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Nokia C2-02 review

 Review: September 2011  

Last updated April 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The C2-02 is a touch-and-type phone with a slide out keypad and a touchscreen. Combining the best of both worlds is a good concept, but the implementation is poor, with a small resistive screen making the user interface hard work.

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The Nokia C2-02 is a touch-and-type style phone with a slideout keypad. It looks like an old-style slide mobile, circa 2005, but the screen is touch sensitive. This could be a good solution for anyone looking for a compact phone with a traditional alphanumeric keypad, who doesn't mind a bit of touchscreen now and then but doesn't want to go the whole hog. Nokia's candy-bar shaped touch-and-type phones, the Nokia C3-01 and Nokia X3-02, have proved popular, so it seems logical to extend the range to include a slide.

The problem with the touchscreen is twofold, however. First the screen is small - about one third the size of the high-end Android phones - so you'll find there's not much room to poke your finger around. And secondly it's an old-fashioned resistive touchscreen, so you'll be doing a lot of poking to make it respond the way you want. It might all seem like too much trouble, unless you're very patient.

In addition to the touchscreen, Nokia have made some attempts to bring the phone into the twenty-first century. There's an app for facebook and twitter for example. It does the basics, allowing you to keep in contact with your friends on the go. But with no 3G or WiFi to deliver data to your phone, you might find that the party's over before you even get to hear about it. Nokia Maps are installed too, so you can find your way around. There's no GPS to tell you where you are, but the phone does use phone network information to try to fix your position. To about the nearest kilometre, anyway. So if you wake one morning in a strange town with no recollection of how you got there, the C2-02 may prove a life saver.

In other ways, the C2-02 is very much still in the dark ages. We mentioned that there's no 3G or Wi-Fi. Well, there's no quadband or even triband either. This is in fact almost the only phone still available with just dual band capability. The camera is lousy - 2 megapixels, with no flash, no focus, and barely usable video recording. Memory is appalling with only 10MB of built-in memory, although a 2GB memory card is included in the sales package.

To end on a positive note, we'll mention that the phone comes with a (basic) MP3 player and an FM radio. Battery life is better than average, although that's because the phone does so little. And there are 6 touch-control games included.

The C2-02 could have been an interesting and decent phone, but with so many corners cut, it's hard to come away liking it. If you like the touch-and-type concept, choose the Nokia X3-02 instead. Or if you want a proper touchscreen smartphone, take a look at the HTC Wildfire S or Samsung Galaxy Mini, which cost about the same and do so much more.

Nokia C2-02 features include:

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What does the following mean message storage memory not ready?

Asked by Elizabeth from England on 10th Aug 2017

How do I play mp4 videos?

Asked by Sandi from Zambia on 8th Oct 2016
I can't play mp4 videos.

I have a nokia c2-02 and it is refusing to download things on internet. Please help me to solve this problem.

Asked by Clemence from Zimbabwe on 23rd Jun 2016

Reply by RASIKLAL from United Kingdom on 17th Nov 2016
As previousaly it was straight way downloaded from internet with all contacts/music/diary Plus. Now since longtime it dose not why? Could you please response under proper instructions how to go ahead. Because this products is very useful to me. Dosent matter it is old one. But old is Gold.

Nokia C2-02 user reviews

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Average rating from 51 reviews:

Reviewed by Richard from Zambia on 8th Oct 2016
It a great handset so far, but the problem I face is I can' t play mp4 videos. what should I do?

Reviewed by Devipriya VH from India on 1st Sep 2014
Worlds worst worst worst mobile. Memory problem touch problem.............. Hate this mobile.

Reviewed by mostafa from afghanistan on 2nd Apr 2014
please put skype,whats app, we chat ...


Reviewed by Daniel from Zambia on 12th Jan 2014
The phone is just good as a phone coz browsing is slow, even my young brother, a teenager, gave up on using it. And it goes on and off on its own! Its whack!!

