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Nokia 8600 review

 Review: May 2007  

Last updated January 2008


In a nutshell: If you liked the 8800 Sirocco, you will love the 8600 Luna.


Released on 30 May 2007, the Nokia 8600 "Luna" is a stunning black slide-design phone with looks reminiscent of the equally expensive 8800 Sirocco phone. The body is made of stainless steel, with a smoked glass sliding cover to protect the keypad when not in use.

Our first impressions of the 8600 are good. The 8600 manages to look more sophisticated than the Sirocco - it's a more futuristic appearance with less bling. The stainless steel body and the solid 140g of weight make the 8600 a good phone to hold in your palm (if you don't mind carrying a phone this heavy.) The smoked glass cover looks suitably mysterious, but you can access many of the phone's functions using the exposed exterior buttons even with the phone closed. Slide the glass down and you will see a neat keypad, that in our opinion is a nicer keypad to use than the Sirocco's - it's less fiddly, especially for man-sized fingers. The display is far superior to the Sirocco's screen too. It has a high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and a stunning 16 million colours, and is very easy on the eye.

Inside, the phone is very well featured too, although not at the cutting edge of technology. The camera has 2 megapixels and performs rather averagely when compared with other camera phones in the over-£200 price range. There's a music player and an FM radio too, which is nice. The 8600 is compatible with an (optional) Bluetooth wireless headset. The music player is a handy feature but won't ever replace your iPod as there is insufficient memory. The internal memory of 128 Mbytes is sufficient to hold around 30 songs only and cannot be expanded with a memory card. Connectivity is good: as already mentioned the 8600 supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and can also handle USB. Usefully it's a quadband phone, so you can use it anywhere in the world, and battery life is reasonable.

In summary, we feel that this is an excellent alternative to the 8800 Sirocco phone - it costs about the same, and it's going to be just as exclusive. In many ways it's a better phone with an improved LCD screen, a better keypad and the benefit of quadband. On the negative side it lacks a memory card slot and is rather heavy (just like the Sirocco), but the Nokia 8-series phones are about looks and exclusivity first and the 8600 offers both of these. The new Nokia 8800 Arte is even better and even more expensive!

Nokia 8600 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Video camera
  • Display: 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music player
  • FM radio
  • Polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • Java games
  • Web browser
  • Memory: 128 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Vibration alert
  • Quadband
  • Weight: 140g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 264 hours

Nokia 8600 user reviews

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Average rating from 136 reviews:

Reviewed by Pete sims from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
Had nokia Luna nearly three years now and cannot find a phone anywhere near as good! The style is unique and very high class. The only downside is battery life - getting about two days out of it - perhaps a new battery will solve this. An exceptional phone

Reviewed by money man from UK on 24th Mar 2010
the luna is one of the heaviest phones ever but still a good phone

Reviewed by Milly from UK on 9th Jan 2010
I have had the nokia Luna for over a year now.. after constant begging to have it for my birthday..i was absolutely in love with it. worked perfect..looked amazing...the only problem was i kept having to buy new chargers...but now it doesn't charge or even turn on...& i have no idea what happend to it... very dissapointed now....

Reviewed by Jade from UK on 30th Aug 2009
i love the uniquie design of the Luna and it's an easy phone to use. It's strong and the weight of the phone is not a problem.. However, the camera is poor quality and the memory space isnt very sufficient, and it wont let me receive mms.

Reviewed by jo from UK on 19th Aug 2009
I love my nokia 8600 :)

Reviewed by Gareth south wales from UK on 24th Jul 2009
i have had the nokia luna coming up for two years when i 1st had i did have probs with the speaker it keep going off so i couldent hear anyone but i sent it off and they gave me a brand new luna and that was only 5 and a half months into my contract and i havent had a prob with it yet iam happy with the luna dont get me wrong its not there for its camera or memory but you name a phone that is made like it or feels like it

Reviewed by MICHAEL from UK on 8th May 2009

Reviewed by tim from UK on 22nd Apr 2009
had problems with the messages in my inbox. even with the mass storage and empty memory i have, the messages in my inbox end up deleting themselves. also battery life is rubbish only last a day, 2 at most

Reviewed by martin from UK on 21st Apr 2009
i like the luna 8600 but now where i plug in is loose any help

Reviewed by mwale from UK on 27th Mar 2009
i hate it because it has small memory and it has no space for a memory card

Reviewed by BOB from UK on 1st Feb 2009
ive had the 8600 for 12 months and the phone as never let me down .

