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Nokia 9500 review

 Review: October 2004  

Last updated April 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Smartphone with QWERTY keypad, video camera, MP3 player, memory card, Bluetooth & WLAN.

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Released two full years after the previous 9210i Communicator, the 9500 Communicator has been eagerly awaited for a long time. Technology has moved forward a long way since 2002, and the 9500 has plenty of new features to offer.

The list of enhancements is extensive, but top of the list are:

  • An enhanced 65k colour display (internal and external)
  • 80 Mbytes memory
  • Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity
  • Integrated VGA camera and video recorder
  • Triband operation

The Nokia 9500 Communicator is compatible with most Lotus and Windows programs that support currently available Microsoft Office formats (MS Office 97 onwards).

The new TFT internal display is an excellent screen that is much brighter and easier to use in bright sunlight. Both the internal and external keyboards have also been improved, making typing quicker and more reliable. Internally, there is much more memory available - both user storage and RAM - and the processor is considerably faster. But perhaps the most welcome feature for many will be the Wi-Fi support, enabling mobile users to connect to the internet at broadband speeds, when located in a suitable Wi-Fi "hotspot".

But what about the old bugbear of the Communicator series - its bulk? Well, the 9500 is around 10% lighter than the 9210i and very slightly smaller. Nokia are clearly trying hard, but this is still a bulky machine to carry around.

The Nokia 9500 has now been replaced by the Nokia N97.

Nokia 9500 features include:

  • Full QWERTY keyboard with 8 shortcut keys
  • Five-way scroll key on the cover, nine-way scroll key on the PDA side
  • Inner display: Transflective LCD (65,536 colours, 640 x 200 pixels)
  • Outer display: Active matrix (65,536 colours, 128 x 128 pixels)
  • Symbian 7.0S OS (series 80 platform), Java MIDP 2.0
  • Integrated VGA camera and video recorder
  • Email: Access your work and private email accounts; supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols
  • Multimedia messaging: Combine image, video, text, and voice clip and send as MMS to compatible phone or PC; use MMS to tell your story as a multi-slide presentation
  • Built-in applications: Word processor, spreadsheet viewer and editor, presentation viewer and editor (Microsoft compatible), VPN, Calculator, File Manager, Voice Recorder, Music Player
  • Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry, also supports thumbnail pictures and groups
  • Opera Internet browser (Support for HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript)
  • High-speed data connectivity with EGPRS (EDGE - up to 236.8 kbps)
  • Wireless LAN access (WiFi, IEEE 802.11b - up to 11 mbps)
  • Bluetooth™, Infrared, USB 2.0, and Pop-Port™ interfaces
  • Fax modem
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Ringtones: use MIDI, WAV, AMR or AAC/MP3 files as ringing tones
  • 80 Mbytes built-in memory, support for additional memory with memory card (MMC)
  • Tri-band operation
  • Size: 148 x 57 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 222g
  • Talktime: 4 - 6 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 12 days

Nokia 9500 user reviews

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Average rating from 143 reviews:

Reviewed by Sander from Estonia on 11th Aug 2014
I just found that telephone on street. I am shocked. Wifi nokia with qwerty. I will sell my galaxy s4 and use this retro device. Right buttons of display dont work. Other is 5+

Reviewed by Pawan kr singh from India kolkata on 21st Apr 2014
This phone avilebal

Reviewed by SH from Finland on 18th Feb 2014
Really, the best mobile. I wish they would still make these or at least find a place to fix my previous one. The newer models like Lumia are a nightmare compared to this.

Reviewed by Ali from India on 16th Feb 2012
Just cannot name one feature to be unhappy with... never mind if it is bulky or not... it almost replaces a laptop (well almost...) I own one, not currently being used as one of the connecting hinge is broken and the PCB running from the Inner Display & the Keypad is almost lost contact... I am just dying to get it fixed. Having used many brands and models I still am proud to own my 9500 communicator. IT IS THE BEST EVER MADE BY NOKIA

Reviewed by ashfaq from UK on 1st Oct 2011
i love that mobile very much

Reviewed by olu from UK on 10th Feb 2010
The Nokia 9500 Communicator is still one of the best handsets in the Communicator series that Nokia have ever produced. I used to have one but which got damaged due to exposure to water. Although, I have the N97 and E90 Nokia which my wife wants to take from me. This has rekindled my old passion of repossessing another Nokia 9500 handset which I recently bought on Ebay as you would not get it any longer in the shops. It's simply an all rounder smartphone or pda if you would call it which meets the needs of everyone whether for business or pleasure. However, it's primarily a very essential business tool and no wonder its size which makes it chunky or bulky which I very much like about it because it's loaded. Therefore for anyone who is interested in having this essential business tool, I'll advise you go on ebay where you are sure of getting one and also good value for your money as Nokia no longer produces it because of the N series.

Reviewed by budz3510 from UK on 10th Jun 2009
this phone is almost perfect when it comes to brows internet... corrapt memory card is one reason to slow down the system, and of course virus as well. theres only one solution to overcome thus bugs, CTRL+SHIFT+F is the only way.. remove the batery a minute, then put again, this time do not switch on, just open to format, much better if you remove the mmc. after reformat next is your mmc.. Spell checker? solve that problem if you have installed the MSDict application.. i have here 9 different kind of dictionaries was installed... works perfect...... budz.mw.lt

Reviewed by sam from UK on 12th Feb 2009
I loved it. But, it has got its own limitations and shortfalls

Reviewed by anna yasser from UK on 7th Feb 2009
i love my new moblie nokia9500 its incredible i just think its the best of all my moblies i had

Reviewed by suhas deshpande from UK on 9th Dec 2008
do not buy

Reviewed by X3ain from UK on 6th Dec 2008
i had a nokia 6300,i sold it and got this outstanding mobile phone! if u wana buy a phone,then i recommend u 9500!

