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Nokia 7390 review

 Review: March 2007  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: Available in Bronze Black (pictured here) and Powder Pink, the Nokia 7390 is a dramatically beautiful phone that will appeal to both men and women.


It's a compact phone, although heavier than average, with a well laid out keypad, 4-way scroll key and 2 soft keys. The design is a standard flip-design, making it more usable than the rotating 7373 or the keyless 7380. The user interface is the Series 40 interface, familiar to most Nokia users, making the phone easy to use, despite its advanced functions.

The 7390 is a 3G phone and is equipped with two cameras. The main camera is an excellent 3 megapixel camera with autofocus (to ensure sharp pictures) and a flash (for low light and nightime photography). The camera can also record video at a resolution of 352 x 288 pixels and 15 frames/second. On the inside of the phone is a second VGA camera, which can be used for 3G video calling or for self portraits. The main display is excellent - not only is it a large 2.2 inch high-resolution screen with 240 x 320 pixels, but it has an incredible 16 million colours. Nokia have really moved their display technology forward with this screen, which is also used in the Nokia 6300. The display isn't as bright as some other models however. The exterior screen is also good, with 262,000 colours.

The multimedia capabilities don't stop there. The 7390 has a music player that supports every common music format, including MP3, WMA and AAC. There's also an FM radio with Visual Radio support. Nokia have generously included a headset and 128 Mbyte card in the sales package to get you started. The memory card can be upgraded to a maximum of 2 Gybtes, and the standard headset can be replaced with a Bluetooth stereo headset. It's also possible to plug in a standard 3.5mm headset using an adaptor. Even without a headset, sound reproduction from the built-in stereo speakers is pretty good. Music files can also be used as ringtones, and MPEG4 files can be used for video ringtones too - cool!

On the negative side, battery life is typical for a 3G phone, i.e. not brilliant. Also, it seems to have problems with freezing and random shutting down.

Nokia 7390 features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • Main display: 16 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.2 inches)
  • External display: 262,144 colours, 160 x 128 pixels
  • 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, integrated flash and 8x digital zoom
  • Video recording: 352 x 288 pixels, 15 frames/second
  • Second VGA camera for video calls and self portraits
  • Stereo music player (MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, eAAC+ & AAC+ formats)
  • Stero FM radio with Visual Radio support
  • Built-in stereo speakers with 3D sound effects
  • MP3/AAC/WMA ringtones, 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, video ringtones (MPEG4)
  • Voice dialing & commands
  • Voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging , email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and APOP protocols), Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Java games (Music quiz, Snake, 3D race game included)
  • Personal organiser, Alarm clock, Stopwatch, Calculator, Calendar
  • Memory: 21 Mbytes plus microSD card slot (expandable to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, InfraRed
  • XHTML web browser
  • Triband (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) plus 3G (WCDMA 2100 MHz)
  • Size: 90 x 47 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Talktime: 3 hours (2G) or 2.5 hours (3G)
  • Battery standby: 220 hours

Nokia 7390 user reviews

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Average rating from 84 reviews:

Reviewed by Angie from Uk on 26th Aug 2011
Great little phone that does what its made to do well i absolutley love it cameras great as well keypads very easy to use as well.

Reviewed by Hamis tajiri from Kenya on 8th Jun 2011
Nokia 7390 is the best phone I eva had. Works well with most application. No setbacks so far bt becoz everythin has an end jst leaves me Wishing I could renew it coz I cant live without it.

Reviewed by Nadine from JO on 7th Sep 2010
iv had this phone 4 3 years it was ok the first year but after that its been really driving my crazy it restarts for no reason doesnt read my memory cant listen to music and freezes in the middle of calls and turns off..

Reviewed by Kiki from uk on 12th May 2010
I got the nokia 7390 from cex retailer. It's a little back dated but I fell inlove with it first at first sight. Had it for under a week and just love everything about it. Despite being back dated it packs a punch for a tiny elegant phone. Love the choose of menu styles the vibrant colour and the way to really make it your own. I am using above my newer phones it is simply delightful. Only draw back is the phone lacks a 3.5 mm jack and you tube vids can be a little slow but part from that it is worth every cent.

