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Nokia 7370 review

 Review: March 2006  

Last updated December 2006


In a nutshell: The second of Nokia's L'Amour series, the 7370 is beautiful to look at, but its beauty is only skin deep.


The phone is visually stunning, and the photo here doesn't begin to do it justice. The Coffee Brown finish pictured here is the more masculine of the two colours available; the Warm Amber is more decorative and feminine. Visually the phone is stunning. The large bright display is also stunning - it's high resolution and is one of the best from Nokia. However, from here on you start to notice the phone's problems. The phone rotates open to reveal the keypad inside - a design borrowed from the Sony Ericsson S700i. However, whereas other rotating or slide-up phones have navigation keys on the outside, enabling them to be used when the phone is closed, the 7370 has to be opened up in order to do anything. This has not been well thought out.

The features of the phone, once you've opened it out and worked out which way is up, are good but not wildly impressive, especially when you remember how much this phone costs (a lot!). Megapixel camera, MP3 player, visual radio, stereo sound ... all good stuff, BUT oh! no! the memory is so small that you really can't use these features. Like the Nokia 7360, the 7370 is revealed to be just a fashion statement, and an expensive one at that. You've paid for all this high-tech stuff, but can't use it properly. Three MP3 tracks or a few minutes of video and the memory will be full. Oh dear, what a missed opportunity!

While we're at it, we'll also mention that the battery life is pretty dire too. Of course, don't let our review put you off - if you like the look of the phone and you don't care about all the tech stuff, then it's one of the most beautiful phones ever released! The new Nokia 7373 is a much better phone with a MicroSD memory slot so you can expand the memory.

Nokia 7370 features include:

  • 1.3-megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Display: 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • MP3 player
  • FM visual stereo radio
  • Integrated 3D stereo speakers plus stereo headset
  • Video ringtones plus MP3/AAC/MIDI polyphonic ringtones
  • Voice dialing
  • Voice recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and APOP)
  • Support for attachments (view jpeg, 3gp, MP3, .ppt, .doc, .xls, and .pdf files)
  • Games: Phantom Spider Evolution plus downloadable Java games
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Memory: 10 Mbytes
  • Triband
  • Size: 88 x 43 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 104g
  • Talktime: 3 hours
  • Battery standby: 220 hours

Nokia 7370 user reviews

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Average rating from 96 reviews:

Reviewed by akas khan from Bangladesh on 29th Mar 2012
It is a outstanding mobile phone

Reviewed by susan from uk on 16th Oct 2011
i have had my amber nokia 7370for ever and am really upset it dropped in swimming pool dont ask am despairatly trying to dry it out will have to get another it has never ever let me down

Reviewed by Leah from UK on 27th Apr 2010
DO NOT BUY THIS PHOOOONE! my sister had 1 and it snaped in half! i have 1 and its broken at the bottom wer you charge it..i have to put a peg on it to close it wilst charging! NO meemory! just 4 a few pics and 1 song it has good things also,,like the look! i love you look! i have the gold 1 wich i like! but wudnt recomend it! sorry nokia! xX

Reviewed by priscilla muthoni from kenya on 19th Nov 2009
My phone is nokia 7370 and i love it becouse it has so many features i have been using it since 2007 it my treasure

Reviewed by Nikki from Australia on 5th Apr 2009
I just got the phone, I've always loved swivel phones and since I've reading up on it I really wanted to have a look at it. I got it as an ex demo from a website for 78 bucks in total. Its damn well worth it. I love the style. It is a downgrade from my sony ericsson T650i, but meh, I only use phones to sms and call people nothing more. :) The battery is a bit bad, but I'll be buying a new one because its just not charging. other than that, i totally dig it :D

Reviewed by lucy from england on 29th Sep 2008
this fone is awesome what you talking bout the memory? the memory is amazing yoou can store over 50 songs for me get this fone some much better then the 7373 this is defiently the better newer version love the look memory!and mp3 and camera x

Reviewed by shoaib from afganistan on 18th Sep 2008
i love this phone but the problem is the memory ther is no free memory to get songs or anther thing in it plz do some thing about it and the anther thing are very good and i select the one star becase of the memory........it sicks....

Reviewed by shamz from england on 22nd Aug 2008
im rli upsest with this fnne buh im hus upset with da mega pixels camera iznt gd at all so its average ok

Reviewed by Nina from USA on 14th Aug 2008
This phone is very stunning but it is so weak. I dropped it once on my kitchen floor and it stopped working.Phone is lacking on a lot of things. If you won't a phone that just looks great this is it but that is all it is.

Reviewed by Elizabeth from scotland on 21st Mar 2008
My Nokia is wonderful but where is the memory card slot?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 21st Mar 2008
There isn't one, Elizabeth! Didn't you read our review?

