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Nokia 7900 Prism review

 Review: January 2008  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: A very special phone, with dazzling lighting effects and living wallpaper. The 7900 Prism has looks and exclusivity, but also comes with 3G (although there's no video calling), a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio and Bluetooth. It's not a phone for tech-nerds, but is design-led. It isn't cheap, and you won't see many of these on the streets.



The 7900 Prism is one of Nokia's "fashion" phones. It's a phone that you buy mainly for the looks. Like the 7500 Prism, it features geometric patterns and bevelled surfaces, making for a striking look. But the 7900 Prism is better looking than the 7500. It's a superslim phone, measuring just 11mm thick, but the best thing about it is the cool lighting effects. The numbers on the keypad are invisible when the phone is off or in standby, but light up in 49 different colours in a dazzling display when the phone is in use. The phone also has specially designed "living wallpaper" that provides a fabulous animated display, unique to each phone. It's definitely a phone to show off with!

7 series phones normally don't offer a lot of features to back up the looks, and the 7900 is no exception. Although at first glance it seems to offer everything you might want: 3G, camera, music player, radio, when you compare it with other 3G phones in the same price range, you realise that you're paying for the looks and missing out on features. For example, the 7900 has one of the worst cameras in its class - just 2 megapixels with no autofocus - and there isn't a second camera for video calling. The music player and FM radio work just fine, however the memory is limited to 1 Gbyte (enough for 250 songs), so the potential for this phone to replace a dedicated MP3 player is limited.

Nevertheless, if you like the style and are willing to spend the money, the 7900 does most things that most users will want. Nokia has always known that, and that's why the 7 series phones have continued for so long. What you get from the 7900 Prism is a great looking phone that dazzles with its lighting effects, that can take snaps and video clips, play music (MP3 tracks and radio), has Bluetooth & USB connectivity, and enough memory to store your stuff. We like it better than the 7500 Prism, and it's definitely a step up from earlier phones like the 7373 which are now pretty common.

The 7900 Crystal Prism is a new variation designed by fashion designer Frédérique Daubal and featuring laser-etchings by Daubal on the back cover.

Nokia 7900 Prism features include:

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Nokia 7900 Prism user reviews

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Average rating from 13 reviews:

Reviewed by UK from UK on 6th Aug 2009
I love this phone!! I haven't had any problems with it at all, which is weird as I seem to attract phones that need to be constantly sent back to the manufacturer. Personally I think it's really pretty, you can change the colour of the lights on your phone to suit you. The battery has always been amazing for me and I'm constantly texting, it's never frozen or refused to charge. Everything on it is easy to use. I can put a lot of music, high quality pics etc onto it and it's still really fast. I must have dropped this phone 100 times or more and the only damage incurred was when I dropped it hard from a height and part of the plstic ontop came off, it's very fixable though. The only thing I'd say is that if you want to take photos, they look great on the phone but once you print them out they're not great. However, that may just be my picture taking ability. Overall, I love this phone and you should buy it! (probably a bit too pretty for manly guys tho)

Reviewed by Gerry P. Johnson from United States on 21st May 2009
My Nokia 7900 freezes. I have to remove the battery and reinstall the battery to get it working again. Can't configure phone to work with AT&T internet browser.

Reviewed by james from kenya on 30th Mar 2009
charging problem and hangs....too many times

Reviewed by alexandra from england on 24th Aug 2008
i have found this phone to be one of the worst phones nokia have ever made! i have had 3 of these phones over a period of 6 months due to the same fault! after 2 month the phone would not charge and you would have to hold the charger in a specific position for it to work but it will finally end up not charging at all, i was unable to call out or recieve any calls as i could oly hear the person if the phone was on loud speaker but they were unable to hear me and the phone constantly stalls from the moment i recieved it. I also found it playing my ringtone and message tone when the phone was on silent and the profile was set not to play and it also changed my tones aswell. I i have found this to be the most disappointing phone i have ever owned and i have always thought of nokia as a good company! just be warned, u are guarunteed problems with this phone!

Reviewed by Tarzi from UK on 24th Aug 2008
Phone isn't best out ever, alright looker, not that decent quality.

Reviewed by Jade from UK on 8th Aug 2008
i think this a very reliable phone, many people say it freezes but it dosent !!!!its a ****** good phone..... BUY IT!!!!!

Reviewed by Cornelius from uk on 7th Aug 2008
it looks so ugly, however i fell into the trap and bought the phone. i do nt recommend it at any costs, ity is unbelievely crashable and i hope you dont make the same mistake as i did, definitely not worth ur money.

Reviewed by ///AMG from UK on 19th Jun 2008
You know it's rubbish. All money went into design(which I think is poor). Will depreciate like hell too. Avoid.

Reviewed by susie Q from England on 15th Jun 2008
the camera has an orange glow in the middle which distortes the picture colours in the centre of the frame. i have had two of these phones with exactly the same problem. have expericenced freezing, although it looks good it is not good value for money!

Reviewed by Machine from Canada on 22nd Apr 2008
Its a very good looking phone. Except it keeps freezing when trying to handle multiple processes at once. Such as sending a text message and it going into auto-lock. I think this is the problem with it. And the battery life is ok, around 3 hours talk time max. Overall its aesthetically pleasing however so if you're a girl, go for it.

Reviewed by Dilian from Bulgaira on 21st Apr 2008
It is perfect but there is one - it cant read Word documents.Is there a way to open such files?

Reviewed by tiger from india on 27th Feb 2008
dam good

Reviewed by saj from england on 25th Jan 2008
first impressions, excellent build quality, very solid feel. glass front so scratch resistant. although buttons do get minute scratches. sound is amazing, a lot of bass. cameras not too tough same as the sirocco. light effects are good. overall i think it is a great phone, had no problems so far, except the hansfree that comes in the package. it has poor sound quality.

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