Reviewed by Lora from UK on 8th Jan 2009
Phone is very fragile. if dropped glass screen may crack. Personally, after 1 year and a cracked screen the software decided not to work. Choose another phone. Battery doesnt last long either.

Reviewed by Theresa from UK on 26th Nov 2008
As lovely as the phone looks, no flash is a let down. I'm rather clumsy so both screen and cover have suffered, this may have added to the sound too. The built in browser would not allow some well used sites, I've had to install a seperate browser for this. I'm not a great fan of nokia and will be going back to sony after 4 months with my luna. Stylish look, thats the only selling point for me.

Reviewed by john from UK on 17th Nov 2008
very gd phone i love it but im thinking of getting the 8800 sirocco.

Reviewed by anar from UK on 6th Nov 2008
very bad experience. i liked the phone form the first sight bought it, and problems started next day. i was having a difficulty with network, and several times, the phone was restarting just by itself, whil i was talking on it. brought it back to the shop, they said it might be a SIM card problem, went to get a duplicate of my sim card, problem was still there. shop got it and repaired it for 2 weeks. ad guess what: same problem. i had to give it back to the shop after one month.

Reviewed by Ryan G from UK on 29th Oct 2008
Worst phone I have ever encountered, and I am litrally counting the days to shaft it. Camera is OK, but the video quality is absolutly diisgraceful. Memory is non-existant. Awful internet connection etc etc. It's just crap...use a Heinz tin with string instead.

Reviewed by rsreseller.co.uk from UK on 23rd Oct 2008

Reviewed by simon weston from UK on 21st Oct 2008
i had this phone for about 6 months.. it does weigh a bit but the phone to look at is lush.. but can hardley hear people have to always put in on loudspeaker.. but my main concern is i left my fun on and the battery went completeley dead. i stick the charger in and i give it a riggle it does come on but then shuts straight off again cant chrage it for some reason.. it should'nt be the charger cos it dont come on at all with out the charger... any ideas????

Reviewed by Steven from UK on 28th Sep 2008
Ive had my phone for six months now and i can't think of any phone that has been better for me. My 8310 may be close but no cigar! Ha ha. Seriously though I love everything about it, I've never had any problems, the battery has been great and so has the reception. My only complaint would be the terrible case that you get with it which tookabout two weeks to fall apart. All in all a great bit of kit.

Reviewed by bathandwa from UK on 25th Sep 2008
looks very cheap compared to the sirocco 8800.its like the normal wanna be slide nokia's, as for the 8800 sirocco its shape and outside look is of elite as ever with the unseen buttons and thumb imprint. nokia could do beter with this 8600.

Reviewed by Jun Wei from Peterborough from UK on 23rd Sep 2008
Absolutely love this phone it looks totally awesome, the build quality is superb. i have no regrets from switching from my old sirocco phone 7 months and had no faults. it does what it needs to do - make calls, receive calls and texting ! if u want a complicated phone that does everything then go get a laptop ( you can do much more with a laptop then u can with a mobile phone , or something or want to take a half decent photo or video clip then use a proper camera, or if you want to play games on it then go get a PSP !! Well done to Nokia for producing a stylish 8 series range of quality phones !!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 14th Aug 2008
I love this phone, had it since June 2007 and now can get a free upgrade - actually have said the wife that she can have a phone, I cannot see anything that I would rather have to the 8600. Only minor niggle is the camera - although I have a digital camera and only use the phone camera about once a month. This phone is cool, different and classy. Get one now!

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 1st Aug 2008
I have had the Luna for 3 months now, got it second hand from ebay! Purely fantastic phone if you are a lover of the 8 series. Does what the eight series is designed for... a touch of class and makes perfect calls and sends perfect text messages. Looks a million dollars. For features it is somewhat limited but thats fine for me, if you want more features with a plastic cheaper feel go for the N series. Battery I find very reasonable much better than the first 8800's. Text messages I find easy to type and fast even though it is a small keypad. Be sure to buy this phone!!! :-D

Reviewed by SINGH from UK on 21st Jul 2008

Reviewed by Name from UK on 28th Jun 2008
The best cellphone i've ever had...although honestly if i were to pick one now i'd go for arte instead...but other than that...totally satisfied:)

Reviewed by Omar from UK on 28th Jun 2008
Was workin well but then the slide bit broke and i can hear a rattle. it now does not align properly thus will not close properly.

