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Nokia C1-01 review

 Review: April 2011  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The C1-01 is Nokia's entry-level offering, and is very much an old-style phone. If you want a very cheap mobile that makes calls, sends texts, plays music via MP3 or FM radio and has great battery life, you'll find it here.

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Nokia C1-01 features include:

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Nokia C1-01 user reviews

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Average rating from 145 reviews:

Reviewed by Debashis biswas from India on 15th Mar 2015
May phone is everything ok.

Reviewed by Moti bejiga from Ethiopia on 2nd Mar 2015
When i make a call and when some one calling to me my phone switched automatically what is the problem?

Reviewed by poloko from botswana on 18th Feb 2015
Good phone

Reviewed by Jasmine from Nigeria on 13th Feb 2015
Whenever am trying to open mine nokia store it shows me service not available even when i have airtime, why is it so?

Reviewed by Buffy from Uk on 26th Jan 2015
This brick phone will make your friends envy you (!) They will all be on Snapchat while you play Block'd on the most clearest screen you've ever seen. This phone will completely ruin the social life of a normal 13 year old girl. Enough said.

Reviewed by salvado sitali from new york on 24th Dec 2014
This phone doesn't want to send sms anymore. what should i do?

Reviewed by Mukul pritam from INDIA on 11th Oct 2014
This is a good phone for low speed internet browsing

Reviewed by vijay from india on 21st Sep 2014
Increse phone memory

Reviewed by Maher umer from Pakistan on 9th Sep 2014
It's walking internet,facebook and other sites much more speed.i like it very much. I love it.

Reply by Buffy from Uk on 27th Jan 2015
um...this is nokia we r talking about dude,not apple.

Reviewed by Vivek narain from India on 27th Aug 2014
Seems that this phone is still unfolding its might,and by the way while it is negated by most sellers the phone does have class 6 edge with max speed of 177.6 kbps.xpress browser supports youtube,uc browser 9.5 makes it closer to smart phone,getting voice recorder in short cut enables call recording.if you know the tricks,awesome phone.

Reviewed by Ram from India on 24th Aug 2014
This is a nice phone for normal people.

Reviewed by Stephen from Srilanka on 22nd Aug 2014
I restored my mobile now i can not download anything

Reply by Shiji from India on 24th Dec 2014
Me too... I cn't dwmload pics nd also cn't view the pics in ma phn

Reviewed by Cumar cali xarbi from Kenya on 19th Aug 2014
I can not watching youtube video

Reviewed by Knize from Pakistan on 14th Aug 2014
I lovn for my nokia c101 mobile but i am not watch videos online

Reviewed by Muhammadahmad from Pakistan on 11th Aug 2014
It is good phone for rough use it is not good for streaming videos play online games

Reviewed by amaga daniel from nigeria on 21st Jul 2014
It does nt collect themes apart 4rm dat it's a good phone..

Reviewed by praveen from india on 28th Jun 2014
Its good mobile...

Reviewed by SOURAJ from INDIA on 27th Jun 2014
What a wonderfull phone??
Long battery life hi fi sound internet video player camara blututh

Reviewed by Cebo from South africa on 24th May 2014
It cant play online vids

Reviewed by Orhue Amas from Nigeria on 16th May 2014
It is strong and fast in browsing

Reviewed by Haseeb chaudhry from Pakistan on 25th Apr 2014
For cal,internet,messages it is best

Reviewed by Westonbirt from France on 18th Apr 2014
A great basic phone if I've seen any. The videocamera is entirely unecessary : the quality is so poor it might as well not be there ; everything else is here that it needs to be, and not much more. I use it most as a MP3 player, as it has two strenght in this regard : A suprisingly extensive and ergonomic interface and the massive memory available when you take advantage of its MicroSD slot (Mine has a 32 Go). You can also use it for all the standard stuhf : SMS, e-mail, call & receive... I do not recommand using it for video or internet surfing : the screen is far from HD. But for all else, it's quite decent and like all Nokias, it is also tonka tough with a great battery life.

