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Nokia C3-01 review

 Review: May 2011  

Last updated April 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type is a slimline phone with an alphanumeric keypad plus a small touchscreen.

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Nokia C3-01 features include:

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Which size sim is correct for the nokia c3 01 touch and type phone?

Asked by Shereda stanchfield from England on 13th Oct 2018

My phone nokia c3-01 is not responding when ever I want to switch it on what can I do?

Asked by williams samuel from nigeria on 16th Jun 2017

I'm used to texting but all I get when trying to text on this phone is a mad jumble - any advice welcome!

Asked by Ann from England on 6th Jul 2016
I can make calls and receive them - the phone functions normally then, but I've never seen anything like this. I was given the phone by a friend when she went over to a Smart phone and she can't remember how she texted on it.

Nokia C3-01 user reviews

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Average rating from 148 reviews:

Reviewed by Osay brian from Kenya on 9th Jan 2016
The phone is gud especially accesing internet... bt how can i make internet calls using data and nt WLAN?

Reviewed by Patrickandrewconnelly from Tasmanai on 9th Nov 2015
My phone wont call out on two number wot in Ghana wot can u do to fixs it some time my wen i call it drop of call and some time net cut of only ones and texs some time don't send still see it like u right it and my number +61414069682 my name patrickandrewconnelly can u help e to get working gan to call thesenum i Do call in Ghana

Reviewed by nas from nigeria on 11th Jul 2015
it does not have d pad or soft keys.

Reviewed by ajay from madhya pradesh on 21st Jun 2015
nokia c3 o1 mobile c3 series is not best

Reviewed by Michael from Cyprus on 1st Aug 2014
All of a sudden touch screen is not working properly. I tried to calibrate it. To select this function you have to open menu. Phone cannot be opened and even if you remove battery and put it back and the phone opens you still have to use touch screen to open menu. You press menu and another function is activated. How can one navigate to touch screen calibration if touch screen is not working properly? After many trials I decided to put the phone in the fridge for a few minutes. This was the solution. When I took it out It was working problem disappeared and phone was working normally

Reviewed by trudy from Barbados on 13th May 2014
bought a new C3-o1, i like the way it work, was a strong phone also, but the touch screen started behaving erratic then it went altogether, in a space of 3 months,seems to be their average life, i was surprised at this from Nokia

Reviewed by Sir Shimmy from Kenya on 6th May 2014
How do you operate a touch screen phone with a non-responsive touch screen? Had my C3-01 screen replaced under warranty. 3 months later, I had it replaced at my own cost. 4 months down the line, the problem has re-occured and I'm wondering why Nokia gave us such a raw deal!?? And they are not remorseful at all.

Reviewed by Md.Abu Kawsar from Bangladesh on 7th Apr 2014
Dear Nokia Customer Care,
Pls i want to solution my mobile phone nokia c3 01 white screen no display

Reviewed by Mungalyso from Kenya on 13th Mar 2014
It is only 3 months and i cannot acess the menu.
Poor....pull up your socs.

Reviewed by Tim C from United Kingdom on 2nd Mar 2014
The best part of this mobile phone is the metal case; well designed, sturdy and quite easy access to the battery, at least by Nokia standards. I need to access the battery frequently, because a battery removal is the only way to re-boot when the effing touch screen freezes. Finland is a wonderful, caring country, and clearly the Finnish people decided to create work for those with lesser abilities by forcing them to work at Nokia. My earlier Nokia phone was waterproof and lasted well for about ten years; since then, two duds, including the C3-01. I should have listened to a friend in Phonehouse who warned me that there were design & quality problems and that the public were migrating to other manufacturers. I will never ever buy a Nokia touch screen phone again. I would award a zero star rating, or worse, but 1 star is the lowest available. Avoid this 'phone.

Reviewed by jaydev from india on 22nd Feb 2014
I can not access any application .worst nd time wasting product

Reviewed by Paul from Australia on 14th Feb 2014
I've owned two of these phones. (the first died a slow death after it got soaked in a rain storm.

I've encountered significant errors with the Predictive Text. "I'll" comes out as "I-ll" and I've been unable to rectify this. similarly, it likes to add "p" to the ends of words that you want to turn into plural by adding an "s". So 'method' is changed to 'methodp' and storm to 'stormp' etc. It's very annoying and I wish there was a way to manually edit the predictive text dictionary.
Otherwise, it's been reliable in all other sectors but I've found it slow when using it on the Internet.

The touch screen locks up occasionally and on a couple of times I've needed to re-boot the phone to unlock the touch screen.

Reviewed by sainu from india on 16th Jan 2014
I hate this product .
This model phones have touch screen problems.
My phone has a touch screen which do not respond and problems still persisting even after hard reset.