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 18th Mar 2008
i fell in love with the 7373. i looked to buy one from ebay but got lots of 7370 results so i bought one thinking it was the 7373 (a as described in the items detail ) its a good phone but the memory is rubbish. Its a shame you cant get a memory card orstick for it. other tahn that i love it

Reviewed by Kystal from GB on 23rd Jan 2008
its rubbish i have had 2 replace da fone 3times!! n it scrachs really easy!! all in all if you only want it 2 make calls and txt its a good fone but other dan that its a completely rubbish fone!!! xx

Reviewed by Zara from England on 20th Jan 2008
It's a pretty phone but theres no light on the camera, the videos pretty rubbish and the gold scratches off easily!

Reviewed by dontworry from Canada on 20th Jan 2008
This Phone Is Cute

Reviewed by anoynomous from Australia on 7th Jan 2008
i just ordered this phone from ebay n im getting it in like 2 weeks im soooo happy my sis has this phone and she says its the best. i dont really know what everyone is talking bout with the memory coz her phone has like 30 photos, 200 messages, 3 videos and like 5 songs so i think ur full of rubbish coz its fine i cant wait to get it its the most stylish and amazing phone ever if anyones thinking about gettin it get it and on ebay thei priti cheap

Reviewed by lenze from fiji on 29th Nov 2007
yeah! luv diz phone too....had it for at least 8 months now....my friends luv it but d biggest problem is the memory!!!!!!!i luv mp3 and i can't seem to store more then 3 songs.....it sucks big time....pliz do something with the memory!!!!!!esp when this phone's dam expensive!!!...think'n of gett'n an iphone now....

Reviewed by harry collins from spain on 22nd Nov 2007
its great,camera,mp3,videos and everthing else about it not forgettin the desighn

Reviewed by Gemma from Isle Of Man on 14th Nov 2007
I fell in love with this phone when i saw it in 5 music videos!!! I did have a bit of an issue with the memory but then i have an ipod for music and the photo memory was good i had fifty photos at one point...the quality was good too. I don't really like the new powder pink one i much prefer mine in warm amber. The only reason I'm upgrading is the fact that I broke the charger and my birthday is coming up. I recieved many looks with this phone...and people asking me where i got it. I was really lucky to get it too last one in Merseyside Hehe. Overall I think this phone is very nice and if you are not bothered about the memory its a winner. Also it is very simple to use and comes with some stunning backgrounds. The only reason i have taken a star off is because through very rough handling i managed to crack the screen and take the button off..

Reviewed by justina criddle from UK on 22nd Aug 2007
i am deaf and disabled and operation my spine harrington rod metal and tunnel vison and fit. i like one nokia moblie best 7370 i hope get one for me i love it best vodafone too i like one they help me learning sent text to my boss lesely for fisherarm centre disabled lots people group club if i am sick or ill i need text to boss and my family and other friend very important thanks from justina

Reviewed by Rhe from UK on 30th Jul 2007
its soo kl like a total girl phone. the flower detail is fantastic. I love the way it swivles to open.Its soo origional all my mates luv it

Reviewed by Dee-dee from uk on 17th Jun 2007
Well, i really dont know what to say about this phone i'm not disapointed, but then again im not reali amused. Its a good looking phone i had mine in gold but the memory is terrable This is a good phone is your not really botherd about having songs on it or anything like that. I gave mine away to my little 10 year old sister and its perfect for her as she has a mp3 player for her tunes so shes not that bothered

Reviewed by oliver from england on 15th Jun 2007
i lv this phone i am a boy an i have a coffee brown one an a lv it from wot av seen !!!!

Reviewed by chantelle from england on 29th May 2007
I love the look of this phone but the memory is terrible.I assumed,as with all modern phones,that I'd be able to put in a memory card and expand it,I was wrong!If it had a bigger memory it would be perfect as I love to have loads of photos and music.I have always loved Nokia phones because they're so sturdy and with good memory, I've this phone around 3 months but lack of memory irritates me so much I am having to buy another phone with bigger memory!

Reviewed by baby from uk on 13th May 2007
love it

Reviewed by vicky from england on 25th Apr 2007
The phone is very pretty and girly but the memory is way to samll for my music, videos, pictures and games! I've had the phone since august and for the past few months the screen tends to go blank or the image on the screen becomes mashed up! other than that it is a good phone

Reviewed by Tina from England on 10th Apr 2007
my phone is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it.It is way better than al of your phones!

Reviewed by Yazmin from England on 10th Mar 2007
I currently own this phone and have had it since November, and to be quite honest after I had got over how beautiful it looked I was fed up with it after less than a month. I am a really big music lover and so when i found out that i could only store two songs at a time, and thats without any pictures or videos stored aswell, I was really appauled. The fact that you have to open the phone to use it doesn't really affect me, as the phone is quite small anyway. It is light and easy to use and so for me the only let-down was the memory.

