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Nokia 7610 review

 Review: September 2004  

Last updated March 2005


In a nutshell: Multimedia smartphone with megapixel camera.


Based on the same series 60 platform used by the pioneering 7650 and 3660, the Nokia 7610 was a ground-breaking multimedia phone that features a 1 megapixel digital camera and up to 10 minutes of video recording. The phone comes with a Movie Director application, so you can shoot and edit your movies on the move.

This is one of Nokia's best phones, with full smartphone features, an excellent display and camera, and Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity. The range of pre-installed and downloadable applications is immense, but the design is compact and lightweight (for a smartphone!) One niggle is the idiosyncratic keypad design which slows down typing and can be quite annoying. Audio quality isn't the best either, with mono MP3 sound only. Despite this, the 7610 is an outstanding smartphone that seems to be virtually free of the reliability and software problems that dog so many high-spec smartphones.

Nokia 7610 features include:

  • Integrated 1 megapixel (1152 x 864 pixels) camera with 4x digital zoom for quality prints
  • Integrated video recorder with audio function and 4x digital zoom for video clips up to 10 minutes long (128 x 96 or 174 x 144 pixels resolution)
  • Standard and night camera modes and self-timer
  • Movie Director - combine video clips, add music, or change styles
  • Created and downloaded digital content (images, sounds, videos) with Gallery storage
  • Welcome Demo for a quick start as well as a Help application that guides you through your phone's many features
  • 65,536 colour-display, 176 x 208 pixels
  • 5-way navigation key
  • Bluetooth wireless technology and USB connectivity
  • 8 MB internal dynamic memory (expandable to 64 MB)
  • MMS, email, and instant messaging
  • Advanced XHTML browser
  • RealOne Player - download and play multimedia (video + music) files (formats: 3GPP, RealMedia, MP3, AAC)
  • Voice features: Voice dialing, Voice commands, Voice recorder, Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Multimedia messaging: Combine image, video, text and voice clip and send as MMS to compatible phone or PC
  • Downloadable Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications
  • Personalized user interface themes
  • Nokia Xpress-on™ Style Packs
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • USB with Pop-Port™
  • Symbian operating system 7.0s (Series 60 platform)
  • Tri-band coverage (GSM 900/1800/1900 or GSM 850/1800/1900)
  • Weight: 118g
  • Size: 108.6 mm x 53 mm x 18.7 mm
  • Talktime: up to 3 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 10 days

Nokia 7610 user reviews

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Average rating from 202 reviews:

Reviewed by Faraz lazar from UK on 3rd Sep 2012
Yup its my compultion to use this, cz its every thing is too slow, like open the galery, msgng, & after spend long time of searching to speed up it, i got a conclusion, that google & nokia 7610 both r rubbish.

Reviewed by Amir from Pakistan on 20th Mar 2012
Hy guys nokia 7610 is a best mobil in nokia history but its a heavy cell phone

Reviewed by Joseva from India on 22nd Dec 2011
I use nokia 7610 its an good mobile but it will be slow processed mobile ...Any way its an good phone.

Reviewed by Ayaan from UK on 11th Oct 2011
Shi wang veryy good mobile

Reviewed by delly.London from UK on 24th Sep 2011
2011 and still get admiring looks. Took some pictures recently after an accident at night and the quality of the pictures were awesome. I love Nokia!!!!! forget other phones. This is the mother of all phones

Reviewed by kelvin from UK on 21st Sep 2011
well nokia 7610 is a nice phone strong for that matter i love the phone,but the phone does not instell zip file

Reviewed by Pankaj from UK on 12th Sep 2011
No battery back up only 2 to 3 hour cut the battery on full charging

Reviewed by Toshi from UK on 13th Apr 2011
i hv been using my nokia 7610 since 3years, its awsome! Web is fine! I can upgrade it too! But the problem is that it has very poor sound quality

Reviewed by Mc Joshua from UK on 2nd Apr 2011
Im using this phone for 3 years. And I will suggest this Nokia 7610 to everyone. I know it is old but it is the most beautifull phone for me. It is a smartphone a symbian phone I had a firmware version of v.6.0522.0 RH-51. There is too many sis apps that is compatible on this phone thats why I like this phone.