Reviewed by Leela from UK on 31st May 2008
A stylish fashionable phone but the rest is rubbish! The battery is weak and there is no more light on the screen of my phone so i can't see anything and i only had it for a month!

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 28th May 2008
hate this fone do not buy it it does nuffini have had it repaired 6 times in 2 months its rubbish warning do not buy

Reviewed by callum from UK on 5th May 2008
badass phone

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 26th Apr 2008
Bit of a mixed bag to be honest this phone. Amazing looks and build quality is fantastic. Battery life not half as bad as the idiots in phones4u told me. However ive owned the phone since october 07, and since about 3 months ago nearly every conversation ive had has resulted in the phone cutting out and turning itself off. Oh well maybe one day they will make a phone that everyone gives 5/5. or maybe im just bitter because i dropped it last night and the glass screen is smashed, could be, yeah it is!!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 25th Apr 2008
Great phone - had it for a few months. Best nokia so far!

Reviewed by Frankie from UK on 24th Apr 2008
i had this fone for a few days then trade it for the w910i also a big mistake. The 8600 has absolutely rubish memory and feel taky! even for the money! the glass which its famous for seems to be plastic! the fone is also not very good for the heafty price tag which i had to pay! it was on pay as you go so it cost around 600 which i my head is a waste of money! do not get this phone

Reviewed by Morris from UK on 22nd Apr 2008
An absolute outstanding phone!! Looks and feels great, has an awesome battery life and is perfectly weighted. the design is second to none, the keypad pulsating behind the smoked glass is one hell of a nice feature. the call quality and loudspeaker are good whilst the videoing isnt;-) This the the ultimate phone, i have owned many phones, most recently the LG SHINE and nokia 6300 but this one is way way way ahead of them all. GO AND BUY ONE (OR TWO)!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by saba malik from UK on 18th Apr 2008
i so agree with the comment made by steven as i have experienced exaclty the same problem and have been through 7 of these phones in the last 5 months

Reviewed by steven rae from uk on 6th Apr 2008
hi have had the nokia 8600 for 4 month now the phone has been back for repair it took 5weeks got itback lasted 2 weeks same problem occured cantspeak or hear anyone got a brand new phone now it wont charge worst phone i have ever had and on most expensive network ever

Reviewed by Gogo Gadget from London on 3rd Apr 2008
So sorry to hear that Dolly and Louise didn't find the Luna good!!! Is it me or just women moan about this handset!!!???? See as for the phone being heavy, yes it does weigh that little bit heavier because it's unique!!! That is one of the reasons why I brought it! It has style and grace. Seriously guys, this is the ultimate phone from Nokia in terms of build and quality! As Dolly says she her battery runs out quickly, I seem to manage 2.5 days with mine on the standard battery supplied with at least 1 hour talk time per day with 10 text messages as well! As for Louise experiencing the phone switching off, you will find this if your with Orange / T-Mobile as they use their own software and muddles Nokia's original! As for signal strengh, I have NO problems at all except when last year I went to Cornwall and was in Lizard Point right down the South West in the middle of nowhere! Other than that I have always had signal! I am so disappointed to go back and read peoples poor rev iews especially the poor battery life! Seriously guys n girls try draining the battery down the first 3times to get the optimal performance and when charing every so often try draining at least once a month and you will find that your battery life will increase! Hope this helps! I'd give the Luna TOP MARKS! Well done Nokia!

Reviewed by peter from UK on 1st Apr 2008
this a lovely phone the build quality is better than a honda motorcycle or a swiss watch the only thing that lets it down is that the memory is not expandible

Reviewed by Dolly from Nigeria on 27th Mar 2008
I've had my Nokia 8600 for about 5 - 6 months now. Aesthetically, the phone is a beauty however, functionally, it falls below expectation. 1. Charging Point: The charger / charging point is unique & thus difficult to source chargers in the event that you leave homw without it. 2. The battery runs out quickly. 3. Later on, software issues comes in - you cannot assign ringtones to contact / edit contact profile etc. You get operation failed display 3. The games are not really interactive. Wished it was compartible with other nokia series. 4. I've tried to update the phone's firmware to no success. Maybe it's my phone that's 'perculiar' but i've not really enjoyed it!. In fact, i've got myself a Nokia E65 which I find more fantastic.