Reviewed by ben from UK on 15th Aug 2008

Reviewed by john hellier (south africa) from UK on 30th Jun 2008
I've just gone back to my 9500 after putting it away for the best part of year after I got a new (company) E50. Apart from me needing to go on weight training lessons I wonder why I ever put it away. Pity i dropped it and broke one of the hinges, but it still works fine. welcome back 9500!.. anyone want a E50?

Reviewed by helene sessford from UK on 23rd Jun 2008
the best phone that one can buy. if you can? as i have just been told that the communicator is no longer being made. can this be right.i would say this phone is outstanding.

Reviewed by Shakti(india) from UK on 10th Jun 2008
It is the best phone i have ever used.i liked every features of it from outside to inside.and almost me feels l ike this can replace comp. when u are on roll.enjoy the phone

Reviewed by paarth sagar from UK on 22nd May 2008
the nokia 9500 is a mind blowing communicator its got amazing sound quality for the gen x i suggest go ahead and get it..........

Reviewed by usman asghar from UK on 22nd Apr 2008
i love this phone.it is very great thing for every field.

Reviewed by faiza from UK on 28th Jan 2008
its osam beautiful full computer great make

Reviewed by Oscar Gaylord from UK on 14th Jan 2008
The best phone ever!

Reviewed by hoo7 from UK on 28th Dec 2007
I'm using my 9500 for 3 years+ because of the fax! I got my E90 but left aside when traveling. I keep changing the covers and it look exactly like new :-) !

Reviewed by abfack86@yahoo.com from UK on 13th Dec 2007
I am using Nokia N72 it is a verry good set, which i will not hesitate to recomend to any body whom may need to buy. yours faithfully, Abiodun Omoboriowo, from Nigeria Abuja.

Reviewed by Akram from UK on 25th Nov 2007
Just purchased a preowned 9500 for USD250. Just love this baby..a computer on yr belt. I love the Wi-Fi, The keyboard, the fax. The instant messenger...all just great and working perfectly. ummmph

Reviewed by himanshu from UK on 21st Oct 2007
ok i m using nokia 9500.it is 1 of the best pds. the point is u can do html brousing.but the bad thing is it takes neary 3 to 4 secounds to open a application.also u cannot change the theam.

Reviewed by Asare Mensah from Ghana. from UK on 17th Sep 2007
the nokia 9500 communicator is wonderful.already i was using nokia N70 but when i had the 9500 my interest in the N70 is no more. i just love it

Reviewed by Jayadi from UK on 22nd Aug 2007
That is the best communicator, but now there is E 90, but it's worth to buy

Reviewed by FLASHMAN from UK on 14th Aug 2007
I do find that it is bulky, but, obviously realised this when I purchased it! I am not impressed with the fact that it is difficult to obtain day to day information and appointments- unlike my old Tungsten T !!

Reviewed by syed gamal from UK on 5th Aug 2007
As a phone, it is big. However, if looked as a mini laptop, it is possibly, the world's tiniest laptop. And this is the way its meant to be used. What other laptop can last a day of wi-fi'ing...what other other laptop can you carry around in your pocket?

Reviewed by Daniel Mudaliar from UK on 18th Jul 2007
Overall the phone is good, but has major problems with it case its top hinge cracks often, I have procured this phone 2 years back and have changed it casing almost 5 times due to the crack in its top hinge. The phone has got extremely good features and ideal for business use but hinge problem makes it expensive to maintain. Daniel Mudliar - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Reviewed by kamran akhtar from UK on 17th Jul 2007
i like this phone, its my first smart phone and more or less has the lot, the only downside, you've heard this before, is the siza and a problem is if a hinge is broken its more or less impossible to repair. Top internet browsing which works well on wWiFi with no issues. Its a phone for both business people and just normal people.

Reviewed by boyzzz from UK on 9th Jul 2007
this phone is perfect!!!!love it!!!!

Reviewed by yah from UK on 5th Jul 2007
well, wot can i say here. My previous phone was the nokia 9210i.. i LOVED that one to bits, it was great and NEVER had problems with it. Fast, very helpful, only downside was that it did not have WIFI. I later bought a nokia 9500 around 2 years ago, SINCE THEN, i have been having problems.. hinges broken, THREE TIMES.. and i never dropped it. FREEZING ALLOT, and most frustrating THE MOST FRUSTRATING, is the speed, how SLOW it is to switch from one application to another. I formatted TWICE thinking the problem would go away, but nooooo... i am VERY disappointed with this model, i spent HEAPS of money and TWO years i have not been able to enjoy it. Only just recently, the whole phone stopped switching on, and it didnt hurt me a bit, i was happy to see it go finally actually, i wont be bothered to fix it or spend a cent on it. I hope nokia will get it right in their next communicator the E90. Also, may i say nokias service was also disappointing all the time, if this was infact a fault only in my handset, nokia could NOT fix this fault having taken it 3 times to them during the 12months warranty, everytime they say they have upgraded the software and it should be fine now, but it actually got worse. All i can say, i got ripped off by nokia, thanku guys.. maybe i wont buy your nokia E90 after all.

Reviewed by Vishal Mahajan from UK on 26th Jun 2007
Its truly remarkable, amazing and must buy for all business tycoons.

