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Nokia 7360 review

 Review: February 2006  


In a nutshell: The first in Nokia's L'Amour Collection, the Nokia 7360 is a beautifully crafted device, made from a combination of leather-inspired materials, etched metal, and transparent surfaces.


Apart from the look, there's nothing special here. The 7360 does enough to be acceptable for the money that you pay, but nothing more. It has an ordinary VGA resolution camera (0.3 megapixels) with a rather poor video camera. The display is below average for this type of phone. Ringtones are of average quality, although the phone does support MP3 ringtones. There's a stereo FM radio, which is definitely a plus, and an integrated handsfree speaker.

The small memory of the 7360 is one of the biggest disappointments. At just 4 Mbytes, there really isn't enough to hold more than a couple of short video clips or a few dozen photos. A single MP3 ringtone will probably fill all the available memory. This tends to make the phone's functions more of a gimmick than anything else.

Still, as we already mentioned, buyers of the L'Amour Collection are probably not motivated primarily by tech specs, and the 7360 is a good-enough mid-priced phone with a very special design, and if the looks appeal, then it's probably worth buying.

Nokia 7360 features include:

  • VGA camera (0.3 megapixels)
  • Video camera
  • Display: 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • FM stereo radio
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Voice recorder
  • Voice commands
  • Push to Talk
  • 24-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, E-mail (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4)
  • Java games
  • Web browser
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, HSCSD, EDGE
  • Connectivity: USB, infra-red
  • Memory: 4 Mbytes
  • Triband
  • Size: 105 x 45 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Talktime: 4 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 450 hours

Nokia 7360 user reviews

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Average rating from 97 reviews:

Reviewed by Manila Boy from Philippines on 25th Jan 2014
its already 2014 and i owned this phone for 7 years and it still works. i should say 'older' nokia phones are IMMORTAL!

Reviewed by Egbuna aloysius from Nigeria on 14th Oct 2013
This nokia 7360 consume my battery even when i am not using it for anything. Pls i need help

Reviewed by robert c from usa on 21st Nov 2011
Owned this phone for 6 years now...reliable and awesome!! tried other newer phones but always come back to this. It is a candybar classic!

Reviewed by Bu from Spain on 16th Nov 2011
I have had this mobile phone for six years and it still works. It's the best phone I've bought!!! It's true that it doesn't have very special skills, but it works perfectly for calls and sms! :D

Reviewed by Elmar Atiga from Philippines on 22nd Oct 2011
I have this phone for almost 1 year. But I'm starting to hate it because it will turns off automatically I don't know if what is wrong with my phone. It was started when I was able to open the GPRS and starting using FACEBOOK on my phone. Just sharing my experience...:)

Reviewed by Chanelle from u.k on 25th Aug 2010
This phone is abousoulty rubbish its pointless even having a phone.No bluetooth.Rubbish Camera.No music its just rubbish.im getting the Lg Town GT350 and its probly mmuch much much better than myy one do not get this phone !!!p.s its ok for about 6 year olds for a value phone lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jhoana from Portugal on 29th Jun 2010
I hate my cell phone! It is so old!

Reviewed by Kim. L from U.K on 12th Apr 2010
I hate this phone. It's useless. You can hardly do anything on it as there is no bluetooth, no usb cable so you cannot sync songs onto it and you have to purchase your music and apps on the actual phone using your credit and the cost quite a lot. I would NOT recommend this to anybody unless your into boring old phones that do nothing and waste you money.

Reviewed by gem from philippines on 1st Jun 2009
The 7360 is a good phone. not high-tech, price is low-mid range, but reliable. It's simple to use, very user-friendly, and stylish. Been using this phone for more than two years and it's a cool phone!

Reviewed by Jinxy from Romania on 13th Mar 2009
I miss my 7360! This was such a pretty phone. ^.^ This phone is nice for the basics (call and text). Man! I wanted pink, but they only had gold left. Sure the memory and features can't compare to my new 5610 XpressMusic... But the speakers on the 7360 were awesome. I could hear my phone from one end of my house to the other. The downfalls to this phone are the limited memory and camera. The pictures are really blurry.

