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Nokia 7380 review

 Review: June 2006  


In a nutshell: The Nokia 7380 is the most eyecatching of the Nokia L'Amour Collection and is an updated version of the Nokia 7280.


One of the characteristics of the L'Amour Collection is the use of unusual materials. The 7380 is accentuated with leather, cloth, metal, and ceramic finishes, which certainly adds to the visual and tactile appeal of the phone. With stunning looks, the 7380 is clearly aimed at the fashion conscious, and its purpose is to "wow" the viewer. This it does, without any doubt!

The 7380, like the 7280 uses a completely different user interface to normal phones. Instead of a keypad, you use a combination of voice commands and a Navi™ spinner - a little like the control on an iPod. The Navi™ spinner is used to navigate through the on-screen menu. This makes for a clumsy user-interface that is only really suitable for occasional use. Texting is very difficult indeed. You need to scroll through a list of characters using the select button to select each one. Even with predictive text, sending messages this way is going to make you wish you'd got a normal keypad. Like the 7280, the 7380 is not a practical phone. It's suitable as a second phone, to take partying and to impress friends, but as a main phone it is going to be incredibly annoying after a while.

The screen of the 7380 is mirror-like, and while it looks cool and is useful as a mirror, it makes for a rubbish display. In sunlight you won't be able to see much at all. Even in optimum conditions it's poor quality and small - hopeless when viewing photos or videos. The camera on the 7380 is pretty good, and includes a video option too, although the display means that you can't really see the results very clearly. There's also an MP3 player, a stereo FM radio, good quality ringtones and a reasonable amount of memory for storing music tracks (but no memory card). Connectivity is limited to Bluetooth. In any case, you need to understand that the 7380 is like a toy and not to expect too much from its features.

In summary, it turns heads, it wows everyone who sees it, it looks and feels amazing, but you'll need to be very patient and not expect too much from it usability-wise. Definitely a step up from the 7280 though.

Nokia 7380 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Voice recorder
  • Mirror display: TFT 65,536 colours, 104 x 208 pixels
  • Enhanced voice commands
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • FM stereo radio and music player (MP3, AAC & M4A formats)
  • MP3 ringtones (64 voice)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS 1.2, Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Memory: 52 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS, HSCSD
  • Size: 114 x 30 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Triband
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 240 hours

Nokia 7380 user reviews

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Average rating from 77 reviews:

Reviewed by Valentina from Croatia on 30th Dec 2011
This is my favorite mobile phone. Now I have i phone 4, but I stil have and This Nokia 7380. I love it!

Reviewed by carys from engiand on 20th Mar 2008
i love the phone

Reviewed by Sandy from India on 24th Dec 2007
He he he .... who cares about the reviews ...Got it for 30 Kuwaiti Dinars ... A pure German make ... Certainly A good buy ...

Reviewed by Chris from AU on 16th Dec 2007
After reading the other reviews, in summary: the phone is a very cool fashion accessory item, yes there are some trade-offs, but, for me, I got a new one at 1/5th the retail price so I'm just happy :)

Reviewed by chelsea from uk on 20th Nov 2007
well the nokia 7380 is certainly a nice looking phone. I was determined to get one back in March 2007, despite reading several reviews on its poor performance (serves me right!). It was okay for the first month, then the battery ran out after a day, then half a day. Now I'd be lucky if it lasted me a trip from home to work. I carry the charger with me all the time. I have lost business opportunities because half way through the conversation it cut me off (dead battery). Nokia shops do not want to know, referring me to a repair shop 870 miles away. What is one supposed to do?

Reviewed by Cute from UK on 16th Oct 2007
Fantastic, goegeous, handy, inconvenient, precious thing I have ever own wooow.

Reviewed by Patrick from Canada on 24th Aug 2007
10 months as my primary phone without a problem and I still love it. It feels and looks so good in the hand as you use it and is still the coolest phone out there if you're a fan of miniaturization. Texting is only a little slower than with a traditional key pad but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make for such a stylish phone. The MP3 player is a little impractical without an expansion slot and the photo quality not very good but these are also worthy trade-offs just for the style. Battery charge did become a slight issue after 6 months but I still can go a day or two without charging (depending on usage) and it does charge super-fast. Would be prepared to buy it again when this one needs replacing, provided there is nothing more uniquely stylish out there but with what I see coming out lately... I doubt there will be.