Reviewed by KangZ from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
I just bought this phone and i think its great. Still monitoring its performance. Dispite its bulkiness i think its a powerful machine.

Reviewed by ahmar from UK on 21st Jan 2007
i am ahmar chughtai very good set

Reviewed by John Devey from UK on 20th Jan 2007
I Love the Nokia 9500 mainly because of the fast use of the QWERTY keyboard and the flip open hands free auto speaker, when driving this is an ideal phone to use in the open position on the dashboard. Although this is said to still be a bulky machine I can't see how the size can be reduced without affecting the ease of use of the keyboard. I do think the software side of things could do with upgrading to stay in line with technology.

Reviewed by marcos from UK on 15th Jan 2007
i agree with u david from the uk ... i also had a p910i but i still prefere the 9500

Reviewed by Orpheas Van Roy from UK on 24th Dec 2006
I have that telephone and it's perfect.it's like a small laptop. the other is that you can see the time in all the lands!The most exciting thing is that it has two screens!That it means that is a smartphone.

Reviewed by Duncan from UK on 12th Nov 2006
4 out of 5 stars. What would have given the Nokia 9500 five stars is spellcheck (which the 9210i had) and a little faster processor. The 150mhz just isn't enough. For example, loading certain graphic happy websites take a second or two to pop up. A second or two you say? Not that bad? Well when your on the go it is. Also, the phone acts a bit sluggish at times, and the slow page loading isn't helping the overall performance of the phone. However, these are the only two complaints I have about the internal workings of the phone. The phones interface is great and intuitive. No need for a touch screen! You have a "joystick" to move around the "cursor" and a couple of other buttons to scroll up and down when viewing web pages. The application set is pretty good. To be honest, I'm writing all this via my 9500 at home using my WiFi connection. Just be warned. The WiFi can get really slow and trying to set up an encrypted WiFi access point can get a bit tricky. But office documents and editing them are a breeze. The keyboard keys are "beveled" so you have a bigger chance of hitting the keys. Enough on that. The camera is only 640x480. I would have expected a 1mpx camera at least on such a great phone. But no deal. But it does good for taking snapshots and to toy around with. The exterior of the phone is in my opinion pretty nice looking. I love the way the keys are laid out. But unfortunately, this makes it a tad difficult to use. After a little learning curve (or really just getting used to it) it's not a problem. But the "joystick" like device which you use to scroll up and down, side to side is a bit difficult to use. Annoying really. You see, you must press directly down on it to activate the menu system. But if you accidentally press up, down, left or right you bring up "quick" keys. Which are Camera, SMS, Contacts etc. Its quite easy to accidentally press one of those making it frustrating. Another rather idiotic thing that upsets me is the lacking of T9. Why did they do this? I guess the engineers at Nokia thought since we have a qwerty keyboard we wont need T9. Wrong! But in general, this phone is great. I've been using a communicator since the Nokia 9000i! This great phone fits the business needs quite well and it has decent media applications as well. It plays MP3's, video's and the like. Hope this was helpful to you!

Reviewed by Kjell Johansen, Oslo Norway from UK on 15th Feb 2006
I tend to travel. Alot. So I wanted something to replace my laptop as it tends to get in the way. I believe I found it. I've been using the 9500 now for around six months. Love it so far. It really does have everything you need. Pluss a little extra. I has a decent camera. (No megapixel cam though.) It also has GPRS, Bluetooth, dual color screens and more then enough memmory. (80mb built in + memory card.) I currently have a totall of 1024mb on it. I now no longer have to lug around my 2 kilo laptop as all the office programs I need is right here in my pocket. I use the built in WiFi quite often, although it runs awefully slow and it disconnects me more then half the time. (Gets really annoying afterwhile.) The bluetooth connection saves me from having to take up the 9500 everytime it rings, thanks to my bluetooth handsfree. (In fact, I mostly have my 9500 in my briefcase while I answer calls with my handsfree, great!) I got really used to the qwerty keyboard, even though the buttons are sorta small. The only downsides to this phone is really its size and weight. Also the WiFi connection is horribly slow at times and often disconnects. Also when synchronizing my 9500 to my laptop via bluetooth, it goes slooow. Other then that, I highly reccomend this phone to anyone looking for a laptop killer. The Nokia 9500 fills the void. Also forgot to mention that the browser is quite good. You can view flash movies and the likes!

Reviewed by Savvy from UK on 23rd Jan 2006
The best mobile & the most tech. features... Well the only downside is the Size ..but then it almost replaces the need of carrying a laptop. I have it now from over an year but cant think i would ever leave it... SIMPLY LOVE IT...

Reviewed by Enzo Raiano from Italy on 13th Jan 2006
Actually 9500 is the best phone in the world!!! It's not for everyone.(u love it or u hate it) .I travel a lot and it help me in all kind of situations. .For me five stars is not enought.... enjoy it... CiAo

Reviewed by James Dunne from United Stated on 13th Jan 2006
I switched to the 9500 from the IPAQ 6315 and I can tell you that I absolutely love it. There are some down sides and they are as follows: In the U.S. you can not find a carrying case. Also, as advertised in the net, it does not have blackberry and apparently will not. Not sure why it is available on the 9300 and not on the 9500. It is a tad large, especially when you do not have a case. Notwithstanding, the POP3 via GPRS is excellent. The battery life is incredible. The main point is that it is first a phone and then a computer and its scores highly on both.