Reviewed by Francis from Nigeria on 6th Apr 2014
I can't download apps on my infact i can't download anything on my nokia c1-01.....what do i do??????

Reply by Alen from Us on 17th Apr 2014
Go to settings>configuration settings>acess point then select your service provider. The try downloading app from mobile galary 9 or other sites.

Reply by Buffy from Uk on 27th Jan 2015
Meh. Time to get a new phone mate.

Reviewed by Ankit sharma from India on 19th Mar 2014
nokia c1-01 is a good small budget phone. SOLUTIONS:
Download Nokia express broweser, then go to m.youtube.com then you can stream vedios.
merit:- can see your favorate vedios now easily.
you can adj. quality.
small vedios (say 1MB are streamed fast *range matters)
since the phone not support RTSP(real time streaming protocol) it use TEMPOREY DOWNLOAD STREAMING . So you have to wait till the vedio temp. dowload and consume data. As size of vedio increase time of temp.downld increase.
range/signal strength matters.
OPERA already on it.
opera 4.5 can be installed.
for better downld use UCbrowser.
Facebook app is avilable.
Nimbuzz also avilable.
NOKIA BETA/EXPRESS for super fast browsing and streaming vedio.
1.Moblie galary9
apps: cprogramming,themes, games for c1-01
2.go to apps centre in uc to downlod
pdf reader,doc viewer and othes usefull apps.
dowload only good rated ones.

Reviewed by shoukat ali from pakistan on 9th Mar 2014
My nokia c1-01 good phone

Reviewed by gamitashok from india on 7th Mar 2014
My nokia c1- 01 no youtube video

Reply by ARUN from India on 19th Mar 2014
Download nokia express browses and go to m.youtube.com you can stream videos(temparory stream)

Reviewed by tushar from india on 26th Feb 2014
Very Fast downloading

Reviewed by Dawood majeed ganie from India on 25th Feb 2014
C1-01. Is very good mobile and product of nokia.I always use it.

Reviewed by Khairul from India on 1st Feb 2014
Outstanding mobile cheap but best

Reviewed by Sunrize Pohtam from Meghalaya on 27th Jan 2014
NOKIA C1-01 has limitations:-it does not have a perfect displayed-themes,wallpapers etc because of an unconventional small size screen..Apart from that, C1-01 phone doesn't supports streaming although the settings surprisingly appear on the configuration settings!...Anyway C1-01 Phones has a good perfomance justlike older nokia phone model with a cheap affordable price...

Reviewed by Sunil kheuta from Shimla on 14th Jan 2014
Verr nice

Reviewed by Isaac from Nigeria on 11th Jan 2014
Most of c1 bluetooth is not working but it is a portable anyway

Reviewed by Krishna from India on 7th Jan 2014
No work bluetooth

Reviewed by SK NUR AMIN from INDIA on 27th Dec 2013
I hate this phone and i'll advice to all that this phone does support live tv,youtube and does not work many software and themes,camera is bad

Reviewed by Kyle^ from Philippines on 26th Nov 2013
C1-01 simply and comfortable. internet is working on this mobile . And it's cheap Yow

Reviewed by Argha bhattacharjee from India on 26th Oct 2013
Guys, last time whatever i hav said those things are true. And i don't want to hurt feelings of others, ok. This is really a bad and non-satisfactory phone

Reviewed by elesh vaghela from india on 25th Oct 2013
Hi gaus my Nokia c1 01 best phon my luky phon

Reviewed by Argha bhattacharjee from INDIA on 25th Oct 2013
Guys, i am also a nokia C1-01 user. I am saying that it is a good aswell as a bad phone. It is good phone because it can do a lot of awsome things and has a long battery back up. It is a bad phone aswell because i can't watch videos. So i would say it a non-satisfactory phone

Reviewed by Samrat from India on 21st Oct 2013
Its good phone in low cost. It has long battery life. Its internet speed fast via operamini. With good quality sound mp3 media player. But camera features is very poor.

