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Nokia 7270 review

 Review: March 2005  


In a nutshell: The Nokia 7270 is another "fashion" phone from Nokia, part of the fashion trio that includes the Nokia 7260.


It's a beautifully styled clamshell phone with rounded corners and made from a combination of metal, textiles and plastic. The textile covers are changeable and a matching soft pouch and carrying strap is supplied. The digital content (wallpaper, screensavers, etc) has also been styled to match the covers. In addition, optional style packs are available that complete the look and include leather straps, phone jewellery and a credit card case.

The external display is a 4k colour display, and uses STN technology rather than the superior TFT, so can be hard to read when outdoors. Open up the clam, however, and inside is a bright active matrix display with 65k colours and 128 x 160 pixels, which is good for a Nokia but not as good as the competition at this price point. The camera is VGA and includes a video recorder - again nothing special for the price. The functionality is definitely better than the 7260, for example the 7270 supports MP3 ringtones, and there are some useful features like an integrated handsfree speaker, voice dialling and a voice recorder, but in terms of functionality the Nokia 7270 is not an exceptional phone when compared to others at this price. In parcticular, Bluetooth™ is noticeable by its absence.

The worst feature of the Nokia 7270 is its weight. At 121g its around 30% heavier than the average Samsung clamshell. What do Nokia put into their clamshells that makes them so heavy?

Putting aside the weight issue and the fact that the 7270 is less well specified than any of its similarly-priced rivals, we have to admit that its an exceptional phone. It does just enough to stand comparison with other top-of-the-range phones, and it looks beautiful. If that's what matters most to you, then buy this phone and don't look back!

Nokia 7270 features include:

  • Main internal display: TFT 65,000 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • External display: CSTN 4096 colours, 96 x 65 pixels
  • Digital VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom / video camera
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email, instant messaging
  • Polyphonic ringtones & MP3 ringtones
  • Integrated FM radio
  • Java™ games (downloadable and pre-installed)
  • Push to Talk (PTT) functionality
  • Speed dialling
  • Voice dialling, voice commands, voice recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Phonebook (255 entries)
  • Calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, calculator, to-do lists, notes, translator, size converter
  • Connectivity: Pop-Port™ (USB), Infrared, SyncML
  • WAP 2.0, XHTML browser, GPRS class 10, HSCSD, EDGE (up to 236.8 kbit/s)
  • Triband
  • Size: 88 x 46 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 121g
  • Talktime: up to 4 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 270 hours

Nokia 7270 user reviews

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Average rating from 125 reviews:

Reviewed by Vicent kisogo from UK on 26th Sep 2009
Generally,the phone is good.But this phone can not surport Adobe flash player,and no blutooth.Otherwise it is good!

Reviewed by maliha from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
This mobile sucks!it has no bluetooth n no memory at all!pls do not buy this mobile phone

Reviewed by hibx from UK on 1st Oct 2008
i hate this mobile!its the worst mobile ever.it has only 15 MB and no memory card.this mobile stinks!

Reviewed by Mutoni from UK on 22nd May 2008
I used this phone for just over a year - I am currently awaiting my upgrade, and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Reviewed by Mathew from UK on 23rd Nov 2007
I've had this phone for quite sometime now. It has lasted the longest out of any other phone I've had, its very durable and stylish, i love it. Battery life isn't too good and I'm unfortunately having to buy another phone as it does not charge anymore. I will not be getting this phone again. It does not have an MP3 player, but does have a radio. But i have an iPod so it suits my needs just fine. The Camera isn't great quality but is still good for pictures. Be careful mot to scratch the metal casing as once you do so it is very noticeable. Overall this is a great stylish phone and was a great little thing, nice fashion phone and a great little trend. But like all trends they sooner or later die.

Reviewed by husnain abbasi from UK on 12th Nov 2007
its best of other

Reviewed by faiz from UK on 4th Aug 2007
good try

Reviewed by SEAN from UK on 3rd Aug 2007

Reviewed by hassan from UK on 25th Jul 2007
it was an amazing and stylish phone. it is simple to use and have wonderful features and it is designed for you.

Reviewed by kate from UK on 19th Jul 2007
i adoooooooore this phone. it was a hand me down that ive had for about a year so the batteries not so great but still lasts 2 or 3 days. ive decided to replace this phone just because of its age and lack modern features such as bluetooth or an mp3 player. im gutted nokias have got so rubbish as well. they're all ugly and huge. as a result im gona have to stoop to a samsung :( but i'll definately be keeping this phone incase i have any problems.