Reviewed by Evans Ongoro from KENYA on 7th Feb 2010
The phone is one of the greatest model in the market today , I do appreciate its features, however, the battary is very poor and so disppointed that Nokia 7390 can not play Tv.

Reviewed by Jasmine from UK on 26th Nov 2009
I've had this phone for about 3 years now. Got it as a birthday present. I can say that it is a great phone and though I've changed phone a few times, whenever my new one broke, I'll always go back to this phone. It is really easy to use and I love how you can change the themes on this. You can also use a video clip as a ringtone (although I don't see the point of this but still cool nonetheless). The camera isn't great but it's not bad and it does come with flash and auto-focus. Having said that, I had a Motorola V3x before this phone and the camera at only 2mp was better in certain aspect. You can have separate wallpaper for the main screen inside and the mini screen outside so if you can't make up your mind which picture you want to use, you can always have 2 different one and a different screensaver as well. The sound really depends on the quality of your music file (applies to all phone). If your music file is crappy to begin with then of course it'll sound crappy on the phone too. However, I must say the ringtone isn't that loud even when it is set to the maximum because the speaker is located inside the flip so when the flip is closed, the sound will be noticeably quieter too. The phone broke once and it was so hard for me to repair it because apparently this phone is Limited Edition. It was expensive to fix it too. I'm pretty sure they don't make this phone anymore. I still love it and will still go back to it when I need a back up phone.

Reviewed by Em from England on 20th Sep 2009
I loved this phone- the only reason i have changed phones i because i lost it :( the camera could have been a bit better - but as a normal phone it was great. Not complicated to use and looks cute too. overall was a very good phone, not too high-tech and could do most things you would expect of a mobile.

Reviewed by admi from malaysia on 13th Apr 2009
no replacement for the cover.

Reviewed by Smaro from Greece on 2nd Feb 2009
I bought my 7390 nearly 2 years ago. Pretty expensive but I love this phone, it's: beautiful with nice big dials, easy and fast menou, great stereo sound, video recording & voice recording, good features, 2 great screens, 3g, flash so you can take photos in the dark, the camera is 3,2 megapixel so the photos you're taking are just fine, I can play almost every music format type, bluetooth & infrared, pretty much everything that a person seaks in a mobile phone. Some of the problems are: the user interface is S40 instead of symbian S60 and that means that every time you take out the memory card and put it back in, you have to adjust again the ringtones, the message tone and the screensaver or the wallpaper! that is annoying. When you want to move a file in a subfolder you've created in a folder, it says you can't move it there cause it's pretty much the same file! (but that's ok cause you can do it later with the usb cable)Also, when you leave it open 24/7 or when you rush it,sometimes it starts reseting itself .Lot's of times, although you have the volume setup high, when you play songs it doesn't sound loud and you have to adjust it from the side and pump up the volume from there, same thing with the earphone. The headphones are so big that doesn't fit in my ears!! Αfer a while you're using the shortcut for the camera, it says "operation failed"-like Mutheu from Kenya said-whenever you try to take a photo and it doesn't save the picture you've taken although it shows that you took it, but only when you use the shortcut, when you actually go to the menu and select camera it has no problem. I haven't noticed any buttery or freezing problems myself.Nor repeatadly voice mails. I would like to say that ALL phones, at first they're great and after a while they come up with something and it's not just in 7390...and that is because in now days everything is made like this so it can be replaceble and that the companies can make money from us buying!! If every phone than one bought could last forever...the mobile industry would die!!! So give a chunce to 7390 and buy it. I will buy it again when this 7390 I have breaks down completely, I sure hope that the price falls down a little :P

Reviewed by irving zistman from AUSSIE PRIDE MATE on 24th Jan 2009
i have had this phone for three years now and it has never failed me ( : the camera is pretty good quality but once you press the button it takes about 3 seconds until it actually takes the picture, something to get used to. the keys are really easy to use and the front panel thing is really handy when your playing music, chekcing the time or the date. battery life isnt the greatest especially if you play music heaps. this phone is pretty cool and mine hasnt broken yet (Y)

Reviewed by mahmoud desoky from Egypt on 12th Jan 2009
it is my first time to got so lovley nokia mobile like Nokia 7390 I' liked very much cause it is so clear so easy , have many functions i wish to have but one thing I don't knew how to operate ? the second small camera ; may u pls explain it to me how can use it ? it is so important to me as I just bought it last month from SK .

