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Nokia 7210 Supernova

 In a nutshell  

The Nokia 7210 Supernova was never fully released in the UK and we will not be reviewing it. Read the consumer reviews below for more information.


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Nokia 7210 Supernova user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it, and please ask questions in our User Questions section above. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 31 reviews:

Reviewed by Bluestar from India on 6th Jun 2013
My favorite cell phone ever, loved it.

Reviewed by Jaymin from India on 8th Aug 2011
Best Mobile.... Using from 3 year ,, without any single problem...

Reviewed by Ashvin from india on 16th Jul 2011
purched new 7210 mobile then after 8 month cemera probleb so replesed new one that's good but after 9 month same problem,same problem my frend 7210 mobil,it's very bed.

Reviewed by Bhavik from india on 2nd Feb 2011
best mo. in india

Reviewed by aalia from india on 16th Nov 2010
it iz a very cool,slim n sleek phone with all the applications....and its very light..camera iz also good....like this phone....my sweet phone :)

Reviewed by asma from algeria on 21st Dec 2009
it is good for me

Reviewed by sujith e s from india on 28th Nov 2009
IDIOT set.. lot of problems with it.. softwares complaints are usual in this. keypad is very bad. low quality camera (2MP but images are looks like images from vga camera)

Reviewed by Swinder Singh from India on 26th Oct 2009
It is simple sleek and fine

Reviewed by santosh from india on 21st Oct 2009
it is very fine and sexy

Reviewed by GAJENDRA from INDIA on 20th Oct 2009
Hello, Excellent fone to buy.

Reviewed by JB from Seychelles on 7th Jun 2009
ive got this phone on wednesday and i have only used it for a day cuz the next day the battery was empty but when i charged it wont come on so i hate it now cuz ive bougth it to used it for a day plus im trying to email this shop tht i bougth it from in singapore but they wont mail me back

Reviewed by carson from uk on 28th May 2009
just got this phone and think it is a pretty good standard phone for talking and texting although the keypad is really stiff at first and feels odd. not too sure about material used for the casing as ive already got chunks scraped off and im a careful person! overall a mint phone!

Reviewed by srikanth from india on 25th May 2009
i was totally satisfied by this phone!this is really very koool i ever saw! but only the feature i didnt like was when i open a imaje the screen turns to white!!!!!i did not like it! but totally the mobile was good!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Vikas Sharma from India on 8th May 2009
I have buyed this phone few days back...This Phone is simply Kool....

Reviewed by Suzumoki from Japan on 24th Apr 2009
This iz a real cool phone wid all the features!

Reviewed by amardeep from india on 11th Apr 2009
i use this phone. its cemra,music playre & prfomance is outstanding

Reviewed by hiren modasiya from india on 3rd Apr 2009
excellent cell phone and slim & extra ordinary body camera rezult is very good.

Reviewed by suriya from India on 16th Mar 2009
The best part is it has the best Quality picture captured when viewed in mobile. But worst part is why the quality is worst in PC after transferring the image. Hope, nokia has some built-in image stabilizers/enhancers. Do anyone know of the software used? Want the pictures in my pc too to be of best quality.

Reviewed by Haris from Indonesia on 14th Mar 2009
Nrw format in 7210 supernova is normal, 7210 supernova is builtin flash, nrw format need several second to make your picture looks clearly like u capture pic with flash light.. After that process, ur format pic will be .jpg automatically..

Reviewed by Aleo from South Africa on 26th Feb 2009
Hey! Got phone like 30days ago. I like it & when I slip it in2 my jean, it feels like I lost 20kilogram! There r few things that trips me up, video quality not good and it saves pic in a nrw format, Whats UP WITH THAT!? It bothers me becaus when i open a .nrw pic my phone throws me a white screan and restart. Sick of viruses! Thats y i go me a new mobile! O well, i do like thow!

Reviewed by juil from phillipines on 10th Feb 2009
i somehow like the mobile. it has all this details and the things that are on it are somewhat outstanding. 3gp, mp3, the likes. on the cam however, there's this tiny red dot on the lcd. but it usually dissappears after the shot. video, for me, is kinda grainy. the only thing that i dont like is the keypad, it is stlyish but it's hard to press them. also, you have to either buy a separate usb cable or memory card reader

Reviewed by Bhautik from India on 23rd Jan 2009
It Was nice Phone sexy look in hand Can u given Thems or Game if u have than send me to bhautik_k@yahoo.co.in PLZ

Reviewed by Manohar Patil from India on 17th Dec 2008
I bought my Nokia-7210 fifteen days back,I like it. It is very stylish and simple to handle.

Reviewed by Hopefull from my pakistan on 11th Dec 2008
this phone is really outstanding everything is present in this phone;mp3 mp4 3gp good graphics.....e.t.c

Reviewed by sam sandhu from INDIA on 11th Dec 2008
nokia7210 is owsum mobile

Reviewed by Girish from India on 25th Nov 2008
I bought my 7210 from Dubai, its very sleek and and very stylish, but for pressing numbers we have to use our finger nails which in the long run will leave scratches on number plate.

Reviewed by may from uk on 23rd Nov 2008
this phone is soooooo coool!!!! cant wait to get my hands on some funky changeable covers ....

Reviewed by Hayden from Australia on 18th Nov 2008
i bought the nokia 7210 supernova then when immediately turned it on it had glitches in the pictures? is it normal or a problem.... well i for one do not like the mobile

Reviewed by kaye from philippines on 17th Nov 2008
i guess it is normal.. i bought my 7210 supernova 2 days ago and so far i am loving it..video as a ring tone, 2 mega pixels cam, a radio and all the things that you'll love to have on a phone are all here..at the same time it is not that expensive either.. the only prob is you need to buy for a seperate usb cable ccoz it is not included on the set when you buy it.

Reviewed by Erwin Flores from Philippines on 15th Nov 2008
My daughter bought supernova 7210 and after 2 weeks theres a black spot in the screen. When she brought it to nokia oulet they said lcd was broken. My daughter claim to me that it never fell or something. Besides if it does it will have a mark on the phone but i dont have anything. How could that possibly be?

Reviewed by jhoy from Phil on 19th Oct 2008
i bought my phone last week and i think it is really nice, but then one thing that i could say about it is the camera..coz when you capture for a pic it will show you "image001.nrw" and this format will not allow you to delete the picture until it converted into "jpeg" format. is that normal??

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