Reviewed by Nkechi from UK on 5th Jun 2007
my view is that the nokia 7270 is simply good. But there are some functions that are not there like blutoot, memory and the ringing tones are not current. taking picture: nokia 7270 can take picture but does not store and play.

Reviewed by sanjeshni from UK on 28th May 2007
i like this phone

Reviewed by K from UK on 8th May 2007
Except the fact this phone has no bluetooth, this is really a good solid phone to have. My Nokia N80 has messed up on me many times and going back to this was like a breath of fresh air. Long live non symbian phones!!!

Reviewed by jalal_immortal from UK on 26th Mar 2007
very good

Reviewed by Dara from UK on 23rd Jan 2007
This Is The Best Fone Ever But The Camera Dose Get Dusty

Reviewed by Jeannie Kaye from UK on 20th Jan 2007
I have read many of the reviews on the 7270....I have to say this a fantastic phone.I love it so much i have bought a new one online before the stocks ran out.So if the the one i'm using at the moment breaks or is lost i have a new copy to carry on with.I am very sorry that NOKIA felt it necessary to discontinue the 7270..as,not all of us users req.all the bells and whistles of it's upgrade...This has quite enough..

Reviewed by bobjimwhit from UK on 22nd Dec 2006
this is the best 'phone in the world, unless your a girl. Its solid, big letters/numbers on a bright screen and big buttons for sausage like fingers. If you want something "pretty", this ain't for you. If you want something that works, this is it. I've had one (well two really) for nearly three years and just starting to show signs of ageing (camera fogging etc) but it has had a very hard life. I want another but you can't get them any more.All the flip top ones (i want a flip top as the screen and buttons are protected when closed) look like some little girl designed them. Anyone got another 7270 they want to sell please ?

Reviewed by Uzee from UK on 3rd Jul 2006
The 7270 is a must buy. Good picture quality with variable modes. Night mode is recommended for indoor picture taking. To get excellent MP 3 quality- you may use infra red, It is a solid build, with good signal and battery strength, Several themes and profiles. Has a radio too (not a CD player). There is Virtually nothing to complain about, except if you want a camcorder or PDA. Very clever and stylish phone from Nokia. It is phone and a lot more. I have had mine for over 11 months and it has never let me down.

Reviewed by Kay from UK on 4th Jun 2006
I've had this phone for just over a year - I am currently awaiting my upgrade, and I have no complaints whatsoever. No, it doesn't have an MP3 player BUT does have a radio (I have an iPod so I couldn't care less about the former). The camera quality is very good, and it's easy enough to use. I adore this phone BUT I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying it because there are far better phones on the market. I upgraded to the 6111, and Nokia lost a devoted fan with that phone. However, the 7270 is good at what it does.

Reviewed by Halford from England on 2nd Jun 2006
i have had this phone for a year and now its comin up for a trade im giving it a review. the phone has served me well, rarely letting me down over battery and signal, it isnt a very common phone which i liked as it meant no1 else in my group of mates had it. the fabric outer is quite clever, my first thoughts were "cool, but wont last over a month, after 12 months the original black cover is stil attatched and doesnt look tatty. overall i like the phone a lot and would highly recommend it. however: -the camera isnt very good quality, although this is due to the price -the volume switch on the side broke after 4months and so i could only ever have full volume or 'mute audio' -bluetooth isnt on this phone which often prevents file sharing with more upto date phones. i am pleased with this phone and would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by ems from on 16th Apr 2006
i've had this phone since xmas, and i fink its brilliant!! ye the battery may not last as long, but it lasts longer than 1 day hu eva sed dat! and also the camera is very gd, the video quality is good! the memory is good aswell! it looks stylish and no one else i no has it... but ma mates love it! its unique!! if u want a stylish, sexy, good working fone, den get this one! i promise u, u wont regret it!! and i fink for its price it is excellent!! there are so many different features, voice recording, loudspeaker, longer video time, quick GPRS, and also the fone moves fast! dosnt take ages to skip from one thing to another! i fink it is far better than a lot of fones at the mo! ive always wanted to change ma other fones, but i fink i am gonna keep this one for longer than a yr!! the signal is always dere, always full bars, back dosnt fall off and theres even room for a charm on it to make it more sexy! u wont regret gettin this phone promise!x!

Reviewed by Mr Mc Nabs from england on 1st Apr 2006
stunning, great for an everyday phone with extra class

Reviewed by benchord from new zealand on 1st Apr 2006
This phone is junk coz the camera is rubbish.Mine got stuck twice in 1 day DO NOT BUY THIS FONE IT IS RUBBISH. scc

Reviewed by Julia from Malta on 19th Mar 2006
this phone is only gd 4 appearence.. rubbish otherwise.. the mini display is really bad.. an it also runs very slow.. it is once of the worst phones ive ever had..

