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Nokia 8800 review

 Review: August 2005  

Last updated October 2006


In a nutshell: Premium slide phone with 0.5 megapixel camera, video camera, MP3 player, FM radio & Bluetooth.

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The Nokia 8800 looks a million dollars and costs nearly that much! But that's the point - exclusivity and style is what the 8800 is all about. The looks of the 8800 are unique. The phone's sliding keypad cover is made from stainless steel and is laser-cut for precision. The cover is engineered to be strong and to protect the phone. The screen is also built to last, being made from reinforced scratch-resistant glass, so your investment will be well protected. The keypad isn't the easiest to use, but it's OK. The phone is quite heavy, but feels good to hold. The overall impression of the phone is first class.

The 8800 has an exclusive user interface with its own styles, themes and ringtones. The ringtones were composed for the 8800 especially by the composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, although to be honest we don't know anyone who actually likes them. You might want to download your own!

Moving on from the look and feel of the phone, the 8800 isn't the best-specified phone around, especially when you consider the price tag. The camera is rather poor, although the display is excellent, with 262,000 colours and high resolution. The MP3 player supports both MP3 and AAC formats with stereo output via a conventional stereo headset (included) or an optional Nokia Bluetooth wireless headset. 3D games are supported, plus fast data transfer via EDGE. There is also an XHTML web browser.

The battery life of the 8800 is really quite poor. It does improve after a few full charging cycles, but is shockingly bad in the early days. Memory is adequate at 64 Mbytes, but not really sufficient to make full use of the video and music features of the phone. A memory card would have unlocked the full capabilities of the phone.

We do have to criticise the audio quality of the 8800. The sound quality is not up to standard. For a phone in this price bracket, that's pretty shocking. Nokia should have got the basics right.

Overall, the 8800 does its job. It impresses. It's a stunningly beautiful phone that looks good, is lovely to hold, and does enough to hold its own against the competition. If style is what matters to you, then you may love the Nokia 8800, but there are too many issues to ignore, particularly battery life and poor audio quality. It could have been a five star phone, but doesn't make the grade. The new Nokia 8800 Sirocco improves on the original.

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Nokia 8800 features include:

  • Integrated SVGA camera (0.5 megapixels)
  • Video recording and streaming (QCIF resolution: 176 x 144 pixels, 30 frames per second)
  • Active matrix TFT display: 208 x 208 pixels, 262k colours
  • 3D image engine for enhanced graphics
  • Digital music player with Bluetooth stereo (MP3, AAC formats)
  • FM radio
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones & MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols)
  • Games: 3D games
  • XHTML web browser
  • Mobile Wallet 2.0
  • Data transfer: WAP, GPRS class 8, EDGE/ E-GPRS, class 8
  • Memory: 64 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Triband
  • Size: 107 x 45 x 16.5 mm
  • Weight: 134g
  • Talktime: up to 3 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 8 days

Nokia 8800 user reviews

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Average rating from 228 reviews:

Reviewed by paul from england on 10th Jun 2012
Lots of comments about the phone having poor features, but this phone was never about features, it was about a beautiful quality hand set to make calls with. The people that Nokia aimed this phone at will use it to make calls, not send text messages, take photos, or listen to mp3s. They got decent cameras and stereos so they can use their phone as a phone! I had this phone and was delighted with it, I paid £200 just to get it on contract, but I had a great looking phone that felt great to use. Sadly it didn't last the 18 month contract, the screen died and when I sent it for repair, Nokia claimed it was water damaged and refused to fix it, before eventually returning it, incorrectly reassembled! How it got water damaged is beyond me as I never allowed my phone anywhere near water. Nokia provideda lust of possibilities: using the phone in the rain, going from warm areas to cold, and so on. If a phone of this high quality and cost cannot be used in what I would call normal conditions then it is a load of junk. I have since 2006 been looking to get his phone working again as I had some stuff on it that I'd love to retrieve, but have never had and never will have another piece of Nokia rubbish ever again as it seems that using it at all will void the warranty.