Reviewed by Cindo from UK on 19th Feb 2007
The memory is just too small!! apart from that!! WICKED

Reviewed by Aline from Ghana on 13th Feb 2007
I have had so many different problems with mine...maximum time of battery problem. The only good thing about this phone is the style. It difficult for me to understand ,What the use of this Phone.i packed this phone since last month and waiting any good begger So i can desh this phone.

Reviewed by Mary-jane from GB on 6th Feb 2007
I had just got rid of my old fone (LG Chocolate) which was a complete waste of money, and went on the internet to see if I could see one which I liked and imedetley the one that caute my eye was this one the Nokia 7370 its beautiful design. So I went out to get it and it was gorgeous the way it swiveles and that. The buttons are nice and big to fit your finger on. The only problem is that it lacks memory and runs out quickly. I would recomend this to girls and boys.

Reviewed by Bethany-ann from United Kingdom on 5th Feb 2007
This fone is ok the problem is,is that it doesnt hold many songs or texts you keep have to delite them the paint chips off so its looks bad. Although it has a good design on it and there are not many around overall its good if your looking for a fone u wont use much but i would reconend to try it out

Reviewed by milly from uk on 1st Feb 2007
The phone is made to look good which it does its a beautiful phone it has no memory other wise good

Reviewed by Denise from Spain on 31st Jan 2007
I have just read your review and I agree with all you have written.More of a fashion statement than a a usful phone! Also having great trouble to get the phone unlocked. I live in Spain but travel back to the UK quite alot and cant use the phone over in the UK with my english simcard.Waste of time phone!

Reviewed by Cheree from England on 29th Jan 2007
This is jus da best fone in da world! lol i have a "AMBER" one n it rox!! i love it n i would neva get anuva fone.

Reviewed by amanda from scotland on 19th Jan 2007
this phone is terrible, i would not tell anyone o buy it. i have had so many different problems with mine! the camera is rubbish, doesnt hold many songs and the worst is all the paint work chips off quickly. i have only had mine for around 5 months and it looks as if i have had it for years. to be hinest it does not even qualify for one star

Reviewed by Amber from UK on 14th Jan 2007
The only good thing about this phone is the style of it itself everything else is a let down, the camera is rubbish and there is no light. You can only fit 1 mp3 song on it which is pointless! Also the battery power isn't the best. x

Reviewed by nikki from england on 12th Jan 2007
loved the phone the minute i saw it - but looks are deceiving!!!!! i think i am on my 4th handset now as i have had numerous problems with the others; (fortunatley being on contract they were replaced FOC) couldnt charge 1, software problems, speaker stopped working etc. Would be great if handset worked as well as it looks, if you want a beautiful but unreliable phone this is the one 4 U!!

Reviewed by Keira from UK on 6th Jan 2007
I am in love with the Nokia 7370, it has to be the prettiest phone of the century!!!! It is very easy to use and has a brilliant layout. The only problem i found with it is that it has hardly any memory.... I can only have one song on it at a time. And photo memory is terrible as well, i can have about 20 photos and 3 videos until the memory is full..... It is an outstanding phone apart from that and i recommend it for any pretty girl (or queer boy) because the nokia 7370 will make you even prettier.xxxxx I LOVE THIS PHONE, IT IS LIKE MY BEST FRIEND.....AND BABY...XXXXXX

Reviewed by shrina from UK on 6th Jan 2007
GORGEOUS phone- people always saying how nice it is. I LOVE IT. main problem is memory but if ur not planning on puttin more than 2 songs on it then its GREAT!

Reviewed by Kate from England on 4th Jan 2007
Heyaz i got this phone for christmas after wanting it for ages.The phone has a beautiful design and i always get people commenting on how nice it is but i am very disapointed with the memory you cant fit hardly anything on it!!!!!

Reviewed by Rajeev Vardhi from India on 26th Dec 2006
Thank you Nokia for this phone. The looks are stunning in the first sense. The camera and music player are adequately satisfactory. I already bought it for my mom and she loves it too. The display and the battery standby are its unique features. I would recommend this phone to all first-time upgraders who are not looking for digital cams-walkman-pda phones.

