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Nokia 9210i review

 Review: July 2004  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: Communicator with more memory and improved internet support.



The Nokia 9210i Communicator is a business workhorse designed for use by professionals on the move. A QWERTY keyboard combines with fast internet access, email and a range of office applications to enable the Communicator phone to function as a miniature laptop.

Improvements added since the older 9210 include more memory, an improved Web browser that supports frames, Javascript™, Macromedia Flash Player and RealOne Player for video and audio streaming, and a content-sensitive pointer that allows easy scrolling.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) client allows mobile corporate users to establish secure, reliable, trusted connections from their Nokia 9210i Communicator directly to their corporate Intranet.

Compatibility with a broad range of office applications is a key strength of the 9210i Communicator. The email application supports most attachment types, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MS Project, Lotus, and is compatible with a very wide range of mailserver types. The calendar and contacts tools are also compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Schedule+, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Oracle Collaboration Suite and SyncML remote synchronization.

A very powerful tool, but as with its predecessor, bulk and weight are its key disadvantages. Now replaced by the Nokia 9500.

Nokia 9210i features include:

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How to connect it to the wifi?

Asked by Kevin from Lebanon on 4th Aug 2016

Nokia 9210i user reviews

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Average rating from 45 reviews:

Reviewed by amran from indonesia - karawang on 13th Oct 2014
I love nokia 9210 until now. But my handphone have problem. Switch on off not function and front monitor. But all of keypad and monitor inside is good. Would you help me about this problem?

Reviewed by miftah from indonesia on 13th Mar 2014
love this product, want to have more than 1

Reply by nhluvuko from south africa on 1st Jun 2014
hai im in Pretoria south Africa and Im looking for the phone but im unable to find it as its an old version of the communicator phones if your in south africa can you help email nhluvuko.ngobeni@gmail.com

Reviewed by OTIM FRANCIS OPIOS from UGANDA on 2nd Jan 2013

Reviewed by Naim from bangladesh on 28th Oct 2011
i love this phone.

Reviewed by Waseel Khalifey from Yemen on 3rd Oct 2011
I just love this phone.I wish some or the other day I get this phone.

Reviewed by Mustjab Hussain Akhtar from UAE on 17th Aug 2011
The 9210 and 9210i were the best business phones EVER made by ANY phone manufacturer. Nothing comes close to this beast of a phone. Come to think of it, the most any business phone should provide you, this phone had and still has. Worksheets, Word, web browsing, the whole works. What more could a professional want. On top of that, the best thing about this phone was the uncomplicated software, which ensured this product never crashed. Nokia should have continued to imporve this model by simply adding WiFi maybe, a better 'Hand Free Kit Connection Port' and new battery which was not part of the body of the phone and this phone would have lasted even today. In my personal opinion, if Nokia wish to steal the march on all other mobile manufacturers in terms of smart phone and/or platforms, they need to come out with something like this phone and even on its own, as a non-smart phone, this model could be relauched to recapture the business market with newer version of 'Symbian' along....not the complicated new version; but only the same old one with some add-ons necessary to support the newer application and allow for additional download of apps like it use to. Nokia can re-establish itself as the singular market leader by re-launching their most successful older model phones with a new life. My personal ALL TIME FAVOURITE....is the 9210i....which I still use SIX years old!!!

Reviewed by Jethro S from Zimbabwe on 1st Jun 2011
its one of the best phones i ever used and have,but now its now no longer in use because these type of phones have a problem with belts and here in Zimbabwe they are hard to come by,they say that they are old phones and they no longer have parts for 9210i.i want another one like that,help me to get one please.thank you in advance

Reply by Marius from Spain on 13th Mar 2012
I have one telefone like this one and I want to sell it. It´s new, never used, with the original battery still working. My e-mail is marius@administrativos.com. I send photos if you are interested.

Reviewed by Julie from Australia on 13th Jul 2010
I just so love my Nokia 9210i...It is my second version but am having difficulty now in downloading onto my computer as the Noikia suite is only compatible with Windows 98,99 & 2000. Any suggestions?

Reviewed by olega bardru from Uganda on 6th Dec 2009
this phone is latest with currnt features like internet for oing business on line, education for students, currency rates updtes.it is portable and affordable designed with the powerful technological settings

Reviewed by saad hassan from pakistan on 25th Oct 2009
it iz mindblowing and awosome phone in nokia mobile history...

Reviewed by Henry from Philippines on 12th Aug 2009
Wow! You still have your 9210i? Anyways, it was really a great phone at the time. Had so many fond memories of it.

