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Nokia E60 review

 Review: October 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: 3G smartphone with MP3 player, memory card, Bluetooth & WLAN.

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The Nokia E60 is a business-orientated 3G SmartPhone. There's no camera and it looks like a brick, so teenagers stop reading now!

OK, if you're still reading, then we'll say straight away that this is an excellent phone for the business user. There's really nothing missing, and plenty to recommend the E60. Let's start with the outside. It's a smart functional design - nice and square - not too big or heavy, but solid. The keypad is excellent with nicely separated, good-sized keys, and a precise 5-way navigation key. The screen is a good size and is fantastically sharp. Nokia have pulled out all the stops with this one. It's an active matrix display with 16 million colours and an ultra-high resolution: 352 x 416 pixels. This is clearly designed to enable document reading and web browsing, and it works well. If the font is too small, then you can easily zoom into a document, as well as rotate and pan with ease. It's the next best thing to having a laptop and it impressed us.

The E60 packs in almost every business function that exists, including a few novel ones. Naturally the basics are covered - integrated speakerphone, vibration alert, voice commands, voice recorder, email, web browser, Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Then there are some less common but valuable features - 3G, Symbian applications, Push to Talk, an attachment viewer for browsing Office documents, Wireless LAN and a memory card (plus 64 Mbytes of internal memory). Finally, there are a couple of novel features that might or might not prove useful. The first of these is the capacity to make VoIP calls via the wireless LAN connection. Making free calls is probably not top priority for the average business user, but this could still prove be a useful feature. There's also a feature that people will love or hate: Talking Caller ID. This means that the phone will speak the name of an incoming caller as part of the ringtone. Could be useful (or embarrassing!)

We can't find any negatives with the E60. It's a great all-round phone for business use. You'll want another phone for the weekend no doubt, but during office hours you won't go wrong with the E60. Looking rather dated now, but still recommended!

Nokia E60 features include:

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Nokia E60 user reviews

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Average rating from 48 reviews:

Reviewed by Elias msuya from Tanzania Africa on 11th Mar 2011
For sure i use a nokia E60 and i realy enjoy wot i get from it espeacialy the wireless LAN connections which unaebles you to use free internet and also free calls .am a 17 year old teen age and i know its not strange for i to manage a phone with no camera but somehow it realy helps me with my studies when browsing the web,its fast and 3g able phone,usually people thnk its a strange phone bcze where i live i am the only one who owns this phone i realy like it and i realy want to try the E61

Reviewed by LCX from Singapore on 4th Aug 2010
The E60 has a very short battery life and mine cannot detect wifi networks well.

Reviewed by Tarikh Jumeer from Mauritius on 17th Apr 2009
Hello, it's me again. Another update. One of my E60 fell in a gutter full of water. For over ten seconds. I picked it up, removed the battery. Let it near a 60 watt bulb for 2 days to remove the humidity. When I turned it on, it worked as new. As if it never fell in water. Hats up to Nokia and the E60.

Reviewed by mohammad salih from pakistan on 29th Mar 2009
i love this foon last yere.there is good foon.but one defeshency camera not avilable but i love this foon

Reviewed by Sharad from India on 7th Sep 2008
Very good phone.Picture quality is amazing.Great graphics.This phone is excellent for business purpose and that is what it is designed for.It should have come with pre-installed themes and camera.Then this model would have much more interesting

Reviewed by grega from slovenia on 16th Aug 2008
im using the phone now for a good year,no problems so far,only thing that bothers me is a low volume when using headphones

Reviewed by Tarikh Jumeer from Mauritius on 3rd Aug 2008
Hello it's me again but I wanted to inform u that I bought another E60. This is by far the most beautiful Nokia ever made. My best friend upon seeing it told me "wow look how it's beautiful" And the best too. The ergono mics are just perfect. Everything else too. I cannot see a serious flaw in it. The screen is the best screen ever made. I haven't heard of anything with better definition. These are not empty words to fill up this review. This phone is really perfect. Sure it doesn't have a camera but that's sets it apart. The only problem with the E60 is that it's underrated and thus it's sold at low prices. This kinda downgrades it. In mauritius, the major nokia representative sold me this phone at full price but the next day they reduced their price down by 50percent. So i was a big loser victim of these cheaters. Nokia the owner company should be more serious as to whom they give exclusivity overseas. We are far from satisfied with our local Nokia exclusive dealer.

