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Nokia 7500 Prism review

 Review: October 2007  


In a nutshell: Fashion phone with 2 megapixel camera, video camera, MP3 player, FM radio, memory card & Bluetooth.


Nokia reserves its "7" series for "fashion" phones: phones where style is the most important feature and which are deliberately not to everyone's taste. Sometimes usability is compromised, and the phones are not usually at the cutting edge, feature-wise. They tend to be love-it or hate-it phones. The 7500 Prism is not as extreme as some of the previous 7 series models, but it is very definitely a fashion phone - no other phone looks like the Prism. Nokia have used conventional materials to make the Prism, and the overall shape is a classic, but the style is in the detail. Bevelled surfaces and geometric patterns are what the Prism is all about. The patterns are continued into the user interface design, making for a polished, integrated feel. The Prism is black in colour, but comes with a choice of replaceable "accent" colours (blue, green and pink) that decorate the edging of the phone.

Although heavily stylised, the Prism is a perfectly usable phone, with keys that are not so different from a conventional keypad. However they are quite small and slippery, and the navigation joystick isn't as easy to use as a navigational pad. On the positive side, the plastic construction does make for a very lightweight phone (just 83g).

Feature-wise the Prism isn't an outstanding phone. The LCD display is average, the camera below average, and the video camera well below par. On the other hand, the music player is excellent, being very similar to the one on the 5300 XpressMusic, with support for all the main formats, compatibility with Bluetooth headsets, an equaliser and surround sound / stereo widening. There are nice themes in the player and sound output from the loudspeaker is excellent. The phone's memory is limited to 30 Mbytes, but a memory card can be added to increase the available memory to 2 Gbytes. In addition there's a fully-featured FM radio, with Visual Radio support. This enables you to find out information from the station you're listening to, such as what track is playing, and also provides interactive features such as surveys and voting for your favourite songs.

Another interesting twist is the internet support. The Opera Mini web browser is supplied, although with no 3G support, the browsing experience isn't the fastest. A novel feature is the "Nokia Sensor" which is a mobile social networking tool that lets you connect with other Nokia Sensor users. There's a good choice of pre-installed games too.

Connectivity is good, with USB mass storage and Bluetooth compatibility. Battery life is not so good though.

To wrap up then, we'll say that we like the 7500 Prism, although it's by no means the best phone practically (the Nokia 6300 is a far superior phone). However, if the design is important to you, then the Prism has few peers. Other fashion phones that you might consider are the 7373, which has a very similar spec but a completely different design, or the higher-spec 7390.

Nokia 7500 Prism features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and flash
  • Video recorder
  • Music player (MP3/AAC/eAAC+/WMA formats)
  • FM radio with Visual Radio support
  • MP3 ringtones / 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Animated wallpapers
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Audio messaging (record your own voice message and send to compatible devices)
  • Games: Sudoku, Tower Bloxx, Snake III, Music Guess
  • Internet: WAP, GPRS Class 10, HSCSD, EDGE
  • Web browser: Opera Mini
  • Alarm clock, Notes, Countdown timer, To-do list, Calendar
  • Memory: 30 Mbytes plus microSD card slot expandable to 2 Gbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
  • Offline mode
  • Tri-band EGSM 900, GSM 1800/1900, and EGSM 850
  • Size: 109 x 44 x 14.4 mm
  • Weight: 83g
  • Talktime: 2.8 hours
  • Battery standby: 280 hours
  • Music playback: 9 hours

Nokia 7500 Prism user reviews

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Average rating from 81 reviews:

Reviewed by Jeb from Philippines on 6th Mar 2010
This phone is a very good i bought this phone from Europe my dad bought one for me. I already using this phone 1 Year and 11 months. The problem of this phone is my Music player turn into black screen someone should help me to return my screen on Music Player. Thanks.

Reviewed by Aky from UK on 6th Jan 2010
Iv got this phone at the moment with a 2gb micro sd the problem with mine is it tends to freeze when going throught files apart from this minor prob its fantastic im thinking of replacing it with the Sony Ericsson C902!