Reviewed by anna from united kingdom on 2nd Jan 2009
i have recentely looked at this phone and found it so amazing. it has amazing features. the one thing i want to know is there a shop where you can get this phone from thankyou

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 2nd Jan 2009
The 7390 was launched nearly two years ago, and as far as we know it is now obsolete. Maybe you can find one second hand or on ebay?

Reviewed by Emi from China on 30th Dec 2008
There is no such phone perfect I prefer this phone its a great phone it has everything I need inside it and even more than what I need,it has great cover its really useful its the best phone Ive ever had。well its my own opnion I dont know what they think。

Reviewed by Mutheu from Kenya on 21st Dec 2008
I had this phone for over a year now... and the first few months were fabulous. Then the phone started rebooting. This was a problem on the 7390 series, which I had changed 3 times before I took the 7373 as a replacement. I also experienced the 'operation failed' error with the camera. Finally, the phone just went dead a few days ago. I hope something can be done to get it working again.It's a nice and cool looking phone, with easy to use functions and applications, but why did they make it with so many problems on it??

Reviewed by Lisa from Australia on 20th Nov 2008
Started out LOVING this phone, now it gives me nothing but trouble. Constant text messages saying I have voicemail, the battery now only lasts a couple of days, and it constantly freezes when I try to send a text message. It's a piece of $h!+

Reviewed by LOBNA from Egypt on 22nd Oct 2008

Reviewed by D from NZ on 14th Oct 2008
Piece a junk phone. has all the functions but its like its got to many cos it just constantly freezes..started doin it a couple a months ago with constant text reminders for the same voicemail,then freezing randomly whilst using to the point now where its just inoperable,long list of other not as major disfunctions too. Gonna have ta downgrade to a phone that works. Price: $500 Life: 9 months Verdict: ripped -5 stars

Reviewed by azita azimi from iran on 29th Sep 2008
it is not as good as i think, at first i love it but now i am not!

Reviewed by meme from UK on 7th Aug 2008
i got this phone its perfect, yeah i agree that the battery ran out so quickly. but another thing is i got the pink one and now i really want the bronze one. :(

Reviewed by Joe from England on 28th Jul 2008
I agree with G and Julie. I have been scouring the net to find someone who has had the same problems as me and found hundreds. It seems from others' comments that 14 months is lifespan of this phone. I have had this phone for 14 months now and it has become so inoperable that I've had to buy a new cheap handset to see out the remainder of my contract. So, down to the problems: As with Julie, an incredibly frustrating niggle is that I keep receiving the same text saying i have voicemail over and over again (32 and counting in the past 18 hours!). As also stated by Julie, the phone keeps crashing...regardless of what I'm doing with the phone, a white screen shows and it takes about five minutes for it to sort itself out, taking me back to the homescreen, losing any data that I was working with at the time. I have a hunch that the phone really isn't built for temperatures over about 12 degrees, because through the winter, it's been less temperamental. Last summer it was annoying, but now, when the temperature is around 20 degrees, I have no chance- it's 10:30 am and in the hour and a half I've been awake, it's crashed seven times. To the camera- when it works and the phone isn't crashing, the resolution is good, but the features are pitifully scarce compared to rival models from sonyericsson...but as Julie says, it takes a few starts to get going: 'Operation Failed' is the message that has greeted me when starting the camera application for many months now. As G has commented, battery life is unacceptably low, and this has always been a problem- from the moment I've had it, it has been out of battery after a day and a half, less if i want to use it for luxuries such as texting and calls! I'm wondering why I ever chose this phone, I'd advise all to steer clear of it. It may seem bearably OK in the beginning, but after a while it will just give up. Very disappointing indeed.This was Nokia's last chance to impress me, but for build quality, functionality and, well, the fact that they work, I'm converting to sonyericsson. This phone deserves no stars, but one is the minimum. Rest assured its absolutely awful.

