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Nokia C2-01 review

 Review: March 2011  

Last updated October 2013

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The C2-01 s a minimum-spec phone that does little more than the basics. Available in Black or Silver.

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The Nokia C2-01 is an old-style traditional phone with a tiny screen and an alphanumeric keypad. It's a phone that's never heard of the iPhone and thinks that Tony Blair is still Prime Minister. There's nothing special about the phone at all. Yes, it makes calls and sends texts. Yes, it has good battery life. Yes, it even has a camera, mp3 player and FM radio tucked away. It will even access your facebook account and play youtube videos if you have a magnifying glass to watch them on its miniature screen. But every single phone on the market does that too.

Take our advice - if you want an inexpensive phone, choose one that does more than the C2-01 such as the Nokia Asha 302 or the Vodafone Smart Mini, or choose something really cheap like The Nokia 100.

Nokia C2-01 features include:

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I am unable to send photographs to another mobile phone.

Asked by Nancy Corbett from Scotland on 4th Nov 2016
The message starts to go then stops and 'G' appears next to the message sending symbol.

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Average rating from 56 reviews:

Reviewed by Marsh from Australia on 8th Dec 2017
Most important feature for me is a reliable signal such as within buildings ; the C2-01 is the most dependable.. I've had iphones at work & various "smart phones" ; this C2-01 is superior.
Texting is ALWAYS better with a key pad... touchscreens are unpredictable and if you are entering
money/accounts - it needs to be dependable & the C2-01 is more so. Of course, if you just want plenty of apps and play games,,, then it's not the toy for you.!

Reviewed by Ted from UK on 7th Jan 2017
ONLY DOES THE BASICS??? This phone has a 16gb sd cability meaning it can store all my music and has bluetooth meaning it can connect to any wireless speaker. To downgrade it so much is ridiculous. Among the other great features it is a class act in its calibre. What terrible reviewing if you aren't even going to rate it for its class of phone. Also the Nokia Asha 302 looks rubbish. Terrible reviews.

Reply by Richard from uk on 24th Nov 2017
Totally agree! Great little phone!

Reviewed by Aakash from india on 9th Jan 2016
I used this phone for 5 years and still using it now it create network problem but i enjoyed it and utilized it fully satisfied with its performance i used it like hell i never took any urge to take care of it and now its a asset for me i am interested to rectify its technical hitches and again use it it went under harsh climate and a thousand time drop from my hand but its a tough guy.

Reviewed by Martin from Uganda on 26th Sep 2015
I love my nokia c2-01.

Reviewed by umair from pakistan on 8th Mar 2015
I like this phone it is a good choice.

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 27th Feb 2015
I have had my Nokia C2 for 6+ years now, it is my second one as my last one literally wore out. It is great for predictive texting (much better than the modern screens where you have to touch type from a screen which I find very clumsy and SLOW indeed, I am a 50 word a minute typist by the way), give me phone keys and predictive text any day. The battery life is brilliant, I usually only charge mine once a week. I send about 5 texts a day and use about an hour of calls a week. As always Nokia are very user friendly. It has speed dialing, voice recording, the camera is pretty good too, lets be honest, how many people actually print or even use all of their 10+ million pixels to enlarge a photo. 3 MP is enough to print a decent A4 image/photo if needed (I am also a bit of an ammature photographer with a DSLR so know what I am talking about). The video record and sound is good too. I have many videos of my dog in the forest and events that I have attended that have uploaded and make perfectly good videos. The radio is great too. I have an extra memory stick in mine so can save many photos and even a few albums of music on. I am talking myself into it again and will definitely be buying another C2 when my current one wears out. So in a nutshell. Good camera, good video quality, good radio, good voice recording, good predictive texting, user friendly, oh and lets remember the speaker phone so you can talk hands free.

Reviewed by Gambrit lights from Uganda on 2nd Jan 2015
This phone got issues.i cnt get cool apps and it aint fully supports browsers.
Nara watsapp and the screen is rough as the roads in ma country..#new1

Reviewed by roy tynan from england on 9th Nov 2014
no problems to talk of realy, great little handset for the price.

Reviewed by Sandip Bothra from India on 4th Oct 2014
Mobie is an superb superb..no doubt.
But why not supporte Whats app..??
If whats app would be supported in device then..its one of the Best Mobile In World...

