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Nokia C7 review

 Review: February 2011  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia C7 runs the latest Symbian^3 smartphone operating system and offers a lot for your money.

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Well, we recently laid into Nokia over their uninspiring C6-00. And it came to pass that Nokia released the C7, in which they fixed everything that we criticised about the C6-00! We're not saying they actually listen to anything we say, but spooky coincidence or what?

Anyway, the Nokia C7 is a middish-priced (£20 per month on contract) smartphone with a surprisingly nice appearance, for a Nokia. It's superslim, at just 10.5mm and has a nice shiny stainless steel casing with curved edges. It's a good size to hold and very tactile. The weight is a solid yet manageable 130g. The screen is a decent size (3.5 inches) and the dodgy old resistive screen used on the C6-00 has been replaced with a more responsive capacitive screen with pinch and zoom support. Nokia have also ditched the dinosaur release of Symbian used on the C6-00 and replaced it with their new Symbian^3. Now, as we remarked in our Nokia N8 review, Symbian^3 isn't yet ready to compete with Google or Apple, but it's getting there. Freezing and crashing is still present from time to time.

The C7 is endowed with an excellent feature set. When Nokia get things right they can be excellent value for money. For instance, as well as all the usual smartphone stuff (music player, FM radio, assisted GPS, web browser, etc) the Ovi mapping system comes with a free lifetime license for car and pedestrian navigation, as well as free access to the latest maps. There's also Bluetooth 3.0, and an FM transmitter, which is something only Nokia seem to offer. The memory has been boosted up to a huge 8GB and there's support for microSD cards up to 32GB too, giving a maximum possible storage of 40GB. That's big by anyone's standards!

The camera is pretty good, with 8 megapixels and a bright flash. We're less keen on Nokia's full focus cameras compared with proper autofocus cameras, but they do have the advantages of being fast and enabling the phone to be very slim. The camera is capable of recording video in 720p high definition, and a secondary video camera enables video calling.

The battery isn't the biggest in town, but at 1200mAh it's "right" for the phone and manages to give excellent battery life, for a smartphone. Likewise, the processor isn't the fastest available, but it's fast enough, and there's a dedicated GPU to provide support and 3D graphics.

Just when we thought Nokia had gone into a nosedive, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised by the C7. Sure, it's not at the cutting edge of technology, but for the price it offers a lot and delivers it well. If only Nokia could polish Symbian^3 as well as the stainless steel finish on the C7, it might be in with a chance of taking on its newer rivals. Still, Nokia fans are used to glitchy software, and for those die-hard Nokia fans, we'd recommend the C7 as an excellent alternative to the N8, if the 12 megapixel of the latter doesn't grab you.

Nokia C7 features include:

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Average rating from 54 reviews:

Reviewed by thomasso from Hungary on 10th Sep 2014
I use this phone since 2011. Very great phone for a person, who use the phone as a partner, not a fashion item.

First of all, the battery time is amazing. 30min talk+30-40 photos+10 min video recording+20-30 min internet browsing+ 20-30 min document reading / DAY = 2 days of working and the battery not drain.. so I charge the phone only every 3 days..

The OTG function is great, i use my office when i connect an USB keyboard, and typing documents.. The NFC good too, because my TAGs everywhere in my office, just touch and call a person, or changing presets, or read my wife's message...

The video recording fantastic. Clear, always focused picture, with usable 2x enchanced zoom. The photo mode is good, but a macro mode is missing..

Radio, games, radio transmitter, web browsing, document reading-writing is good, so I say if you looking for a second phone for work the C7 is your choice!

Reviewed by Somashekar from India on 14th May 2014
It was three years ago i purchased Nokia C7. Initially i feeling better and privilege to had this. But now i'm thinking to get rid of this. Day by day, quality of image captured is getting diminished. Even battery backup of battery too. Damn thing!!!

Reviewed by Nwaezemilli from Nigeria on 24th Jun 2012
Very very good l love it works very fine I will like every body to buy it

Reviewed by marcelo7752 from Philippines on 3rd Jun 2012
Surprisingly, this phone is superb!!! Those with a negative review has a fake C-7 made in finland but in reality I beleived it is the same with China phone. Disgusting!!! I have seen one already and it was really a shocking imitation!!! Please, please, please do not put them online here!!!

