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Nokia 9300i review

 Review: August 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Smartphone with QWERTY keypad, MP3 player, memory card, Bluetooth & WLAN.

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The Nokia 9300i is an updated version of the Nokia 9300 smartphone. The 9300i updates the 9300 with a Wi-Fi connection, but is otherwise the same phone.

The 9300i is a series 80 SmartPhone running Symbian 7.0S and supporting a range of business applications. Key applications include email and software for viewing and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This software is compatible with MS Office. There's a file manager and a HTML 4.01/xHTML web browser. A full QWERTY keyboard is supplied, together with a large screen for viewing documents.

The 9300i also has a range of advanced voice features, including an integrated handsfree speakerphone, conference calling and a voice recorder. It's a triband phone that will work in the USA.

Connectivity is a key feature of the 9300i, with support for wireless LAN, Bluetooth and USB 2.0. A fax port is included, and an EDGE connection enables data to be downloaded at speeds of up to 236.8 kbit/s.

The 9300i comes with 80 Mbytes of internal memory, plus an expandable MMC memory card. The 9300i weighs slightly more than the 9300, but only a few grams. The benefit of wireless LAN should more than compensate for this inconvenience. Be aware though that vibration alert is not supported by either the 9300 or 9300i.

Nokia 9300i features include:

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Nokia 9300i user reviews

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Average rating from 54 reviews:

Reviewed by Hendrix Kabulaya from zambia on 22nd Apr 2012
Its a wonderful phone except that it does not have radio,camera and the memory card type is not easy to find.The other problem with this phone is that i cant find the cover.

Reviewed by worlas from Ghana on 25th Dec 2011
They have said it all, from the misplaced extra buttons on the lid to the absence of a camera. But they forgot to mention that this phone does not support applications that have the tendacy to inflict on the right of other phone users. Also my nokia 9300i in particular have only three languages which does not include french & arabic & therefore I can't browse a web page with arabic script. I don't knw if it's the same for all nokia 9300i phones though. Again, not to mention that I recently made a mistake & tampered with the phone's system deleting some sort application that have got to do with writing & reading text massages. So at this moment, I can't write or read a message on my phone even though I receives messages alright. So my question is why don't they make those appls read only? I will give this phone a 3 star.

Reviewed by elish from india on 21st Dec 2009
i love to use it but i have some problems with it and it costs me more than a new cell cost me

Reviewed by easmawi from malaysia on 20th Nov 2009
One of my dream is to bought communicator that fulfill my daily work routine. Starting 9500 follwed by 9300 and now 9300i, its a great nokia hp model. I bought 9300i in Kuala Lumpur in May 2009, after waiting and seeking for months. I truly glad that this hp were such a great tools in my work, furthermore it is up to trend fashion. I would be using E90 in near future as Nokia is still my best preferences.

Reviewed by shahuri sarimin from malaysia on 6th Nov 2009
I have been using my 9300i for 2 years and I think it is great. If you use a Calender, Spreadsheets, Email, Word Documents ETC on a phone as I do then it is the only choice. I have recently tried out the new E90 which is even better. Can't

Reviewed by Jaldeep Patwa from India on 13th Mar 2009
One of the outstanding business class phone made by Nokia with all business class features and connectivty

Reviewed by Gad from Syria on 3rd Mar 2009
the phone is simple and good it is like 3310 it is very easy to use the pda is a bit complicated but the down side is that the keybaord doesnt have a backlight so you have to increase the brightness to see it which will decrease you battery's life,the document is good and it really helps actually i once wrote a hole lecture with it, if you are looking for a really good multimedia phone this is not for you,this is a phone for business but dont try to replace your notebook with it becouse you will be dissapointed. "mouse" is a bugger couse when you try to click it will roll. the shourtcuts on the keybourd are helpfull and well placed the speaker is a bit week and not clear but it is'nt a problem after all it is agood phone if you knew why you bought it and how to use it, and i dont understand others complaints,in the end it is a phone not a computer.