Reviewed by UKPAI from Nigeria on 16th Sep 2014
My phone drains battery easily when am not using it and trip off all the time ,I have use several batteries still face the same problems

Reviewed by nwoko reuben from nigeria on 28th Aug 2014
my problem is that my phone use to hang and trip off all time without allowing me to type anything. please can u help me?

Reviewed by Chau binaya munglang from India on 3rd May 2014
Can i use what's up in my cellphone?
Model no. - nokia c2-01

Reviewed by anand from india on 28th Feb 2014
Its a gud phone in low price also gud camera and music system

Reviewed by bob from UK on 14th Feb 2014
I love this phone. it is one sexy beast. trusty, sturdy and reliable just like any old nokia - better than any woman ;)
The radio is of sound quality and the camera takes very detailed and intimate pictures.
The internet is very quick and can access most sites when required for busniess ;)
The buttons are highly functional with easy acess for those who have larger less dexterous thumbs.
The screen is plenty large enough for browsing the internet (see above) as well as looking at those lovely photos one has previously taken.
It may advisable if you get bored of the back to paint it with a nailvarnish of your choice.
To increase the memory capacity one can purchase and additional memory card for the side.
There are also plenty of games and useful conversionymobobs to help you and entertain you in your walk of life.
If you are suffering from hearing issues this phone has a large range of volume properties.
The battery life is extraordinarily long and can last almost 3 days, this is remarkable for any phone.
Buy it, use it, love it.

Reply by Ana from Bangladesh on 24th Apr 2014
Looks like you have really fall in love with it.

Reviewed by Ayush singh from India on 3rd Feb 2014
Very impresive mobile

Reviewed by Shohag from Bangladesh on 27th Jan 2014
It is small phone. But work fast. It is well done on download, call, camera, brows & text.
I enjoy it so much.

Reviewed by Rahul rathore from India on 23rd Jan 2014
Not a bad mobile, the only thing is that it has a miniature screen and only 56mb internal storage.

Reviewed by joy roy from Bangladesh on 18th Jan 2014
it is best protect i love this protect very much

Reviewed by tiatemsu from india on 22nd Dec 2013
i like it.
But needs more application

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 4th Dec 2013

Reviewed by John from England on 12th Apr 2013
Its just a great piece of kit. Simple and reliable. Everything a mobile should be.

Reviewed by Torikul Islam from Bangladesh on 14th Jan 2013
It is very nice, i'm using with enjoy ..but want to call from skype!!

Reviewed by Mick B from UK on 9th Sep 2012
Had this phone for 3 years, just broken it by kneeling on it but after looking at smart phone mkt with limited battery life and poor features under 200, I will be buying another of these! Only two faults, the key pad being chrome is very difficult to see in some lighting conditions and the camera has no flash

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 1st Jul 2012
Just bought this phone this afternoon so trying to get used to it. Loved my Tocolite but initial impressions? Going to love this phone even more if I can learn how to use it. Better designed for the hand but not so easy to navigate as the Tocolite but then have only had this phone for less than two hours. Ha! it's a 3G phone too but I don't even use a camera on a mobile phone let alone the Internet. But at the price I paid for this phone 34.95 unlocked - show me better value?

Reply by Jim from UK on 3rd Jul 2012
Update: Love both the Tocolite and C2-01 Can't make up my mind which I like best? Tocolite easier to use for composing text messages but C2-01 can send "Flash" text messages and has 3G so the phone can be used anywhere in the world including Japan and S. Korea - not that I'm going to any of those countries. Text messages Tocolite but using the phone to talk C2-01

Reply by Jim from UK on 5th Jul 2012
Further update: They are both outstanding mobile phones for the money but there's a clear winner. Because if I had to choose between either phone breaking down? Then I'd hope that it would be the C2-01 that would breakdown, so that I could keep-on using the Tocolite.

Reviewed by ktk from uk on 4th May 2012
one of the problems is seeing the screen in sunlight, it's useless. other than that not bad

Reviewed by gizmoo from uk on 24th Feb 2012
Have had a Nokia C2 01 for 4 months. Camera is worthless, so if you need a camera don't buy this phone. Ease of use is very good, though very slow responding. However it has now developed a battery drain which drains down at least half of the battery in 12 hours (only using 3 texts and no calls). It is meant to have a standby time of 450 hours and up until now it has stayed charged and useable for 3 weeks with little use, now it is a problem.

