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Nokia 7250 review

 Review: May 2003  

Last updated July 2004


In a nutshell: The Nokia 7250 is surely Nokia's worst camera phone.


Whilst it is based on a successful design (the 7210) and incorporates a stereo FM radio, polyphonic ringtones and Java™ capability, it fails as a camera phone for the simple reason that it has a terrible colour display and an even worse camera. Add reliability problems to the mix and you get a phone that is best avoided. A better option is the newer Nokia 7250i, or one of Nokia's later generations of camera phone, such as the 6230.

Nokia 7250 features include:

  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD) - max 43.2 kilobits per second
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Downloadable Java™ applications
  • Colour display (4096 colours, 128 x 128 pixels)
  • Polyphonic ringtones (MIDI format)
  • 3.5 Mbytes shared memory
  • Integrated stereo FM radio
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Changeable x-press on covers
  • Nokia Pop-Port™ connector
  • Infra-red and cable connections
  • Downloadable colour wallpaper
  • Screensaver: digital clock
  • Speed dialling
  • Phone book (up to 300 entries)
  • 2 games (Triple Pop and Bounce)
  • Clock, alarm clock, calculator, currency converter
  • Size: 105 x 44 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Battery standby: 150 - 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 2 - 5 hours
  • Tri band

Nokia 7250 user reviews

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Average rating from 121 reviews:

Reviewed by kaka_gujjar from UK on 1st Nov 2010
have had many phones and i must say this phone is the best iv ever had! it looks smart, has a good feel in your hand, so easy to use, plenty of features. i must say the camara wasnt too great but what do you expect,

Reviewed by Robbie Caan from UK on 18th Jan 2010
This phone was pretty decent at the time. Camera was terrible but everything else in general was pretty good.

Reviewed by Pluto from UK on 26th Mar 2009
Whilst I do think the phone is pretty terrible - camera/operation etc compared to whats on the market now, it is probably the most durable phone in the world! My phone has been dropped, kicked, squashed, soaked and everything else and yet here it is! Still working nearly a decade later!!!

Reviewed by Barry from UK on 25th Oct 2008
If you just want a usable phone then this is fine. We have had this one for 5 years now having got it as a free annual upgrade. The controls are intuitive, unlike more recent models. Phone and text are all I need and it is perfect for that. Just about to buy a new battery as the original is now getting a little weak.

Reviewed by shaun from UK on 30th Dec 2007
My phone is now 5 years old. I had it for 2 years and previous to that, my dad had it for 3 years. It has been in constant use and is still on the original battery. I get around half a weeks use from it before needing charging which is fine. Making calls and texting is very easy. And so is navigation compared to some of todays phones that have confusing menus :S I haven't used the camera on it for a long time due to the quality being rather bad. And the screen lags really badly in cold weather. In all a decent phone for its time, and still a decent phone for me.

Reviewed by Ed Johnson from UK on 24th Sep 2007
I got mad with Nokia when I found out that when they discontinue a phone, the also discontinue support for it. In other words, if you buy a Nokia phone and they discontinue it, you will not be able to buy replacement batteries for it or any other items. I have three Nokia phones, all work very good, but they dropped the support and once my batteries die, my phones are gone. I will not buy Nokia again. Next time, Motorola.

Reviewed by ANNOYMOUS from UK on 25th Aug 2007
this is my first and current fone and its quite nice but the camera is horrible.the battery time is so long man!

Reviewed by mikeyg from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
hey i got this fone from a freind because i broke mine and to be honest i like it but yeah the camera is rubbish and the the ringtones are pants but it works wen u need 2 ring or text...what more can u expect it really old now..and my previous phone was a 7610 (which i reccomend 2 an1}i dont reccomend the 7250 but its ok to have as a spare phone whilst u havnt got 1 :D

Reviewed by Thilina from UK on 4th Jun 2007
i love my phon . its like my right hand.it help me to my all do & donts.

Reviewed by Jennifer from UK on 29th May 2007
I have had this phone years - the main reason I got it was because I am the clumbiest person ever and this phone has never broken once. It is my back up phone now for when I drop all others. Yes the picture quality is dated now but in it's time I was amazed. A reliable friend.

Reviewed by R.G.Drippen from UK on 29th May 2007
A phones work it does but the camera is pathetic, boasts of an infra-red whereas its non existent,can't download more than 64kb of data whereas current phones gladly do several megabytes but its fm radio is good.All I can say is if you're shopping for a camera phone to spare us the agony DON'T BUY THE 7250,Mine is with my 12-year old brother-In my current state I would only compare it to one other phone-nokia 3310.