Reviewed by Alan Richardson from UK on 28th Jun 2008
I have been using my 9300i for 2 years and I think it is great. If you use a Calender, Spreadsheets, Email, Word Documents ETC on a phone as I do then it is the only choice. I have recently tried out the new E90 which is even better. Can't wait.

Reviewed by Irmiz from LTU on 29th Jan 2008
Well, what can I tell you about this product of nokia? Em..It's very good product, actually this nokia is second thing after my notebook. Well decide by your self buy it or not... I think nokia communicators are much more better than nokia N-series "smartphones". At first there we querty keybord, I think it helps us faster use it, use some progs like excel, word and ect. you can edit documents much more faster than N-series. If you need some cams, nice games and else fun stuff well buy N-series "smartphones",but if you need real smartphone,which you can use it instead of your notebook buy nokia communicator! Well I could say one: "With nokia's communicators do your bussines anywhere and anytime!"

Reviewed by Alan from South Africa on 25th Dec 2007
This is one shocker of a phone - obviously rushed to market with inadequate testing or design. The ergonomics of the 9300(i) are terrible. The lid is top-heavy, so the phone keeps flopping over onto its back - a problem made worse by the fact that there are buttons on the lid! This means that you have to perpetually move your fingers away from the querty keyboard, cradle the whole phone in your hands (so it doesn't flop over) and awkwardly punch one of the lid buttons. The mouse toggle on the querty keyboard is almost unusable. It is awkardly placed in the lower right corner, so whenever you use it, you have to move your hands away from the main keyboard. And it is so flat and so stiff that there is a frequent tendency to "click" rather than toggle. The phone has no vibrate function. The querty keyboard has no backlighting: you have to fold the lid over to cast light onto the keyboard! The phone doesn't have 3G - really! In this age of cellular telephony! Can you believe it? There are two variants of the phone - one which works in the US, and the other that works everywhere else in the world. The phone should have been quad-band, so it works anywhere. The front "phone" keyboard rattles like 1920s suspension on a washboard road. It is cheap nastiness of note. And the mouse toggle is so flat and tight that is it hard to navigate with it. The shiney, bling finish doesn't help. The messaging application doesn't link SIM card contacts with the senders! That is just ridiculous: you have to copy all of your SIM contacts into the phone's internal contact database. (And, you don't want to do it the other way around, because then your contact list is not transportable to other phones.) The messaging application on the front of the phone and the one inside the PDA are different pieces of software: they don't even talk to each other. You can't start typing an SMS on the front panel, and then switch over and continue on the querty keyboard. The Office applications? They're cute, but not really practical. You wouldn't want to type a long letter or document on this keyboard. Oh - and for those raving about the 640 pixel screen width: 640 is just narrow enough to be a real pain. Web pages are invariably formatted for 800 (or more). So almost every web page you visit will require left and right scrolling to read it. Hey, get those buttons off the lid and provide an extra 160 pixels of screen width! This phone is a clunky shambles of unco-ordinated software. It is heavy, large and slow. It is ergonomically terrible, and falls short of expected networking functionality (like 3G and quad-band) as well. If this rating page allowed zero stars, that is what this phone would score.

Reviewed by Tom Marshall from UK on 11th Sep 2007
I've had this phone for 11 months and in 16 years of using a mobile phone I feel as though Nokia has turned back the clock with this antediluvian model. It's not my choice being a company issue and we're locked into a 2 year contract, apparently. I don't normally wish my life away but with this phone I will make an exception, the next year cannot pass quickly enough. By rights it should have ended up beneath a passing juggernaught quite some time ago. If you've ever wondered why the UK still has red phone boxes it's mainly for people like me who have the misfortune to have to use one of these. At best it is functional, at worst it's a liability and useless. If Mr Bean were to have a mobile he'd almost certainly have one of these.

