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Nokia 7210 review

 Review: October 2002  

Last updated July 2003


In a nutshell: Released in the UK in October 2002, the Nokia 7210 joins the growing ranks of colour display mobiles with polyphonic ringtones.


The 7210 adds the benefits of a stereo FM radio and triple band, as well as Java™ capability. That makes a very powerful cocktail of cutting-edge features.

The 7210 has an all-new front cover design, with a unique keypad layout incorporating a nice 4-way scroll button. It's similar in size and weight to the older Nokia 8310, making it a nice slimline phone. Battery life is quite respectable too. The phone comes is a choice of colours, with changeable x-press on covers available.

The Java capability means that you can download games just as easily as downloading ringtones or graphics. As well as Java games, you can also download applications like personal assistants, travel and information tools. MMS means that you can send and receive multimedia messages containing text, MIDI audio files, and graphics or animations.

Be warned that some users have reported reliability problems with the 7210, including the phone freezing. Read the user reviews below for a flavour of these problems. If you like the Nokia 7210, other options to consider are the Nokia 6610 which is basically the same phone but with a more conservative design, and the Nokia 7250i which has an integrated digital camera.

Nokia 7210 features include:

  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD) - max 43.2 kilobits per second
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Downloadable Java™ applications
  • Colour display (4096 colours, 128x128 pixels)
  • Polyphonic ringtones (MIDI format)
  • Integrated stereo FM radio
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Changeable x-press on covers
  • Nokia Pop-Port™ connector
  • Downloadable colour wallpaper
  • 2 games
  • Size: 106 x 45 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 83g
  • Battery standby: 150 - 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 2 - 5 hours
  • Tri band

Nokia 7210 user reviews

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Average rating from 130 reviews:

Reviewed by niko from UK on 16th Jun 2010
not too hi-tech but The design and features are great, the Battery life is good Definitely worth getting for teenagers

Reviewed by nokia phone price from UK on 12th Jun 2010
very nice set i like this

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 21st Feb 2010
It's a rubbish phone don't buy it. The MIDI quality is rubbish, The JPEG quality is poor, and it can't play videos or mp3s.The volume button gets stuck so you can't turn the volume up and it is very hard to get used to the keypad. There is no middle button! However, it is indistructible!

Reviewed by janeki from UK on 3rd Nov 2009
very good phone, nice layout and good for calling

Reviewed by Howie from UK on 18th May 2009
Ive had my 7210 for 8 years and its still going! it turns off all the time though but thats fine considering ive dropped it 1000+ times! the screen is scratched to ribbons and the case is falling off but i love it

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 10th Jan 2009
ah the memories xx this was a great phone in its day xx a timewhen nokia ruled the world and wap was the in thing xx this phone really did change my life xx wish nokia still produced phones with fun attached rather than phones now all being about technology xx

Reviewed by abc from UK on 7th Dec 2008
Overall ok types.

Reviewed by Simon Dedman from UK on 22nd Jul 2008
This phone is brilliant. Despite being 6 years old, it's still an excellent day-to-day, no frills piece of kit. It has no camera, no multi-colour screen and doesn't do much with multi-media messages, but if you want a phone which is good for texting and calls, has a battery which lasts forever and only needs to look at a plug to be fully charged, look no further. Furthermore, it's surprisingly rugged - i've abused it for 6 years and it's working fine (or was, until I dropped it into the sea. after washing it, it's now back in action, although it doesn't see the SIM card, so it may be game over). If you need a quality backup mobile, something simple for holidays or whatever, look no further.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 4th Jan 2008
I have had this phone for 6 months and it is a good phone but does sometimes freeze, it is good for the basic ideas of a phone but is not all singing all dancing, some of the ringtones are alright but i had trouble trying to send a ring tone via a picture message as it would not allow me to attach it, if anyone knows how to do it could they please tell me!! it is a good phone overall but i would reccomend a newer phone as this is quite old

Reviewed by daniel from UK on 26th Dec 2007
my dad has had this fone 4 2 yrz and not 1 problem

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 20th Aug 2007
I have had this phone for about a week now and it is a reliable phone, but with no camera, it looks great and i am happy with it, there is a newer version which is the same design but has a camera

Reviewed by Gebeleysis from UK on 11th Mar 2007
I've had my 7210 for about 3 years now. And not only that it works fine, but also it's a great piece of entertainment device. With features like FM radio, java downloadable games and web-surfing it-s just what I always wanted on a long trip. Another nice thing is the quick access to the most popular functions (recent dialed numbers, new message, calendar and phone book) being just one click away. The downside is mostly the keypad's design that, even if looks good, takes a while to get accustomed to. Another minor problem is that the built-in browser can't handle HTML pages but only WAP, but that-s easy to correct by downloading a free java browser (Opera Mini recomended).

Reviewed by megan from UK on 5th Feb 2007
good phone. love the game 'bounce'. good size. love the keys. wish it had a camera. love the radio. love loudspeaker. all in all exceptional =)

Reviewed by Mudassir Bhatti from UK on 27th Jan 2007
this is very good and friendly mobile

Reviewed by Athar from UK on 13th Jan 2007
u knoe wat? im a guy who needs mostly calls n texts, n dis fone just does da job, simple. no hassle. no high tech rubbish. jus puure serivice, had dis fone 4 a long tym n am lovin it :D:D

Reviewed by Shannon from UK on 11th Jan 2007
I love this phone. I love everything about it

Reviewed by Christie From Scotland! from UK on 12th Dec 2006
This phone is good! I had it from February 2005 to June 2006 and I never got bored of it. The only let down was that it had no camera. Because of this, I got my dad's Nokia 6820 when he got a new mobile. That phone was good but had no battery life and annoyed me that you couldn't put pictures from it onto a computer. Now I am converting to a Motorola V3 in pink, but I won't forget my time with the Nokia 7210 (in blue).

