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Nokia E6 review

 Review: July 2011  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia E6 is a high-end smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen user interface, running Symbian Anna.

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You've got to admire Nokia's designers and engineers - as the company collapses around them, they just keep on turning out new products. Even the doomed Symbian^3 operating system has been given an update - the optimistically named Anna, suggesting the first in a series of alphabetic girls names. And the hardware in the E6 is top notch - really solid, with a metallic bezel around the edge and a fantastic QWERTY keyboard. You have to admire the E6 for its innovative combination of physical keyboard and touchscreen user interface. And yet ... we suspect that almost nobody will read this review and nobody will buy the Nokia E6, for a company that has fallen so far and an operating system that's already writhing in agony with a stake through its heart won't have big appeal for the corporate executive that this product is aimed at.

If only Nokia had turned out products like this instead of the junk that they so often produced, it could all have been so different. For the E6 is a great phone. You can compare it with the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the Nokia comes out top in nearly every respect. A better screen, more memory, faster processor, superior battery life - even an FM radio and HD video recording. But how we can we choose the Nokia when we know that Symbian is a zombie operating system - already killed off by its owner, but refusing to lie down?

But for Nokia fans, the E6 is perhaps one of the best.

Nokia E6 features include:

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Nokia E6 user reviews

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Average rating from 29 reviews:

Reviewed by Okorotie Goodluck from Nigeria on 26th Feb 2015
So scintillating, i always love my e-6 , it's so fast, durable, flat, has a nice camera. I'm never tired of using Nokia phones, i'ts one of my best producer and e-6 is one of my best priduct.

Reviewed by Paul g from Ireland on 26th Feb 2015
Have Latest I phone and for a bit of retro acquired Nokia E6 and love it. Certainly not as fast as I phone or as comprehensive but I love tactile feel of qwerty keyboard. Build quality is superb with gorilla glass to screen and metal surrounds. Rather like comparing Lps to downloads or CDs. It's a nice size and fantastic for texting. It is being used as my second phone (v long battery) and increasingly I am using it more frequently as my I phone is charging. One of the best phones Nokia has made and I have owned most of them.

Reviewed by Geoffrey Chimombo from Malawi on 20th Sep 2014
E6 nokia makes me 2 feel so much happy than any other handset i ever had. Surely, itx gr8

Reviewed by Mr. Edmas from Tanzania on 1st Feb 2014
the device is so awesome! Bt my nokia e6 flash has collapsed and i don't how to make it active again! Otherwise thank u nokia my number one company in the world.

Reviewed by Tommies from Nigeria on 27th Jan 2014
Nokia E6-00 is the best synbian Anna phone i ve use so far i like it because fast internet browser.

Reviewed by John from UK on 30th Nov 2012
Nokia E6-00 running Belle:-

This is my favourite phone of all time todate and I have had iphones 4 and 4s but much prefer the E6.
It is small, light, very,very easy to use and looks great.
The combination of qwerty key board and touch screen works perfectly.
Shame I cannot give it 6 stars

Reviewed by Thusitha from Sri Lanka on 8th Jun 2012
I was using a Nokia E51 for almost four years, and about 3 weeks ago I switched to a Nokia E6. Just like the E51, the E6 too is solidly built and packed with useful features (even though it doesn't look all that fancy).

Reviewed by Vano from USA on 12th Feb 2012
I love it.. I missed my E71, and then E72, but this one is good to me so far... I have only two cons I'm missing from my previous phones...
1st: No Auto focus on camera
2nd: NO notification light, unlike previous models had... it does have NOTIFICATION, but its not as bright nor noticeable ...