Reviewed by Xx Sexy Sofie xX from XxEngland xX on 4th Dec 2006
4 my birthday my mum bought me this stylish fone its cost her around £200 so i thought that it had better be worth it. and it so is. its a really nice fone to buy and well worth it. xx

Reviewed by mizz spicay from england_x on 2nd Dec 2006
it is like tha best fone eva i av it n i like it so much its so stylish pls everyone buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so its quite a lot of money but worth it i promise u. by the way has anyone seen the new sony erricsson fone with the film barbican horse race on it omg it is fabulous its like this realli lovely hiker color, it has the film features on it n everythin by the way barbican horse race is out on the 8/1/07 there we go its gna be the best film eva luv ya xxx BARBICAN HORSE RACE 4 LYFEE

Reviewed by dolly from spain on 1st Nov 2006
Well let start of by saying what a stunning phone, it was gifted to me by my dear husband, lm not one for all the camara, mp3 kinda stuff, l just want to make and recieve calls. Yep what an expensive way to do so l know, but l cant make heads or tails of some functions as my husband brought it in spain and lm still in the progress of learning spainish, So is there anyone l can get in touch with, someone who can send me a manual in english l would be grateful. But hey what a great looking phone. l might write something else once l know all the functions lol.

Reviewed by Ms. T. from Bahamas on 28th Oct 2006
I have been waiting 3 1/2 months for this phone and I am not disappointed. I wanted it because it is slick, stylish and has some great features. I can dowload all of my pictures to my computer and I use my MP3 for music not my phone. This phone is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE it.

Reviewed by Sara from UK on 24th Oct 2006
Its fab!!! For those of you complaining about memory problems; 1. Not enough for you mp3 tunes? get an ipod, or something similar! 2. Not enough for your pics? Get a god damn camera which is properly designed for taking pictures!! Phones are for phone calls, texts etc................ This phone is wonderful!!!

Reviewed by B from U.S on 21st Oct 2006
I love this phone. It has a beautiful design on the cover and not to mention the camera takes super clear pictures. This phone is great I am so gald i have it!!

Reviewed by Reg from UK on 29th Sep 2006
If you're looking for a small and practical mobile, go ahead. Battery life is 2-3 days in regular use, it's small enough for a small-hands girl like me (gloves extra-small, believe me), easy to manage, easy to handle. Transferring data to-and-from a 'puter is easy by bluetooth, sound for radio is good (but high, you've gotta configure it or your ears are in trouble), connects everywhere and easily. I think mine came unlocked, for it works under at least 4 different simcards. Poor memory for pix, but night pix (when you are on the street and lights must be switched on, you know) are simply great, but you only get around 100 and it's full. I haven't tried mp3 on it (I prefer some other more powerful gadget for it, for music is kinda religion for me), but put your sounds into it and voila!, your phone rings quite like you. Messaging is quite good, languages available are exactly what I want (I should have to pay £5 to have my previous phone showing my 2 motherlanguages on it). I was gonna sell it after the contract is due for the price for it in Ebay is quite good at the moment - naah, I'll get a new contract and sell the new phone. Gonna keep this one. ...hey Nokia guys, ever though about increasing this phone memory????

Reviewed by RJ from Egypt on 24th Sep 2006
This phone is just that...........a phone if you are looking for mp3 player , video camera, flash memory disc.........this phone is not for you Nokia have reorganized the applications and uses on the phone alot better than previous phones ( I had 6260) Web browsing is astonishingly fast so is the overall software The phone has limited battery power and memory However it is beautiful, stylish and a really good phone and beleive me quite impressive to look at ;)

Reviewed by Joanna from England on 11th Sep 2006
I think that when you first lay eyes on this phone you think that it is amazing!!! and believe me looks wise - it really is! However you will always have it on charge as the bettery life is quite poor. Pictures are nothing spectacular and the storage space on it is definatley poor. I can hardly ever have any ring tones on it and always have to delete things in order to except newer material. If you soley want this phone for looks then it is great If you need just a tiny bit more than just looks - PLEASE AVOID

Reviewed by Jem from Philippines on 20th Aug 2006
The phone is quite good. I only had problem with the memory. The Nokia 7370 should have a bigger memory, since the pictures are sharp. The camera is quite bluish, but it's still good.

Reviewed by ME! from Wales! on 16th Aug 2006
OMG im in love! Seriously i really love this phone! I wasnt going 2 get it because someone told me that it did'nt have much memory and that you could only get 10 picture and thats it...but its not! I have 3 videos...2 mp3 songs...and about 17 pictures!!! OMG!! The desighn and colour of this phone is great! I love all the different materials they used on this phone! It came with a bag and tassle which make my phone unice! Wowowowow! I still dont know anyone with the same phone as me! I think im so lucky to get this phone as they have been discontinued everywhere...and i only got mine secondhand! Its fab! It had only been used about 6 times b4 i got it so its like new! I recomend this phone 2 anyone who can get there hands on it...its a gr8 buy!