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 16th Aug 2007
This is the pretties, coolest-looking phone ever made. But OMG, it is a complete nightmare to use! I've had mine a year, and I've started to hate it. If the sun is shining, you can't see the display, texting is just plain frustrating, and it doesn't hold battery (and you can't replace the battery either). Don't be sucked in by the gorgeousness like I was.

Reviewed by badr from morrocco on 17th Jul 2007
i love this phone so much.it is very small and compact with lots of great features, but the only down side is that there isn't a slot for a memory card so you would only fit 13 or less songs.

Reviewed by jodie from uk on 16th Jul 2007
i av dis fone n is wicked would recomend it to other people X...thx...X

Reviewed by claire from england on 14th Jul 2007
hi ive got the nokia 7380 and i love it , its so small to fit into a handbag and it looks great when your talking on it

Reviewed by bubblegum from uk on 10th Jul 2007
this phone is gr8 i love it

Reviewed by Kazaf from Philippines on 29th May 2007
i saw. . . i bought. . . i conquer. . . hehehe i totally love this one! though i do not recommend it to people who are really not that patient. . . texting is a new experience and i'm getting the hang of it. . . the mirror is so useful especially to narcissistics like me. . . battery's not so good but hey atleast it can get me through the day. . . camera so good. . . i transfer most of my pics in my N90(so secondary phone). . . it's acually great that it has no games(i can keep it to myself). . . more accessories pls Nokia. . . i recommend this to all fashionistas. . .

Reviewed by Pr3cious18 from United Kingdom on 10th May 2007
Had this phone for about a week now, bought it off ebay for 65! Oh my goodness, this phone is amazing - it turns heads wherever I go. The features are quite good, texting is a little long-winded, but thats to be expected with the phone having no direct keypad. Overall, its a great phone - I would suggest you only purchase one if you like a phone to have a WOW factor and that appeals to you more than the actual usability. Considering it was released in 2005 and 2 years on, it still generates alot of interest, this phone will definately not go out of fashion.

Reviewed by asha from united kingdom on 2nd Apr 2007
this is a realllly good fone if i wer u ill definately buy it!!! however it is no a fone to take with u evryday so dont buy it with the intention of taking the fone with you evrywher i advise you just to take it out with you to a night out or a special occasion as this fone is perfect for that

Reviewed by felicity from uk on 1st Apr 2007
i've changed my mind! stupid bl00dy phone! makes me want to throw it across the room every time i have to text! arghhhh!!!!!! be warned.. only buy if your VERY patient & send very few texts!! argh. now i have to waste my money buying another phone!! nooooooooo

Reviewed by joe from england on 31st Mar 2007
hi this phone is wicked deffinately get it commonsence while sort out the screen problem

Reviewed by Claire Scott from Scotland on 30th Mar 2007
I loved this phone when I first bought it a year ago- my friends loved it too! The mirror effect of the screen was useful when out and about and it's comfortable to use when calling. HOWEVER, as beautiful and chic as this phone is, it's a nightmare to text and call people whose number isn't stored in your phone memory. Also, the battery is terrible- after about 6 months, I had to take it back for repair as it began resetting itself regularly and wouldn't hold battery for longer than a day! Now my contract has changed and I'll be handing it back, but even after repair, it's doing the same thing and I have to admit I'll be glad to get rid of it :(

Reviewed by Cat from UK on 26th Mar 2007

Reviewed by BAYB33 SOFI3--X from EnglandBayb33 on 23rd Mar 2007
I got this fone like few daiis ago && i loved it at 1st but then novelty started to wear off. Cos muh friends moan at me cos i take so long to text bk. also the mpc && camera is not vey good. If yuu want to buy a fone 4 looks this is the one to buy cos everything else on it is rubbish. i like it but i cant wait to get rid of it...x at 1st i loved but tht was only for looks!!!! BAYB33 SOFI3--X

Reviewed by Cherry from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
This phone looks stunning. I am always asked about it whenever I use it - people usually can't even tell that it's a phone as there is no keypad! I've had it for about 6 months now & find it absolutley dreadful. You do get used to texting but it takes so long I normally just call people instead. You can't actually read the screen on a sunny day so it's impossible to use and the battery doesn't even last a day with average use. The camera is quite good but you can't see the images properly as the screen's too small. The rubber pad has started to wear so it looks quite tatty and the mirrored surface is constantly smeared and covered in fingerprints unless you keep cleaning it (and if you let someone use it who wears a lot of make up its a nightmare!). All in all, it's lovely to look at but that's about it. I'm desperate to get rid of it.