Reviewed by SACHEEN from INDIA on 14th Jan 2014

Reviewed by Seth from Ghana on 31st Oct 2013
This phone is cute and fantastic to you but the only problem i have with it is sometimes the network doesn't work with you knowing and sometimes when you receive calls it doesn't come through but they phone will be working alright.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 18th Jul 2013
I've had this phone for about 18 months now and I love it. However, on a recent trip to Turkey, the screen packed up. I spent some time on the phone to my provider (TMobile) this morning who have told me that as I am still within my contract, the phone is still under warranty and I simply go into my nearest TMobile shop and they will give me a replacement. Can't say fairer than that.

Reviewed by Treve from UK on 3rd Apr 2013
Stay away from Nokia Touchscreen phones.
Touchscreen on my wife's C3-01 failed after 7 months and although supposedly covered by 2 years warranty by CPW, they claim it is un repairable and has been affected by moisture/condensation and is therefore not covered by Nokia warranty. Their repair note actually said condensation can be caused by a changing environment - It is a MOBILE phone, are they for real! This phone has never been exposed to external moisture and I am writing to CPW HQ and trading standards about this because CPW (the retailer) are hiding behind the manufacturers warranty. Judging by the many complaints on the Nokia and other Online forums this model is not fit for purpose. Nokia are very quiet about it and all suppliers just hide behind the moisture/condensation response.

Reviewed by John Read from UK on 6th Nov 2012
I have had this phone for a year. Its a compromise ( what phone isn't) the worse aspect is the touch screen. Its hard to use. The buttons are good, the camera is good, size & weight good. It depends what you want I suppose...if only the touch screen was a bit more user friendly Nokia would have a niche phone.

Reviewed by N Okia from uk on 23rd Oct 2012
Worst phone ever drops calls all the time if not away for repair for frozen screen KEEP WELL CLEAR THEY COULD NOT GIVE ME ONE FOR FREE AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by l krotochwil from uk on 12th Oct 2012
I am on my 3rd replacement now each time my sceen has completely froze.
Warrenty is up now and I am not a happy owner of the Nokia c3-01
When it works it great but now this one is starting to freeze up too.

Reviewed by H from England on 10th Oct 2012
Had my phone 18mths. First phone with internet and was cheap. But as they say 'you get what you pay for'. Just had another new touch screen this week, been in for repair several times. Agree with most people here that its an unreliable, rubish phone. I thought going for a simple phone would be less trouble but far from it, one to avoid. Can't wait to replace it with something not Nokia (always had Nokia but never again after this).

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 21st Sep 2012
I've had this phone since April 2012. I've been into the Vodafone shop 6 times with various problems with it.

Buttons wouldn't type

Screen exploded, so they sent me a new one.

Handset repeatedly turned itself off and wouldn't start up again.

Sim card wouldn't connect with the phone.

Buttons wouldn't type again

Handset wouldn't turn on again

So they sent it away and just rang me to say they're sending me a new phone and guess what they're sending me! Exactly the same phone! Brilliant. Oh and they wanted to charge me for the replacement - you must be kidding me.

I would much rather keep the courtesy phone they gave me.

Reviewed by Edward from UK on 17th Sep 2012
What an awful phone! Terrible battery life,absolutely lousy reception (hardly surprising as the antenna is at the bottom where you are certain to cover it with your hand when holding the phone), clunky touch screen that very easily misreads a "swipe" for a "select". I "upgraded" to it from my 6303i Classic, but after a week of total frustration I have gone back to my old phone. Don't be fooled by the looks, it's awful!

Reviewed by pete from england on 1st Sep 2012
Awful phone - very disappointed. Appalling touch screen response - scrolling as opposed to selecting items is very difficult. Very poor signal pick-up compared to my previous nokia x6. Will not send texts at times even with network/signal showing. Very poor battery life. Stuck with this phone for 24 months on Virgin contract, but contemplating actually buying something else. Avoid!

Reply by Laura from UK on 8th Sep 2012
I will never understand why people sign 24 month (TWO YEAR) contracts...I mean, why would you?

Reviewed by Jason Browne from UK on 15th Aug 2012
I've had this phone for little other a week, so far liking the features one of which is the camera button on the side, the only down side is that when the sun is on the screen I cant see anything, really annoying

Reviewed by Kevin Sweeney from United Kingdom on 11th Jul 2012
I have had the Nokia C3-01on a 24 Month Contract(Orange) since February 2011. It has been back to Nokia (Via CPW) in October 2011 for a "Frozen" Screen. I now find I have exactly the same Problem and both Orange & Nokia have all but refused to do anything about it. This Model is in my opinion absolute Manure and I advise People to stay well clear of it.

Reviewed by Les from Wales on 11th Jul 2012
I thought I was the only one to have problems. Phone use OK, Camera good but MP3 player is a Joke! It decided to erase all Track 01s and it is a nightmare to upload albums on it in the first place. I thought it was me being dumb. Not so it's the bl@@dy phone.