Reviewed by Tarikh Jumeer from Mauritius on 5th Jun 2008
Thumbs up to Nokia for this phone. It's truly awesome to use. The design is from another world. And God, the display is incredible! Of course, there are no cameras but as a photographer, I dislike the cheap units that are in mobile phones. The keypad is really a joy to the thumbs and fingers, they're very comfortable. Even though the phone may feel plasticky, it is a very fine product.

Reviewed by Egirin from Albania on 5th May 2008
Nokia E60 is the better phone that i have ever had. It si beautifull and chep. Thet is wy i love this phone

Reviewed by Milko Georgiev from Bulgaria on 18th Feb 2008
I love this phone!

Reviewed by Monika from India on 19th Jan 2008
The phone is like a good looking apple with a rotten core. sms messages take upto 2 minutes to get sent and the phone hangs in the meantime. Nokia as a service provider in India is really bad, so the only option seems to be to chuck it in the bin.

Reviewed by Taro from Japan on 3rd Jan 2008
This is a good phone for wi-fi and making SIP internet telephone calls. If the other person you are calling has a SIP phone, then it becomes free, as you only pay for the wi-fi internet connection!Great phone to have for the home!

Reviewed by james from ireland on 24th Nov 2007
well i bought this phone and its weighs a ton its like a brick i could make a house out of it its rubbish

Reviewed by Mehemet from Turkey on 2nd Oct 2007
i use this e60 Nokia mobile, i think it is perfect and wonderfull. you may use not afraid ...

Reviewed by Chittibabu.P from India on 26th Aug 2007
Excellent Business phone.Solid build.

Reviewed by inder from india on 20th Jul 2007
its n excellent fone without cam....

Reviewed by OWUNARI GEORGE from NIGERIA on 11th Jul 2007
No camera,but i like the picture quality

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 15th May 2007
Decent UI but it looks like a brick and has no camera. Also the shell looks very fragile and I expect it will scratch easily. If you are considering this phone I think the E70 is a much better buy. Whoever said a phone is not a fashion accessory was lying! even more so for a business phone!

Reviewed by Herb from UK on 13th May 2007
Ignore the negative reviews - some users clearly don't know what the E60 is intended for or capable of. This is a great Symbian smart phone and very good value as its packed with features, syncs seamlessly with Outlook and has WLan connection. I've already saved £'s using my home and free wifi zones to access the internet and pick up emails - rather than paying my operator for costly GPRS connections. The screen is superb and it handles internet browsing very well - much better than smaller mobiles. It can run PDF, XML and word docs and has a decent MP3 player as well. I would recommend it as a great compromise for a business user who wants a mobile phone and PDA all in one.

Reviewed by Damien from U.K on 14th Apr 2007
What a phone!! this thing is great, ive been using this phone for a little over 4 months now and i just cannot fault it, the only thing i dislike is the colour, i would have prefered it in black, but its no real issue, i do highly recommend this to anyone... but not kids they would hate it... more reason's for us adults to by this apparently boring and ugly phone.. less appeal to thieves.. but once again what a phone... its the n80 in a better body!

Reviewed by Rick from China on 21st Mar 2007
As a power business user I was expecting quite a bit more, since this was supposed to be the phone for me. Gripes and groans: - Keypad is way to firm and just doesn't feel right - The processor in the phone isn't up to the task of managing the screen and the interface: it takes almost *three* seconds to open the window to send an SMS, making you wonder if the phone has crashed - Email display when scrolling is jerky and very hard to read - REALLY don't need a separate "Clear" key--they shouldn't have changed the interface from all earlier generations of Nokia phones - Probably my carrier's problem, but I really wish I could get rid of all of those useless links to WAP sites and whatnot on the startup screen In short, I stick with my 6230i whenever I can--a much better phone all around.

Reviewed by Karolys from Lithuania on 19th Mar 2007
my true love

Reviewed by obby from tanzania on 13th Mar 2007
is looking good and well

Reviewed by you wish from home on 28th Feb 2007
it's a phone for very smart people, like succesful business man and people which have the mind power to realize that phone weren't invented to create movies or attract girls but communication and connectivity. that's what *MY* E60 is all about and the best in it's field...

Reviewed by miz just out from jnjm on 23rd Feb 2007
i do not like this complecated, stange, ugle phone. it is not a simple phone, it has many unnesserary things on it. i would tell people not to get this phone, as there are over a 100 that are better than it. it is a useless phone that breaks when you most need it. please listen to this review as it is from some one who has had one of these phones. thank you. miz just out.

