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Nokia 7280 review

 Review: May 2005  

Last updated June 2006

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 7280 is the third and most extreme of Nokia's trio of "fashion phones" - the other two being the Nokia 7260 and Nokia 7270.

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The 7280 has a unique design. In fact, it's a phone that defines the word "unique". There is no keypad, only select, send, end, and 2 soft keys. Instead, the phone is operated using a voice-activated user interface. The phone has an active slide that opens to reveal the camera. You can also answer and end calls by opening and closing the slide.

Now, you're probably wondering "how does it work?" or maybe just "does it work?"

The phone is intended to be operated mainly through a voice-activated interface, and voice-dialling and simple voice commands seem to work well. However, relying on voice commands is quite risky, as they can easily go wrong especially in noisy environments (parties, clubs, etc.) Also voice dialling will only work for pre-configured numbers. If you want to dial a different number, or if voice dialling just isn't working for you, then you need to start using the keys. As we mentioned, there's no numeric keypad, but there is a select key, 4 soft keys and a rotating pad - a little like the controls on an iPod. The rotating pad is used to navigate through the on-screen menu. This makes for a clumsy user-interface that is only really suitable for occasional use. Whilst scrolling through a list of names in order to make a call may be a pain, texting is very difficult indeed. You need to scroll through a list of characters using the select button to select each one. Even with predictive text, sending messages this way is going to make you wish you'd got a normal keypad.

Visually the 7280 is stunning, finished in black lacquer, red and chrome, with a mirror-like display that can actually be used as a mirror. A small Nokia fabric label sticks out from one end, and the top of the phone flashes red when in use. The screen lights up when you slide the phone open. The handset is slim and lightweight and fits easily into a pocket or handbag. It has been compared with Art Deco lipstick, and that pretty well describes how it looks.

Let's take a look at the features that you get. The display is a small 65k colour screen featuring a subtle red glow that "exudes mystery and excitement" according to the Nokia blurb. The camera is VGA resolution and there's no video recorder, just a video playback facility. There's no camera flash, so taking pictures at night is going to produce disappointing results (despite the 7280 being marketed primarily as a phone for night-time use!) The phone includes an FM radio but no MP3 player. In other words, if you strip away the styling, this is a very ordinary phone with limited features that would probably retail for not much more than £100. But that misses the point of the 7280.

Reading the Nokia marketing material, it's clear that Nokia don't intend the 7280 to be used for regular business or daytime use. Instead it's designed as a second phone, or a "night phone". Viewed in this way, it seems to be a much more realistic option - at the end of the working day, you leave your normal phone behind and step out into the night with the 7280 in your pocket, to be used for calling, taking fun pics, occasional texts and general posing.

In conclusion, don't buy it for its features, definitely don't buy it for value-for-money, be aware of its limitations and preferably use it as a second phone. But if you want to create a big impression and have people drooling with curiosity to see your phone, then this is the one! The Nokia 7380 updates the look and features of the 7280.

Nokia 7280 features include:

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I have this phone is there anyway to get it fixed seen as it a very old phone now?

Asked by Rums from England on 29th Oct 2017

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Average rating from 84 reviews:

Reviewed by 234 from California on 19th Aug 2012
Thanks to nokia...

Reviewed by kiran from india on 4th Jan 2012
superb and stylish and unique phone cute and lovely i using from past 6 years

Reviewed by Cecilia from USA on 2nd Aug 2011
I have had mine since 2005 as well. It has been a great phone -- just love it!! Everyone asks me about it. Alas, it is finally beginning to die so i am going to have to get the new iPhone...

Reviewed by Jo from Greece on 3rd Apr 2011
I have it since 2005 and it works perfectly. I love it. It`s unique. Everybody ask me what is it. MP3 or email texter. Now I have a BlackBerry but I hold it when I fee I miss it.

Reviewed by Ella from Uk on 16th Nov 2010
I currently have an iPhone but I went looking for my old one of these. JOY, I found it! I had such fun with this phone (everyone wanted to have a play with it because they were convinced it wasn't a phone) they are now selling for up to 160 on ebay but I wouldn't part with this for the world!