Reviewed by Jane S from UK on 20th Mar 2007
I love this phone to look at and everyone notices it. It is a real talking point. Mirror is great for doing your lipstick! Texting is an absolute nightmare - all my friends think I am being really off with them as I answer in one word answers as it takes sooooo long! Other than that it is great!

Reviewed by pop from popland on 17th Mar 2007
gdgd looks, bdbd everything else.

Reviewed by mils from england on 13th Mar 2007
i've had this phone for nearly a year now and i can't wait to get rid of it. for the past year i've been the slowest texter in the world. the phone is great in terms of looks, the mp3 player is good sound quality wise. the negatives are : 1) texting issue obviously 2) the mirror screen- you can't actually see the screen when out in sunlight 3) the screen is tiny 4) the battery is awful, i have to charge it every other day if not every day

Reviewed by felicity from uk on 8th Mar 2007
i got this phone yesterday and i love it!!! everyone all day has been asking me what it is though which is annoying!! the texting takes long.. but when your bored just make save messages of everything u will often text!! the battery takes soooo long to charge though.. only downside xxx

Reviewed by Matt from England on 26th Feb 2007
I'm really sorry Nokia, but this just isn't good enought (sorry!) The screen is a bit... dodgy and it's quite hard to see in full daylight. Sorry, but i don't really like to text on this phone, it takes ages! I'm really sorry Nokia but i don't like it! I have given it 2 stars because it look quite nice.

Reviewed by alex from england on 6th Feb 2007
This phone is absolutly stunning xx It takes longer to text, and the camera isn't that great, but lets face it you buy the phone for its looks. It's outstanding at what it does best, and thats looking pretty.

Reviewed by Bethany-ann from England on 18th Jan 2007
This phone is boss although sometimes it can be a bit of a pain because it takes forever just to write a text and also its hard to see the screen sometimes but overall its really good

Reviewed by Amy from England on 6th Jan 2007
the phones a good phone the only problems you get is the tezt messages you have to scroll to find every letter!!!! It's long

Reviewed by rachel from uk on 5th Dec 2006
this fone is gr8, its so0o different i have only seen the one that i have and everyone that has seen it loves it. the only bad thing about it is texting. so if ur a big texter i suggest maybe this fone is not 4 u.

Reviewed by this sux from uk on 4th Nov 2006
This phone sucks the rubber on the keypads wearin off the screen gets fingerprints on and its too small to look at texts or photos or videos. this is a complete waste of money DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Bogolo from South Africa on 28th Oct 2006
This fone is cool GO GET IT TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Oliver from England on 27th Sep 2006
the nokia 7380 surely is eye catching, however it can be sometimes annoying to see the screen in direct light, good features, good looking phone, however lacks in screen quality.

Reviewed by Siobhan Smith from England on 19th Sep 2006
I got this phone a few months ago and u cant put it in words how excellant it is ! This phone is deffinately made for a girly girl and suits me very well. You have to suffer slightly by it taking you longer to text and not always being able to see the screen in the sun But you are ment to suffer for fashion i would recomend this phone to anyone ! Deffinatly got the wow factor and turns heads !

Reviewed by jade from England on 9th Sep 2006
When the sun is on the screen, I just have to tilt it and it's fine. It's obvious by looking at it that it will take some getting used to as it has one button, if you don't think you'll be able to get used to it, don't buy it. The phone wasn't designed to replace an mp3 player, mine holds 9 songs at the moment and as I have an mp3 player, I don't mind. I've never had a problem with the size of the screen as I have a seperate camera, it hasn't been a problem for me seeing anything on the screen. The thing about the background making it hard to see texts? Common sense can solve that. Just change the colour of the background. It's not like there isn't much choice I've had this phone for a few months now, and the novelty of it hasn't worn off yet. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by Pekie from Scotland on 7th Aug 2006
I have got this phone about a month ago and so far i love it! I really like the fact that it is so different to any other phones, simple and elegant looking! I am getting used to texting but i do at times get frustrated that im sending texts abit longer than usual! Battery is rubbish but i like the look of the phone more so i can live with it. This phone definately not for people who likes to text alot!