Reviewed by Julian from UK on 12th Dec 2011
As a die hard anti apple phone user with over 6 months usage of my Nokia E6 I feel I am in a position to write a a well informed review. What I like: Does the basics well, phoning and text messaging, the minimum we'd expect. Love the conversations feature of the texting so you can keep track of related messages. Web browsing.. pretty good considering the tiny screen, my only gripe is that *some* websites won't load, however I have Opera loaded and that hasn't faired any better. Strangely my old E71 was able to load 'em. Torch facility: very handy in certain situations Radio: very nice fm receiver that can also be used in offline mode. GPS: It's free, it works and has a nice lady voice telling you when to turn whilst driving. Dedicated satnavs may be better, but this baby has got me out of quite a few scrapes. Battery life: not the greatest perhaps but I usually manage two to three days between charges. What I don't like: Overly sensitive touch sensitive screen: sometimes I take my phone out of my pocket or wherever and it's trying to run the sat nav or open nokia store, noooo! Too many bogus dialogue boxes, I really don't need to be told that the phone is about to go online when I take it out of offline mode. Lame message alert light ... so feeble not worth bothering with. Email: won't connect to my unconventional email provider, not such a big issue though as I can use the web portal. Overall .. sticks to Nokia's idiosyncratic high quality build and design philosphy. Not the perfect phone by any means, but it has character and that says alot :)

Reviewed by sahil from india on 8th Dec 2011
e6 is far more better than galaxy ace

Reviewed by Mr Shah from PAKISTAN on 6th Dec 2011

Reviewed by Andrew Fisher from Jamaica on 23rd Nov 2011
Mobile Phones UK I agree with Andrew from United Kingdom...your review is very biased. Saying stuff like "we suspect that almost nobody will read this review and nobody will buy the Nokia E6." is not a nice thing to say in a review whether you feel that way or not. Another statement you made "If only Nokia had turned out products like this instead of the junk that they so often produced". You make it seem like previous Nokia phones are junk. Are you saying the Nokia 3310, the phone that put Nokia on top is junk? Are you saying that the legendary Nokia 6230 is junk? Are you saying probably the best Qwerty selling phone of all time, the Nokia E71 is junk??? A next statement you made "won't have big appeal for the corporate executive that this product is aimed at." is certainly not encouraging for potential buyers. Lastly "But how we can we choose the Nokia when we know that Symbian is a zombie operating system " is basically telling everybody NOT to buy it. I use to like reading your reviews but this is probably the worst for one of the best smartphones on the market. Whether or not you said positive things about the Nokia E6 doesn't matter because you said enough negative things to overshadow the positive ones.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
Andrew, thanks for taking the time to express your views. But, our aim is not to "encourage potential buyers". Our aim is to give a frank and fair assessment of each product. We rated the E6 4/5, which is a high score, but it would be very misleading to potential buyers NOT to point out the fact that Nokia is discontinuing manufacturing Symbian phones. We hope that by pointing out problems we gain our readers' trust. Read our other reviews and you'll see that we are always pointing out problems. But we've stated that the E6 is better than the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and one of Nokia's best phones, so if you aren't worried by the future of Symbian, then you should buy this phone :)

Reviewed by Akwasi from Ghana on 16th Nov 2011
I moved from the E-72 to the E-6 just a week ago, and though I can feel the upgrade, I sorely disappointed in the battery life. It doesn't even last up to 12 hours. I've applied all the energy saving tips, yet the phone barely takes me through half a day!

Reviewed by ali raza from pakistan on 24th Oct 2011
Great phone i have ever used

Reviewed by steve mac from england on 14th Oct 2011
i have to say this is a superb device that ticks all the boxes. I have had everything from wp7 to blackberry bold to nokia n8, galaxy s and loads of other androids. The point of difference is you get superb ovi on board maps. Brilliant camera and video. You also only use gprs as needed unlike android which constantly cains it in the background. It will be updated to Bella soon which will add further great things such as slide down notification bar. However, there is a slight concern on battery life as i know how to correctly condition a battery from new and have done this over several cycles and also used my e71 to make sure and unfortuately the battery life is not as good as it should be. Basically from 6am up until 7pm with low useage. I have also put my emails on 4 hour retrieval instead of instant and have no active widgets, not even facebook. Nothing is running at any time in the background as i can get quite obsessed about this as i have had windows phones from the SPV days. However, the battery would be a let down if you were out for the day videoing. That said it is still a great device but maybe the blackberry bold touch may have the edge if the battery is better. Such a shame that this is the case and others have also stated this. The HD video is great but be aware that 1 minute is 80mb, however, on VGA which is really good you get 1 minute at 20mb so i keep on VGA. Do not be put off by the battery life as this is the ONLY small issue and is still better that 90 percent of other smartphones. Well done Nokia I find myself retuning to your products time and time again. WP7 Nokias had better have a SD card slot or they will be really missing something. Also I hope that the battery life on these will be good or it could well be the end............

