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Nokia E5 review

 Review: September 2010  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia E5 is a business phone with an excellent QWERTY keyboard and full email support. But watch out for freezing, switching off and loss of signal.

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The E5 is an update of the Nokia E71, or perhaps a budget version of the Nokia E72. Either way you look at it, the E5 is a good phone, and a true rival to the BlackBerry Bold range. The E5 isn't quite as slim as the E71 or E72, but it's no heavier. A makeover has given it attractive modern looks with a smart metallic stripe across the navigation buttons. The E5 is slightly cheaper than the E72, but the only things missing are the front camera (so no video calling) and a reduced number of colours for the TFT display (262k instead of 16 million.) No big deal, we suspect, for most buyers.

We've previously reviewed the E71 and E72 in depth, so we're not going to cover the same ground here. We'll just say that the E5 is a good business phone with a superb QWERTY keyboard. And it's a Series 60 smartphone running Symbian OS version v. 9.3, so you have access to all the apps in the Ovi Store. But like so many Symbian phones, the E5 sometimes freezes or shuts down, and a number of users have complained about loss of signal. As a business phone, that could be a killer.

Nokia E5 features include:

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How do you unlock the keypad of the nokia E5 ?

Asked by Rozelle from RSA on 20th Jul 2017
The manual states that you press the unlock > ok
but what button is it?

Stuck standby?

Asked by lethukuthula from south africa on 22nd Nov 2016
It is not showing my main menu it says standby feature not supported.

Nokia E5 user reviews

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Average rating from 118 reviews:

Reviewed by wafison from nigeria on 5th Jan 2016
its a good phone looks much to me as an upgraded c5 with 320 by 240 display.

Reviewed by Nobert Ibert from Zimbabwe on 29th Dec 2014
So iam the only consumer who's e5 nokia is problemless, no freezing, full bar network, battery it last more than 600hrs in standby no software crush no what. I like this model no problems.

Reviewed by Sakir Hassan from India (Guwahati) on 10th Dec 2014
I love this phone very much , bcoz of its camera and great look . I hav been using this phone since 2012.

Reviewed by Oluwaferanmi from nigeria on 14th Oct 2014
my nokia e5 just start hanging and hv repaired it
but still it is hanging what will i do

Reviewed by Birhanu Wale from Ethiopia on 22nd Jul 2014
realy it is an interesting apparatus.becouse i use it about 4 years with out any problem. But now its screen become black scratch and chage its position.what is the solution for this?

Reviewed by luxman from malaysia on 25th Mar 2014
This phone is superb!! I still using mine since December 2010... Never had the problem with it.. Typing is very fast compare on my s4..hope they can make another e5 with physical keyboard +touch screen + camera with autofocus + front camera

Reviewed by mike from UK on 4th Mar 2014
I have had an E5 over a year. Since new the handset will occasionally freeze when attemting to text. Usually after recipient is chosen ie cannot enter text. Back cover off, remove and reinstall battery, and its starts fine a works ok awhile. Tried software updates, enquired at relevant mobile phone shop. No one interested - ie get used to it. Not Good, have had Nokia since day one - never again, time to go Android however hate touch screen!!!

Reviewed by maneshwar sahani from nepal on 7th Feb 2014
its raelly amazing phone nokia E5-00 but it has also 1 problem no video calling but istant messaging iz good like skype n fring

Reviewed by Sara from Pakistan on 15th Jan 2014
Anyone plz telme wot to do with its signals they are literally poor

Reviewed by christian from nigeria on 4th Dec 2013
is a good phone...i jst hav one problem , it over heat...and this runs the battery faster.

Reviewed by masara darlington from zimbabwe on 25th Nov 2013
yeah the smartphone really looks and functions well. however it suddenly freezes or turns off without users' will.

Reviewed by Fazlu Tarafdar from Bangladesh on 23rd Nov 2013
Woow! Its very greate

Reviewed by frank from nigeria on 2nd Oct 2013
wel, de phone freezees and most times switches off by itself... The batri i think dnt last fr 48 hours

Reviewed by stallion from india on 28th Sep 2013
this phone is junk DON NOT BUY IT

Reviewed by George Saidi from Malawi on 24th Nov 2012
Its anyc phone and has many features and for the price its worthy it; the only drawback is that it freezes

Reviewed by Sally from United Kingdom on 1st Aug 2012
This phone gave me 1 year hell! Not recommended at all! Freezes, switches off, losing data, calls drop off, bad signal, not recognizing password for e-mails etc. etc. etc. I would not give even 1 star!