Reviewed by Jayadi from Surabaya on 27th Aug 2007
It's a great phone, I really like to use it, but it.s price so expensive, but I still like it

Reviewed by Nasser Sumrein from United Kngdom on 26th Aug 2007
I really use this phone in trading in forex and stocks and also doing my work on word and excell and also when i last went to the united states i didn't need to change my phone , it is really fantastic phone for buisnes

Reviewed by Commmunicator Lovers from Malaysia on 22nd Aug 2007
I take Nokia 9300i three months ago, slowly realize that the functions of this communicator is incredibly useful!! The office Tools such as Documents, Sheet are suitable for active business user, although I'm not a business man, but 9300i give me a lot of convenient such as surf internet at the WLAN hotspots area such as my interesting coffee shops 'Starbucks', 'Dome' and lot more. The built-in large internal memory are conveniently to store informations or files, with 1 GB MMC, Nokia 9300i looks just like a small laptop inside my pocket:-)

Reviewed by kassim from comoros on 31st Jul 2007
the Nokia 9300i for me its the best i see it on the smart phone

Reviewed by Nemo from antartica on 30th Jul 2007
OMG! an amazing fone, but really uglt and chunkky and big, not great for carrying around, but is really cool for using the internet, but no camera :(

Reviewed by gvr nagaraju from india on 30th Jul 2007
I bought 9300i in dec2006, it was working well till march 2007, the phone has a strange behavoiur, it doesn't receive calls, nor u can make calls though the mobile is on and the netwrok operator is selected. turn it off and then try to turn it on, the phone doesn't respond, simply take out the battery, and re insert and turn the phone it works well for a day or 2 and again the same problem repeats.

Reviewed by Dr. Anshu Sachdev from Mumbai, India on 16th Jul 2007
I upgraded from 9300 to 9300i essentially for wi-fi and EDGE. However i was ver disappointed with the speed of launching applications in 9300i which is much slower than its previous fellow 9300. Other wise its a very powerful tool with all kinds of features. Sometimes I feel its been tailor made for every user as u think of a feature and it is there!!

Reviewed by ikiriye tubotamuno from Nigeria(Port-Harcourt) on 15th Jul 2007
dis fone is good,bad and ugly.the good is dat its wifi capable at 7% u can connect,best qwerty board in d market,matured business tool and touch of class. D bad is crashing when loaded,processor speed is small and browser not superb,no vibrator very annoying,backlight is a major disappointment and D ugly aspect is no free software from nokia except zip manager,scratch friendly,no much software in d market 4 dis pc like phone. Generally i still love d phone 4 its functionality.4 browser plz download opera mini and use,4 documents try words 2 Go,4 instant messenger go 4 IM+ Version 1.44.not much of a regret 4 me. Advise to nokia,plz add camera or radio,improve on firmware and this phone will be a nuclear bomb.hope dis review helps cheers.

Reviewed by toMmypointocointreau from Indonesia on 26th Jun 2007
I'm a new user. I'm not satisfy yet with the application that can be explored in 9300i. Since I had explored my N Gage, I couldn't do the same thing with thie series. Any body can help me where I can find the complete application for this series? Please mail me at tommykeren@yahoo.com. I'll be glad to hear from you all and I believe this series have lots to be explored.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 12th Jun 2007
Had my 9300 a year and can't fault it. Links to my PC so I can often travel to meetings without a laptop and download notes when I come back. Gr8 for being in conferences and taking notes. Only downside is no camera, but I can live with that. Only reason I'm looking to upgrade is no GPS! My silver version looking a bit tatty after 14 months as well!