Reviewed by Pauline Williams from U K on 15th Mar 2006
I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT !!!! soooo trendy and easy to use. Luv the key pad as I can see the keys without my glasses as I am over 50 !!!

Reviewed by joe wan from uk on 12th Mar 2006
i think this phone is excellent...partly coz iv got it, but still its an awsom phone! im a dude n i want th next installment of the fashion range, the 7370! i fink th phone is proper sexy, gets alot a gals ;) and its very trnedy. Altho ppl say both these phones (7270 & 7370) arnt that good, bad memry, small camera etc etc, i fink theyre awesome!! go out and buy one of them. go n buy them both if u can!!

Reviewed by Treb from england on 11th Mar 2006
Had mine for over a year, had the 7200 before it ( this phone is an upgrade of the 7200) In simple terms i cant fault it...I mean Its a Nokia!!! AND its a clamshell......bluetooth would have been a bonus....but its a Nokia Nuff said!!!

Reviewed by holy from northern ireland on 5th Mar 2006
i think its a really good lookin fone, but can u buy other suede covers for it. i have gems on mine but its nice to change it! the camera sn't the best but its gd enuf 2 take a pic nd look at it. the settings r easy and i have always had nokia - they r easy to adjust to

Reviewed by Phoebie from England on 17th Feb 2006
For the last person who commented on this phone (Sian???). Why are you replacing this for a 6111??? This is soo much better and more stylish! Sorry but are you mad???

Reviewed by Sian Charlton from England on 11th Feb 2006
Had this phone well over a year now and it has been a truly reliable phone. I am about to change my Nokia 7270 as it has no bluetooth/MP3 and I am due for an upgrade but I will be sad to see it go. If your looking for a stylish, easy to use phone with simplitic features and cool games go for this one. I'd like to see mine go to a good home. Mind you i may have to keep it handy as i'm awaiting my 6111 and just read the reviews on that ('pile of rubbish' was a common quote)

Reviewed by prince anthony from philippines on 10th Feb 2006
O! god its beautiful but it doesnt have a bluetooth

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 2nd Feb 2006
i love the design of the 7270, its stylish and stands out. the functions i am not very impressed with. battery is poor, memory is poor im always deleting pics and ringtones, signal is poor i find it hard to get signal when other ppl on the same network with different phones have good signal, no bluetooth, ant the clip on seude covers always come off when it is in my bag. on the other hand like any nokia it is easy to use and texting is great with the big buttons.

Reviewed by Ruby from England :) on 29th Jan 2006
I love my 7270. It doesnt seem to have the dodgy signal that so many other reviewers seem to have. It stays on full signal in and out of calls. Guess Ive been lucky. Ive had mine just over a year now on Vodafone. :) luv Rubz!

Reviewed by sameed from pakistan on 25th Jan 2006
i was deciding to give a mobile as a gift to my sister.at the time i saw it i was impressed by it because it was the most beautiful clamshell and i bought it.it had nice features but again the nokia company did the same as with the nokia 6030.they had given an unaffordable price .i mean a high price for a phone which gave less features in return such as no blue tooth a vga camera instead of a megapixel cameraand a 65k screen.the thing i liked about it was the accesories i got and no reliability problems.so i sold it and paying a tiny bit more i bought the samsung d500.i wouldnot say that the nokia phone is very beautiful but has nothing in it.i am saying that they provide limited functionality for the price.they should take a lesson from sony ericsson and samsung.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 24th Jan 2006
Sophisticated, sexy, stylish. Very ergonomic & easy to use. Not unlike a Motorola V3 once you get onto the keypad and into the menu. Nice clear screen and not a bad camera. Love the snap on suede covers - very sleek. And the groovy little bag to carry it in...cool. If you want to stand out from the crowd - this is the phone for you.

Reviewed by Masalu Justus from Tanzania on 16th Jan 2006
It is wonderful beyond what words one can say.

Reviewed by Niamh from Ireland on 11th Jan 2006
From working in a Phone Shop i get to see a load of different models...i have the pick of the bunch...i was instantly attracted to the 7270...love the sleakness and gloss finish...numerous of friends have purchased it since. The only flaw is it took a while to come to Ireland.

Reviewed by Mimi from Australia on 30th Dec 2005
I loved the phone but DO NOT put a water bottle straight in the same bag with it :'( tear

Reviewed by Stacey from UK on 19th Dec 2005
I think the 7270 is a good all round phone, its a shame about the signal though. My sister had it and the signal was constantly all over the place in and out of calls. But I still think it is a quilty phone. :)

Reviewed by ilvija from Latvia on 7th Dec 2005
it is amazing! I dont want any other mobile ;)

Reviewed by Smacker7270 from NewYork on 6th Dec 2005
verry good phone i like the design it's the best phone in da WORLD !