Reviewed by Willie from South Africa on 15th Jul 2009
This Phone is a bomb its only decided to go of screen today,if you can help please i`m gonna be glad for your kind help. Thanx AWS.

Reviewed by RODRIGO A SEVILLA from PHILIPPINES on 1st Feb 2009

Reviewed by Novantio from Indonesia on 26th Oct 2008
I like this device, For very cheap price, I could do anything as typing, saving such numbers, making simple data etc. But in my country, I can't use it as searching device (for internet). I was asking this to my simcard operator. And they say that my device absolutely can't. So??? I can't use my device optimally.

Reviewed by Praveen from India on 21st Oct 2008
Hey this is really a nice cell I am using this phone from last two years Un fortunately my phone has dropped on the flor and demaged If any one who want to sell his 9210i in working or non working condition plz do contact on praveengkapoor@gmail.co.

Reviewed by Shrinivas Sapre from India on 26th Sep 2008
I have been using this phone since 2001 when I was working in the Middle East. Excellent aid for communication. Now that I am back in India I have some problems or you can say queries-- How do i back up my Contacts data on my desktop PC as I dropped my communicator and it needs to be repaired. If anyone or Nokia for that matter help me out I would appreciate. I did try the back up with the cable but I got my data in CTX format which I am unable to decode. I need help . Thanks and best regards, Shrinivas Sapre. email: shrinisapre@yahoo.com

Reviewed by bryan from philippines on 11th Jun 2008
actually, any phone can aet better with curiousity..i mean, i do use the same phone, yes, before it was given to me, it cant play mp3 cant view 3gp vids but now, i have all what i need..communicators are good actually, it can get better through the user..y cant u search free wares from the net or from its cd-rom? we have everything in place, we just havr to search for it...it is a matter of choice that matters though..lol.

Reviewed by NickInZim from Zimbabwe on 13th May 2008
Very good phone! I have no need for any of the serious Smart!? phones. I use this instead of a laptop, and even take notes on it for night classes, using my index and middle fingers to type (faster & better than typing). For all those who complain about lack of x, y or z, compare it to other phones of the same era. This phone is light for the computing power, functions, and size of keyboard offered. Do you complain about how heavy a laptop from 2002 is compared to the latest one? NO! If its too heavy for you or too old, get the 9300, 9500, E90 and expect to pay lots more too. Nokia did release a version for America, I believe it's the 9290, the difference? The operating bands offered.

Reviewed by réda from algeria on 25th Apr 2008
if i had this phone in his first days i would say perfect but get it in 2008 ...high teck baby any way i give it 3 stars

Reviewed by Alice Were from Kenya on 22nd Jan 2008
i love this phone people think its bulky and all but amazingly every time i remove it from my handbag to answer a call people actually stop me to have a look at it. I would buy it all over again anytime.

Reviewed by shyam from india on 14th Jan 2008
I used 9210i for quite sometime, and this phone has its own ATTITUDE, there is no word to express it, compare to the other phone the software is outdated, it doesn't have a Bluetooth or mp3 etc but still it’s the best phone. Unfortunately one of my friend, he spoiled the phone and couldn't have repaired. I am trying to get same kind of phone (9210i) :)

Reviewed by jack from england on 27th Dec 2007
The phone is like a brick but has great unit and a versatile gadget's

Reviewed by Simoneides Macahis from Philippines on 27th Aug 2007
It's a great unit and a versatile gadget I ever have. The best for quick saving data from the Internet and reading it later anywhere...

Reviewed by michael from england on 26th Aug 2007
why are people commenting on this phone with comments like, theres no camera, no bluetooth or gprs, im sure when this phone was brung out none of them functions where among any phone. Also prople have called it big and bulky, this is a communicator phone aimed as buisness men/women, this isnt mwnt to be a small phone.

Reviewed by knneth diaz from philippines on 3rd Aug 2007
this phon it rocks my world... cool

Reviewed by mark matesun from nigeria on 15th Jun 2007
i love it

Reviewed by anshul pahuja from india on 22nd May 2007
i love this phone very much and i cant live without it i like it very much.

Reviewed by Haseeb Ahmed from Pakistan on 10th Feb 2007
A very good and dashing cell phone with many compatibilities present in it, 40 MB internal memory ,external memory supporet makes me to it as a palmtop and I have sold my laptop just because I got it and infrared is also supported makes the data transfer in few seconds, As its user i want to recommend people to sale thier laptops and try this.