Reviewed by Kathryn from England on 10th Nov 2009
The only problem i've had is that when i used the bluetooth my phone freezes and i can't even turn it off and have to take the battery out ;[ also, after just having it a year, the joystick is beginning to wear out, e.g. when the phone keypad is locked, i have to press the middle button a few times to get the screen to unlock/lightup other than that it is a beauts of a phone ;]

Reviewed by rose from lithuania on 30th Jun 2009
i ahd this fone for a year now but i love i care for it its not even scratched

Reviewed by Charlotte(: from England on 15th May 2009
well. i have had this phone for almost 18 months. an amazing phone although admittedly i have have a few problems. the phone occasionaly freezes and not all of my contacts appear to receive the text meant for them. Other than that i love it, due for an upgrade next month but would love to keep this phone !!

Reviewed by Mrsmith from Hungary on 16th Feb 2009
I love thise phone.

Reviewed by Faye from UK on 12th Feb 2009
I Was lookin 4 dis fone on internet n readin rviews n it put me of at first but now iv gt it n its FAB ! great music player camera n evryhtin n it wont go out of fashn coz no.1 else has got it !! i lv dis phone !

Reviewed by jonny from england on 4th Jan 2009
U say the camara isnt good in ur review but i think for its excellent i have a samsung soul but my girlfriend has got the 7500 and its just as clear as mine and my phone 5mp plus we both got our phones same day brand new mine £150 hers £60 so all in all prism id say 5out5

Reviewed by summer from uk on 28th Dec 2008
Nice Phone easy to use, but beware there is a problem with this phone. Screen Bleed. Whilst i was at work and the phone sat on my desk, i could see the screen turning black from the botton left hand corner, then the whle screen went. Took it to my O2 shop who claimed that i must have crushed it, i explained til i was blue in the face what happened, thank goodness for insurance, and they replaced it, 3 weeks later the same thing hapened. So they echanged it free of charge. There seems to be an underlying problem here that they aren't owning up to. So be aware.

Reviewed by raj kumar from pakistan on 13th Dec 2008
beautiful cell

Reviewed by gdgdg from UK on 28th Nov 2008
it is badly bad

Reviewed by Godfred Nyame from Ghana on 7th Nov 2008
Wonderful Phone

Reviewed by l.s from uk on 29th Oct 2008
mine was great but i have had it for nearly a year. wen i delete large amounts of things at a time it black outs and turns off. it has just broken and won't turn on now and i haven't done anything to it. but apat from this it is good!

Reviewed by mike from uk on 29th Oct 2008
i have 7500 brilliant phone no problems at all

Reviewed by Cloe from England on 11th Oct 2008
This phone is really good and value for money! Several people have asked me about it and 2 people have gone and bought it! Mp3 player is great! I dont know why people are complaining about the camera its good if you want clearer or better pictures then get an camera!Or buy a phone with a better camera! If you dont pay loads then you are not going to get a fantastic camera! Love the phone =)

Reviewed by Clara from UK on 5th Oct 2008
Wow! What a fone! I like it. The only downside is the joystick. It is a bit tiny. I like the keypad as well.

Reviewed by Qas from England on 3rd Oct 2008
A great phone, got it last week and thought the screen resolution was brilliant. The features are also very good. A phone definitely worth buying. shame it not a symbian phone though.

Reviewed by Syed.Mohammad Raza-ul-Haque from Pakistan on 2nd Sep 2008
I'm Using this phone from Oct'2007, and no doubt its the best phone i have seen so far (as far as costing and product is concerned).

Reviewed by ilham from uk on 26th Aug 2008
this phone is a well set and sexy phone to use for all stereotypes,this phone is the buy for the price and i can guarantee you 100% that this phone will last you very long, also this phone is descend to use and has all good function anyone need such as bluetooth, mp3, camera, memory card slot and the other function this phone definetly is a best choice for the right price.

Reviewed by MCRROCKNROLL or will from UK on 11th Aug 2008
all u idiots that think its rubish well u must be complete gits it looks gd,its dead easy to use ,baterys a bit quick though but overall great fone cant get any better o yea my youtube acounts name is MCRROCKNROLL

Reviewed by will from usa on 11th Aug 2008
brill phone! very cool and very easy to use

Reviewed by TIRO from MALAYSIA on 10th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Dimples from England on 4th Aug 2008
I bought this phone a month ago. The camera was fine, the mp3 player was ok as far as mp3 players go, and it looks good. Unfortunately that does not compensate for the fact that the battery life is rterrible and the handset freezes and you cant do anything except take it apart and put it back again. If you want my advice dony buy one, you will only regret it I have now changed it for a Samsung u600 and i dont regret it.