Reviewed by kk from sg on 22nd Mar 2009
if u can navigate ur ipod, u can navigate this with no problem.

Reviewed by matipi from lesotho,Africa on 19th Jul 2008
I have the phone and i like it very much and i advice yall who dnt have it already to bye it althought its really hard while texting and ya! so if u knw u hv large palms and fingers dnt bye it , jst kidding it a really remarkable fone and its still my favorite out of my phones even though i bought it a few years ago!!!

Reviewed by nozuko from south Africa on 19th Jun 2008
Well I like the phone and I advised my friends to buy it, it's nice, porteble and light weight. I love my phone very much and it doesn't give me any problems so what are waiting for, go for it you won't regret. Chawuuuuu!

Reviewed by Skipper from Netrelands on 22nd Mar 2008
I think this phone is for people with lots of time and feeling for fashion;)The music on this phone sounds great, and the phone itself looks awesome! texting is hard, because there is no keypad, also no java.. but hey? why would you waste your time on games when you could also listen to the radio, music, making pictures and other cool stuff!!:)

Reviewed by Shanny from USA on 5th Mar 2008
Nothing like it.

Reviewed by jacinta from oz on 4th Jan 2008
Omg some tool said theres snaped in half, well your the tool that snaped it in half, that has nothing to do with the qwality of the phone, but your ignorence. omg. Dnt give it 1 star because u snaped it in half. I'm postive it didnt sanp its self. And I think mine is very strudy and well built. Goshhh

Reviewed by sarah from australia on 4th Jan 2008
Omg I lve ths phne rght. I hve it as a 2nd phne 2 my hiptop lx (sidekick lx 4 th americans) nd lke bsly hve it cz it is ht. I rly lve th lk. Al my frnds r lke jals of it rght. Nd I'm lke alwys gtn ppl askn abt it wtch is so ttly kwl. I only evr use it 4 clln. Txtn is wht my hiptop is 4, it rly is a txtn phne. Bt I rly sjst ne hu wnts a sxy phne gt it. Lve it lng lme.

Reviewed by paul from nigeria on 3rd Jan 2008
i like it

Reviewed by Edna P. from Philippines on 28th Nov 2007
I love this phone. But mine was not working now. Hope I can bring it to the Nokia Center next week. And hoping that Nokia Center-Phils. can replace the broken parts easily. I still want to keep this phone even if it's already been repaired. I like the unique style, I find it sexy! It's a girl thing!I love it!

Reviewed by Adam from USofA on 15th Nov 2007
OK. first of all, let me say that i STRONGLY advise you not to listen to these other people who, well frankly, are illiterate morons. I mean, they rate this phone with one star, and complain that it has no JAVA or keypad. seriously?!? DID YOU EVEN LOOK AT THE PHONE YOU WERE BUYING?!? if you wanted a phone with JAVA then BUY ONE!.. But don't sit there and moan because YOU didn't do your research. Anyway, this phone does EXACTLY what it says it does, it looks great, calls are great, it defiantly turns heads, its extremely unique, and is all around a fun phone to have. The camera is not too bad, no worse than my last phone. If you want great pictures, um, buy a camera. I don't text so that really was not an issue when i was deciding on this phone. If you are one of these speed-texting freaks who NEED the unlimited text plan, then no, this probably isn't the right phone for you. I don't see how this phone could be "only for girls." Obviously right? haha, its a great looking phone for ANYONE. So if you are similar to me, and just want a functioning, unique, stylish, different, reliable phone; yes i recommend the Nokia 7280... BUT PLEASE..before you buy any phone, the BEST thing you can do is make sure you do your RESEARCH FIRST!

Reviewed by samantha from england on 6th Oct 2007
i love my phone i find it easy to use and very easy to put in my pocket. the look of this phone is great

Reviewed by Jade from England!!! on 3rd Oct 2007
I have this phone but i got a rd and white case for it!! it stopped working one day tho and it coulnt turn on!! i had short battery power tho cuz i always played on it!!!!