Reviewed by vinay from india on 15th Oct 2013
love this product

Reviewed by Rohit from India on 10th Oct 2013
Very good

Reviewed by Riane from Philippines on 5th Oct 2013
This phone is simple. Basic phone for practical people. Battery life is alright. Standby last up to 5-6 days. Regular use like texting, calling, listening to music, last up to 3-4 days. Interface is user-friendly for me, it's simple. Never regretted on having this as my primary phone. I already got rid of my Galaxy Pocket, such a battery hog.

Reviewed by RAHUL KUMAR SINGH from INDIA on 30th Sep 2013
I have problem in this mobile that it becoming off sometime while using the mobile

Reviewed by Fadola abiodun from Nigeria on 26th Sep 2013
Bluetooth not oning

Reviewed by Shivaji from INDEA on 22nd Sep 2013
Nokia is good phons

Reviewed by Kenneth onakpoma from Nigeria on 18th Sep 2013
Apps dos not connect and i have the right settings and i cant use it to make call if i do or somebody call me the phone will off. Phone Memory is full i have formatted and restore to factory setting but it didnt work

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 17th Sep 2013
It does what i need it to do, rings, texts, plays music for me. i can take pictures too if i want. Great phone, great value and does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed by DANIEL from TANZANIA on 14th Sep 2013
Its the best.

Reviewed by Abrar Danis4 from Pakistan on 4th Sep 2013
Nokia is the name of cofidance.it is easy in use and best in internet service and downloading.

Reviewed by Ahimbisibwe Solomon from Uganda on 28th Aug 2013
Just what i would call a phone!

Reviewed by Yasir from Pakistan on 2nd Aug 2013
This is very bad mobile from nokia. I have used it. It has bad functions. This mobile cannot play online videos but it supports internet videos on vuclip show app.

Reviewed by Rashid Ali from pakistan on 15th Jun 2013
my mobile camera low internet fast

Reviewed by Susan Hammond from UK on 12th May 2013
Can't send photos. Don't understand what subscribe to packet data means. Not impressed as there are no good instructions about this anywhere.

Reviewed by usman from pakistan on 10th Apr 2013
Hate it

Reviewed by Karl from England on 17th Oct 2012
Great phone, good Mp3, I use a 16 gig mem card, use now instead of sony 8 gig Mp3, sounds as good, Have now sold the Sony, Good radio, Loud speaker, Ok, the camera isn't good but i'd say all phones are poor cameras, I just got rid of a Galaxy smart phone, I'd never have another, Prefer this, If yr after a good basic easy yo use phone, This is good, But if you want 3G pay bit more and get the C2-01 which also has a better camera,

Reviewed by rudi from england on 5th Oct 2012
simple,functional nice design, long battery life and just £30, well happy. if you want to go on the internet get a laptop or spend £600 on a crapple i5.

Reviewed by Vivek narain from India on 13th Sep 2012
Ovi mail with attachments wow,fast internet with operamini at dirt cheap gprs package @ half£ per month,superb image capture even with .3mp,inexpensive,fast video download thru vuclip using nokia browser,good video playback,great call recording

Reviewed by Tyler from New Zealand on 22nd Aug 2012
After endless problems with my iPhone 4, I opted for the Nokia C1-01 because I had enough of an unreliable phone made of glass! I must say, for the price you pay it is an excellent phone! I did pay a little extra so that I could get the unlocked version, because I'm traveling I'd rather just be able to swap out a sim and keep using it!

You get what you pay for, I'm pleased. I can still connect it to my car GPS via Bluetooth for hands free. Even put a 1GB mem card in it with a few songs on it, so I can still use it like an iPod with the 3.5mm headphone jack on top.

Battery life is amazing, I'm getting about 4 or 5 days at a time! I was charging my release day iPhone 4 up to 3 times a day due to battery fatigue. But after spending money on getting everything else on my iPhone 4 fixed I gave in. Sold it.

If you want a simple, easy to use and good looking phone, Nokia C1-01 is the way to go.

Reviewed by Steve from Liverpool, uk on 2nd Aug 2012
Needed a cheap, reliable handset that does the basics well (which the C1-01 does). A bonus is that it does email and web browsing as well, not as fast as a 3G Smartphone, but still usefully useable all the same. Good mp3 player & FM Radio. Camera is very poor - ok for MMS but not much else, which is a shame. Battery life is excellent. A great phone for it's low price.