Reviewed by fahrulrazi from UK on 29th May 2007
7250i good for strenght signal

Reviewed by MYA from UK on 23rd Apr 2007

Reviewed by Callum from UK on 1st Mar 2007
yeah well... lol this is my first ever camera phone and i got it from my girlfriend for free and ide say its just as good as half the ones that are coming out years down the track! its got good baterie, easy to use, sends pics, has a browser and yeah, my last phones were all true coulor but they didnt have a camera!!! i like it, and cos it was my gf's its purple :D

Reviewed by maya from UK on 21st Feb 2007
ermm wickd fne bt ppl iz it worth 20 quid nowdays

Reviewed by mehreen from uk on 3rd Jan 2006
if your looking for a nice decent phone, then this is great. its small, got a camera, and works well. im not saying its fantastic, look at all the new phones out, d600, 6230i but this does the job.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 27th Dec 2005
Dreadful phone. The screen is so poor it makes every 'photo' look like a Monet. If you want a camera phone then you can't get a worse one, it you don't want a camera phone, then there are much better Nokias that do the other jobs better. To be avoided at all cost.

Reviewed by alex from england on 16th Dec 2005
i have only got this phone because i lost my other one but it does what i expected, i can ring and text no problem ok the quality of the camera is rubbish but my brother who i got it off of got it 3 years ago and if you look how far phones have come in 3 years then it is not that bad. so it does what i need

Reviewed by blah blah from england on 12th Nov 2005
Why are people saying thatnit is rubbish cos it is not the camera is quite good maybe not as good as some other phones but it is not poor. it has good ringtones and you can download free ringtones from nokia .com You can pretty much have the display settings to what you want like the fact that you can change the colour of the battery and signal colours. Kool little phone all over

Reviewed by Praveen Kumar M from India on 18th Sep 2005
I've imported this from London. Even though this is the first camera model in Nokia the services and picture clarity and every thing in this mobile is worst. Especially the Infrared Service when the option / future doesn't work what is the intention of the Company to insert it as one of the menu option. Its a white color cheating. I request one and all to not to practise the same in future.

Reviewed by Shane Davis-Wilson from England on 18th Sep 2005
The Nokia 7250 is not only the most stylish mobile phone on the market it is also about the easiest to use. The few problems with this phone include limited gaming facilities, poor camera visibility and regular charging but apart from these three negative factors the Nokia 7250 is without a doubt the best looking handset I have ever bought.

Reviewed by gavin pahal from england, wolves!!!!!! on 18th Sep 2005
i hav cum to the conclusion that this is the best phone in the world... this is based on the fact that i dont get out much. however friends and family of mine tell me that this phone "isnt fit to call even the operator"...i on the other hand have to respectfully disagree...ive had this phone for 7 yrs and it still works..... thank you nokia for supplying me with a phone that has possibly the worst camera this side of the equator...and that tells its consumer that it has infra red...when in actual fact, it doesnt. p.s.this phone is abysmal.

Reviewed by mariam from nigeria on 21st Jul 2005
its really bad that the infrared doesn't work. It makes it totally useless.but i ve a question , when the manufacturers knows the infrared does not work why should it be included in d menu.i'm not happy at all its been one problem or the other since i bought it,$ i even regret using a nokia product.

Reviewed by sarah from ang on 16th Jun 2005
in general i would say that after having this phone for 18 months it has never really let me down. although at times selecting certain options on the menu does cause it to turn off and not return on for several mins. the infared is rubbish and doesnt work. camera quality is very poor as are the original pictures on the handset. memory is very good, can store and adequate number of pics and msgs aswell as contacts. menu is easy to use as is text. and being nokia it is all about the basic nokia structure. overall..a good phone for the calling and texting and general reliability, but for the additional features the only one that really shines is the in built fm radio

Reviewed by rob russell from England on 6th Jun 2005
I have had many phones and i must say this phone is the best iv ever had! it looks smart, has a good feel in your hand, so easy to use, plenty of features. i must say the camara wasnt too great but what do you expect, it was one of the first camara phones avaliable. i know the pix wernt too great on the phone but once they were on your computer they didnt look too bad and plus i had 250+ pix on my phone and i could still store loads of texts and loads of contacts. the actual phone its self never crashed or never gave me any problems, unfortunatly it was not strong enough to withstand a drop off a 2nd floor balcony :( but iv already bought another for 30! bargin!