Reviewed by Beth from England on 1st Aug 2008
I absouloutly love this phone. The look of it is extremely beautiful and origanal. You can also make it your own with the 'accents'. The music plyer is just as good as the ipod, displaying pictures and has the useful 'shuffle' feature. Alot of people have slated the camera but for 2mp, I think the camera is amazing. Before i had this phone I had the samsung E900, it doesnt even compare to this beaut.As usual, nokia have built in lot of good games, themes, wallpapers etc. The only bad thing is the battery life. So far Ive had to charge it every day, but I do use the phone and its features alot. A memory card is a must-have,it comes with a 512mb card, but if you want alot of music I'd recommened a 2gb. Overall this phone is amazing quality and remarkable value for the £60 I bought it for.

Reviewed by Jambo from England on 28th Jul 2008
Had the phone 3months, managed to get one cheap, didnt like the looks at first, but it has grown on me considerably, id even go so far to say its cool! The screen is excellent, usual S40 Nokia, ease of use attractive icons... Camera is bad and it does feel a little cheap, but then thats the point, it is a cheap phone. If you want a decent camera etc then buy a higer end model (N95 etc). This as a phone is brilliant. As a comprehensive multimedeia device it fails, but that was never its purpose. It was designed to make calls and texts and look cool and stand out. It does this perfectly Very rare too, lots of people dont know what it is!

Reviewed by Sarahella from England on 28th Jul 2008
I know people generally read reviews before they go to buy a phone and then hardly ever pay any attention to what they have read because they are so in love with the idea of the thing they are going to buy that they forget about practicalities and the fact the initial joy of having a new thing wares off after a while! Because this is what happened to my when I bought this phone. Overall it is a good phone so if you are hell bent on buying it read no further. However... the joystick is notoriously difficult to use sometimes I find that is is set in too close and hard to navigate with as my thumb is always slipping, (maybe I just have big thumbs or something) Then there's removing the back of it, it feels like everytime you take the back off you are going to break it! I mean before this phone the last nokia I owned was a 3310 and gone are the days of sliding easy to remove covers from Nokia! yeah so usually when I remove the back cover the battery flies out too just from the force of me trying to remove it. Then the famous "coloured accents" all but one of these have snapped, which saddens me greatly because its one of the things I liked about the phone (although I wish you could put all three colours on together and have a little rainbow on the side of it!) The sim card holder bit is also quite hard to open. Oh and it's not as nice and slim as other phones on the market plus a few people have remarked that it looks sort of like a coffin! Now for the good bits! The design is extremely original, and the option to be able to change the coloured accents is an attractive and ingeniunitive feature especially for people like me who get bored easily! The keypad you'd think would be hard to use given the design but is actually surprisingly easy. I cannot comment on the music player because I've never bothered with it because frustratingly no one's invented a phone that can hold more than about 4 GB worth of songs. The memory of this phone is phoenomenal! I think because of the memory card or something but coming from having a motorola razr it's much appreciated! I think I have over 2000 texts on my phone at the minute plus photos phonebook etc. Erm....the themes are a nice touch as well I like the colours of them. Basically (sorry for rambling on) this is an above average phone. Especially for a nokia; I am a fan of motorolas and generally regarded nokias as rubbish but this phone changed my mind. If you can forgive it's shortcomings you will have a long and happy life together!

Reviewed by HaZzZ from UK on 16th Jul 2008
When i first bought this phone i thought it was cool but it has been 2 weeks now and really want to return it it is a rubbish phone apart from the music player the joystick keeps on coming of if you push it and if you re wearing jeans and you take out the phone it will come off but apart from that it is spectacular

Reviewed by EGGY from UK on 9th Jul 2008

Reviewed by iyabo from nigeral on 26th Jun 2008
i like my phone,any thing nokia is my best choice,i pray if i ve money i will buy more better phone in nokia product,

Reviewed by helen from england on 14th Jun 2008
i love this phone. it looks gr8. definitely a worthy buy

Reviewed by rhys Evans from england on 11th Jun 2008
very dissapointed with the phone, too filmsy, crashes often, camera is terrible and the buttons are annoying. Sound is good, internet is bad Looks cool tho

Reviewed by saira from london on 26th May 2008
rubbish video quality, ok camera for snapshots but a bit slow....battery life sucks...amazing looking..u cant edit pictures and videos...overall dont buy it...

