?! i bought my e63 last april 2011 and im very satisfied! im planning to buy a 16 gig memory card. the internet is very good also! THE BATTERY LIFE IS VERY GOOD! PRICE IS NICE( 7,600 Php. not bad?!)

Reviewed by Boss from UK on 12th Aug 2011
I got dis ting the other day bruv nd all i can is "blad, dis phone is da top ting 2 get!!" it gave me bare features i neva had on my old fone and they are live fam! get dis ting now!!!!!!

Reviewed by pollyn E. from UK on 9th Aug 2011
E63 durability is superb, if handled as expected.

Reviewed by Kay from UK on 31st Jul 2011
I love this phone pls improve the camera mega pixel thx

Reviewed by Fadhy Mtanga from UK on 30th Jul 2011
i have been using Nokia E63 for one year and a half now.. It's very amazing. most of times when i'm on the go i forget about my laptop when it comes to downloading of files, reading pdfs, editing docs. Above all its keyboard. Thanx to Nokia for this kind of phone. I love my E63 so much! U'll always find it on my hands.

Reviewed by madi from essex from UK on 24th Jul 2011
excellent phone .. upgraded to a nokia touch screen had so many problems with that one went back to e63 its an excellent standby phone to my blackberry luv u e63 mwah xx

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 23rd Jul 2011
Not for big fingers !!!!

Reviewed by Abubakar umar from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
Thank you NOKIA, i have just puchased my E63 nokia and found out that its the best handset ever used by me.

Reviewed by Rolf from UK on 18th Jul 2011
great phone, just wish i could play mp4 files... Won't replace it any time soon

Reviewed by choon from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
I'm writing this on my E63 :) Really nice phone.The keyboard is great,very comfy :) I heard in a review that this phone has the worst audio quality they've ever tested.It's not true.The sound quality is good.It sounds just like ipod :) All in all great phone.It's a joy using it.We don't need the metalic E71,E63 is just fine !!

Reviewed by gautam malhotra from UK on 22nd Feb 2010
i love this phone but why does it hangs though when i restart it, it works properly.

Reviewed by Livvy from UK on 20th Feb 2010
i am in love with this phone! Im using it right now to write this review and it is by far better than any phone I have ever owned or used. It beats the iPhone and Blackberry by a long shot. Everything about it is perfect. Its wonderful for buisness people with its emails and intranet and also perfect for teenagers with the 3G internet and easy-to-use keyboard. Although the camera is only 2MP, it still takes some wonderful pictures! I got this phone yesterday with the 3 contract above, which is perfect for me as im almost 13 and love going on msn, facebook and sending texts. I would recomend this fantastic phone to anyone, dont hestitate; you will not be dissapointed! Xxx

Reviewed by Steve Ralph from UK on 14th Feb 2010
I was due for an upgrade on 3, but after they did me a superb sim only deal for 15, decided to scrap an upgrade and instead went and bought a Nokia E63. What an all round excellent phone, I have not been able to put it down. I love internet radio and find the Nokia Internet Radio app really great. As I like a bit of social networking on Facebook, I have added an app for instantly uploading photos and videos straight to my FB account. Just about anything is possible with this handset. Oh and the push email via Email on 3 works great. I now also receive my work email on it too and the opening and editing of word/excel/powerpoint is just wonderful. I have upgraded the quick office for free to allow use of office 2007 material too ( as well as lots of other useful apps) A really outstanding phone..DO NOT HESITATE..BUY IT!!

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 13th Feb 2010
Just Upgraded from a samsung tocco ultra (really rubbish) to this. I'm very impressed by the functions and ease of use. Plus its a nokia which means it will be reliable and easy to use.

Reviewed by Ritesh from UK on 13th Feb 2010
I know it quite too late to own a phone like this. But it is an all rounder for me and I have no regrets for buying this phone, because it is capable of hars conditions according to me.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 12th Feb 2010
Had the E63 for two days now and i love this phone - very classy phone - love it.