Reviewed by kayleigh austin :) from uk on 28th Jul 2006
This phone dose have its ups and downs, the only problems i rly have with it is when it is sunny and you have to put you hads over the screen to see it outher wise you just see your eye and also i have to admit they whole no keys thig is quite annoing like outhers have said its good for sending a quick text but a long text well its better to phone and the battery life is poor..but as i was saying i do love this phone ! it wows every one and some people dont even no what it is it is very girly aswell which i love because normaly girly phones are just pink so it looks classy and has some good features ....sory about some of my spelling :) xxxxxxx

Reviewed by the queen from uk on 23rd Jul 2006
This phone is very annoying, for a start if you are in any day light at all you cannot see the screen which is so small its unture, the memory is poor and it only holds about 6 mp3s. The themes are bad and because of the size of the screen you cannot read texts because of the colour of the background. It is so hard to text you have to scroll through every letter and it doesn't have real predicitve text. It takes ages to write a text. It would be better if it had buttons. The phone looks great but is so hard to use. If you want a phone that you will never use this is the one for you.

Reviewed by Leah from UK on 20th Jul 2006
this phone is rubbish!!! firstly it takes me 6 minutes 2 send a text where as i used to be very quick at typing texts!! with the sun you cant see the screen at all and you have to find shade to read a text!! now i am having problems as the phone is turning its self off all the time!! dont buy this phone you will soon regret it trust me, i have only had the phone 3 months and already cant wait to get ride off it!!

Reviewed by boo! from uk on 21st Jun 2006
this phone looks amazing when you first get it and its great for people who don't txt much. its hard to see the screen in daylight and fingerprints obscure the view too. the screen is so small that even if you take a good photo, you have to upload it to see it properly. once the novelty has worn off the phone is just plain annoying. we have only had the phone a couple of months and already the rubber on the click wheel is peeling off and the ceramic effect on the back is rubbing off and its starting to look cheap.apart from that it is pretty cool and it does have the wow factor but its not for people who enjoy technology and useability, if you want that id recomend the moto slvr. the nokia does have some great ringtones and themes and is, dispite its faults a very pretty fone.

Reviewed by Nat from UK on 20th Jun 2006
This is gorgeous phone and i love it. You get used texting almost immediately and it doesn't cause any problems once you get used to it. I'm as quick as i was with my old phone. The mirror screen is far superior to any I've seen and is so handy. The features are excellent as well. This phone really makes you stand out as it is so chic!

Reviewed by keleigh from plymouth on 18th Jun 2006
this phone is brilliant to text and make phone calls from if you live in a hot country i do not recomend getting this phone because it is almost impossible to see the screen because it has a mirror. texting may take a little bit longer but it is brilliant

Reviewed by mohammed malik from united kingdom on 18th Jun 2006
i have got this phone for 200 and it is the best phone in my life that i haveever had

Reviewed by Ollie from Engalnd on 17th Jun 2006
This phone is the attempted upgrade of the nokia 7280. it is very sleek, and the screen can sometimes be harder to see in the light as it has a mirrory surface, however image quality good and it is truly a fashinable must have item!!!

Reviewed by sunny from London, UK on 12th Jun 2006
This phone is a little beauty! it just looks better than anything else around, but you have to really love the looks to be willing to sacrufice some usability... once you get used to it, it is fine, it does everything a phone needs to do. But it does take longer to text and the screen is very small to do anything with. Another downside is that it doesn't come with USB cable, so I have to buy a seperate Bluetooth adaptor to PC to transfer the pictures. Still, I love it!

Reviewed by keely from uk on 8th Jun 2006
were do i start the 1st phone turned it self off (also happend to 2 of my other friends) then they send me a new 1 and the buttons dnt work but other than all that its a really good phone just as long as it achaly works!

Reviewed by Reba from oxford, England on 4th Jun 2006
This fone is a heavy muda dont care what you haters are saying. yes i admit it may take some getting use to but i advise everybody unless you dont know how to use an normal hanset then this phone obviouslyn aint for you! its is a peice of art so stop hating and start loving.