Reviewed by Bob from Singapore on 3rd Jan 2006
This is my second 9500. I sold my previous grey cover and got myself a new classic silver cover one. More features being added and one thing I noticed is that the screen tends to flickers and I tend to see shadows behind the letter. I am not sure whether because the price has gone down and so does the workmanship. I check with some other phones (same models) they are all the same. Other then this faults, it execellent!

Reviewed by Nuno Fonseca from Portugal on 31st Dec 2005
I have a P900 and I buy this 9500 to replacet it, the 9500 takes a lot of frezes,I have to take the batery at least 1 time every 2 days , and i dont have any extra software . If i send more then 4 or 5 sms to multi recepients the phone just frezz,one time i send 180 sms to multi recepients and i just had to quit.ther is no T9 to send a quick sms ,i have always to open the cover to write,ther is no vibra call, and the batery duraction is 3 days maximum if i dont make my usualy calls,and the camera , please, my wife have the 6600 and it have better image,if i call my last numbers i get a busy message, if i call the phone list i get indisponivel for a couple of seconds ,this is a great phone but have a lot of software bugs , and i sorry to buy this, i hope the nokia guigue it atencion and solve this bugs

Reviewed by Shanmugavelu R from India on 9th Dec 2005
I wish to bring it your kind knowledge that the Spell Check facility/provision be made available in Nokia 9500 Communicator. I have earlier used Nokia 9210 & 9210i Communicator. Later opted for Nokia 9500 Communicator since it has got advanced features. After using that, I came to know that my ultimate purpose was not fulfilled as the Communicator has no Spell Check provision available in Nokia 9500. Another drawback is that it is getting hanged up frequently. Bluetooth is not functioning properly as it is disconnected very obviously. Another difficulty I come across is when I access the mail through Laptop via Bluetooth accessing is very slow (only 9 kb). I cannot send the outgoing mails from this Communicator. Even though my system is facilitated with Global Roaming facility, I cannot send the mails from abroad also. After upgrading the Nokia latest Software the said points were not solved. Hence I request you to kindly look into the above said practical difficulties to sort it out at the earliest so as to enable the Communicator users like me to work in a more efficient and effective manner. Regards/ Shanmugavelu R e-mail id: rsvelu@dishnetdsl.net, sbe-edp@dishnetdsl.net

Reviewed by Jamil Mugal from Pakistan on 4th Dec 2005
This phone is outstanding! This is a excellent Phone for Bis nisss. It is expensive for good.

Reviewed by Constantin Radu from Romania on 3rd Dec 2005
It's a excellent mobile phone (PDA), and... all in one for your pleasure in communications! Buy it and tell as...! Bye-bye...! Radu

Reviewed by jk from Germany on 24th Nov 2005
i think for business purposes, all applications are jumpacked into 1. Well, i'm still looking if I can change the screensavers. I defy those problem with bluetooth connection because it's really outstanding!

Reviewed by David from UK on 20th Nov 2005
Can i not give it ten stars?? Outstanding piece of kit!! Built quality is top notch, very sturdy unit. Had a SE P910i for a while, altho that is also an excellent handset too, there's nothing like having a qwerty keyboard you can actually use on a mobile, and this has it. Great screen clarity, I think the battery has a nuclear reactor, I havent charged the phone in 6 days, have made and recieved calls totalling 90 minutes, sent more texts than I can count and it still has 2 bars left on the display. Wi-Fi is a breeze to use anywhere, and you'd be surprised how many places you can use it. Nokia PC Suite software is a cinch to use, after a 5 minute setup just plonk your handset in its cradle and in sync's silently with no intervention and no hassle. Signal quality is excellent on Vodafone and T-Mobile, not tried the others yet. THis fone is a big improvement over the 9210i I had in the past. Telnet applications work just as well as on the 9210i also, which is half the reason I bought the fone. The only downside is no backlit qwerty keyboard and no vibration feature, but those I can live without on such a cool fone. Well done Nokia !!!!!

Reviewed by Jervis Emanuel Kobinski from San Jose, USA on 13th Nov 2005
An utter junk...I wish I hadn't forked out an obscene amount to buy this pos. It could be nothing more then a morons delite. I am sure all those who bought this phone must have bought it in a drunken stupor, else, I am sure nobody in their sanest existence would have touched such a reppulsive pencil box of a handset. I am more to be blamed coz I am amongst the group of programmers working for SYMBIAN technologies... I for one should have opted to buy SE P910 instead. all those who are singing praise to this can call or email me and buy my 2 week old handset at an handsome discount. jervis.k@symbiantech.net

Reviewed by Darius Rodrigues from India on 2nd Nov 2005
The bluetooth is pathetic, it keeps disconnecting from the handsfree Nokia HS11W. The phone & the handsfree was replaced by Nokia however the same problem persists. The phone hangs. Nokia has upgraded the software 5 times but still no effect. They have again voluntered to replace the handset with a new one with additional two months warranty - I have demanded for a refund. Surprising the top of the line model to have such a problem. The service personnel at Nokia are not even worth mentioning, the phone has been surrendered to them 20 days back & I am yet waiting for a response.

Reviewed by Jerry Ani from Nigeria on 1st Nov 2005
Itís a first class phone for business men, I only miss the vibration.

Reviewed by toby from United Kingdom on 31st Oct 2005
wot i can say about this phone is that it is made specially for businessmen not for children

Reviewed by akanji dhulqarnain from Nigeria on 28th Oct 2005
an excellent phone of excellent qualities. Not just an ordinary phone.