Reviewed by Darren from England on 10th Jul 2012
Got the phone for company use and its safe to say I would never buy a Nokia myself from this experience, the menus are slow, the signal drops off when it feels like it and I turned my email off as it was so frustrating, the display is barely visible in direct sunlight, very disappointing. Nokia used to be THE name in mobile phones a long time ago, but they need to up their game if this is the best they can do as they are way behind other manufacturers!!

Reviewed by john from Philippines on 24th Apr 2012
for me, its a great phone :) it works so smooth and easy to use but one thing i dont like, the keypads

Reviewed by Ben from Germany on 6th Apr 2012
Worst Business Phone ever used. Software crashes, poor signal. menu is not easy to navigate. Voice quality very poor. tiny keypad.... the list goes on

Reviewed by malcolm from England on 3rd Apr 2012
Useless phone back keeps falling off,loss of data,loss of signal regulaly,very slow to receive emails,sometimes i dont get answer phone messages for an hour

Reviewed by Renjith from india on 3rd Apr 2012

Reviewed by Rory from Ireland on 31st Mar 2012
Best phone ever!!

Reviewed by SineadM from Ireland on 30th Mar 2012
Worst phone I've ever had. Like a previous commentor, I got this phone through work and it's given me a year of hell. Refusing another one. Problems include random freezing, loss of sound, refusing to allow me to add to my calender until I restart the phone, not synchronising with Microsoft Outlook, won't recognize my pass word, key pad brutal etc etc etc. Don't buy it!

Reviewed by Moustafa from Egypt on 6th Mar 2012
This phone is a great value for money, it gives you everything you need from a smart phone with it's ultra awesome keypad, you have youtube, streaming support in realplayer but no flash. You get to chat, recieve emails surf the web, download everything you want in a snap. It's a good fast phone.

One major issue: is the freezing sometimes when you are connected to a wifi and you have to restart the phone but I think that this is an OS issue not a phpne issue, but it rarely happens.

This review has been written from a Nokia E5-00 in about 3 minutes, great keyboard.

Reviewed by Haris Rana from Pakistan on 1st Mar 2012
In one word, "superb". One of the best of the E series.

Reviewed by sam from uk on 21st Feb 2012
apart from screen freezing random switch offs and loss of reception this is a great phone, worked fine initally but soon as warrenty finished so did the fone.

Reviewed by deepakchandak from india on 20th Feb 2012
Very gud phone

Reviewed by ally from america on 14th Feb 2012
I have this mobile it is awesome, but I'm wanting a new one allready. Touch is better for me. it is quite a cut mobile!!!!

Reviewed by angelo from nigeria on 9th Feb 2012
well, E5 phone is so easy 2 use, but no YOU TUBE....

Reply by ally from england on 14th Feb 2012
yes there is youtube on the nokia e5!

Reply by Maraiyesa Olugbemi from Nigeria on 7th Apr 2014
Mine has YouTube.

Reviewed by thomas from uk on 5th Feb 2012
e5 is ok except for switching off when you dont want it to

Reviewed by Jatin Singh from India on 2nd Feb 2012
Last week my friend also bought this mobile from online shop in 9,470 Rs..I saw his mobile and i really like his mobile.Its camera and speaker quality is very good. I am also planning to buy this mobile...

Reviewed by Stuart from Scotland on 30th Jan 2012
This is the worst phone ever this is the second I have recieved for work and the second that has died and refuses to switch back on again. What has happened to Nokia reliability. I am refusing another one.

Reviewed by Khalil from Lebanon on 27th Jan 2012
Worst phone ever, after 6 month, it constantly freezes, unable to unlock, the light comes on randomly, and buttons don't work. It deserves zero stars at all!

Reviewed by frank from nigeria on 25th Jan 2012
nice phone camera is mmwwah but d problem is why cant i watch live sports especially football... Well its a nice phone

Reviewed by Zaman from India on 23rd Jan 2012
Nice phone.but when u watch video keypad light not off..except this e5 is worth to buy.. Phone is superb...but difficult to get signal when indoor

Reviewed by Andries from South-Africa on 21st Jan 2012
Very nice phone. No problems at all. Overall, I'm very pleased with the phone as it serves my needs very well. For the price, it's excellent value for money.