Reviewed by Fatima from UK on 2nd Sep 2005
I have had this phone for about a month now and it's quite good. The games and ringtones are okay and the calender and organiser is also good. There are two things i don't like about the nokia 7210. One is that sometimes, in the middle of a call, it suddenly switches itself off and when u try to complain to someone it works perfect. The other thing is the radio. It sounds extremely tinny and fuzzy no matter how many times you retune it. Other than that, fab phone, it's got everything you'll ever want in a phone, a great value for money and the perfect phone for someone that wants something simple. If you're planning to buy this phone then go for it but prepare yourself for all its faults.

Reviewed by MCLONDON from UK on 22nd Aug 2005

Reviewed by Kama from UK on 3rd Apr 2005
I've had my 7210 for two years now and for all i needed it for it certainly worked. Great little phone and have had no technical problems with it. The loudspeaker i found to be a little soft and haven't used it as much as i thought i would. Smsing on this phone took a short while to familiarize myself with but now it couldn't be more natural. Although there is no camera, mp3 player etc...the things i now would like my phone to have, i have hesitated in the search for something new. Am going for the 7600 and can only hope it'll be half as great as my 7210 has been.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 19th Feb 2005
I have had this phone for two years now. It is a good phone, the text is great and the gams are good. But, the ringtones are lame and you cannot download any, which is a shame. It would be far better if it had a camera. I bought the attachable camera and it broke the same day! It is a nuisance having to carry it around and plug it in to take a photo, plus you look a right eejit when you are taking a photo. It can only hold about 10photos!!:( All in all, I am pleased with it because it has lasted me two rough years, but now it is begging to act slowly and the battery is running out quickly. But still, I loved it when it was new. Good phone, but get a better one.

Reviewed by Izzi from England on 12th Nov 2004
This is a good phone if you like something snazzy but not too hi-tech. The colour and sound quality is good but I found that the buttons are positioned in a way that takes getting used too. The ringtones are quite boring too and it isn't possible to download more. All in all, a good phone.

Reviewed by Lance Lim Wan Xiong from Malaysia on 11th Nov 2004
I truely falled in loved with this phone when i saw it. It was my 3rd phone i bought in a year ago. The only thing that ignores me is the internal memory.The design and features are great. Well worth buying anyway....

Reviewed by maddi from england on 2nd Nov 2004
it is quite a gd fone even tho a bit basic the clip on camera is rubbish n the screen colour n stuff aint very gd radio quite gd it freezes n stuff n takes ages to send a message sumtimes overall not a very gd buy but if u jst want sumfink simple then its ok

Reviewed by xXxViCkIxXx from xXxEnGlAnDxXx on 30th Oct 2004
i think tht this fone is pretty good for sayin tht it dusnt have a camera becuz the tones r good n so r the pics but the luk of it puts sum off cus i fink tht it luks rubbish so im gonna get a new one 4 crimbo im considerin the Lg U8120 but i fink tht its gonna b too big cus ive sized it up 2 this one n it luks massive lol becus i want a camera fone n stuff.the radio on this fone is alrite i suppose its nt the best fone ive had tho but its ok for the peeps tht r into simple things.

Reviewed by crookshanks from Philippines on 29th Oct 2004
I was looking for a phone with a radio and MMS capabilities and had trouble deciding wether to take this phone (nokia 7210) or the nokia 6610.. since they are practically alike. I ended up choosing this phone simply because i love the color, the sleek design, and the overall impact when people see it. I have owned this phone for more than a month now and I actually still am addicted to it. It seems that this phone grows on you. From the MMS capability, to the FM radio and even to the Java games, this phone truly deserves a 5 rating!

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 24th Oct 2004
I have had the 7210 for nearly a year now and my contract is about to run out. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a phone for texting and multimedia messaging. It has great storage capacity for messages and I also have quite a few ringtones and pictures on it, which are taking up room aswell. The funky arrangement of the buttons was easy to get used to and I now find it really easy you use, infact texting off another phone is hard now! Definately worth getting for teenagers (I'm 16) :)

Reviewed by ka from uk on 20th Oct 2004
Wow Nothing bad about it

Reviewed by Viv from Australia on 10th Oct 2004
I think this phone is great. I used to get "SIm Card rejected" messages - which I admit was a bit annoying, but after a while they didnt happen anymore. The Battery life is good, I can go two days without charging it. I love the calendar. For someone like me, who have a lot of appointments and reminders to keep up with, this is an excellent option. It doesnt have a camera, but really, with the digital cameras available these days, who needs a phone with a camera with poor resolution anyway? The ringtone sound level, I find no problem with, I think it is certainly loud enough. The speakphone option is good, but not as good as it can be. You can hardly hear the person on the other end if your're driving. The keypad is really easy to use, which is great if you're a fast txter. And the memory is huge! I quite liked this phone, and the only reason I would change from it is because my contract ends and I want an upgrade!