Reviewed by einass from n/a on 28th Nov 2008
when i brought it it was worth 60 which, looking back at it, is a complete rip-off! i could buy a samsung g600 for 50 from woolworths, and it is much better. there hasnt been any troubles with it for me, except it changes my ringtones, and sometimes changes profiles. its an ok phone, wouldnt really recommend it to anyone though, except if you want a rubbish camera and video, no bluetooth and no mp3 and just need the phone to text and call, then i say go for it. however i am giving this phone a star rating of 2 purely because it is bug free, and designs is nice.

Reviewed by Norris from Yugoslavia on 28th Nov 2008
this phone is REALLY GOOD !! the camera is perfect and its really fast. iam most sylish one in my country all the girls want a piece of this phone BUY IT IN PINK !!!

Reviewed by ashliex from england on 8th Nov 2008
this phone has to be the worst phone ever! camera-rubbish memory-rubbish design-horrible everything about this phone is just wrong wrong wrong!!!

Reviewed by Jess from Australia on 13th Oct 2008
Really bad phone i was very dissapointed wirg its so called features. ):

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 10th Jun 2008
Well... This Phone Is Good For Calling && Texting . Although It Does Have A Very Small Memory && A Bad Camera Resolution && Video Camera . Memory Is rubbish . No BlueTooth ! But What Do You Expect For 40 ? The Design Is Absolutely BEAUTIFUL . The Battery Is Good . This Phone Is An Okay Phone... Not For Teens . Hope I Helped .

Reviewed by Jack from Nigeria on 6th Jun 2008
Nice one From Nokia but the memory and the video speed are awful. To whom it may concern, if you have the fone keep it its nice but as 4 me, mine is goin into my collection box. im gettin another fone!

Reviewed by Lara Rut from Iceland on 27th Apr 2008
have had the golden version for about 2 years now. It sometimes just turns off for no reason at all, wich is annoying! The camera is rubbish so never use it. But since i only need it for calling and texting its great.

Reviewed by Putin from Belgium on 21st Apr 2008
The keys responds straight & honest and is a relief to text msg with ease. The volume when it rings is outrageous to my ears but a deserving thumbs UP as opposed to my SE V800i which I held on only for the flashlight on it, but this simple model is adequate for the purpose it was made for, mobile and keeping it simple. A 4 out of 5 in my opinion.

Reviewed by Indrionas from Lithuania on 5th Apr 2008
I'm not gonna bit*ch about memory, mp3 or any other stuff you don't need, since I only use phones for making/receiving calls and sending/receiving SMS. The main problem I see with this phone is this: SLOW. It is very slow. You cannot navigate through the menu fast enough and this is very irritating. I have Nokia 6020 which is much older than this phone, but works like 3 times faster than this. I only give it 3 stars insead of 2 just for nice design.

Reviewed by K8ty from UK on 24th Jan 2008
I cant understand why people slate this phone. I had the gold version for 2 years and have now bought the pink version. Sure its a basic phone, but for 40 what do you expect. The high tech phones always break anyway. If you want mp3s then buy an ipod. Those of you complaining obviously have enough money to throw around. Always research a phone before buying. Nokia never made a secret of the low memory and low res camera so why are you moaning about it? A good but basic phone. Reliable and attractive. Best for people who just want to call and text.

Reviewed by sajida from pakistan on 8th Jan 2008
very nice mobile for 7360 i like it.this mobile is worlds best

Reviewed by Hayley from England on 3rd Jan 2008
I have just won one off eBay. It is coming through the post in pink!! My friends has it as well in pink. It is really Good.

Reviewed by AMRAEZ from AMERICA on 31st Dec 2007

Reviewed by Anton from UK on 27th Dec 2007
Waste of money. The memory is too small.

Reviewed by yteuy from gdsg on 15th Dec 2007
itz right but no mp3 so it sukz

Reviewed by Grace from Ghana on 3rd Dec 2007
I advise nobody to use this phone since it,s the most boring nokia phone. At first it was an imitation of nokia,s product but now that i know it,s from nokia all i have to say is that NOKIA YOU ARE A DISAPPOINTMENT TO ME

Reviewed by mummum from usa on 31st Oct 2007
hate the phone! waste of money!