Reviewed by Udaykumar from UK on 28th Mar 2011

Reviewed by khaairul from UK on 12th Dec 2010
this phone is beautiful , but internet connection may slow.

Reviewed by JAMES from UK on 6th Oct 2010
Bought this phone when it came out (2004). I have been using Nokia phones for six years and have found Nokia to be a very pleasing brand. I find the camera to be perfectly simple for a 1-megapixel. I found the keypad diffuclt to use at first, but eventually got used to it. I find the layout to be very similar to other Nokias and like the fact that I can change the way the menu is displayed, i.e list or grid and also the fact I can move the icons around. I find the calender to be useful and also like the calculator. I was dissapointed by the lack of a FM radio, but neverhteless, this has turned out to be a nice little phone, perfect for either business or pleasure. I also like the voice recorder and the voice dialling facility. Once again, Nokia have shown why they're the most popular brand of mobile phone.

Reviewed by darab amin from pakistan from UK on 15th May 2010
nice fone but in todays society is very weak. i request nokia 2 rereleaz it and make it 7610 reborn!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Arun prasad from UK on 13th May 2010
This 7610 is a good one to use internet ,bluetooth and all features of phone and exellent navigation key and digital camera this is the nokia 's first mega pixel camera

Reviewed by diya from UK on 29th Jan 2010
outstanding and beautiful phone with fabulous features

Reviewed by ernalyn from UK on 28th Dec 2008
this mobile is so expensive but i love it.

Reviewed by arslan from UK on 15th Nov 2008
best mobile in world i like it many softwares in have

Reviewed by Ben Strange from UK on 14th Jul 2008
The phone is a few years old now and it has only gotten better! A few days ago i had to buy a new battery for it because the old one wasn't very good, one of two problems i have with the phone. The other problem is the sound quality, it's not really the best. I only use ringtones, i don't use phones for music. MP3 players are made to play music! The phone got better because i was reading into it on the net and found out it is a S60V2 phone and you can install emulators on it! The only drawback is they can be hard to find, unless you use the ones on vampent.com and use a keygen

Reviewed by Gaurav Gupta from UK on 6th Jun 2008
Hi, I m using 7610 from last 1 1/2 years. Its really a good cell. But keys are not so good they really stuck together n camera quality is good but at places hvng not much light it face some problem even u activates night mode. Else this is really a good phone. If u use some 3rd party s/w (applications) u can change its look as u want. 4 me its good (in basic series).

Reviewed by RICHARD from UK on 6th Mar 2008

Reviewed by Chris G from UK on 27th Feb 2008
The best phone ive ever had, ill be sad to replace it with an N82, N82 has a lot to live up to. Despite my phone being older than most of my friends it still looks a lot better than their generic piles of trash. Five star phone! Totally tits!

Reviewed by Arifuzzaman from UK on 10th Feb 2008
Nokia 7610 and N70 is my fevorite Mobile phone. Next time I want to bye a E-61

Reviewed by sharmi;o from UK on 14th Jan 2008

Reviewed by yuvananda from UK on 1st Jan 2008
hi!i'm using my 7610 more than 6 months,its a cool phone but it gets slow when you put a 1GB memory card or higher.But it functions well in a 512 memory card or lesser.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 9th Dec 2007
I've had this phone for almost 3 years and I havent had one problem apart from the failing keys. One of them doesn't work and you have to put so much force into the other ones its bearly worth it. Im getting a new one very soon. But apart from that it has been outstanding.

Reviewed by Marie from UK on 24th Sep 2007
This is a great phone; its design is amazing but the number keys can be quite hard to use when texting. It has loads of cool features such as the mega-pixel camera, movie director, voice recorder, Bluetooth, calender and many more. I would definitely reccomend this mobile to anyone!!

