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Nokia C6-00 review

 Review: January 2011  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia C6-00 offers many useful features, including a slide-out keyboard, assisted GPS, Wi-Fi and fast 3G internet access. But we feel that it's an uninspired design let down by a poor operating system. Available in Black and White.

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We don't know what to make of Nokia. A smartphone pioneer for many years, they seemed to lose the plot just as smartphones finally became popular. Now lumbered with uninspiring designs and an operating system (Symbian) that they just can't seem to get right, they seem destined to churn out unpopular mid-range smartphones that don't really compete with any of the big players. And the fact that they bring out different phones with the same name (C6-00 vs C6-01) just irritates the pants off us.

Take the C6-00. On the face of it, it isn't a bad phone. It's a touchscreen smartphone with a slide-out keyboard. It comes with A-GPS, Wi-Fi, a memory card slot and all the rest of the usual smartphone gear. But it's just uninspiring. Why did Nokia bring out a Symbian 9.4 phone when Symbian^3 would have been a better choice? We're frankly fed up with buggy phones that freeze and crash. Why a resistive touch screen when all other manufacturers have embraced the more responsive capacitive type? Why the mediocre battery, and why does the thing have to be so heavy?

Of course you could argue that you get what you pay for, and at £20 per month on contract, the C6 gives quite a lot. But we'd encourage you to consider alternatives before signing up to a two year contract.

Nokia C6-00 features include:

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Nokia C6-00 user reviews

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Average rating from 47 reviews:

Reviewed by Cherop Abednego from Uganda on 3rd Nov 2015
It's interesting using nokia c6 00 but the only problem is it doesn't support certain nice apps.

Reviewed by WORST PHONE EVER from CA on 14th Sep 2014
This phones turns off randomly and I could not turn it on for a FEW YEARS! I found that if i pressed the button power, and plugged the charger after, i could finaly turn it on, but still has many problems!!!

Reviewed by vishvanath wagadre from india on 19th Aug 2014
very inferior mobile

Reviewed by Hafiz Ramadhani from Indonesia on 10th Feb 2014
its a great phone product nokia ever made,,with touch screen n sliding qwerty mode n usefull feature n 5mp cameras its just great.
It should be have great connection too on internet...

Reviewed by frendy louis momin from meghalaya. india on 4th Dec 2013
C6 is briliant phone but my c6-phone now phata and touch phate problem

Reviewed by Antionette from Sourth Africa on 7th Sep 2013
I also been using a Nokia C6 for two years and must admit I never had problems with it until now. If you use your phone to play music, download games, music and etc. your phone wont last long. If you take care of your goods it can last.

And after two years you must upgrade even if your phone is still in a good condition. Reason parts of cell phones is sometimes difficult to find and there is more and more diffirent phones coming out looks smart , but do the same job. Only diffirence is the using of the internet is faster.

Reviewed by santanu from india on 7th Jun 2012
It seems, the earthworm like C6-00 is in market, to frustrate Nokia lovers to use other smart phone. Nokia, shows their incapability of building a smart phone. Atleast, nokia would not have lunched this phone. This phone is thrash.
I could not use, from the day 1. I use as a GPS device, that too some times hangs.
Atlast, it is not a phone...

Reviewed by Dogloh from Ghana on 13th Apr 2012
the phone only support java applications and not symbian application.

Reviewed by john from canada, bc on 2nd Apr 2012
Do not buy this phone ! Piece of junk. You will absolutely regret your purchase. I will never buy nokia again because of this phone. Absolute junk. I would have been much happier if they put less into it but that it worked properly and didnt crash all the time and lose wifi and arrrrgggggg Hate this phone :(

Reviewed by sdsd from sdsd on 23rd Feb 2012
Do not buy this phone!!!