Reviewed by MUHAMMAD SAEED from PAKISTAN on 12th Oct 2005
Excellent!Full Fill The All Mobiles Technologies.

Reviewed by Teemu Tynjala from Finland on 9th Oct 2005
Hi, I'm used to travelling a lot in places where there is either both GSM/WiFi, or one or the other. This phone has worked absolutely marvelously. I used to own Nokia 9210i, and that phone was garbage compared to this one. The camera on the 9500 is also much better than I anticipated for a VGA quality. So, what's the best thing there? Being able to download big attachments for emails straight to the phone, and even open PDF files if need be. WiFi hotspots are also fun, because you don't have to carry your laptop over to be connected. What I would want in the future -- An FM radio for 9500.. That would be awesome. Also, having Xpress-On GPS covers would be great when travelling abroad and finding routes. All in all --- an excellent piece of technology, and 100x better value for the buck when compared to the old 9210i Communicator.

Reviewed by Patrik Heggberg from UK on 8th Oct 2005
As a business phone I find the phone is excellent. I spent hours deliberating which of the Nokia's to go for either 9300 or 9500. It did take a bit of getting used to. I found this site very informative so look at all the other reviews too!

Reviewed by lewis a from great britain on 7th Oct 2005
this fone is the dogs no doubt about it. i am a very picky dude and this 1. well there r no bad points bout it apart from it is a bit chunky but i cud put up with it. its a nokia for heavens sake there bound 2 be exelent quality which it is so all i can say is. YEA MAN

Reviewed by Nick Squires from UK on 30th Sep 2005
Quite frankly this machine has transformed the way I work in business. A MASTERPIECE!

Reviewed by John Swainson from UK on 25th Sep 2005
When the screen on my hugely reliable 9110i started to fail after I had dropped the phone - I thought the 9500 would be a good replacement. No so though. As others have already mentioned it is limited in its facilities compared with other devices of same genre and price - the lack of a vibrator and the fact that you have to search for a log to check that messages have been delivered rather than getting a resident screen message or a txt message is a real pain especially as there is no record of time of delivery in the log - but more importantly its reliability is an issue. Aside from straightforward mechanical looseness of the various covers, it crashes and freezes and loses time. Each time I talk to Nokia they brush aside the freezing etc and time loss instead of getting to grips with it. I was advised that a firmware upgrade would make the phone more reliable but if it has its not obvious that it has done so. While my 9110i lacked the frills at least it was reliable. Its high time Nokia stopped the customer led R&D on the 9500 and brought an upgrade package that sorts all the problems out once and for all. I know - in my dreams!

Reviewed by tony from UK on 19th Sep 2005
the best of all phones

Reviewed by ching ling chon li. HBL Riskie from china on 16th Sep 2005
The poorest phone ive ever had....................................... Just 4 words of advice......."go buy a SENDO"............you will be suprised how much better a sendo is than is rubbish phone

Reviewed by muneef suleiman from Yemen on 16th Sep 2005
I have used the Nokia 9210 communicator which i found very helpful when messaging writing all that i needed to write then go to menu/tools/spell check replacing to corrected words and finaly there it goes my message... But it was to my shock and sadness after waiting and looking forward all this time for the nokia 9500 communicator i find out that it has no English spell checker and correcter...such a thing made me have a feeling that all the beauty of the 9500 is nothing beside the spell checker that is in the nokia 9500... beleive me this is no mistake this is a crime from your side i suffer a lot now in my messaging and writing ability due to this unreasonable action. So can you help in this regard which i can see is more important than a E.E dictionery ..

Reviewed by Sanjeev from INDIA on 21st Aug 2005
I sat down and compared my I-MATE PDA2K with a NOKIA 9500.Here is what I found:- MOST USER FRIENDLY PDA2K, not NOKIA 9500. APPEARANCE : PDA2K has a screen that you cant take your eyes off. Nokia 9500 has a longish screen which opens out like the bellows of a Harmonium. The keyboard though big, is more difficult to use, you need to sit down somewhere and then start typing, whereas with the PDA2K u can do it standing or even walking. OPERATING SYSTEM : PDA2K uses the extremely user friendly WIndows Mobile OS, and compared to SYMBIAN 7.0 OS, I must say Windows Mobile is faster, reliable and user friendly, intuitively designed. CONNECTIVITY : Both o have the same connectivity capability, so I did not go into that comparison at all. VIBRATOR: The designer perhapsfelt people dont like VIBRATORS but that is an oversight. While not using the PDA2K as it comfortably sits by my waist,I can feel the Text or MMS messages flowing in, and they will not disturb my work with a loud noise if I choose to, whereas Nokia 9500 simply does not vibrate. SOUND REPRODUCTION: PDA2K has a ery soft sounding speaker, not too loud, and here Nokia takes the lead,does sound a lot louder, but look at it this way, if you really wantloud sound, you can buy a pair of JBL portable speakers. I feel more comfortable with the PDA2K for some very crucial reasons. I think I did the right thing when I decided not to buy the Nokia 9500.

Reviewed by bob down from australia on 19th Aug 2005
what a piece of junk, i just bought one and i hate it. nothing works and the picture quality is terrible. my advice is - don't buy one!

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 29th Jul 2005
Very temperamental both 9500 and the 9300 series. Just received phone and was doa straight out of the box. Have spoken to other people concerning this matter and they have experienced similar problems. The phone is excellent to use, but prone to device failure under normal use.

Reviewed by Paulo from Portugal on 23rd Jul 2005
With this phone you never miss working projects and your fun life. Size matters...if you want to pose just buy Nokia 8800 and burn some money.