Reviewed by Tharif from India on 19th Jan 2012
It,s really good.because it performs much more than it 's price. It,s flash lite can be used as a torch not for camera.internet radio was superb.fast access to network.i dont see scratches on it's screen.if u wan2 buy phone in the range 7500-9000 truely it is better

Reviewed by roopa sharma from india on 16th Jan 2012
i have my Nokia E5 from past 6 months ... every feature is amazing in it .especially i luv the camera n though the keypad is bit smaller but v can get on with that . n the OVI navigation is superb ..no words about it . i recommend everyone to buy E5 if someone is looking for budget phone with so many features . yeah one bad thing about this is my phone screen display get scratched very easily

Reviewed by danny from uk on 14th Jan 2012
i have had this phone for about 3 weeks and it is great. the screen is small but i can work around that. the key board is smooth and extremely easy to use. the camera is very good and so is the video. the phone is very loud when it comes to listing to music with ear phones or without. One think i hate about my phone is the screen display scratches very easily...

Reviewed by Ron from UK on 11th Jan 2012
I have been using this phone now since last May. Texting is excellent using the qwerty key pad, screen a little small but usable. As for calls, it is next to useless. Very difficult to get a signal when indoors and frequently loose's signal during calls. I would not recommend it.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 7th Jan 2012
The Nokia E5 is a professional looking phone. Easy to use and simple to understand. I have not been able to set up my email. I do lose signal, I am with 3 and chose them as my provider because of locality of mast and have never had problems with signal on any other phone. I don't like the fact that there isn't a shortcut on the keyboard for the & sign and the light blue/white keyboard backing light does pose problems with seeing the keyboard at times. All in all, I am please with the E5.

Reviewed by MIke from UK on 2nd Jan 2012
I upgraded from an E63 to an E5 in December 2010 and everything was fine up until approx two months ago when the software was updated, I am now getting memory full C: constantly (I have even deleted apps off phone memory to try and clear this) calls have been dropped even in areas I could previously get good reception, emails don't automaticly update. I'm thinking of buying a Samsung Europa and putting the E5 in a draw with all the other junk.

Reply by Noel from Republic of Ireland on 6th Feb 2012
Same here Mike. I keep getting messages like - Text message. Not enough memory to perform operation. Delete some data first ! - Web: Not enough memory to perform operation. Delete some data first ! I've removed data from the C: drive, wiped the mobile clean and reinstalled the software, yet the problem remains. What's worrying is that I'm finding it very difficult to find any solution to the problem.

Reply by Noel from Republic of Ireland on 14th Feb 2012
I'm happy to report that Vodafone replaced what seems to have been a faulty mechanical component and that the problem is no more.

Reviewed by Todaishe from Zimbabwe on 15th Dec 2011
This is a beautifully designed phone especially the white version (which i have), the camera is actually quite good during the day, but suffers during the night, although the flash does do an adequate job but not good enough for me. the flash can also be used as a torch which is a helpful feature. the battery life is good when umts is diabled but barely lasts 12hrs if it is. the phone hangs quite often which is irritating but the interface is quite fast. the screen is horrible on power saver especially in the sunlight. its rich in software and comes with free ovi navigation software. keypad is a bit small but u'll get used to it

Reviewed by lebo from south africa on 15th Dec 2011
i looooooooooooove every feature on this fone oooooooh gosh the camera and the flash even better.................

Reviewed by Stephen Horrocks from England on 6th Dec 2011
In a word, no! Do not buy this phone! I have one on contract from Orange and have experienced no end of problems, still ongoing, with the handset. These range from "memory full" messages when the phone memory mysteriously fills up with unnamed files rendering it practically unuseable, to continual failure of software updates! I have owned a number of Nokias and, prior to the E5, have always been most impressed, but this phone has serious issues. Only plus points are the QWERTY keyboard and good battery life. Wish I'd have gone for a Blackberry!

Reviewed by Jim from England on 2nd Dec 2011
Last Nokia I will ever by had 2 handsets within 6 months. first was supposedly repaired 3 times but fault was never fixed. Eventually replaced with new handset and has broke within 2 months. I cant even be bothered to take it back again. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by hashim from india on 1st Dec 2011

Reviewed by Rusty B from UK on 30th Nov 2011
Nice size, weight and look. it doesn't work though. A disaster of a phone that has crashed more times than Amy Winehouse. Light inexplicably comes on of its own accord. Turns itself off occasionally and just now I have plugged it into charge and it will not turn on (yes even after a hard reset). Knackered. I do not recommend this phone. I should have got something better. I used to abide by Nokia, not now. Technology has gone one step beyond their abilities. Sorry Nokia. it seems this time you have gone beyond your capabilities.