Reviewed by dave from wales on 8th Jul 2012
had this phone for 7 months very poor signal in areas my old nokia worked perfectly.Had lot of problems with touch screen freezing tried numerous methods to rectify without success ended putting sim in old phone.Try sim back in c3 after few days works for few weeks only for problem to return had several phones over theyears cannot recommend this model

Reviewed by Kim from England on 4th Jul 2012
Had one of these phones on a 18 month contract 6wks ago. Have just had a replacement delivered as I have no reception at all, even though the phone company say I am in an excellent coverage area. Just put the SIM card into the replacement and still no network coverage. Worst phone I've ever had and usually I am happy with nokias. Stubborn touch screen. Almost impossible to get the back off it. Difficult to just save a new number on it. Some of the programmes are very long winded and it locks itself whilst in the middle of using it. Hate it with a passion! Certainly tests your patience. May resort to using my SIM in a very old handset to save the stress!! Sorry Nokia but one very unhappy customer.

Reviewed by Bob from Isle of Man on 22nd Jun 2012
This is a horrible phone. The touchscreen on mine is unresponsive and difficult to use. The size and resolution of the screen make it hopeless for internet use even if the touchscreen would allow you to navigate properly. The signal strength is way down on other phones, I get no signal in places where other people are happily using their phones. The keypad locks automatically if the phone is not used for a minute and the automatic lock cannot be switched off or the timing altered to avoid this. When a music file is loaded to the phone it insists on listing and playing the tunes in alphabetic order rather than the proper tracklist order. Avoid.

Reviewed by TONY from WALES on 6th Jun 2012
This phone does what it says on the tin. It is a part smart phone part functional keyboard phone. Both my wife and myself have had these phones for 8 months now on contract, no problems at all. But my battery now only lasts 24 hours without charging, on very minimal use, instead of the previous 6 days. Very disappointed at having to purchase new battery after 8 months.

Reviewed by Sarahax from England on 1st Jun 2012
I think this phone doesn't really know what it is. It isn't a proper smart phone because unless you've got pixie fingers the screen is simply too small to use to navigate. And it's certainly too small for web browsing. Yes it will pick up your email, but as someone else pointed out below, when writing and email or message you have to continually switch between predictive and non predictive text because the phone's dictionary doesn't recognise simple words. The interface is horribly difficult and confusing to use, not least because there is no instruction manual provided. I am giving up trying to use it for anything other than calls and sitting it out until the contract comes to an end in 6 months. Rubbish.

Reviewed by Jane from England on 25th May 2012
Absolutely love this phone. I was using my husband's Nokia 6700 but I much prefer this. It is so simple to use and has the benefit of a customised quick touch screen and keys for predictive texting. Also I've found the camera to be of a good quality and the timeline for finding photos is great. Don't use social network sites so can't comment on that. If you like a more traditional phone then this is for you.

Reviewed by soma from sudan on 25th May 2012
avoid it .my phone not last more than year and now my touch screen not work i spend half hour to unlock it.

Reviewed by Amanda from England on 23rd May 2012
I find it is a good phone except it overheats, the battery life is rubbish and it is constantly ringing people even when nobody is touching it as well as freezing all the time

Reviewed by V from UK on 23rd May 2012
Don't buy it. The touch screen freezes all the time. Given all the reviews below clearly it's a fault with the product. Don't waste your time and money on this product.

Reviewed by Viv from ukJus on 29th Apr 2012
Just got this phone and VERY disappointed. Cannot remove back without a knife to insert baattery and the unlock button on touch screen will not work. I'll have to take it back but do not want another of these.

Reviewed by BertieB from UK on 26th Apr 2012
Had this a year now, not had any problems but then again I dont use the touch screen much because I dont use internet.

Thin and not too wide unobtrusive in any pocket.

A good phone for those with poorer eyesight as the buttons are big and the nice clear screen shows LARGE dialled numbers.

I find it has a bad habit of coming unlocked in my pocket and connecting to the internet costing me money as I swapped inclusive MB for more talk minutes.

The camera and flash are average but I cant get the video to record more than 30 sec continuous.

I think the screen is too small for worthwhile internet use.