Reviewed by sarah from n.ireland on 6th Nov 2005
had this phone since april. had always wanted a flip phone, but prefered nokia's as i find them easier 2 use, so when i seen it i said i had to have it!! would have liked bluetooth though. camera is good quality, although with a small memory I have to constantly go through my Images and Videos and erase some so I can store new ones. have had some trouble with messages, in that it won't tell me when i don't have space for new messages and I would sometimes go for a few days atleast, wondering why i am not receiving any. the push to talk feature is a bit pointless, don't know what it is for. i have recently noticed the sounds have changed. the standard warning tones, i.e. message sent confirmation, have went kind of high pitched, but all other tones are still the same. over-all i am quite happy with this phone, but am lookin for ward to the release of the nokia 7370 in early 2006!!

Reviewed by Dan Leballs from Scotland on 31st Oct 2005
its a very good phone with everything you could ever want on a phone. it is reliable and has a n excellent camera and the reliability is excellent his is the best phone in the world you must buy it.

Reviewed by from on 30th Oct 2005
when i saw the amazing and futuristic design of the nokia 7270 i was quite im presssed.it might look nice and have nice covers but its just not good! THIS MOBILE IS DISGRACEFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -no blootooth -no flash -colour is dull and really bad -TOO little meory! mine already got stuck 4 times in the past 2 weeks ANYONE WHO IS THINKING OF BUYING THIS PHONE PLS DONT! in fact after only 3 months of having this phone im, going to sell it and buy a samsung!

Reviewed by Joe from Aus on 15th Oct 2005
To the person who wrote "reception is about the network not the phone," you are blissfully unaware that in fact some phones do experience poor 'reception'. After scientificially testing the same network on two different phones I found that to be the case, so don't be so quick to discount this person's observation, because you've been too irrational in your euphoric lauding of this phone to take the time to think.

Reviewed by howies from uk on 9th Oct 2005
Have had this phone for 7 months now and have had no problems at all. The camera is not the best but I use the camera function on a phone only occasionally and the pics are not that bad. The phone features suit me fine, although O2 had to phone me and go through the mms settings all by hand, on my samsung E700 they could send them in a text but now it is set up the mms are sent much faster than the samsung did.No problems with signal strength at all and the calls are clear. The battery lasts about 3 days if on all the time with occasional use but recharges quickly enough. I was able to synch everything I needed on my pc with the pc suite via the usb data cable without any glitches so I am a happy user so far.The only niggle is the Push to Talk button, currently useless here, as it can be pushed on quite easily if the phone is in your bag.Easily turned off again when you use the phone, but a minor irritation.I haven't found any of the newer nokias to be as solid as this so wil l stick with this for a bit.

Reviewed by Muhammad Saad from Pakistan on 8th Oct 2005
Nokia 7270 is too great!!! this is the First phone which i,ve ever got!!!...it rocks but as it lacks Bluetooth..but still Good...

Reviewed by lol from UK on 1st Oct 2005
ThiZ phoNE rox.............It HAS all that i NEEd... BUY IT!!!!

Reviewed by Colin from Scotland on 27th Sep 2005
I have usually had Nokia phones, although prior to owning this I had a Samsung clamshell. I liked the look of this chunky 7270 so thought I would go back to Nokia Plus points - Nice big screen, big number buttons.Surfing the net is easy. Radio is okay. Quality build, feels like a real phone. Loudspeaker good. Loud enough ringtones to hear in a busy environment. Minus points - Battery life appaling. Reception unbelievably bad. (With another Nokia I can get a full signal while with this I get nothing) PTT is undoubtedly a great feature but until it is widely adopted by UK companies that PTT button is wasted. Would be nice to be able to assign it to something. Camera quality poor. Very little memory on the phone and no option to increase it. Large fingers will struggle with the navigation buttons. Sreen not bright enough in bright sunlight. Summary - In principle I still like Nokias. Sadly I would not recommend this as a business or a fun phone. There are better options out there.

Reviewed by Name Name from - on 25th Sep 2005
I have had this phone 4 6 months n i still love it! Its soooo chic n stylish. Iam 15 n has all of the features that i need! The camera is well good n the ringtones r mint aswell!!! It isnt a popular phone which is great cos Iam the only one i no with it! I would recomend anyone to get this phone! To the person who wrote the reception was poor- reception is about the network not the phone and the colour resolution is bright and "crispy"!!!!!!