Reviewed by Rick M from England on 28th Nov 2011
More than happy with it and got a great deal.

Reviewed by Jason King from United Kindom on 28th Nov 2011
Are we talking about the same phone? I had and loved the Nokia N71 for 3 years had no problems with it. Hence why I never upgraded. Wear and tear had caused be to upgrade, So I decided to go for the E5. I mean, if its in the same class as the N71 then It should be excellent. So I taught. Nice phone, a bit childish with the icons. Lovely keyboard. But the thing keeps crashing on me with SMS messages and emails. I have to reset the phone everyday to avoid this. I upgraded the firmware too, same problem. Coming from the N71 it [N71] makes this phone look and run poor. All in all a good phone but not a N71 !!

Reviewed by Virender singh from India on 26th Nov 2011
This is nice phone and very attractive looks.

Reviewed by Abby from UK on 24th Nov 2011
Worst phone ever, whilst it maybe considered a budget phone, you'd expect it to work properly, it constantly freezes, turns itself off, the light comes on randomly, and buttons don't work. No matter the price of the phone, I'd expect better than that! It deserves no stars at all!

Reviewed by martial from india on 22nd Nov 2011
its an excellent phone for user of nokia 6600 n 7610 symbian i luv it .....!

Reviewed by Serene from Singapore on 20th Nov 2011
I bought this phone last week and I love this phone. I don't understand why people would complain and have high expectations about E5's functions when knowing IT's a budget business phone.It's not a blackberry or E6. For it's pricing this phone has met my expectations. If you guys are looking for a all rounder, budget business phone go for this. If not just buy Nokia E6! :)

Reviewed by Corkckuy from Pakistan on 14th Nov 2011
I bai dis phone cuz i need a beesniss phon and i are dissponted with tha quality cuz it is poo gash compaaire to iphones and htsee.

Reviewed by Mr.Obisco from Nigeria on 9th Nov 2011
Nokia has done it again!. Am disapointed with the E5. Why 256k colours. It has a crapy camera. Also its made in CHINA!!. If you are thinking of buying one i'd advise you to have a second thought. I tested 1 recently and i hated it. E5 is a has good potentials, but it waz taken 4 granted by Nokia. I say go for E72 or E6

Reviewed by Aarti from Scotland on 4th Nov 2011
Worst phone ever. Freezes constantly.

Reviewed by almac from greece on 4th Nov 2011
love it

Reviewed by kai from UK on 1st Nov 2011
I Love the phone it is very stylish, easy to use loads features available but one i really hate about this phone is that it really really slow and gets freezing regularly and it doesn`t switch off the light when it is in charger. and a tip it has its own mind that you don`t control over it just to let know the people who want to buy this phone. Good Luck

Reviewed by thomas fennessy from uk on 1st Nov 2011
phone is rubbish

Reviewed by allison from usa on 28th Oct 2011
love it!

Reviewed by ashy from uk on 20th Oct 2011
this phone is really good got it in July and i am still finding out new features. the battery life is generally good however if you have to many applications open it can run down quickly. there are a lot of good features but when you download games on ovistore you have to pay for them to work even if they are free to download. unless you have internet on your phone. overall this phone is really good and u should buy it!!!

Reviewed by Majid Khan from Pakistan on 8th Oct 2011
hi every one.. Nokia e5 is the best phone alot of features and bettery life is too good exelent shape looking awesssuuum every thing gonna rockkkk... love u e5

Reviewed by Mez from UK on 3rd Oct 2011
Fantastic phone and amazing features

Reviewed by wabzkiro from philippines on 29th Sep 2011
is very good

Reviewed by alex Braderz from Zimbabwe on 27th Sep 2011
ai lik dis fon but ai av had prblems wit tha buttons they fal of. but tha conectin was verr gud. comaird to the BB it is a loud of old toot.