Reviewed by Carole from Uk on 25th Apr 2012
Best phone I've had beats my "orange San Fransisco hands down" don't think I would even change for an "I Phone"

Reviewed by tom from scotland on 24th Apr 2012
just got a new one of these and it does not work - useless

Reviewed by Dixon Kainga from Malawi on 20th Apr 2012
It's a nice phone & potable but I was let down with the freezing of the screentouch within eight month of purchase and I can't repair it. If malfunction vehicles are called back by manufacturers why can't you do the same with this phone so that you can go back to your drawing board and redesign the touchsreen. what a waste of money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by fiona from uk on 18th Apr 2012
absolutely awful....do not buy... had this handset as part of a contract with orange... for 12months... had 4 replacements as touchscreen keeps freezing permenantly...2 months left to go on my contract and its happened yet again.. orange are refusing to send me another handset cause I haven't got insurance... not impressed, as its a common handset fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jimmywhimmy from gt britain on 18th Apr 2012
As a phone it's OK as a camera it is excellant. although I have a problem with downloading videos................... it doesn't has anyone had this problem? I too occasionally have to remove the baterry to reset the system when it crashes. Annoying !!!!!

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 16th Apr 2012
This phone is AWFUL!!! On my 5th one, am hoping Ornage will eventually give me a different handset as the courier is becoming a regular event. I have experienced all the problems written below on all 5 handsets, very, very disapointed & will avoid Nokia from now on.

Reviewed by Tine Dello from Belgium on 11th Apr 2012
Bought the first C3-01 Nokia and I had to sent it back within a week. The first time I charged the phone it didn't start up anymore and I returned it to the shop. I got a new one and 3 months later the same story. I'm still waiting for the repair of that one. I payed 180 euro's for the phone and I'm thinking to get one of 30 euro because the failure of those aren't that frequent. I think it's a shame that people have to pay to much for such piece of garbage.

Reviewed by janet from uk on 8th Apr 2012
I recently got this phone as part of my upgraded package with orange and place the 1gb memory card from a previous nokia c5 in. when connected to the laptop via usb only the phone memory shows, and shows as being pretty empty.

I have no apps/music/images stored on the phone/memory card and yet the phone will show as full with only 30 text messages saved, and will not accept any more than that until they are deleted despite showing plenty of space when connected to the computer.... has anyone else had similar problems with this phone.

Reviewed by Abeeku from Ghana on 6th Apr 2012
Last year I decided to get a smart phone and opted for the Nokia C3-01. It worked fine and served my needs till about two month ago when I realized the touch screen wasn't responding to touch. I also noticed that when you touch a particular portion some other place responds to the touch. It's been very frustrating and embarrassing using this phone. My advice? Don't buy this phone unless you don't know what to do with your money!

Reviewed by Georgieworgy from UK on 3rd Apr 2012
This is the worst phone ever, just look at all the millions of bad reviews of the same fault! Mine has stopped working this week at 9 months into a 2 yr contract, TOUCHSCREEN FAIL!!! Same as everyone else and I have no way of getting to my contacts list (saved to the phone!) GRRRRRRRRRRRRR Never buying a Nokia ever again!

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 1st Apr 2012
Am quite relieved to find that I'm not the only one to have experienced frustrations with this phone, it's the worst I've ever had. After my Nokia 6303 died I thought this would be a logical upgrade and improvement. How wrong could I be? Battery life is terrible, it lasts less than 48 hours with occasional internet use, a few texts and a couple of short phone calls and that's about it, time for a recharge then. Signal strength is terrible, I get one bar of strength in my living room where it's never been a problem with other phones. Luckily I'm sending it back to Vodafone before I'm stuck with it for 2 years. It can then join all the other rejects of this model. If someone can work out a way of making money from recycling the rejects, they'd make a fortune, there must be hundreds of them around!

Wish I'd held on to my 3310 from a few years back now, it may have been basic but at least it did the job. I feel a visit to ebay is in order...

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 30th Mar 2012

It's truly dreadful..I didnt want a smart phone but I also didn't want a LEMON.

The touch screen has failed and longer functions and despite resetting back to Factory Defaults this has had no effect whatsoever.

I will echo many of the comments below to avoid this dreadful product. Nokia should be totally ashamed of this phone and its no wonder they lag so far behind their rivals.
They should recall all C3-01s and offer everyone their money back.

DO NOT TAKE OUT A CONTRACT with this phone as they will fob you off saying they will repair it or give you the same C3-01 model again.....


Reviewed by Rancho Mirage from England on 16th Mar 2012
I was offered a free C3-01 by Orange...provided I went into an 18 month contract.
After having the phone for 4 months, I can see why Orange give them away free!
1. The touch screen scrolls too fast, so that you are constantly having to move forwards, then back to get to the menu you want to access.
2. The Predictive texting is way, way behind the likes of Sony Ericsson, as I have an older K800i which has much better predictive texting features than this Nokia.
With Predictive texting ON, you can't even type "No" the software always selects "On". When you want to type "Boiler" for example, this phone always comes up with "Angles". So you are constantly having to go back to the menu to turn Predictive texting ON, then OFF, then back On again! VERY annoying!
The "Spell" feature is also pretty much useless. If you want to spell out any new word that the software doesn't recognise, this model never remembers that word, so you have to go through the same proceedure above...Turning off Predictive texting to type in the word you want, then go back to switch it back on again.
In the end, you wish you never used the texting feature - it's just far much faster to phone instead!!!
Rating: Minus Five