Reviewed by Matt from England on 13th Feb 2007
ooohh it looks like the blackberry pearl... i - like - it

Reviewed by SUAEB from INDONESIA on 28th Jan 2007

Reviewed by nasir from uae on 11th Jan 2007
sleek, light and stylish but lacking in camera with 1.3megapixel

Reviewed by oiltec from uk on 23rd Dec 2006
had this a week now arfter choping in the e 70 and i am glad that i did, this phone is the business, the screen is pin sharp,no camera,but this phone is designed for talk and Connectivity to which peforms remarkably well, the buttons are nice and large so if you have large fingers thay are ideal. battery hss just lasted the week good for the first charge. nokia have build a solid mobile hear no creeks when pressing buttons ect, might not suit all as looks like a building block but feels solid in the hand, last point,the software works well and easy to use.to sum up:i have through the years had many makes and models of mobiles but this is the best by far but i am 45!!

Reviewed by Femmi from UK on 19th Dec 2006
What a Poor and Ugly Phone!!! No Camera. Not worth the Upgrade. should belong in the BIN!!!!! Waste of Money if you want a Great phone i go for the K800I

Reviewed by TonyB from UK on 18th Dec 2006
Have replaced my 6310i with this phone after a brief and hopeless attempt at getting a N73 to work for me. The family resemblance with the N73 smartphone is there and the many hours reading the N73 handbook paid off, as it is very similar, if a little simpler. Both have been styled to resemble a garden pavement brick. On the plus side it is quite well made and a very clear screen. The menus are half as baffling as the N73 and it is not that hard to program. The keyboard is almost usable though the keys are still too close together and the keypad graphics too small, okay for a toy but not that clever if the devise is actually going to get used as a phone. Now the real minus points:- The only reason I have staid with Nokia after the N73 was how good the old 6310 was, and that the E60 also had voice dialling which worked on all numbers – a real bonus for a phone used in the car. Only problem is that the digital system sounds terrible: AOL use the voice of Joanna Lumley, Nokia have used Prof. Stephen Hawking. On the N73 “no match found” was the answer most of the time, however the E60 is much better, it always finds a match, though rarely the one you want; Fancy re-establishing links with long forgotten contacts from the depths of your phones memory? This is the phone for you… All in all & for the money, rubbish. After two goes, I will be joining the 10 of thousands of business users skipping a generation of phones and using a re-conditioned 6310i (the only decent phone Nokia have ever made) until something better comes along.

Reviewed by koloft from iran on 15th Nov 2006
very good

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 26th Oct 2006
I don't pretend to ever be able to understand all the technology and jargon, but the E60 is big enough to fit under my chin and that's what counts.

Reviewed by Dexeaur from Uk on 19th Oct 2006
HI. Got this phone a while back and hence had a play with it so i can properly say what i think abt it after a while. Pros: 1) It's a smartphone - think multitude of programs you can install in it. And it being the latest symbian software its suppose to be the fastest. To be honest, i came from a Motorola V3 so it the E60 felt slow. Although, other older symbian users have said its blazing compared to their old phones. 2) It's got a pretty decent built in memory so u can save lots of stuff with it. Dont think abt doing loads of movies unless u loads it up with a bigger RS MMC. I have a 2Gb in it and its a decent video-ipod replacement. WHich brings me to good point no. three 3) It's resolution and screen is the best at the moment. *note* comparing it to phones from japan like the Sharp VGA screen on is not considered. It's resolution is so high and crisp, i can loads up great videos in it after coverting. 4) It works as a usb drive in a way. You just plug it in and voila, start throwing stuff into the phone. Think only the nokia E series supports it in the nokia line. 5) Battery life is actually great in 2G and after updating the latest firmware from nokia. Hits abt 5 days with minimal use. Sure it could hit 6 if i left it alone. With wifi occasionally, it hits 4-5 days. Ocassionally means checking footie score, reading 1-2 mails and browsing headlines. Can't comment on 3g i'm sorry. 6) Solidly built from nokia. No creaks and squeeks. weakest part is the rsmmc cover but rest all solid. Cons: 1) Brick design. Was sorta fooled by online pictures but when i got it from ebay....i was like.....it's big....please look at it in person. It's alos not that light...cant say heavy but not light (after all i was coming from a V3). 2) It's a symbian. Has crashed on me several times. Maybe hitting 25 times in total so far. Requires a reset more than my toshiba laptop. Although have to say the phone is crashing much less as i use it. Could be im not used to symbian software. Also, becuz its symbian, its slower than non smartphones. 3) Sound quality is SLIGHTLY above average at best. Get ANY SONY ERICSSON phone and it will own this E60. On the note of sound, the only provide mono phones in the package. 4) Resolution is so high, that u will have problems finding proper convertors to the native 352x416 screen. But have to say, at 320x240 the screen looks great still. 5) No camera. Dont expect it to be a carl zeiss lense or anything but could be useful for some comic shots. As u can see, i have played with the phone and am using it. I've not been signing praises about it and i think i have given a fair review of it. I wont be telling u to buy it or start a pro-nokia, anti samsung/SE flame thread. It's up to u. But my final score is it gets a solid 4/5. The reason being, wifi is just so amazing to have everywhere u go. And how many of us bring a pda everywhere we go like a mobile phone? Cheers.