Reviewed by Doodle_bug from UK on 4th Aug 2006
Firstly, I echo what a lot of other reviewers have said: if you want to listen to MP3's get a fecking iPod. I am a very proud owner of the beautiful 7370 and it does me fine. I have an iPod Mini and an iPod Nano so have no need to use the MP3 function. The battery life is perfectly adequate; buy an in-car charger for emergencies, but I've got to be honest...I've not had to use mine very often at all. Like all Nokia's it's beautifully easy to use (they say: once you've used one Nokia, you can use them all) and some of the extra functions like conversions and the weirdly life-life calculator are fun extras. I love my 7370 and have rated it 5 stars. No complaints.

Reviewed by jayden from Australia on 30th Jul 2006
First of all, when will people realise that mobile phone are not ment to be mp3 players. Use ipods that hold hundreds of songs. If this phone had the maximum amount of memory, it would give you less than 20 songs - i would get easily bored of listening to the same 20 songs each day on my way to work. The reviewer said that the swirl design is a dissapointment, but i love flipping my phone to use it. The screen is amazing and phone is beautiful.

Reviewed by nun of ur bisnes from Ireland woo hoo!! on 21st Jul 2006
dis fone sucs i want a fone wich lks wiced and can hold songs and pics and this fone failed @ bein the 1!! tuff luc! never ever buy dis fone

Reviewed by I wnted dis fne n da nokia 7360 from usa on 6th Jul 2006
I really wanted this phone alot BUT its memory is so poor. So what is the point of all these amazing features like the MP3 and its cool camera. I love this phone's style and would give it fivestars but its memory is very disappointing. From a 12 yr old girl who decided to buy it but looked at its memory and decided not to.

Reviewed by Ika from UK on 4th Jul 2006
great phone! very easy to use takes very good quality pictures, looks great ( but I donít have to say anything about that ;). had it for over 4 months now and had no problems with it. the only thing is that the battery live is quite short lasts only for 2-3 days and the pictures capacity is no very big either. would recommend to anybody who is looking for great looking easy to use phone. it defiantly is more of a toy that a business phone.

Reviewed by Kellie from England on 29th Jun 2006
I bought this phone from orange on an orange contract - however, orange do not have the system software for me to have answerphone notification!!!! What is going on??? Come on, for gods sake Orange - get ur act sorted!

Reviewed by Lauren from Scotland on 28th Jun 2006
This fone is absolutly stunning and im not ashamed to admit that i know fine well i paid too much money for it and its not all that good. Yeah the memory is small and the battery is a nightmare but the camera and sound qualitly are superb. If u want to be the envy of ur mates and have a beautiful fone then go ahead and buy it!

Reviewed by Jess from England on 8th Jun 2006
I read the reviews on this site and was a little unsure about choosing this phone, especially after having a Sony Ericsson K750i. I love this phone, although the memory is tiny, there is plenty there if you are selective of what you put on your phone and you can delete the rubbish tones they have on there already to free some space. People have said the battery is rubbish...it must be a bad bunch coz mine is fine, and the speaker is really good quality and loud enough to hear when your phone is ringing, even if it's on level 3. I'm used to a higher tech phone than this one, and I have no complaints whatsoever! My only complaint is that the camera could be of a higher resolution, but you dont really notice the difference coz of the screen resolution. I would recommend this phone!

Reviewed by TaLaL from Bahrain on 6th Jun 2006
This phone is so cute and wonderful.i love this phone 2 much but the only thing i don't love in this phone is that it has only 10mb.what's the use if a mobile is so cool and stylish but it doesn't have 2 much mb in it?...but actually even though it doesn't have as many mb i still like this phone because it is so cute and stylish.

Reviewed by Vicky from England on 1st Jun 2006
I was worried about getting this phone because I'd heard of problems with the battery life and memory etc. But they said I could return it within 14 days if I didnt like it so I took the chance. VERY pleased with it! Taken loads of quality photos on its camera and had no problem with the memory capacity at all! Ok the battery wears a little quicker than most nokias but it more than makes up for it in so many other way! Best mob Ive ever had, recommended!

Reviewed by Felicity from England on 22nd May 2006
To all who have this phone through orange, I got out of them the other day that the problem with the voicemail notification issue is because Orange don't have the software set up to notify. They are waiting for the software to be sent to them from Nokia with no date set for when this may be. So I have set it up so that any calls to my answering machine in the mean time that would normally charge me additional will be free until the problem is rectified. I suggest you all do this same. (If you haven't already done so) So it is an incompetence point on Orange.

Reviewed by Alison from Scotland on 19th May 2006
I got the Nokia 7370, 3 months ago and it is stylish and it does look good but that does not detract from the really annoying voicemail issue which Orange keep fobbing me off about and only an expensive contract with Carphone Warehouse who supplied the phone, I can't believe they are still supplying it as it is still essentially faulty. I am still pursuing all off them until this is rectified, don't give up.