Reviewed by Ajazbhat from India on 15th Jan 2012
Switched off and on automatically. And when opening any application hang them.now the fresh fault is no catch tower signal

Reviewed by Shubham from India on 12th Jan 2012
I know its good mobile phone but i have problems with NokiaC2-01 1) It switched of when we go to the themes? 2) when im doing browsing it hang? 3)its media players songs maked doubled?

Reviewed by JOHN from GREECE on 10th Jan 2012
C2 looks great with good camera and sound.the only preblen is the noise of the buttons when you push them.

Reviewed by Karen from England on 4th Dec 2011
I agree with 'Tony' it's perfect for texting and internet browsing. It does what it says on the tin. I can't be doing with touch screens. I like the fact it a lovely comfortable phone. I got mine for 49.99 carphone warehouse. This style is very drop proof. You could only break it if you actually wanted to.

Reply by alan from uk on 7th Apr 2014
Awaiting delivery of this phone got it on contract thought I made amistake in getting this phone but after reading your review u put my mind at rest thanx

Reviewed by Philip Gordon Owen from Scotland on 16th Nov 2011
i like it a lot easy to use my music sounds very good radio is fine text easy battery good BUT the bloke at carphones cant get me onto the internet i dont know if its the phone or vodaphone still its a lot better phone than my old sony

Reviewed by cms from england on 3rd Nov 2011
I am now on my 3rd phone. When deleting used numbers I keep getting invalid selection

Reviewed by Max from Scotland on 3rd Oct 2011
I bought this phone and had it since April I have since upgraded to the htc wildfire s. I rate this phone good. This phone is excellent for texting and calls and has a very good batter life, the camera is decent for 3 megapixel but the video camera is a bit basic. The worst part of the phone is that the screen is very small and this phone is not great for internet browsing. I see you can get this phone cheaper than the 70 I paid for it. I would probably only recommend this phone for someone who only wants a basic phone that can text and make calls with ease, the phone is very simple to use.

Reviewed by Deborah O'Brien from United Kingdom on 1st Oct 2011
Lovely phone to use. I don't use mobile phones to talk much, I use them for texting. I have never had any health problems with mobile phones until I began to use this phone. I became aware that when I spoke on this phone my ears began to have a burring feeling. The problem escalated one day after 2 consecutive calls of about 3 minutes each. My ears began to burn, my head felt like it was starting to fry and the sensations down my neck was painful. It took a day to feel normal again. I stopped using it. One independent SAR rating for this phone 1.6. In the UK up to a 2.0 rating is considered ok. The US standard is 1.6. Nokia say the Sar rating is 1.3. If you are electro magnetic sensitive, steer clear of this phone.

Reviewed by chintu rajpoot from india on 20th Sep 2011
this is good phone for talking,browsing and downloading

Reviewed by tony from uk on 10th Sep 2011
i needed a replacement for my nokia 1208 which gave long service but wore out. I now have the c2-01 and as a virtual technophobe find it ideal for me. it does everything i need it to do. yes, there are phones out there that may have more features, but i am familiar with nokia and am happy with this phone. I do not like touch pad phones, this nokia is ideal for me.

Reviewed by HARSH from India on 7th Sep 2011
It is the very fast browsing phone in basic phone range

Reviewed by douglas ross macrae from SCOTLAND on 4th Sep 2011
I have the nokia c2-01 and i love it. I got it as 2nd hand it costed me 20

Reviewed by Marcella from Ireland on 22nd Aug 2011
A grand little very easy mobile phone to use, so long as I can make, take calls, text, and take photos. What more do I want. I love it, and so c ompact and light.

Reviewed by Fernando from UK on 20th Aug 2011
Headset did not work properly, probably made with cheap material hence not justifying the price.

Reviewed by Ken from Weatherfield on 4th Aug 2011
I love this phone, looks great, not full of unessasary junk, easy to use, god knows what it will be like with wp7, i look forward to my next one not.

Reviewed by Adam from England on 2nd Aug 2011
Sent 3 C2's back now. TH evolume when using the headset is so qiuet. When using the loudspeaker function it is barely louder than the normal mode. Forgetthis phone unless you live in a veyr quiet countryside environment.