Reviewed by Veniesha from Jamaica on 17th May 2007
This phone is stylish and unique. I think not having a keypad will makes the ratings of the phone increase. Having no keypad is definig the uniqueness of the phone.

Reviewed by balaji from india on 23rd Feb 2007
nokia 7280 is excellent

Reviewed by gem from uk on 8th Feb 2007
had this phone over a year and its just brill

Reviewed by michelle from england on 3rd Feb 2007
this phone is great,super the design is small and cool i love it

Reviewed by Donie from ireland on 23rd Jan 2007
SHUT UP!! IDIOTS! Clearly you people are too damn slow to understand this work of art! Jees, its cool, its different and you get the best reaction from people when they see it!

Reviewed by Andrew from USA on 14th Jan 2007
I have had this phone for more than two years and I can say it is pretty good.It has good features- VGA camera(does not record video) Bluetooth, Infrared, MP3, FM radio(I've used this feature quite a lot) great interface as well as design.However I found many problems though.For example, every time you want to get peep of the clock I had to open the fone- it can not show the clock as a screensaver- it always had to be the looking- glass- no bad- it was useful, but it can not be turn off- as a rule after few seconds the morror appeared on the display. Well, there is a light indicator, wich illuminate red light smoothly, when the phone is at stand-by and vigoriusly, when I've missed a call, or have an SMS.The ringtones are fantastic, they are so unique, as the phone itself is! The waltpapers are great as well- they so represent beatiful and stylish pictures and animations!Another problem was the batery- now, when the phone is used almost 2 years- it is very weak- stand-by around 2- 2,5 days.:-(- the battery can't change one big MINUS!Shall I mention the design- only a few words- the upper part slides- great effect- it slides so smoothly- there is a assistant mechanism- works great I wonder- how many times I have opened the phone- well the right number is either 1470, either - 730 don't know- I made a simple equation- once upon a day -730 and twice- 1470 for 2 years. So conclusion- if you want a stylish phone, with reasonable features and unreasonable high price about 400 dollars, and you do not care about SMS or megapixel camera, but still want bluetooth and unique stylish design- buy it- it will be your stylish accessory- secret mobile- it is great choice for girls, do not laugh, i know I'm not a girl, but I'm a gay, so there was not much difference, in spite of the fact that other pupils at collage laughted at me at the baggining, calling me "Gay" , but after that I kissed a boy in front of my whole class, they understand, and stopped- ao boys the phone is for girls and gay- boys only, sorry!

Reviewed by elle from australia on 28th Oct 2006
i think it a great phone and for all those people who say it stuffs up well i have had mine for ages and i havent had one problem and texting isnt so bad once you get used to it although if u do txt alot maybe this isnt the phone 4 you it looks great and turns heads even though its doesnt have mp3 u can record i have recorded over 40 songs and still have heaps of memory love this phone!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mark from England on 7th Aug 2006
Complete Rubbish. Phone kept crashing. Couldn't switch off. Screen broke for no reason. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Dazza from England on 19th May 2006
i fink dat even though this fone looks good its a pile ! mine completely snapped in half lol !

Reviewed by michelle mckeown from england on 11th May 2006
hi this phone is rubbish [ i wouldnt even give it 1 star!]it has been back and forwards from the shop for repair ,it just dont work ,it looks great but i cant use it .it locks up on me all the time!its driving me mad! the wheel only works now and again when it feels like it,sometimes cant evan turn it off! think twice before getting one as the phone shop said there is something wrong with the software on them ,i dont know weather this is true but it seems to be the case with mine,i only buy nokia but im goin to think twice next time ,good luck u will need it !

Reviewed by sholape from england on 30th Apr 2006
this phone is good if u lyk 2 listen 2 music on the go but it can also break easily.

Reviewed by ryan crabgrass from england on 3rd Mar 2006
good phone but the voice activated technology take time to get used to and you can only use words that are programed into it

Reviewed by JasonJ from Ireland on 23rd Feb 2006
This phone has little features but deserves its 4 stars for its chic look. I love it. However the 7280 is really rare to find in ireland. The 7290 is coming out this summer and it will ROCK EVEN MORE!