Reviewed by Richard Jose Tharakan from UK on 11th Feb 2010
I am writing this from my e63, amazing! Its a brilliant phone and i would recommend it to anyone!!!!! But i cant restrict myself from telling its major draw back.......!!!!!!!!! its getting hang while receiving call!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by DONT DO IT from UK on 10th Feb 2010
I have this phone and have to charge it 14 times a week. It has been sent for repair twice. Also the battery has been changed abd the charger replaced. The phone still has this awful battery performance. I got my phone from THREE. All I can say is please please buy something else and whatever you do DO NOT GET A CONTRACT WITH THREE.I feel that I have been the victim of a confidence trick and legally swindled out of my money. Corporate theft once again in the UK.

Reviewed by Jayde from UK on 10th Feb 2010
Got my Nokia E63 earlier this year. I personally think it is brilliant!!!!!!!! Would recommend.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 8th Feb 2010
Just got this phone and find it to be outstanding. Great features (OK, camera is not ground breaking). Find keyboard easy to use. Menu's can take a while to become completely familiar, but easy enough to use. For the price, this is an amazing piece of kit. Even works well with Ford Audio hands-free bluetooth system. Would recommend this to anyone.

Reviewed by dell from UK on 8th Feb 2010
This is a brilliant phone, the unit itself is very well built and all the buttons have a nice feel to them, it also looks very nice in the flesh so to speak, without being flashy. The operating system on the phone is excellent, very intuitive and the phones hardware is capable of running it very quickly and smoothly, you can also have a high number of applications running in the background due to the large amount of RAM in the device. The internet browser on the phone is good but i would recommend downloading opera mini for free, it is an excellent browser and works really well on this handset. Part of what makes this phone so good for browsing the web is the excellent screen which is very sharp and the colours are vibrant. I also like that it has a 3.5mm headphone jack which means you can use your headphones from other devices with the phone without needing any kind of adapter. The battery life is one of the phones strongest points, it is simply outstanding. All in all, easily the best phone i have ever owned and i hope it will serve me well for a number of years.

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 6th Feb 2010
Had the phone a couple of weeks now. Still not able to get a network signal for more then a couple of minutes. Had the phone changed after a week and still having the same problem. Never had any problems with getting a signal from the network with any of my other phones. I am on 3 so well worth checking out if you can get a signal before you buy. Very disappointed. Nice looking phone says it does loads just not able to use it. Would not recommend phone to anyone else on 3.

Reviewed by ebi bala from UK on 5th Feb 2010
i love the e63 smartphone and not only that am thinking of buying another new one to give my girlfriend as val gift.

Reviewed by Crunchie Belly from Vatican from UK on 4th Feb 2010
excellent cell phone, masterpiece from nokia, better than all crackberries, even E71.Note:this phone is not for kids.

Reviewed by Kashif Umair from UK on 4th Feb 2010
What to say about E-63, amazing awsome, Brilliant means say what ever you can goo about this phone and as far as the price is concern, wow so much economical. I love this phone and will definitly recommend to every one who needs a phone for common or professional use.

Reviewed by Liam Rock from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
Honestly, very good phone, but the screen in the phone is very fragile, iv had it a month now and its just completly cracked, only from knocking it off a table edge, dont let this put you off, its a very good phone, highly recomend it.

Reviewed by Gary Blakesley from UK on 31st Jan 2010
Unless you have a degree in quantum physics forget this phone. Going back to blackberry

Reviewed by cheekymonkey from UK on 31st Jan 2010
i love it. Writing this review from my e63. I get bored of phones very easily yet cant put this down im learning new things with it all the time. I find the camera perfectly acceptable for a 2 megapixel and the music player is great although the sound quality through the phone speakers can be a bit tinny if played at the highest volume. nokia was one of the 1st mobile phones i had 12 years ago and not had one since though after this little beauty dont think ill use anything but nokia ever again. All in all its an excellent phone for an excellent price.

Reviewed by Star from UK on 30th Jan 2010
Ive recently brought this phone, second hand but in extremely good condition. So far the phone is ACE!! very good, the battery is excellent, Ive been on the Net for ages and have phoned people, text and been doing all sorts and the battery life remains high. takes a bit of getting used to but excellent phone highly recommend!