Reviewed by Astro from Pastoria on 19th May 2008

Reviewed by rumana from begum on 6th May 2008
i've had this phone for just a month and am loving it so far, the sleek unique design is just sooo sexy

Reviewed by Larissa from England on 3rd May 2008
Great Phone Very Good For Music Good Battery Life :)

Reviewed by Noor from Kuwait on 12th Apr 2008
This phone is excellent! The design and the functions are super!!! I love it!! There is everything that you would require in your mobile! You should try it out!

Reviewed by pepe from spain on 5th Apr 2008
the mobile is very good and it fits very well in the pocket you dhould buy it

Reviewed by anisa from india on 28th Mar 2008
i loved my fone unfortunately lost it ....n surely would not mind buying the same one AGAIN.....misssing it big time.

Reviewed by el DOCTOR from Serbia on 21st Mar 2008
This is a very good phone,it has a very good music player and good camera,and of course he cost only 180 euros.Whole picture of the phone is very,very OK.

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 6th Mar 2008
This is a good phone although its not the best looking and the buttons take abit of getting used to apart from that its a nice phone takes good pictures with the 2mp camera has an expandable memory card slot the call quality is also very clear aswell the phone is really light almost as light as the old nokia 8210 not a bad phone although could have been better but funky design

Reviewed by Aman Multani from UK on 6th Mar 2008
Prism is the best phone. In the world

Reviewed by dean stansfield from england on 29th Feb 2008
u want a sexi phone do you..well look no further =] this nokia is amazing it really is =] thankyou nokia woo woo

Reviewed by Hazel England from Derby on 25th Feb 2008
Love The Phone Holds Alot Proba Good But Want It In White Looks Better......But Hard To Use At Frist With The Keys But After A Week It Easy

Reviewed by Phuoc from Finland on 18th Feb 2008
this phones look isnt so good its like 7/10 but the phone features is great this is cheap for this phone it only costs 200§! the camera is 2.0 mp so its good and the colour is 16.7m its alot! If you like it buy it!

Reviewed by sam from india on 9th Feb 2008
good in looks... high clarity screen.. bad in battery... low quality head set.. --> ear piece turn in to parts easily.. camera -->takes too time to get a snap.. go get it ....--> i wont say it ;-)

Reviewed by Rikesh Patel from India on 8th Feb 2008
This is the worst phone you could ever buy in your life its worst than the 3210 from 10 years ago, dont buy one because your going to end up smashing it on the floor.Thanks Buy DONT BUY IT

Reviewed by vinsee from india on 5th Feb 2008
i love the mobile very much.

Reviewed by alan from uk on 24th Jan 2008
I have just bought the phone and it won't switch on. Also the dealer tell me doesn't have a USB cable or Disc and I find this hard to believe.Anyone any ideas as to how I can switch it on. I would suggest you don't buy it

Reviewed by zoe from UK on 13th Jan 2008
Its a great phone! amazing actually, but you cannot find any where to unlock it!

Reviewed by Si from UK on 6th Jan 2008
The phone is OK. A bit cheapish but does everything expected of a 'free' contract phone. The review by "jiim from england" on 23rd Nov 2007 made me chuckle though. How can anyone who writes bilge like "fone" "favor" & "embarresed" be embarrassed about anything?

Reviewed by Chloe from Northern Ireland on 4th Jan 2008
Yeah the phone is good but the battery life is absolute rubbish! Good memory and good features. Shame about the battery though.