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 24th May 2005
i imported this phone from america, so that i got it before it came to the uk ( in pink). it cost we $439 including p&p !!!!!! it has done me proud, the photo before you take it isnt very good, however after the photo has been taken the quaulity is fab, it's a shame i spent so much money on it, because it's under £100 now!!! ARRRRRR overall i reccomend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by homeboy from UK on 2nd May 2005
ok i was like one of the first ppl to get this fone in the uk. it was brill. ok now that u hav seen the D500 n the 6230 ya all r like wow what were we doin with this junk. but put tha 7250 next to the 3210 and u have a celebrity

Reviewed by Sarah Roberts from England on 29th Apr 2005
I have read all the reviews and it appears that people are disappointed with the camera. So in all fairness to this phone, its brilliant! I agree that the camera/picture quality is very poor but if you are looking for a decent camera, then buy one! I use the phone purely for ringing and texting and not pointing it at people to snap shot their mugs! lol. No problems with this phone at all, good standard as you would expect from Nokia so I would highly recommend it to all.

Reviewed by Harjeev from England on 27th Apr 2005
the fone is rubbish i got it for free of my boyfriend. dnt get it it's rubbish!!

Reviewed by Jay from England on 25th Apr 2005
Paid 15 for this second hand off a m8. Good job i only paid that coz this phone doesn't even out-perform really basic models from trium sagem and sendo. The camera is terrible, the worst i have ever seen. My m8 payed 130 for it brand new, Nokia should be paying people damages for the shock incured when seeing how appalling this phone is!!!!!

Reviewed by emmanuel from england on 25th Apr 2005
simply junk

Reviewed by jade from manchester on 22nd Apr 2005
the camera is poor with a bad reseption and bad ringtones dont buy it IS junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by chris..... from ENGLAND on 21st Apr 2005
Easy to use as per usual from Nokia.... Camera some what poor quality, nice overall design.

Reviewed by Adam from Australia on 19th Apr 2005
My friend has had this phone for more than 2 years now, i bought her a motorola clamshell - she went straight back to the 7250. Overall, its not a bad phone. The picture quality is lacking somewhat - cant expect much with 4k colours. Recommended for people who want a phone that works and is stable.

Reviewed by akani from moscow on 17th Apr 2005
I think this phone is terribkle so do not buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Marty from UK on 10th Apr 2005
I've had this phone 2 years and I'm about to replace it with PDA/phone combo. I'll be sorry to say goodbye because it's pocket-friendly and has always done what I've asked without fuss. Other reviewers don't like the camera. There's nothing wrong with it - it's the size of the display that could be a problem for some. But download your pics onto a computer with the usb data cable and you'll see standard webcam-style images. I've always managed a 4 day battery life with average use. Only real bad point for me was the tacky standard ring tones Summary: still a handy little phone, though latest clamshells will give bigger displays.

Reviewed by sean from uk on 10th Apr 2005
Its a classic phone, texting is easy and the camera aint as bad as people make it as. really good phone!

Reviewed by Rob Russell from England on 5th Apr 2005
Iv had my 7250 for about 3 years i think, its took plenty of beating and the phone its self has never broken (touch wood it wont) but the cases have. the camara isnt that good but the phone makes up for that for being so easy to use and look so good. The 7250 has to be the easiest phone to use that iv ever had a go of and it has all the basic things i want on it, converter, radio, stop watch etc the only things that would make this a better phone is a better screen & camara, a movie player and maybe bluetooth, apart from that this is the best phone in my nokia have made.

Reviewed by amy from uk on 1st Apr 2005
i think this is a good little phone, looks pretty nice has good range of basic functions. camera aint that bad!!!! has lots of storage space, good battery life. know quite a few people with it who think its a great phone.

Reviewed by Gicu from Romania on 21st Mar 2005
You arefunny!!! You are comparing a model which is much older than 3220 or 6230, about 1 year. Get realistic, it does what is supposed to do nice memory 5.3MB, pretty much. And it has a radio. The aspect is good because is a 7XXX series phone and that is fashion :P

Reviewed by someone from somewhere on 8th Mar 2005
well 4rm the look of it i personally dont like it so b4 u buy it have a think. if u want my advice then go 4 the nokia 3220 or nokia 6230 coz they r the best coz i have the nokia 3220 and luv it and want to buy the 6230 coz i know wot fones gud and not. so take my advice if u want but dont go on and say i didnt warn u.......