Reviewed by Marie from UK on 24th Sep 2007
This is a great phone; its design is amazing but the number keys can be quite hard to use when texting. It has loads of cool features such as the mega-pixel camera, movie director, voice recorder, Bluetooth, calender and many more. I would definitely reccomend this mobile to anyone!!

Reviewed by shiva from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
hai frinds!buy it you will be proud to have it.the camera is very exiting.the look is very outstanding

Reviewed by Rohit. from UK on 30th Aug 2007
The phone is good with a "very little" advanced features.but all users should feel sad because of not having a dualheadset which supports 7610. why dont u ask nokia company for producing a new type of headset which supports this phone.i HEARD that HS-8[NOKIA ACTIVITY HEADSET]support this.. call me on 09884283889 for more details

Reviewed by shakila from UK on 29th Aug 2007
i think that this fone is the best fone eva, even though it still dosen't beat the N95 as that is way cool.But this fone is just amazin and its like got everything u need!!! I can't believe what some ppl were sayin about it!!! Maybe they are just not careful ppl! Who knows? Anyway, even though i do not know how i can get the MP3, it's still cool without it. some people just think that if the fone has a MP3, it is great. Want my opinion... B-U-Y I-T!!!

Reviewed by afzaal ahmad from UK on 24th Aug 2007
Nokia 7610 is good set but his (Voice recorder)system I don like,the record more 1 min.

Reviewed by Sanjaya Kumar Dash from UK on 17th Aug 2007
I am using NOKIA-7610 since 4 months. All facilities, availabe in NOKIA-7610, are working perfectly except BL-5C Battery. I am not using my phone to see video or listen music. Everyday this battery require charging even if it is kept idle or standby, where as the Batteries of many other Nokia mobiles, charging lasts for 3 days. Due to Battery lasting NOKIA-7610 is USELESS

Reviewed by dipdil from UK on 17th Aug 2007
It is looking nice.

Reviewed by SATHYA from UK on 11th Aug 2007

Reviewed by super cool kid from UK on 7th Aug 2007
i have got the nokia 7610 and i think it is a grate phone there are a few things that could be improved on but other than that it is a grate phone and well... you can practicaly do anything with it

Reviewed by michael g from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
i love this phone nevvvvvvvvver had anything better the camra is gr8 memory gr8 well evrything about it is wiked cnt complain 5 stars :D:D

Reviewed by ritesh from UK on 30th Jun 2007
i love my 7610, it is very fast perform

Reviewed by Ian Griffiths from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
I have been generally impressed with this phone although the keypad takes alot of getting used to. Camera picture quality is very good (in good light)for a phone and has decent software avialable for it. The screen however is not very good in bright sunlight. It is however a little slow with a 1gb memory card in. Shame it doesn't run Tomtom 6 but 5.2 is perfectly good for my needs.

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 17th Jun 2007
Actually, it has a low-light setting so it can take decent pictures in dim environments. People really should use something for a while before writing a review.

Reviewed by Arsal from UK on 10th Jun 2007

Reviewed by David from UK on 10th Jun 2007
After my Motorola L6 recently broke I looked for a nice phone to replace it for around 2 months.... Once I saw the Nokia 7610 I knew it's what I wanted! It's stylish and stands out in the crowd! Lately all phones seem to look same Silver, Small, Boreing.... But this phone truly outshines all of them. I found it easy to get used it the keypad was abit difficult but after about a hour I was away and zooming! I highly recommend this phone!

Reviewed by mrs E from UK on 10th Jun 2007
I bought this phone of ebay a few weeks ago, and i LOVE it!! Its camera is great,and the video is excellent, you can also edit them and make movies. Even though the description says the buttons are hard to use, i find them fine and rather funky! But i agree that the recording is not good but if you bluetooth music from friends/familys phones the quality is very good. This phone looks great and is great to use, i really dont regret buying it!