Reviewed by l from nz on 26th Jul 2008
good phone

Reviewed by Angel from England on 3rd Jul 2008
I think it is a great phone it is for either boy or gir depending on the colour, it has everything you could possibly want in a phone and more!!! I would personally reccomend this phone to anybody looking for a simple and easy phine but with an outstanding look. I love this phone and if you have heard what i ahve to say you will love it to! Thankyou

Reviewed by allyyyyy from scotland on 14th Jun 2008

Reviewed by Ange from Uk on 25th May 2008
Great phone so great iv bought two the black an a pink i much prefer it to prism 7500 ive been given.

Reviewed by hamad from kuwait on 25th May 2008
its the best ..... i like this stile

Reviewed by Christine from Australia on 20th May 2008
I've had my nokia 7390 for 14 months with no probelms at all. I bought it because of the the features and color(pink of course). I wanted everything in a phone , and its has been perfect.Not one problem, in over a year.Voice calls and commands are fun :o) Loud ringtones and loud MP3 player.Great themes and easy to install.Really good photos and vidoes. I've never been happier with a phone . No freezing , no problems. I've got heaps of MP3's , photos and videos stored ,and use the bluetooth with my car GPS bluetooth all the time to talk when i'm driving . I love it. Its not sold in stores in Australia, so I bought it off ebay because I loved its features and it was pink of course! I only keep it on about 16 hours a day and its battery will last 4 days. For those who have had problems , I had no idea. I've not had a problem and this phone was everything I thought it would be and more. i'm 100% happy and trouble free with my 7390 :o)

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 3rd May 2008
This phone started out well and i was impressed with everything it oculd do, although this view was shirt lived, it now has numerous faults that a 14 month old phone on contract should have. When you recieve a voicemail, it notifies you with a text - fair enough, but it doesn't stop. I had a voicemail yesterday and in the space of time, my phone has easily sent me 30 texts about the voicemil even though it has been deletd. Another problem, is half way through a text or a song, the screen will go white, turn the phone off, then come back on again - might not sound liek a big deal but trust me it is! Antoher problem, whenever you try and take a picture, it says 'operationf ailed' or 'phone on standby' not good enough and nto impressed for all the hype this phone gets

Reviewed by Rebecca from Scotland on 12th Apr 2008
Im really pleased with this phone, its nice looking and the features are just what I was looking for. The battery life is fine for me as I dont have my phone on ALL the time, but with a whole night's charging, my phone can stay on for about 1-2 full days. I think that people who's phone are crashing and buttons falling off have a badly made phone, but mine and many others with 5 stars are happy with it. Mine has crashed a few times for a few seconds but I'd let that slip because the rest of the phone is great!

Reviewed by Edel from Ireland on 28th Mar 2008
An annoying feature for me - the volume button is on the side right where your thumb naturally sits when opening the phone. As a result, the volume constantly needs to be adjusted.

Reviewed by Eveline from Singapore on 24th Mar 2008
I juz love this phone..!! It has many good functions, except, its not a symbian phone.. So it works slowly than S60 phones.. Other than that, its amazing!!

Reviewed by Rosina from England on 22nd Mar 2008
I love dis phone i couldn't choose between dis and da 7373 but now i'm certain dat dis is a more advanced phone by looking at the features i've had it for 8 months now and i'm hapy i chose this one!!

Reviewed by april from philippines on 19th Mar 2008
i rily luv this fone! my sister wants ne to buy d k800i but i've prefered dis one,it's veri different!! d videos and pictures are clear, sounds r good, so amazing!!

Reviewed by kris from philippines on 13th Mar 2008
i've been using this phone for a month now. i admit it's the best phone i ever had. it's user friendly, has a music player on it, a 3.mp phone, radio and an equaliser. you can easily transfer pictures or music that u've downloaded via the usb. you cannot take pictures using the cam internal but this phone takes good pictures.... the bottomline is: it's worth your money..