Reviewed by kyle from england on 5th Mar 2005
yo people im gettin dis fone in a couple of weeks for my 13th b,day one of my friends has had this fone b4 an hay u all exagerate on how bad the camra is an ye it may not be the best but its not the worst is it? an de games they are 110% addictive i have not tried de infared(fingers x it wrks!!!) its small and light weight + poly ring tones. all in all you guys who say it is rubbish must b insane nokia have now produced a top class fone

Reviewed by DontSailBackwards from Australia on 2nd Mar 2005
Had it 18 months. Camera doesn't work anymore ... doprs into stanby after 10 seconds with no preview screen (was rubbish when it did), infra-red doesn't work (Icon flashes when you're in menus but it don't work). It is a bit ropey with signal strength at times. Polyphonic ring tomes are a bit tinny on this model too. Speaker fone sounds better than talking into it normally, according to ppls I've called. Lucky it has the good ol' Nokia menu structure or it could be completely lame. 6230 is a much better fone.

Reviewed by Morten Illum from UK on 23rd Feb 2005
It's not a bad phone, just a little boring. Does what it says on the tin and nothing else. No complaints.

Reviewed by Mr Crinne from Tinbuktu on 21st Feb 2005
This fone is absolutely codswollop, there are many more spiffing phones than this. However, Nokia can be complimented on the design, which i believe to be innovative; however this is the only good feature of this fone. I am going to look for a corking fone instead of this quite unsatifactory handset, which i beleive to be too flatulent. ABSOLUTELY UN-CORKING and NOT IN THE LEAST SPIFFING

Reviewed by Hannah from Northern Ireland on 13th Feb 2005
This phone is generally good, it is compact, useful and was the one to have when it first came out as it was one of the first camera phones to be released. Now that times and technology has moved forward there are sharper more stylish phones to have. On the downside the camera might as well not be there, it is extremely poor, if you want nice sharp images buy a proper camera not a 7250, but if you are looking for a small useful phone not too heavily laiden with extras this is a nice uncomplicated phone to have at a rockbottom price.

Reviewed by Moe Enzo from U.K. on 3rd Feb 2005
This phone is an utter flop. Its poor resolution, toyish camera, poor reliability makes this phone a disgrace to all nokias. Even the colour is enough to put you off, nokia what were you thinking?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mandy from England on 13th Jan 2005

Reviewed by leanne from shetland on 7th Jan 2005
this is definately the worst phone in the world.the only thing it is good for is going in the bin

Reviewed by ef from england on 6th Jan 2005
it is better than most as it actually has a camera and the desighn is beautiful

Reviewed by lu from uk on 2nd Jan 2005
hi peepz!,mi cousin haz got dis fone and i hav got a samsung e600,itz an alrigh fne acept da screen haz only got 4,000 colors or summit and da camera iznt da bst eitha. for buisness peepz i think this fone iz alrigh but 4 peepz who wnt a perfct evrything i wood definatly recommend a samsung e600 which lokz gr8 and haz evrything u wood wnt! thanx

Reviewed by Riyas from UAE on 20th Dec 2004
This fone sucks. Its screen resolution is usesless only thing good abt this is its radio

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 16th Dec 2004
i've had this phone since April 2003 and at first there werent any problems, and i just enjoyed a nice phone and a very negative bank balance as a result. hence the three stars. but now, 20 months later, altho i still have the phone the only reason i do is because i paid so much damned money for it! the camera is awful, ("but its a phone, not a camera" i hear you cry), however the phone functions arent much better! on average every 5th call is connected and the occasional text message gets through. the screen quality is so poor you can barely read whats on it and the phone likes to alter the time settings to its own amusement. why do i have this phone when i'm so disappointed with it? because i paid so much money for it!!!its a good phone as long as you dont pay much for it and you dont intend to keep it for too long. :)

Reviewed by Matt from Sydney, Australia on 16th Dec 2004
I think your all forgetting what a phone is actually for. They arn't expected to take photos that will turn out like a brand new Digital Camera, its there for convienience, if you want photos that turn out Crystal Clear buy a camera not a mobile. The phone is good but has some minor problems such as the keys they sometimes jam otherwise good phone

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 15th Dec 2004
A good phone giving excellent battery life and reception. Convienent size too. Only faults are: Cheap plastic buttons and cover, the Nokia covers also scratch and wear easily and let in loads of dirt. You have to clear the previous text every time you send a text message. Menus are slow. No standard ring tone. PLEASE GIVE US A PLAIN RING-RING TONE! Vibrate aleart is really noisy - no good in silent mode. Camera is basic by today's technology.