Reviewed by nishadini maheshika from Sri Lanka on 6th Feb 2012
i love it

Reviewed by Ante from UK on 4th Jul 2011
...the phone ist still awesome!!!

Reviewed by Gift from UK on 10th Mar 2011
My experience of this phone is excellent. I bought the phone in 2005 and I still have it, I love it. If Nokia was still manufacturing it I would definitely go for it again.

Reviewed by 8800 from UK on 26th Dec 2010
LOOK PEOPLE THIS PHONE IS ONLY A PHONE NOT A SMARTPHONE(iphone, nexus one, htc) :-) I bought this phone, and it was used for 3 years full really mean with no extra protection. It looks really good, the only thing tha surprise me is just batterylife. The price tag is just right for this phone. I still have this "old" phone. The design is timeless

Reviewed by cabron from UK on 17th Apr 2010
nice phone but the battery goes flat very quick so if you use your phone a lot choose another, very disapointing!

Reviewed by tony cavallo from UK on 20th Mar 2010
Hi all, I am an X Nokia 8800 owner who after much thought moved to the iphone. I have had and enjoyed the iphone for about 18 months now; however, I am now finding myself in a strange place. I miss my 8800! It was the closest thing to phone perfection I have ever owned. OK, the camera wasnt very good and it had a small screen and little to no gadgets. It certainly didnt have any apps to entertain you, but what it did have was style and it had that in abundance. It was without a doubt the slickest, coolest, most expensive looking phone I have ever owned and I so, so, so want it back! I miss you 8800. Come back to me! :)

Reviewed by frank from UK on 10th Feb 2010
not a good phone .

Reviewed by John Andrew Holden from UK on 16th Jan 2010
Love the the phone the style is perfection it has just the right amount of add ons. BUT THE BATTERY LIFE IS UNACCEPTABLE;;; Also the state of battery life bar-graph is a joke (the phone switches down when you get a call 20 min after full charge and bar still at full)

Reviewed by zeeky from UK on 24th Sep 2009
battary life rubish sims allways not being read its 3g is good thow .

Reviewed by Muhammad Omar Dogar from UK on 30th Aug 2009
If you're in to style and elegance then this is THE phone for you .Love the Takkk! Takkk! Zippo lighter effect that can attract attention.When one's going after style and individuality then such petty drawbacks can be overlooked ,after all a mobile phone is just ment for contacting and may be for cosmatic reasons.For photography and entertainment one has home theathers,digital cameras and game consoles.Best I've ever seen.!

Reviewed by Dilila from UK on 15th Jul 2009
The nokia 8880 is a great phone. It offers elegance, and style. Everything works well, the games, the bluetooth, but there is a problem... All the buttons are extremely smal, and while texting someone, it takes ages to even write a sentence. This is the only larger problem. I still have the phone, and I'm happy with it for now :)

Reviewed by SEAN-PAUL from UK on 15th May 2009
The nokia is a very pricy and flashy phone but has a quiet poor speaker and does not take a memery card as the memery in the phone is only 64 mbytes the camera is very poor quality for the pricy of the phone the security of the phone is very good tho and is a good phone overall :P

Reviewed by hoeynairda from UK on 30th Apr 2009
I just owned a 2nd hand unit of 8800 n i find it quite good especially the make of it and its stylish look. The floaw of this phone is the batt life sucks and the buttons expecially towards the bottom are hard to press. The cursur keys are kinda small but not a big issue, overall i like the phone despite of the few flaws.

Reviewed by daniel from UK on 14th Apr 2009
i love this phone and i'm gonna get it off my dad

Reviewed by melody from UK on 10th Apr 2009
well if you think the price is expensive now my dad bought my uncle this phone a few years ago AND IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE I CAN TELL YOU THAT! but the phone really is amazing i really think its suitable for adults and teenagers because its so expensive so yerr........ :)

Reviewed by ant from UK on 7th Mar 2009
looks good nice feel but wat a let down 4 nokia battery life poor over priced but love it

Reviewed by Somaiya from UK on 24th Feb 2009
i love my mobile its a phone i wouldn't part with.