Reviewed by Felicity from England on 18th May 2006
I have had this phone for 1 month and I have to say the novelty still hasn't worn off. I love other people coveting my phone and as for memory, I don't keep MP3 files on my phone so I don't have a problem. The battery does have a shorter life then I am used to but I have a charger and work, home and the car so itís not really a problem. The fact that it doesn't notify you of voicemail on Orange is annoying but from what I can gather thatís Orange's fault not the phone. Itís just nice to have a girly phone that hasn't been made girly by making it pink! I adore my phone and if you want style and don't use it as an MP3 player (Get an ipod) then it is just the best phone. And the jealous looks are a real moral boost!

Reviewed by Salim from Bangladesh on 15th May 2006
@Nikki from Australia: Your phone isn't faulty. Your battery is! I had the same problem. I just changed the battery and Voilŗ!The Phone works..

Reviewed by Nikki from Australia on 6th May 2006
I just got the phone the other day and i have been trying to charge the battery. But every so often it says it is not charging! Is there a special way to charge it or is my phone faulty??...I really like the phone and the camera is great!

Reviewed by Aya from Phillipines on 30th Apr 2006
stylish and fab looking. i like it how they made 2 colors. one fo boys and one for girls. i also love the commercial of this phone. original and one of the first twist phones from nokia i have ever seen. however, i heard from the lady in this store that it does not have access to international texting. but i like the other functions. great!

Reviewed by adele from England on 22nd Apr 2006
woo hoo classs phone! and stylish and a great camera!!

Reviewed by ahmed from UAE on 21st Apr 2006
Its ok but the video and the memory are the problem.10MB and 7 seconds video becoming 10 min by making it less in size. It needs memory

Reviewed by zan from uk on 11th Apr 2006
Well, am currently on my second 7370 (first one back in shop, faulty). This one is going back today (also faulty). Looks beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep it seems. Can only hear callers, or be heard by callers when the phone is on loudspeaker, as for some reason the phone thinks the headset is plugged in. This happened with the first one and was told it is a common problem and phones were recalled because of it. Had to wait ages for a new batch to come into the Orange shop and was told they were all updated and perfect. Hmmmm.

Reviewed by caz from UK on 5th Apr 2006
Phone looks great ive got the amber phone and its def a girly phone .If ur after a good gadget phone with lots of memory then this is not for you has little memory but is a very good little phone .I personaly like it thought more tunes cld of been installed but love it

Reviewed by gabriel from england on 4th Apr 2006
The phone is gorgeous how can you say its bad. Its got plenty memory as long as you don't use the mp3 player.the only bad thing to me is i expected the video to be a lot better, it doesn't cope well with a lot of movement, anyway, luv ya GABRIEL

Reviewed by Frog Princess from UK on 1st Apr 2006
Its true that the memory is a bit small. But I have never used my phone as an mp3 player and I download my pics and videos to my pc. I keep a selection on the phone. So as much as I love the option of a big memory card, it's worth the sacrifice to have this beautiful phone. You can't beat Nokia for ease of use and now that all the new phones have fixed fascias, we need pretty and the 7370 is so glam. I love it.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 29th Mar 2006
This phone is the bees knees! It just looks cool, esp the coffee brown colour. I have not seen anyone else with this phone( I had to go to 5 shops to get one!) So that adds to the allure of having an exclusive phone. Don't really care about the memory, this phone does one thing, look good! Defo a phone for both sexes! (Me being a fella) Rock on 7370!

Reviewed by Jos from Australia on 27th Mar 2006
I've had this phone for just over 2 weeks, I had 3 weeks ago purchased the Nokia 6111 pink and was so dissapointed with the plastic feel of the phone and akwardness of texting (as it didnt revert back to lower case once you had entered a capital at the start of a name), that I returned it and decided to get the 7370. This phone is great, looks cute, feels structurally sound and is easy to use, the keys are a great size and the camera is outstanding compared to the one on the 6111 and there is meant to only be 0.3 megapixel differnce. I would highly recommed this phone to anyone looking to purchase it. The only downside is there are only 8 rigntones I think, and I'm not into downloading etc so will need to learn to do that so I can get a ringtone I like.