Reply by Katie from UK on 27th Jun 2012
Well I agree with you that the phone isn't such a good phone but when you said about the prediction you are suppose too hold onto the '#' Sign and then you can turn on the prediction on and off which is pretty easy. I can type fast on this phone and it's reliable not to break c: Also when you said about 'boiler' you're suppose to press the '*' button and it gives you choices that you may or not have used, and if you haven't all you do is quickly type in the word and it will originally save into your dictionary, you might've known that but that's what I know about this phone,Iv'e had it for almost over a year now. The screen doesn't bother me that much, it's easy, and I like the effects the photo you take which you can change the effects, rotation, crop, warp, frames, clip art, text, brightness & contrast, and the auto enhancment. So yes that's my view on this but I wouldn't give it a good grade but I still think the phone's reliable, it doesn't crash for me but sometimes when I press on a menu or something it takes a rather long time to go onto it but that's not such a big deal to me because it's only on occasions. My rating would probaly be 2, 1 for the modern look, for the touch and type, creativity, and the other one is for the reliability for not breaking since it's the typical Nokia's?:L Also I think such a HUGE problem for me is about the Ovi Store is it just me ? I have no clue if it costs or if it's free, also using internet connection by connecting to a server. Last time it costed me over 6.00!

Reviewed by sande from Tanzania on 14th Mar 2012
Friends do not buy this nokia c3-01,its touch is worst,i used it for only 6 month and touch is not working,

Reviewed by ali g from pakistan on 10th Mar 2012
very bad , made in china offffffo

Reply by ◑‿◑ lmao from ◑‿◑ lmao on 16th Mar 2012
ye many finks r made in china. like da iphone 4s me FINK man. AND DE BEST STUFF LIKE MOSTLY ALL DE STUFF WE HAVE HER ME FINK MAN! (and this fon int tht bad me fink man) no offece. anywy

Reviewed by jo from uk on 6th Mar 2012
I have had this phone for just over a year.

First impressions was that this phone is a great looking phone. I have had a few nokias before, and have always thought of them as being long lasting, and endurable. The camera is good, and it is easy to use.... well thats when you can get the touch screen to work! My touch screen is completely broken and this seems to be a common problem. This is worst mobile I have ever owned. I will stay well clear of touch screens from now on.

Reviewed by Lee Hardy from UK on 5th Mar 2012
Always used Nokia & loved the bomb proof simplicity of my previous 2 being just phones.
I had the old phone for ages, but the screen was scratched & some keys were starting to play up, so upgraded from pay as you go to contract via orange, so now have the new Nokia C3-01. The phone is very slim, small & light which is great, 5 mpx camera is no way 5mp, more like 1mp. Internet access is rubbish even with Opera Mini, screen technology is not up to it & you need minute fingers to operate the extremely small onscreen keyboard, also takes an age to load pages if it loads at all !
Fine as a phone - forget the rest, it can be complicated to access certain stuff that should be simple concerning messaging, favourites etc & info is not very clear in the manual.
I will not have another C3 at the end of the contract, with that said I won't have an iphone either - just a plain & simple phone would be nice again - if there is still one available ?????

Reviewed by kjFulford from UK on 4th Mar 2012
I've always found Nokia phones have absolutely the best menus and function, - you can always get exit back without getting stuck in a menu or jumpimg to a place you would not expect. This phone is very good - it's simple but actually has all the functionality I wanted. It's very stylish and I like the metal solidity and the feel of the buttons. Allow yourself the time to get used to the screen operation - it's not a capacitive touch screen like an iphone. The screen works fine the email connectivity is very good.

Reviewed by Bill from Scotland on 2nd Mar 2012
Do not purchase this handset. Three purchased June 2011 all three failed within 4 months and have all been sent back for repair on numerous occasions.
If you have one do not use it outside if it is raining as moisture damages the internals very easily. Worst handset I've ever come across.

Reviewed by Sue from uk on 21st Feb 2012

Reviewed by caroline from england on 17th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Ru from UK on 16th Feb 2012
I've had this phone less than a week and already the screen has frozen so to unlock it, i have to take the battery out. it's ridiculous. the tones and sounds are extremely tinny and you can barely hear it when it's in your handbag.
the cold steel and shape of the phone make it really uncomfortable to hold. i've only ever had Nokia's but this is the worst phone i've had from them. Don't waste your money on this. I'm going to have to buy another brand now as this was the best of a bad bunch from them and this phone is awful.