Reviewed by Mr Nokia from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
After owning it for about 2 years now its still in the cupboard which i call "rubbish" its a exremelly good phone but what dropped it was the battery life...its like it has none!

Reviewed by Bainesy from UK on 26th Jan 2009
I first owned this phone in 2006 and regreted the day I ever got rid of it. In 2009 I bought another as no other phone could come close to its style and quality. There are some things you should know about this phone; the battery life isn't good (but they give you a spare one!) nor is not jam packed with features. If you want a phone that just is simply the most stylish quality around this is it.

Reviewed by Shuvro from UK on 25th Jan 2009
This mobile is the best mobile in the world. I can doit anithing I want. Camera,Video,Recoding,Songs,Bluthooth anithing.This mobile is full stell.

Reviewed by DAVID WOODBRIDGE from UK on 14th Jan 2009
I bought the 8800 within the first few days of it becoming available for sale, I am on my 6th battery, even the new ones don't last very long, but it's good to hold, keypad is ok once you get to know how to get round and the look is so beautiful I have not changed to a newer model since its inception. hope it lasts 10 more years, the style will still look as good as the day it first came out.

Reviewed by syuie from UK on 11th Jan 2009
Care about style? than this is the phone for you!

Reviewed by kammy from UK on 28th Dec 2008
the nokia 8800 is a good phone to look at but its just like regular phone to have but expensive

Reviewed by oli from UK on 15th Dec 2008
this phone is terrible. yeah all these guys on other comments looks lovely, but you may aswell be carrying around a pencil case as it dies after 1 call. very unreliable!!!!! 0 stars if i could !!!!!

Reviewed by jimmy from UK on 9th Nov 2008
it aint bout the features ppl.. look at the class this beauty holds!!! its simply rich and elegant..

Reviewed by Zbadman from UK on 4th Nov 2008
This phone is a classic n ive jst got myne but one thing poor is the battery life which also has a solution and tha is to buy a sirroco battery which also lasts longer in the standard 8800. This phone is one of the best if you want to pose with your phone. If you want to show off go for tha 8800 but u want technology go for tha 6500 slide nokia or for those hu can AFFORD tha n95 8 gig its got all you need in that little device but tha 8800 i luv along wid my n95 8 gig

Reviewed by bilal shoukat,sialkot from UK on 25th Oct 2008
hi i have nokia 8800.its ok but having very poor battery timing if anybody have solution plz guide me.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 28th Aug 2008
Yes the batteries are rubbish, have ordered 2 more and hopefully this will make the phone a great all rounder.It's got a good solid feel to the phone

Reviewed by YDragon INC from UK on 24th Aug 2008
excellent phone! i like it.

Reviewed by liz from UK on 24th Aug 2008
its really ugly and expencsive!

Reviewed by andre from UK on 10th Jul 2008
The 8800 is the phone you want to catch eyes but you dont want anyone to touch or explore its like a monument,its a classy phone with a amazing silver look and a slid that clicks but there always is, its too heavy you start to wonder whats in there when the battery is half the size its has a horrible battery life and horrible gallery the themes are not to standered and the memory is just to small to store enough and the price well wow .Come on nokia you should no that look arent everything

Reviewed by Gareth S from UK on 25th Jun 2008
Love my 8800 s serires, its by far still the most attractive phone on the market got the new 8800 arte and the old 8800 both great phones, wouldn't trade it for anything i use my n95 for pictures and music why waste a beautiful phone such as the 8800 series on music!!!! great phone....

Reviewed by laszlo from UK on 9th Jun 2008
I love it! I waited until now to buy it, due to the high price. Those guys are very rich or crazy who bought it for that much money... I paid 200 EUR only, but each single cents were worth. I love the quality of the phone, and really enjoy using it. The touch of the phone and the slide is brilliant. Even the accessories look good and work fine. I really miss quality components and desktop chargers from other models. The only thing I could complain about is buttons *,0 and #, as they are difficult to reach. And the poor battery of course, but I'm not complaining: I have the desktop charger in my office, anytime I'm not using the phone, it's standing in the charger. At least I always know where I put it. Highly recommended now, that the price is acceptable! Multimedia-freaks should forget it: if you want nice pictures get a camera, if you want quality sound get an ipod - but if you want the best phone ever get a 8800!