Reviewed by Clare from UK on 30th Dec 2013
I have had this phone for over a year. I love it. Easy to use and really appreciate having a key pad and a touch screen. I have read the other reviews. I have never had the screen freeze. I can use it for facebook etc but generally use it as a phone, camera, and listen to music. It is not an iphone but it is not in that price range either

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 5th Oct 2013
Went to bed with a working phone and woke with a dead one!charged for half a day and still nothing...lost all my contacts as well >_<

Reviewed by Martin from Zimbabwe, Africa. on 29th Jun 2013
Well Im enjoying it, its my first ever touchscreen phone although its a 09-09-11 model. I have had this phone for 3weeks now. I was quite disappointed when I found out that I could not change the font colour. Hey all the same Im enjoying my brand new phone.

Reviewed by Erin from United Kingdom on 12th Jun 2013
this phone was great until last week at only 18 months old the screen broke so it is now white all over and unusable however most people dont keep a phone this long so it wouldnt be a problem. I really liked this phone the camera was great and it was good especially as a first phone. My down points of this phone are the slowness, it is extremely slow when accessing the internet and it will not work with out good signal. The phone has a great battery life and is really good.

Reply by Debra from United Kingdom on 10th Jul 2013
How strange Erin, the same thing has just happened to me with the screen, it just went all white and now wont work at all, I bought my phone in January 2012 (18 months exactly!!)

Reviewed by Elton Thabane from Zimbabwe on 21st May 2013
wel at first i thought it waz a gud phone bt now no
this phone is a pile of junk,my main problem with this phone is it switches itself off and on again and then 1 day it switches off and doesnt switch back u wil have to get it flashed a lot av had myn 4 2years and av flashed it 6times,it slow ,losses network easily,bt e main problem is switching on and off for days then finaly it wil switch off and never switch on unless u get it flashed

Reviewed by ABARNA from INDIA on 13th May 2013
TOTALLY, UTTER WASTE................

Reviewed by Sandra from Bristol on 5th Apr 2013
Absolutely awful. Keeps locking up in the middle of typing messages or anything really. The keylock, which could be useful if the phone is stolen, seems to be working with the locking up thing to make the whole experience of using this phone an absolute nightmare. You wouldn't believe the number of times it has NOT been thrown through the window. Would rather buy a cheapy than continue to use it Suggest you dont buy it

Reviewed by Tracy from Greatenglandshire on 15th Mar 2013
Useless phone, never worked properly, so turned it off permantly in the garden with a big stone dog.

Reviewed by Tiffany Carne from England on 23rd Jan 2013
My dad gave me this phone yersterday and it is so boring, I am a teenager so when I saw it had Twitter and Facebook I was happy, but I couldnt connect to the internet and some of the apps was locked, it is a piece of junk and the touch screen is stupid and it doesnt have enough features, the Samsung chat is better then this phone. :( dont buy it!

Reviewed by GeordieChris from Telford on 5th Oct 2012
Biggest pile of pooh I've ever encountered.It's going in the bin.

Reviewed by Uncle Burt from Rochester on 3rd Oct 2012
This thing was a total mistake, it froze, the battey life was a joke, no sis installation support and it kept losing reception.
Put it in the bin and got a Samsung Galaxy y for less money and it is fantastic.

Reviewed by jacob from uk on 2nd Oct 2012
biggest pile of junk ever,keeps freezing,saying operation failed,sim card not ready always having to switch on/off will never buy another nokia again

Reviewed by Nicola Davenport from Uk on 28th Sep 2012
Do not buy this phone. This is the worst phone I have ever bought. I have always used Nokia phones and never had a probkem until now. The phone keeps freezing and not sending texts. This has been back for repair twice now and now just won't work at all. I have a complaint in with Nokia and will be going to Trading Standards if this is not resolved.

Reviewed by Wills from Scotland on 25th Sep 2012
I have had this phone for about 6 months now and I have had lots of problems,when opening message have a blank screen,freezes on me, touch screen sometimes does not respond and goes onto internet when I have not touched anything taking my money as I am on pay & go.

Reviewed by Robson from England on 9th Sep 2012
Cant hear anyone talk unless on loud and can't send or receive any text the phones touch screen is non exsistant and phone is slow all togethher 0 stars if I could

Reviewed by Noman.03003448888 from - on 3rd Sep 2012
Nice cell

Reply by pete from uk on 13th Nov 2012
you still happy or do you work for nokia ?