Reviewed by james from uk on 31st Dec 2007
I was one of the first people ever to buy this phone in th uk as o bought it 2 months before its release date. i paid £200 pounds for that privelege, i have had alot of phones and although i used to love nokia im going back to sony. after 3 months of prism im buyng a w910 tomorrow, i have been let down a bit by what i thought would be a great phone, there is no video editing or picture editiong features, and the camera is AWFUL indoors and not to brilliant outdoors. however. this phones sound quality is AMAZING and some of hthe preloaded tones sound like they are in HD. they probably are this sound is probably richer than some ipod docks also when you have a contact if you voice dial them it converts thier name and it sounds like steven hawkins lol FEATURES : DONT GET SCREEN CLARITY: GET CAMERA: DONT TOUCH WITH A POLE SOUND: GO GO GO GO GO GO GET IT! quim bint : YES PLEASE

Reviewed by star1 from uk on 28th Dec 2007
fab phone

Reviewed by Shar from India on 26th Dec 2007
Nokia 7500 is good at music. About it's camera, images are mostly filled with green pixels if taken indoors even when the light condtions are sufficient

Reviewed by Amit Tandon from New Delhi ( India ) on 19th Dec 2007
The Coolest Look ever to Come to market.

Reviewed by lucy from USA on 16th Dec 2007
really complecated to use! tis ok tho good features!

Reviewed by PK GARg from INDIA on 1st Dec 2007
28/11/2007 Worst set up of Nokia at Delhi in India Nokia India is incompetent to render proper service to its clients. Technical experts sitting at front desks of Nokia care in Delhi are incompetent to solve customersí problems. They are expert only in convincing and making the innocent clients fool. There is not even a single Nokia care centre in Delhi that is equipped with even a single knowledgeable staff sitting at front desk. Just spare a day and stand out side any NOKIA CARE centre and enquire from each client coming out of it if he/she was satisfied and it would emerge that not a single customer was satisfied. Each of these centre must be extracting between Rs. 30,000/- to 50,000/- daily by making the innocent customers fool. I am narrating my experiences with Nokia. Firstly, I purchased E-50 Nokia on 30/6/2007, the very first day I found that there is some problem with the new set as its loudspeakers got activated some time at its own (when a call was on) and during that particular call then the call gets hanged and you cannot come out of it until you switch off the phone. The Nokia repaired it at their Noida set up through Nokia care. But the problem still persisted. Though I got so many calls from NOKIA care but they could not get the faulty set repair. I could sense that there was design problem therefore; I had to sold that unit in half price within a month period. I considered that there was some design problem with E-50 therefore, then I Purchased a New Prism Nokia 7500 with IMEI no. 356440013311699. There were a lot of problems in the new set. In-fact I could now judge that NOKIAís business has increased so much in India that they are not able to keep up with the quality control. In Delhi, NOKIA is making huge money but is not able to provide after sales service. Though on making complaints I got calls from NOKIA but to my surprise no one there was able to rectify my problems. In fact persons at NOKIA care do not have even basic knowledge. They agreed to change my phone and supplied me another Prism 7500 (IMEI no. 356 4400 125 71 665). But to my horror, new set was having more problems than the earlier one. I think they replaced my phone with another faulty phone. I requested them to return my old set that was having lesser problems than the new set. It is my humble appeal to general public to not to purchase either E-50 or Pri sm 7500. As it seems that both these models have design problems. Now I donít know, in front of whom I should cry. As on date I am perturbed with one major problem in my set (Prism 7500) that neither it retains the contents of the messages I send nor It shows the delivery report. I am always confused if the message is sent or not. Nokia care could not set this problem right. Is there any one who can help me? (P K GARG) Advocate 9811819855

Reviewed by monkey face from england on 27th Nov 2007
this phone looks wicked. its sick easy to use camera is wiked

Reviewed by Richard from England on 25th Nov 2007
I got my Nokia 7500 prism on an upgrade on a vodafone anytime 200 18 months contract. I had a Nokia 7230I before but intially was offered by Vodafone a phone without camera or video but requested the same spec. and they supplied the prism. I have had this phone for a week and its good. It is better looking in your hand than the web. Its very easy to use whilst texting and the letters on the front are well illuminated at night. Comes with all the usual Nokia spec. includimg a flash for photos. Battery life good and bluetooth crystal clear. As yet happy with this phone.

Reviewed by SWARUPA from INDIA on 23rd Nov 2007

Reviewed by bill bob but bobs buck from bobs vil on 23rd Nov 2007
BAD POINTS the look says it all its not very reliable and the analog type button works blah blah buy a different phone GOOD POINTS .............................