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 11th Jun 2007
Had it 18 months (of hard use) and generally great. Must have got a good one. Never had it crash or had to clear log until I chose to. Is a bit slow. Bought it largely for the diary & to sync with my husband's 9500. Had some diff syncing with Bluetooth, but WiFi OK except to print. Now dropped it 2 feet and the connection between the screen and keypad has gone. Would be good to be able to use external keypad to access more features, which I think will be possible with soon to come E90. And yes I would like a vibrate option and yes you can add more than one phone number for a contact. Needing to look at replacing it now, if E90 was not on the horizon I would be happy to have the same again, but might worry about getting a dud one!

Reviewed by jithu from india on 28th Apr 2007
This is the best phone never i used .

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 11th Feb 2007
Solid phone, you just know its quality when you hold it for the first time. Had it for a few months now - very impressed with battery life and features, havnt worked them all out yet though! Manual for its an inch thick!

Reviewed by LIJO ANTONY from SAUDI ARABIA on 4th Feb 2007
HEY guys tha phones gr8 just has a lack of tha camera and i feel one who like a full keypad should buy dis 1 ..its got a name ,a prestige soo go agead and buy it.....

Reviewed by Annette from england on 2nd Feb 2007
I loved it - to start with. Then the keyboard side failed.( not the software, apparently the ink). Which meant I couldn't access emails.. I knew I'd received them because the phone bit still told me... until.. that ink bit went too.....grr. Something to do with the hinge mechanism..... It promised much - am so disappointed with it..

Reviewed by raj batra from india on 28th Jan 2007
hi guys i am raj from india. just want to let you know that this phone is simply amazing, just close your eyes and buy it, its worth keeping.

Reviewed by Mr.Engineer from Lebanon on 26th Jan 2007
It is a very good fun but for the lack of camera,otherwise no problems,even the lack of vibrator is not a problem because the ringing volume is loud,in all cases this phone is outstanding..

Reviewed by STEPH from PARIS on 25th Jan 2007
This phone is the wrost phone is had every seen!!!!!!

Reviewed by Hassan from Egypt on 22nd Jan 2007
Well, after owning this phone for 7 months and finally managing to get rid of it, i just find myself having to write a comment. Before this i had an imate. The good stuff about this phone are: 1.excellent battery if compared to ANY imate (specially for those of u who talk a lot). 2. Rigid hardware design. it took more than 100 falls straight to the ground and seemed fine. and that's about it. The bad: 1. i cant understand how any who owned the phone for a "while" can compliment the software. it's simply too slow, and WILL often crash if it's overlaoded. and by "overloaded" i mean message while taking a call, or surf the net while browsing throught the contacts. nothing more ! 2. the bluetooth is definitely slow compared to the imate jasjar or jamin. 3. the screen not being touch cuts down heavily on practicality. 4. If you start to make a call and then decide for any reason to stop it, by simply clicking the red no button, it will CERTAINLY just crash for 5 or 6 seconds.If u do the next mistake of pressing the green dial button to get the last dialled right after, it will just display the "reading log" message for a whole 3 minutes, and then.... nothing..u just have to cancel, wait for the phone to catch its breath and then press it again to successfully get the last dialled. 6. the wi-fi had problems connecting if the singla of the hotspot is low. i tried it next to a jasjam. the jasjam connected, and the 9300i didnt. Conclusion: the constant crashing just got me fed up although i have to admit, this was the first smartphone with a decent battery i ever owned.

Reviewed by Karn from India on 22nd Jan 2007
great phone.. specially when it comes to prestige, u feel different holding this phone in ur hand.. n let me tell,, while taking out of the pocket ppl do look at u with a diff attitude.. another imp point is that its a compact communicator than the others with good battery life and weight of the phone is also satisfactory.. wifi also in addition guys this is a class of a piece, only -ve aspect is the vibrator (i.e no vibrator). otherwise its a good bet..

