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Nokia E50 review

 Review: October 2006  

Last updated March 2007

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: Smartphone with 1.3 megapixel camera, video camera, MP3 player, memory card & Bluetooth.


The Nokia E50 is not a phone apparently. According to Nokia's website it's a "business device". It's been designed as a kind of mobile office, but it's not a huge clunky device like the 9500 Communicator - it looks like a mobile phone! In fact, for a SmartPhone it's pretty light and slim.

The E50 is intended as a lightweight SmartPhone for the business user who's not interested in having a camera, MP3 player, etc on their phone. There is a camera, but it's not up to much, and is in fact optional. On the other hand, the E50 has a good set of business functions: a good speakerphone, voice dialling and commands, email support, web browsing and an attachment viewer for Microsoft documents. It supports Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connectivity in addition to USB and infrared. Memory is ample, with 70 Mbytes built-in and support for hot-swappable memory cards. The E50 is quadband, but not 3G. However, fast downloads via EDGE are possible, so this isn't too much of a hindrance. On top of this, the Symbian Series 60 functionality makes this a powerful business device. The E50 also has superb battery life.

There are, however, numerous problems with the E50. First of all, like many Symbian SmartPhones, its user interface is slow and the software is prone to crashing. Also, like many of our users have commented, the font size is tiny, so it's hard to make use of the advanced features. Given that the target user is likely to be older than average, this is an inexcusable design fault. The Nokia E60 is a much better option.

Nokia E50 features include:

  • Series 60 3rd Edition Symbian SmartPhone
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (176 x 144 pixels, 15 frames per second)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colors, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music Player (MP3/AAC)
  • Voice commands (name dialling & application launching)
  • Speed dialing
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice memo recording
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols)
  • Attachment viewer for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office 2000, XP and 2003)
  • Symbian and Java™ applications
  • Caller ID with image
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB & infrared
  • Memory: 70 Mbytes plus support for microSD card
  • XHTML web browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Quadband
  • Size: 113 x 44 x 15.5 mm
  • Weight: 104g
  • Talktime: 7 hours
  • Battery standby: 215 hours

Nokia E50 user reviews

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Average rating from 241 reviews:

Reviewed by Jameson from Malawi on 29th Oct 2014
Its a nice phone..big up nokia cop.

Reviewed by Odinaka from Nigeria on 20th Apr 2012
Well, to me the phone is awesome compare to other symbian smart phone i like all the features in the phone. The only problem am encountering with it is memmory full close some application thats al

Reviewed by Ata rajput from Pakistan on 22nd Mar 2012
Simply the king of nokia . . I been using it for 3 years n stil loves it

Reviewed by Korosity. from UK on 30th Nov 2011
This device sometimes has network fluctuations.this can deny you of so many things!

Reviewed by Ashraf rock from UK on 17th Nov 2011
Am the guy from india n i am saying the mobile is outstanding

Reviewed by walex02 from UK on 28th Jul 2011
its a 9ice phone.

Reviewed by srinivas from UK on 13th Dec 2009
Outstanding, Excellet, very nice, I am using E50 since last three years, connect to PC or browes in device, using roughly, not a single problem, except key pad wiped out, anyway overall nice device. I liked and love a lot.

Reviewed by cornelsky from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
had e 50 in 2007 december it is so slim and light, very eye catching phone from nokia it pairs well with e 61 its attractiveness and simplicity catches me on this one

Reviewed by salman_arkanstiger from UK on 18th Nov 2009
Dear readers, I've just accquired the e50-2 second hand. bit disappointed to read the negative reviews but take it from me, this is probably the best phone i've ever had! you cannot go wrong with this thing no extras like camera or wifi, but remember its only a 2G phone. Simple, stylish & very suave.... a bit like me!

Reviewed by Bish from UK on 8th Nov 2009
Great phone. Does what it says on the tin. Solid metal body, decent screen, good keyboard, smallish size. Also has flexible and powerful software. got mine dirt cheap of a friend and everything still works perfectly! ok the software is a lil slow and certain aspects of the phone are a lil outdated, i actually prefer it in many ways to my LG cookie!

