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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte review

 Review: October 2008  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The 8800 Carbon Arte is crafted from carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel, and is unquestionably a stunningly beautiful phone.



The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is a further refinement of Nokia's premium range of 8800 Series phones. Based on the 8800 Arte, the Carbon Arte pushes materials, exclusivity and price further than ever, leaving you with hardly any change from £1000, if you buy sim free.

Constructed from carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel, the Carbon Arte is without question a beautifully constructed luxury item. Everything about the phone is gorgeous: the smooth sliding action of the slide, the weighty and solid feel of the phone in your palm, the attention to detail in its craftsmanship, it just oozes quality and luxury through every fibre of its being. It looks very similar to the 8800 Arte, with the same size, weight and shape, but the colours and themes have been changed. Nokia have commissioned special visuals for the design of the Carbon Arte, from the multimedia designer Fritz Fitzke. The ringtones were also specially produced for the phone by Kruder & Dorfmeister. There are many subtle design details to be enjoyed, such as the way that a clock appears on the display when you tap the phone, or the way that you can reject am incoming call by turning the phone to lie face down.

The 8800 series has in the past been criticised for being all looks and no features. After all, if this is the Aston Martin of phones, you expect it to have the performance of a sports car, not just the looks. The Carbon Arte definitely excels in certain areas. For instance, Nokia have equipped the Carbon Arte with a best-in-class display: an OLED panel with beautifully crisp graphics rendered in 16 million colours and at a high resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The memory of the Carbon Arte has been upgraded to 4GB, so although there's no memory card slot, there's really no need for one, as this matches the capacity of all but the top-end smartphones. The music player plays all common formats of digital music, and a stereo Bluetooth headset is included in the box. One feature that doesn't match the competition is the rather average camera. Rated at just 3.2 megapixels and with no flash, this doesn't seem to be the camera you would expect to be included in a £1000 handset. There's also no radio included, and no 3G video calling.

Nevertheless, despite lacking a few features, the Carbon Arte still delivers on its promise to be an absolutely beautiful, premium quality luxury item. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte features include:

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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte user reviews

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Average rating from 31 reviews:

Reviewed by sina from iran on 9th Oct 2013
I love luxury and really 8800 Carbon is my destiny.

Reviewed by Ahmed from uk on 5th Jan 2012
This phone is amazing if you have a genuine 1. there are so many fakes on the web selling for £200 or less make sure its real or you will not understand the true quality of the masterpiece from nokia.

Reviewed by Saeed from England on 1st Dec 2011
I'm really impressed with this phone. i have had this phone since 2009. it is a very good phone.xxx

Reviewed by Iky from England on 17th Jun 2011
I never liked the 8800's when they first came out, i got the 8600 luna instead which was miles better than the sirocco's. But when i got the carbon arte, it made my luna look ugly and weak even though that was made out of glass and the key pad would light up through the dark glass. The Carbon arte has to be one of the best phones i have ever had. It would have cost me an arm and a leg if brought in 09. I played the waiting game and got one this year. The phone even though second hand is still brand new! This clearly shows the phone has been made using the finest quality materials available to nokia. scratch resistant and anti smudge and fingerprint coating and the key pad feels and looks like no other phone. The guy who designed must have got a heafty bonus! Iphone 4, one can pick it up for around 300. Cabon arte made in Korea version, you will be lucky to find one still go for 800 to 600. This looooks so gooood, when out in public, it turns heads left right and centre. Truely the Aston Martin of all phones!

Reviewed by hassan omar from england on 9th Dec 2010
i love this phone i had all of not the nokia 8800 Carbon Arte now i wont to have this phone on pay monthly to

Reviewed by Rani Paul from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
I'm really impressed with this phone, not had a nokia for a while but this is great love it - good features and works great in day to day life very practical and stylish so happy xx

Reviewed by neil from uk on 18th Dec 2009
a beautiful mobile but its not as classy to look at than the 8800 astonmartin from a few years ago

Reviewed by Rosh from UK on 18th Nov 2009
I have had mine for about 2 days now, i love it and its a great addition to the 8800 series.