Reviewed by Ben from Singapore on 11th Dec 2004
I have been using it for 2 years and i am starting to dislike this phone. The build in infared was good for nothing . It is just there but u cant use it.The camera is not very clear . but over all it is still ok .

Reviewed by Phil from England on 2nd Dec 2004
Just as a balancing point to the hysterical 13 year olds on this review site, this phone has so far served me very well, the picture quality is very disapointing but i bought it for it's communication ability. So far I have found that I always have a nice stong signal, good battery life, good gprs reception and none of the problems described further on in the listings. I have owned this phone now for 8 months and have been very happy with it, however the 7250i would now be a better buy. Good games too.

Reviewed by Richard from Philippines on 29th Nov 2004
I used to be a loyal Nokia owner. Ever since I owned Nokia 7250,all I can say is " I'm never gonna buy another Nokia again" because Nokia sucks! Not only the phone looks cheap, the performance of its camera & display is terrible. There are so many problems with this unit ( no signal , not charging , just to mention a few ). I went to the authorized service center to have it repaired ( more than 7 times already ). I requested for a full replacement but they say that all they can do is just repair it. and every time they repair it, another problem comes along. One very unsatisfied customer! Grrrrrr!!!!

Reviewed by Deans from U.K. on 22nd Nov 2004
Its a good phone all round but can anyone tell me, how are you meant to send the photos to a p.c. if you aint got an infra red port on your pc? I do not have a data cable either? Email me at: deans6571@o2.co.uk

Reviewed by mia from New Zealand on 17th Nov 2004
This is 4 all those ppl hu r moaning about the plastic feel of both this fone and the 7250i - it is possible 2 buy NEW FACEPLATES so stop complaining about the plasticy feel!

Reviewed by sam parr from manchester on 29th Oct 2004
its a good quality phone. the reason i have given it 4 stars is the simple fact that the camera quality could be improved. some pictures when took cam be quite blured and the fact that there is no zoom is also a down side. i am a person who takes pictures when i go clubbin, instead of taking out a hefty camera. so overall is a good phone but there is still room for improvement :-)

Reviewed by Kilala from Australia on 5th Oct 2004
I love this phone its the best pressie my boy ever bought me!!!!!! I love everything about it!! Its the coolest phone ever!

Reviewed by Ry from UK on 22nd Sep 2004
This fone was good but the cam quality wasnt great. But i'd recommend this phone to anyone who wants a tiny cam fone. I've now gone back and have a nokia 8310 as the 8310 is the best nokia i ever had and i love it

Reviewed by Tricky from UK on 23rd Aug 2004
ok the phone itself is excellent, but why have i put 1 star? because its a complete rip off thats why. go and look at the nokia 6610i and compare everything. theyre exactly the same, except the x-presson cover. an worst of all the 7250 is near 320 and the 6610i is a mere 110. how can nokia be allowed to do this? its outragious! if you really really want to buy a nokia 7250, then (more fool you) get a 6610i and buy a 7250 cover. if you can find a difference between the two i will personally give you a million uk pounds. and just to think, i used to have a 7250.... now have a 6610i cos me old one was stolen (gits) and thats how i noticed the difference. the 6610i even has a night mode on the camera and more memory! nokia should be ashamed of themselves.

Reviewed by sehra from Australia on 17th Aug 2004
I DNT HAVE THIS PHONE but i realy realyyyyyyyy want ittttt i have 2 beggg my mummmmm

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 3rd Aug 2004
Great phone. Easy to use. Cool to look at. Shame about the quailty of the camera. Although I wouldn't recommend this I did accidently leave the camera in my jeans pocket while they were washed through a complete washing machine cycle. The camera came out very clean and very wet. I took the front and back off, removed the battery and left the bits in a warm place over night. When dry I put it all together and it worked - all apart from the bit you talk in to. That took a couple of days to dry out properly. It now smells freash and works as good as new!

Reviewed by Joanna from England on 20th Jul 2004
I LOVE THIS PHONE!!! unfortunatly got rather drunk and lost it tho, still havent bin able to recover it, which is driving me insane! Although the camera is not of high quality it is the bestest most fantasticest niciest lovliest phone in the world!