Reviewed by andrez from UK on 16th Feb 2012
my friend had this and I used it but over the time I used it it got boring but its good because it's touch aswell

Reviewed by kane from england (peterborough) on 15th Feb 2012
i personally think that the phone is a fantastic piece of equipment. The reasons for this are because i am a bit of a fan for photos and videos and also facebook. the 5 megapixel camera show fantastic views as if you are actually at the scene yourself this goes for the piture and the camera taker. also facebook and going online... these things are very fast and you dint have to worrie about waiting for hours in end for things to load. No matter what you are veiwing this phone loads it up extreamly fast. Hope that this helps to make you think about bying this phone. :)

Reviewed by tony from uk on 15th Feb 2012
6 months into a 24 month contract with orange now and I have had my c301 changed 3 times ,always the same touch screen problem ,these phones are no good as mobiles ,just had mine replaced with x3 02 as thats all they offered as a replacement,so stuck with this for 18 months not happy.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 10th Feb 2012
Sent the phone back after 3 days. I think I could have grown to love it if Nokia hadn't fitted it with a camera from a Christmas cracker!

Reviewed by soumya menon from singapore on 10th Feb 2012
This is the worst mobile I have ever used..I bought it on april 2011...now within 9 months I repaired it 5 times...firstly they changed the full touch screen..then 2 times the software changed..then again touch screen..and this series is continuing..Please dont buy this set..Since I am in guarantee period, I got it repaired freely..After that dont know how much I will need to pay them...

Reviewed by fran from england on 9th Feb 2012
I have a Nokia C3 01 I have a lot of trouble sending picture messages could it be the mobile, or the contract provider can anyone help. Otherwise I like the phone it is easy to use.

Reviewed by soyaf from India on 6th Feb 2012
Please dont buy this. within 4 months the touch screen is not working. To unlock the phone i have to remove the battery and restart. And now for nearly 2 weeks the starting the camera displays a message "operation failed". I have used many phones and this one is the worst one of all. Even china phone performs better.

Reviewed by NORI from KOSOVO on 1st Feb 2012
hi, i got the Nokia C3-01, phone two month ago and everything was working fine. recently every now and then the touchscreen decides to stop working. (the keypad continues to work) i did the following:
- removed SD card (2gb) and used the phone without it to check if the problem occurs again.
- soft reset of settings
- checked for software updates, no updates found (5.65)
- even without new updates i used nokia update manager to re-install the current firmware
- changed sim card

none of the above helped. the other thing i noticed is that this issue doesn't have a specific pattern. this 'disabling' of the touchscreen occured when:
- answering the phone while being locked. (i couldn't unlock afterwards)
- receiving messages while viewing inbox
- receiving message while calling
- after leaving the phone for a long period of time.
- right after using bluetooth transfer and more that i cant really remember right now.

i dont know if we should assume that it's not some specific application or style of use that causes this problem. could this be a hardware problem? how could it be a hardware problem if at any other time the screen functions perfectly. my gut feeling says that it's the touchscreen ''service'' (software) that fails.

Reviewed by no friends now from uk on 31st Jan 2012
keep clear of this..... you would be better off with a tin can and some string.... touch screen is useless, will do what it wants or nothing at all....

Reviewed by Dana from Australia on 27th Jan 2012
I bought this phone after my Nokia N8 died on me. I bought it in July and it crashed by November. Sent it to my Vodafone repaiir centre and finally got it baack after nearly three months (i know, horrible service) I just got it back today but my screen after at least 10 minutes isn't responding again. I don't recommend this phone to anyone, ever. It's useless at so many levels. It is always cutting out my calls, turning off randomly or not responding. I regret paying $199 (australian dollar) for this useless piece of junk!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Reviewed by akmal from uk on 16th Jan 2012
i used this phone but i dont like the phone becas the tuch screen is not good. i got my phone reped 2 times becas tuch screen was not working.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 15th Jan 2012
I advised my wife not to get a Nokia or a touch screen from Nokia, as they seem to have lagged well behind in the market. My wife only really wanted a mobile that she could make and receive calls, send and receive texts and take the odd picture. This was the phone that was recommended by Orange that would accomplish all that she required of it. This mobile struggles to do this satisfactorily. Now the touch screen is not working and the phone is near on useless! I would steer clear until Nokia have accomplished more.

Reviewed by Sandra from U.K. on 15th Jan 2012
This is a rubbish phone. Phone started freezing initially and had to be re-started. Key lock didnt work and phone would go onto internet and dial people when in pocked. Phone then deteriorated, when I pressed the green phone the camera would come on, key "def" stuck down, unable to text but phone screen would fill with number 3's. Has gone away to be repaired but I would rather never see this phone again!

Reviewed by Marion from UK on 10th Jan 2012
I am pretty happy with this mobile as I just need a basic phone BUT when I charge it it gets absolutely red hot! I am worried this will mean that it is also a problem when using. Does anyone else have this problem?