Reviewed by Bob from England on 9th Oct 2004
This phone is very good however ive had it a year and a few of the buttons are starting to get sticky and the battery is slowly starting to deteriate. All in all though i have been happy with this phone as it is easy to use but am looking forward to getting a new one

Reviewed by Peter from Germany on 9th Oct 2004
Ok, I'll take everything back and admit I am stupid. After applying a fix found 3 reviews down (placing a peace of paper to make a battery stay firm), all my troubles were gone with the wind, the phone works just great now... I am stupid because I had the very same problem with Nokia 6210 few years ago (as I am a long-term Nokia user), I just didn't recall it. Therefore - 5 stars, which, in average, makes the mark 3 (good). I would here just ask Nokia to add a small spring to fix a battery in next models. Or to put a small peace of paper in the box, together with advice what to do with it :)

Reviewed by Peter from Germany on 5th Oct 2004
I am using Nokia for quite some time, including 3210, 6310, 8910, being more-or-less happy with all of them. Recently, I have had two of 7210, and after that experience I won't buy Nokia soon. It seems that new, more feature-reach models are nothing but peace of junk. The first 7210 worked well, for few months... After that, the phone just for no reason started to show "SIM card rejected" and other weird messages, leaving me unaware that somebody is actually trying to reach me. "Rebooting" the phone used to fix the problem... until the next failure, which used to happen every now and then. After getting really p*d off (and just about at the end of warranty period), I went to Nokia service and had "SIM card reader" whatever replaced, the problem was surprisingly still there... Of course, I don't have time to go to service every day, so I went there after expiration of the phone warranty period, but within the warranty of the replaced spare part. They kindly rejected me, advising visiting my mobile operator. So, I went to O2, got the new phone after few weeks of horror with Nokia 3100 (the set of basic functions this one has work fine, though). The new 7210 is somehow confused with battery - sometimes it shows that it is full, and then suddenly gets empty, and gets full again, and so on... The worst thing is that this one doesn't show any error message, but switches itself off being in the pocket for certain time. Will I try buying a new battery? No way, I'll get another phone for about the same money :) And guess what - there is no single chance it'll be Nokia ..

Reviewed by Ben from Australia on 14th Sep 2004
Look, all you poms out there dissin this phone are idiots. I currently have a Nokia 7250i and my mate has a 7210. I cant see anything really wrong with them. Good enough colour and stuff and yeah. I was gonna get this phone in the first place but i was told that the 7250i is the same almost but with a camera. So you guys just dont know what ur sayin.

Reviewed by Bob from USA on 20th Aug 2004
For those of you are having a problem with the "insert sim card" and "sim card rejected" problems I found a fix. It seems that the battery which powers the sim card will sometimes get a little loose and this causes the problem. A little piece of tape or folded up paper next to the four battery pins inside of the phone so that the battery stays firm fixes the problem. I've had a Nokia 8290 which was a very solid phone until the last few weeks when I was having this problem and it drove me crazy. I thought I would have to buy a new phone. I was very happy to find this site which pointed me to a fix:

Reviewed by Cieran from England on 16th Aug 2004
This phone is the best, I love, love it love it L0VE IT.

Reviewed by jeremy from london on 8th Aug 2004
at the time when i had it it was great the first phone to have radio go loudspeaker and also speak loudspeaker the way it looks is also great i loved using wap and i filled the phone to the brim with games and ringtones i can still use the phone today without feeling outdated but as i dont have a camera attachment and it has limited space its not up to my standards today

Reviewed by Alysia from England on 2nd Aug 2004
I'm not going to swear so, this what I have to say. The phone is pretty stylish and the radio's alright, but I'm very disappointed. When I tried to put a PIN on my phone, it didn't work. It messed it up. So I turned it off and turned it on again and entered my PIN, it says, "SIM Card rejected" so then I spend 1 hour trying to fix it. The on/off button is hard to configure. Ihave to dig my nails in, which resulted in breaking 3 nails. Also the screen fades quickly, so it's hard to read. DON'T get a 7210, you are better off with a 8310. If you desperately need a colour and a camera, just buy something else, and NEVER get Nokia 7210.

Reviewed by Nathan from New Zealand on 26th Jul 2004
This phone is awesome! Got everything I need! Get it's software upgraded, and you'll love it even more!! Battery lasts a good 5-6 days, good reception etc. etc. etc. Don't let it's looks deceive you! Although, I thought the keypad layout is very good looking, and ideal for fast txters like me :o)

Reviewed by Jojo from India on 15th Jul 2004
I especially like the fact that it fits easily into a pocket or handbag, because it's so small and light! - no matter what anyone says is well worth the money! It has cool covers, great ringtones, triband so i can take it with me on my travels, and even a colour screen!

Reviewed by rachel from england on 3rd Jul 2004
i think this phone is great, its simple to use n has got everythin on it colour screen poly ringtones etc ive had mine for 2 years n nothin as gone wrong with it n i dnt exactly luk afta it well, i drop it all da time! i really recomend it its worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Usmaan from England on 29th Jun 2004
The best Phone ever! This Phone was my favourite Phone ive ever had the features are good so is the Styling i prefer it to t68i. I would Recommend everyone to Buy this Phone.

Reviewed by Hsin-Ni from UK on 28th Jun 2004
Don't really like it - unaesthetically pleasing to the eye, awkward keypad formation, & horrid polytechnic tunes! Easy to use, but the older Nokias are better

Reviewed byFRED from ENGLAND on 27th Jun 2004
This phone is flashy and nice, I totally recommend it, it has all the applications u need, However, if u r a big game freak, this phone has no good games and no javascript. It does not have a camera, you have to buy an attachable camera. Overal : It is good but not outstanding, if u r a typical caller and smser, go for it , but if u buy phones for their applics, dont bother.