Reviewed by Nhickxon Biagtan from Philippines on 10th Sep 2007
The Signal isn't functioning well. It drops at 0 every 1minute. I'm Very dissappointed on its memory. Nokia Must Expand its memory at any matters.

Reviewed by Dida from USA on 5th Sep 2007
I have an unlocked phone for traveling and although very simple, this phone is a good phone! I do not use it as a camera. If you need a camera, buy a camera not a phone. I bought this phone because it is easy to text on the bar style.

Reviewed by Farish Auleear from Mauritius on 28th Aug 2007
Its a lady phone....Girls should use it. L'AMOUR COLLECTION???????????? Learn from SE, NOKIA!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Michelle from Ireland on 15th Aug 2007
This phone is a waste of money. It looses signal all the time, alarm stopped working, there was no noise when it was ringing, some of the feature icons disappeared in the menu, it wouldnt unlock and it wouldnt turn off. I ended up having to take the battery out to turn it off. Very disappointing as i've always had nokia phones and never any problems.

Reviewed by rebecca from denmark on 12th Aug 2007
this phone is very pretty, easy to use.. but that's all the good stuff about about it. There's no mp3, no bluetooth, it's sooooooo slow and the camera sucks: no zoom, only 0.3 (!!!) megapixel. There might be a video camera but the maximum of filming is 1 minute and 15 seconds.. You can't barely save things on this cell, 'cause there's almost no memory. unless you delete the java games, tunes and so on. Another minus is the infra-red: IT DOESN'T WORK!!! DONT EVER BUY THIS PHONE. IT'S RUBBISH..

Reviewed by Jim from Ireland on 8th Aug 2007
I only need a basic phone and I was happy with this one until the ringing died. I never know when I'm getting a call now unless I have it in my pocket and it vibrates. That is a bit of a drawback. Texts too are silent.

Reviewed by Daisy from Uk on 6th Aug 2007
Should have had bluetooth Better memory And other features that phones now days all have.

Reviewed by Nicole Sychronizer from Los Angeles on 17th Jul 2007
this is an alright phone which could have improvements made but its the best phone i have had in my life and i am a singer. I really think that once the memory is lager it could make as much as the pussy cat dolls first album made in a month.(10m)

Reviewed by karen from ireland on 9th Jul 2007
its a good phone but it has afwul memory!!!!!

Reviewed by yonkz from uk on 7th Jul 2007
i bought this fone thinkin that it would be good because it looked amazin. it is rubbish!!! i have had it for less than a year and already it has been frozen up five times!!! it does not have very good memory, it cant store a lot of music. but it does look good and it can be very handy. if you wanna buy a fone that only looks good, then i guess this fone would do the job. but, if u wanna fone that has good features then dont go for this fone.

Reviewed by labz from portugal on 5th Jul 2007
i luv thsi fone its a beauty fone whoe va mde it i luv u its as sik fone i bet dis iz da bst pinky fone ...i luv itttt

Reviewed by maryan from england on 1st Jul 2007
i dont lyk dis fone da best fone is samsung U600 becuz its jus cute n dis fone is jus rubish hw cum it onli holds 1 song i fought my fone was bad 4 music (nokia 6111) but jus goes to show looks dont alwayz make da fone gd dont judge a book by its cover

Reviewed by justina criddle from bridport dorset on 29th Jun 2007
i am deaf and disabled one eye is half blind i have tunnel vison and my spine have operation metal, i like nokia moblie 7360 i like learning how text and photo just enjoying things i hope bit cheaper for me i like best vodafone let me know thanks from justina

Reviewed by Rebecca Wears from Britian on 23rd Jun 2007
This is a beautiful phone, I would like to buy one in gold it's very beautiful and unique in it's own special way. I would pay for this phonje whatever the ammount because it has all the good features, like an mp3 player good memory space and a an excellent camera. It is my type of phone!