Reviewed by andy from england on 14th Jul 2012
a little unsure when bought it but this phone packs a mighty punch for a little price do you lot rely need a phone these days that does everything apart from wipe your bum or a phone that justs call txt and take a picture im happy with this phone easy to use less complicated then all the latest phones(which face it you wont fully understand or use)

Reply by Wilfred from Philippines on 21st Jun 2014
Nokia c1-01 i love you.You are n0w my second family ...FAST DOWNL. Games.app.themes,tone and video'
and also can stream video in nokia express go to m.youtube.com ..haha i love you again

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 11th Jul 2012
I've managed without a mobile for a couple of years now, but decided to give and get something cheap and cheerful.
This Nokia is just what I was after - really simple and straightforward. I haven't had any problems using it so far. Sure the camera is pretty poor, the games aren't up to much, and I guess the memory won't store much music (not tried yet!) but I figure they'll do, just in case of emergencies. Please don't buy if you're expecting it to be anything like these modern smart-phone things.

Reviewed by Alan.C from England on 6th Jul 2012
Good old nokia this is my third nokia needed bluetooth so i upgraded to the Nokia C1-01 yet again it does exactly what it says on the box value for money

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 1st Jul 2012
I bought this phone as I do alot of outdoor activities and I wanted something that if it broke it would not matter, I also use a Sony x10 when i'm not up a mountain.

The phone is excellent, gains signal, is loud enough and the battery lasted a week!! (that should not impress me but try getting an x10 to do that). facebook and youtube do work ish although I got sick of trying to use them after about 10 mins

The issues I have had however are, there seems to be no predictive text, the phone did not detect that it had a contract sim card in it which was a pain (had to switch it manually after it had charged me for many texts and calls above my contract)but once I did that the internet worked, which it didn't in pay as go mode for some reason.

Other than all that I highly recommend this phone to anyone that wants something basic or like me wants a phone to accompany there smart phone when they need better battery performance ove the phones functionality.

Reply by Eve from UK on 8th Aug 2012
It does have predictive text - you just have to press the #key for Capitals several times, watching the symbol change until you get a pair of little dotted lines in front of the pencil. Can't stand predictive text, so it was all out war to find out how to turn it off when I got the phone! (The camera is dreadful.)

Reviewed by IB from Northern Ireland on 28th Jun 2012
This is an excellent Mobile Phone and for being 1. a phone that is 2. mobile, it gets five stars from me. If you want an iPhone, go spent twenty times the price and have one. It has a really good battery life, feels good in the hand, has easy to read and use buttons and little else - but in a good way.

Reviewed by c l from ireland on 2nd Jun 2012
this fone is so handy to use

Reviewed by lauren from wales on 1st Jun 2012
it says what it does on the box, which is good enough for me. unlike the iphone which advertises it's features (and puts in small print underneath that they all require 3g - useless if you're on pay as you go!) it says on the box exactly what it does, and it does what it says.
i don't know whether these people who are complaining about it's inability to stream youtube videos are joking or not, you should not be reviewing this phone if you don't know the difference between 2G and 3G phones! youtube requires 3G!

after having numerous problems with my iphone 3GS i've turned to the nokia c1-01 and i'm extremely impressed with it's features, considering the price. it's quick, a little slow sometimes while texting however, but that's okay. it's compact, the internet is okay on it, it's loud, great interface, and decent games. what more could you ask for? oh i'm sure someone will answer that with "the ability to download more themes!" but i'm sure if themes bother you that much, then you can go out and buy a more expensive phone to cater to your needs. personally, i'm not on my phone enough for the theme to matter! it does not bother me how 'pretty' my phone appears!

i agree with gladiator in saying that the negative reviewers are playing with lemonade money and expect champagne.

Reviewed by c.l from ireland on 24th May 2012
i love this fone lads

Reviewed by Aidan from Great Britan on 21st May 2012
This is my 10th phone bought it from tesco because my 5800 got a virus and keeps turning off but great phone for music and a nice design one of the best phones ever!!!!