Reviewed by Lucy from England on 12th Jun 2004
I have had my phone 4 2 month no probs great pic messaging and stuff lyke dat i would like betta rigtone though nokia!!!

Reviewed by Amy from Uk on 10th Jun 2004
Ive had this phone for a yr now - i still wouldnt cool it 'dated' as such ... But i do think its time to move on - part from anything i get bored! However this phone has been good to me, although ive had a few problems of the phone turning itself off, but i'd say this phone could with stand anything - considering the amount of times ive accidently dropped it - its still working! Which is really impressive. The phone is quick and easy to use, but i wished it had an intergrated camera so i could take silly pics on the move! So although its a good phone, its time to upgrade! But if your looking for a good fone this is a good one to have - although the colour screen is hard to read in direct sunlight! But other than that its all good : )

Reviewed by John from UK on 9th Jun 2004
THIS PHONE IS GOOD IT IS FAR BETTER THEN THE 3510i and if you have problems then so will the 7250 and 7250i the screen flickers on them. Do you know why? Cause when you drop the phone it get wrecked. The camera is better then the one on the siemens mc60. It is really hard to use. Buy this phone which gives you all the features of the 3510i and more.

Reviewed by Jen Noyes from England on 24th May 2004
I've had my Nokia 7210 for a year now and I am writing this review to stick up for it! It's my first nokia and I've been very pleased with it's performance, I don't have anything negative to say about it. I've had reception problems but I think that's likely to be my network provider instead. I am going to be upgrading soon but that' only because I want a camera phone.

Reviewed by Stuart from United Kingdom on 7th May 2004
This phone is a generally very good phone. It has all the features you could want, radio, etc, and the mere fact that it is a Nokia is a bonus for me. This is a phone that will never go out of fashion, well, not for a long time anyway. Go out and buy it, it's worth it.

Reviewed by lucyh43 from England on 14th Apr 2004
I think the radio is ace with the loudspeaker although its a pain avin 2 put the handset in.Ive also got the camera attachment which i think is ok the photos cud b beta quality but its ok.The games r wicked and the tones r ace. I love this fone!!!

Reviewed by chelsea from UK on 9th Apr 2004
vis fone is 1 4 v cool guys as wiv v colour screen an the easy use menu i think vis mfone rocks but becareful wiv v camera attachment u can buy az the old (grey)one takes ages 2 take fotos and haz poor picture quality but the fone itzelf iz definately cool!!! :-)

Reviewed by Holly from England on 8th Apr 2004
I think that the Nokia 7210 is an excellent phone, but it misses the outstanding point. The only reason I gave this phone 4 stars instead of 5, is purely and rather simply because I just cannot get the cover off! Stupid as it may seem, I am desperately trying, and finding it rather impossible! Please, Please, Please, will someone post some information to me about how to take the wretched cover off!

Reviewed by abz from UK on 21st Mar 2004
good fone.

Reviewed by chris from england on 21st Mar 2004
Maybe a little dated now with the whole Sharp camera phone scene and the new 7250i, but the 7210 is still ahead of loadsa phones on the market. radio, 4096 colours, good games to download, best phone company around (nokia), i hav got a few picture messaes off my friends and they are of a good quality, alot better then the t68i. the 7210 also is compatible for alot of ringtones and games at the moment, so you wont ever have to worry about a lack of ringtones for this phone, also alot of fascias about for it and the attachable camera and nokia software. so i recommend this phone, but if you need a great camera, then i'd go 4 the samsung v200 or the sharp gx20.

Reviewed by Alexandra from UK on 12th Mar 2004
I've had this phone for 8 months now and...in some ways I'm quite dissapointed of what Nokia managed (or not) to do! First of all my 7210 has some BIG software problems: -sometimes the alarm won't stop unless I switch off the phone (really annoying!) -sometimes the message center number needs to be reintroduced - sometimes it switches itself off when I access the message menu - if I play too much (games) the display becomes blury Still the features are great, I love the keypad layout and all the downloadable wallpapers/games/ringtones/radio Unfortunately, I think the Nokia guys were in too much of a hurry when releasing the phone too look over it once more before putting it on the market. Too bad!

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 10th Mar 2004
I think this this phone is the worst Nokia ive ever had the camera attachment it krap the LCD screen flickers and goes blank and the volume is poor I reccomend you never get this phone it's so poo!

Reviewed by sophie from england on 1st Mar 2004
dis fone is SIK.. all u peeps dissin it r obv 2 stuck up ur own *** 2 realise dat dis fone is gr8 value for money.. u iz all namin otha fones dat r betta but wots da point in byin dem coz dey get out of fashion in like 3 weeks..ive ad dis fone 4 a bit now n it is mint..stores pure msgs n as neva blanked out on me so HAHA MAYB DA FONE JUS DONT LIKE AL U DISSERS!

Reviewed by Sandeep Kumar Dhanda from Saudi Arabia on 28th Feb 2004
I've had my 7210 for just over 6 months now and the phone has functioned well.It's easy to use and has quite a few good features on it.The screen is great and clear and is easy to use just like every nokia.The phone's dimensions (106 x45 x17.5 mm) are not very large, it can be easily held in the breast pocket or in the pocket of trousers. The handset weighs 83g.A power key and IR port are placed on the upper side of the phone. There is a stereo FM radio here.The phone is comparable in connection quality to the other phones from Nokia. In my opinion it is very good. The phone has a live and loud sound, sometimes even too loud, so that you should reduce the volume. The phone also can work in a handsfree mode, in this case the volume in the dynamic is not too high. It's impossible to use it in noisy places. The phone has a 4-tones polyphonic ring and supports up to 43 musical instruments. So it is similar to the polyphony in Nokia 3510.The ringing volume is not sufficient, especially outside. The sounds of the ring and the streets blend together.The vibrating alert doesn't' improve the situation, it is also weak. It's difficult to feel it in the jacket pocket. Unfortunately 7210 is inferior to other phones from Nokia in this respect. You should listen to the phone carefully no to muss the call. There are no voice dialing, dictaphone and bluetooth here. A manufacturer decided that a colour display is sufficient to appeal consumers. It's quite reasonable for price and not too dated, and the battery life is good enough. I recommend this phone to anyone who seeks a decent, good-feat stylish phone.