Reviewed by Ganesh Madge from UK on 17th May 2007
Hi, Its a best handset no doubt but there are usual problems like keypad (* & #) key and i am facing very very massive issue with this cell is i cant hear incoming or outgoing calls through Handset i need to direct that call to speaker phone. I can use bluetooth without any issue but same time when i try to connect handsfree cord to handset it shows error (Enhancement not supported) can you help me this how i can resolve this issue.. pls pls i dont want to loose this cell. you can contact me by email/call ganesh.madge@in.daksh.com +919850975966

Reviewed by craig from UK on 17th May 2007
dis model is one of d best its got absolutley almost evriting anyone wud want

Reviewed by nasmeen from UK on 17th May 2007
Bluetooth is very bad on this phone!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise its an ok phone!!

Reviewed by matthew from UK on 3rd May 2007

Reviewed by chris from UK on 27th Apr 2007
the best phone in the world

Reviewed by Bertie Styles from UK on 17th Apr 2007
an excellent phone with great software and great ability to have extra software downloaded. only 2 problems 1. the keypad become a bit temperamental after a while. 2. dust has entered the camera lens and no way of cleaning that so the camera is now useless. but a brilliant phone, would really recommend!

Reviewed by Zack's friend from UK on 13th Apr 2007
Yo,this hp is shinning like a star,man. U gotta have it, man. Really, bcoz....

Reviewed by Master from UK on 12th Apr 2007

Reviewed by swaroop from UK on 9th Apr 2007
I brought my 7610 nearly a year ago! Its stylish body, 1 MP camera, a wide range of symbian software support and an extremely user friendly interface made it my ultimate choice. It gives great shots under normal conditions and even greater shots if extra light is available. However i am not so pleased with its sound quality! But it supports mp3, wma.. etc. (its not that bad, its just ok!) Still, its an amazing cellphone and resonably priced! Its simply worth going for!

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 26th Mar 2007
I love this phone, well loved. It was the perfect phone up till the time it began to crash. The screen would go blank and it wouldn't reboot for a while. This, I learned, was because of Nokia's software on the phone. The software runs on the battery even when the phone is switched off. So I had the phone flashed and it failed yet again. I then had it sent away and completely rebooted all the software. And within the seven days I have had it, it has crashed three times. It was good for a while but once your Nokia crashes once it doesn't stop.

Reviewed by sajjad ahmed from UK on 14th Mar 2007
hi guyzzzz!!!!! the cell izz awesom!!! really a good one,, but the major drawback MONO AUDIO OUTPUT!!! im stuck with it. can any one plzzzz tell me that iz there any way to convert MONO sound to STEREO one, plzzzzzz plzzzzzz i dono abt it. plzz reply me on thegreat_sajjad@hotmail.com plzzzzzz guyzz im waiting for ur repliyyyyyyyy

Reviewed by Kirsty from UK on 12th Mar 2007
The Nokia 7610 is a great phone with an amazing camera with 10 minute video. However the phone is quite large and heavy. You can change the covers on the phone as well which is handy, the memory is average. However overall i would say that this was a phone which is worth every penny!

Reviewed by shyam from UK on 28th Feb 2007
it has every features whats one required, apart from some drawnbacks, nokia 7610 is quite good. Advise for new buyers - "Just get it "

Reviewed by AFZAAL from Pakistan from UK on 25th Feb 2007
yeh phone aacha hai but when i was restart then phone was stop and no working

Reviewed by kev from UK on 25th Feb 2007
great phone apart from the ringtone volume, needs to be louder.

Reviewed by Aaf Kenya from UK on 15th Feb 2007
pleasee dont engage into a nokia 7610....for a start its perfect but on the time it grows old it really messes peoples' head...man it has a factory problem of loosing network when you install more applications...its not my cup of tea at the moment its better to buy a nokia 6230i which is far much better

Reviewed by tavaka from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
this is the best phone ever, chwef!

Reviewed by sanchit from UK on 25th Jan 2007
i have taken this model resently its good, tell me that can i hear radio with it if yes then plz provide me the s/w plz reply me on sanchit_72153@rediffmail.com or 09719558930(M) awating for ur reply..