Reviewed by Josh Ervine from Northern Ireland on 17th May 2012
I personally think this phone is brilliant for the price I paid (£19.95). I had a blackberry bold 9780 but had to send it away for repair, obtained this phone to keep me going in the meantime. I would FAR rather prefer this to my blackberry. I am always on the phone, calling and texting etc. I do not miss BBM or the mobile internet as I have a iPod with BT FON basically anywhere I go, so that doesn't go a miss. The phone even supports conversation views and currently is storing 4000 messages, and hasn't slowed down one bit. The signal and battery life is excellent (a change from charging the blackberry 3 times a day) lasts around 2 days with my high volume of calls and texts. If you were only occasionally on the phone or texting, I wouldn't be surprised if the battery lasted 5 days. Overall, this phone is outstanding for its price, a lot better than budget phones from samsung! The display isn't too bad, it is a tad pixely, but what do you expect for the price really, if your expecting HD display and YouTube streaming I would advice you to go for something deerer. Would definitely recommend to people who just need calling and texting, not the best for internet etc but again, price. Go for a blackberry if your looking internet and YouTube.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 6th May 2012
Great Basic Phone to all the whingers on here... you did read the bit on the box that says 2G !!! that will be why you struggle with youtube etc that needing 3G !!! so dont dis the phone because you cant be bothered to read the specs
I get a signal with this phone wherever i go and that is the most important thing for me, a phone call.... and at that price it doesnt matter if i lose it or damage it....use it for work...anything else and my Samsug Galaxy S2 does that...at 40 times the cost !!!!!!

Reviewed by Louis from England on 24th Apr 2012
I am only 11 and as my first phone I think it is fine and has loads of battery and why would you expect youtube from a £30 phone

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 25th Apr 2012
Well said, Louis!

Reviewed by Tomiwo from Nigeria on 14th Apr 2012
The phone's a good one considering the fact that it's well equipped. I'm a c1-01 user.

Reviewed by Himanshu from India on 3rd Apr 2012
Download software are not play

Reviewed by 0B1 from England on 31st Mar 2012
Underwhelmed at some levels. You tube access,or rather prohibition,feels bit like gameshow"look what U could have one". As a C101 neophyte,I phoned customer services,a chargable call. Told settings would be sent to enable You tube streaming...nada. Took other path recommended,the vodaphone shop...not a clue. One employee muttered under breath,that its like tryin to play You Tube on a calculator! Sobering. As a basic phone,its sterling. Just find the marketing a tad misleading. Caveate emptor.

Reviewed by Beast from uk on 29th Mar 2012
its a cheap and cheerful phone, who want to watch t.v nd youtube on it ffs, sum ppl in the world want everything for nothing, and lol @ Gladiator, "lemonade money and expect champagne"

Reviewed by Jyothi Prasad from Indeia on 23rd Mar 2012
I like a nokia c1 01 very well very faster browser

Reviewed by mzml from kenya on 15th Mar 2012
C101 The best phone to use what do you need more than music video camera and the main internet

Reviewed by peter from uk on 9th Mar 2012
I had a basic Nokia for years..never let me down and just did all the simple important stuff without fuss. C1-01 is exactly the same but more up to date. Bluetooth for my car and another good basic package. Every thing I need and reliable, simple operating systems. Excellent.

As someone else wrote...read the lable on the tin 'cos thats what you get.

Reviewed by Spike from uk on 3rd Mar 2012
My nokia c1-01, is useless! I have to charge it up every day,and every time I send alot of txts it freezes up. Spike

Reviewed by Aljay from Scotland on 29th Feb 2012
I'm with Gladiator on this one its a great wee phone and does what it says on the tin and nothing more.

You get what you pay for as it should be.