Reviewed by Brad from Canada on 18th Feb 2012
Horrible phone. The battery last 6 hours and it turns off randomly in my pocket. Dont buy this phone. Crashes when checking text messages. The camera is good, but you can't turn the sound off and if you set the flash to something then exit it goes bact to auto. The camera button on the side does nothing and the look key sucks and the phone will vibrate locking or unlocking with it. The screen is a bit thin and if you want to text from it it is the old fashion each nuber is three letters. The key bord is good, and lights up nice. I would not reconmend this phone. I have had it for less than 6 months and I think the phone is cooked.

Reviewed by jazz from india on 15th Jan 2012
Awesome awesome awesome camera,touch,internet,qwerty and value for money this is what we needed i love this

Reviewed by willem from netherlands on 14th Jan 2012
Horrible phone, dont't buy. Nokia's support sucks. Only positive thing is navigation when phone is not freezing every 5 minutes.

Reviewed by jure from slovenia on 6th Jan 2012
this phone is just junk. Ive had it for 1 years now and i still have to have it for another one due to contract. I paid 150 eur and pay another 12 eur per month. Phone is not worth quarter of it. I tryed to sell it for 50 eur but guess what, noone wants it. It constantly freezes up, battery overheats, when trying to delete a photo i just took it says system error: camera in use. When im surfing the net i get memory errors and wifi sometimes stops working even when i dont move my phone and im in good strength range. Applications are bad, works very slow and arent very useful. Touchscreen sometimes freezes up, on startup i get random lock code screen which ive forgot so i have to restart my phone. Battery lasts for hadly a day at low usage (like 1hr of music, 20 min of internet, a few ims and maybe 5 min of phone calls) if doing absolutely nothing i can get maybe 4 days. If i use the phone as i actually would it runs out of battery before i come from school so sometimes i cant call my parents to pick me up. Music plays at decent loudness and sounds quite good even at max settings. Camera and video are nothing special and could been better. Querty keyboard is quite good altough when typing on the highest row (qwertyuiop) you press your finger against the top of screen and it feels kind of weird. I would really recommend something like samsung galaxy S or ace as there both alot better and only a little bit more. I hope this helps. Again dont buy this ull regret it.

Reviewed by rHoit from India on 16th Dec 2011
has probs but love it anyway

Reviewed by Jenny from The United States on 15th Dec 2011
Gr8 phone! I <3 it, bcuz it's totes adorbs! Really dresses to impress. Iow, the front and slide-out keyboard stand out which makes other people jealous. *cough cough* ALLISON!!! <3

Reviewed by José from Spain on 12th Dec 2011
It´s soooo slow, and heavy. Like a brick in my pocket.

Reviewed by Monty wakey from UK on 11th Dec 2011
Nokia have made the biggest mistake with this phone. I've had 8 of these in 6 months all with the same issue. The phone is not bad but the internet 3g is rubbish and crashes, freezes or sticks on so you have to turn the phone off or turn it to offline to reset it. Even when turning it to offline mode, the phone will sometimes reset. I've had 2 different nokia phones with symbian os in the last 18 months (inc c6-00) and both had exactly the same issues. Screen is often unresponsive, apps will terminate themselves without warning and it is forever saying memory low even when nothing (apps, photos, videos etc) is actually stored on the internal memory. Symbian is the worst os around and i certainly won't be upgrading to nokia again. Time for android or ios i think

Reviewed by Kiera from Canada on 29th Nov 2011
HATE this phone because of the sensitive touch screen. It randomly locks itself and unlocks itself, randomly phones people from my contact list, EVEN when IN the phone case that I bought (it's even worse when loose in a pocket). Heavy and slow. Don't buy it!

Reviewed by Prathmesh from India on 28th Nov 2011
Very pathetic & irritative phone. Brought 3 month back & visited the service centre twice for repairing the same. first visit was due to virus problem. 2 visit after 1 month when the piece started heating up & the battery started draing quickly in 4 hours. It started deleting my log, messages & number automatically. The phoen started hanging & display used to get blank when connected to the comp using the data cable. Please dont buy this phone not a worth single penny.