Reviewed by abbas from UK on 19th Sep 2009
it is a good mobile.having a very good battery life.in fact e50 is a super mobile as i use it at the age of 11

Reviewed by money from UK on 23rd Aug 2009
the phone really suit my needs, awesome

Reviewed by Chad UK from UK on 20th Jun 2009
the best phone on the plant and after Nokia all should down and go home , if donít know how to use phone then donít buy it or when yours network has mislead you on network which has nothing to do with Nokia but someone donít know how to set up sitting

Reviewed by toxic from UK on 5th Feb 2009
i love this phone

Reviewed by john from UK on 30th Jan 2009
This phone is outstanding, vey beautiful, good looking, very clear sound, voice. I love it very much

Reviewed by thakshila from UK on 8th Jan 2009
i have a nokia e50 phone and it's usability phone. and also it's user friendly phone and can operate well. but it doesn't have FM radio. But it is good.

Reviewed by SHAHZAD IQBAL from UK on 6th Dec 2008
Great phone.i am using this phone approx.2 years it is a just perfect phone,slim,light weight and do any thing with it witch u want.after u can use this black berry services just installed a sinmple software in it. simple is that it is a complete handset e50i.

Reviewed by Miguel from UK on 25th Nov 2008
I have this mobile for ona and half years. Altough it looks good and has a good build quality, the rest is average to poor. Wht anoyes me the most is the fact that the phone is SLOW. It crashes or blocks constantly and you cannot do more than one thing at the time. It's expensive and doesn't work like it should. I do not recommend it at all.

Reviewed by Zeshan from UK on 16th Nov 2008
After nokia 3310 and 1100 its one of the best phone of Nokia

Reviewed by david john from UK on 16th Oct 2008
my e50-2 (no camera) failed within 1 month, it was repaired by nokia, I later found out they had changed it for another repaired phone. 1 month later again failed, phone froze again and 121 messages would not stop nor would the phone switch off. Had to remove battery. 6 weeks later screen went black in middle of a call. Nokia refused to repair as they said I had SAT on it. If I had it would have broken into many pieces I can assure you, I am not the smallest guy in the world. Lost all faith in Nokia and Vodaphone. At end of contract both my agreements will change. 3 breakdowns (crashes) in just over 3 months is more than just a coincidence. Poor value, poor quality and poor help from Nokia and Vodaphone.

Reviewed by swm from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
very poor battery life with bluetooth on is 2 days standby, less if i actually make a call. Have had 3 batteries and 2 handsets. everytime you switch it in you are told you have a voicemail - a known fault for over 1 year - still not fixed, font is very small, misses calls, doesnt always ring. I know lots of colleagues with same issues. not good even for free

Reviewed by Hasan Barakah from UK on 21st Aug 2008
actually I used the E-50 mobile and I found it is so practical i like it so much

Reviewed by tommy from UK on 21st Aug 2008
i am gutted!! i had my e50 stolen at the weekend and it has taken away my ability 2 smash it!! worse piece o trash phone i have ever had

Reviewed by Imran Masood Bhatti from UK on 9th Aug 2008
Its beautiful, Light in weight and stylish. almost all functions available that are required.

Reviewed by Chase from UK on 3rd Jul 2008
Rubbish. I don't have a voicemail despite it telling me I have and I cannot remove the notification and symbol. May try master reset. It's slow and fiddly.

Reviewed by dan from UK on 22nd Jun 2008
Most of the complaints seem to be from people who aren't used to Symbian phones. Really, before whining that the active standby menu can't be changed, try reading the handbook - of course they can: the phone works, you don't! All Symbian phones will crash if you don't shut down applications that are running in the background. Shifting from a 6310i (for example) to an E50 is a big change, as the former is not a smartphone. The E50 is far more powerful, but as a result it is more complex and therefore takes some getting used to before you can reap all the benefits of this. I have had this phone now for a year, and it's my second Symbian smartphone, and I've mostly owned Nokias for the past 13 years or so. I'd say it's the best so far, not without its faults but I like the lack of whizz-bang gimmicks, walkman buttons and so on, especially when I can run Tom-Tom on it with a bluetooth GPS receiver and save the hassle of carrying around a separate satnav. In fact, although mine happens to have the camera in it, I'd happily forego it to have WLAN or even 3G. That is really the only thing missing from this phone, assuming you really do want a phone and not a portable entertainment centre. By the way, one feature of smartphones is that they can be customised by adding new applications, so rather than whinging about the limited abilities of the alarm clock, or whatever, you can just download a third-party app that has the features you want. I think the majority of people who don't like this phone simply didn't know what they were buying, and thus made a bad choice. It's an excellent piece of kit, bit obviously not for everyone.