Reviewed by SUZANA from SERBIA on 23rd Jan 2008

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 31st Dec 2007
this is an excellent fone and i love the design features. 10/10 by far !!

Reviewed by Katarina from Serbia on 16th Dec 2007
omg,like this is the best phone ever!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!My mum wanted to buy me N95,but i didnt want it,cuz i like this one so much.you ll get addicted to it,trust me.good cam,menu great,so much space 4 everything.I moved from 5200 which is terrible(trust me on this one),i broke on it everything there is 2 brake in just 3 months.and 7390 is WAY better.kk thats all.:)))) buy it!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 15th Dec 2007
Now I have had this phone for about 8 mths now and beieve me I hate to slag it off, cos I really do love it.....but......last couple of mths it does this own reboot, doesnt matter what you're doing. And it is getting worse. I cant even ring 3g up cos the phone just reboots. So if you are gonna get this phone, and I do recommend it, but have a back up phone, cos it is hard work sometimes! If anyone has any advice id like to hear it.

Reviewed by christina from cyprus on 30th Nov 2007
the phone is perfect and i cant live without it but the other day i dropped it by accident and the glass on the front mini display broke. now i cant find an extra part and was told i have to change the whole cover which nearly costs as much as the phone!!! any help?

Reviewed by Danielle.A. from England on 26th Nov 2007
Hello, This Phone Is Brilliant ! Ive Nevr Had A Fone Like It Its Absoloutly Great And Only The People With This Fantastic Phone Would Know That So If Anyone Wants A Phone For Chrismas The BUY This One.... Thanks x

Reviewed by Claire from U.K. on 8th Nov 2007
I have moved from Nokia E65 to this phone, and I love it. The picture fills the whole screen, unlike the E65, and the features are much better. I like the built in applications especially the music game. And you can get more themes that actually work on this fone than E65.

Reviewed by Mich from Malaysia on 5th Nov 2007
this phone is totally awesome! i love the pink colour and the design, and everyting else is great. its the best phone i've ever got =D

Reviewed by De from England on 1st Nov 2007
Simply love it.. Ive never used any other phone other than Nokia, and this is the best Ive owned so far,its stunning, beautiful and simply amazing :-)

Reviewed by jene from philippines on 1st Oct 2007
i love it! really worth it =)

Reviewed by G from UK on 29th Sep 2007
This phone is complete ****, both the most important buttons have broken,(the silver middle key and the on/off button) it shuts itself off, it blocks texts and phone calls, it blocks the internet connections, it strips my settings ie ringtone, wallpaper main and mini and the screen saver, and the volume it rubbish as is the battery life it last 1 1/2 days at the most i dont even use it that much on a week day.it freezes and just seems to have a mind of its own and when you write words it doesn't recognise it will only choose certain words it wants to save when your writing a text I've had it a month and Nokia will not take it back 275 down the toilet. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE UNLESS YOU HAVE MORE MONEY THAN SENSE. I will never get another nokia again, i'm staying wiv sony ericsson. You can read all the reviews you like but I can tell you this phone will leave you disappointed and skint. IT MAY BE PRETTY BUT NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP - I would give this phone no stars but there's a minimum of 1

Reviewed by Ahmed Hossam from Egypt on 27th Sep 2007
I have just got the phone today.. It is wonderful.. hopefully, i am not looking forward to change it at least for two years from now :).. i read many reviews which says video is pathetic, let me give u my complete review when i get used to it... i like its design in addition to its colourful layouts and backgrounds.. its price is reasonable for its functions... BUT NOKIA has to change its software, same software since i got my first nokia 3210... but overall its outstaaaaaaanding

Reviewed by steven from england on 27th Sep 2007
i got this phone 2 weeks ago..its black n chrome!its amazing..its a limited edition so buy it b4 they run out of them