Reviewed by yazmin from u.k on 20th Jun 2007
this fone is gr8 except it's memory and no bluetooth i have the pink one but now have the nokia 7373 which is so mych better i advice if u r a person who likes to listen to music dont buy this fone

Reviewed by Richard from Scotland on 20th Jun 2007
The design is the only good thing about it. Good if you are an art student, but if you want something decent, blah. Nokia are trying to corner all parts of the market, music, photo, budget-wise, so its no wonder they're trying to go somewhere else with this. Argh, focus nokia!!!!!

Reviewed by hotbitch from england on 18th Jun 2007
thiis phon3 is cut3 !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Ricardo from Scotland on 10th Jun 2007
Despite being designed as a "fashion" phone, it's not really a looker. And 4mb!!?!!?! That's about as much as a goldfish with amnesia. Saying that I only bought for 25 so I wasn't expecting much anyway. It only gets it's stars because of the price tag.

Reviewed by Shelley Rowlands from Azerbaijan on 8th Jun 2007
I bought this phone because of its look. I don't use cameras or videos on phones so that doesn't matter to me. I also liked the quietness of the key pad. Unforunately I had to return the phone as the sound quality was very poor. Callers sounded like they were a long way away and when I increased the volume it became fuzzy and sounded like a tinny old radio. Shame really as it is a good looking phone.

Reviewed by Monisha from India on 5th Jun 2007
The most beautiful mobile handset from Nokia. An excellent example of Beauty with Brains.

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 3rd Jun 2007
brilliant phone good value

Reviewed by Tasnim from Uk on 1st Jun 2007
its a good phone! i dont know why people are complaining so much! the phones got a good camera and has radio, their are down sides though like it doesnt come with bluetooth but it does have infrared so i love the phone! its beautiful!

Reviewed by syed from uk on 31st May 2007
nice designer phone, very basic feature...

Reviewed by safe from the kingdom of the united on 31st May 2007
i got this fone and it was wicked love the looks only 1 prob was the memory but hey the guy gave me 50 quid for it when i exchanged it for another one, i only bought it for 130, and had it for a year. top fone

Reviewed by Nikko from Ghana on 24th May 2007
This is not a phone. its a toy. the keypads are so hard. its waste of money. dont try it. i doubt if Nokia really came up with this. its a disappointment

Reviewed by Karimi from Kenya on 14th May 2007
pleases whatever you do dont buy this phone it sucks!!wasted my money thinking it was areally cute phone.the memory is low..the phone surface scratches easily and when it fell it got a big crack..the key pad is fading etc etc nokia was asleep when they made this phone!!IM CHANGING TO SONY ERICCSON!

Reviewed by Ashanty from England on 4th May 2007
The phone is rubish I wased my money I want it back...

Reviewed by Rachel from Walton on Thames, England on 2nd May 2007
I love it, the best phone I have ever owned.

Reviewed by Pau from UK on 1st May 2007
This is the worst phone I ever had in my life!!! I am a big fan of Nokia, and I have been buying their brand for 10 years now, but this phone is absolute rubbish. I really don't care about cameras, music etc... since I only use my phone for calls and text. However, this phone is not even able to accomplish the basics! the battery lasts one conversation and if you get your cheek to close to the keypad (like when you speak on your phone!)it just get crazy and starts dialling itself. BIG BIG dissapointed and I don't understand how Nokia has something as terrible as this on the market.

Reviewed by Jenna from England on 29th Apr 2007
This phone is the best i have had i think, it has a very stylish design and is different from alot of the other phones. I own the warm amber/gold version which has a floral pattern on it. This makes it very feminine. Its great for people that dont like the common phones, its unique and sophisticated! However the only dissapointment is the low memory, but i am not too bothered by this. It has everything i want on it and has been a very good phone!!

Reviewed by sandy from uk on 27th Apr 2007
the worst phone in my life

Reviewed by Rireina from Brunei Darussalam on 20th Apr 2007
this phone is suckzzz!!

Reviewed by pooki from dunno on 9th Apr 2007
ugly phone and da camera is rubbish!!! what a waste of money

Reviewed by Amina from England on 13th Mar 2007
Well this was my first phone and although it looks very good, it does not really have the features that I was looking for, such as: Bluetooth, mp3, a lot of memory space, memory card etc. All I can say it that when it comes to choosing a phone a good style on the phone is not everything!!