Reviewed by xOsx from England on 24th Sep 2005
This phone is well good !! I love it and the camera is mint ! I never have a problem with signal its always nearly full. I am 14 so I need a phone that isnt gona embarrass me but its propa stylish n retro chic. !! Propa recommend it !!!! Luv xOSx

Reviewed by pete from england on 10th Sep 2005
My sister has this phone and all i can say as a nokia owner myself is this phone is a huge embarrassment to nokia. I have a 6680 and comparing the features, the display and overall performance, the 7270 is really bad. It weighs just a few grams less even though it's not a smartphone, it's not 3G and doesnt have bluetooth. The display is also nowhere near as good as nokia's S60 phones. Mine is bright and crisp, 7270's is dull with really bad resolution. Even reception isnt up to nokia's usual standards as it hardly picks a signal when at home. I dont recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Dave from United Kingdom on 2nd Sep 2005
Excellent little phone, although despite trying loads of times with Nokia PC Suite I was unable to transfer music files onto it. Had to do it through my partner's 6230i and transfer via infrared. Sound quality is excellent (better than the 7610 I previously owned). Those complaining about the camera, come on what do you want !?!?! It's really not that bad at all and the quality of the main screen is excellent. Im already well pleased with my purchase.

Reviewed by mon from on 22nd Aug 2005
I have had this phone for about a month now, upgraded from the samsung E800! Graphics one this are very different to samsung, if you want colourful fun graphics go with samsung, the menu graphics on this are very basic like old nokia, and the colours are alot duller then most phones, but i like it, it has cool themes you can set the screens to! Looks wise i hated it at first but it was the best of a bad bunch on o2 Online really, however i have grown to love it it does feel a little plastic compared to my old one! i bought some cool leather covers and it look stylish. Im an art student so i think it suits me with the cool design and originality. As people have said the mini display screen on the front is very pixalated, but it does the job and tells the time when its closed, whats cool is you can have differnt settings for it mini and for the big screen, different wallpapers etc! Camera not as good as samsung and no flash, which is a bit annoying, but i has video, i only take quick pics anyway otherwise i use a normal camera!! Buttons are so good, they are big and feel good to press!! Nice shape, smaller then what i thought it would be! and i like how the red black and silver design goes throughout the whole phone! Doesnt hold as many messages as i would like or had before and didnt receive any messages for a day because it was nearly full, but you just have to delete them every so often! Reception/signal is about the same as most phones, no bluetooth but i have never had bluetooth anyway! Cool charger too, its weird! dont like the headphones it came with so i bought some separately. It definately is a combination of different textures and materials, probably not practical for everyone, but it will do me for the next year i hope! my boyfriend has the new 3230 which does have better graphics, games, but has few to many features for me, and is bit slow! Overall good phone, wont suit everyone, but is funky, and stylish, good fun, and easy to use!

Reviewed by Ems from UK on 17th Aug 2005
Hey ya'll. got this phone in may, its a quality phone. much better than my brick which was embarrasing to have but so glad i got a top of the range phone to replace it. it has everything you want, apart from bluetooth but who uses that anyway, its got infrared, that will do. the only downside i would say is the battery life. it only lasts for a few days, sometimes 4 but depends how much you use it. signal is like any other phone. theres nothing wrong with it so i don't know what people are chatting about?! buy it, you won't regret it! x

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 17th Aug 2005
I hate this phone and 02 won't change it! DO NOT GET IT. The battery lasts for all of 1 day and then goes completely dead, leaving you stuck with no phone half the time.I lost the first phone, and its the same with the replacement. Also the signal quality is so poor that you can't get a signal most of the time, particularly when inside. Its just a pain. Other lovely features are that its ugly and bulky, and only has the capacity to save 100 text messages, ALTOGETHER, meaning both sent and recieved. Overall its just a useless phone, and should be sent back to 1995 where it belongs!!! Anyone who says this phone is good has probably never owned a camera phone and thinks its brill for being novel.