Reviewed by sony from UK on 2nd Jun 2008
the most comfortable , sexiest mobile ever i had , i've used every mobile .but its really awesome .

Reviewed by Emmanuel from UK on 30th May 2008
The phone is perfect, no compromisation

Reviewed by Arun Sharma from UK on 29th May 2008
I have been using this phone from last one year... The moment Honeymoon period was over me and my phone started fighting with each other. 1) You pick up a call and it goes directly to speaker phone and the phone gets jammed. You have to take out the battery to bring back to normal. 2) Now i can read SMS on phone. 3) Most of the time signals drop down & if u see around most the people are taking comfortably riding on same service provider. 4) Phone gets hanged even if u pick a call 4 out 10 times. This phoe sucks big time.

Reviewed by Katende mukiibi uganda from UK on 26th May 2008
1st class fone

Reviewed by Abdussalam. from UK on 7th May 2008
I feel very good.

Reviewed by Juancho from UK on 28th Apr 2008
i recently get this phone, `cause i see it and i love it, its perfect, small, intuitive, quick access to my apps (i customize it and have a lot), its Symbian 9,1, so there re many apps, i dont have any trouble when it buy it, is perfect, (i have to say it again) this phone is a smart phone, is for smart people.. if you have problems tying your shoes, this phone is not for you

Reviewed by Jignesh from UK on 17th Apr 2008
Rubbish. The voicemail icon does not disappear even though there are no voice messages!

Reviewed by Igor from UK on 14th Apr 2008
If you cant use a Symbian phone fully dont say its rubish! buy Nokia 1100 and you will be happy! and if you buying a phone locked to a network ist mayebe can crash, because the Operator make a especial software whitch is not quality build ! if you are buying a brand new sim free phone its just working perfect !

Reviewed by Savalkan, Reading from UK on 7th Apr 2008
Shame. It's a smart sleek phone but it runs like a fat pig against the wind, up hill. No problem with the font size..except I like to use my mobile instead of a watch, but can't really see the screensaver time. The joystick is next to useless and all the extra buttons are superflous. Funny how people either rate it 5 stars (the purchaser), or 1 star (the end user). This is such a awful phone that for the first time ever I am considering buying my own phone for personal use even though I can use this as much as I like for free! 1 star from me.

Reviewed by j jabbar UK London from UK on 29th Mar 2008
For all you moaners out there, what do you want it to do, cook for you? Fly you to another country? look if you want games buy a games console if you want music buy an ipod if you want a camera buy a "camera" not that difficult is it? this is a phone with great functions works purfectly well and does what it suppose to do.

Reviewed by Mirko from UK on 26th Mar 2008
Slow, unstable, stay away from this phone! Read what we users had to go through with this phone on the net. It _could_ be the perfect phone, but it's ....

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 17th Mar 2008
The fonts ARE NOT readable! I would have returned it had I not found an excellent font magnifier that makes the E50 just about useful. Everything else seems pretty good - but I really would have preferred a better camera.

Reviewed by Rashid Javed from UK on 11th Mar 2008
Nice Phone but Camera Poor. please sugession how we increase camera result. thanks

Reviewed by steve from UK on 5th Mar 2008
Possibly the worst phone i've ever used. I have perfect vision & font size is almost impossible to read when in handsfree car kit. Just have to guess when i'm answering call otherwise going to cause an accident. Brightness is terrible as is fuctionality As a business phone it's completely useless

Reviewed by Nokia Lover from UK on 21st Feb 2008
My needs: 1: To make phone calls. 2: Reminder for calendar function. 3: Easy to use and quick menu function What i Got 1: Buttons to small for a man to use unless you have girly hands. 2: Calendar works but navigation can be eratic due to phone being so slow around menus. 3: Phone locks up, is slow as mentioned above and crashes, reboots or locks up for upto 30 seconds. Tells me i have voice mail on every reboot 4: This i believe is down to poor software or the phone not being upto the software, probably the later Good points: Metal body. Screen Size and brightness Bad points: Poor battery if using bluetooth for car kit all day. Software or phone not upto job Replacment ordered.