Reviewed by eddie from UK on 24th Jan 2007
a great phone but not enough memory for music

Reviewed by hotwheelz from UK on 23rd Jan 2007
still rocking the users even after arrival of n-series

Reviewed by A$$$ad from UK on 21st Jan 2007
from shipley coool phone very buisness type phone

Reviewed by varun dixit from UK on 20th Jan 2007
rest all is fine except audio system, still a good phone to have

Reviewed by shebecca from UK on 19th Jan 2007
the phone is excellent and so simple to use. the best nokia phone ever. it is absaloute quality.

Reviewed by r.sowrirajan from UK on 17th Jan 2007
It is realy worth to buy Nokia 7610 the various features available in the set are easy to handle.

Reviewed by mohit from UK on 15th Jan 2007
this mobile rocks in all ways its blue and black colour it the best

Reviewed by amit kr das from UK on 7th Jan 2007
i want to a hi speed modem of my mobile.

Reviewed by Rajeev from UK on 25th Dec 2006
I have been using the phone for the past 7 months and am a great fan of it. The body(including the keypad) is sturdy and I dont remember how many times I dropped it. Nothing happened to it. Dare to drop a SGH phone from two feet high!!!! Regarding the features, I must admit the video isn't great. But durability, reliability and style wise, its the best.

Reviewed by arsalan from UK on 23rd Dec 2006
good phone

Reviewed by STEPHANIE P from UK on 13th Aug 2006
I have had this phone since the release date and it still works perfectly! Yes i know the picture is very pixalated if you upload onto a computer - but if thats ur thing then get a camera or a newer phone..My only quibble is that nokia no longer make the x-press on covers and the cheaps ones just do not fit properly and mine is looking tatty!

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 25th Jul 2006
Great phone, the keys take a few days to get used to but honestly this is the best mobile i have owned so far, i dropped mine into a hot cup of coffee and it didnt work for 24 hours but then worked for 4 months after with no problems, i even dropped it from my lorry which was about 5ft drop and it still worked. Thought it was time for a change so gone for the 6630 if i dont like that going for the N91. You can get this phone now for around 50 and its well worth it outstanding for me :-)

Reviewed by raja asim mehmood from UK on 30th Jun 2006
its a good ,and smart set,,,,the best one feature is that ,its shape is very nice

Reviewed by benjamin laird from UK on 27th May 2006
this phone is really good quality, especially for it's price. The design is so brilliant, and the camera is sooo good. there isnt a problem with it so far, but i have only had it for about 2 months. I would reccommend it to EVERYONE

Reviewed by Nick Wallis from UK on 1st Mar 2006
I could forgive the camera it's feature bloat but lack of anything really useful (calendar reminders to call people at a specified time as the Nokia 6510 culd manage), it's small and useless keypad, and it's poor camera quality (to those who beg to differ download the pictures to a computer with a full size screen and then tell me how good you really think they are) if it was more responsive. Mine is a three month old phone that came with the 15 month old V4 firmware not the 12 month old V5 firmware that is supposed to increase responsiveness, so bear that in mind. If you want one check that you don't get V$ firmware or it's only really any use as a door stop. Fortunately it's size makes it suitable for that at least.

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 16th Feb 2006
OK, anyone reading this please disregard the comments of those who have just bought this and are declaring it a decent phone. Mine is now 11 months old and for the past 2 months it has been a nightmare. It constantly freezes, turns itself off and is unable to be turned back on. When it works, or should I say, when it worked it was good but what's the point of buying a phone that breaks after not very long. I have been a loyal Nokia user since the analogue 232 ten years ago. This model has made me fall out of love.