Reviewed by Sophie from Spain on 12th Mar 2007

Reviewed by Sarah from Ireland on 10th Mar 2007
This phone is not even worth touching it it has no memory everyone in ireland who bought it after 2 weeks said it was very bad which i totally agree with it!!!Nokia phones are gone really really bad!!!!!!!!I wud advise no one to buy this phone because u r only going to be disappointed!!!!!!!TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Katie from Doncaster on 9th Mar 2007
Nokia 7360 not good! Because no bluetooth and no good camera clear, I love Nokia 7390 ;)

Reviewed by Ruby from Ireland on 6th Mar 2007
Dis phone is de best LOOKING phone but defo not de best things on it. It has really bad meomry only4MB!!!It has a real bad camera only 0.3 megapixle- come on its pretty bad on de inside. After saying this it is de best looking phone nd best size nd shape!!

Reviewed by keri from England on 4th Feb 2007
great looking and good battery life.....but thts it! no bluetooth rubbish camera, only short video length and basically its gt nothing.only buy this phone if u dnt wnt ne extras!

Reviewed by Lynn from Ireland! on 12th Jan 2007
OK It's pretty n all. (I ave the pink one) But there's no bluetooth, realy bad camera, 16seconds video recording time, bad memory!! Not too impressed!! But come on it's PINK!! I'll forgive Nokia!!

Reviewed by Yasmin from South Africa on 10th Jan 2007
Disappointing phone to say the least! It just looks good but doesn't do anything great. No bluetooth, no decent ringtones, my battery has never charged properly and I had to send it in for repairs within a few months.

Reviewed by sven from germany on 20th Dec 2006
I love it.. Its almost perfect, the only dissappointment is the low memory everything else is excellent. Im proud to have it and ill 100% keep it for good.

Reviewed by WINNIE from UGANDA on 6th Dec 2006
I like the functions and performance. Its a beautiful phone, feminine - in my view. I was particularly impressed with the downloads and the phone packaging. My only complaint is that I failed to activate the reserve battery. Does it exist?

Reviewed by KT from UK on 1st Dec 2006
this is a good and very reliable phone. i have had it a year now and not once had any trouble with it. the price was a bit much but what do you expect for a fashion phone? a good buy

Reviewed by caesar from philippines on 24th Oct 2006
itsa good phone, though, 4mb is not quite big... i had it last week, but im planning to buy the one with storage card

Reviewed by Stephanie from Scotland on 13th Oct 2006
The phone is okay. it does what it was made to do, however, quite misleading. websites mis out that thereis no blue tooth and a terrible memory. Brand new phone, ready to move on already. Quite disapointed.

Reviewed by mohan from india on 11th Oct 2006
Hi this is Mohan from india.This phone is Excellent in every aspects,very comfortable in handling.voice conference is too good.

Reviewed by Sue from West Mids, England on 30th Aug 2006
I upgraded to this phone because on the website it looked nice. Shallow I know! When I recieved it I was not impressed. It felt cheap and the little tag thing on the side looks ridiculous. The buttons on the phone are quite small which makes texting a little awkward. The phone is quite chunky and not as slimline as I thought. I have sent it back and will go into a shop and view the phones next time.

Reviewed by cheryl from UK on 23rd Aug 2006
The phone is good if you just want it as a phone, but these days people want more than just a phone! So compared to the others phones out there on the market, my advise is to buy those phones. As there's nothing special about this one at all! There's no bluetooth, the games are rubbish and to honest it doesn't even look that good.

Reviewed by sherwin from philippines on 21st Aug 2006
all i can say is its a good phone, but not so interesting features! when i hold it, i i use to have a nice grip on it! it is good,will done nokia.

Reviewed by Sully from England on 9th Aug 2006
Rite the reason i give it 3 stars is : 1) No memory card 2) no bluetooth Without these in the present days u can do nothing with a such type fone! but overall it is gd for people who want a basic phone. anywayz i like it its ok but no memory card come on? and only 4 mb thats a joke! but overall i think nokia have done a gd job LOL!