Reviewed by pat hackett from uk on 25th Aug 2012
cant send a photo to anyone just sits and goes nowhere

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 25th Aug 2012
MMS enabled? Check with your network.

Reviewed by Helebeth from England on 30th Jul 2012
THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!!!! Don't bother with this one. unresponsive and slow. touch screen is awful and always sticking.

Reviewed by jimbo from england on 4th Jul 2012
what a load of rubish on my second phone first one died on me and was replaced by another C2O2 this one as now given up the ghost

Reviewed by alex from united kingdom on 10th Jun 2012
An absolute disgrace. Have they made this phone for a joke? It is pathetic. The touch screen does not respond, its so frustrating!!!! My blood is at boiling point! Its bulky, weak and flimsy. Its going straight back to the shop, if i can get it back in the box! Even the box doesnt work! Be warned!

Reviewed by janet jones-oneill from ireland on 31st May 2012
awful awful awful....ready to throw it out the window.....screen constantly black....if on silent no indicator u have received message and screen continually locks itself, even mid typing a text (and im not that slow!!) so u have to unlock it to carry on.....driving me nuts and im going up from 6300, so thot this wud be fab....now buying another 6300 second hand to get rid of this....only cost 70 from o2, but has to be the worst nokia ive ever had, and ive had a few!!

Reviewed by Jen from Scotland on 25th May 2012
This was the worst phone I ever had, don't buy it. I now have a samsung galaxy ace which is so much better

Reviewed by val from zim on 18th May 2012
this is nonsense, hate the music player, slow internet and the fact that u always have to slide on most apps

Reviewed by Prasi from India karnataka on 11th May 2012
Guys dnt buy dis mobile

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 11th May 2012
Don't bother, this phone is rubbish. It's part keypad and part touch screen which doesn't work very well at all, unless you lick your finger. buy an iPhone, at least they work

Reviewed by Muujig from Mongolia on 8th May 2012
The phone is driving me mad too! Unable to adjust screen lit time is just so darn stupid, trying to do something and the screen shuts off! and when u tap on the screen it's dead, no response unless u open it by the sliding key on the side or press on the disconnect button, stupid phone, response is slower than dial up internet, prefer simple cheapest nokia phone

Reviewed by mer from uk on 7th May 2012
nokia c2-02 looks very beautiful but the quality is poor.
I bought one and excitely after 4 months the screen touch stop responding.

Reviewed by sharath from india on 26th Apr 2012
c2-02 is a waste model. touch, software every thing is complent.
and the service given by the nokia is waste than noyhing.

Reviewed by maura o connor from ireland on 19th Apr 2012
i am very disopointed with c2 o2 @ very disopointed with servise i am getting from vodafone.my phone not responding to contact touch from day one.i have had numerous contact with them obout this .with NOsatisfaction so far . Ican see from other reviews a lot of simler complaints ??

Reviewed by Sarah K from Ireland on 14th Apr 2012
Got this phone YESTERDAY!!! It's already driving me mad the selection key on the left is totally unresponsive and I end up somewhere I don't want to be when it eventually does get it's act together. I got it with cherry points so didn't really cost me anything but still it's frustrating. Other than that it's an ok phone

Reviewed by Khan from United Kingdom on 29th Mar 2012
Its a good phone it has facebook chat you can easily surf the internet and the touch screen is not that bad.. m happy with it :)

Reviewed by Borut from Slovenia on 29th Mar 2012
This phone is quite good for this price, 90eur

Reviewed by Sushant magadum from Karnataka on 19th Mar 2012
The touch screan is week

Reply by Apratim from India on 3rd Apr 2012
ur wrong

Reviewed by tina garrett from uk on 18th Mar 2012
Had the same problem with my c202 only had it a week and the the touch screen froze, removed the battery and sim card all the usual tricks, but still no luck, the phones going back on Tuesday hopefully phone number 2 will be ok

Reviewed by Smit from India on 18th Mar 2012
Its good phone to use.