Reviewed by mutts from nuts on 23rd Mar 2008
mutts nuts

Reviewed by Christian E. from United Kingdom on 20th Mar 2008
Had this phone now for almost a month and at first I had second thoughts of retrning it back but it worked out for me. I had the N95 before this and I was not able to use all the features of theat phone (just text & calls). The glass cover of the Luna is just so beautiful, you can watch the keypads "pulsate", just so sweet, the screen is superb, very clear. Battery lasts 2 days for me. The only downside is the weight.. 140 + grams...but it does not matter...it's just so beautiful. (The Nokia 8910i still tops my list).

Reviewed by SHAUN from UK on 20th Mar 2008

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 24th Feb 2008
Waste of money,the phone switches itself off and when i try to turn it back on it crashes and won't load up and turns itself back off again. This is the third time in as many weeks that this has happened. On the last 2 occasions I have been lucky and it has seemed to fix itself within a few hours. This time I have been trying for nearly 2 days to get it back on!!!!!

Reviewed by WIlliam from United Kingdom on 23rd Feb 2008
I've had many Nokia phones. The 8600 Luna is the best they have ever produced! Ok, it doesn't have the features of the N95 but it does turn peoples heads. I find that the battery life lasts for 2 1/2 days. People that experience less time than this, I would suggest you try and drain this every so often ie once a month! As for signal wise, it's perfect and does it's job VERY well as what a phone should do! Well done Nokia!

Reviewed by MomofOne from England on 22nd Feb 2008
I have a problem with my Nokia 8600, it seems to suffer from interference when making calls. It is a nice phone but I will be changing it soon due the problem.

Reviewed by shagar from england on 15th Feb 2008
i have a nokia 8600 luna and i had it b4 it came out in the uk and it is a great mobile phone exept wen i had a serious sofware problem ps do noy upgrade da software verison on dis fne as it totally messes up the phone

Reviewed by Baljein from Uzbek on 14th Feb 2008
I personally feel sorry for nokia because it will definitely be difficult to top this phone. The arte is decent but cannot match the glass cover. the phone feels heavy making it feel more expensive than it is. only problem is the sound could be better. TRUST ME THIS IS THE BEST PHONE TO DATE,(SORRY BUT I THINK THE 8910i COMES SECOND).

Reviewed by Harry KHAN from UK on 13th Feb 2008
This is the second best phone i have ever purchased (after the nokia 8910i). It is truly a masterpiece and will guarantee to turn heads. The phone looks a million pounds and the accesories which come with the phone are also brilliant. The phone definitely better than the iphone and the N95 ( i actually sold my N95 to buy this) the n95 is for proper business men. Howver i only had the N95 for a week because i found i didn;t even any of the features. This is a simple phone which does all your necessary functions. Thus far i can't say i have found a fault.

Reviewed by Lazy from UK on 10th Feb 2008
Had this phone for a few mths,not very good on weak signals, have fully charged battery on to find it totaly flat next day with hardly any use? this has happened on a few occasions. Not as good as the V3 imo.Better looking though!

Reviewed by Craig H from England on 8th Feb 2008
I had this supplied to me on insurance as a 'similar replacement' for my fantastic 8800 Sirocco which was damaged recently. I think it is a capable phone but has been chavved up to appeal to the fashion market at the expense of build quality whereas the Sirocco was simply refined class. The screen has three bright faulty pixels and the camera lens is offset/wonky in it's square recess. Also it is not too good in weak signal areas. A disappointing substitute for Nokias real flagship phone - the 8800.

Reviewed by niaz ali hussaini from pakistan on 5th Feb 2008
i loved this mobile. not, just i have seen the picture and ads, bcz i have been using it for 3 months, and it really makes my mobile called special. bcz of its unique qualities....... thanks

Reviewed by chris from england on 2nd Feb 2008
Its a very stylish phone with its nutshell

Reviewed by gj3 from saftey land on 30th Jan 2008
this phone is great

Reviewed by Arby from UK on 29th Jan 2008
I've never hadany problems with this phone. The speaker, the screen and the battery are all ok. I have 2 of these phones and both been excellent. Maybe its the software/firmware that the network companies install that doesnt work 100% with the phone. On O2 its perfect. great phone

Reviewed by olaf paulus from holland on 24th Jan 2008
The only plastic in my pocket is my creditcard!