Reviewed by David Haworth from England on 13th Sep 2009
I have the carbon arte its simply excellent its not cutting edge for pictures i have a panansonic Lumix I use for photo's its not packed to the brim with music I have a n i pod touch for that but what it does is make calls and for that it's simply excellent it works in areas of finge coverage where other handsets haven't/don't its locked up twice in 12 months and it oozes class its reassuringly weighty but so what I have not had problems with the battery perhaps because I dont keep topping it up I let the battery rund down in another standard aret and swap them back when I have charged them. Purely personal but the gold arte looks a bit too bling bling for me and seems aimed at the ladies but bmost ladies who have seenj it seem to like the look of it

Reviewed by Amir Khan from England on 7th Sep 2009
Nokia.What a phone! beautiful, and very glamorous i never use it that much but the battery is ok.the features are ok aswell but i have the carbon arte with 4gb memory so that is good as i know that most nokia 8899 series lack this.the caarbon is just beautiful and did you know mike tyson has one? i met him back in january and we had a good chat so yeah guys get it.VERY GOOD!!! XxX Amir Khan XxX

Reply by Mike Tyson from USA on 4th Sep 2012
Yea, Amir, how did you know I had one??? Yea it's a nasty ole' phone man....I wish Nokia keep comin' with these bling phones....I sure do likes me dat phone man...Ima comin' to git ya' homeboy....Peace out

Reviewed by bigballan from U.K on 4th Jun 2009
i upgraded from an arte....it is unrivalled in quality and high end materials...if you want the best phone on the market...buy it...if you can afford it....the 1 star givers lol

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 4th Mar 2009
I've got the 8800 Arte and personal i prefer my handset because of it's all black exterior, however the fact that the carbon has extra built in memonery of 4GB is tempting. The phone itself has pretty basic but strong facilities. It feels great in your hand and looks amazing. The fact that you can turn it over and it stops ringing out loud is definatly handy!

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 12th Feb 2009
This is a nice phone and the bild quality is second to none. That said, It is well over priced and the features are not brilliant. Its a good phone for posers or someone with more money than sence.

Reviewed by jo from england on 12th Feb 2009
5 words GREAT

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 12th Feb 2009
That was just 3 words? Never mind, we understand what you mean, jo!

Reviewed by penrose from united nations on 7th Feb 2009
great and really easy to use but i find that the carbonfibre can scrath easyily and is a bit geeky

Reviewed by stranger from undifined(GET THAT) on 7th Feb 2009
i loveitttttttttttttttttttt cant talk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i spend my time with my moblie

Reviewed by richard from africa on 31st Jan 2009
FABULOUS NOT i hate this phone DONT get it

Reviewed by yugioh from rebublic of ireland on 25th Jan 2009

Reviewed by Christian from germany on 23rd Jan 2009
superb phone go and buy

Reviewed by michel from kuwait on 18th Jan 2009
love it nice weight. great design. makes and receives calls perfectly. does not spoil the suit. not a mini computer. just a top quality mobile phone, and a pleasure to use

Reviewed by yobe234 from UK on 24th Dec 2008
this phone looks sick i have one and it iz goooooood every one out there u should get this phone trust me just wow

Reviewed by Ben from U.K on 20th Dec 2008
FAN-TASTIC. I can't find a bad thing to say about this phone... even the price... it was well worth it... Matches my carbon fibre dashboard in my car aswell hahaha. Truley a magnificant phone. Well Done Nokia!!

Reviewed by Hosť from Spain on 11th Dec 2008
awesome phone very sexy go out and buy it now!

Reviewed by Mitch from Uk on 7th Dec 2008
Awsome phone i bought two of these and two of the sapphire, the sapphire is the posers version and the carbon in my opinion for those who just love carbon, matches my car just brilliant.

Reviewed by waq from uk on 30th Nov 2008
amazing phone... not reali for people hu want a feature packed phone, only recommended for people hu want their phone to be recognised. amazingly built, sexy sleek and stylish. a must buy

Reviewed by John from england on 10th Nov 2008
THE single mosta amazing phone EVER. The looks, the features, the materials, the feel... Nothing compares!

Reviewed by Jack Reddington from England on 8th Nov 2008
I bought this phone 2 weeks ago. Its an absolutly fantasic phone. It feels really nice in your hand. All of my friends want it now. It is a pricey phone but every part of it is worth it, you wont be disapointed, also if youve got the money, like me, go and buy it now.

Reviewed by alex from england on 6th Nov 2008
load of rubish......had mine a day and sold it.....do not buy

Reviewed by Danny B from UK>Yorkshire on 25th Oct 2008
Very classy sleek phone, ultimate build quality. Not far off a Vertu !!! I ve had this for 3 weeks now.

Reviewed by shazad from uk on 20th Oct 2008
just 3 words OH MY GOD this is the best nokia ever made everytime it out of my pocket i have people asking me where i got it from propa head turner. if your rich and wana show off go for it.

Reviewed by boi from london on 9th Oct 2008
its fantasttic buy it its the bomb

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