Reviewed by kayleigh from UK on 20th Sep 2007
i think this phone is amazing but i have a problem! i went into the phone shop in my local town and knew i wanted a orange dolphin package so they gave me a sim card and icould pick any phone, even though this wasn't on the shelf i picked it anyway as i had never seen it before but now orange say that they don't have this phone on their system so cannot register it so i cant use all the phones features!!! despite this i still love the phone and think its amazing like an old classic nokia so easy to use and the controls on the front are amazing! all round good phone with top quality pics

Reviewed by Shelley from Nottingham on 16th Sep 2007
Loved this phone when I first got it, but 6 months down the line, it is really getting on my nerves! It freezes constantly, the video is RUBBISH! The phone won't even play half of my videos. And it's starting to fall to bits. ABSOLUTELY PANTS. Just don't bother. That's my advice anyway. The only upside to this phone is its pretty, but whats the point in that if you can't use it?!?

Reviewed by jovana from serbia on 16th Sep 2007

Reviewed by viki from bulgaria on 24th Aug 2007
i love this phone now it mine and i haveny got a better telephone

Reviewed by Cesar from Bahrain on 19th Aug 2007
Although it is not a perfect phone, I simply love this phone....

Reviewed by kristie from uk on 14th Aug 2007
absolutely love this phone, its features are the best around, best of all is the fact that you an access most features without even opening the phone! im devestated at the moment because mine has water damage and i was not yet insured. slowly getting better, i just love it so much! the camera is the best quality ive ever seen, along with the quality of the music. the radio is also brilliant. its everything you could want in a phone and more. im just so gutted i cant afford to replace it!

Reviewed by nalonglith from Laos on 28th Jul 2007
I have it for almost 3 months, it is great phone, but i am disppointed the quality of the ear phone

Reviewed by Emma from England on 26th Jul 2007
This is gorgeous the prettiest phone around, but it depends on what features you want. I was disapointed at the lack of 3G features, due to it lacking mobile tv and high qaulity internet, but it is marketed I think for video calling, MP4 and video recording and video MMS, which is OK is you want them. I buy for features and I prefer a more advanced model but I would buy only this one if all I wanted was something fashionable. If you're not so concerned about feature technology then buy.

Reviewed by Ong from Singapore on 21st Jul 2007
"Operation not possible" problem when using camera and frequent reboots :- Problem lies in incompatible formats of mp3 (must be less than 128 kbps), wma and m4a ( <64 kbps). Loading higher bit rate or corrupted songs will immediately cause problems above. Just remove microSD card and delete corrupted songs or format card. The phone is absolutely stable if microSD and files in it are good.

Reviewed by Rene from United Arab Emirates on 13th Jul 2007
I bought this phone (9 days ago) because I liked the features and was told that it was a good music phone too(one of the big reasons that I bought it). I was very disappointed with the sound quality, the volume is very low especially if you listen with the headset.The other features are great, especially the camera.Would recommend if you're not into listening to music on your phone.

Reviewed by ahmed from united kingdom on 12th Jul 2007
i got this mobile on a contract with my network provider (means i didn't pay anything for it) but if you want to buy this phone think twice it's definitely not value for the money. mp3 player is an utter rubbish, smart headphones but sound quality is poor. it takes too long to change the menus especially if you are using a theme -even if you use an original nokia theme- i will not use a nokia never ever...

Reviewed by x Jasmine x >3 from UK on 30th Jun 2007
Everyone who thinks this phone is so 'outstanding' needs to think again, if you go on youtube and type in Nokia 7390 there is a video which shows you a man talking about his Nokia 7390, he tells all the good points and the bad as he goes through it. Look on the video if you dont beleive me!!

Reviewed by anel from jakarta-indonesia on 13th Jun 2007
i realy love my 7390.it's easy to use..all i want in a mobile phone was in there.camera,radio,media player,clamshell design and of course fashionable.i choose the black one, because it looks simple and clean, suitable for my job as a PMU officer.

Reviewed by francesca shaw from england on 12th Jun 2007
i love this phone it is really good. it can store all your music and the 3 buttons on the front make it very easy to change song. overall the phone is a very good phone as it has all the latest tecnology. this phone isnt just for women it is also for men. i dont think the weight of the phone really matters. i really like tis phone and io have had it for 1/2 months and nothing has gone wrong.