Reviewed by David from UK on 30th May 2008
Always been a Nokia fan and this is no exception. This is amazingly built and feels "right" to hold in your hand. It feels and looks class, unlike most phones which feel cheap and nasty. I have had the 8800 for over a year now and its pretty cheap to buy now. The only thing i will stress is the battery is not the best, 2 days at the most. A phone built to last.

Reviewed by NIK from UK on 14th May 2008
Bought this phone about a year and a half and had no technical problems.The only problem is the battery does not last enough, i keep charging it every second day. Photo quality could of been better for such an expensive phone. Overall a very impressive phone.

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 11th Mar 2008
I have been offered this phone from a friend for £150, I have always had phones that have everything, mp3, decent camera, expandable memory, bluetooth, propa internet and easy to use. I only use sony ericsson and nokia as well. But this phone feels like a real good change and like the look and feel so far... i have already got a mp3 player, digtal camera.. so i suppose im sorted!

Reviewed by hasaan from UK on 18th Feb 2008
battery no good

Reviewed by hassan from UK on 12th Feb 2008
no good phone 4 use

Reviewed by NOKIA from UK on 8th Feb 2008
The most stylish phone i could fink of. i get a real reputation with this phone

Reviewed by Tom Wilde from UK on 8th Feb 2008
This phone is rubbish, basically I had the phone a week the battery was rubbish and lasted 3 hours and the microphone went so i could not take any calls. Better off buying the value in pile cream! Looks ok tho.

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 11th Jan 2008
Its Good

Reviewed by Erhard Nierada from UK on 8th Jan 2008
I have had 2 8800's, both free as upgrades with Vodafone.My only gripe was battery life,which I resolved by purchasing Li-ion 1000mAh battery on ebay for £6 - problem solved.This is a fantastic phone!

Reviewed by kelly from UK on 8th Jan 2008
Nokia 8800 is a phone you need to buy it has great features and functions i got mine and its is amazing you wanna know much about it and buy then contact via kellybahamasltd@yahoo.com

Reviewed by MN Ahmed from UK on 31st Dec 2007
on christmas 2005,my wife bought me this phone. In six months the back button (top right) stoped working. And I went to the nokia servce centre. And after looking at they said I have to spend Au$250 to get my phone fixed. I was so astonished that I even told them it's expensive and I shouldn't ever get another nokia. Guess what?? they said - "They Don't Care!!" Yes, I was loyal to nokia. since the day I start using cell phone, I am using nokia. My wife and son using nokia. But after all this........ I guess we will look for some other brand who cares about their customes and who delivers great support and products...... and that would be apple........

Reviewed by navid from UK on 12th Dec 2007
its very good

Reviewed by Arshad mahmood from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
Very bad sound quality, hard to use keypad and the worse battery life are the only major weaknesses in this new good looking charming mobile set. Arshad Mahmood, cairo, Egypt.

Reviewed by JOE from UK on 18th Nov 2007

Reviewed by omar osman from UK on 14th Nov 2007
i got a nokia 8800 the silver 1 and im not using it. its in my wardrobe because the baterie is very poor i got 4 and they all not good i was thinking of buying a bp 6x baterie because my 1 is bl 5x

Reviewed by LYDiiA from UK on 13th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Tania from UK on 12th Nov 2007
not all nokia phones have poor battery life..but this one is absolutely abismal. it says full battery and then 2 mins into conversation the phone switches off...soooo bad. dont buy it..not worth it at all. i am very disappointed

Reviewed by L30NNi<3 from UK on 4th Nov 2007
Some people say this phone is horrible because of the buttons or battery life but you will get used to the buttons after a while because i find them very easy now and the battery life will only go down if you use it alot, which is the same in all phones really Luv Ya x

Reviewed by CJ from UK on 1st Nov 2007
Battery is awful. What a shame.