Reviewed byJimmy from Coffs Harbour, Australia on 29th Jun 2004
The nokia 7250 is a great well-working phone brought out by Nokia. I have had fun with the camera so far, but compared to proper digital cameras these days. The nokia 7250 is lacking quality (even when set to HIGH quality in settings). The screensaver is set to A Digital Clock, which can't be changed (by who really cares? Whos going to look at a screensaver when the 7250 is in your pocket?). Pictures taken on the camera and downloaded can be used as a Wallpaper, and a quick short cut to the camera (by pressing ^) really helps. Shame about the in-built FM radio requiring the additional headset, but remember the headset in actually the radio antenna as well, great to know that pressing the button on the headset toggles through your pre-set radio stations too! Polyphonic ringtones sound awesome too! The nokia 7250 has an infrared port too, meaning if you get yourself Nokia's 7250 PC Suite and your computer has an infrared port, you can send pictures and ringtones to your phone for free! Huge ammount of space too (3.5mb, may not sound like much, but it is when it comes to mobile phones!! I have 24 games, with 2mb to go!) Definately worth it! :o)

Reviewed by Matt from England on 5th May 2004
Think to yourself, why do you buy a phone? You see I buy one to communicate through PHONE or text, both of which this phone does without problems. The functions and layout are good, its easy to use, looks good and small enough to fit into my pocket without making a second bulge. Now yes the camera isnt great but if i wanted to take great pictures i would surely buy a camera...next you will all be saying it doesn't cook your dinner...."its a PHONE"

Reviewed by Robert from England on 24th Apr 2004
cannot beleive they r sellin dis fone even tho the more superior 7250i is out, still a good fone tho even if it does av a crappy camera. go for 7250i

Reviewed by Melissa from England on 22nd Apr 2004
i love this phone its camera is pretty good and it does some really cool stuff. its really easy to use and now theres an upgrade the nokia 7250i which has improved colour (4 more colours i think). its really great and excellent value for money. Well done nokia!

Reviewed by Bryan from UK on 7th Apr 2004
Lots of functionality, looks stylish like the reviewer. Spoilt by Nokia's horrible user interface... As it only cost me #29, I would buy it again.

Reviewed by Rena from Australia on 2nd Apr 2004
Nokia 7250 is a great phone i just had it 4 3 months.

Reviewed by wenDy from auStraLiaa on 12th Mar 2004
WOW !! SUCHA MADASS FONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. you can take pictureeSS. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ anyways.. i bought this fone for 3 months and WOW its a fone!! ^^ well anyways. . . I NOUGHT A USB CABLE FOR IT!! and its soo GOOD!! anyways.. THIS FONE IS SOOOOOOO COOOLLLL . YEAH .. BUY THIS FONEEEEE. ahhahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa anywas i am going to go now because i am going to look at my fone and praise it . it is my idol ! !

Reviewed by lara from England on 20th Feb 2004
Hello everyone! I wanted 2 give this fone 2 stars but no way is it an average fone so I had 2 give it 1! Well I don't personally have this phone but my boyfriend does. He tells me its marvelous but he quite clearly knows its not! I know its not cos the photo quality is so bad, its blurred! The screen is really small as wel! I actually feel quite sorry for him cos Im goin 2 buy the motorola E365 2mo and it luks way better for 200 less! Omg! Don't buy this fone!!! ; )

Reviewed by Paul from Scotland on 31st Dec 2003
Nokia never fail in easy to use, well built phones. Ive had everything from Y68i to E700's and i always go back to nokia. Very smal, lightweight and useable. If you want good photos then buy a digital camera..not a phone..or go for a very unusable E700..I text loads and nothing beats teh 7250 for text input and general use. It does everything I need..The best feature is that if you compose a txt message and someone phones or u have to cancel out to the main screen, the text remains on the create message screen and you dont loose it..a must in my line of work...Interchangable covers too..so if u scratch it, then buy a new one and hey presto..Brand new phone.

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 23rd Dec 2003
its an ok fone. but the camera quality isnt very good. u cant take fotos from far away.

Reviewed by Lizzi from UK on 2nd Dec 2003
I was totally tricked by Nokia's Advertisements!! The camera photo quality is damn bad!!!! I'm being seriously! Photo quality is so poor probably since it's only 4096 colour display! STRONGLY NOT! RECOMMENDED! Not worth all the money try looking at Samsung V200 or E700 if u want to get the most out of your money!