Reviewed by Bader Abrik from syria on 21st Jan 2007
Yes...no vibration is big issue wonder why they didnt put this option in it as well the 9500 has it.. any how this is the only phone in my opinion which it can really b amazing ... true who call it smart phone

Reviewed by Ali memon from Canada Toronto on 17th Jan 2007
No dought about that phone 9300i but the major problem is no vibration on the device... misss few calls every day but still i like this phone :P:P

Reviewed by Brian from USA on 15th Jan 2007
Ordered this phone from Europe due to it not being available in the states when I wanted it. Had the 9500 previously and was looking forward to some improvements. Screen started snowing out on me...no help text on external use, no lights on keys, slower responses when too much is downloaded, etc. I was told I had to send the phone back to Europe for repair. UGH! So I bought a Torx wrench to see if it was something obvious that had come loose. Now the phone blinks when I power it up and won't come on at all. Waste of $600. I am so bitter about it all! Don't buy this phone. It is the last communicator I will own and I was a serious fan...

Reviewed by marcos from england on 15th Jan 2007
amazing phone!! in my opinion the best phone... if you are hezitating wether to get one ... trust me GO 4 IT !!!

Reviewed by Tony from Lebanon on 9th Jan 2007
Hey guys listen well i tried this phone and compared it with my ex i-mate (microsoft stuff) the data trasfer between the i-mate and the pc is far more faster than between 9300i and the pc, battery on 9300i is an excellent piece comparing to the i-mate, internet browser and wifi connection are better in 9300i, but WHY THERE IS NO VIBRATOR you can't keep a phone with no vibrator you will always miss some calls. Anyway it's a powerfull divice far better than the i-mate because the symbian os is much better than the microsoft os, but i can't give more than 3 stars because there's no vibrator, no free messenger software, no Good immage viewer and no free updates for the os... Good luck guys

Reviewed by Richard from Malaysia on 24th Dec 2006
This is a great PDA phone. I own a 9300i with v5.50 firmware.. Also own an XDA IIs, but the 9300i trumps it in terms of: *Battery life (lasts at least a full day of usage surfing, checking emails, contacts, maing calls, etc.) *Synching with MSOutlook(never had any problems synching, Nokia PC Suite is much, much faster that MS Activesync 4.1! bearing in mind that the IIs is running on the Windows platform.) *Surfing (built in browser is very stable, never had it freeze on me yet, & opens most complex web pages, albeit a little bit slowly -- try that on your Windows based PDA!) *receives and sends faxes automatically without attendance (on the Windows based systems, you need to manually put the system in receive mode first, during which no calls can be received until it is manually put out of receive mode!) *it just works! 9300i is the best balance of a phone & PDA there has ever been! Missed out on 5 stars for speed. 'nuff said!

Reviewed by Mark from South Africa on 20th Dec 2006
I have read these reviews and I can only asume that those who gave it more than two stars only got the phone the day before. All I can say to you guys is good luck to you! This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Most people said they didn't like the size etc. Well, I don't have a problem with that. My problem is that this thing just doesn't work! It is absolutely useless. There is one problem after the other. In fact, if I had to set out all the problems that I have had with this phone over the last 5 months, I would run out of space. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. And if you have the misfortune of owning one GET RID OF IT AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN!!! I will never buy a Nokia again. This is the worst phone ever.

Reviewed by Anil Shukla from India on 13th Dec 2006
Gr8 phone everyone love this phone in UP

Reviewed by Anto from Indonesia on 13th Dec 2006
I find it was great until.... I miss all the messages in the meeting because no vibration alert on it. I'll give it five star if someone can show me any bluetooth handsfree with vibration alert.

Reviewed by Levison Hwaire from UK on 25th Sep 2006
Its an overrated piece of junk without the most basic functions for a phone of its price. No vibrating alert, Contacts limited to one phone entry per person & no stylus or touch screen for ease of use.

Reviewed by Pierre from South Africa on 9th Aug 2006
All Round not to bad Short coming deffenatly vibrating- Loose alot of calls Ringing is also to soft,a lot softer than the Sony comunicators

Reviewed by Tom from South Africa on 19th Jul 2006
Impossible to sync with outlook---without destroying your contacts base...Unable to use as a W-Lan acsess point. Freezes when caller log becomes fairly full....Have to clear the log each single day!