Reviewed by faisal from india on 29th Sep 2011
good smart phone

Reviewed by SHAH from PAKISTAN on 15th Sep 2011
it's probably the best symbian touch screen phone made by nokia far better than higher ranking n8 & it's sibling E7 reasonably fast interface & an exceptional camera & multimedia functions for a phone targeted basically for the business class android sets might have taken some gloss away from it's glory but yet I find it the best business phone in the market better than even blackberry 9780 in just about every respect

Reviewed by Chalkie from South Africa on 8th Sep 2011
This is poor review of a really outstanding phone. You obviously have not used it in a business environment.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 3rd Sep 2011
I have this phone and I love it, rolls royce quality, good price, but I wish it had the massive screen my old E61 had

Reviewed by sharantn from India on 2nd Sep 2011
Its very solid phone with qwerty keyboard. its touch and type phone. Excellent battery and very good screen resolution. One of the better phones from nokia.

Reviewed by Abhilash Thomas from United Arab Emirates on 25th Aug 2011
This Nokia E6 Phone having a major issue with Wireless, Whenever i connect second time my phone to Wireless, it does not connect, unless and until reboot the modem. It is come in Nokia support discussion, so itís called Nokia known issue. You can find this on following as you know this phone is under smart phone category it should have facility to connect to the internet. discussions.europe.nokia.com/t5/Eseries-and-Communicators/e6-wireless-problems/m-p/1070745/highlight/true#M92032

Reviewed by siphosethu from south africa on 23rd Aug 2011
must say LOVE THE E6 smartphone, it is top of the range with qwerty keyboard and touchscreen at the same time. Nokia outdid themselves with this one.

Reviewed by S from UK on 12th Aug 2011
this is a poor review and doesn't do this great NOKIA justice. it does have a fantastic screen though

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 8th Aug 2011
A great phone for real world use. USB on the go, great for transferring files, keyboard easy to use and precise, top quality camera, and good battery life. Screen is good in daylight and E6 can be used one handed while walking. This is Nokia at its best.

Reviewed by Andrew from United Kingdom on 29th Jul 2011
If you can't be bothered to do a proper, impartial, review, don't bother. If I wanted to read about how bad Nokia is, I'd have gone to mobile-review.com. Even Techradar, who are not known for their love of Nokia & Symbian, gave the phone a fair chance and scored it 4 stars [Editor's comment: We did too Andrew]. Fair enough if you don't like it, at least tell us what its like as a phone [Editor's comment: I think we said we do like it, and explained why.], and what it can do and give your readers the chance to make their own mind up instead of spouting the default 'Symbian is dead so don't bother' rubbish. Haven't been on here since 2009 when I bought my last phone, and if this is standard of the reviews on here these days, I shan't be coming back. Shame on you mobile phones uk, I expected much, much better. [Editor's comment: Sorry you didn't like it. We normally write longer, more detailed reviews.]

Reviewed by Hotte from Vanuatu on 26th Jul 2011
do not buy this phone, you will regret it! it has massive problems with the notification led and worse, a very very poor battery life. please check the Nokia support forum post. type in Google: nokia e6 notification LED and check the first post.

Reviewed by Craig from England on 25th Jul 2011
"And yet ... we suspect that almost nobody will read this review and nobody will buy the Nokia E6" Wrong! i've read the review and i will be buying (well upgrading) to it, it's a great phone, Nokia will be supporting Anna until at least 2016, panic over, go on add the other star and make it 5 star, you know it deserves it.

Reviewed by saurabh from India on 23rd Jul 2011
outstanding phone

Reviewed by Khurram from UAE on 20th Jul 2011
I love this phone!

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