Reviewed by B.Rite from UK on 18th Jan 2006
I only got this fone 2day but i'm relly picky with fones so i no what i'm talkin about. The Nokia 7610 is a cool phone, it has all the coolness features you'd want, i purchased a nokia 3230 in September 2005, and was disappointed with the un-changeable covers and the fact that teh phone beeps everytime it gets a message, call or alarm and was really annoying, plus vibration doesnt' work, so i got the 7610. first of all the design. it is hot, you couldn't want a hotter phone, plus you can get even hotter covers for it! secondly the camera. it is great, i couldn't see much difference in the 7610 and 3230, the 7610 seems to have better colouring and is a bit darker with skin than the 3230, therefore pictures turn out more life-like. THe 7610 does have its downsides, the mp3 player was worse than teh 3230, but not to worry because of two things. 1. you can purchase stereo earphones, and 2, who really wants an mp3 player for a fone? The ringtones are great and loud and the battery last really well, its still fully charged with heavy use. The bluetooth works amazing and the USB doesn't slide out of the phone like the 3230/7600etc. Overall its a hot phone with hotness features and if you come across one, buy it, you may think the 3230 is great with its infrared,radio,1.23 mpx camera, but you are sacrificing reliabilty, functionality and durability, the 7610 is the way to go.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 16th Jan 2006
WOAH! Awesome. +ve--1.Snazzy to look at, and I know u agree with me ;),2.A really good camera, and the video editing thingy is really cool too, 3.Easy to handle and carry, not bulky looking as the 6600 was, 4.Bright screen, doesnt dull AT ALL in bright sun, 5.Value for the money u pay for it, 5.DOESNT CRASH AT ALL. Im damn serious. =P -ve-- 1.The * button is kinda flat, and u'll have trouble initially when u wanna lock the keypad, 2.I havent heard about this from others, but SOMETIMES, just twice since the month Ive been using it, my phone doesnt read the memory card, even though it's from Finland, and the MMC is an original 64 one. 3.Messaging is a bit annoying on this phone in the beginning, and I bet I can beat any1 on my 7250 ;), 4.NO AUTOMATIC KEYPAD LOCK.Beware, you may end up with big bills if ya forget to lock the keypad! :-o ,5.The audio isnt that good with the RM files, though it sounds good when MP3s are heard through the built-in MP3 player. All in all, it's an awesome phone from Nokia, probably the best in the market at the moment. Both the panel color combinations are beautiful and have a charming look, but the Black/Red one is outstanding. Value for your dough you pay, and it'll last you for long.

Reviewed by VorteX from UK on 2nd Jan 2006
This is the thing with Nokias which most phones dont have, nokias you can drop time and time again and they usually never have a scratch on them also there is very few phones from other brands where you can change the actual covers to suit your liking or if they are scratched and broken. Stylish,modern shapes and corners of the phone make it that bit more likeable, although i have only talked about the outside of the phone and not whats on the inside i still think that the above reasons count towards the phones durabilty. This phone is a bargain to buy and you will get your use out of it.

Reviewed by wendy mills from UK on 1st Dec 2005
my phone gives so much trouble, i cant bluetooth, i cant receive any picture messages or send any, it tells me i have 18mb free but when i try receive a photo it says not enough memory delete some data, don't bother wasting your money on this

Reviewed by K Benton from UK on 26th Nov 2005
Gotta say i've had no problem using this handset since i brought it a year ago love the zoom before you take photos and during video recording (of up to 10 minutes) also you can just take out the memory card and hand to photo shops to print of photos (for poeple who do not have a pc) for as little as 8p each, brilliant handset

Reviewed by Oii from UK on 15th Nov 2005
I have had this phone for over a year now and i have found it excellent!! Its camera is great quality even when you put the pictures onto the computer!!I love the style of it and find the different features on it very useful!!! Highly recomended phone to buy in my opinion!!

Reviewed by rahim from UK on 12th Nov 2005
this iz the best mobile i am having .it before that i was having k 500 i .

Reviewed by Kai from UK on 2nd Sep 2005
I recently had a sharp(GX Series) the thing i like about nokia's is u can drop em and drop em and they still work, so it dont have infered, y do u need infered when u have bluetooth, and at least i can change the cover if it gets battered up, The camra and video seems to work fine for me, i think the reson nokias are so populer is that you can change the covers well as with other phones you are stuck with the covers it comes with (3weeks latter its trashed). ^_^!