Reply by shappies from uk on 20th Feb 2012
yes i have noticed the high temp when charging, although as soon it says battery charged, it cools immediatly

Reviewed by Eric from Australia on 5th Jan 2012
I've been a Nokia user all my life. Bought it because it has larger buttons, but soon discovered this is by far the WORST model of the lot. It's power hungry and all the faults already mentioned in all previous reviews. Went back to my old 2710 Navigation Edition. This is probably the best of all the Nokias I've used, except it is badly let down by the key-pad. It is not only tiny, but completely flat, and without the 'feel' you keep pressing the wrong button.

Reviewed by Grace from United Kingdom on 4th Jan 2012
The phone is good, I like it! I've had it for a year, and still have 10 months until an upgrade and I'm happy to wait for then. The facebook and twitter capabilites are good and surfing the internet is also okay. It does sometimes mix up messages in the inbox, but it does this rarely. The homescreen where you can quickly access places is very useful. Overall, i'm happy with this phone!

Reviewed by Jill Linzell from UK on 4th Jan 2012
Initially I was very pleased with my phone but after a few months it developed a fault and could only use half the touchscreen and could not get my messages or text. As I was on a contract Vodaphone sent me another. Again I was happy with the new phone until again a few months later the same software fault developed. I am sending it for repairs (I doubt if it can be repaired!). Will have to wait about a week for a new one. The incovenience is terrible! It also turns itself off. My advice is save yourself a lot of trouble and don't buy it.

Reviewed by Malcolm from England on 4th Jan 2012
The C301 is not sutiable as a mobile phone I am returning my phone to the Nokia shop 1 Speaker rubbish 2 Touch screen rubbish

Reviewed by Vlad from USA on 27th Dec 2011
I bought it for my wife on her birthday. She is happy with this phone. I tested it for several days and its working grate. I did not find any problem with screen or keyboard or memory. I added 1GB card. I expected camera to be better (it's better then Ipod Touch but worse then Blackberry Bold for color temperature). It was difficult to find this phone. For me it's very good decision. IPhone has better touch screen but I don't like Iphone! I miss only option to copy and paste. That's it.

Reply by kane from england (peterborough) on 15th Feb 2012
hey mate i totally agree with u all the way this phone is handy and easy to use dya think tht if i took a photo and uploaded it to a website itll be a better quility :)

Reply by whoeveruwantme2b from whoeveruwantme2b on 21st Feb 2012
eeer u can copy & paste so.... try it mate.

Reviewed by Thierry from Mauritius on 26th Dec 2011
While surfing on internet and receiving a message, I have to close the page and lose all the data to view the message and re-connect to internet again. I through it into a river and bought a Nokia c5-01 but no WIFI available. It's quite rubbish that a C3 has WIFI and C5 doesn't.. I made up my mind and swap to Sony Ericsson

Reviewed by KG from UK on 24th Dec 2011
I've only come on here because this phone is so bad. It is by far the worst phone I have ever owned. It freezes, changes setting of it's own accord, sometimes the buttons don't respond. In general it is a rubbish phone

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 23rd Dec 2011
Hmmm plenty of people have had problems with this phone, I have had it for just over 7 weeks, I had some problems learning to interact with the screen. To used to iPod screen, but once I realised it was not touch sensitive but pressure sensitive, got on well with it, scrolling nearly drove me crazy until I remembered to hold my finger on the screen and not let go until I had scrolled. I love the size and feel. Got a great deal from phones4U, But a colleague has had their screen die twice each within 3 months, so clearly there is a screen fault for Nokia to deal with. Battery life is great on mine, lasts many days with for me normal use, mostly texts, with a couple of phone calls a day (daily calls mainly on work phone). Its a good phone and nice design, but I am waiting with bated breath to see if I get past the 3 months saga. I love the phone and want it to work well, we will have to wait and see.

Reviewed by sukhi from india on 23rd Dec 2011

Reviewed by Alex from England on 20th Dec 2011
It is rubbish! It freezes and the memory holds absolutely nothing, it then muddles up my convocations and turns itself off.

Reviewed by Javier from United Kingdom on 15th Dec 2011
Rubbish phone, really bad.No wonder Nokia are behind other brands. The touchscreen is not working, I try to swap my connection from bluetooth to cable in my computer so I can download updates and it doesn't let me. I tried to open the OVI shop app and it didn't let me. Again: rubbish a a great scale.

Reviewed by Paul Hale from England on 4th Dec 2011
Have had this for a few weeks from Virgin. Not happy. Can't get Maps to work - seems to want to connect to a Bluetooth or something. Can't get internet to work properly. Tap on something and either 'Memory Full' comes up or wont display. Meaningless arrow in corner. Feel I have wasted my money getting web package. Screen hyper sensitive so constantly having to select back. Are all smart phones like this...

