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Nokia 6800 review

 Review: July 2004  


In a nutshell: Messaging reaches new levels of ease and efficiency with the Nokia 6800 phone. This unique 2-in-1 product has been especially designed for easy text input and quick access to text-based applications, using the integrated full keyboard.


When you turn the phone horizontally and open it up, you'll be presented with a full keyboard. You can even start writing a message with the cover closed, and continue with the cover open.

With its efficient and unique design, the Nokia 6800 lets you write more easily and effectively. The concatenated messaging function lets you write much longer messages, and the distribution list function will allow you to send a message to several people at a time. With multimedia messaging (MMS), you can receive messages containing a mixture of text, polyphonic sound, and an image, which can be saved as a ringtone or as wallpaper; you can also send and forward messages containing images and text to other MMS compatible phones.

Polyphonic ringtones and an integrated stereo FM radio offer you a high-quality sound experience.

SyncML compatibility allows you to synchronize personal data remotely over a network.

With the Notes feature, it's easy to take short meeting minutes, capture your thoughts, or keep a diary.

We definitely recommend that you consider the 6820 instead however, as the 6800 feels very much like a prototype for this device.

Nokia 6800 features include:

  • Full integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • E-mail
  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS & HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data)
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Stereo FM radio
  • Downloadable Java™ applications
  • Colour display (4096 colours, 128 x 128 pixels, 8 lines of text)
  • Polyphonic ringtones, plus standard ringtones
  • Integrated handsfree speaker with adjustable volume
  • Predictive text input
  • SMS distribution list
  • Mobile chat
  • Electronic wallet (protects credit card details & passwords)
  • Phonebook
  • Speed dialling
  • Built-in infra-red modem & USB cable port
  • Downloadable colour wallpaper
  • Screensaver
  • Clock, alarm clock, calculator, currency converter, stopwatch
  • 2 games (Triple Pop & Bounce)
  • Size: 119 x 55 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 122g
  • Battery standby: 100 - 150 hours
  • Battery talktime: up to 7 hours
  • Dual band

Nokia 6800 user reviews

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Average rating from 64 reviews:

Reviewed by ATTIE GHOEKSJEN PETERSON from South Africa on 1st Oct 2008

Reviewed by daniel from Nigeria on 25th Jul 2008
its a really cool phone. that am finding it really hard to part with it

Reviewed by J.B. Singh from india on 8th Mar 2008
this is a wonderul product and giving exelant service but unfotunatly the flper of my mobile damaged due to accident , kindly sugest me from whare i can get the full body and the flper of this mobile my mail id is jaggs_astro@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Robert from South Africa on 30th Dec 2006
This is really a good phone. I got mine second hand from a friend and I will say theres one or two thing i really miss coming from the 6610i. Mainly the Go To menu option and grid view for the menu. But the full on querty keyboard makes up for it. The phones a bit buggy as well but I can't say that all of them are like that. As I said I got it second hand. Though i will say one thing. If you arent interested in all the frills that most new phones have and want a honest, hard working phone this ones for you. I sms a lot more than I used to that I promise you :)

Reviewed by Gaby from USA on 16th Oct 2006
This phone really is the best. Yes, it may be larger than usual but it really works and its strong. I've had this phone since forever and I've had two other phones after but I went back to this old thing in just a few months. I've dropped the thing a thousand times and threw it when I was mad but never did it break or did its features slowed down. For the people who don't like this phone just because of no camera and no radio, cell PHONES are not supposed to be used for picture taking and listening to music. Get this phone. The bulkiness is actually worth it.

Reviewed by Shilo from USA on 6th Jan 2006
This phone is amazing. It went through a full laundry cycle, underwater, and the damn thing still works. I was so worried that I would lose all my numbers - nope.

Reviewed by vicky from india on 6th Oct 2005
vry bad phone to us. don't buy it.....I'M DISAPPOINTED ON YOU NOKIA.....THIS PHONE IS A REAL JUNK!!!!!!

Reviewed by richard from england on 16th Sep 2005
this phone is fantastic, its great for texting i just sold a motolrola v550, v980 and various others coz they are full of to much junk which then seems to break the thing e.g mp3 players and bluetooth, i also had the 6820 which was ok but agaim camera and blutooth broke after a year and i harldy used them, so when my boyfriend told me his was reliable and like the nokia 6820 i thought hey why not, i bought it direct from nokia and i think it is fantastic my mum, boyfriend, brother and dad all have this model and they love it had it for over a year with no problems at all, id give this phone 100% its battery lasts forever, signal strengh is superb, design is great, it is a lttle huge but hey look what it does, and its smaller than most new ones (3G) great example. you shouldnt write bad reviews over personal things like scratches try looking after it then it wont scratch,i totaly recommend this phone to all the text addicts out there like my self!!!!