Reviewed by John Harcastle from U.K. on 30th Jul 2011
Network 3 GAVE me a NOKIA C2-01 in order to keep me with them, when I asked for a PAC code. (I went swimming with my old handset, a Sony Ericcson,in my pocket while on holiday (NOT advisable). I still have an old NOKIA handset and was going to settle for that (get contract with another network). ANYWAY this C2-01 does the job. It does take a LITTLE getting used to at first, in setting the directory up etc. (FIDGETY is he word I am looking for) but once there it is adequate, (paired up my earpiece no problem too) It is OK cos I can use it for a phone, (make and take calls), and that is all I particularly want NOT a pocket computer, I-POD or anything like that, so all I can say is , if you, like me, want simplicity then YES.

Reviewed by Maninderjit singh from India on 20th Jul 2011
Nokia c2-01 is best for those who wants good features at minimum price because many my friends were not able to buy high rate phones .

Reviewed by Michelle from Usa on 19th Jun 2011
I bought this phone due 2 losing my smart phone,wasnt eligible for upgrade.c2 was very resonably priced, i love the keypad, i surf the internet alot and it does a great job doing it until memory shows full. I have looked for additional memory i cud add to prevent this from happening,however,have only found memory stick which just stores photos,multimedia,etc and i just cant part with takin off my phone.it has a radio bit i cant review it bc i havent used it,as my phone didnt come with accessories for it.the styling of the phone is nice,similar 2 a blackberry in looks.i have no complaints on the c2 and if not for the issue with memory,i wud be totally content with it.i prefer a nokia phone as they are tough and easy 2 use. Id love 2 'testdrive' upcoming phones,from nokia.how would i go about finding opportunities to test products in their "pre-market tests? Any suggestions greatly appreciated..

Reviewed by p.james from england on 9th Jun 2011
headset did not work,batt ran out very quickly,try downloading from ovi for get it

Reviewed by Sodit Pete from Wales on 18th Apr 2011
Lovely phone is this, idiot proof, looks nice, better than all that touch nonsense, don't need that boy, proper phone is this

Reviewed by Bigup from The Kingdom of Tomatoes on 4th Apr 2011
This is a great phone, it dose every thing I need, I am in business so need a good phone, I even found a pdf app for it on line,fantastic

Reviewed by Chandan Roy from India on 22nd Mar 2011
Good, but screen is too small.

Reviewed by Mike from England on 21st Mar 2011
Great phone, after having had complcated work phones for years I got this. Excellent price, good looks, easy to use and understated. Nokia are the best

Reviewed by joan budd from england on 21st Mar 2011
purchased this mobile 2 day,its already giving me a headache.need a magnifing glass to look at the text on it.well overpriced for what it is.hoping to get a refund.

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 16th Mar 2011
I love this phone, it is easy to use, functional and better than my Daddy's iphone.

Reviewed by Joseph from England (UK) on 14th Mar 2011
Have had the phone 8 days and it has impressed me apart from a rather squeaky back button which I was told by a man at The Orange Shop is not a fault but something that will improve as the phone gets older. My last phone lasted over three years and was a Samsung. This is my second Nokia. Impressed, but I think it could be a bit more robust-that's all.

Reviewed by Henry from Wales on 14th Mar 2011
Got this yestrday, so far I am very satisfied, it dose every thing that I need it to, and well. The screen is small but it is of good quality and perfectly readable for my 75 year old eyes. Internet connectivity is very quick over the operamini, loading up Telegraph pages without issue. The phone looks nice but understated, wonderfull for those that do not want to show off, brag, and be silly about a phone.

Reviewed by Phillamena from England on 13th Mar 2011
I have had this phone for 10 days, so far it has been fantastic, the screen is perfectly ok for me, I can read my chosen newspaper on it in the morning via opera browser, the camera is fine if you bother to adjust settings according to light conditions etc, 3.2mp is enough N73 N93 excellant also. 10 days old without a breakdown, it has already beaten ny old phone iphone 3gs.

Reviewed by Jane Kittle from UK on 11th Mar 2011
Have had this phone a week. Is stable and perfect for calls (good clarity) and texting. Useless for the internet. Light and robust. Its old skool Nokia playing it sort of safe. But much better phones out there for the price.

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