Reviewed by Matty from England on 21st Nov 2003
right, this is the review of reviews. iv just upgraded my 7250 BUT only because i was a little intrigued in other phones and not because its a rubbish phone because it isnt at all. Some newer phones spend so long making or adding features to phones they 4get what a phone is 4 and thats making calls and sending txts if u didnt know either and Nokia always get this right 100%. This phone is no excemption. I hope nokia dont try to be 2 clever and change this in future phones. Its ease of use and ease of txting is unparalleled to any phone. true the camera isnt so gud altho i was amazed how diff they look on a pc than on the phone. the colours may not be 65k perfect but uv gotta be a fuss freek to care. the games are cool. and it does lag when it gets full but 5mb of data cant be wrong. lol. plenty of space to fit 100+ pictures and 30 games which is wot i had on. wot else... the radio is cool apart from no MW to listen to 909 at footy matches :( but who cares phones shudnt need to have radio anyway. Just DONT buy any unofficial covers like i did. BIG BIG mistake if its one millimeter of in size it will rattle squeek and the buttons will miss and become unresponisive. listen to this review cos i aint lying i dont need to. But if u do want more fun features than a quality phone then get a samsung v200, sony ericsson T610 or a sharp G20. they are excelent phones but so fuzzy when txting. arrgghhhhh. Once yer nokia u never go back.....

Reviewed by Jason from England on 17th Nov 2003
This phone is absolutley rubbish. I had high expectations of the phone and when it arrived I was unhappy to say the least. The camera is rubbish, there is not a great amount of ringtones and the standard ringtones are poor. The screen size is rubbish and the colours are useless. I have gone back to using my 3330 as it is a better phone. DO NOT GET ONE OF THESE PHONES.

Reviewed by Mark McCarney Smith Cohen from England on 14th Nov 2003
This is the worst camera phone i have ever seen, it doesnt even have a zoom in! the applications take far too long to load and the phone always switches off. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Jonathan Mark Te from UK on 6th Nov 2003
It\'s a very good phone. Some of my complaints are just regarding the picture from the phone. It is virtually impossible to use the camera with only a minimal light. You really would need it for bright picture-taking. There are a lot of improvements from previous Nokia phones. The high memory is very useful. If there\'s a color-display phone to choose, it should be Nokia 7250.

Reviewed by chris jeffreys from UK on 6th Nov 2003
pphone is ok nokia phones are great as phones but wen it comes to camera phones they just havnt got it!!!! just sold mine 4 the gx20!!!!

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 4th Nov 2003
I have always bought Nokia phones but i am really disappointed with the 7250, picture and screen quality isn't as good as i expected and the camera doesn't have a zoom. I find the buttons quite hard to press aswell really can't wait for my years contract to end. There are much better camera phones on the market i really wish i'd got the Sharp GX10 like my boyfriend said but i thought i knew better!

Reviewed by Janie from Australia on 3rd Nov 2003
I'm quite dissappointed with this phone after paying $1000 for it! It drops out all the time and says insert sim. It takes ages to open applications and the photos aren't great. The camera is a fun option but not if you seriously want to take decent photographs. I wouldn't buy one of these again.

Reviewed by Supreme Being from Homeland on 17th Oct 2003
People, people, people... having read dozens of "7250's CAMERA SUX AS#!!!!1111111" I have to wonder how the human race has ever made it this far... Has anyone ever tried to send a picture to a computer via e-mail or other means? The pics aren't too bad, the phone's screen is more like a preview, not the real thing. If you only want to use the camera of the phone for viewing the pictures in the phone itself and not putting them on a computer (and possibly even printing them out), then buy a camera that has a phone (eg. the other cameraphones), not 7250, which is a phone with a camera... and if you want to take some serious photographs, then buy your camera and phone separately... please first find out how things are, before you start to complain... and about commercials, if you didn't know that 99% of commercials differ from reality more or less (to make the product seem more appealing to consumers), then you should open your eyes... the remaining 1% are bad commercials that w on't sell...

Reviewed by Tom Copley from England on 17th Oct 2003
This phones a joke! nokia really have let them selfs down, the camera is shocking, the phone feels tacky, n plasticy, the screen is a s***y 4000 odd colour, which jus isnt up to standards, the tones r pathetic! ive heard better mono tones! and for 300!! well thats jus disguisting, well done nokia, try nokin at least 100 off it, and mebbies we wud b gettin a little value for money. Ps the radios gud, but i wud rather buy a personal radio for under 10!