Reviewed by Joanne Brown from England on 13th Mar 2012
I think this is possibly the most infuriating, overrated dismally slow, turn itself off, charged up for 5 minutes piece of junk I have ever had the misfortune of owning. It is so senstitive that your ear puts phone calls on hold constanyly. The Ovi godforsaken store is impossible to download ANYTHING to. The web takes a good 15 minutes to get online and god forbid you want to go to a different page, let alone a different SITE! Facebook?? Email?? Sorry no can do or try to & take an hour to do anything. My family have stopped ringing me up because they get cut off so often and don't even think of changing from hands-free to phone during a phone call. Phone says NO!!! The screen freezes for a past-time. Awful, awful, awful phone. The one and only redeeming feature of this phone is the Sat-Nav, that's quite good. Oh, and it looks pretty. Can't believe I actually have to give it a star at all, IT'S A RUBBISH PHONE!!!!

Reviewed by rawna from egypt on 5th Mar 2012

Reviewed by ray from Malaysia on 2nd Feb 2012
Its more than a year since I got this. Probably one of the plus is it can read pendrives using the USB-on-the-go cable. Have many of Android/Apple users scratching their heads!!! It even can memory cards with a card reader. Neat trick!!!

Reviewed by Daryoosh from Iran on 25th Jan 2012
I believe that the shape of C7 is glory & capability is excellent .

Reviewed by Loti from UK on 9th Jan 2012
I have had my C7 for over a year and can't wait until I can upgrade and get rid of it... I constantly put people on hold when on the phone and it keeps blocking itself, then it has to turn itself off and on again.... very annoying!!! Have been a samsung girl but thought I would give nokia a go... will be returning to samsung in the near future!!!

Reviewed by subhashknair from india on 6th Dec 2011
so good no other words to exprees

Reviewed by gigz singh from uk on 30th Nov 2011
ive had the nokia c7 for a year now , its a great device really good for everything tbh after update to anna the smartphone looks are superb performence wise its really fast ive had no problems at all touch screen is responsive no glitches att all even when using the web , prefer to go on opera web brwser . Memory is great also camera perfect crisp clear photos all round bout the device nokia done a wiked job with c7 and n8 ! Great pone worth it at 300 pounds .

Reviewed by Suyog from India on 13th Nov 2011
Wow its amazin phone same as e7

Reviewed by WOOL from UK on 9th Nov 2011

Reviewed by Kev skid from GB on 2nd Nov 2011
Nice looking, good screen but touch-screen sometimes freezes. Auto-rotate has a mind of its own. Wifi only works if you are within a few feet of router. Very annoyingly, the touch screen becomes "live" as soon as somebody rings, so, as you are getting it out of your pocket, you can be pressing hold, loudspeaker, silence, reject call or anything else - very poor. Had a Nokia before & was 10/10. This one I would only rate as 2/10

Reviewed by Keith from England on 21st Oct 2011
Got the C7 a few month ago, only used it for 2 weeks before it died on me. Took 6 weeks hassle to get a new one out of the shop. but now my new one doesn't like me also cos the touch screen keyboard won't work anymore and I've only sent 40 texts on it, I usually use my reliable 20 quid phone. So hear I am stuck overseas and can't get back into the shop for another two months. The on/off switch is...what can i say on/off. the lock switch is rubbish, the display goes bright to dim. The first one did the same. Should have hassled the shop to replace the first one with a Samsung..Won't touch Nokia again

Reviewed by Steven from England on 19th Oct 2011
As an avid Nokia user for the last 16 years, phone tech has moved to the level of the C7, which is great looking and functional phone, but with one major gripe...it loses contacts...dont know why ?? Functually great, but annoying, looking forward to next generation Nokia.

Reviewed by Asmith from Saudi Arabia on 22nd Sep 2011
Its A Rocking phone !!!! Prefer ot to a I Phone. Easy to use and real good for email and Facebook. Good camera and gr8 video.Music is also gr8 and very sleek unit.Updated to Anna OS , its real good. Kudos !!! to Nokia Team.

Reviewed by RACHEL RUBY from UK on 21st Sep 2011
The fone looks great and has a good size screen but it freezes often. Also found a fault in that my call log disappears daily, so if someone rings me and i haven't yet logged that number, by the next day the number will have been erased from the memory. I'm also experiencing problems going online. I've had enough now so will purchase a different fone. Very frustrating!