Reviewed by Subi suresh from India on 14th Sep 2011
Its avry gud mob , but some p prblm to get signalll

Reviewed by John from Nigeria on 13th Sep 2011
I just bought my E5 and what I expected from the phone is not what am seeing.If u are browsing with operamini the phone doesn't display your access point,it will log in automatically which is a feature of a java phone.

Reviewed by Caroline from Scotland on 12th Sep 2011
Nice phone to use - so long as the sun doesn't shine on the screen, then you can't see a thing. BUT..........absolutely useless if you live in an area with a poor signal! When I am at home I have to change the sim to my old flip Nokia which seems to work when all others fail. The E5 was a pressie so I'll have to keep it until the contract is up then I will definitely get rid of it.

Reviewed by abhijeet from india on 10th Sep 2011
awasome its works superfast....

Reviewed by Rizwan khan from India on 9th Sep 2011
i had many nokia phones having good net facilities and good battery backups but Nokia E 5 is best.it has a wifi feature and decent camera 5 megapixcel.Good net facilities and its qwerty keypad its ossom.its price is not so high.in short nokia e5 is best.Go& buy it.

Reviewed by dr, khalid iqbal sheikh from pakistan on 8th Sep 2011
i am a big lover of mobils,i have yoused many mobils,but insted of all these, after n95 8gb, this e5 is the greatest mobil it the moment,only i think the display should be some bigger,like 2.45" quite right, and it is very simpel to youse as compair to other like htc or bb, well done nokia, keep it on, thanks

Reviewed by Anne from England on 6th Sep 2011
Have had the E5 for about 3 months now and the only thing I like about it is the QWERTY keyboard. Cannot download anything from OVI or anywhere else. Cannot even use the phone when in the SW of England, useless, no signal. Have tried contacting Nokia and they have just been ignoring my emails. Have always had Nokia phones this probably the last. My own fault, should have got a Blackberry!

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 26th Aug 2011
I have had the phone for 3 months and I feel it is a really good phone. Battery life is really good(twice as long as my previous phone), the keypad is excellent. Bought a car holder and used OVI maps as a SAT NAV and it works perfectly. With all the features I have used I believe the phone was a real bargain.

Reviewed by asif from uk on 25th Aug 2011
I am from pakistan and live in UK for studies. I bought nokia E5. I found it very simple to use and good looking. It looks like complex to use, but it is very simple to use.

Reviewed by rizz from india on 16th Aug 2011
e5 is excellent smart phone with top features

Reviewed by isaac noel from india on 15th Aug 2011
am pure africa boy born in tanzania east africa when i come to india for my studies i bought nokia E5 , it is best phone i have ever had in my country, good phone

Reviewed by ogochukwu from Nigeria on 8th Aug 2011
Nokia E5 happens to be a very good smartphone, but trying get d setup is the weaker feature of Nokia E5

Reviewed by jenny from india on 7th Aug 2011
Its a fabulous phone.love the qwerty keypad for texting.if you are hooked on social network sites this is the ultimate choice,decent camera and above all at a affordabale price

Reviewed by James from UK on 29th Jul 2011
Simply the best phone ever. Had really looked at the Blackberry Curve 3G but this does everything and...has a longer batter life which was the big thing. OK it doesn't have a great screen outdoors - can be customised though. Email set up is a doddle using the wizard - even for aol accounts. Texts are easy to compose, though shortcuts are less so until you work it out. Call quality is outstanding something lacking in this day. The build feels a quality handset and indeed appears far more expensive than it is (pay as you talk customer here!) Altogether a great phone for those who text, email and call.

Reviewed by Stefan from Sweden on 22nd Jul 2011
I was very happy with my Nokia E5 until I realized that it cannot connect via Bluetooth to a Samsung P480 laptop. Via Bluetooth the Samsung P480 can't find the Nokia E5 and vice versa. I have to buy an USB-cable tomorrow.

Reviewed by Will from England on 15th Jul 2011
I've had this phone for nearly a year now and its been fanstastic. i was torn whether to get this or a blackberry but i'm on a 15 a month unlimited texts contract which seems to outweigh paying an extra 5 a month for a blackberry with BBM. the only problem i've had are a few months ago the phone just wouldn't switch on but vodaphone sorted it out within a week of being sent off. definitely the best phone i've ever had though, its easy to use, battery lasts 3 days even with heavy usage.