Reviewed by Taresa from United States on 19th Aug 2005
This phone is off the hook!!! The music thing is better than carrying my phone and an Ipod seperately. This phone has music and phone in 1. This phone is fun with the bad as* text and the pictures. I give this phone two thumbs up!!

Reviewed by Boohbah from America on 13th Aug 2005
I just got this phone two days ago, and I just cannot put it down!!! The qwerty Keyboard is a huge plus! So far I have had no problems with the phone. The 4 way joystick is great for navagating the menu. The games are a bit cheesy but then again that's not what I bought the phone for. This phone in my opinion was built for messaging and I wouldn't buy this phone unless your paying for unlimited text and picture messages. Let's face it this phone was built for teens! I love how the keys light up so I can type at anytime in the car wherever! The e-mail client is brilliant! It does have alot of memory which is great! It is a bit on the heavy/bulky side but for what this phone has to give i'll put up with it. This phone gets fantastic reception I pick up a single in places where my old phone would just crap out on me! The speaker is great for when I need to use my hands. The sound quality is crystal clear. The picture is not top of the line but its better than average. I can't wait to see what this phone can do!! I highly recommend this phone for anyone considering buying at this moment.

Reviewed by dennis yaw adjei. from Norway on 8th Aug 2005
This one of the best fon I have actuall fell in love with.Infact loose it and I wouldn't mind to get it back if only is in stock,Any part the world.I wouldn't mind the Price so long as I have it.

Reviewed by Talia from UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! on 22nd Jul 2005
Hi guys, I have had this phone for about 6 months and I havent had any super serious problems, just little things that i think are annoying, but hey i payed $50 (american dollars) and then got a 50 dollar rebate so the phone was basically free...here we go: Pros: Keyboard is GREAT!!! If you text a lot, this phone is wonderful, i use about 1000 texts a month so, i love that part. The Radio is a really cool bonus and i have never had problems with reception. It looks kind of neat. Cons: The headset SUCKS, it doesnt stay in your ear well AT ALL and its hard to plug into the phone. Ringtones suck, they are not the polyphonic ringtones, they are the tunes, which suck b/c those never sound like the actual song anyway. The clarity of the screen is not the best, but not the worst either. I dont drop my phone a lot, im always on it, cant drop it, and when im not on it, its in my hand or in my pocket but the phone has chipped on the left side just under the volume notches, idk how the heck it happened. Also the back peice that says nokia slides out sometimes. THE FRICKIN THING IS HUGE! haha, i generally like a smaller phone so its kind of annoying how big it is. Also, they dont make phone covers for this phone, so the phone will always be blue and silver, which gets kind of old kind of quick. I just felt like this phone looked cheap, i dont like the buttons (the number buttons), they are hard to press because of how they are set in the phone and also the menu select buttons on my phone have gotten hard to press, i have to really press just the right way for it to work. Overall i would not prevent anyone from buying this phone, if you like nokia (which i really do not, i prefer motorola) you will love this phone. So have fun!

Reviewed by linden9003 from usa on 29th Jun 2005
Rubbilsh! The cell phone is dead just after 2 month.

Reviewed by Bruce Murphy from USA on 19th May 2005
I wish I could rate this phone higher than 5 stars. I have owned this phone for over a year now. I've dropped it several times, and aside from a scratched body it is still flawless. I am an IT professional in Sillicon Valley and I originally bought the phone to Text message my co-workers....then eventually purchased an SSH program to log into unix machines from off-site. It works flawlessly(Although the screen is a little small). Also, the Nokia 6800 is incredible when it comes to receiving a signal. I often use my cell while in the middle of our largest server room...Reception on this phone is top notch. Also, the speaker phone is incredible...I use it when talking to someone while trouble-shooting a problem, or driving in my car. Drop it in my lap and chat while driving. Perfectly clear. I highly recommend this phone for anyone who wants a phone that does what its supposed to..flawlessly!

Reviewed by Drew from US on 17th May 2005
Not a bad phone, not bad all. The screens resolution isnt too great so dont expect crystal clear images or anything like that but the phone seems durable. PROS: Loud ringer Good Speaker phone QWERTY Keyboard Durable FM Radio CONS: Poor Image quality Poor Ringers Hands Free set doesnt fit well All in all... If I had to do it again I would buy the same phone. You cant beat the price for the quality of the product.