Reviewed by ME from England on 17th Feb 2004
All i can say is im glad my friend got it instead of me!! I no u can't REALLY review a fone u avnt got BUT iv had a REALLY REALLY REALLY good luk at it and its c!!p!! Bad Points : 1. S**t radio! it sounds extremely tinny!! 2. S**t screen! Only 4096 colors?? Cum on Nokia!!! 3. S**t ringtones! 4 bit n tinny! 4. Camera attachment's a rip off!! Good points : 1. Space for messages!! Thats it!! My advice - DONT GET IT FOR GODS SAKE!!! Save up n get the Sharp GX20 cuz nokias suk A$$!!

Reviewed by dan adams from UK on 16th Jan 2004

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 6th Jan 2004
Good bits: FM Radio, clear display, looks good, fast predictive text and plenty of handy features. Its well packed and pretty solid. Excellent battery life. Infra red port was useful you uploading tunes & games and downloading my address book onto my laptop. Bad bits: The keypad layout is a bit awkward (number don\'t line up). The scrolling menu is kinda annoying - you have to scroll through one feature at a time. An icon style layout that displayed 9 or so features at once would be better. No bluetooth or camera (unless you get the pop-port camera attachment #60).

Reviewed by roni sahul from london, uk on 1st Jan 2004
i got this fone a while back... and the good features are that it has a radio.. and thats rele about it!! the quality of the colour screen is quite low, especially compared to a lot of new phones now.. its not worth buying now (it was good wen i bought it in feb 2003!!) the tones are poor and it doesnt have a camera. the camera attachments that u can buy for it are not worth the money. i plan to buy a new phone this week or next week... pls pls cud some1 advise me.. shud i get the nokia 6600 or the samsung E700?? thank u sooo much.

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 31st Dec 2003
Had 2, both returned within hours of delivery. As soon as you try to forward a txt they switch off and refuse to turn back on again. Might be a faulty batch as I have had 4 Nokias in the past with no problems. Back cover almost impossible to remove unless you have very long fingernails together with unbelievable dexterity. Maybe old people shouldn't be allowed mobile phones.

Reviewed by mark prudhoe from uk on 29th Dec 2003
iv had phone for one month batery life is great it lasts for about a week this phone is as good as it gets good screen loud ring tones and good volume controls great phone all most as good as 6210 from nokia great product

Reviewed by Rick Absalom from england on 26th Dec 2003
This phone looks better than it is. Dont know what nokia were thinking when they designed the thing. the key pad takes some getting used too.Mine is full of fresh games and wicked rings...... well lets just say it was, it turned itself off one day and now will not turn back on. spoke to a few people from various phone reputable phone shops and if i get it repaired i lose everything. i aint happy at all. NOT a reliable phone, so dont waist your money. Recommend a 6210/6310/6510 anyday when it comes to reliability. Phone is bloody S***!!!!!

Reviewed by katebojangles from uk on 24th Dec 2003
I've had my 7210 for just over 6 months now (got it when it was brand new out). I thought it was the dogz bitz when i 1st got it, and planned to buy the camera attatchment, but never actually got round to it! when it came out it was the best phone on the market (better than my previous 8310). i've ALWAYS had a nokia phone, i'm a mobile maniac, but i am now tempted to the new samsung e700 / v200- phones currently out have much better technical spec's than the 7210. now i'm bored of my 7210, it feels old and dated! nokia really need to do something about their reputation, which is growing OLD!

Reviewed by Rohil from England on 22nd Dec 2003
This phone is good in its ways. I've had it for about 9 months now, and although I have found a few minor problems, the phone has functioned well. I also have a NEC e606, which is nothing compared to the 7210. On the bright side, the 7210 is fast and reliable, where as some other Nokias (3510i, 8210, 8310) are pretty 'c###'. YOU SHOULD BUY THIS PHONE IF YOU CAN GET A CHEAP ENOUGH PRICE!

Reviewed by Neal from uk on 20th Dec 2003
I actually quite like this phone when it's working. It's easy to use and has quite a few good features on it. Unfortunately, after seven replacements, I am getting a little tired of it. During the middle of a call, all reception dies, the call is cut off, and "Insert SIM card" appears on the screen! Then within a matter of seconds, all reception comes back and the phone is fine again-for anothe few minutes!! Another problem is that it drops incoming calls after one ring. The person calling gets an engaged tone and it doesn't go on to voicemail. This is all happening whilst the phone has perfect reception!! Not impressed. But then again I know a few other people with this phone who hav every few problems!!!!!