Reviewed by Joan from Scotland on 10th Jul 2011
I got this as an upgrade fro BT. I like Nokia and most of the E5 features. But I have tried and tried for two weeks to send and receive e-mails without success, done all it ask over again to set up, phone calls to find out what I a missing as well, it just will not work for e-mails. very dissapointed and getting back to BT to take it back.

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 8th Jul 2011
The nokia E5 is the most useless phone I have ever had. O contract from Orange this is the third phone in four months and all have the same problem . Very poor signal and when it drops off phone has to be rebooted to get a signal.

Reviewed by Krishna Iyer from Republic of India on 7th Jul 2011
All I want to say is people from the UK are expecting too much from this phone.You don't get Android and a great business phone with a great camera with a qwerty keypad at the price of the E5.Hell the E72 costs much more than the E5 and it doesn't have enough features worth the price. Bottom line is if you want the camera and the movies go for an android samsung phone.If internet,connectivity,calls and messaging is your priority then go for the E5. The E5 is having a decent camera and it is a great business phone with a good qwerty keypad and browsing on it is great and it's music player is loud and clear though it has only one speaker and if you put in a little more and buy a decent pair of headsets then the music is excellent as well. For it's price and in this price range you can't get a better business phone with a qwerty keypad other than the E5.It's worth the price.

Reviewed by MUjtaba from INDIA on 4th Jul 2011
its a superb phone in cheap price !!!!!

Reviewed by Gav from UK on 1st Jul 2011
Good phone, typical high Nokia quality, froze once or twice but a firmware update cured that, gps very good, menus a bit clunky and a very disappointing camera are the main bugs for me...if they sorted those..and changed its operating system to Android it'd be perfect. I've been with Nokia for many years, I used to build Nokia sat boxes and know the lengths they go to for quality, but next phone will be Android, S60 has had its day & is now left so far behind its not funny, its infuriating to see all the great apps for Android and less and less for S60, c'mon Nokia change to Android, and quit nuking your phones with crazy drm software!

Reviewed by samir from south africa on 28th Jun 2011
Very good phone in all function. It's same like E71 & E72 but, it's better then it & also cheaper.

Reviewed by andy from england on 28th Jun 2011
two weeks into the e5 and all i can say is i must have the rouge one its awful rubbish terrible and thats with out swearing !! can't get internet can't get signal lose calls when do have signal. all in place's where my 5800 was fine

Reviewed by lissy from UK on 18th Jun 2011
Very good work phone! Always fast and accurate. You can always trust it. Great quality pictures and helpfull for texting.

Reviewed by Bonzo from UK on 24th May 2011
What a disappointment after having an E71. Buggy phone, drops connections all the time, crashes, ugly, keeps asking what internet connection you want, silly emoticons which change phrases in text messages such as "8pm" into a stupid yellow face, so you get a message saying "meet me at 8pm", instead you see "meet me at <>"

Reviewed by Hash from Pakistan on 20th May 2011
Fantastic Mobile, just flawless.

Reviewed by DEBASISH BISWAL from india on 20th May 2011
this mobile is better not best

Reviewed by Debbie Britton from UK on 11th May 2011
Purchased the E5 less than a week ago. It looks good, feels good but I have had serious problems setting up the Email - I have tried Gmail and Yahoo but with no success. After checking the Nokia Forum it would appear that I am not alone. Nor can I connect to Facebook. Seriously disappointed and thinking of returning the phone.

Reviewed by julie bell from united kingdom on 8th May 2011
I bought my nokia e5 in march and and i have already had to send it for repair as it kept freezing.I am very disappointed as it cost me 160.00 and i did not expect it to break down within two months of having it.

Reviewed by steveiyke4real@yahoo.com from nigeria on 4th May 2011
Nokia E5 Remains the best.strong,reliable and very easy to use

Reviewed by jishnu RM from india on 29th Apr 2011
e5 is a supervb phone....the best business phone ever

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 29th Apr 2011
Got first Nokia E5 last week and had to return it due to reception problems. Couldnt decide to replace it with another one or Blackberry. I decided to go with the Nokia and Im so glad I did. It's a fabulous phone and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good all rounder

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 25th Apr 2011
I got my E5 as an upgrade from an E63, no real problems (that aren't network related, makes calls, recieves calls) turn by turn sat nav is excellent (and as it downloads maps as needed it is more accurate than my cars bulit in system). Very impressed, camera is equal to my compact digital and much easier to use.

Reviewed by DIron from Sri Lanka on 23rd Apr 2011
Its nice phone

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