Reviewed by teresa from UK on 27th Jan 2010
absolutely hate this phone, i disconnect from the internet in the settings but the phone keeps connecting to the internet and im being charged, virgin are absolutely no help a complete waste of time

Reviewed by Sasha from UK on 24th Jan 2010
Absolutely amazing phone. I really wanted a Blackberry but couldn't afford so I opted for this thinking I was settling for something far inferior, but as it turns out it is superior to all my friends' Blackberries! I am so so happy with this phone, and the low price tag is an added bonus.

Reviewed by Wahyu Darmayani from UK on 21st Jan 2010
I bought this superb Nokia E63 one year after its launched. So the price in Indonesia is very cheap for such kind of outstanding smartphone. I bought at IDR 1.99 million or equal to USD 209 ! So far, the cellphone could work flawlessly and I am very satisfied with it. Besides, its smartphone features.. E63 style is very nice, I choose new black color and it looks beautiful in a desk during meeting :)

Reviewed by noor hashmi from UK on 20th Jan 2010
i like the phone very much it works really good accept the keyboard is a little bit defficult durring using,

Reviewed by E63 Is Awesome from UK on 18th Jan 2010
Got this phone, great to use, packed full of features, great build quality.

Reviewed by ashutosh from UK on 18th Jan 2010
superb phone

Reviewed by John from UK on 17th Jan 2010
Awfull phone! Comes with loads of apps, all of which are either demos, need constant updating, need a constant internet connection while using or just dont work. Very un-user friendly and has less actual day to day programs than my 3 year old nokia. Taking it back!

Reviewed by Frustrated One from UK on 16th Jan 2010
This phone SUCKS. Call logs, Calender reminders are NOT user friendly. They have provided MOST USELESS options like print, internet call, send audio messages etc. But most required options to see which number has called, postpone an appoinment in schdular etc are not available. Call logs doesnt provide info on numbers they just display contact name. Neither logs are sufficietnly big enough. In short this model SUCKS. DO NOT BUY.

Reviewed by esther from UK on 16th Jan 2010
i love this phone

Reviewed by John Smith from UK on 15th Jan 2010
got the E63 is rubbish i hate it!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 15th Jan 2010
I love most of the stuff this phone does, and while it is very good when it's working, it's reliability can be sketchy. After owning the phone for 2 weeks, everything went wrong. It would start up, and then not load anything. Press the menu button, and it would take 60 seconds for the menu to appear etc. After having to order a USB cable because Nokia don't supply one, It took me a whole evening to get the phone to stay on the home screen long enough for it to go into USB mode. I managed to back everything up and re-install the software which fixed it. However, I often get problems when the phone has been on all day. By the evening, I find the signal is showing 0 bars, and I have to switch off the phone and turn on again to recover the signal. Very annoying, hopefully there will be a software update to fix this very soon. Apart from that, it is a pretty good phone, everything it does it does well, and it seems very well made. The options for configuring the WIFI are VERY limited, which is a shame, but apart from that, and the software problems its a fairly good phone. If it wasn't for all the trouble I've had with the software I would happily give it 5 stars though... :(

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 15th Jan 2010
What a great phone for the price!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 13th Jan 2010
Great phone. Only 99 now on 3 PAYG. Unlocked it, popped in my Orange sim, downloaded a few settings from Orange website and hey presto! Absolute bargin! Really impressed! This is a real business tool. Cheaper than an Iphone, more reliable, bluetooth wokrs, awesome battery life and isn't bloated with apps that you'll never want to use. :-)

Reviewed by Ekundayo Shola from UK on 12th Jan 2010
E63is a good phone,i have been using it for 8 months now & it has not give any problem.

Reviewed by Rommel from UK on 11th Jan 2010
This phone is very nice... but I'm having trouble on its camera. I don't know how how to turn off the LED while capturing video... :)

Reviewed by Courtnii-Jade from UK on 9th Jan 2010
Hey all,, I am in love with this phone,, absolutely by far the best phone I have ever owned,, but i am having one small problem with it,, I dont know how to change the camera to the front Camera for the video calling,, because my video calling works but you have to turn the whole phone around and dont get to see the other person while your talking to them,, so can someone please help me,, you can e-mail me on funky_girl_aus@hotmail.com Thank you very much :)

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