Reviewed by Tanmay Dutta from UK on 20th Feb 2008
Lots of problem.The phone goes to loudspeaker mode automatically and the call does not gets disconnected until you take out the battery.This happens pretty often and can lead to a lot of embarassement.Adode Acrobat reader also doesnot funtion properly.Highly disappointing.

Reviewed by shahzad from UK on 20th Feb 2008
very excellent cell.slim,look,body,durabilty it is a great creation in all acpects.+ good softwares

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 19th Feb 2008
Didn't get a far as making a call as the interface is so slow that I lost patience. Threw it straight in the bin! Gone back once again to my old Nokia 6100, which is small (60cc), light (79g), with strong vibration alert, excellent battery life (over a week with a BL5C) and has a responsive interface. Why do phones get worst every year? i.e. bigger, slower, run out of battery every 24 hours and the vibrate so weak you keep missing calls. Just make me a small phone that works! Please!

Reviewed by Cosmin from UK on 17th Feb 2008
not even a decent alarm setup. my cheap lg phone has a daily, weekly, or mo to fi or su setup. this one? i have to remember each night to set the alarm up. or to buy a program that does... or to buy a SonyEricsson. better that

Reviewed by Darren from UK on 13th Feb 2008
Absolute rubbish. without question this is by far the worst phone i have ever used. There is NOTHING good to be said.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 8th Feb 2008
Battery last me two days and text message names don't appear even though names are in my contact lists - its like stepping back to the dark ages - get with the times nokia!

Reviewed by ranas from UK on 19th Jan 2008
one star

Reviewed by reg walker from UK on 12th Jan 2008
load of rubbish buttons too small font too small nothing but trouble

Reviewed by shoaib khan niazi from UK on 10th Jan 2008
simplt to say this set is marvellous

Reviewed by Tawanda from UK on 30th Dec 2007
i think most people below who have given this E50 the tuhmbs up have upgraded from very inferior handsets e.g. someone got it from dad, or from 6310i to E50! this phone is RUBBISH!!!!!!!! i upgraded from the 6230. total waste of time. i can't even picture the design team at nokia conceiving this idea. can someone tell me.. why design a phone that is limiting e.g. "for the business user who is not interested in cybershot stuff, mp3, fm stereo etc". i would like to see the typical business user according to nokia. pity the people who source phones my end didn't do their homework. once again.. JUNK!!!

Reviewed by anand from UK on 20th Dec 2007
this was a very useful phone but untill it starte crashing almost thrice a day. avoid all symbian based phones

Reviewed by Sergio Gutierrez from UK on 15th Dec 2007
Don't buy Nokia and 50, it is incredible that after buying it one have to change the fonts and to pay for it, besides the difficulty of loading it in the cel phone

Reviewed by Malcolm Riches from UK on 13th Dec 2007
These reviews are so polarised! I think it is a good phone, excellent value for money, and it does everything I want. The screen is very clear and text can be clearly seen. It syncronises with Outlook using Nokia PC Suite. I had an old 3210e and the E50's signal strength is far superior. If there is a gripe it is the hands free claim as the speaker cannot be heard whilst driving .... but I have an old noisy car. I've purchased the Nokia bluetooth hands free kit and that problem should be solved. The other problem I had was with Orange. I could not get a WAP/email connection. After many fruitless calls (being told to re-regiser the SIM card .... or have a new package .... or I'll call you back ... ha! ha!)I eventually found a guy who knew what he was talking about and he sent a SIM upgrade. All then worked perfectly. Go for it! A good phone.

Reviewed by dff from UK on 13th Dec 2007

Reviewed by Jon G, UK from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
I have now had this phone for 3 months (sim free phone running version 07-09-2007 RM-170) using vodafone UK. I have found this phone to be excellent on call quality, signal strength, usability & battery life. However as with some of the other reviews accessing the gallery, in particular the pictures on the memory card can be quite slow, taking typically 10 seconds to open the gallery for the pictures (2GB Memory Card Installed). The phone has an extremely solid feel to it as the back, screen surround and the bottom lip of the phone are made of metal (no really, metal). Oh and if your reading this review and you own a Ford vehicle with built in bluetooth you will be happy to know that this phone WILL work perfectly with it! Overall if you need a phone for calls, texts and connectivity (and thereís nothing much wrong with your eye sight) then this is ideal for you. If you need a phone for pictures, music or the latest fashion accessory then this phone is not for you. Essentials that you will need for this phone are: Autolock (automatically locks the keys), Stopwatch, Divx Player and some games. Applications that will work on this phone are TOMTOM 6 & Nokia Maps (external GPS unit required)