Reviewed by Anna from England on 10th Jun 2007
I got my phone in powder pink about a month ago and I think it's great! It's so helpful that it comes with a memory card and it is really easy to use. I have had absolutely no problems with it, the games are addictive! The design is beautiful!! Since I got my phone 3 other people have bought it! The buttons on the front are wicked too! The only problem is that the battery life. The battery lasts for about 3 days. I love this phone, buy it!!

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 8th Jun 2007
Really liked the look of the phone but since I've had it, all of 3 months, I've only been able to use it for 1! the camera keeps failing "Operation Not Possible" and even replacements suffer the same thing. This phone is not built to last. Really disappointed as this is the first Nokia in 10yrs to have gone wrong. Now switching to Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by jon from uk on 4th Jun 2007
Really good feat. Cam is great. Really lite for its size. But offten crashes, and mic turns it self of when you are calling someone. Only way to fix it is to turn off. Pain in the ass if an important call. Had the phone 4 mths now, cant see it lasting much longer starting to feel a bit flimsy, slider getting loose.

Reviewed by shilpa from dubai,u.a.e on 4th Jun 2007
i've done a lota phne searchin..nd belive me this is wat yr lookin for....it's difficult to find sumtin not to lyk in this...it's gr8...in the begining i did hesitat..though i'd give it a try...luv it to this very day....

Reviewed by Ania from Finland on 23rd May 2007
I have this phone and I am truly enjoying it. I also think it is very glamorous and stylish without trying too hard to be "sleek"...Love it!

Reviewed by Nikki from Northern Ireland on 21st May 2007
Is it just me or does anyone else find this phone very bulky? I went from Sony ericsson k750i to this. Waited ages for it and have to admit it is a bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong, brill camera, good video, good features but still just not what im looking for.

Reviewed by emma from newport,wales on 16th May 2007
i got this phone yesterday but i was a bit dubious getting a nokia again as i feel nokias are nowhere as reliable as they used to be,but this phone has restored my faith. im really happy with it,its unique(i've seen one person with it and that was back in january0 so thats a big plus as i like to be different to everyone else.the camera is more than good enough for those occasional snaps and they print out good too.the buttons are nice and big to type on,maybe a lil bit hard to push but hopefully will loosen up over time. lots of ways to customise it by cool themes wallpapers and screensavers. for those people who say their ringtones are quiet,i think you may have a faulty one as mine absoloutley blasts it out and there is no way i could miss mine ringing,if anything i have to turn the volume down as its a little too loud. the battery is fair especially after turning off the 3g side of it,its now gsm so lasts a little longer as its no longer trying to lock onto the 3g signal.the only thing is i really really wish i had the brown version as i love brown and im not really a pink person. so overall i think anyone cant go wrong buying this phone and its brill so buy.

Reviewed by Joy from England on 9th May 2007
This is a great phone! I had the 7390 & really enjoyed it. However, it got stolen! I did lots of research before buying a new replacement- and the winner is? Nokia 7390! Yes, it's so good that I'm buying it again! Plus points: easy texting, big buttons, big screen, good camera, music sounds good, easy to use menus, beautiful looking phone, well made & feels sturdy, can post notes on the main screen, now available on half price line rental - so it's affordable!!!. Negatives: a bit heavy for my liking, I don't like flip phones, I have to use 2 hands when texting as it's top heavy to hold with one hand when the flip is open, not all the menus can be organised the way you want, I was expecting the stereo speakers to be better & phone must be held just so to the ear or you can't hear the other person talking. I was also considering the Nokia 6300, N73 & SE810i. It was difficult to choose, but I've gone back to a 7390.

Reviewed by Lou from England on 4th May 2007
Had my phone for just over a month now and it is very good!!! Only thing is I went for a pink and white one which at the time I thought would be cute. Now I am changing my mind and wish that I had gone for the black version but that is just me being picky! The phone itself is very good and I have had no real problems with it. There is a few times when you try and change themes where it can freeze and the ringtones are a little quiet. Apart from this it is a lovely phone and I would recommend it to everyone!!!!!!!