Reviewed by jacstar75 from Sydney Australia on 16th Aug 2005
Still waaay too expensive in Australia right now, but the good news is, it's cheap as anything overseas. I bought it in Hong Kong for about AUD$360 (that's about 150 pounds I think??). Easy to convert to local network, Nokia care centre did it for free under warranty for me. Haven't figured out how to upload new games and tones on it yet, but I love the snooze function on the alarm (good for travelling and actually USING the alarm!!) and the Disco game has me hooked. Photos I took with the camera are amazingly sharp, emailed them to myself and they're fantastic!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 8th Aug 2005
Looks great and generally is brilliant. However if you set an alarm when the phone is plugged into the charger after it goes off the phone will freeze and the battery will have to be removed...thus you cannot have the snooze feature. Also signal can vary a lot and is no where near as good as on previous nokia models. However I still prefer nokia's in general for being user friendly and this is no exception

Reviewed by Caroline from USA on 4th Aug 2005
I am so disappointed with my new Nokia. It was a birthday present, I have only had it for a few days, but already i am distressed because service signals fade in and out, and I cannot make or receive any calls or texts when I am within a building. That makes the phone virtually useless, because I am a college student away from home, so I use my cell as my main phone. I was much happier with my previous Nokia, a 3200, which never has any service problems, incuding during travel to other countries. I love the look of this phone, but it is truly not functional. I am going back to my old phone.

Reviewed by Christine misiak from england on 29th Jul 2005
Bad points: too bulky, too fat, not ergonomic, no bluetooth (which is a bummer), cover is too glossy so it scratches easily. Good points: good camera, nice crisp large screen, mp3 tones. in conclusion the phone is just too big and has no bluetooth (which is what we want these days)!!!! poop!

Reviewed by paul maclean from england on 26th Jul 2005
nokia 7270 i ask 02 for a upgrade from the nokia 6600 which had everything you can think of. i said i liked the look of the nokia 7270 thats wot i got it rubbish dont no where to begin. the only good thing i can say is that it holds its power. where the nokia 6600 was rubbish with that. and i do agree with one commnt on here and thats dont get any phone from 02. i spend alot of money each mounth at least 50 to 100pound a mounth on contract phone into my second year i lost my phone which i pay a insurance for they treated me horrid and was very rude manners. we are paying there wages treat us with repect paul maclean

Reviewed by tracey lowe from shropshire, uk on 17th Jul 2005
Had this phone since feb 05 and its been back to o2 twice. Continually loses signal, texts come through in a group, some as late as 24 hours after being sent and no calls can be received or made. The phone itself is distinctly average. Big and bulky, basic, the only reason I chose it was because it was a NOKIA. Dont let that fool you into a false sense of security. Nokia's are normally excellent, but this must be a lesson learned. Rubbish phone, rubbish features, zero style. DO NOT BUY!! PARTICULARLY FROM o2!!!

Reviewed by Rosie from scotland on 7th Jul 2005
i LOVE this mobile i think its AMAZING just its to expensive i say lower that price

Reviewed by Karen from Australia on 6th Jul 2005
this is the best fone... =) i don't understand why these peope are complaining about it so much... its a good fone... yeh it may not have bluetooth but its not much of a problem... its pretty good yeh the battery mite be a bit annoying but its not much of a hassle... cos the charger is cool and very different to the normal boring ones... and yeh having fm radio on it is gud too... i can go arond listening to de radio and so on.. i dun understand y in sydney hardly anyone has this fone its such a cool fone!!!

Reviewed by Davo from Melbourne, Australia on 4th Jul 2005
This mobile really really is the best I've seen from Nokia. Don't let those bad reviews degrade you from getting this wonderful mobile phone. Also, don't base your final judgments on those dummy models from those mobile phone dealers. - They're nothing compared to the real thing! This model will really satisfy you since it has features that may seem median according to the reviews but are actually kick-ass in real life. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"; NO WAIT... "BEHOLD!, your eyes will be stunned by it's beauty"

Reviewed by Lazar from Serbia and Montenegro on 23rd Jun 2005
Nokia 7270 is the best phone in the WORLD!!! It has fantastic camera!!! MP3 is exellent. NOKIA NOKIA NOKIA

Reviewed by from Australia on 19th Jun 2005
This phone is so overpiced and so outdated. The screen is rubbish. Nokia should be ashamed of themselves for putting only 128x160 pixels in such a huge phone. Battery life is only average and doesnt justify it weighing like a brick. The UI is the same old series40 and the graphics are just terrible. There is no bluetooth and the camera is rubbish. The build quality isnt so good either, the flip in mine cant close properly after only 4 months. My advice is, if you want a descent clamshell, avoid nokia!!

Reviewed by Robbie from Melbourne - Australia on 11th Jun 2005
The editors review for this phone definately does it justice. While it does lack bluetooth, it still looks more unique than any other Nokia out there, and does everything I want it to do - Importantly, to be able to play snippets of mp3's as ringtones and message tones. Getting a data cable is highly recommended cos that way you can upload your own hot wallpapers for both the mini and main display. I also love the leather snap-on covers you can get in Nokia's "Style Pack" - they're HOT!