Reviewed by benny bob from UK on 27th Oct 2007
its a good phone even wiv the poor battery life

Reviewed by Alexander from UK on 21st Oct 2007
Tbh This phone is amazing apart from the odd scratches that you can only see now and again the phone is brilliant to all the other reviews calling it a rubbish phone etc, well your wrong beacuse this phone is 10/10 top notch. and i bet all of you couldnt even afford this phone realy so dont go around saying that you have one etc.

Reviewed by ravi from UK on 17th Oct 2007
Lisen all you stupid people! the 8800 is the best phone for class! and is real titanium! its the greatest phone! Pure CLASS

Reviewed by bigdave from UK on 13th Oct 2007
Great looking phone, but the battery only lasts 5mins, if only they had given it a bigger battery then this would truly be a great phone. But whats the point in a good looking phone that cant make a call because ... yes you guessed it, the battery has just gone dead!

Reviewed by dave from UK on 8th Oct 2007
the nokia 8800 is as slick as a wet cat, its easy to navigate, has a massive memory compared to other phones. the only two gripes i have about this phone is that the keypad is a little small and the battery life is not upto much so if you use your mobile a lot this is not the phone for you. otherwise its an excellent phone and you'll look cool with it

Reviewed by Mario from UK on 30th Sep 2007

Reviewed by Temani Ngoma from UK on 31st Aug 2007
This phone is nothing more than good looks it is pathetic battrey life short internal memory small for your own sakke do not buy it nokia are the best phone makers bt this phone is horrible

Reviewed by Mr T from UK on 27th Aug 2007
I have put up with this phone since March 07. Simply the worst phone i have ever had. I can't give it away. It has the battery life of a kipper I have to charge the phone every other day. even keys are hard to press, and it has as much memory as me (NONE).I previously had a sony ericsson W800i which for over a year old is far superior than this piece of JUNK. Sorry Nokia you can do better than this.

Reviewed by Layton from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
It looks good but thats it the phone is rubbish the phone always cuts out even if you have fully charged it makes me want to smash it! I would strongly advice not to get this phone

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 6th Aug 2007
If u are looking for a Piece of heavy and classic phone to set you aside from ordinary phone users then this is the phone for you no doubt!

Reviewed by kman from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
shiiy phone don not buy very slim but will break asap

Reviewed by BARRY from UK on 30th Jul 2007

Reviewed by rizwan from UK on 23rd Jul 2007
so beautiful,&smart phone,stylish,like sexy & hot fone

Reviewed by sammiluver from UK on 23rd Jul 2007
superstar sammi cheng has this phone!!! ITS SOO HOTTT!!! but its only 0.5 megapixel!!

Reviewed by James from UK on 19th Jul 2007
I am a heavy mobile phone user, and I fonud Nokia 8800 useless because of its poor battery life.

Reviewed by Pepé from UK on 18th Jul 2007
I am an accountant running my own practice here in Bedford. I decided i needed a business like phone after my nokia 6310 began to look abit old fashioned. Off i went to my local T-MOBILE store to look at phones and the dummy of the nokia 8800 looked glamorous to me. i asked the staff to show me a demo so she showed me hers. i was impressed and dcided to get it. i got it for free because i pay over 75 for my line rental. i have to say the batterry is rubbish but i got a 1000mah exyended battery for it and its much better

Reviewed by Dom from UK on 10th Jul 2007
It's battery life is terrible and so is its memory. My D500 was so much better. Don't buy this phone, its not worth the money.

Reviewed by jon from UK on 24th Jun 2007
shocking, i looked forward to this phone but it had a poor keypad and an awkward phone to use. i think we are used to easy to use keypads like the 6230i and this is a step back. nice show phone but i wouldn't use it day to day - very disappointing.

Reviewed by faran from UK on 23rd Jun 2007
rubbish phone phone goes off wen talking to sum1 middle of da convo even da batery is full.