Reviewed by shuvo from bangladesh on 27th Apr 2007
Its very contolled phone and picture quality is good,ringtone very good.Much better than any other phone.Outstandinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Reviewed by kathleen from canada on 26th Apr 2007
omg this phones sooooo seeexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Reviewed by claire from barnsley on 24th Apr 2007
i love this phone it is great great looks and just everything about it is good well done nokia

Reviewed by joanne from england on 12th Apr 2007
i,ve had this phone now for a couple of months and love it, always had nokia, but went for a change to the samsung e900, big mistake, so went back to nokia, what can i say, if you love phones and everything that comes with it, this is the handset for you. Best features, obviously the camera, music features and nokia specs, only drawback, if i had to say one was that i,d like the ringtone volume to be louder, but thats just me being picky, its usually at the bottom of my bag!

Reviewed by Barbara Tilly-Floss from The United Kingdom on 5th Apr 2007
This telephne is far too expensive for my liking. I would reccommend highly that you save your pennies for something a bit more high quality and something that doesn't look so tack.

Reviewed by Katie from England on 29th Mar 2007
I love this phone brill! :D

Reviewed by lisa from scotland on 29th Mar 2007
I love this new nokia, been with motorola and its a dream being back with Nokia..so easy to use. I went for the black and copper. The white and pink is cute, however I though it may get dirty easily. Texting is eay and the key board is good to use. The camera is also very sharp. Highly recommended

Reviewed by Alex from ENGLAND on 27th Mar 2007
Had this phone for a month and is already playing up. Keeps freezing and wont open gallery. Sometimes when i try to read my messages it says 'currently unavilable please try later'!. Button lights have a mind of their own. Wish it wasnt so pretty!

Reviewed by Jacey from UK on 26th Mar 2007
I got this phone to replace my N80. The N80 was great but I found it so slow. I loved the active standby settings and was delighted to find that the 7390 had the same format. Fantastic phone, everything I need and with S40 you can download extra software. Although there is not as much software available as there is for an S60, it is increasing on the Nokia website>

Reviewed by Claire from U.K. on 22nd Mar 2007
I like this phone. It's so easy to text as well. Struggled with the Sony Ericsson. It's very similar to the nokia 7373, but this one has a bit more memory in it, so go for this one.

Reviewed by jelena from serbia on 19th Mar 2007
well first of all to say...phone is excellent,batery life is about 3-5 days with 10 min daily phonetalks,5-10 msgss,series 40 3th ed is realy good,there is no blocking,or any other flows,the display is a bit darker,not like on 6280 but its normal,signal is excellent,3G not tested yet,only you must lern to hear it ringing,becouse it is a bit not so loud like 6233,video is not so good on 640x480 resolution,but on cif resolution is very good,so try it and on the and the phone Nokia 7390 is for girls,ladys...

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 19th Mar 2007
I really like this phone, the only problem I have is the battery, it runs down so quickly. But everything else is perfect. I've had so many different mobile phones, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Sagem, but I really like Nokia.

Reviewed by Joyful from UK on 29th Jan 2007
I just swopped this for my old Nokia 6230. I'm getting used to it & liking it more & more. Plus points: decent camera, upgradable memory, easy music player, brilliant predictive text, easy navigation, big clear buttons, humongous screen with heavenly clarity. Negative points: a bit bulky for my little girly hand, when flipped open it's a bit top heavy, i.e. when texting I have to have a good grip on it or use 2 hands to hold it, as with my 6230 I could text with one hand. I also loved the simplicity of my 6230 for navigation whereas the 7390 has a lot more extras, so takes time to figure out how to streamline the use to my liking. The biggest disappointment is the music sound is inferior to the 6230! Why, I don't know as the 7390 is supposed to have stereo speakers. I also don't like using a flip phone. Verdict: better than Samsungs & some of the Nokia N-series of similar specs. As good as the higher end Sony Erikssons. The 7390 is one of the better phones.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 22nd Dec 2006
I got the first review and let me tell you this is a phone 2 have with 3 mp camera it is the buisness, 1 thing 2 say, get this phone. Peace out

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