Reviewed by Tara from UK on 9th Jun 2005
Briliant stylish phone, shame it hasnt got bluetooth, but other feautures are good,but battery life not as brilliant as other models which lets it down.

Reviewed by Tom from Southampton on 6th Jun 2005
Awesome phone, lose the detacable covers though and its a cool phone. Light for what it is, camera is good for a nokia and the screen is huge! Nice and loud speaker on the phone, ive been enjoying chopping up songs to make ringtones. Can get it free on many cheap contracts in the UK, and well worth it in my opinion espeically if you want something different - everyone who has a nokia has a 6230 these days and this is something a little different. Shame about the lack of bluetooth, but apart from that this is an awesome phone with one of the best camera's nokia makes at the start of the year.

Reviewed by diva! from plymouth on 5th Jun 2005
very ugly, but i have to say... very decent phone and very light! bye! :-)

Reviewed by kris from india on 3rd Jun 2005
this is to all the teens out there who want to show off in style. this is an idiel phone 4 teens 2 have fun and have a good experience in everything. outstanding! but there is only a limited amount of memory to spare and no bluetooth.

Reviewed by sub from Australia on 30th May 2005
really good phone...yes very good indeed

Reviewed by Rahul from UK on 29th May 2005
It's quite a good fone-- it looks cool and the wraps are kinda funky. But the annoying thing is that it doesn't have bluetooth, and plus all the themes it comes with are kinda dull so the colors arent really used. Other than that.. love the radio, mp3 and its definitely original.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 28th May 2005
Ive had this phone for about 3 months and im bored to death with it, its the same old Nokia rubbish OS with no bluetooth...!! WHY?? Why no bluetooth?? Its bulky and boring and at present i'm receving texts up to 17 hours late on O2. I suppose its good if you just want a phone to be a phone, no gimmicks. The net browser doesnt display pictures properly, cant get email working, the mini screen on the front looks like the old ZX Spectrum computer graphics, it's just a boring phone really.

Reviewed by Raj from London - England on 23rd May 2005
I got hold of my Nokia 7270 almost a week ago and so far it has been excellent. As i already have a Sony Ericsson K700i (which is probably the best phone for features) I needed a phone which LOOKED good. And so far it has passed with flying colours. Part of the 'fashion range' from Nokia, I've had more than my fair share of stares when i classily pulled it out in public with my MP3 song as my ringtones blarring out. Some might say the worst feature is the lack of bluetooth, but as i have a phone with bluetooth, it doesn't affect me as much. It has infa-red which is just as good if you can be patient sending files. I would say the worst feature is the external screen, which as mentioned above uses STN technology instead of TFT. Slightly tinting the luxury look of this phone. At the moment i am addicted to the game which came free in the phone called Disco. But lets not get into that. Overall i would reccomend it - if like me, sometimes you need to look and feel good!

Reviewed by Chris from England on 21st May 2005
I bought my Nokia 7270 for 99.99 with O2 Line Advance last month - and sent it back after 2 days. Maybe I had a dodgy one, but the back was loose and some buttons rattled - whole thing felt cheapa and bulky. Wallpapers and display themes are dull in colour and too stylised. Camera features: disappointing for a phone I had to pay for. Am replacing it with a free Samsung E720 - just to try something new. If that's no good I'll stick with my trusty old Nokia 7210!! A shame, because I've always been happy with Nokia, but they seem to be disappearing up their own backside in trying to be too different.

Reviewed by lisa from england on 20th May 2005
the phone looks quite cool but all its features are quite basic. Who ever said is does not do mp3 is wrong tho1 u can download them.

Reviewed by Cliff from Malaysia on 13th May 2005
This phone is way cooler than any that nokia has ever produce. For a clamshell phone, it has a lot to offer. First of all, it is designed to do away with an external antenna, which is not such a common feature amongst clamshell phones. It also has enough memory space to store numerous amount of mp3 clips, and when played back through it's speaker, sounds sharp and distinctive, but not as good as the speaker on SE K700. Built quality impresses with a mix of piano-style plastic covers, real steel covers, and a variety of cloths to snap on the phone. true it is a tad heavy, but that just gives you the impression that the phone is built without compromising it's quality.

Reviewed by William from Austraila on 13th May 2005
The Nokia 7270 is one of the best phones of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone who says this phone is bad dont deserve to be near or even own a phone because they dont know what they are talking about!

Reviewed by jbs from england on 12th May 2005
sent back my samsung E720 after just 2 days as it was a real disappoinment after the E700. Got this instead and I love it. I can't think of a single thing I don't like except maybe the photos it takes could be a little sharper but hey, I didn't get it just to take photos .very pleased indeed.