Reviewed by Reggie from Trinidad & Tobago from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
A really stylish & classy unit indeed, however utility could be improved if the battery package is upgraded to give more life without personal (health risk) damage to the owner. At this price the phone should be supplied with a leather case which should protect the corners of the phone in case of accidental drop. It is extemely difficult to locate and purchase a leather case as an after market product. Additionally, cases with magnetic clips may affect the LCD display and the risks to screen life should be mitigated and articulated to the customer. The phone's features are very encouraging to digital and electronic junkies and the back-up battery supplied (due to battery life incapability) is a great "mitigatory" design idea. Please use this feedback proactively. Good job - Nokia. rob005@tstt.net.tt

Reviewed by great from UK on 14th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 11th Jun 2007
Memory is awful and the screen came loose after a few months but everything else worked fine.

Reviewed by buba from UK on 31st May 2007
a ghreat fone not very good camera though but very stylish and a real head turner go for it

Reviewed by hk from UK on 28th May 2007
it's fine

Reviewed by tom blake from UK on 25th May 2007
the mouse for the phone is to small you have to grow your nail to a point. the cameras rubbish the battery life is well its worse than rubbish the amount of times its let me down is shocking nokia should refund everone that brought one and was lied to buy phone staff when buying

Reviewed by Mahmoud Abdellatif from UK on 19th May 2007
my email Mahmood_s70@hotmail.com the mobil nokia 8800 its so bad for network coverge i dont whyyyy

Reviewed by Tayo from UK on 16th May 2007
The 8800 is by far the worst phone I have ever owned and shockingly poor value for money. I thought nokia were being generous providing a spare battery - now i see it is a necessity. I haven't experienced such poor battery life since the NiCd battery powered phones of the mid '90s! And sound quality is atrocious. In addition my phone refuses to charge, 2 keys have fallen off, the slide cover spring is faulty and keeps cutting off calls. And my local Nokia store want me to pay to fix all these things!! After spending close to £500 on a phone! I have used Nokia phones for 10 years now. In fact only brand I have ever used. However this is my last Nokia ever. Done and extremely disappointed.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 14th May 2007
hya i think this 8800 is boaring the 8800 siricoo is better because more baterry power...

Reviewed by Dan Hayfron from UK on 10th May 2007
I wonder if this phone was thoroughly tested in the lab before rushing it out on the market.Features are pathetic, software it's that great as it sometimes powers itself off.The battery life... is simply a disgrace for a phone commanding such price tag.The phone has been to the Nokia Repair Centre.... are you ready - - 6 times. It's a good looking phone though.

Reviewed by Alexis from UK on 3rd May 2007
i have to say this phone sucks i can never get reception with it and that drains the already weak battery i will charge it all night and by 9 oclock it dies which sucks because i usually dont get off work till 2 olclock one night walking to my apartment i got chased by two guys an i needed my phone to call for help an it was dead its cool and durable but whats the point if you cant depend on it when there is an emergency

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 29th Apr 2007
The best phone ever

Reviewed by Georgina from UK on 28th Apr 2007
I am giving this phone 3 stars because I although I really do love it mine has been a real pain in the posterior! It looks fab feels great in the hand has more than enough features for my needs but my particular model has been back for repair 4 times always being returned with the same fault, it switches off mid call when showing full battery then comes back on again and cuts off again on the next call. Nokia has let me down as much as the phone and are one of the most frustrating companies to deal with, after 4 times I got a bit irrate on the phone when told I would have to return it once again and the girl hung up on me! I really would love this phone to work and feel very sad that I have had to keep loosing it. Take care if you get a phone from Nokia that does not work.. If you have this model and it does lucky you!

Reviewed by dhani from UK on 17th Apr 2007
This phone is rubish my advice is dont waste your money in this old phone the camera and video is rubbish and theres hardly no memory and theres not even a memory card and also it has low battery life.The new one is excellent and worth the money becuase it has better features.The new one is called 8800 sirocco which is much better.

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 14th Apr 2007
came on here looking for positive feedback about this phone because i want one :( but they are expensive and wanted to see what others thought of it. ive got the nokia 7380 (lipstick phone) which has no buttons at all, yes it did take me three hours to txt at first but im surprisingly quick now. you get used to things everybody does. and everything gets dirty- clean it!