Reviewed by Pradeep from UK on 29th Nov 2007
I never expected that a well positioned company like Nokia will produce a rubbish phone like E50. Just bought a new nokia e50 smart phone, The problem is Ė every few days the phone hangs on call receive. When I receive a call using the green button, the call immediately goes to the loudspeaker, and all buttons freeze. I have to remove the battery to get the phone operational again. The firmware been updated by the Nokia Care centre and its repeated even after the update.The current firmware is v RM170. Even after addressing this known issue to Nokia, they are cheating the customers by selling the same model with out solving the issue. So I personally will never recoment E50 to anyone. If anyone is thinking of buying E50,,PLease ,think twice .....

Reviewed by Sam Belthorn from UK on 27th Nov 2007
Nokia E50, I hate it, got one to replace my battered but extremely functional 6310i. What a mistake, you need a mgnifying glass to read anything the font is so tiny. Half the screen is covered in useless shortcuts & moving round the menus is a nightmare. I only wish I could get a new car kit for the old dear, then this junk can go in the bin.

Reviewed by naijachic from UK on 25th Nov 2007
Most awful Nokia phone! Takes forever to boot; back difficult to remove; hangs or crashes and u have to take battery out and put it back in - a pain because back is difficult to remove! Cant multitask smoothly - to access menu while on a call, u need to put caller on hold, go to options, search for Menu B4 u can access directory...call time's a-going people!!!! Also cant do anything else while a text is being sent and that takes 4EVER. Useless and annoying icons - they cant be removed. Incompatible with Mac OS X - can Nokia please include Mac compatible software in your phones? Not everyone is a PC user! I do not agree with the Font issue though - I suspect it's a case of the people needing opticians! An overwhelmingly disappointing phone. Nokia really should take it off the market AND apologise too!

Reviewed by jake from UK on 24th Nov 2007
People complaining about it being slow and clunky interface?! itís a mini smart phone what do u expect! Itís a good thing they can make them that small and it can run heavy applications fine! If youíre complaining about it being slow DONT GET A SMART PHONE! its well built, good speakers nice screen at a reasonable price the only thing to let it down is its not supplied with a miniSD only comes with mono headset and camera is iffy but if u want a good camera go and get a camera not a phone with a good camera cos they donít exist (yet) I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a good looking smart phone on a budget and is a great temporary replacement for my absolutely useless 5500D keypad came off in 2 weeks and then the sides did then the rub flap protecting sockets... and so on so forth but I would recommend this phone at the moment time will tell for durability

Reviewed by Malik Imran from UK on 21st Nov 2007
Good phone but font size is so small and more problem during call ear speaker too hot . why is like that. That is well reputed nokia brand but these 2 issues are not good for company.

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 16th Nov 2007
I thought this fone was good, until I tried the Nokia 7390 which I absolutely like. E50 is nothing now, very boring.

Reviewed by me from UK on 8th Nov 2007
Slooowwwwww, slow slow

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
This is a scandalous product. I am 33, my eyesight is totally (100%) perfect, and I can hardly read yet use sensibly this phone - the font size is THAT small ! And the relation between the screen size and the resolution is literally childish - this is a S60-based platform designed for the wider screens in the E-61 and N-series phones, and to use it in this narrow-ish display is plain irresponsible. I just wish Nokia didn't make so huge marketing mistakes, to let such a silly phone on the market. suffice to say, I returned it 1 hour after hopelessly trying to work with it... Even if you try the hints (offered online) for increasing the font size, the screen resolution itself is totally unsuited to screen size. Ergonomics are awful, too - it doesn't fit good in my palm, can easily fall down when SMS-ing (err.. trying to SMS..). Only "good" point is its visual appearance - you will be enjoying the 30-45minutes owning experience (a person with an average eyesight will probably be unable to enter the PIN-code at first start-up, so ownership will last about 45 seconds... What a classical example of a failure-product.