Reviewed by Moby from UK on 11th Feb 2006
Great style device. Anyone that bought this for normal day-to-day use is stupid. Its a great show off phone for talking not texting. Once you get used to the wheel its pretty easy.

Reviewed by Willer from Greece on 8th Feb 2006
The phone is excellent. It is a fashion phone. Comments about practical aspects do not play here! This phone is the art and should be treated that way. If somebody wants all-functional-smart-ScFi telephone then s/he can buy one - there are dozens of models, with all the latest Windows and Symbians. I would also add that I don't think this is a girls phone only! The comparisons with lipstick and similar are not objective. I have never seen a lipstick of this shape and this size im my life!!! Lipsticks are much smaller, more curved, do not have buttons, etc. This phone looks much more like an MP3 player or hi-tech digital camera. If this phone is a girls phone because of its shape, then all MP3 players and nice cameras are designed for girls only too! The whole serie 7 is about style and fashion, regardless of your gender! I like all those phones.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 26th Jan 2006
This fone looks cool and has unique features such as the dialling feature - apart from that it has nice little extras such as FM radio, Bluethoot and Infrared but nothing esle. Overall a good phone with a unique style.

Reviewed by pankil patel from india on 15th Jan 2006
this is the best model of nokia i had ever seen. i know it is little bit odd using it but once u know how is use the features and the phone u will find the phone to be made for u. i m already using 4 phones but i liked this the best out of sony erricsson w800i , samsung d600 and nokia n70 . i like nokia 7280 most.

Reviewed by Raf from USA on 14th Jan 2006
It's difficult to take most of these reviews seriously. Why? Because most of these morons can't even spell! If you can't even spell you probably can't read very well either. My guess is that you are a dimwit when it comes to technology and there's still a flashing 12:00 on your VCR somewhere. Please, if you are technically challenged, stay away from reviewing what you do not understand. Sheesh! This is just a plain old phone with lot's of style and a new user interface. No java, no great internet access, not a great camera and you can't play Quake on it. The user interface does exactly what it was designed to do and it's styled to impress. The phone works just fine. Period. You want to take great pics, get a camera.

Reviewed by jordan evans from liverpool on 5th Jan 2006
how could most of u idiots give it a 3 star or lower. its the most stylish, a decent camera, voice dailing and a voice interfaceand everything else bar video and java which u dont need and noo one cares about them

Reviewed by Jonathan Slater from Glasgow on 26th Dec 2005
It is the best phone ever! the thing that put me off was that you can only download stuff off of bluetooth when on most phones you can do it straight from the computetr. Other than that it was great.

Reviewed by Elena from UK on 14th Dec 2005
This phone was purchased in February 2005 - and is currently in for repair for the second time. Maximum talk time is 18 minutes before battery runs flat. Standby time is unpredictable. The phone completely locks up for no reason - and the only solution is taking it to the dealers for servicing. Don't waste your time or money on this phone. Get something more relaible and predictable.

Reviewed by daniela boneva from uk on 24th Oct 2005
I'm not happy at all. The baterry is dead till the end of the day. I don't know, I really sorry for that one. I even spoke with Vodafone with no results. They said, that's normal.

Reviewed by RAMBO from USA on 16th Oct 2005
When I first saw this phone in Malaysia, It was offer to me as Singtel phone. The guy who offered the phone,said it was new. I try it. In one week, i gave it back. He told me, that Nokia was thinking of putting their name on it to help Singtel, but it wouldn't help the phone. That was two years ago. Now this phone is poping up all over with NOKIA name on it and is not helping Nokia. If you have this phone GOOD LUCK!! Within a year, I think you will give it away. SORRY SINGTE!!!!!

Reviewed by Michael from Netherlands on 11th Oct 2005
I had many problems and bugs with this phone when I just bought it. The screen was turning off suddenly when playing ring tones, or when I got called. sometimes, accepting calls did reject the call. And sometimes the phone hang for a few seconds etc. Also the ringing tone was ascending when you put it on ringinn (and not on ascending). Finally, i found out that I had an old firmware version 3.24 on it. Press *#0000# and it should tell you which version you have. So, I went to a nokia service centre and they upgraded to the last version and now all the above problems are solved. It is amazing, now I can really enjoy it. BTW, the Ipod wheel, you get used to it. The predicitve spelling has really improved, and the wheel makes little clicks. You have to use the voice commands as much as possible and put the most used numbers with voice tags as well. You press 'names' or the button on your bluetooth for 3 seconds and then voice activation starts.