Reviewed by william from USA on 15th Feb 2012
easy for kids, teens and elderly because of the slide out buttons

Reviewed by Katy Smith from England on 30th Jan 2012
I like the phone but am afraid the backlit screen drives me mad, it is only on a second or two then goes off and there is nowhere to alter it

Reviewed by Cm Paudel from Nepal on 25th Jan 2012
I have got /gifted a Nokia C2-02, But its screen touch is not working a few days. How to solution this problem.

Reply by Aben Zin from UK on 23rd Feb 2012
This may sound a bit primative but I've had the same problem and find that slapping the screen seems to work! It is a temporary solution at best though, best get in touch with your phone provider.

Reviewed by Jane Graham from England on 23rd Jan 2012
I love this phone. You can still do predictive text instead of taking an hour to write one on a qwerty. Plus you have the best of both worlds as it is touch screen for everything else.

Reviewed by N ula from Uk on 17th Jan 2012
This phone is AWFULL AVOID the touch screen is very unresponsive take several attempts to open anything once it stops scrolling to the bottom of the screen and once your in to an app it won't do anything took it back after a week !!!!

Reviewed by Chris S from UK on 17th Jan 2012
This phone is fine if you're after something which is a step up from a cheap-and-cheerful phone - it has everything I want and the combination of type and touch is great to my mind. It's neat, reasonably compact and I've had no problems with it at all. I guess those who dislike it (below) are comparing it with much higher grade phones. The camera is fine, the mp3 player has pretty good sound on it's small speaker. Can't speak about the internet access as I'm rarely using that.

Reviewed by AndrewB from Scotland on 29th Dec 2011
Bought this phone for my Mum, Christmas 2011, 40 from phones4u as an O2 upgrade. It is a brilliant wee phone and is great fun. The camera seems fine to me, the touchscreen is a little slow in some functions but you get a vibrate so know just to wait for the function to respond. For this money don't compare it to a smartphone. It's a phone with a camera, mp3 player, radio, it looks sexy, it works fine, it's compact,light, easy to use and cheap. If you want a poser-phone get another 100-200 out of your pocket. Not giving it 5 stars as only just got it but 5 star so far in use.

Reviewed by Arabella Horton-Carnegie from Chatham on 22nd Nov 2011
I simply love this phone, everything just works, simple to set up, calls are clear, good internet experience, looks prettier than some of the overly expensive phones available

Reviewed by billy bob england from england on 5th Nov 2011
this is the second c2 02 ive had whith the same typ of falt the first one whent falty as soon as i got home the second 4 weeks later this is the worst nokie ive had they want 2 sort them selfs out at nokie

Reviewed by Dean from Lisaland on 2nd Nov 2011
Nokia must be wanting to dig there own grave by coming out with such poorly specified products like this, for the same money I just got a used 5800 nokia in mint condition.

Reviewed by Tetters from Uk on 30th Oct 2011
Just about to take my 2nd c2-02 back in a week. Both have the same problem. Within hours of using the screen occasionally flickers into black n white stripes for a split second which I could probably live with but the touchscreen on the left hand side fails to select the option even though u can feel it responding through the handset. I'm guessing maybe there's a fault to have this happen on both phones. Apart from that, very basic and a 2mp camera is just not good as the pictures r quite grainy. Love the idea of a touch and slide though. Size and weight r good too.

Reply by jenny from west midlands on 24th Feb 2012
ive had the same problem with my phone. i had the phone for christmas and my screen flickers after a while. got on my nerves so ive had to take it bac so they can repair it

Reviewed by Jellybean from UK on 27th Sep 2011
There are some basic things wrong here. For a start the lack of a navi key is wierd, for a regular nokia user that is. Maybe it wouldn't work with the touch n type thing but still. And when a call is coming in, there is no option to 'silence' the call. It is answer the call or dump it, no tactful way around it. The touchscreen is slow to respond so you end up trying again and sometimes selecting the wrong option because the screen took its time bringing up your choice. Why the camera is only 2 mega pixel is another mystery. Still it's a small phone, which is a blessing in these days of nouveau bricks which need a handbag to cart them around in.

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