Reviewed by ashley from UK on 12th Apr 2007
this phone may look nice but the battery life is the worst i have had during i had it then i had to have the motorola v3x

Reviewed by Ismail Ahmed from UK on 7th Apr 2007
Looks good but the battery life is terrible...wouldnt buy!

Reviewed by Quinette from UK on 5th Apr 2007
love ure mobile.i think its the best nokia series.

Reviewed by Laura Rea from UK on 17th Mar 2007
This phone looks ugly and so does the price tag!!The silver metal covering the keys makes the phone look dated and old. Not a good look. Overall i would say that this is very poor from Nokia

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 15th Mar 2007
Looks good but thats about it , Keypad very small so those of you with normanl size fingers would find it hard to text / dial . Not in my opinon worth the money .

Reviewed by Eric from UK on 15th Mar 2007
Very poor reception. Get one bar if I'm lucky inside a building. Can't see the screen outside in the daylight. The battery life started out poor (two days tops) and got worse. I work 12 hours and could not count on a freshly charged battery to last until I got home again. I had to carry a spare just to make it through the day. New batteries made no difference. I liked the FM radio part. However, listening to the radio shortened the battery life to around two hours. It managed to be the most expensive and worst phone I have ever owned at the same time. I'm just glad I "only" paid $1,000.00 for it in this overpriced country. For a bad investment, that's relatively inexpensive. I bought a much cheaper phone from another company and am very satisfied. I would like to buy an 8800 Sirocco edition because I have a VW Scirocco, but my 88000 sucks so much, I doubt I will ever buy another Nokia. I wish I could give the 8800 a - rating, but one star is the lowest I can choose.

Reviewed by philip from UK on 14th Mar 2007
i must confess i do like a good looking phone, as long as i can send a txt and call people whenever i want other features dont come into it for me so i upgraded from my 8910i to the 8800 phone looks great and is quite heavy, which i like, but the battery life is very disappointing, i sometimes find i have to charge it twice a day when in heavy use which is pathetic considering it cost me 200 quid. i am now contemplating selling it (after 3 months of owning it) not that i am interested but the camera is rubbish, havnt managed to sync bluetooth with anything yet, cant remove the memory card... u get the picture... but if u want your phone to look good (eventhough it will probably be off most of the time) then buy one, maybe as a showoff phone is that rocks your boat otherwise dont bother

Reviewed by saksher from UK on 12th Mar 2007
I planned to buy this set immediately after seeing it for the first time. The look and feel of this mobile is just too amazing... One of the best Nokia has ever produced. The only short-coming I see is its battery time. Nokia 8800, a perfect blend of Style and sophistication.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 6th Mar 2007
Although this phone is expensive and the features are limited I still think it's an oustanding piece of kit. There's no doubt it puts style before function but in saying that it does everything you'd ask of a mobile to well enough, and lets remember thats what it is. There are plenty other models out there if gadgets and gizmo's are your cup of tea. As soon as you open the box you kno you have a quality product and like any new phone, once you get used to it, I'm surprise anyone would feel disappointed. One word of advice tho, as others have said, follow the instructions on charging the battery carefully to maximise life and use the navigation keys to adjust the speaker volume as the default setting is far too low! Enjoy

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 6th Mar 2007
I love this phone. I have had mine for a little over 15 months. Once you get used to the poor battery life its lovely and looks the bis.

Reviewed by D Newman from UK on 4th Mar 2007
For the price a very poor phone, I was lucky enough to be able to afford such a phone as money is no object. But knowing what i know now i would of got a box standard phone. It looks very nice and goes with my style i would give the phone 3 out of 5 for functions and 5 out of 5 for stlye the only thing which i like about the phone is it looks good on me or maybe i make the phone look good.

Reviewed by Lil Zu from UK on 25th Feb 2007
this phone gives great emphasis to the phrase "looks can be decieving". although the phone does present a sleek and sophosticated look, the features are horrible. the phone is really below average, and the worst thing about the phone is its volume. HORRIBLE! I could barely hear a thing while talking, and even when u put it on speaker phone its not loud at all. nokia should really consider a re-call on this phone. NOT RECOMENDED!!

Reviewed by JANN--ENGLAND from UK on 20th Feb 2007

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