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Nokia C6-01 review

 Review: June 2011  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia C6-01 is a mid-range Symbian^3 smartphone with a 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen.

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Nokia C6-01 features include:

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Nokia C6-01 user reviews

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Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by mashauri msangi from tanzania on 29th Dec 2013
it is a nice product...i appriciate

Reviewed by Carl Thompson from uk on 6th Feb 2012
I didn't want a Nokia but company phone so had to concede.
have to say I like it, a lot. it feels nice and I am getting to know my way around it. couple of tasks hard to figure (save caller to contacts, get out of power saving mode) and with nokia I half expexcted it to be a design fact, but website was A1++ helpful. I have big fingers but keyboard gets it right 99.99% of the time which I am chuffed about cos my tom tom and creative zen are both a nightmare.

Reply by mherrbach from Switzerland on 6th Jan 2014
Did you find a way to get out of power saving mode? If so, how is it done? Would appreciate a reply to mherrbach@swissonline.ch. Thanks

Reviewed by agan from india on 30th Jan 2012
The c6-01 is one of the best phones you can get at this price range. Apart from the listed 8 meg camera hd video playback and recording, the pros- A graphics chipset, 3D gaming is fantastic. Tv-out in Standard Defination. Supports usb pendrives, some keyboards, mice, so you can hook it up to ur tv and use it like an usable computer. Screen resolution-640*360 most other phones in this price are stuck at lower resolutions. Terrific contrast CBD AMOLED screen. Scratch resistant gorilla glass. Brilliant sunlight legibility. Fast bluetooth3.0. Symbian belle update possible. Usb charging,speed dial,more refined ovi store than nokia 5800,n97 etc. Secondary video camera. Cons-very few- Battery life is average. It is not android, so applications are in smaller numbers. Onscreen keyboard is not for the big fingered people. Used it, very happy with it. Highly recommended in the price range. =D

Reviewed by Neil Smith from England on 16th Jan 2012
Clunky, confusing, and, in my case downright unreliable. The worst phone I've ever had in over 20yrs of (mostly) Nokia's

Reviewed by Mahi from Pakistan on 10th Jan 2012
I really love this cell phone and i will buy this too. Thanx

Reviewed by Walid Elsaid from Egypt on 28th Dec 2011
it's amazing phone .. wonderful screen,very good call quality,sturdy ,i sell xperia mini for this monster although i'm sonyericsson fan but i like to hear my Mobil ring when some one call me in a noise place ,, and i don,t care about market store or android system

Reviewed by niK from india on 24th Dec 2011
it's awesome phone,i like it so much,nd i love it....it has every features....i like its gorrila display....video recording..nd capturing photos...its too good phone..

Reviewed by Gertrude from Canada on 15th Nov 2011
I love this phone! Everything works smoothly on it, and I haven't even updated it yet. I'm suspecting those whose device restarts or has lines on the display have lemons, and of course they like to vent; people who are happy, don't usually post, because they're too busy not worrying about their phone and living their lives, so keep that in mind. I did a lot of research before I bought this, and listened to my friends complain, so.... For me the size is perfect, I have no problem typing on the touch keyboard, the music is wonderful, once I figured out how to use full focus, my camera became wonderful, now that anna has been released I noticed there's a lot more apps all of a sudden, wifi connects quickly, speaker is clear, battery lasts 2-3 days for me, although I don't dwell on the net or play a lot of games, vibration is strong, calls are clear, the screens are ultra customisable (once you have it set up the way you like it, everything is smooth), and the gps works as advertised.. for free. It can also do many things the iphone is just coming out with (check law suits against apple) and things the iphone has yet to even incorporate, and yes, I'm including the 4GS that just came out. Things that have not worked are some apps, but that's not the device's fault, disconnecting from wifi usually takes two tries. The battery really isn't any worse than most smartphones out there. Coming from a regular candybar phone, of course the battery is going to seem to last a very short amount of time. Just so people know, yes the processor is smaller than a lot of smartphones out there, but then so is the operating system, so it doesn't need a 1GB dual core processor to function, unlike their adversaries. Check it out, it really is a sweet device! For the price, you really can't lose!

Reviewed by Vinod from India on 22nd Oct 2011
Full value of your money, awsome!!!

Reviewed by arno from uk on 28th Sep 2011
update this to symbian anna its a different phone now its perfect

Reviewed by Eren from UK on 18th Aug 2011
When I brought this phone, I did it because i thought Nokia had improved somewhat over the years. How wrong I was! Granted, the camera for stills and HD video was excellent, as was the free navigation system you got with it. But those things cannot redeem the phone. Its freezes quite alot and crashes the same amount of times. The screen is not that responsive, but the most irritating thing of all is the frequency with which it drops calls. Everytime I make a phonecall, I have to ring that person several times during a single session. Irritating and dissapointig, avoid this phone at all costs. I got a HTC Sensation instead now. Miles better

Reviewed by Danish khan from India on 22nd Jul 2011
It's absolutely right this phone is totaly useless.I 'm repenting to buy this phone.

Reviewed by Danish khan from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
totally useless.I'm repenting after buying this phone.

Reviewed by jeeva naga karthik from india on 26th Jun 2011
this is the best that is of my style

Reviewed by GlassesBloke from UK on 24th Jun 2011
Totally useless. Quite simply the worst phone I have ever had. The software freezes and crashes. Everything runs so slow on it that it takes a second or two to recognise when you touch a key but by then you have pressed it again and it registers twice. Sometimes doesn't register incoming calls and sometimes drops calls even in good reception areas. Nokia's software is also poor for example incoming call numbers/names are displayed as white on a light green background - almost impossible to read and you cannot change it. Who thought of that!

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 20th Jun 2011
Bought this phone for my wife because I thought she'd like the way it looks, and I was right. She uses the phone fairly heavily, and loves it. She has no problems with reception or audio quality. She has taken some brilliant photos with it, but you do need a fairly steady hand as it's very easy to get motion blur. It's frozen up a few times, but far less than most Symbian phones I know. I personally have a old Symbian phone, and I'm a little lost on hers, because they've moved everything round, but she's used to it. The only problem I've had with it when I've used it is that I find the screen a little over-sensitive - it's easy to accidentally select things while pointing them out to someone. And yes, it IS heavy, feeling like a solid block of metal ... if you drop it on concrete, remember to check the concrete afterwards for signs of damage !!!

Reviewed by Minty from UK on 16th Jun 2011
This phone heats up, touch screen can sometimes act up, forever accidentally opening applications, loudspeaker quality iffy, strange metallic sound from earpiece in conversation. now the biggy, reception issue, on an 11 mile trip not even out into the countryside this phone has no signal compared to a 10 payg mobile on the same network, needless to say i hate this phone with a passion, it is a wonder i haven't driven a screwdriver through it (other half says i should and they bought it me)

Reviewed by Denis from england on 13th Jun 2011
worst fone i have ever had irritating and slow

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