Reviewed by martin smith from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
Have 2 of these phones for business use and quite frankly they are the worst phones i have ever had. The screen often freezes, i have trouble sending text messages, its like using a 15yr old pc with very little memory. Quite often on answering a call the phone automaticly answers on loudspeaker and canot be disconected from the caller, the only way to do this is to remove the battery and then power the phone back up, and in my business i then have a couple of missed calls whilst doing this. I have exchanged both of these phones for the same models due to them bieng inoperable, although i have asked for different models by phone provider tells me i can only have like for like phones? I have another 6 phones on my tarriff all nokias and all different models, and had no problems with any of the others. The font of these phones is very small and when trying to read out a number i sometimes give up (thought i needed glasses till someone else with good eyesite pointed out to me the font was very small) When texting i canot find a way to insert contact numbers from my phone book into the text, i have to write it down first and then manualy enter it which i find a real pain in the a**e as my business requires me to forward my staff differnt contact numbers for particular jobs every day. Overall i this phone is the wort phone i have ever had, even worse than "3 fones" when they first came onto the market. I have used many fones and networks over the last 20yrs or so going back to the days of carrying round a car battery with a handset on the top, lol! and i can actualy recomend to anyone thinking of buying this fone BEWARE, IT IS A PIECE OF JUNK. If anyone has any comments about this phone please email me your comments,as i am trying to get a different phone from my provider, the more bad publicity the better. martinsmithtransport@fsmail.net

Reviewed by Lovemore Chimuka from Zimbabwe from UK on 27th Oct 2007
This phone is not as bad as potrayed by some. For its size the phone has got good memory. The screen size is fantastic for photos. The chrome-plating cover is lovely. I find the gadget very handy. The issues I have are that my handset sometimes freezes and I have to resort to disconnect the battery to cur power and restart the phone. It has done this ever since it was new and more than 10times. I like the phone though.

Reviewed by Silf from UK on 19th Oct 2007
Very hot when making calls, menus are very very slow (1-2 sec), sometimes it just freezes, it loses signal in places, when my old phone (nokia 6310i) had 4 bars, photo capturing has 1 second delay. Joystick button is way too small. Try it with sweaty hand after a few minutes of playing games. Only positive thing about this phone is how it looks, that it can read pdf, zip and office files.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 14th Oct 2007
I would not even give this phone 1 star. It has had numerous faults and been away for repair more time than in my pocket. Font size ridiculously small, poor reception. Nokia - you should be ashamed of yourselves, not only for producing and selling such a pile of unreliable cr-- but also for your appalling after sales service. I wish I had seen this website prior to purchasing - I will certainly use it to review my next purchase and only hope I can prise myself away from purchasing another Nokia product.

Reviewed by Intisar ul Haq from UK on 10th Oct 2007

Reviewed by Sujay from UK on 3rd Oct 2007
Downsides are more than the upsides. I had the phone replaced after the OS was hanging. Did a FW upgrade and not all of the features were working. Shame on Nokia to give a ad punchline "Is this what computers have become ?". I think it should be rephrased to "Is this what NOKIA QUALITY has become ". Nokia E50 - lots to improve upon; and for those who have been turned on by the looks - "All that glitters is not gold". Thanks , Sujay

Reviewed by Alexander from UK on 1st Oct 2007
Again another negative comment: Most fiels in outlook, when syncronizing, do not go through (Outlook has many fields that are used in corporations such as assistant name, departement etc) and these get lost... In my case I have 1653 contacts, and finding a name takes 3-4 seconds for the phone to lock on contact name, then another 2-3 seconds to open it. Poor machine

Reviewed by Kev from UK on 1st Oct 2007
This phone fails to fulfill the basic function of a phone. i.e. to send and receive calls. In a static position the signal bar resembles a graphic equaliser. When I phone my home phone number it alternates between connecting and saying number unavailable. People have had the same problem calling me, sometimes up to 10 attempts before it connects. We have about 60 of these on vodaphone at our company and everybody has the same problem. We are going to exchange them for a differnet model.

Reviewed by S H Raza from UK on 23rd Sep 2007
Hi. I have been using E50 for the last one year. Its an excellent phone. Experiance so far has been great with only one major problem, that some times the software gets stuck. One needs to close and restart it again. Other than that its Great...