Reviewed by mms cabbage from cabbageville on 26th Sep 2005
There should be more phones like this. This is a phone for calling people and keeping in your handbag. It is stunning and very easy to use once you have all your numbers ported over.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 23rd Sep 2005
Screen turns to a mirror when not in use, but also in sunlight making it difficult to see the screen outdoors. Also had problems with it from the second day, poor battery life, random signal failure during calls. Tyr something else!

Reviewed by 7280 fan from london on 10th Sep 2005
excellent!brilliant!this is the most beautiful phone nokia ever made!!so trendy and so sexy!!the only problem is that it takes time to write a message!but i suggest you buy it,fits with anything!!!if you don't care about mp3 player or a memory card,it's for you!

Reviewed by marie haines from england on 2nd Aug 2005
i had this phone as a gift and i have had continuous problems with it, it was brand new when i had it, the screen flashes white when you try and text on it which gives you a permanent headache and sometimes when you lock the keypad you cant unlock it, it wont even let you turn it off, i would not recommend this phone to anyone, i have had it repaired 3 times and it has come back with the same problem every time

Reviewed by phonelover from UK on 1st Aug 2005
it's a really good phone..definitely very stylish..it doesn't have many features...the signal is pretty bad...but you're buying the phone for the style...not really for the functions...the only problem i have with this phone is that ..sometimes..when i put it in my pocket..it calls people...so it's pretty annoying..but other than that..it's definitely worth the money..

Reviewed by Jonas from Sweden on 28th Jul 2005
Excellent 2nd phone. Great for nights in night clubs. Will still be unique in a few years to come.

Reviewed by J@M$ from M@NCH$TR on 27th Jul 2005
This phone is the sexiest phone that has ever been made, it may not be good for texting but why not phone the person instead, this phone is a cut above the rest, its fashion in a pocket, thiss phone is the buisness and if you want your friends to jealous then thiss is the phone for you.

Reviewed by rio from brazil on 19th Jun 2005
nokia what have you done??

Reviewed by applelock58 from uk on 18th Jun 2005
what a bunch off moaners i have been dealing phones for 5 years and not in one of those years have i seen anything like this its new age technology to the extreme and i love it yes it has no keypad or no mp3 but who give a monkey because i dont ive had this for 3 months and i did have a problem with the phone at the start because the little ribbon that connects the screen have snapped so i took it back and they gave me another one so what is it with people these days they ask for technology they give technology and then they dont like it so what i am trying to say is that you shoud give a second think about this phone because its amazing and im a expert on mobiles as i worked in germany delivering nokias phones so please consider it!!

Reviewed by Mr. Cool from some cool place on 13th Jun 2005
This bar-phone totally rocks ... Altho' it has no new features , but this time Nokia is selling fashion 'n' style . For those who like to show off , this would be the perfect 1 !!! >.<

Reviewed by Jordan from Uk on 12th Jun 2005
This phone really does have it all, the looks, features, all my mates at school crowd around asking if they can have a play on it. Everyone loves it and so do I !

Reviewed by MysTycal from UK on 11th Jun 2005
I have had this phone for an agonising 6 months and have finally persuaded the contract people to let me change it for a different handset before the contract ends, YES this phone DOES look good, WOW, how good is that,,, it is hard to use, tiny screen, no java, and the whole phone keeps freezing, so i have to turn it off and on 5-6 times a day, just to keep it alive, Nokia this is the RUNT of your litter and should have died at birth. PPULLLLEASE!!!