Reviewed by Paulo from UK on 23rd Jul 2005
The best you can buy for work and fun. Size matters.

Reviewed by Rupert Gale from ENGLANG on 20th Jul 2005
I got this fone and it was very big but it has alot of gd thing on it it is a good fone you done well nokia

Reviewed by Saad Tasneem from United Kingdom on 20th Jul 2005
The Nokia 9500 is an awesome phone! Even though its big and bulky the features on it are the selling point, unless your going to use all the functions on it dont bother buying it. Its the kind of phone for someone who will appreciate the technology that this phone holds and is capable of. All kinds of software are available for this phone, MSN Messenger beeing my favourite. The Wifi feature of the phone is a great feature which, allows you to use the phone as a phone and a laptop! Compared to the 9300 yes its bigger but its alot better. After looking at many phones to suite my needs this one comes out top!

Reviewed by Deborah Chan from U.K. on 11th Jul 2005
I bought this phone for its key functions, but I absolutely hate it. It is an ugly phone, purely masculine; it does not vibrate, which makes me miss a lot of important calls in noisy enviroments; the choice of ring tone is very limited, and the ones available do not suit my taste (my last phone came with a lot of tasteful classical music ring-tones); there is no voice-dialling; the contact list has a mind of its own, and does not follow the abphabetical order: I have set it to arrange in the alphabetical order of everyone's first name, but somehow company names take precedence, and there is no way to change it; it is very fiddly to set the ring-tones for groups: it doesn't let you assign a certain ring-tone to a certain group, you have to do it individually (I've 182 entries in my address book), one by one; most of the settings cannot be done on the cover phone itself; the battery is very difficult to remove; unlike my last phone, it does not have auto switch-off; it does not give a range of choice for the start-up tone, and there is no shut-down tone. In short, the Nokia 9500 does not please my eyes and ears. So I only treat it as a tool (half-useful), but I can never like it and treat it as a valuable/indispensable property, because it does not give me enough choice to personalise it to my convenience.

Reviewed by Dylan Marnel from South Africa on 7th Jul 2005
the 9500 is outstanding. i'm using the phone to right this message now. the phone has features for all your needs e.g wifi is perfect for connecting at hotspots, etc. on the whole, an excellent phone

Reviewed by Alexey Kononenko from Russia on 28th Jun 2005
First excitement went, and reality hits. First, there is no fax modem, as it written above. It's just a modem, because when you connect it eg. to notebook modem properties\query AT+FCLASS=? says zero, that means no software like MS Fax service is able to send faxes through the phone. By the way, this is possible with 6260, 8310 and some others. Phone menu became too stricted, lots of valuable features have migrated from "Phone" menu to "Smartphone?" control panel. The last one is really ugly. Another thing is that "Java" OS (Symbian) and build-in Opera web browser can't open java applets - financial reports, etc. E-mail tool cant use SMTP TCP port other than 25 - lots of people use different ones. You cannot print or send faxes from 3rd party applications like Adobe Acrobat - oh, it is able to send primitive text message or a document from built-in text processor as fax. This Acrobat Reader version doesnt' have international support. Just to resume - 9500 is not for customers , it's just a marketing thing. Too much promises in all directions, but non of them has been successfully finished. Well it's expensive though! For such money I'd better buy Qtek 2020i - really successfull device. P.S. 9500 has been presented to me on birthday by my younger wealthy brother who thought to bring some magic in particular life of computer systems geek.

Reviewed by Nitin from India on 25th Jun 2005
I have been changing mobiles since one and half years but after buying this, i feel my search is over. I miss only 2 things in this phone one is the FM stereo and another is vibrator. But i guess its worth missing such feature for this incredible Nokia 9500 Communicator.

Reviewed by Miroslav from The Netherlands on 23rd Jun 2005
Have this phone for 2 day's now, and in one word Outstanding. I work as a security officer and have a lot of documantary to cary on with me. So i had a PDA, a mobile and papers wich i loose in a while. With de Nokia i have evrything in one. I had the V 3 razr of Motorola for 2 months, but sold it and took this one. It's a machine with everything in it. Go Nokia......

Reviewed by Dupe Garber (vmobile) from Nigeria on 19th Jun 2005
the first phone i used was a nokia 3310 and since then i knew nokia was a force to reckon within the telecomm industry. right now i am using the 9500 and i think it's just an outstanding phone, i can now work away from work. it's a phone any body working in the telecomms industry ought to have, not for a status symbol, but as a rugged work horse to help maximise efficiency of work performance. nokia should look into adding a vibrating function into this master piece of a creation. thumbs up guys.

Reviewed by Gunnar Englund from Sweden on 19th Jun 2005
I do not change phones very often. My Ericsson T39m had served me well for many years when someone told me about the new smartphones. Next day, I found myself in a phone shop. I had no idea what make or type I needed. But I knew that I wanted some kind of a PDA/phone and finally I had to choose between an Ericsson 910i and the 9500. The 9500 had no vibrator, a lousy camera and no radio. And sooo big and heavy! But I walked out of the shop with my new 9500. Why? Simply because it suits me better than any other phone on the planet. The built-in office package, the full(sized) keyboard, wide screen, easy IR and Bluetooth, the hands-free and many other features made it an instant success. And it still is. If I only could figure out how to activate the "advanced calculator"! I can get the four-banger started OK, but the advanced one?

Reviewed by giatay ning bataa from philippines on 18th Jun 2005
i dont why i don't like this mobile. Maybe because of its size, poor image quality, keyboard, and its design. It's just a waste of money buying this mobile.. You better try another phone models..