Reviewed by A.K.HOTA from INDIA on 21st Sep 2011

Reviewed by WITKISSG from ENGLAND on 9th Sep 2011

Reviewed by Andrew from NZ on 5th Sep 2011
This is the worst phone I have ever bought. It hangs and crashes frequently. Have just upgraded to Anna and now cannot check emails. When I tey to configure it hangs and crashes (about 20 times today alone!). And this is after they have replaced the motherboard (as it hung and flash wouldn't sync with the shutter). Am going to Samsung now and never ever Nokia.

Reviewed by m.r from uk on 13th Aug 2011
nokia c7 is a nice looking phone with loads of problem .I am a nokia lover but nokia has failed me this time.My phone once again gone for repair.I am very disappointed.

Reviewed by Malcolm from England on 9th Aug 2011
i have a c 7 most of the time its ok but every now and then it freezes and knocks it self off it can be a pain. I rate this phone as a 3

Reviewed by Udegbunam Michael from Nigeria on 22nd Jul 2011
I am astonished!

Reviewed by nassari from Iraq on 13th Jul 2011
one word ... Spectacular

Reviewed by Folake from Nigeria on 17th Jun 2011
Nice indeed.

Reviewed by akin akindele eben from nigeria on 25th May 2011
i just bought my own few days go bliv me,the purple aint a joke.any image u av on it bcoms tinted.its a very gud fone though but u can't use it 4 indoor picture wthout flash.it's so noisy.my sony ericsson c902 wit 5 megapixel is 25times better than it in terms of d picture quality.if u av a high blood pressure i'll advice u to tink twice b4 spending ur fortune on it.d battery life is nothing to write home about.if u're so much obssessed about it like me then u should be ready to overlook all these and satisfy your heart desire.wu knows u may be lucky to get d one without any issue.

Reviewed by Rodney from Scotland on 17th May 2011
If C7 and iphone had a fight C7 would win

Reviewed by emma from nigeria on 15th May 2011
quite a surprise from nokia. when we all thought nokia was dead and buried it comes up with this! the video camera is one of the best in the market (nothing in its price range even comes close). love the fm transmitter and the usb on the go feature too (this is seldom mentioned). perhaps nokia has lost some of its media contacts, few sites give the phone the rating it deserves.

Reviewed by Kossy Okolo from Nigeria on 13th May 2011
Dis is wat I call PHONE!

Reviewed by bbbysherry from uk on 11th May 2011
the bees knees just brill

Reviewed by Hanafi from Indonesia on 6th May 2011
- Very very slow cellphone. - Menu item too simple. - For no reason this phone sometimes get hang when i try to unlock it with lock slider. - Bluetooth connection with my laptop really bad (connected but really really slow). - foto taken indoor have much noise (even with flash on). - Battery really fast drained, even with wifi and bluetooth set to off. Not Recomended this phone, I already try to sell this phone, switching for android OS or BB maybe.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 25th Apr 2011
This phone is driving me up the wall. Its horrible to use and extremely unreliable. Setting it up and swapping contacts took forever and needed to be done 3 times before it worked. The lock slider is pants. It is terrible at switching between landscape and portrait mode. The predictive text doesn't seem to recognise simple words like 'blue'. Inserting symbols is a pain. It takes about 3 days to setup a mailbox appearing to crash whilst doing so. The touchscreen isn't very reliable, responding to the slightest touch sometimes and sometimes not at all. Terrible signal all the time, even in places where my old phone was definitely good (same network). My old 5800 expressmusic was actually better in about 300 different ways. I'm sending this back and getting an iPhone or something.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 21st Apr 2011
Just got this phone yesterday and love it, so easy to use everything is simple and straightforward, just upgraded from the 5800 and can see that it is much faster and smoother, would have likes the small edge like on the 5800 to protect the screen when its on a table and also signal is poor, i now dont have signal where the 5800 used to but im sure this will settle down in a few days, amazed at the 8GB internal memory. Last few years Nokia have come along massivly and this is deffenently better than any sony LG samsung or HTC that i have used especially dads experian x10 utter rubbish

Reviewed by shake from india on 12th Apr 2011
i m in love wid dis phone

Reviewed by reza from iran on 24th Mar 2011
very best

Reviewed by Ian from England on 19th Mar 2011
This is world away from the X6 my last phone. At last Nokia have a phone that works. The battery life is good for a smartphone and it has all the toys. Its not a 5 star phone but at the same time its better than 4.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 6th Mar 2011
Overall this phone is just what i wanted, must admit though im struggling to get 2 days out of battery even with 3g andn bluetooth etc turned off but the phone. 4 star for me because of the battery

Reviewed by Thein from Burma on 28th Feb 2011
Great phone ! So nice to hold and works very well in my country with no 3G. Therefore switch to GSM only for maximum performance. 8 megapixel Camera is really superb ! Internet is extremely fast ! Battery is okay. Love it !!