Reviewed by Classy from UK on 27th Aug 2005
Hi, I just bought the Nokia 7610 phone the other day and I think it is fabulous.. First of all like someone said you are carrying around a phone not a digital camera..that makes the 1 + mega pix more than enough for a quick snap. I have a beautiful sunrise pic that i took the other morning on my screen as a screen saver and it is amazing.. I totally love the whole package. I think the phone is classically elegant. I have the beige on grey. I dont like small phones as they get lost in my handbag. The key pad is not a problem at all. I am wondering though how to get to the infrared..seems like i can't understand it (and no, I am not blonde) ;) or it is just not there..?? Help.!!!

Reviewed by Harpreet from UK on 17th Aug 2005
This phone is rubbish, i had a Sharp TM100, and whought that was bad, at least it didnt crash on me, the phone sucks, the battery is, well u might aswell not have one, and the camera and screen are junk, so far the best camera phone i had and i have had loads is the sharp TM100, also the video recording, well just say no point recording u cannot see it half the time, and dont get me started on the txtin, useless, dont bother, get th samsung d500 which i have but does a few problems of its own

Reviewed by Kris from UK on 3rd Aug 2005
I have had this phone for over a year now, And i'm moving on. For people who are about to get it, HURRY! This is the best phone i have ever had, I see a lot of people are complaining about it, The FACTS are, It takes a long time to start up, Messages do sometimes freeze and the kepad is awkward (at first) But i have dropped this phone countless times and its fine, It's 13 months old and i still get 5 days battery use from it, the memory is brilliant and the camera is fantastic, all the pictures on my site have been taken with it http://super-kris.tk

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 17th Jul 2005
Got one for my teenage daughter's birthaday. She absolutely loves it! Had it about two months now - great photos, easy to use big WOW factor. Reliable and great reception.

Reviewed by John Smith from UK on 8th Jul 2005
Battery life is terrible and the signal is the worst ive ever had with a phone. It only lets me have 30 second phone calls before the signal has completely disappeared! This can happen in a good signal area!

Reviewed by samad from UK on 18th Jun 2005
I bought this phone a week ago and I'm totally frustated of it's key pad and missing infrared. Go buy 6230i or Samsung s500. dont even tuch this phone this mobile. Should be rated below poor but should I do the list is missing very poor.

Reviewed by ali payandeh from iran on 25th Apr 2005
well,about this phone,i bought it 3 days ago,and i am glad to have it!it has a nice features:1-tft lcd,,its shunning! 2-it's user friendly! 3-it has a nice calender! 4-its design is outstanding! and many other feuters! but it has it's bad features to! it doesn't have stereo,no dual earphones! no fm radio, and if u are in a place that doesnt have enough light!! the pix u take with its mega pixel camera becaome like junk! but if u are in a good place it take good pix!! with all this i recommend it to u!! u will love it!

Reviewed by Mike Sawyer from UK on 22nd Apr 2005
This is simply a fantastic phone with all the features you need. It's a phone, game console, mp3 player and good friend :) It has fantastic sound and it's so cool to use mp3's as ringtones. Collect all the cool realtones on the net and use www.mobstorage.com to upload it to the phone for free. I have also watched complete movies on it :) The best thing is the memory card of course. I have a 1gb card with over 200 mp3's stored on it :)

Reviewed by Mister D from England on 18th Apr 2005
Great phone, excellent features but not impressed with layout of the keypad and I would prefer the joystick type as on 6600. Camera quality is excellent as is the zoom facility. Excellent display but sadly no radio or headphone facility, along with a different type of hands free to other models, a shame but an allround fantastic phone. Very easy to use.