Reviewed by Grant from Australia on 25th May 2005
I gt this phone 3 days ago and simply it is useless.It has no keypad and the screen is really small.and the voice commands screw up because of background noise. the camera is average but it has a really weird design. when i first showed it 2 my friends the asked me what that is. they did not belive me that it was a phone. it has a weird but cool and sleek design. but the features are awfull. some people might like this phone but i don't . i am taking it back 2morrow and getting a 6230. the 6230 actually has buttons.dont buy it it just really stinks

Reviewed by Lien from United States on 21st May 2005
this isn't the best phone...but it's okay ...it looks very nice...and definitely will get you noticed when you use it...but it looks very weak...sometimes i have a feeling that mine will fall apart...i've used it for a month and a half...and i haven't had any big problems with it...the style is nice...it doesn't have a lot of features...but the features it does have..work well....and for the person that said this phone sucks because it doesn't have a keypad...which makes text messaging hell..well...before you bought the phone..you knew it didn't haev a keypad...so this shouldn't be a problem to be complained about later..and ...i actually think text messaging using this phone is much easier than other phones...

Reviewed by MICHAELA from ENGLAND (middlesbrough) on 16th May 2005
i got this phone @ da weekend n i think its mint! i love i walked in the shop lookin 4 a samusung came out wiv a sleek lipstick phone! i think its trendy, no1 as cn alot of these phones! i cnt stop showing it off!! ive bn robbed wiv my contract but hey no worries! lol...camera is small but takes excellent pics, u need a lead 2 start working ur mp3 play but use ur voice recorder instead, thts wot im doin till i get ma lead! lol i sugguest tht if u want a new phone get this 1 !!!

Reviewed by CLG from UK on 7th May 2005
really sophisticated looking phone- beautiful. sadly, its a scroll around phone which is very time consuming and frustrating

Reviewed by Sarah from Leicester on 3rd May 2005
Hiya everone, i have a 7280. The good points about this phone is got a good camera and people look at it and say WOW never seen that phone before. Great 4 looking good. The bad points about the 7280 is not very good 4 texting its slower then my other phones but am getting there with this phone. Lots of luv and kisses ........!

Reviewed by me from you on 2nd May 2005
i got this phone a few weeks a go and i had my doubts about it but now im totally cool with it and texting has become a lot easier. The camera is fantastic and all the features are great. Everyone who sees it are amazed that it is actually a phone and i love how it looks. It's a real eye catcher and i'm so glad i got it.

Reviewed by Chris from Hong Kong on 1st May 2005
This is a rubbish phone. There is no keypad, which makes texting like hell. The camera is rubbish,and no java.

Reviewed by chelsea from england on 29th Apr 2005
this nokia phone is a very good piece of hardwear i no as i have used it it is very technical to the use of having nokeyboard and just using the joy stickas the key pad

Reviewed by anna! from anna land! on 28th Apr 2005
Well!its weird aint it? but on the hole its an okay fone!I got it last week and it has crashed once!the screens titchi! i am taking the fone back in a min and swapping it 4 the o1 x3!mp3 pkayer n stuff!any way....i wudnt recomend this fone unless all u want 2 do is look at it n sumtimes draw it?????????

Reviewed by lewis from england on 27th Apr 2005
well by the look of the phone i would give it a 5 stars imagine tacking that into a club getting it out and people saying o wow that phone is amazing people enving you wanting it looking sleek cool rich and stunning!!!! well looking at other reviews you either love it or hate it but i think most people LOVE IT!!!! i do

Reviewed by JAMES from ENGLAND on 25th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Felicia from Malaysia on 22nd Apr 2005
Very Bad because no memory card.

Reviewed by Rach from London on 19th Apr 2005
The prettiest phone I've ever had.. Also the fewest gadgets. Wish it had email and I could think of a few ways to make the predictive text work better. Love the camera, and colour resolution and internet.. and the light effects and sound quality. Get it for looking lovely, dont get it if you can't live without texting, as it takes for e v a h...

Reviewed by nick from - on 17th Apr 2005
Dont buy this phone it USELES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it breaks down, the camera is rubbish!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Grant from Scotland on 15th Apr 2005
I dont own the phone i just want to say remember you cant video record and it has a small screen

Reviewed by shifat from bangladesh on 14th Apr 2005
now this is something you have never seen before.this phone is tricky wiht similarities to the ipod.if you are looking for functions ths is not the mob for you.however,if style is what your looking for, you've found it.lets face it this beauty was made for making a huge first impression like the 8910i.it is tricky and hell in emergencies, and the screen is just too small,but if its your image all that matters,just get it.