Reviewed by Adil from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
Extraordinary thing for Extraordinary People! The most appealing feature is its design simplicity

Reviewed by vinny from UK on 21st Sep 2007
worst phone i have ever had. have done all software upsates in the hope it would speed it up and stop crashing. has made no difference what so ever. want to bring back my old 6150, far superior. would give 0 if i could

Reviewed by yusuf from UK on 21st Sep 2007
it is a great phone and is really slim and sleak compared to all other s60 phones

Reviewed by AB UK from UK on 19th Sep 2007
The only good thing about this phone is that it holds all the contact numbers off my computer. Apart from that you have a job to read the font, every so often when you answer a call the other person can't hear you and you need to turn the phone off and start again, if you ring a number that no longer exists the phone freezes and you have to disconnect the battery to clear it, which isn't easy as you struggle to get the back of the phone off. If the phone wasn't supplied by work it would have been in the bin long ago!!!

Reviewed by pacifica from UK on 9th Sep 2007
many problems, such as problems in lcd screen, battery and finally software related problems, telephones locking instantly while answering calls, etc. if i were you this will be the last phone to sellect.

Reviewed by M from UK on 5th Sep 2007
Pretty reasonable phone in all honesty, most of the muppets leaving poor reviews here shouldn't really have purchased the phone as they appear to be clueless as to why the purchased it in the first place. Most seem to be expecting to get some Nokia copy of a SE walkman and have never touched a Symbian S60 device before. It's a business phone, through and through and a very capable one at that. Everything works perfectly, the build quality is top class. Guy's take a long look at the size of this phone, all things considered the font size is perfect - If your looking for decent font size, buy something bigger, you can't have it all ways. Better still Google the problem as there's a simple fix to the font issue. As for the complaints about icons etc, this is probably due to the poor network branding by the likes of Orange or Vodaphone - Do yourself a favour next time, get something sim-free. As for the last comment - about signal, I'm still laughing at that one, shame it not true ! Take most of the negative reviews here with a pinch of salt. If on the other hand your in the market for a super slim, SMALL, fully loaded smartphone you won't go far wrong with the e50.

Reviewed by jdk from UK on 5th Sep 2007
just bought this phone a week ago. fantastic! love the software flexibility, and the styling (i've got an all black version). only grouse is the absence of radio.

Reviewed by Monkey from UK on 3rd Sep 2007
E50 This highly cost-effective phones in China Prices range between 1500 yuan and 1700 yuan i like it, S60,smart phone,I can install many personalized software .?Unfortunately no FM??X

Reviewed by Omar judeh from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
I use e50 mobile i think it's good mobile just it had 1 problem it's not speed not like n70 MOBILE.

Reviewed by Faroz from UK on 30th Aug 2007
why it getting heat while communication with other and after that it get very heat. For this any solution from you.

Reviewed by vito from UK on 30th Aug 2007
cool but dont have a wi fi

Reviewed by dhan from UK on 28th Aug 2007
just an excellent bussiness smartphone.JUST GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

Reviewed by 3S from UK on 16th Aug 2007
An utterly useless phone. Under no circumstances should you buy it. Three of my friends and I bought togeather and each one of us has had major problems, particularly with the symbian software and it's ability to crach, freeze, and ansewr on loudspeaker at the most inopportune moments.

Reviewed by florin from UK on 16th Aug 2007
I have the nokia e50 for 6 moths. it's the best phone i ever haved. the signal is very strong doesn't drop, I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled apps, games and themes (over 90 in total until now and still counting) and it doesn't shows any weeknes. The battery is great. I talk 2 hours per day, listen music or play games (1 hour per day in total), and it holds 3.5-4 days (and I don't turn it off at night). I have pushed this phone to the limit and IT"S A "ROCK" PHONE. I recommend it

Reviewed by Dennis Norman from UK on 15th Aug 2007
This phone is terrible..... The voice commands are useless. It wont interect with my Parrot car kit It is going back and I am reverting to my Nokia 6310i...... Dont buy this phone

Reviewed by Ragnar from UK on 15th Aug 2007
I had this phone for a half year or so. First of all, symbian phones allow you to install programs there. It was kinda funny, that someone complained about a alarm that wasn't repeated on certain days or so. It is possible, like AutoLock :) But, there is a downside to this. I hear a low pitched sound under certain circumstances. When i express something or talking in a windy weather. It's really annoying. Had to send it to repairs twice, but the problem is still here. Now i'm considering a new phone, but i'm not sure if E65 is a better choice. So ... I like the design, i like the features, i don't like the battery life (3 days for me) and i don't like the low pitch sound. Ps! Nokia just promised to replace all the BL-5C batteries, because they are overheating. So there is ur problem. Cheers :)