Reviewed by Luke from England on 23rd Jan 2008
this phone is the worst thing ever, ALWAYS crashes and restarts then crashes again over and over. absolute waste of time and money. i want to kill the designer.

Reviewed by Alan from China on 7th Jan 2008
i bought this phone a month ago, and it seems like im going to keep this puppy a little while longer!! ive been through countless phones, but this one takes the biscuit. looks great, battery life is good, camera is average (thats why ppl buy cameras duhhh), does everything a mobile phone should do tbh. text and calls. the downside to this phone is my finger keeps gettin caught from the rear part of the slider. other than that overall an overall stylish sexy phone. thanks nokia

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 6th Jan 2008
I've just had three of these Luna's all three I've had to send back due a the speaker fault. Crackles loads can't hear ringtones or loud speaker calls very well. Looks great but Nokia deffo have a problem with the speaker they have used on this handset. Think I'll wait for the 8800 Arte now to replace my 8800 Sirocco.

Reviewed by richard from uk on 5th Jan 2008
worse phone ever.... on my second one now and its just developed another speaker problem where the other person can not hear me and then it cuts off. ok the phone looks good but i need one that also works too....

Reviewed by rav from england on 31st Dec 2007
excellent phone.. stylish and everything... butt.. speaker phone i rubbish. ive got a few problems with it when the music playes when a call is coming.. it just crakles so much. great phone to have though!!

Reviewed by mr kham from england on 20th Dec 2007
The phone looks well stylish and is amazing to use, but i have had the phone for over 1 month, and i get vibration in the speaker when i speak into the microphone, hence i have to drop the phone, i seee that this is a common fault with the phone, ans i do not recommed it until they look into the fault

Reviewed by Gurl from Singapore on 30th Nov 2007
I just got the Luna 8600 today. And i think this phone is worth for money and it has its basci functions. Go get a digital camera and PSP for games. This phone just enables one to text, call and radio. Overall, no regrets buying this LUNA. <3 :DD GO GET IT MAN!

Reviewed by Ryan Wilson from UK on 14th Nov 2007
Sorry, worst phone I have ever had. Looks nice, but ye... thats it. No good features, rubbish camera, poor audio quality. And on odd occasions I have to hang up and redial because the audio quality is very tinni!!! Would never recommend it... just ordered the LG VIEWTY! :)

Reviewed by Oz from UK on 4th Nov 2007
Lovely phone, feels special to use! Battery performance seems ok so far.

Reviewed by JamIs from UK on 25th Oct 2007
If you want a camera, get a camera! If u want an MP3 player, get an MP3 player!! If u want an elegant, stylish, and exclusive Mobile Phone (u know, to make and receive phone calls, save beautiful girls' numbers etc..) then u cannot fault the Nokia 8600!! For looks and sheer quality of design, it doesn't get any better! AND, buy it legitimately you will get everything u need with it, case, bluetooth etc... Still, I prefer the sirocco :)

Reviewed by Ronwald from Philippines on 23rd Oct 2007
I own the original 8800 and the sirocco. I recently bought the new 8600 luna and so far, i love it. It looks better, functions better, and is also as exclusive as the two 8 series phones prior to the 8600. But this phone is for the type of people who love style and exclusivity, it isnt for the all in one types. But owning one is definitely a winner.

Reviewed by russ from england on 21st Oct 2007

Reviewed by cied from uk on 20th Oct 2007
This phone anyone would fall in love with at first sight, but is it worth the price? costing 450 in shops for pay & go its hardly cheap! and the features are very average, there is no expandable memory with 128 mb enough for 30 songs and its only 2 megapixel camera ! in my opinion you should get yourself an 8 megapixel camera(200) and buy a nokia 3330(10) and a 128 mb mp3 player (20) iam giving it 3 because its got an outstanding design and looks

Reviewed by Paul from England on 2nd Oct 2007
What can i say...Amazing. It does exactly what its supposed to do and feels such a quality item. I would recomend to anyone... (except for those who want a phone that does everything!)