Reviewed by Sue from England on 16th Apr 2005
I simply bought this phone because I wanted a stylish looking camera phone. I am not very technical and really looked for something that is easy to get to grips with, but had the features there if I wanted them. The Nokia 7610 is relatively easy to navigate your way around and has so many features (that I do not use a lot), that I keep having to re-read the instructions when I decide to use them! I love the way the menu is laid out like a desktop in the 'grid view', is this now a common feature of all new phones? I love the camera, nice clear pictures although I have never owned a camera phone before so have nothing to compare it with. Unfortunately though, when I first bought the phone, I decided to try to experiment using my very limited knowledge and downloaded a animated screensaver. The result was that the phone immediately locked up and would not let me into the menu to try to clear it out. At first I was told that this phone was not capable of accepting this type of screensaver, but then was told that it was the phone that was at fault and it was sent back to the manufacturer for repair (this was within a week of buying the phone). My other general impressions of the phone are: I find the keypad fine to use without any problems hitting the keys. I am not too keen on the scroll key as it does not seem to respond that quickly. I have found that the phone has locked up a couple of times when I have tried to access the gallery and I have had to turn it off and take out the battery to get it to work again. Agree with others that the battery life does not seem to be that good. The signal on this phone is much weaker than my old phone the nokia 3100. I changed networks with this phone to t-mobile, but as I have said earlier, have limited technical knowledge and am not sure if this is down to the phone or the network. I am not sure if I would recommend this phone to anyone like myself who does not fully understand the range of applications and therefore does not get the full value from it, but generally it is easy to use and I would say is good value for money.

Reviewed by Mitul from Bangladesh on 10th Apr 2005
Kool Cell From NoKia. All da Things are great Display,Camera,Looks. But not good For mp3 player or mp3 ringtone. Display is Large, Larger then k700. Why there is no headset for this kool phone??(huge minus) Battery Power is good compare to k700. Still pix are da best but not video, video is better in k700. Where Can i get that soft like in 6600 unlimited zooming in camera where???? It's Slim Light weight not bulky like k700. Themes are kool but not animated like k700. I Think this fone is for young people like me. Enjoy with 7610.......

Reviewed by Klaus from Germany on 7th Apr 2005
Contra: 1. Sound is MONO, the phone DOES NOT support standard Nokia stereo headset, if you want to listen music on the phone DO NOT buy this model - it is completely useless for this purpose. Also, do not count on using favorite MP3 song as a ringing tone, the sound quality is just awful. 2. No support for hot change of memory card - To change the RS MMC card one need to switch off the phone, open the cover, remove the battery,... 3. Sound recorder feels sometimes unreliable - starts recording with some delay so you miss few first seconds 4. I am really missing the touch screen for some Symbian applications - spreadsheet app (real pain to make a spreadsheet without pointing device), recording (extremely useful for taking notes, but one need to use keyboard to name recorded clip - stylus and graffiti software would be much better solution),... 5. Lack of support for synchronization tool for other operating systems - Mac OS, Linux 6. No FM radio 7. No IR connection Pro: ---- 1. Excellent design, feels awesome in the hand, also you get used to the funny keyboard quickly 2. Really useful 1.3 Mpix camera - makes daylight pictures comparable to some compact photo camera 3. Very good display 4. Reliability 5. Tones of nice application and games for Symbian Series 60 operating system available for fee or for free 6. Standard Nokia synchronization tool for Microsoft Outlook (with some minor issues though) 7. Nice set of software in the package (recording,excellent calendar, notes,todo,...) 8. Powerfull address book Actually, I was thinking of giving 4 stars, but the SOUND IS AWFUL!!! so I just couldn't.

Reviewed by me from pakistan on 7th Apr 2005
The best! What else is left to be said

Reviewed by GRAEME REID from SCOTLAND on 3rd Apr 2005

Reviewed by hillary from philippines on 2nd Apr 2005
wow!!! im really very much satisfied with this phone,it has everything i want but it just lack one thing no radio,please help where can i find its casing?

Reviewed by Mansoor from pakistan on 1st Apr 2005
well this phone iz outstanding,itz weight is normal and easy to use . camera quality is fantastic and itz price really normal . This is the most koolest cellphone in pakistn which is used by youngsters.This phone is the best .

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