Reviewed by Catholic from Co.Antrim/Northern Ireland on 9th May 2005
WOW! I got this fone 4 my birthday and it's lethal! The camera is average, u wouldnt really need any better. the video is lethal and it can store loadz o things!! Nokia fonez r the best ever! If u r lukin 4 a funky flip, get this 1!!

Reviewed by james from england on 9th May 2005
this phone looks and sounds like the dogs. people say its too heavy....who cares, it wont pull down ur shorts. no blue tooth. this shouldnt bother u at all unless u use it all the time for business or something. a good camera?........yer its good but compared to others not the best but if u want a phone jus for the camera, BUY A REAL CAMERA!!! expensive? yes compared to the 6170 which more or less the same cas its the prototype. this phone has nothig wrong with it and is great apart from the price thats it.

Reviewed by Mo from UK on 4th May 2005
Very expensive for what it is. Features are poor for a phone in this price bracket and it's not such a great looker anyway in my opinion. What is it with Nokia and their silly "fold" concept? You'd think that they invented it!

Reviewed by Christina from UK on 26th Apr 2005
Good news, if you have an o2 pay and go sim to use with this phone, MMS and GPRS settings are now available. Email o2 through their website and they'll email the settings back to you.

Reviewed by LMW from UK on 21st Apr 2005

Reviewed by Chas B from UK on 18th Apr 2005
I have to say, that this phone is brilliant! The camera, ringtones, extras and the all round style. If your after an ultra-chic nokia, then this is it.one of the best nokias on the market. BUY IT!!!

Reviewed by Will from Australia on 12th Apr 2005
This phone is mad a must buy for anyone who wants a great phone but it doesnt have bluetooth so thats a bit of a let down but to me the Nokia 7270 is da best phone ever made by Nokia!

Reviewed by Will from Australia on 11th Apr 2005
Nokia 7270 is da bomb!!! it has everything you need in a phone except for bluetooth this phones got it all Camera 640x480 ,Video 128x96 ,SMS and MMS, email, Infrared, Java, Polyphonics and radio. So if ur lookin for a phone with all the goods u need then i suggest you get a Nokia 7270 phone right away!!!

Reviewed by Hattie from london on 8th Apr 2005
Fantastic phone!!!I just got it today and it is wonderful~!

Reviewed by Christina from UK on 30th Mar 2005
This phone is GREAT! (If you don't mind not having bluetooth..) I feel I have to warn you though, if you're thinking of buying it sim free, watch out if you're on o2 because they don't have MMS and GPRS settings for pay as you go 7270's yet. Ask em to send you GPRS settings for a similar phone and it should work for you too. Forget about MMS for the time being, but they assure me they're working on it.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 30th Mar 2005
The camera on this phone is pathetic. I traded in my Sony Ericsson T68i for this piece of junk! The camera on the T68i is 100x better you can hardly work out what you are seeing on this. But everything else is gr8 but i only wanted the camera.

Reviewed by david from australia on 25th Mar 2005
this phone suks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like all the other nokias but more expencive. Its the biggest rip of money can buy. it has no blue tooth no mp3 and its ugly. Ne1 who likes this phone is nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! if ur looking for a good phone check out the sony ericsson k700i and s700i or the samsung d500 (d500 is the best phone eva) DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A NOKIA THEY ARE BBBBAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Alb&Art from Albania-kukes on 20th Mar 2005
This phone is one that my brother has, and is only one phone that he like.He used a lot of diferent phones, but with NOKIA no one can compare.Is very beautiful but expensive for the moment to buy. I love this phone but i love my wife much more

Reviewed by da bobby man from england on 5th Mar 2005
good phone spec -good colour qualtiy, good games to download,good applications on the phone but too big in size and poor design -it looks like a chunky chocolate bar.

Reviewed by goldey from England on 3rd Mar 2005
Did a review really say 'I put it on a table in a pub and everyone looked at it' Have you had it stolen yet..No then it must be the lack of bluetooth.. poor spec

Reviewed by Loni from Albania on 2nd Mar 2005

Reviewed by Luke from England on 1st Mar 2005
This phone is the best thing Nokia have done. Its the best lookin' phone u can find on the highstreet! It's pure quality easy to use! The ULTIMATE fashion accesory! BUY NO. No blue tooth

Reviewed by SHIBBY from DUDE on 28th Feb 2005
All i can say is SHIBBY!!!!!!!!!!! Which means amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by peter from usa on 25th Feb 2005
pretty bad really i wouldnt recommend buying one--no bluetooth, bad quality camera and screen, and way too big

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