Reviewed by TUX from Indonesia on 12th Sep 2006
Good business fone with great build quality. However, the battery life is not long. It should have the 1500 one like E61.

Reviewed by Naveed from Pakistan on 8th Sep 2006
I bought this phone a few weeks ago. I find the display to be remarkable. One thing very surprising is that it does not come pre-installed with any themes, rigtones etc. except one. Instatllation of new themes etc. was a little struggle, but have finally been able to do it. Need a magifying glass for browsing or reading a document. All in all, a good phone with a lot of functionality.

Reviewed by Jager Zoran from Serbia on 1st Sep 2006
I`ve got my e60 now almost 20 days ago, and was returning to Nokia, after having different Motorola and Samsung phones for about a year. The only thing that this phone does not have, and somebody (not me) will miss, is the camera. EVERYTHING else is included! Every possible connection type is implemented: infra red, bluetooth, even 802.11b/g wireless! It have a SIP client, and is compatible with VoIP stuff. The display is one of the best I`ve seen on mobile phone!!! I love it`s "retro" look! Nobody looks at your phone if you left it on a table. It looks like some "stupid" phone. But, when using, this phone has no competitor, expecialy at this price. For a bussines phone user, an absolutely MUST HAVE!

Reviewed by Rajesh from UK on 23rd Aug 2006
Nokia is taking everyone for a ride. I purchased the Nokia E60 and the blackberry software doesn't intall on it. Nokia says you need to upgrade the firmware to 2.618.06.05 and it seems that they haven't released the firmware at all. I don't understand why Nokia would go ahead with all the press releases and make people buy the phones if it will not work.

Reviewed by Dougal from England on 15th Aug 2006
I've had an E60 on test now for five weeks and I don't want to send it back. There's nothing wrong with my 6021, it's just that the E60 does most (business) things much better. The E60 is well built, solid but light. The screen is very sharp and clear but you'll need your reading glasses if you're browsing the web - ideally the screen should be bigger. The email client is excellent. I've set it up to push emails <50kB to the phone every 30 mins, weekdays 8am to 8pm only - it's quite flexible. The larger emails, I retrieve as required and that only takes a few seconds usually. Normal Microsoft Office files and attachments are viewable (and editable, if you're without your laptop). You'll also want to download the PDF viewer and Zip manager (from Nokia) to ensure that you can access all attachments. The proper internet browser works well too. If you've eyesight like mine (no reading glasses, but 40 something) you'll appreciate the rotate, zoom and scroll options for both document and browser viewing. With my version of PC Suite (6.80.22), I had to configure the PC email application to Notes 7.x, even though I use Notes 6, before the Address Book/Calendar/ToDo synchronisation would work properly. Usefully, the E60 summarises these items and your latest emails on the main screen, together with 6 user defined shortcuts. For such a complicated phone, I haven't been lost in the menus too often. The Wireless LAN connection feature is far from being a gimmick and lets you surf or make VoIP calls (I didn't test the latter). If you lose your E60 you can send a text message to the phone to lock it and the E60 will send back a text confirming that it has locked. Battery life isn't good (hence 4 stars and not 5). I've been recharging the phone every two days under normal use - it'll run out on the third day. There is no automatic keylock but you can Autolock the phone. There are a few small applications that surprisingly the phone lacks, such as a stopwatch, countdown alarm and wallet (for PINs etc). Much as I like the E60, the non-3G E50 may offer similar benefits but at a lower cost. That'll be my next test phone then! Also, a drawback for all 3G/GPRS business phones is the current costs charged by the networks for data calls, especially overseas. In summary, excellent phone but buy a spare battery.