Reviewed by Sami from Sudan on 16th Feb 2011
One word: Perfection :)

Reviewed by dave morgan from uk on 16th Feb 2011
at 5 weeks mine would only lock onto a t mobile signal (orange contract) at 6 weeks the screen died at 7 weeks phones for fools declared it dead by that old chestnut "moisture damage" i.e.faulty handset but we're not gonna replace it just say it's your fault i know for a fact that 3 c7s from the same shop have died the same way so it's probably a faulty batch. i would wait 6 months before buying to make sure all the betas are sold thru before purchasing

Reviewed by Sam from England on 16th Feb 2011
Brilliant phone. My last two phones were iphone3gs then iphone4 and this phone is far better than both. Slim good looking phone with fantastic call clarity. So easy to use unlike my wifes HTC desire HD thats a complete nightmare and battery only lasts a day at best. C7 can easily do three days with basic internet use. Keep mine connected continuous, and have used multi tasks and its never frozen. Also love the black amoled, so can have constant bedside clock. Never had nokia before, been stuck in the iphone craze and feel such an idiot wasting all that money when could have been using phones like this. The symbian 3 system works fine and i really can't tell difference from my iphone, although symbian is easier to use. If it makes any difference my handset is a factory sim free and does not have the networks software forced upon it, which i believe can cause problems. Have had my eyes opened with this Nokia.

Reviewed by elaine from scotland on 11th Feb 2011
i really dont like my new C7 - sending it back next week. Touch screen too sensitive - keeps cutting off when im on a call - as if my cheek touching screen cut it off - arrgh! so annoying. Querty key pad is also very poor, when texting , the cursor keeps going back to start for no apparent reason - another reason i cant carry on with - tried to stick with it - but cant keep this for a yr contract. wouldnt reccommend this phone to anyone. POOR 3/10

Reviewed by deejc from UK on 8th Feb 2011
Having previusly had the first Nokia touchscreen, the 5800, I was keen to ignore every critic telling me that Nokias were now rubbish and not competing with Apple, Android and HTC. I got fed up seeing all these comparisons about how much better the iphone is and how great android was. In the end I was always going to stick to Nokia and Symbian and I'm glad I have. The C7 is an awesome step up for me from the 5800. It looks and feels amazing and everytime I pass it lying on the table I cant help but pick it up and use it, for me its more elegant than the new iphone4 and way better looking than the geeky HTCs. All the reviews of Symbian 3 harped on about how rubbish it was and how ungainly it is to use - absolute rubbish! Every phone needs an element of customising to each individuals needs and the critics unfairly hit out at Symbian 3. It all boils down to 'its not an iphone' Well I didn't want an iphone and I'm glad I stuck with Nokia. The new homescreens allow you to customize and place shortcuts, widgets and other useful items to enable you to use the phone how you wish to use it. thankfully there isn't an array of rubbish useless apps and widgets as you find on samsungs which clutter and mess up the homescreens. everything is neat and tidy and manageble. The music player is amazing - the internet access over wifi is fast and sites load up quickly, compared to the S60 5800 phone I used to have. Social networking is great and easy to manage your various accounts. The one minor gripe would be the fixed focus camera - for close up pictures its not great but then again I hardly use it for that type of 'photography'. Unbelievebly great handset and so cheap with a free contract!

Reviewed by Dandii from Bahrain on 4th Feb 2011
good deal for the money,,,this all rounder phone is going head ot head and in some area surpass my Samsung Wave which is far more expensive than my C7...Nokia C7 touch keypad size is good, screen is bigger,both LED ( but of course tha Samsung is more vivid), higher pixel camera (8 againt 5 of wave)...I'm a Nokia and Samsung fan but I'm not always buying the high end models of both,I'm just up to the mid ends and I say Nokia C7 is one of the Nokia's best phone....Symbian is hanging,ok but no phone is perfectly made...so if your looking for a good mobile with a good price...grab one of this unit.