Reviewed by Rafa from UK on 6th Aug 2007
This phone is not worth buying. The speed of the interface is very slow. It takes ages to get you to your schedule screen, or to reply to an SMS, and specially to go into the clock to change your timezone at landing (7 seconds since key pressed). You may think I'm exaggerating, but in this device, you have to wait for everything, and it becomes bothersome. The worst is the speakerphone freeze. It will make you embarrased if you're in a meeting, or if you're in a quiet environment. There's nothing you can do other than removing the battery (this of course drops the call). If it's an important confidential call, you have to choose between having the conversation in speakerphone in front of everyone, or dropping it. The one good things are looks, and battery life. It also has many good features for the professional user. Browsing is great. Go look at another phone. Don't waste your money in this one. It's a pity that the good potential of small size for a smartphone was spoiled by those unacceptable details.

Reviewed by paul from UK on 4th Aug 2007
I only chose the 1 star option as ther wasn't a zero star option..the E50 is an usable phone for all of the reasons below. My friend has one and we set them side by side to watch the signal bars dance with each other...his and mine drop calls because for poor signal capability, they phone other phones by stealth because for poor button design,the type is too small to be seen clearly,no caller information..an on and on and on...do not buy...you are warned.

Reviewed by Jatinder Singh Sodhi from UK on 29th Jul 2007
Its a phone that you can depend on. Loads of talktime and battery life. Plus if you a gaming freak then you could download lots of free games onto it. The flipside is that the accompanyning CD for Nokia PC suite does not install properly. I suggest you get it from their website directly. All in all a good phone silently picking up especially when the N-series failed to impress.

Reviewed by michael peterson from UK on 28th Jul 2007
i ve hade the e50 for a month.and i think its the best value for money smarthphone on the market at this time

Reviewed by walter from UK on 24th Jul 2007
The best mobile phone I ever had. No problems using it for calls, SMS, MMS...etc... Excellent kaypad tactility, screen resolution, applications, slim phone...simple yet elegant, not only business looking but business oriented phone...lots of functions, add-ins, useful applications...an ample phone memory to accomodate these stuffs.. The only thing that I hate is that the package has no complimentary memory card (micro-SD) included. I have to purchase it seperately...

Reviewed by Hans from UK on 20th Jul 2007
If you just want to use SMS, write e-mails, phone and use a calendar, I so not see much advantage of paying extra for a smart phone even if it is as cheap as the E50. I have found these functions to be just as good on regular phones with a synch function. However, if you have any need for all the extra software available on the S60 platform, then this is a cheap option as long as you can handle the small screen (compared to e.g. E61). I have found the conference call function useful. Now and then the operating system freezes when hanging up after a call.

Reviewed by nick from UK on 17th Jul 2007
this phone is the worst I've ever used. small font size, crashing, and unbelievably slow sms sending (upto 2 mins). The signal strength is worse than my back up 6310i in all areas.

Reviewed by Vetan Kamenarski from UK on 16th Jul 2007
Dont get fooled by its looks and features, phone crashers every 5 to 6 phone calls, Im tired of taking out the battery few times a day. It is the most dumm phone I ever had. Its phone book also suck big time.

Reviewed by Vikram Ramprasad from UK on 12th Jul 2007
Excellent phone..Though i had initial apprehensions about the phone..it looked bad and hence kept away from it. But the market was worse and hence had to settle for this phone.. Good business capabilities and excellent battery life makes it an ideal device..though a little big in size..

Reviewed by Damien, Dublin from UK on 10th Jul 2007
Worst phone I've ever had. Takes an eternity to send an sms and constantly freezes like a computer. Would not recommend this phone!!!!!

Reviewed by Kashif from UK on 8th Jul 2007
Having brought ths cell a few weeks ago- haven't faced any problems as yet. Initially faced sme crashes bt was primarily bcoz i was loadin up my phne memory- a 2 GB msd card came for the rescue.'m happy wid d overall design n built. Good Job Nokia!!

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