Reviewed by jahn from cyprus on 25th Nov 2011
nice phone

Reviewed by Jonathan from South Africa on 18th Nov 2011
I'm a Nokia fan, but this phone is just plan terrible. My previous Nokia is more stable, sturdy and more reliable than this C6-00 which is meant to be an upgrade. This phone will frustrate you everyday. You will need to restart it often. Th phone keeps saying "insufficient memory" When you take photos - you'll miss every shot, cos it takes so long, and when you try and delete, you'll get error messages. After 3 months, 2 software upgrades, on repair, a hard reset, now the screen just stopped workign... well it works, sometimes, but takes forever to show when you unlock. I'm so pi$sed that I bought this phone. It's on contract and I'm stuck with it for 2 years. I might just throw it in the sea, or whack it with a axe, or both... repeatedly.

Reviewed by prashant narayan g. from india on 8th Nov 2011
nokia c6-00 hangs a lot in each and every application better if nokia solves it quickly

Reviewed by rohit from india on 7th Nov 2011
nokia c6-00 pros- very good 5mp camera,u can click picture in full darkness , touchscreen, qwerty with slide ,3.5g,wifi. cons - 1 day battery backup , heavy. conclusion- good phone compared to other at same price

Reviewed by David from Kenya on 29th Oct 2011
Very good value at the price; 3G/HSPA, Wifi, GPS, 5MP camera, big screen, QWERTY, Bluetooth and all of the reliability and features of Symbian at a great price. There are some compromises - screen isn't as responsive as others but you get used to it; not very visible in sunlight; some lag sometimes. But if you're on a budget this is a great option.

Reviewed by niranjan from india on 26th Oct 2011
worst i ever seen.... within a month touch pad is not working.. after replacing new one hanging problem... when i visit to nokia care... another friend i met with same model same problem.... it my request to nokia people to never go for such phones... please drop this model.... improve ur software... it works slowly.... on 1 has that much patients..

Reviewed by Yahya from Pakistan on 20th Oct 2011
Not a good phone for its price.. Touch is horrible, OS is not well designed, keyboard is not easy to use either.... should have included TV-output.. moreover the phone's bulky n creaks alot.. Dont know what will be the future of Nokia :/ been using their phones for almost 10 years..

Reviewed by Jim Garten from UK on 27th Sep 2011
Avoid like the plague - poor operating system, unreliable, switches off for no apparent reason & drops battery charge at the drop of a hat; been a Nokia fan for many years, but I think this will be the last

Reviewed by bala from india on 2nd Sep 2011
hi friends i bought nokia c6. this is very worst phone because very very slow for oprating funtion. message typing is very hard. only use for netdownloading purpose otherwise this phone not satisfied our speed.

Reviewed by sanjay from india on 8th Aug 2011
Had c6 for quite some time. Features are corresponding with its price. Useless to compare with iPhone whose price is way up. So far as the hanging and freezing goes, my BB 8520 freezes more often. Good value for money.

Reviewed by Rick from Uk on 1st Jul 2011
Must be some shocking phones in India or Nokia has a factory there and the lads posting 5*s are hoping to keep their jobs.. I've been using Blackberry for work and iPhone for personal for a while now. The wife bought a C60 a couple o months back due to it having a qwerty sliding keyboard etc. It's awful.. Touchscreen is bad compared to iPhone . It's not intuitive in any way.. Games are a joke (I'm aware it's a phone so games are secondary) camera is good but the screen is the wrong shape for standard sized photos 4:3 anyone?? In reality, iPhone and Blackberry have both been around for a while and you would expect a firm of Nokias size to have a niche for themselves in order to keep customer loyalty - iPhone is about the apps, Blackberry is email... Nokia?? Nope can't think of a good word to say about them.. Phones still look like they did 10 yrs ago and seemingly had no innovation in the mean time.. Maybe it's time to trim some of the excess, bin any products that aren't making money and concentrate on innovation again ... There was a time we all had a Nokia... What happened?