Reviewed by waqas!!! from england on 12th Oct 2003
This nokia 7250 is a good phone its got integraded camera with high picture qualityhigh+low,camera sounds(on/off),RADIO about 20 channels 5 channels already stored full colour display 128pixelsx128.1 logo,graphics+gallery pictures can also be put on as screensavers/wallpapers. lousspeaker,handset volume control on the left side of mobilepop-port at the bottom of mobile beside the charging placeswitch off button on the right side on the top of mobile weight 72grams miles smaller and better than the nokia 7210 its got 2 games triple pop and bounce triple pop which is a type of puzzle game and bounce is a ball which u have to guide through walls and dodgy thing to get to checkpoints to clock the game u can also download new games and aplications and ringtones. Its an alright mobile but it feels pretty big when its tiny comparing to the nokia 8310 still its better than the nokia8310, nokia7210, samsunga800, nokia8210, nokia7650, nokia3310 (although that is an exellent mobile), nokia33

Reviewed by Tim from Australia on 6th Oct 2003
its not a DIGITAL camera phone!! The quality of the photos could be better using a Web Cam! Nokia is seriously tricking everyone with the advertisement! The qualities shown on the Ads are NOT the actual qualities you get!! It's horrible! It's like Gameboy camera in colour! Thats how bad it is! its all dotted and can't even create the colour brown!!!!! My hair came out golden yellow and the pants and shoes of others all come out yellow! That's how bad the clours are since it's ONLY 4096 colour display!! Compared to 65,000 of Samsung V200 and Panasonic and Sharp!

Reviewed by Zach from UK on 6th Oct 2003
why does nokia make a CAMREA phone with 4096 color display!?!? And it COSTS just as much as other camera phones with 65,000 colour display!!!DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE PHOTO SHOWN ON NOKIA ADVERTISEMENTS! IT NEVER EVER CREATES SUCH CRISP QUALITY! Well, it's only 4096 colour afterall and costs as much as phones with BETTER features and quality

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 17th Sep 2003
this fone is rubbish i got this fone and the camera was absolutely rubbish the quality on it was awful and for the price of the fone u could go out and buy a decent colour fone and a digital camera

Reviewed by WAQAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from UK on 14th Sep 2003

Reviewed by Wicus from South Africa on 12th Sep 2003
Nokia has always been my choice. Well they done a good job again. Briljant phone , no hassles, works like a dream. Cant wait for the 6600 , thats gonna be the best !

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 11th Sep 2003
this phone is the best phone out at da mo.i have had this phone for 2 months now and nothing has been wrong with it the camera is just wicked, the polyponic ringtones are great and i just love the design of the phone with it's buttons.if you have got the money definitly buy it.it's a top phone well done nokia :)

Reviewed by Andwell from Sri Lanka on 10th Sep 2003
This phone is good (for a dog) Dont buy this

Reviewed by nathan from england on 10th Aug 2003
its a great fone if u won a hot lookin 1. its great for the use of most things. the only bad thing bout it is that it is so small, i lose it in my poket.if u asked me wot fone 2 buy, i wud deffenitly be the 7250, ITS FFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNTASTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by bob from Australia on 28th Jul 2003
This fone is a piece of Cr#p. The first one i got was, i thought good for the first 2 weeks then the sound stopped working and the applications wouldnt open, so i send it back and the fone company sent me a new one. The second one worked well for about 3 weeks and i was starting to think i was just unlucky with the first one, but then the camera stoped working and i lost half the screen, it just wouldn't work. So i sent it back AGAIN and swoped it for a 5100 and got some money back. I've had the 5100 for 2 months and have had no problems wif it except the on/off button is abit hard but that is no problem for me because i always have my fone on. If your finkin about the 7250 FORGET IT, buy a bit of wood, it will work just as well.

Reviewed by Steven from Canada on 24th Jul 2003
I got this phone about 3 weeks ago and this phone is truly a fashion phone. Wherever you go people will be looking at your phone. As for the features, yes it isn't as advanced as the newer flip phones with the 65k screens, 40 tone polyphonic rings, and "better" cameras. However I bought this phone for the usuability, reliability, and ease of use (like most Nokias). The phone has great reception in my area (Vancouver) and I have never had a dropped call or static during my calls. The keypad is also very good as they are connected 2 by 2 vertically which makes it much easier to use without looking at your fingers because you can basically feel your way around the keypad. Overall this is the perfect phone for me as it has all the features that I want combined with the ease of use, all in a very sexy package.

Reviewed by JIT from UK on 22nd Jul 2003

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 22nd Jul 2003
This phone is theworst ever

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