Reviewed by Jordan from England on 24th Nov 2003
i think this phone is great

Reviewed by soot from scotland on 23rd Nov 2003
not impressed! i'm one of these people who get a phone, happy with it for bout 6 months then wanna change but NOT with this disgrace! hated it after 1 month as it completely cut out on me at a crucial time, sent it away to get repaired, when it came back all the bloody games,ploy ringtones everything i had downloaded GONE! my fault according to nokia, well i tell u this, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Reviewed by shah from uk on 18th Nov 2003
this phone is very easy 2 use with the decent nokia menu. its not really worth buyin it as a camera phone tho as pics are c##p. battery life is ok and the radio is top (but u need to hav the headset on). i got 1 on contract but im changin it cos it teases u in2 wantin a camera phone as it lets u know wat ur missing out on! the loudspeaker option is surprisingly effective and u jus put da fone near u wen u wna chat(if ur a lazy arse like me!) its apparently good lookin but id jus rate it as ok (i mean compare it to a t610 or 1 of the lil samsungs). writing texts is easy and u can store 100s which is a massive plus point. the downloadable ringtones are easily betta than other such phones. cons are -awful add on camera pics, takes a few presses 2read ur inbox(VERY irritatin) and general lack of enthusiasm from other people(i.e ma mates!) if ur jus interested in an everyday easy 2 use phone dis is pretty cool tho. im givin 40quid plus this phone for a 3650 JUST because its a came ra phone! if dats wat ur in2 id recommend the sharp gx10i or sony t610-both have decent pic quality.and if u wanna awesome fone i REALLY recommend the new sanmsung E700. its looks,picture quality and features are AWESOME far betta than anythin else. i cant afford to buy it so i gotta make do wid a3650. thank u for reading ma review, i wrote it cos i was bored, im interested 2 c if any1 actually reads these-if u read dis do us a fava and email me shsh_786_ali@hotmail.com dont worry im not a wierdo im jus sure no1 reads this far! dont worry i wont even reply !cheers

Reviewed by Michael from England on 13th Nov 2003
I've had the 7210 a while now and reading these other faults etc (turning off and the like) I can honestly say i've not had these faults. I heard they were called back but the latest ones seem to be fine. I have only one reservation...Text messages. When the delivery reports are on, they seem to take forever to let you know a message was received. I've switched the reports off. I tried the same thing in my 8310 and basically got the report almost instantly...done the same on the 7210 and took 14 mins (i timed it!) to received a delivery receipt. Other than that, games, tones etc are good and its a nice tiday phone.

Reviewed by James O'Leary from England on 4th Nov 2003
this was the best phone i have ever had it has no faults and with a camera atachment it sh;;s on all the integrated camera and what a wide range of things to do for exp radio,games.ringtones it even is better than my old gx20

Reviewed by Uncle Roy from Ireland on 4th Nov 2003
Hooray! Another winner from Nokia! Its not perfect, but then again is any mobile? Listen, I had a Nokia 7210 and a Motorola T720i on the go at the same time - the idea being to decide which one to keep. That didn't take long. Two days later, the (hideous) Motorola was back in the box (The box was actually better made than the phone!)and Ive been using the Nokia ever since. Like most Nokias, the 7210 is a very user friendly phone. All the graphics and menus are sensibly and logicaly laid out, so its hard to get yourself lost. Polymorphs are clean and clear, and the radio feature is of a standard superior to that which you may expect from a phone (clumsy cable attachment though). Speaking of which, have I missed something somewhere? Where is the volume control for the radio? Or is there one? The 7210 is light and slim-line, so it can be tucked into a pocket without discomfort to either the phone or you! Biggest drawback to the handset is the tiny keypad and associated numerics/letters. (Where is my magnifying glass?) This is the only feature that stopped me giving the 7210 a full five stars. I'm told the 6610 is almost a replica of the 7210, but with bigger keypad! Maybe I should check that out? Anyway, go and grab a 7210. Nokia have done the business!

Reviewed by MarkT from UK on 2nd Nov 2003
Well basically OK, but I guess it seems to be way overshadowed by what else is out there. Reading the reviews and the problems people have had, I can only agree. I have the attachable camera also, which is as good as useless because the picture quality is so poor, especially when compared to other people's Samsungs, Siemens, etc. It has dropped the SIM card a couple of times, switched itself off a few times (on receiving a call) and is a sod to switch back on sometimes. Ringtones are tinny compared to others as well. Loved my 8310, but distinctly unimpressed by the 7210 on all but the basic phone functions. And some of the downsides don't necessarily make themselves obvious in the initial period when you can take it back...

Reviewed by Cody from malaysia on 23rd Oct 2003
Wow this phone is great... i ove the function and a wide range of ringtones and games tahat can be downloaded to this phone(or rather all nokia java phone) i must admit there is some draw back compared to samsung like the ringtone is not as nice as the samsung,samsung have also a nicer screen... but what i like more about this phone then samsung is that i can easily find ringtnoe and games for this phone its all around.... ya samsung may also have a better screen but the function are not as well oragnize as the nokia... if u play with ur phone a lot get this phone(7210)or rather a nokia... while for those who just wan a phone which can send and receive sms and call take a samsung.. i was thinking of changing to a 6610 till i found out from nokia 7210 can receive a max 45k mms while the 6610 only 30k.. i played with the 6610 for a week i found that it is the same as 7210 just maybe a better keypad

Reviewed by Stuart from england on 23rd Oct 2003
well it looks nice when u just look at it but the rubbish buttons are 2 close 2 gether and r rubbish the screen is birght but yes i get lines and flickering aswell!...nokia sort it out!!! ive had my phone reperid lots of times after 7 months of having this phone i coulnt txt any one because they stoped working!...and its woz flipping 2 hundred and fifty!..omg wot a ripp of dnt but this phone!..but yes i spose the phone is kinnda easy to you but it has so many faults!....nokia need to bring out some good phones!.....the nokia 8210 woz good!...would be nice in colur 8310 2 chunky!...5210 ruberly ugly!.....3310...BRICK! 3510 is a rubbish phone.....3410 woz ok for me but broke and got stressed out with that phone and smashed on the damb thing!! just buy a motorola c350 small and modern thats wot i now have! i think this ok it has a colour screen! this is my asvice