Reviewed by William from UK on 28th Sep 2007
The 8600 Luna is the best of all Nokia's and currently the most sexiest phone on the market. For those individuals who knock this phone are pretty sad! Haven't you ever heard of quality over quantity!!! Yes, handsets like the N95 has all the features when they work but again having no battery life is as good as nothing. People moan about the poor battery life on the Luna, well I've no problems with mine....try and discharge it for 3 times and then maybe you'll find it'll work better! As for those who says it doesn't come with a case, well try NOT to buy this from the back of a lorry! As for the phone itself, the build quality is amazing and for those mentioning that the screen freezes and crashes....well it does use the old operating system which is virtually faultless! The Luna isn't a phone for every individual hence why they have problems.....if you have class, maybe you'd appreciate it more!

Reviewed by Tony from England on 21st Sep 2007
The Phone is pretty, but that is where it ends. Clumbsy keyboard bottom row keys almost blocked by slider. No WiFi Poor messaging with bad keyboard and addressing system. ok if it was a cheap phone but it isn't. Earpiece quality mentioned before is poor and battery life is a joke Other features are matched or beaten by every phone at this price level Glad I got it on free upgrade (My son has it now and now he is moaning about the texting)

Reviewed by ella from uk on 21st Sep 2007
This phone is rubbish. The worst one ive had. Mine broke within the 1st week of getting it. The earphones are bad aswell.

Reviewed by steve from ireland on 16th Sep 2007
earpiece quality is very bad

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 12th Sep 2007
Fantastic. Wasn't expecting it to be but the phone looks great and is practical. battery life is quite good. Definetely best phone I owned.

Reviewed by George from UK on 12th Sep 2007
I think it's amazing.

Reviewed by Shezad Init Fones Init from Blackburn little harwood on 12th Sep 2007
excellnt fpone i bought it for 4 tonne wen it came out and till this day its workin perfect6 battery life isnt as good as my nokia 1100, n95, sirocco, shirocco or my g600 but its ok , would reccomend it to a lot of people as its excellnt design it great !!!

Reviewed by tan vu from vietnam on 10th Sep 2007
The phone is amazing and i really reallly like it.

Reviewed by amkdirect from UK on 9th Sep 2007
People with class and and distinction will apreciate this phone. How can you relate with this phone when you have never experienced the meaning of substance either by way of use or by way of belonging. Something to think about! Nokia did not design this phone for everyone. It was made for people with class! Upgrade your life and then maybe, just maybe.....

Reviewed by naiem from England on 9th Sep 2007
nokia 8600, finally nokia have made a beautiful phone that is practical. i previously had the 8800 and it was a posers dream but very shallow in the sence that it wasent practical, however the luna is the complete opposite. the luna has the mp3 funtion which when used doeent kill the battery in 2 mins but you can listen to mp3 or the radio for hours and used the phone without it going flat. being a current user of a xda exec, i found the email fuction quite useful. for a small phone which does loads its definatly a 5 star phone.

Reviewed by Saba from UK on 6th Sep 2007
What a phone, looks unreal. i love everything about it! great battery can even charge it using pc, Good smart phone...go for it.

Reviewed by Bhuvan sharma from India,Punjab,Ludhiana on 1st Sep 2007

Reviewed by husselr from uk on 30th Aug 2007
loadz of people saying weird stuff like they should have included a case... well mine did, and someone else said that its too heavy if you talk alot on the phone... again this is funny as my 8600 had a bluetooth included in the box so weight should be the last problem, im wondering if these people bought their phones ligitally????

Reviewed by xxmariahsxx from england on 26th Aug 2007
stylish n very sexiiiii!!! no problems with it yetxxmariahsxx

Reviewed by andrew bowater from england on 24th Aug 2007
I purchased this today and amazed of the things it can do amazing all around cool phone

Reviewed by Lee from Uk on 19th Aug 2007
Phil, Check the box as a case is provided with the handset ! People talk about battery talktime/standby life and rightly so , as with no juice in the battery what use is the fone. What needs to be apparant tho is how you personally use the handset in your daily lifes. I use it for talking and texts mainly so I get 4-5 days out of mine. Although someone using it for mp3/games as well as calls and texts will experiance a more limited charge. Leaving bluetooth on or using the alarms will shorten it too. Also limited network coverage and weather conditions will make the fone work harder to maintain signal. Watching the keypad lights glow may look nice but is an obvious drain as well as the screensavers etc. After the 4-5 charge your battery will be at its optimum. I made a review earlier and gave 4 stars as I had to take time to see how the battery works in my lifestyle, hence this 2nd post and 5 stars.