Reviewed by Adrian from Australia on 6th Jul 2006
what a poor phone..trying to resemble a notebook... but it's all too slow. Thanks to Nokia image... makes this phone still sell... consider other phones...not this one

Reviewed by Jay from United Kingdom on 10th Jun 2006
Excellent phone, great for emails, Wi-fi, and presentations! Very reliable, and the battery is decent. But do have a few issues about the phone: there's no vibration alert (so keep missing calls), there's no decent MSN messenger Free software for it, and outlook won't sync with the phone. Pity, cos otherwise, it would be the best phone on the market.

Reviewed by Shane from Zambia on 9th Jun 2006
My first communicator after several nokia's. Good phone but mine does not have predictive text as mentioned. Can anyone help me with this !!! Vibration alert and automatic keylock needed. Also not possible to remove applications from desktop after its uninstalled.

Reviewed by Johann from South Africa on 30th May 2006
All round an excelent business tool. Only downside is that the keyboard does not have a backlight. Makes working at night a challenge.

Reviewed by shiplu from bangladesh on 28th May 2006
it connects fast to the internet . On the down side is its larger than normal size (although a friend mentioned that it is smaller than my first Nokia 2010 I got in 1994 :-). It is a bit heavy for pocket carry, but you get used to it. A competent phone and excellent mobile office solution which does everything you want it to. I don't think I'll ever revert back to a "normal" cellphone.

Reviewed by doina racu from moldova on 8th May 2006
i thing that that i fell in love........ this phone is one o the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here you are 5 stars! kiss ya Nokia;)

Reviewed by Bozkurt from Turkey on 7th May 2006
Yes there is wireless.But What will I do with wirelss.skype don't work.any messenger don't works.there is compatibility with excel but don't have compatibility with outlook.How will I sencronize my outlook tasks,contact lists. with these telephone.Nokia must give a telephone which works with microsoft pocket pc software.

Reviewed by Andries from South Africa on 30th Apr 2006
I upgraded to this phone about four weeks ago and I must say I am all-round impressed with it. It is nice and solid and works like a charm. The only small niggle that I have had is that it sometimes takes a while to boot up when switched on. Software is not too slow and messaging (email and text) works very well. It connects fast to the internet as well. On the down side is its larger than normal size (although a friend mentioned that it is smaller than my first Nokia 2010 I got in 1994 :-). It is a bit heavy for pocket carry, but you get used to it. A competent phone and excellent mobile office solution which does everything you want it to. I don't think I'll ever revert back to a "normal" cellphone.

Reviewed by Mark Finlayson from UK on 4th Mar 2006
Almost identical to the 9300 with the addition of WiFi and a darker shade of grey being the only obvious differences between this and the 9300. Still an excellent business tool with excellent feature set and good reliability. Nokia synch programme is now one of the best around; easy to use and install. Loses a star because Nokia missed the chance to give it vibe alert and to speed up the processor. Can the Sony Ericsson P990 take the place of this when it eventually launches??

Reviewed by dick from japan on 20th Feb 2006
really good but not what i expected

Reviewed by Michael, NY, NY from UK on 15th Feb 2006
Ok, first off, this phone has NO camera. But what do you want? A decent office application device that lets you last minute edit your excel files on the subway before getting to the office or take pictures of that "awesome" party? We have digital cameras for that. The phone is really great. Theres a few drawbacks, but none so severe I wouldnt reccomend it! Also, the screen is a beauty! I love sending my email to my friends while stuck in traffic (which I hardly do since I use the subway) check my blog and such. I do wish that the battery would last an extra hour or so. (But the battery life is more then decent.) Other then that, I reccomend this to any young pro who needs to take work with him, or has to use email on the fly!

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