Reviewed by Nathan Ward from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
Please avoid this phone at all costs, truly shocking phone which doesn't even get the basics right. I have spent more time waiting for this phone to respond than actually using it as it is so so so slow. I watch in envy at other people using their phones which seem to do what they want them too and dream of the day when I can get another phone when my contract is up. Nokia really have dropped the ball recently, going to HTC for my next one

Reviewed by srikanth from india on 26th May 2011
waste of money.sucks in performance..missing few basic options . for 12500 rupees ...its very bad buy. may be this is my first and last mobile buy from nokia.. better to switch.. highly disappointed

Reviewed by dan from uk on 21st May 2011
Had this phone since oct 10, now may 11 and touchscreen no longer works, on contract and even with insurance phone company dont want to know

Reviewed by Ruchik Dave from India on 27th Apr 2011
Its an amazing phone with all smartphone features in amazing price.

Reviewed by daniel from ecuador on 12th Mar 2011
the most world amazing phones that exist actuality nokia

Reviewed by ashish from INDIA on 11th Mar 2011
its simply sensational & value for money.

Reviewed by Jure from Slovenia on 4th Mar 2011
I know alot about phones and everything. I used to like nokia but C6-00 (been using it for past 2 months) is slow, lags, freezes, don't turn around sometimes, lags, crashes internet 20x an hour and so on... I would be better off with black&white nokia... but I love QWERTY :)

Reviewed by Tero Bau from nepal on 2nd Mar 2011
well the phone you dislike has been the best ive ever used. I love what is friendly to the environment and studies proved that Nokia C 6-00 is in the top list of Greenish phone. I love my c-6

Reviewed by Essien from Nigeria on 28th Feb 2011
I know its just a nokia 5800 with keypad,but the keypad make alot of difference in the phone.The keypad makes it easier to use and a lot more fun text and type.In summary,its a fabulous phone.

Reviewed by Jortin from India on 27th Feb 2011
I am using nokia C6-00 for the past 4 months. Its being a great time using it. It does not hang or crash at all. The only thing to make this phone better is to update its software. When new updates r installed then the chances of crash problem reduces. So this phone touch screen is not capacitive but it gives a impression like capacitive. And most problem i have seen with this phone is style. When this phone is in the normal position it looks a bit chunky but when its qwerty keypad is slideout , its look awesome or an heavy look. The sound is not so loud because its a business class phone. So if you r buying this phone it worth money.

Reviewed by Dave.V from England on 16th Feb 2011
Had this phone since August last year, and if i wasn't on contract I would change it. It's slow, freezes, crashes, its slow. And did I mention it's slow.

Reviewed by Suresh from United kingdom on 25th Jan 2011
I find it surprising that you guys have given it five stars and an excellent rating when your review clearly suggest this phone is no where near any of the modern phones of today! Why do you need to be so soft on nokia. This phone needs to be give one star and that's it. It's time for nokia to move away from symbian. Utter rubbish.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 25th Jan 2011
We gave it 4 stars actually. The point is that it delivers a lot for the money :)

Reviewed by suman from nepal on 24th Jan 2011
this is a really cool phone at such a price yes it is resistive so what? just trying it once doesnt mean it is bad. give it a chance

Reviewed by tapsi from india on 1st Jan 2011
i luv my C6.......its sexy,, on top of it,,gives a fab performance. Has a very useful sliding qwerty,,,,n the features are too good. To all d ones planning on a new fone.....go for it !!!!

Reviewed by Raj from India on 30th Dec 2010
I bought this mobile about two weeks ago and its definitely value for money. Its an entry level smart phone with a decent touch screen and camera. I have read reviews of this phone on other websites and I feel its wrongly reviewed and compared with the higher end Android models. Obviously if you are looking at a proper smart phone then C6 is not what your looking for and of course, you will have to pay much more to get a proper smart phone with the all the features you want. I strongly recommend Nokia C6 for anyone who is looking for an entry level smart phone. Its got a 5 MP camera with flash, Qwerty keypad, 3.5G and supports video calling.

Reviewed by Enric from Spain on 13th Dec 2010
Connectivity with OVI doesn't work. USB connector cause big synchronizing problems. Good hardware - very poor software. I'll move to Android.

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