Reviewed by Luke Williams from Leicester Uk on 19th Aug 2007
What a phone, looks unreal. i love everything about it! great battery can even charge it using pc, very smart.

Reviewed by Dave P from UK on 18th Aug 2007
Fab phone - stunning!!!

Reviewed by RN from UK on 18th Aug 2007
Would not recommend this handset. Had it a week and am changing for a Samsung. When you try and send a text you have to select who you are texting first, then your text (this bugs me). The slide at the bottom gets in the way, especially if you are trying to text quickly. And I find the predictive text a bit rubbish. Best quality about it is that it looks good.

Reviewed by Adel El Husseiny from Egypt on 16th Aug 2007
Nokia 8600 is number one. Excellent work Nokia

Reviewed by Marcus from Uk on 14th Aug 2007
Great looking phone but a big let down, crashes all the time, screen freezes, sound is really poor quality, sorry not practical enough for me.

Reviewed by Tris from UK on 11th Aug 2007
Fantastic phone. Looks the part, has everything you need. Best phone money can buy at the moment.

Reviewed by Beth baby from halifax on 9th Aug 2007
this phone is highly unreccomended!

Reviewed by 303 Squadron from UK/PL on 8th Aug 2007
i`ve got this phone since couple weeks, all what i can say; really battery life is rubbish, max 2/3 days, i changed light indicator to always off and looks like keeping battery one more day

Reviewed by AZAD from PAKISTAN on 7th Aug 2007
i luv da phone.very gud & sexi.i sleep wit my baby.

Reviewed by Phil from uk on 7th Aug 2007
Just got my phone, features are pretty good but i tried to put music on it and when it got to the third track it said i hadn' enough memory. In the above information it says up to 30 songs. Another let down is the alarm, u can only set it once where as my previous phone u cud set as many as u wanted. O and i thought a case wud have been included in the box as wel.

Reviewed by barry from mcguigan on 6th Aug 2007
feel this phone is lacking quality for the price range.i splashed out over 250 to get this and it does nothing more than my k800 ,that i had previously.it occasionally switches itself off too.i would not say its a bad phone but for the price range,i would go for something cheaper that does everything you want.

Reviewed by azim from england on 3rd Aug 2007
one of the best phones in the world. the voice cleariality is great the phone looks the part. before i bougt this phone i had the n95 but that phone is dust compared to this phone

Reviewed by rumahn from england on 3rd Aug 2007
trust me ive had some experience with fones 1st the motorola pebl then w300i then came the n95 then this and trust me this is dodgey the microphone is rubbish and it freezez all the time. but looks great (like me) and the 16 million colour screen makes up for all of them. but now ive got the sony ericsson k810i which is fantastic (also like me) so........................ get yhe k810i its shown above

Reviewed by Lee , Be Happy from U.k on 2nd Aug 2007
I agree with Lee who posted on 25/7/07. I too have just purchased the Luna and on 1st impressions im pleased with it. The build is solid, and nothing like some other handsets in the market place that feel like they could crumble in your hand. Nothing too new on the specs that is supplied with other Nokia's. Stable interface and the old tried and tested menu system. The case is a nice addition too. I owned the Nokia 8800 before this and felt it time to move on. No regrets. Only thing to really test is the batteries call and standby time. Hence my rating of 4 stars at the moment.

Reviewed by jon from england on 1st Aug 2007
much better than the 8800, a great phone that does what a phone should do - and does it well

Reviewed by rzvwien from Austria on 1st Aug 2007
The 8600 Luna is a mobile what make exactly what a phone must do: making and receiving calls, send and receive sms. But Luna makes all that with STYLE. So, if you want style and build quality, you must pay, is simple.For people who need 5mpx camera, 2gb memory,wlan, etc, there are many others phones at half or less then half price, but without style and feeling, just common phones. PS: please excuse my english, i"m german.

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