Reviewed by Anna from England on 18th Oct 2003
I really wish there was a NO STAR option here!. This Phone is awful. I have had many mobile phones and this is the worst!. Even Worse than the SE T68i, that I stopped using 3 months after getting it. This Phone, freezes, it switches off, its really hard to switch on and off. It is just S**T!!. By the way, I had to change this Phone 4 times on T-Mobile!!, they all had the same problems. The clock cannot be seen in daylight!, The screen fades in and out, as if the power source is buggered. The polyphonic tones are tinny!. I was offered exchange and repair so many times I wanted to cry. When I finally gave in to having the phone repaired, the repair man refused to touch it...saying the last one he tried to repair took 5hours, and he still could'nt get it working right. What ever you do.......DO NOT BUY IT!, Don't Even accept it as a free gift. It is Rubbish..........I am so angry with NOKIA.

Reviewed by Bash from UK on 13th Oct 2003
Top quality phone but can be a bit unreliable in that mine sometimes switches itself off. The call quality is fantastic and the loudspeaker is superb. I would recommend this phone to anyone. I think I\'m gonna try the new Panasonic X70 next.

Reviewed by Luuk from Netherlands on 9th Oct 2003
I like this phone very well! The screen is great and clear and is easy to use just like every nokia. Samsung design sucks, especially the antenna is terrible. Oh and if someone dislikes this phone, it is ofcourse his right, but at least give some arguments and don't just swear about!

Reviewed by Bash from England on 7th Oct 2003
Excellent phone. Decent screen although it doesn't match the new Samsung or Panasonic ones. The call quality is superb and it is so simple to use. The only problem I have had with it is that it sometimes switches itself off! Other than that I have thoroughly enjoyed owning this phone. Gonna try a Panasonic next though!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 29th Sep 2003
Very average phone. Good, but not great compared with others. Its too much like the old 8310 but with a colour screen and few other extras. And they all do the typical Nokia freeze-up from time to time. Forget the 7210, Get the 7250i. Its virtually the same phone but with a bigger memory, in-built camera, and more extras that work with it (maybe not so 'pretty' though)

Reviewed by Calv from UK. on 21st Sep 2003
I've only had my 7210 for 2 weeks now, and even though it was released nearly a year ago, it does an excellent job for me. The colour display is good despite the peculiar feeling of the curved-in keypad.. took me abit of time to get used to, but I got there in the end. Also, another great feature is the built-in FM radio, which you can listen to through headphones + loadspeaker, unlike the 8310. It's quite reasonable for price and not too dated, and the battery life is good enough. I recommend this phone to anyone who seeks a decent, good-feat stylish phone.

Reviewed by Manda from UK on 18th Sep 2003
Not brilliant. Very slow. Every time I delete a text message the phone decides to turn itself off. When I call out my phone goes blank and the loudspeaker isn't loud at all! I'd always stick with Nokia though because when purchasing an Ericsson it was so faulty I ended up changing the phone five times and demanded a Nokia which worked perfectly fine. Perhaps I'm unlucky in the mobile phone department. My next venture will be a Nokia 3100!

Reviewed by ross from england on 18th Sep 2003
Its great for ringtones and pictures. the themes get boring if you have had a Nokia Before. and the camera is great because you can take it anywhere with you. the only problem with the camera is that you cant see what picture your taking on the screen of the phone.

Reviewed by EVIE from uk on 16th Sep 2003
All you people who had faults (including those who said it was recalled but didnt take it back) DUUHHH take it back there was obviously a faultly batch. ive had no complaints.

Reviewed by Olaf Johnson from Brooklyn, NY, USA on 11th Sep 2003
After 3 months w/ the 7210 i'd say it is a decent phone. All the features are average. Stand out features are it's loud-speaker phone. A quick example of how good this is. I can sit the phone on my kitchen table walk about 5 feet to kitchen sink then talk to the other end as if that person was in the room whiles doing my dishes. Whats even cool is usually the person I'm chatting with doesn't even know that I have them on speaker. The buttons are easier to dial than it seems and for a plastic shell phone it is very durable. Dust specks can get under the screen cover, but the phone comes apart so easily that one can simply remove the outer shells and blow the dust out or clean the phone in minutes. The screen is decent, though not the best, and battery life is average if you talk alot. A few months ago I would've recommended this phone or given it five stars, but now they are much better phones out there- I want the Samsung s300 next. It's smaller, better screen (65,000 color) and has a metal shell. However the 7210 stands above others only because of it's unique appearance, speaker function and FM radio.

Reviewed by Scratch from UK on 11th Sep 2003
It's so sad that so many negative reviews on this site come from grumpy idiots who may have just had some bad luck with their phones. They buy a phone, something goes wrong with it, therefore it must be a bad phone, right? WRONG!! Most of us will know that this is not true. Yes, some phones do go wrong from time to time, but I've had nearly 10 different Nokia phones over the last 9 months, and only the Nokia 8310 gave me problems, and that was down to a software version! I won't slate that phone though. I loved it! It was a great little phone, even though the constant freezing annoyed me. As for the 7210, I really liked that too. It looks highly unique and fun, the screen is colourful and holds a very clear image, and like all Nokia phones it's highly user friendly. You can add a camera if required, send MMS, download games and polyphonic ringtones (which do work), and if all that's not enough for you, you can even ring someone and have a chat. What more can you ask for??