Reviewed by Alan from England on 3rd Dec 2011
Don't like it , touch screen jumps. alters my settings in my pocket, wish i still had my 6303 but Orange stopped doing them , change my supplier next time. Nice loud ring though, battery needs charging every night.

Reviewed by John from Serbia on 3rd Dec 2011
This phone is great

Reviewed by jaz from uk on 3rd Dec 2011
i've had this phone since jan 2011 and it is useless!!! it freezes all the time!!! then it restarts itself!! the only think good about it is the stainless steel back!! its the worst phone ever!!!!

Reviewed by adam from uk on 2nd Dec 2011
had the phone for 3 months got on with it great does every thing i need it to do well did till the touch screen just gave up on me well bk to phones 4 u i think

Reviewed by Saad from Pakistan/Qatar on 27th Nov 2011
The Screen Keeps Freezing and only resolves when u restart it. Its Annoying to Hell! My advice, Please Don't Buy it! It has many features, all work nice. But what is the use of a phone, If you can't call or text in emergency? Especially if u r some one who needs to sms a lot. This phone will simply drive u mad!

Reviewed by Caroline from UK on 25th Nov 2011
just got the C3-01 and struggling to get on with it. Basic yet difficult to use. Personally I don't do Facebook & Twitter. There doesn't seem to be an "inbox" in messages & my hundreds of messages on the SIM card from my old phone seem to have disappeared... & I can't work out how to set voicemail up - maybe I am just thick but this is a YOUNG PERSON'S phone & if it has no inbox it is useless to me. I keep my texts!! Lots of info not transferred across from my old phone, but all my contacts are appearing twice.. touchscreen is either over-sensitive or sticks. This is a nightmare phone, hate it, going back to my old one.

Reviewed by Vanessa Harmer from UK on 25th Nov 2011
Hi I had the same problem with my phone, it kept freezing, couldnt unlock etc.. However I rang Nokia who were incredibly helpful, arranged collection by courier and within days had a new handset delivered. Yes it's a problem (I need my phone for medical reasons) but not everything/everyone is perfect - and Nokia do at least respond and do their best to resolve issues! Thank you to Nokia for their customer service and their very prompt action in resolving this for me.

Reply by michael from ireland on 27th Jan 2012
hi whats the number for nokia servive thanks

Reply by Georgieworgy from uk on 3rd Apr 2012
I think Vanessa might be a 'plant' from Nokia....notice she hasn't replied with the very useful, helpful people at Nokia's phone number. Also, why give the phone a 4 star rating if it broke?

Reviewed by Alan from uk on 23rd Nov 2011
When it works - it's a very good basic phone for those people who don't want a lot of "smart" features, like me. However, the touchscreen is unreliable and often refuses to respond at all. Many other people have commented on here about this and you'll find plenty more with a quick Google search. I will see if a Nokia return and repair fixes it - but otherwise it's heading for the bin. My recommendation is not to buy it under any circumstances - it's not worth the risk.

Reviewed by Sheri from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
I have had to go back to using my old phone as got this phone in Feb and keeps freezing or not responding to touch screen some times the light stays on when not using it and have to switch it on an off to work again. Was only happening once in a while but now all the time. Very frustrating when you need it in an emergency and can not text or call. Will be taking it into the shop at the weekend. I also found the signal was not as strong as my old phone and it constantly unlocks very easily in my bag or pocket and calls people.

Reviewed by Tom from United Kindom on 23rd Nov 2011
This Gets warm very quieckly but i just brought it a few days i think its not bad Lately it hasnt given anyprobles

Reviewed by lucy from uk on 21st Nov 2011
owned this phone for a year. been the worst phone ive ever had. keeps freezing cutting out and turing off had it repaired and still does the same. useless phone!!!

Reviewed by TONY from WALES on 17th Nov 2011
A very accurate and sensible write up from Chris. It does what it promises very well indeed, if you want anything more, then pay the extra price. The pluses include a battery that lasts a full week with a fair amount of usage. I think that this phone is an excellent compromise between having keys and a touch screen. No complaints here.

Reviewed by Chris from Great Britain on 16th Nov 2011
A very mixed bag of reviews but if your looking for a stylish compact easy to use phone for texting phoning and taking reasonable pictures and are not so bothered about the internet and facebook then its worth a look. Some of the reviewers have obviously not followed the instruction book provided and charged it properly to start with. Others have complained that you have to delete text messages one at a time which is not true as you can delete them by folder if you wish. This is my 4th Nokia phone and if like me you like the simplicity of earlier nokia phones and their funtionality then try it in the shop before deciding. Build quality is good and the screen is a reasonable size whilist texting is a doddle. The keys are nice and solid and yes the touch screen does take some getting used to but once mastered its a good compromise for touch screen phobics like me!

Reviewed by jana from india on 15th Nov 2011
good phone but it hangs regularly & restarts.got os reloaded but the problem continues

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