Reviewed by Deborah Oakley from United States on 22nd Mar 2006
This phone is white HOT! I must be the first yank to own one localy. You Brits must have phones with outstanding batteries. In the states everyone plugs the phone in before bed at night and uses most of the battery on talk time through out the day. As for picture storage, what good are they in your phone anyway. Send them to your e mail and load them on the home computer. As long as I can customize my ring tones with the current mp3 selections and bump 2000 songs on the ipod, I'm not to worried about the memory. Let's face it, any one who really needs memory should get a pocket pc. However until they can figure out women don't like to carry around somthing that looks like it requires a can opener, I'll keep my georgeous little phone. Remember laidies it's not the SIZE of the memory but the QUALITY of the content. ( pun intended )

Reviewed by jordan from uk on 15th Mar 2006
i just wanted to add to my previous review, i am a girl (my name's a bit androgynous!) but i was actually hoping to buy the phone for both its looks AND its intelligence! Looks alone are not enough for all us females (in fact to suggest otherwise is a massive insult to someone who spends half her time sorting IT issues!). Anyway, like attractive men who lack brain power, the novelty wears off after the first week and you get bored and mentally frustrated! Come on Nokia and Orange, sort out the voicemail notification issue ... it's been nearly a month now since release on Orange. You're aware of it, do something! By the way, the battery thing can be improved marginally by fully discharging it a good few times and then not over charging to compensate for the poor life expectancy (difficult cos it is so bad you feel like you need to have it connected to the mains the entire time!). Mine's now managing to last roughly 36 hours before dying. That's with an hour or so talk time and messaging and active bluetooth for about 15 or so mins. Not great compared to older phones but not as bad as it was at the outset. Memory-wise, I haven't had a problem (even with detailed business contacts) but then i have an ipod for music, laptop for internet and a digital camera for photos and like my phone to do what it does best ... communicate.

Reviewed by Didi from England on 13th Mar 2006
Lets face it - you buy this phone for its looks not for its high tech wizardry. Oh! it does have a camera, radio and all the whistles and bangs but as previous reviews have said, its memory is pretty limited. Its a fashion statement nothing more AND I LOVE IT!!! Its the prettiest cutest phone I have seen and more importantly its a girls phone!

Reviewed by Marjorie from on 12th Mar 2006
This phone is a killer. A love-at-first-sight phone, it's one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I'm not one of those who store lots of songs and pics in their phones, so I don't find its memory size a problem. I don't agree with what others say about the short battery life, as mine usually lasts several days. I love the design and the converter! And I think it's a MUST BUY for fab girls!

Reviewed by Leah from England on 9th Mar 2006
The phone looks good but thats about it. Its a waste of money if u ask me. Iv got 11 pics n 2 songs and the memory is full. Whats the point in havin a stylish phone if u cant put nothin on it. The battery runs out after a day, even less if u have the radio on. Girls dont waste ya money.

Reviewed by Samina from England on 8th Mar 2006
I love this phone!!!! Ive always had nokias but this time i wanted a flip phone which had an fm radio, which this phone had. Its definately one for the girls. Stylish, easy to use and compact. When upgrading i thought the lack of memory space would be a problem but its not. Its different, nokia have done a good job with this one. its about time us girls can have a little gadget made just for us. its even got a size converter on it, genius!!

Reviewed by Hector from Malaysia on 6th Mar 2006
The phone is very crappy,and has not enough space.what's the point of having a 1.3 megapixel camere and don't even have space for pictures.Final comment You'r just paying for the nice design and not for performance it's just a waste of money!!!!!!

Reviewed by jordan from uk on 6th Mar 2006
Hana ... we seem to have the same problem. I'm with Orange and I don't get any audio or visual notification that i have voicemail, nothing to do but to go in manually and keep checking for them! Great when it's on a business contract, i've lost one irate client already. However, as the phone has generic software, I put in an O2 sim card and miraculously ... i was informed of any voicemail messages immediately so it's obviously a network support problem, rather than a handset issue, despite Orange insisting otherwise. Orange say that no-one else has complained of this as yet? Anyone else reported it to them? Battery life is also appalling and again you get no audible warning it's running low mid conversation, it just cuts out curtly. Nice looking phone and, as an IT bod, a massive relief to be away from Samsung and Motorola's nasty basic operating systems. However, despite the always great Nokia user interface, battery life and voicemail notification are somewhat important! Am still within 28 days of being able to return this phone and am contemplating swapping it for the N70 or a Sony Ericsson which I was going to get in the first place.

Reviewed by Dawn from England on 5th Mar 2006
Got my phone as soon as it came out. I was well excited, but that didn't last. The memory is rubbish I can only hold one song. The battery life is shocking drains down in a day. But I must admit I love the look of it. Not worth the money.

Reviewed by lucy from england on 5th Mar 2006
i love this phone it looks soooo cool and all my friends want it

Reviewed by Barbara from UK on 2nd Mar 2006
This phone looks great, however that is it?? The memory on this phone is terrible, I put one song on it and I had to start to delete stuff, to get another one on it . I mean why did they not put am expandable memory slot in? . Also the battery life of this phone is very, very poor . I had to recharge it every other day . Overall this phone looks great , but the poor memory and no expansion slot let it down ,added to that the poor battery life ? I had such high hopes for this phone and I felt let down by it .