Reviewed by Pam from UK on 9th Sep 2003
Having read the mostly negative reviews on this site i almost decided not to buy the 7210 as the reviews put me off!! Anyway, i decided to go for it and have to say really glad that i did. Firstly, the contemporary keypad is fab and you soon get used to texting with it, no prob. The graphics are crystal clear when compared to the 3410i and i have never seen the screen flicker as mentioned by other reviewers. The size of the phone is another plus as it is quite small but not too small. I have never had a problem turning it off or on as mentioned in another review so dont let that put you off. The radio is really cool with brill sound, the only thing i can say negative is that the radio cannot be listened to on speaker without having the headset plugged in but to be honest the stereo sound is so good when listened to through headset that can't see that you would listen to it on speaker anyway. What else can i say, well i am really impressed with the phone and i don't think the keys look tacky. You can also buy new keypads and covers now (cheap on ebay) so you can also customise it to suit your own style. I am getting a camera soon so that is another plus as it does media messaging. The polyphonic ringtones sound good to. So go for it is what i would say and i'm sure you won't regret it.

Reviewed by mike from uk on 28th Aug 2003
I've had my nokia 7210 for 5 mths now, and have had nothing but trouble with it,getting error messages all the time,sim reg failed and sim rejected,and messages, well what a joke sending them. but give phone operator due, they have changed it 3 times for me, upto now fingers crossed no probs, but have been told by my phone operator if my problem occurs again they will change the phone to another model.I have had nokia phones all the time and had no probs with them, apart from this one. sorry nokia.

Reviewed by Hairy She-Male from UK on 28th Aug 2003
This phone is really good and very reliable.

Reviewed by david from england on 24th Aug 2003
this phone is terrible. i had the phone for three weeks, on the third week, it decided to empty the phone book, losing all my contacts, it would freeze up for no reason, would not connect via infared since day one.when the clock came on as the screen saver, there was no time, even though it was set and enabled.. when i received it back from repair, six weeks later, there was another fault that was not there to start with. the speaker would distort. so all in all i have owned it for three weeks, and its been in for repair for 8 weeks now. allthough i cannot fault the looks, the ease of use, and terrific features, this is not a phone i would reccomend. i now have a 7650, and it is the best phone i have ever had, top reccomendations. thanks, hope the info will influence your descision on purchasing a 7210. better luck next time nokia

Reviewed by Miles Fletcher _ Brown from England on 22nd Aug 2003
This phone may look the business which deceptively can make you buy it on impulse. However, since immediately after getting it, the phone started to say either sim card rejected or insert sim card about 4 or 5 times a day. My dealer, phones 4u, did chage it immediately and since then its been fault free. Hopefully it will stay like this Also the quality of the polyphoninc ring tones are very mediocre, and not too loud ( even at max vol) The screen saver on it ( the horizontal sinking digital clock) is very dull and I dont think there is an option in the phone to change it. The on / off button is a joke. You have to stick you finger nail right into it to make it work. Lastly the keys are incredibly difficult to get used to. Its like you are all thumbs, constantly hitting the wrong keys whenh texting - drives me up the wall. So before buying, do your homework, and check out the competition. Dont act spontaneously like I did, because I now regret entering a 12 month contract - still 11 to go! In a word I would say as it stands this phone is S**T! All the best.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 19th Aug 2003
Dont listen to ANY ILLITERATE FOOLS who whine about this phone- it's just great, I've had mine for 5 months now, and have never had any trouble with it WHAT SO EVER. This phone is a credit to Nokia.

Reviewed by Jase from UK on 11th Aug 2003
Yay! a phone that works. The only bad things about this phone are, small memory for storing games/pictures/ringtones. Screen flickers randomly. Keys are hard to get used to at first. But r cool otherwise NO CAMERA! attachments a joke at 70! [buy a 30 keychain camera for your pc instead!-better quality!!] Have to have headset connected to listen to the radio [on loud speaker] Otherwise its a VGOOD fone

Reviewed by darcy mia from uk on 9th Aug 2003
basically i think people shud try and be more considerate i think the nokia 7210 is great the sound, the ring tones,screen, in fact every thing. i've had it for ova 6months and i really have nothing to complain bout.it has enuff storage space 4 my text and picture msgs which is really important to me! the bad point maybe that it has no in built camera and the picture are not as good as some others but still its a phone not a camera if people are buyin it 4 the camera then what they really need is a camera. for a phone that size with such good feature i think it is DA BOMB!!!!! people shud stop hating.

Reviewed by kunal from india on 4th Aug 2003
Its a good phone with lots of dowloading capacity the only setback is the keys all in all it is a cool phone

Reviewed by zizo from france on 2nd Aug 2003
it's a very bad phone , yek , Don't buy it

Reviewed by vladuz from Romania on 29th Jul 2003
You guys are not fair! Except the flickering of the screen WHEN playing everything is GREAT! I buyed it for 150$ brand NEW, with all the accesories, and it worthed every buck.

Reviewed by Graeme from UK on 26th Jul 2003
I bought this phone two days ago, and so far i have had no problems. I really like the radio, and the phone is very stylish, and although the keypad takes a bit of getting used to, is alrite really. An all round good phone!

Reviewed by Jack from Indonesia on 16th Jul 2003
This phone is a load of bull. It has s##t keys.

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