Reviewed by katie from england on 31st May 2006
worst phone eva really disapointed by nokia they shud try combining it with the 7370 to make a half usable phone you can even see the screen in the sun or any type of day light

Reviewed by suzan s from usa on 28th May 2006
this is NOT a phone. sure u can txt on it and even (amaazingly) make phone calls on it, but it isnt designed to be a phone, it'd be better as an mp3 player! very hard to use

Reviewed by Versace from Scotland on 25th May 2006
Had this phone a few weeks now and have had no problems. texting etc does take a little longer than normal but is very simple and easy to pick up so isnt a problem. There are some great functions on the phone, ie radio, mp3, voice recorder, great organiser. However some key functions are missing, such as calculator and games (unless they're hidden) which is quite disappointing. Also the camera quality is good but a little pointless as the screen is too small to appreciate the photos. If all you're looking for is a phone to call and text get this phone, its excellent. If you're looking for a phone that does everything except wash your dishes then dont get this phone, u might be a bit disapointed. I do not recommend this phone to anyone who lives in a hot country as it is near impossible to see the screen when the sun is shining, which is extrememly irritating!

Reviewed by Aime from UK on 23rd May 2006
Just received this phone and i think its ace....all my mates are jealous. The screen can be a bit hard in the sun because of the mirror but im used to it now. It looks FAB and is really easy to use.

Reviewed by Usman from UK on 10th May 2006
got this phone today and i'm loving it!! texting can take some time but you get used to it, ace fone

Reviewed by geth from uk on 9th May 2006
wow! not only is this phone the best looking phone i've ever seen but it works like a dream too! i was a bit concerned about how easy and time consuming texting would be, and whilst it takes about three times longer to write a text than using a normal nokia, it is a surprisingly easy and intuitive way to text. battery life seems good, and the camera is non too shabby. this may seem like a minor gripe, but why no calculator? seems a bit odd. overall an excellent phone, highly recommended.

Reviewed by rachael from uk on 9th May 2006
this phone is poo! looks great but its rubbish! for a start u cant see the screen in the sun, so u cant even text in a day when the sun is out! the spinning wheel is good BUT all the rubber is wearing away now and its only 2months into the contract! thank god i got insurance on this phone so i cancel after 3months! u've bin warned, lol

Reviewed by Bali from West Mids on 8th May 2006
All looks and no brains makes this a very dull phone!!!!

Reviewed by Nick Poulson from United Kingdom on 26th Apr 2006
i got this phone on flext from t-moble and the phone is amazing i lov it it is small,pretty,cool,and one of the most unusual phones i hav seen my nokia 7380 kicks ass and i am a guy yep this phone is for the guys aswell as the gulz:DDD

Reviewed by sammi from uk on 4th Apr 2006
just got this gorgeous phone on contract yestaday! wow is all i can say. stunning looking, and has everything u need! definatelly a womans phone!it looks complicated to use, but its not at all, i figured it out within 10 minutes! yeah it can take abit longer to text, but who cares!? memories great, has mp3 and radio, camera and video. it even acts as a mirror! what more could a girl want!

Reviewed by Valerie from UK on 24th Mar 2006
I fell in love with the 7380 straight away and couldn't wait to try it. It is a nice looking phone and the fact that there is no keypad was difficult at first but easy to master. The phone is good and has all the functions you need, the only akward part is trying to enter the number for any automated services, you have to go back to the menu and it takes time to get to the right function. I text a lot and I find it a bit slow and tricky but still, it does the job! I have been stopped a few times by people in the tube asking if it was a phone...I like the fact that people think it looks nice..( i know it is a bit shallow!). I like it!! so far!

Reviewed by sameed from anis on 17th Mar 2006
this phone is a little bit heavy and the display in not suitable for a 2 megapixel camera .imagine all the companies give 262k color screens for a 2 megapixel camera but it has a 65k screen and the audio quality is a bit poor toooo.not recommended.the nokia lam'our series is a big flop.why pay so much for beauty only

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 16th Mar 2006
I fell in love with the look of this phone immediately. I don't CARE if my Mother thinks it looks like a harmonica! Most functions are excellent, though the texting is somewhat irksome. On the plus side it might recode the amount of texts I send hehe. Generally, a fantastic, stylish phone. I'm still glad I got it - even if it WAS a shallow choice hehe.