Reviewed by jiim from england on 23rd Nov 2007
This fone is lame! looks horrible! Is not any good! anyone who buys this fone is blind! i like nokia but they have made a shocker of a fone! do yourself a favor dont buy this fone i would be embarresed to have this fone

Reviewed by Thein from Burma on 13th Nov 2007
Very elegant and attractive ! Works beautifully. Buttons are easy once you get used to perhaps within three four days. Wall paper set up has squeeze, crop, rotate options which are very very convenient. Thank you Nokia.

Reviewed by cammy from NY on 12th Nov 2007
i luv my prism ^^ i got it yesterday and white and it's great =D i just want to buy more clor accents for it!

Reviewed by phil from uk on 6th Nov 2007
this phone is sound as any other good phone. all the ppl whi say it isnt are all thick!!!

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 5th Nov 2007
I've been searching for a sexy phone to replace my old Nokia 7210 and I think I've finally found it. It's light and easy to use once you've got used to the joystick. WAP is a bit slow (got used to a 3G phone) but can't complain about the battery life. Just need to know where to buy more coloured accents for it.

Reviewed by sam from uk on 2nd Nov 2007
this phone did not get the reviews it deserves, most people focus only on bad stuff. The phone is stunning, the display is amazing, and it has eveything you want from a phone and it does it a lot better than any others. You will need to get used to the keypad, but that won't take long. after that, you will not put it down. it is a beautiful phone, very easy to use, and full of useful stuff. works great and no problems at all.

Reviewed by Edna from wales on 1st Nov 2007
this fone is sooo kwl it looks and feels great

Reviewed by Shazia from Pakistan on 30th Oct 2007
i just only want to say that it is most amazing cell phone i really love it amazing and beautiful style and everything in it.

Reviewed by Peter from Ireland. on 26th Oct 2007
This phone does look the bizz i have say. Seen it in a mag and then bought it. Hmmmmm. Camera is not great at all. Battery life is ok, just. Good games and stuff included. The joystick is a bit fiddly but you'll get use to it. Its a 3 out of 5 kind of phone.

Reviewed by Darren from UK on 19th Oct 2007
Had the phone delivered this morning & been testing it out all day! Being well into my phones here is my conclusion! A very fashion orientated phone but still does most things you need a mobile to do & it does them reasonably well!Pleased so far with it so here are the things that are not so good! Joystick is stiff & will require some getting used to (large fingers beware)joypads are much better! Wap browsing is slow! Quality of ringtone sounds are below average although the tones themselves are very good! Pictures taken in low light are awful even with the flash! Thats about it though, no frills but no software problems like almost all higher end Nokia's!

Reviewed by Gregor from Slovenia on 19th Oct 2007
Everybody can talk about the design (which IMO is good) and features (good but not best) but ... all that combined simply does not compensate for the batery life which just makes this phone useless if you actually send/recieve calls (=talk to people). Talking for 30 mins a day and listening to some music also means charge every day. Forget about weekend getaways without a charger. For me, good enough reason to return a phone.

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 17th Oct 2007
Had phone delivered 15.10.2007. I love this trendy phone. Camera great when outdoors but maybe a bit grainy when darker. Video great, love the keypad - fantastic music player, great sounds. Only small gripe is the "joystic" as it is a bit stiff but I'm getting there with it. All in all a little belter from Nokia

Reviewed by RajeSH from India on 17th Oct 2007
Good phone

Reviewed by george from UK on 17th Oct 2007
Fantastic phone. Almost perfect. Quality, excellent in all. I have bought this. If you love good phone you should go for it.

Reviewed by melvin from United Kingdom on 14th Oct 2007
Great phone, great games. I LOVE IT!!!

Reviewed by Brian from Burma on 11th Oct 2007
Got it a week go and it's great! Excellent connectivity in a country like mine and extremely user friendly. Design is great !

Reviewed by bill from usa on 11th Oct 2007
guys beleive me this fone is wdrst ever very hard 2 use camera is 2 flashy fone sucks6300 is best

Reviewed by bilawal from pakistan on 10th Oct 2007
good fone hard 2 use i preffer 6300

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 9th Oct 2007
Good Memory, Not bad pictures and Bluetooth! Impressive!! And for a good price! There is a Nokia 7900 Prism to be released soon apparently

Reviewed by REHAN from PAKISTAN on 9th Oct 2007

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