Reviewed by Hawaiian Kava Center LLC from USA on 16th Jun 2005
I haven't found the perfect phone, but I'm very pleased with the Nokia 9500. I find its integration of personal technologies an exponential improvement over working with a separate PDA, phone, laptop, MP3 player, etc. The 9500 will save you the nuisance of carrying separate gadgets - and remembering to bring them along or losing them - and ties them together so that one feature's specific output can be used within another. For example, save an MP3, use it for listening pleasure, but also use it as a ring tone. Snap a friend's picture for posterity but also use it in the contacts database. Bluetooth just about anything in/out. Start a conference call but also use the voice recorder record the conversations... It's all there and I don't know of any other phone that can do it so well and conveniently. For me, drawbacks such as no vibrate or larger size, are quite forgivable as they're low on my priority list. The value the Nokia 9500 provides was slam dunk and useful purchase for me. I'm happy to carry it around in my pocket everyday. BTW, the slightly smaller size over its predecessor, makes it easier to find a case for it, e.g., certain sunglass cases, or Breitling zip-up watch cases.

Reviewed by Roy Estrella from Davao Phil on 30th May 2005
Simply the best! you enjoy browsing the net for free on a particular establishment if they have a LAN. no one can beat nokia.just throw the stylus you don't need it, because communicator is already fully loaded

Reviewed by v.karthik from india on 28th May 2005
Kudos to nokia for comming up with a gr8 phone, its a long way from 7650 with loads of function.It has everything that an executive on the move needs, whether it is buetooth,wi-fi,full fledged keyboard,a large screen, camera,and the sucessful symbian operating software. But for this price there can be some improvement in graphics, the camera should be a megapixel and screen resolution should also be increased.Nokia should also consider decreasing the size and the weight a bit, it might encourage some more sales.As 4 me it is still a little cumbersome to carry a phone this big. Overall an excellent phone no doubts.

Reviewed by DENEVIN MACARANAS from PHILIPPINES on 23rd May 2005

Reviewed by Vodacom Employee from South Africa on 19th May 2005
If there were six stars then this phone would win them. Working for the Vodacom company, which is the leading cellular network in SA, I have had a lot to do with the Nokia 9500, but didnt own one myself, untill three or so days ago. These are my impressions: To start off with, the size thing really isnt such a big issue. Yes, it is big and all that, but does it really bother all that much? My thoughs are that it is big and bulky, but it is also of a STURDY CONSTRUCTION. I have seen way to many Nokia 6100's and Motorola V3's that come in becuase of their flimsy and fragile disigns. Fact of the matter is that it is a good, solid phone. The software on the phone is a joy to operate. The response times are very good, and the features are well balanced. Yes, the phone is aimed at the business user, but there are enough "fun" features to keep the fun lover occupied. The Symbian OS does require the user to have a slightly above-avarage knowledge, but not so much so that the phone is unusable. Take the OS on the 9210i for example. I hate it, coz I can not get my head around it. The phone itself is the best I have owned thus far, and I change phones about once a month. This phone I can see staying with me for quite a while, as I have owned iMate and everything else, but have not (untill now) found a phone that can do everything I need it to do. The keyboard, though it certainly doesnt look it, is actually a joy to use.Typing email and sms has never been faster or more effective. Yes, iMate and their touch-screens are good, but have you ever tried "writing" and email when on the train or on the bus? Another winner is the fact that, for the first time in my experience, there is a phone that can make propper use of Midi files as alert tones. In the past these files would be so soft when used that they might as well have not been used at all. With the 9500 this is a thing off the past, as Midi files are played back with a high enough volume to actually be usefull. The same goes for MP3s and AACs. Battery life is truly exceptional. On my SE V800 Vodaphone my battery would last me a day at the most, forcing me to charge it every night when I got home. Since getting the 9500 my usage hasnt decreased, but actually increased, and my batter is still going on stong after the first charge. Over all it is an astounding phone. Not having 3G network access isnt that big a deal, as I can say from first hand experience that 3G isn't all it is cracked up to be. Sure, video calls are nice, but what use is it when no one has a compatibe phone.I give it another three or so years before that particular technology will actually be usefull in SA. Smooth, powerfull, and smart. Those are on my eyes the key elements that make the Nokia 9500 what it is. It is a wonder of a phone, and is going to be on the market long after iMate have retired their PDA2K, and SE their P910i.

Reviewed by stu from uk on 10th May 2005
wangled a deal to get this monster. my first real phone was a the t28 world, which i loved at the time (i would probably still give that 5*). i vowed to stick with the swedes. but then went american with motorola. then a few samsungs later tested the depth with a nokia 8910i (singularly the worst phone i have had. the build quality was so shoddy ... cheap and its construction was poor ... i still have it in bits ... a monument to my stupidity - a 1* ... the reviewers of that who give it 5 must be on some kind of space dust that makes them think that expensive = outstanding). another few phones later ... i decided to give the finns another crack. this time with this brick. so far so good. it takes a bit of getting used to but feels so much nicer than the swedes p910i and it is functinally better. i'm no techy, but access to my website is fine and that other than calls is basically what i wanted it for. the bricknesses ... i can live with that with my gun-like holster ...kerpow

Reviewed by MD from UK on 7th May 2005
I am quite disturbed by ome of the comments made by others in this review. As a developer on this and the 7710 I wonder why users are complaining that it doesn't have a touch screen, I mean you bought it? The device is a little slow we know this, you can't complain about the WIFI speed though anything faster would kill battery life. Most of the problems you have described can be fixed by getting your phones software updated as with most products in IT they are perfected in maintenance. You should be aware that testing is taken VERY seriously at the big N but no amount of testing will account for real life use.