Reviewed by Merian from Phillipines on 18th Nov 2006
I bought this phone at $50 dollars haha wow how cheap...when everyone else is complaining about it's price...well its been with me for sometime, ive downloaded a lot of softwares and installed it far from the fact that its true its a very sensitive phone..but anyway i love to write and jot down my thoughts it it...and now, im watching lots of videos..haha cant help but smile....its a cheap wonderful phone....Oh i got it from a muslim trader....what a nice couple..

Reviewed by J Gardiner from England on 2nd Sep 2005
I've used this phone for about 5 years now (first the 9210, now the 9210i). It is an excellent phone for me - I synchronise directly with my work pc and my home pc, keeping my diaries and contact lists all up to date (and backed up!) Keyboard is very good. Texting and emailing is very easy (although email and internet access is very slow) and the fax facility is very good indeed. My moans about the phone are that the connection speed was out of date when the phone was launched and now is almost unbearable. The memory provided isn't great. But the biggest complaint is the build quality - these phones NEVER last more than a year before they start falling to bits. The hinge is particularly weak which can lead to lots of screen problems. Also, I have the fully installed in-car system for this (works very well indeed) but it isn't compatible with the new generation (Nokia 9500) which is stopping me from upgrading. If there were an adapter to make the 9500 work with my car kit I would have upgraded a while ago. Well done Nokia! You've found another way to stop people buying your phones!

Reviewed by S.WAQAR.SHAH from PAKISTAN on 23rd Aug 2005
ITs the best mobile i ever have.but it is very sensitive

Reviewed by adewale busari from UK on 27th May 2005
i love it

Reviewed by Hazem~pro m@n from syria on 14th May 2005
it is the best mob in my opinion the wide screen.the movies scene.and the easy writing

Reviewed by Chris from Hong Kong on 23rd Apr 2005
This phone is rubbish, it is big, and there is no camera, or bluetooth. The only expansion slot is the MMC card, which i prefer it there should be a PC card. The internal screen is not touch screen, which i used to think. the biggest problem of all to me is it is not Tri band

Reviewed by paul from australia on 17th Mar 2005
to all the people who say it should have a camera, bluetooth etc.. im pretty sure when the phone was made they werent mainstrem...

Reviewed by Chris from hong kong on 24th Jan 2005
don't buy the nokia 9210i, unless u always use word processing programs. If u think this phone is cool and fancy, well u r wrong. Its supprising that this bulky nokia doesn't have bluetooth, camera and not even GPRS. It also cost a lot, which the phone doesn't worth the price. I bought this phone two weeks ago, and iam getting bored of it. The major problem to me is that this business phone is not tri band. This means it cannot be used in America.

Reviewed by Sue from england on 21st Dec 2004
Good features bad looks

Reviewed by Will from USA on 13th Dec 2004
So far, I like this phone eventhough it has weight and size problems. The biggest drawback for me is vibrate feature. I will surely miss a call or two in a noisy party.

Reviewed by Daniel Rogers from Austarlia on 5th Dec 2004
this phone is poor nothing else to say.

Reviewed by waseem from u.k on 11th Aug 2004
i was given this phone free of charge! for a 15 yr old it has too many features which i will never need! superb smart phone and it has tonnes of apps! i'm definately going to get the newer 9500 this year! Good phone!

Reviewed by Balajee from Africa on 6th Aug 2004
After a long study i had bought this communicator inspite of my friends warning me about its 'WEIGHT'problem. It has been quite a good phone + small pda for me as where in Africa you can carry your Laptops freely or strole around to different cities ....( in ref to IvoryCoast and Nigeria and people who have lived there will know better)......Its a great phone, could have made it little lighter , added an FM...and little cheaper ofcourse !! . Hope that Nokia takes note of these comments & upgrades in their up coming new model.

Reviewed by Stephen Murchie from UK on 10th Jul 2004
I have had mine now for nearly 2 years. I had the 9110i before. Features are better, but why oh why can't Nokia get the build quality better? One other fact your phone has a massive capability, but does the instruction manual be clear.... nae it is as clear as mud. These people who write the idiots guides do one! I have had two, which have been the same problem.. software. Nokia were not too bad second time around needed to do some shouting. See the new 9500 is coming soon lets see what it does.

Reviewed by Raul from UK on 1st Jan 2004
This is the best phone to have if you want to leave your laptop at the office. Although it is bigger than other Nokia phones, but I guess it is better than bringing a small phone and a laptop/notebook.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 19th Dec 2003
I have now had this phone for over 6 months and I honestly can\'t find a thing wrong with it. It is one great bit of kit.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 9th Nov 2003
great phone got it yesterday though it is quite big

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