Reviewed by Kellie from England on 14th Jul 2006
Hi Peeps - update!!! I have just sent my phone off to Nokia - the software to solve the answerphone issue has been written and is being put on my phone! Once this is done the phone will be the best nokia I have owned....get contacting Nokia me luvvies! xxx

Reviewed by Praveen from India on 3rd Jul 2006
Its a very cute phone, with sufficiant memory. The FM radio quality is great along with the stero speaker. The Camera is good enough to take some pracious photos. Good phone Nokia

Reviewed by Jitendra from UK on 23rd Jun 2006
I currently own a Nokia 6230i and was offered this phone as part of free upgrade with Orange. Without knowing too much about the model I accepted the upgrade based on the premise that I may return it if it did not meet my needs. Well, after owning this phone for about 1 hour, I have concluded that it is about as useful as a steaming pile of dog poo. I suggest you stay away from this model. I have sent the model back as it is not up to scratch. Poor memory (only 4 MB), poor camera (only 0.3 MP) and poor screen. This model is designed for the handbags of women that like to strut their stuff on the Kings Road in Chelsea. If you are looking for a serious and practical handset the Nokia 7360 is not for you. I suggest you stay away from this model even if it's offered to you free of charge.

Reviewed by Heather from Glasgow on 14th Jun 2006
Best phone that I have got. Good for texting alot...Lovely style, best is coffee brown. Well done for Nokia!

Reviewed by Karen from Manchester Uk on 1st Jun 2006
Got this phone today sim free Up to now I love it, for the money it is a great little phone, and will look great in my fendi bag.Nokias Rule.

Reviewed by Kellie from England on 30th May 2006
The phone is beautiful! The memory is sufficient, however, the issue with the answerphone is annoying!I am sick of spending money checking my answerphone because of a problem with the orange network! I bought the phone from the orange website, on an orange contract - come on Orange get ur act sorted!!

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 23rd May 2006
This phone is aweful, I only had it a day and sent it back. No expandable memory and it felt cheap! Do not be fooled by the good looks of this phone, what is underneath the surface is a extremely disappointing!

Reviewed by sarah from - on 14th May 2006
this fone is buzzin init ! best fone evah..jst luk at it!!

Reviewed by AsHLEY from england on 12th May 2006
I have this phone and its well good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it and come on its a gold phone LOL xxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by fairy princess from scotland on 9th May 2006
had this phone for a week and a bit now, and i love it! gorgeous colour, not many choice of themes though.... but who cares?! top notch, love it to bits!

Reviewed by Muhammad Fahim from Pakistan on 30th Mar 2006
It should have Expandable memory option. Only the beauty is not the matter. It should have some more features.....

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 13th Mar 2006
Certainly one of the best phones Nokia have released in a long time

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 13th Mar 2006
Certainly one of the best phones Nokia have released in a long time

Reviewed by Nokia Fan from on 7th Mar 2006
Well i have just had my phone stolen and i am not to pleased!!!!!!!!!! but when i first saw this i though i must have it. i am a boy but the phone is all around very good. just 2 b on the safe side i am getting it in the coffee brown colour. anyway good features all around with an excellent cover to match. well done nokia. l'armour collection rules! 5 Stars *****

Reviewed by christy from luong on 22nd Feb 2006
this phone will diffenatly turns heads with the fab design!

Reviewed by Laura from Scotland on 14th Feb 2006
Excellent phone, just bought it today on orange. Nice phone to hold, and works perfectly. Very pleased. Looks VERY stylish too lol.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 13th Feb 2006
Oh dear...where to start. For what it "does" this is a hideously overpriced piece of equipment. 3MB non expandable memory means that by the time you have put a few pictures on it, or even an MP3 ringtone then the phone is full. Shocking "themes", and un-responsive buttons don't really help too much either. Nokia claim it will turn heads...Perhaps that's only so people will turn away so you can't see them laughing at you ! A new low for Nokia. Not much "amour" here !

Reviewed by jessica and olga morrell from hudds on 12th Feb 2006
very good

Reviewed by momo from gunchester, england on 11th Feb 2006
yo ppl dis phone is off da hook not da best around but it deserves 2 b in da top 10 wit k750i and all dem but it buy it record partys wid it scatter!!!!

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