Reviewed by Yvone from UK on 1st Mar 2006
I have just got the new nokia7370,love the style,colour and all the little things,but....it has got aspecialy small memory,I also had to delete lots of photos that I have downloaded from my previous phone(samsung D500-there was no end to the memory on that phone)It shure looks good,plays nice music and it has got the radio that u can listen on the go but like you all said,memory is tiny and battery life is short as anything!all together a nice toy for stylish girls,gr8 gadget for yuor stylish handbag...

Reviewed by Hana from England on 28th Feb 2006
It is a really beautiful phone and I mut get complimented on it about 3 times a day however there are a few things which are almost intolerable. The phone does not inform you if you have an answer phone message waiting. i am not sure if this is only one batch or the whole lot. Secondly the battery like someone else mentioned, feels like it needs constant charging. Lastly the memory is not great. The older phone I have had all had more space. I wish I had thought about it a little harder before i ot this phone but its so sexy looking I just couldn't resist.

Reviewed by kirsty from england on 26th Feb 2006
I was very happy when this phone was available on contract and purchased it as soon as it did, however when it got to me and i set it up i wasnt as pleased as i thought i would be! i had 8 photos and 3 mp3 ringtones on it and i went to take another photo and it told me to delete some as no memory left!! Also had problems wiv the battery being fully charged in the morning but by the evening literally dead!! But i love the look and the style so if you dnt mind hardly no memory and go for the style this is the phone 4u!

Reviewed by Sian from Wales on 22nd Feb 2006
I've just bought this phone on pay as you go after a year with my beloved 7610. I love the style of the phone, the carry case and tassle which come in the box are all colour co-ordinated making this is very much a phone for the ladies. But for a girls phone, I'd have to say I'm very pleased with it. You lads take for granted that most phones look macho, us girls have to treasure phones like these! The memory is no where near the 7610 for capacity though and I find I've deleted or transfered pictures/tones etc that I don't need to my computer to save space - saying that, It seems to hold an average amount of data. The camera on here, although a 1.3 megapixel is good and takes clear large pictures - I haven't have any problems with the phone taking 'shaky' pictures as others have. You can also zoom in and crop pictures. One of the main problems I have with this phones is that it's so new getting hold of ringtones, themes etc is very hard and I'm stuck with Nokia's very few basic ones for now. Although the phone doesn't have real leather on the back (Did anyone say it did!?) It does look very funky and I would recommend this to women who want a stylish camera phone with a good amount of features. If your testosterone fuelled and want to play games, look tough and show off about how many megapixels and memory you phone has - then this phone isn't for you!

Reviewed by Alex from United Kingdom on 21st Feb 2006
i have had this smelly phone for a few weeks now, and quite frankly, it's stinky! the camera is as jumpy as a trampoline, i can hardly see what is being displayed! And like Jay, i was disappointed by its plasticy appearance, leather would have been nice. It comes with very smelly accessories, which are hardly of any use, and all of the "features" on this phone are completely useless, all i have found to use it for so far is phoning, and haven't been able to use any of the special features, other than the eewy camera. I am afraid to say that the only good point is that it feels very solid sadly, my overall summary has to be : This is juts a smelly phone, and please avoid it, wait for the N series!!!

Reviewed by stephen from UK on 20th Feb 2006
Great stylish phone but you have to be a female:) Jay is wrong 7610's only have 1.0mp camera

Reviewed by Jay from england on 19th Feb 2006
this phone may be as sexy as the imaginative ad, but the only great thing about the phone is its ' amazing' colours and its flexibility (the back of the phone isnt even leather its plastic!). Thats it. wow it does have a 1.3 megapixel camera woopedoo WHO CARES . 1.3 m. camera phones have been round since sliced bread and they aren't great.My old nokia 7610 has one which is 2 meg i find it more helpful and useful than the 7370 ,and aslo as a phone. Web browsing not bad but its not a high speed XHTML kind that you would really exspect as a performance . its 8 x zoom is equivalent to a motorola v3 ( which has a awful 4 x zoom). Its 3d stereo speakers..what is 3d about the sound? Mulitmedia wise i like a bit, which is the only thing i like about it. On the whole i think it does certainly deserve an average, but many have been fooled and ripped off for the phones appearance. I'd say this phone is truely for the creative hippie, otherwise go for an N-series they wont go wrong at all!

Reviewed by Georgina from England on 15th Feb 2006
this phone is the best nokia phone brought out so far and i love the colour amber and the way you open it!!!

Reviewed by ablaheh goosaleh from england on 11th Feb 2006
this phone is propa wikid n i really liked it.it has a 1.3 mega pixel camera

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