Reviewed by Surajit from India on 24th Jul 2006
Its an amazing fone. A shud buy one

Reviewed by Atif Mansoor from Pakistan on 3rd Jul 2006
I have bought this phone a week ago and found everythig which i was expecting coz i have decieded to buy this telephone after reading the specification from the internet. The only which is surprising is no themes, wallpapers, digital ring toons etc are available with the telephone set. The other setback is there is no memory card available with the package, which is the biggest con. One thing more that i have downloaded some themes but i am unable to instasll them coz the phone is showing an error that invalid certificate.

Reviewed by CEBEP from Turkey on 28th Jun 2006
the phone itself is very solid. the screen is cristal and very high resolution. buttons are very comfortable. the phone is not small but it's surprisingly light. WiFi, Bluetooh work without any problem. Symbian S60 v,3 (OS 9.1) is grate and phone works much faster than older S60 models. the only week point is the battery capacity. working in WiFi drains the battery very fast. Well, it's the smartphone afterall, not a PC. I understand that we would have to pay for a bigger battery capacity by size/weight of the phone. I have very happy having this phone and would reccomend it for business use.

Reviewed by Juan from Argentina on 15th Jun 2006
It couldn't be better, its the best PDA and phone I ever had. Practical, small and the best display quality. Would like some more software out there.

Reviewed by shokhrukh from USA on 22nd May 2006
bought mine a week ago. shipped from hong kong, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised - the handset turned out to have been made in Finland (not made by nokia). Anyway, a great phone with near perfect build quality (although it feels very rock solid, the front and the back panels don't match in size). Some pros: - Feels rock solid (Unlike the Nokia 6270 I happened to own fro a few weeks, which felt as if it was about to fall apart). - Good battery life (appr. 3 days with average usage and 1.5 hr charge time) - Good sound quality (quite loud but not as "full" as with the Nokia 6270). - Bright high-res screen with the rotate feature (no "grains" at all but a bit smaller than I would ideally like to see on it). - The old same Nokia charger. - Plenty of the internal memory (about 65-70 MB). - Comfortable keypad with larger than average keys. - The new 3d generation Symbian S60 OS is much faster than its predecessor (I got to use the Nokia N70 and it was so super laggy). - Very precise joystick. - No camera, which I never use anyway. I have a Sony 7MP camera and don't need it on a cellphone. IMHO, regardless how many MPs your camera on your cellphone is, in no way can the quality of pictures be compared to those shot with a real digital camera. What's the point of having some mediocre quality shots stored on your phone? - Great sound quality. And some cons: - No preinstalled themes, wallpapers, other apps. - no nothing. - If you choose your own image as a wallpaper, it will not stretch to the full screen regardless of the resolution of the image. This is a bug that Nokia needs to address. - No software available for Nokia N60 on the internet yet (i was looking for some more new themes and dictionaries and couldn't find anything). - It doesn't come with a memory card. Internal memory only. And Nokia used a new memory format. There is a need for a standard memory type, especially for business-oriented devices. - No keypad autlock. You can use the "autolock period", but you'll need to enter your code every time to unlock the keypad. - Accessoires are hard to find. Still can not find a carrying case. - Design - too rectangular. I think the next phone I'll buy will be the just announce Nokia E50. - Due to the high resolution of the screen, the clock while idle is not readable. Hope I didn't miss anything and this will help you make a more informed decision :). Best of luck.

Reviewed by robert hughes from england on 13th May 2006
top phone, does what it says, recieves and makes calls, good effort

Reviewed by Loui from Sweden on 11th May 2006
This is in a many ways an excellent phone. Howerver, mine heats up quite a lot very quickly, something that I am not confortable with. I can not find a automatic key-lock to ebable, and the manual say nothing of such a feature.

Reviewed by Intey from Slovenia on 2nd Apr 2006
Had a chance to test it for a few hours - this phone is my next MUST HAVE. I will not miss a camera at all - I have a Canon :)) Phone has Supreme Display, great shape, weight and retro looks.

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 27th Feb 2006
Easy to push buttons and a good signal to a call to other phones.Good graphics.

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