Reviewed by lucille from uk on 12th Mar 2006
i was told by the dealer where i got this phone that maybe, i was the first person in the UK to have this phone since i got it on the third week of january. i immediately fell in love with the phone...and the best part of the deal was that i got this phone free with a 30 per month contract. that alone deserves a 5 star rating. it looks complicated to operate but once you turn it on, it's very easy. i love the fact that it's got a 2 megapixel camera...i now take pictures of anything i see...and the memory keeps on going. i don't know how many picutres more i can take before i fill the memory up. it's very stylish and a lot of my friends ask "is that a phone?" when i take it out. sure, it takes me longer to text but that doesn't stop me. and also since i'm a bit vain (haha!) the mirror screen is very handy

Reviewed by Adrian from Preston UK on 8th Mar 2006
A girly phone? Appeals to me but I am gay ! Great phone!

Reviewed by David Waller from United Kingdom on 8th Mar 2006
I would just like to say, I am a bloke and I LOVE this phone. It looks cool. I don't find texting a problem at all, and once you have updated the phone book you are ready to rock 'n' roll. I love the fact its unique, I love the click-wheel and I love the style. There are some bad points. Camera for example; but at the end of the day cameras on phones are useless functions until they reach as good a quality as an actual camera itself. Overall, I recommend this to any guy or girl.

Reviewed by Kathy from UK -Leeds on 8th Mar 2006
Great phone, i have had it 3 weeks now and everyone likes it. It was a but tricky to get used to when texting but i have gotten used to it. it would have been nice to have a cleaning cloth with it as it gets smudges on it while you are talking. otherwise though its sound.

Reviewed by dennmark from phillipines on 8th Mar 2006
this nokia phone is a good looking phone. as i review this i thought that this is like a mp3player which is small.not loi the other phone this is so exciting phone a very simple design but has a good appeal to people.

Reviewed by Rebecca from England on 7th Mar 2006
I like this phone you just need to practice with it for a bit and you will eventually get used to it, also when did all the other people who wrote reviews on this phone stop gettin bullied ?? or for that matter started to forget to go to school ? can nobody use proper english anymore ? it took me longer to read the reviews about this phone that it did to learn how to use the phone.

Reviewed by natalie from uk on 7th Mar 2006
too good to be true.

Reviewed by Jean from England on 6th Mar 2006
Damn good phone! Bit annoying when you have to clean the smears off the screen but life's full of little niggles. What more could you want? It looks good, is fun and a bit different. We all had to learn to text anyway and it's a nokia so it's still really easy to learn quick as everyone's probably had a nokia at some time! Really like mine so there you go.......

Reviewed by JasonJ from Ireland on 5th Mar 2006
nice looking fone and ok features but girls will like it more than guys.

Reviewed by Nicky from England on 5th Mar 2006
well people may say it hard to use and yee it dus take time to get use to it but its very eyecatching and many people r fascinated bi the fone.... the memory is excellent and i dont agree with people saying its a waste of money you just gota b patient .. its reali handy to carry around as u dont have to carry big bricks around or nefink :)

Reviewed by lucy from england on 3rd Mar 2006
well its aite but da nly bad fin 2 me is da u cnt txt 4rm it!!!!cnt lisn 2 music n uda finz bu uda dan da erm its OK... da design is difrent bu uda dan dat naaaaa

Reviewed by Liz from England on 27th Feb 2006
Only brought it Friday, but it's certainly grabbin everyone's attention! Great fone, fantastic definately a girly fone. Get one if you can.

Reviewed by paula from england on 21st Feb 2006
This phone is the biz, it looks the part and if you want something different and a bit wacky then this is the phone for you. It has all the functions of any nokia phone there is only one problem with it and that is the texting but once you get used to it it becomes second nature. it is definatley a girly phone so i'm not surprised the guy from nigeria didn't think much of it. Lads stick to the D600.........

Reviewed by Jonathan James from Nigeria on 19th Feb 2006
OK, lets get started i payed a alot of money for this peice of junk i damn well regret it!! This phone is useless do not buy it, its very hard to get used to the functions and just simply stresses you out FINAL POINT: GO GET THE D600

Reviewed by EmmaB from UK on 17th Feb 2006
Unbelievably gorgeous to look at! It is certainly a great phone to be seen with. The dial is easy to use once you practice a little, I dont really miss having a key pad. I would definately recommend this phone for the girls - to be honest I dont really see this as a boy's phone - its far too pretty!

Reviewed by rachel from south wales on 14th Feb 2006
It is fab u dun hav a keypad or nothing so i thort it wud b hard 2 use but it is easy and certainly gets all the attentiuopn evryone is lk wow look at tha!!

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