Reviewed by Malc from uk on 25th Jan 2011
Fantastic all round phone. Does everything you want in a phone and is very user freindly.In the past i have owned the samsung wave and the htc wildfire and this knocks the spots off both of them.The wife owns the nokia c6-01 and thats pretty damn good as well.

Reviewed by Wendy from Uk on 6th Jan 2011
I love its a good looking phone, slim and has top specks. Moved to this after problems with my HTC Wildfire, this phone however has not disappointed!!

Reviewed by Zaid from Jordan on 6th Jan 2011
This is a really great phone, I bought it 2 weeks ago and I just love it. It's so classy, so stylish and elegant. The metal on it is so good-looking. The camera, it's excellent, the colors are great and the pictures and videos are so clear. On heavy use, the battery lasts 2 days, I still don't know what happens on light use because I can't stop playing with it lol. It is really worth its price as you can't get any mobile phone this good with such price. One thing that really bothers me is the proximity sensor, when I'm in a call, it doesn't always lock the phone, it's pretty weird, so I got used to locking it myself. 8GB of memory might not be enough, but you can always expand it. And when you run many apps (more than 5), it might get slow. But in overall, this phone, I would recommend it to anyone. And yes it has Gorilla Glass, so I don't worry about it at all. N8 or this? If you need the 12 MP auto-focus camera, go for the N8, otherwise, it is of course the C7.

Reviewed by Clint Oris from Uk on 6th Jan 2011
Before I got this phone I had a Sony Ericson Experia X10 and actually the C7 is better overall than the X10. Camera and video better and so is the battery, it is also more solid and it feels more high end than the X10, as well as being thinner. I got used to Symbian quickly and it fulfills its purpose fine.

Reviewed by Giorgio from Greece on 6th Jan 2011
Love it got, got it in black looks amazing. Build quality is great and it it very slim. 3.5 inch glass, capacitive, AMOLED screen is really good. I think it has Clear black technology as well, and it really stands out. 8 megapixel camera with dual led flash and fullfocus is also good, makes very nice pics although would prefer autofocus. Hd video recording at 720p and 25fps is very good and you can easily edit photos and videos on the phone. Speakers are better than its rivals like iphone, which is really quiet and tiny. Battery life is excellent. Supports most flash and bluetooth 3 and micro usb port. Got internal memory of 8 gb and that is expandable to 40gb. Symbian 3 is not a slick as some of its rivals but it is easy to use, I think it looks good and it is very customizable. For the price as well it is very worth it and I reccomend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Callum from Australia on 30th Dec 2010
I bought this phone two weeks ago and it's absolutely amazing.....highly recommended by me, I've done a hands on review which I've uploaded on youtube... :) don't hesitate to check it out...hopefully you'll find it helpful to make your choice but this phone is an excellent all round phone..one of the best handsets out there...

Reviewed by fizzy from uk on 22nd Dec 2010
i've been using this fone 4 a while nd i din't hav any issues, i have used iphone nd n8 as vel bt i like dis 1 more. its great 4 music nd apps.

Reviewed by Reema from UK on 14th Dec 2010
I haven't had the phone for long but it's absolutely amazing as it is! The battery life is amazing, the 3 homescreen's are great. I love the way the contact list shows up, and the overall display and screen is just beautiful. Connecting to the internet is easy, and apps aren't hard to figure out. The only negative things are that even though it's the first 8MP camera I've had for some reason it is a little bit grainy. I don't like the way the notifications arrive but with a little tweaking im sure i can find a way to fix it.

Reviewed by Rob James from UK on 2nd Dec 2010
I decided to go for the C7 over the N8 due to its lower price, slimmer profile and dedicated call buttons. The C7's 8mp camera gives above average results for a phone in all conditions, but the lack of macro mode (due to its fixed focus) can be frustrating. The HD video record, however, is excellent. The build quality and battery life appear excellent for this type of phone. Symbian 3 is a major upgrade from Symbian 1 but its operation remains very similar. The UI is slicker due to the introduction of long press options and pinch to zoom, although there are elements that look like the OS is still in beta, so the upcoming updates will be greatly received. Symbian 3 specific apps seem few and far between at the moment, although most (but not all) Symbian 1 apps work correctly. For the more adventurous should head towards the Nokia Beta labs site - for example, the new Ovi Maps version is available on there and is an excellent upgrade from the version supplied with the phone. I'm hoping that the NFC functionality is useful and allows hassle free contactless payment. Overall a quality product, but the OS needs some bug fixes and functionality improvements as soon as possible.

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