Reviewed by Gladiator from UK on 25th Feb 2012
I'M sorry, but most of the negative reviews are from folk who have lemonade money and expect champagne! It's a simple, no frills phone that doesn't really build itself up to be what it's not. Maybe it doesn't give them the swank factor they expect( and I did say 'swank'), but honestly, most of the negative reviewers would be better off buying the extra genes they're missing!Read the spec before buying and hopefully you won't buy something that is not built to reach your expectations! I am so glad I am not still in retail with you lot around.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 20th Feb 2012
In the past Iíve owned phones that cost ten times more than the cheap little Nokia C1 and they all broke.
Ok the C1ís camera is rubbish and the internet is really slow but for making calls and texting and value for money itís an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Sid from Scotland on 16th Feb 2012
The Nokia C1-01 is by no means the cheapest phone on the market. I bought it because I wanted a simple phone. I took it back because the camera was useless! It may be VGA but the lens is rubbish, or it was totally out of adjustment. There should be a no-star rating for this review.

Reply by Chris from England on 9th May 2012
It is a phone not a camera! Try taking the protective film off!

Reviewed by Himanshu from India on 16th Feb 2012
It cannot play youtube

Reviewed by Ben from United kingdom on 14th Feb 2012
Good phone a bit slow but has good mp3 player 3.5mm headphone and battery lasts 3-4 days with heavy use. Would recommend.

Reviewed by Marius from Romania on 7th Feb 2012
Incredibly slow, mindblowing slow, I vas many time on the point of breaking it ...

Reply by Manju from India on 7th Nov 2013
you r very correct,I've been suffering with it for quite some time,I'll never ever suggest people to buy the same.

Reviewed by ngongo mwabyi from east london on 7th Feb 2012
Great little phone to use, espically when ur walking along the main road from peckham to croydon.

Reviewed by john from uk on 3rd Feb 2012
Good enough phone, no frills, but thats how i like it. seems slow for texting but for me it doesn't actually miss any letters, it just fails to show them for a second! i prefer the nokia 2330 but with no memory card it makes media seem pointless. Maybe other more suitable models out there for marginally higher price

Reviewed by vignesh from India on 3rd Feb 2012
Hi all..
No Brightness control option..
No software updates..
Kindly do the favor.

Reviewed by Bryn from UK on 31st Jan 2012
Slow........so very slow

Reviewed by ashish from india on 30th Jan 2012
I cant watch live tv and youtube.......bad and third class phone...

Reply by Paul c from England on 6th Apr 2012
What do you expect for £15 ? Cheap skate

Reviewed by saeed khan from uk on 30th Jan 2012
my nokia c1o1 is eazy to use and i love it.

Reviewed by samarth singh jakhar from india on 29th Jan 2012
I love my phone

Reviewed by charan from india on 28th Jan 2012
Its good

Reviewed by xxx from india on 22nd Jan 2012
Im update every month.but the phone is poor service.

Reviewed by lee from NW ENGLAND on 17th Jan 2012
This is basic. Who on earth would think it would do YouTube - pathetic. It does calls tho the speaker ain't so good but better on the headphones! FM radio is ok, strangely it takes a 32gb SD card - tho' don't play 'folders only'. Its just a phone - end of.

Reviewed by Kosphsing pasa pugal from India on 16th Jan 2012

Reviewed by Janice Bell from England on 15th Jan 2012
I love it.A good basic phone for making calls and texting.It does what it says on the box with the advantage of radio, camera, video, I don't use the games so I cant comment on that.

Reviewed by Miss B from Scotland on 6th Jan 2012
This phone was my very first and i found it did everything that you would expect it to. The camera was not very good which was a shame but it worked. It came with three games: Block'd, Glamour pinball and Sudoku. The Sudoku was fun but the other's not really. It is a good phone though and would recommend it to people starting out in the world of phones.

Reviewed by Stu from UK on 6th Jan 2012
I've got one as a day-to-day work phone (also have a smart phone, which I don't take to building sites) - I love it. good basic phone for making calls and texting. Always seems to have a good enough signal (again good enough for calls etc where the smart phone often struggles)battery life is excellent. Haven't experienced any bugs, and is quite robust (have dropped it once r twice, no problem.) For all those who moan about the camera quality etc, a) what do you expect for £30 odd quid, and b)it's a phone! It's main purpose is to communicate with other people, not watch youtube!

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