Reviewed by Ben from Scotland on 7th Apr 2005
This is the best mobile I have seen in while. The mob looks smart and compact and an overall rating of 5 stars. BUY IT NOW!!!

Reviewed by dandaman from australia on 5th Apr 2005
The nokia 7280 that I bought a few weeks ago was absolutely stupid, it had mad functions but the camera did not look goog and the internet on the mobile didnt even working.

Reviewed by Ric from England on 4th Apr 2005
This is nokia jumping on the iPod bandwagon, visually similarly to the iPod shuffle but unfortunatly that does not make for a good phone. Very small screen+of poor quality and very difficult to use when drunk and trying to get numbers off girls you meet when you are both drunk... cool and a novelty until everyone gets one

Reviewed by clarke from cribb on 1st Apr 2005
this phone is absoulutely brilliant with great looks and outstanding features!!!!!!!!! a*****

Reviewed by jayni from england on 31st Mar 2005
usless phone! i advise you not to get it. very tricky and confusing to handle. not very good for emergencys. also it looks quite tacky.

Reviewed by Mark from England on 26th Mar 2005
It's so good looking and this phone is for people with style,i loving it

Reviewed by ChaoticD from Malaysia on 21st Mar 2005
This phone will definitely make heads turn. The first day I brought it into the office, ALL my colleagues asked "Is that really a phone? How do you open it? Where's the keypad?" and I had to tutor every one of them, many times. Personally, I bought this phone because of the looks. I am fully aware that text messaging would need a little more effort on this phone and the somewhat limited VGA camera, even before buying it. My advise is if you're going for looks more than feature (I tell you, girls drool over this phone), pick this one. If you're going for feature more than look, than there are other Nokia phones that excel better. Secondly, my advise is - use this phone as a secondary phone, probably for casual/party use, never for an office use. Typing messages can be a hassle. But honestly, you have to admit, it's quite a gorgeous design, right ?!

Reviewed by kitkat from England on 17th Mar 2005
How do you use this thing. I bought one about a week ago and after having immense trouble with it eventually took it back to the store. Its very fiddly and just does not work like a proper phone. Do not get one unless you have very small fingers!

Reviewed by Pete D from uk on 16th Mar 2005
I wasnt sure when i first started hearing all the hype, but i really think this phone is fantastic. I find mine so easy to use, even without the traditional keypad, and even answering a call makes me feel like a 5 year old seeing Star Wars for the first time. This is an exciting phone that will have you exploring its features for hours. Personally, i hope this phone encourages more phone designers to push the boundries out. Nice one Nokia, and thanks for the pretty lights too.

Reviewed by adelle from n.ireland on 16th Mar 2005
the sleek design has many people bursting to see it. their curiosity is almost pushed to the max, wanting to know how each feature manages to operate. the controls itself are quite unexpectantly easy to use and with minimal buttons it allows you to control and use it much more effectively. the camera is not as clear as some of the recent models but i feel that this phone is out on its own and for anyone who wants style and sophistication this phone is definately a must.

Reviewed by someone from somewhere on 16th Mar 2005
it dont look gud infact it looks ugly. has no style, big and chunky, u can get cheaper and better fones than this one. dont buy it.

Reviewed by Pete Davies from UK on 16th Mar 2005
I loves me 7280, its the gadget i've dreamed of since i were a nipper. U want this phone. U need it. Slick As *%&B#.

Reviewed by nathan chester from UK on 16th Mar 2005
this is a phone i want in my poket cant wait till it comes out

Reviewed by frankie from UK on 13th Dec 2004
this fone is real ace! u shud see the new bluetooth gadgets it is compatable with. this fone is worth getting!

Reviewed by No Lie Gie - Look at me eye from UK on 30th Nov 2004
Phew! It's 'kin pony, mate

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