Reviewed by jim from uk on 6th May 2005
gr8 fone

Reviewed by Deon de Villiers from South Africa on 26th Apr 2005
Just bought the 9500. It is big, ugly and heavy. It cannot be smaller and still give the convenience of a reasonable QWERTY key board, size is not an issue. It is ugly but then again, I have no desire to show off my phone to my friends sporting the latest GT stripes. looks is not an issue. It is heavy, I can live with it but to some it might be a bit of an issue and perhaps rightly so. Physically there is a major issue in that the phone opens too easily which makes it necessary to be careful when one picks it up as it is inclinded to flop open. (I hope the Nokia boys read this) The camera, which is very usefull to have, is not as good as on other makes of phones. Considering 640x480 producing 80 to 100k file, the photo should be of a better quality. Here again, it is not a big issue as a camera is a minor feature. I am very happy with the 9500. It fits my business like a glove. I can access my email and my website and SSH into my Linux driven system with the greatest of ease. The screen does make a difference as apposed to screens of other makes.

Reviewed by Andy Ward from UK on 16th Apr 2005
I'm just finding my way around the 9500 after using a Psion Series 5mx and a separate mobile. So far, the 9500 has met my expectations - it may be a little large for a mobile phone but there's a limit to how small it can be and still incorporate a 'normal' keyboard. I find the keyboard and 'mouse' a little too stiff - hopefully it might soften up with use ? In general, it's a great device, I'm looking forward to keeping my laptop and the 9500 completely in synch. I'd appreciate a better manual in respect of the connection imformation for e-mail settings etc.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 13th Apr 2005
WOW, this phone has it all! The only downside is the size. Dont fall over board with this in your pocket!!

Reviewed by cornelsky from philippines on 11th Apr 2005
I love this phone! aside from the very attractive appeal of this phone here in the philippines the functions are fabulous, i can surf the news bbc cnn inany where either thru GPRS or wifi, this phone is like a rolex it says about the person using it

Reviewed by David Beckham from United Kingdom on 9th Apr 2005
Its ok , not one of the best phones ive ever have. i think it a all-in-one phone - kind of . i prefer buisness men should have these for quick access. i would stick with the D500. Because this phones video time is 50 mins . and D500 is 1 hour. Bye Stars, David M. Beckham

Reviewed by Babar from UK on 8th Apr 2005
Is good phone but have some problem in software or hardware, In just 1 month i replaced 2 handset because of fault, some time voice is not coming, some errors are coming on screen. when i open set, i cant hear calls. selection Button is not user friendly. Also have not lot of common options. Its great effort from nokia but should tested properly before launching this set but nokia did not did that. Also dont have any Good game

Reviewed by Dinesh Sharma from England on 8th Apr 2005
It IS THe best phone ever Made

Reviewed by Seun Adebayo from Nigeria on 5th Apr 2005
Nokia has always been one of the world's best manufacturers in mobile phone, so I'm not surprised that that this (Nokia 9500) phone has almost everything, it's long overdue. Well, considering the price I would say it's worth it, but...it wouldn't be bad if it comes down just a little.

Reviewed by Ronald van den Hurk from Netherlands on 2nd Apr 2005
Unfortunately, all new Nokia Communicators are faulty due to badly written software and realy poor testing. I think this is an outrage, considdering the very high price. I have used Nokia Communicators since the 9000 came out, so I know what I'm talking about. The new 9500 (I have software version 4.44) is - I have to regret saying - no exception, in fact it is worse than the 9210 and 9110 as they came out. Nokia even took out a feature that I often used: from the front of the phone (e.g. in the carkit) it is no longer possible to select a contact selecting the companyname. Unbelievable! As I put the phone in the carkit, the radio mutes every time i press a button on the phone. Switching off the keyboardtones helps, but why? Synchronising the agenda and tasks with Outlook 2003 is not possible. Unbelievable! Why are these things not tested and solved before the phone came out, since all users have these problems. The phone is slow every now and then. I could go on, but I red that most problems are solved by software version 4.51. I think it is an outrage that we have to pay a lot of money to betatest a faulty product. I also have to admit: if it works, it's the best phone in the world!

Reviewed by sayed ali from cairo eygpt on 30th Mar 2005
its very coooool when i saw it for the first time i said i will have it all what can i say welldone nokia nokia 9500 is the best

Reviewed by AnGeL_eYeZ from england on 26th Mar 2005
My Dad has this phone and its truly amazing. It might as well be a computer. GO BUY IT..... TRUS!

Reviewed by Kobus from South Africa on 15th Mar 2005
It does not deserve 5 stars due to centre control button. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE ACCURATELY.This button is k.a.k.

Reviewed by Corrie from South Africa on 4th Mar 2005
Excellent improvement... Best Keyboard and very logic software design this time...BUT..software can be faster and phone height(thickness)can be reduced. Lock/Unlock is difficult!...Rest is like said excellent...And it runs Celesta Smartforms 100%!

Reviewed by Nick @ The Link from England on 3rd Mar 2005
What a fantastic piece of kit. Top quality. Recommended to everyone including YOU! don't delay buy a piece of wizardry today. Nokia have put 110% into this phone. but dont trade that digital camara in just yet the phones camara isnt good, so for those in the trade that requires you to take photos use a camara! nick :D

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