Reviewed by Kevin from USA on 3rd May 2005
Nokia had the right idea with this phone but it just did not go together all that well. THE GOOD As far as the fold out keyboard goes, it works great. I had no trouble typing messages and after some practice I found myself tpying text messages so fast my friends couldnt keep up. The screen is pretty good, not much glare when viewing from the side and the brightness is good. Battery time is excellent. I dropped mine many times, even spilled water on this sucker and it alwyas worked 100% (I think this is very important because who hasnt dropped there phone at least once?) THE BAD: This phone is huge, it is big enough to become an annoyance in your front jean pocket and if your a girl who wears even semi tight jeans, forget about it. Because of this I have personally lost my phone. Also the quality of the keyboard is not that great, I had to send 2 phones back within a year for the same problem, keys on the keyboard stopped working. User interface can be confussing, but I personally never liked any Nokia interface (this is just my opinion, if you have had other nokia phones I am sure you will get used to this one very fast). Lack of blue tooth makes brings out the negative aspects of this phone even more. There is an optional camera but for the price, and size you might as well get a real digital camera. I did not like the integrated antena, I have had three of these suckers and with EVERY one I get a buzzing sensation whenever I talk on the phone and eventually a headache. Screen will get scrathed very easily and the thought of putting this hu ge phone in a case......no way. There is much smaller, newer version of this phone w/ a camera, I would HIGHLY recomend that one over this model. If your really really strapped for cash and must had a keyboard I would shope around first for other keyboard phones (not sure what the prices are on them). This phone is a huge, well constructed machine with poor ring tones (no mp3), a good screen (as long as you dont scratch it) and pretty much everything else except blue tooth and video/camera. It is a promissing idea but save your $ and get the newer one.

Reviewed by andres from USA on 24th Apr 2005
I bought this phone because I used to send messages to my g-friend a lot though the day, and the full keyboard makes this a breeze. Now my girlfriend is overseas and at $.25 a pop I don't use the feature anymore. This has left me with a bulky, heavy party trick I rarely use anymore. After 9 months of use both swiveling arms have cracked from regular use. FM radio is cool but need to have headphone attached to work and the conection jack is really flimpsy and works only if I put pressure to one side of the jack. No camera, mp3, or any other "modern' gizmos. Most disturbing though are the drop calls, loss of service in well serviced areas, the phone just goes from 7 bars to 0 in less than 2 seconds (great for a car, NOT for my only lifeline). Also,(and the reason why I was looking at this review page), for a week now the phone takes to freezing up, the volume button locks up, and I have to power down and reastart to get it to work again. I am thinking of exchanging or upgrading to a slimmer model. To its credit: great with messages, alarmclock with polyphonics you can download from your PC, calendar/reminders, and dessign, plus you could use it as a weapon to club a surprised attacker, or just flip open and use to boomerang some deer or swine down next time you are hiking out of your reception zone. Just be warned, you may get there before any of your friends. Hopes this helps. WWJB

Reviewed by adeel from uk on 1st Apr 2005
i think the fone has got nice feaches and when you open it is easey to tex wehere you want and easy to play games.Ilike it because nice and stylish. thank you

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 24th Mar 2005
This phone is brilliant. 1) Its extremely durable. 2) Its lovely when texting as it feels so comfortable. 3) The radio reception is excellent and i think the reviewer below needs to admit that living at the bottom of a mountain probably would explain their situation lol. 4) Although people say this phone is heavy, i would say afer a while you get used to it. Wearing jeans you can feel it in your pocket anyway. The only problem with this phone is that i think people would prefer an MP3 player (like my old 5510). However this phone more than makes up!!

Reviewed by MOeR from DUN WRRY BOUT IT on 11th Feb 2005

Reviewed by tara from eire on 15th Dec 2004
as i am irish-and the irish are the nicest people in the world-i give this fone 5 stars!! the look is so funky and cool!! this fone has an individual look and as soon as i got the fone i screamed with pleasure!! this fone rocks and id recommend tis fone-the break for ye if ya don't!! tanx 4 readin tis!! xxoxoo ps. top of da mornin 2 ya!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo

Reviewed by G. French I I from USA on 11th Dec 2004
I don't ask for much. This is a fine phone. The Keyboard really makes the difference.

Reviewed by paul sanderson from uk on 20th Nov 2004
i have had my phone for 3 months or so. fm radio is very poor reception esp on the move, the size of it is like a brick. however the split keyboard is good, the hands free connection to the phone is rubbish, comes apart at the slightest movement. in my opinion, a clumsy dated phone, which i am going to sell.

Reviewed by Brooke from US on 3rd Nov 2004
why do u need a phone? CALLing, MESSAGing, some FUN, NOTEs, PHONEBOOK, REMINDER. 6800 has all of 'em. ringing volume, vibration strength, laudspeaker and headset volume, speaker and microphone quality are outstanding. THIS IS ALL ABOUT CALLING. 6800 has a full keyboard that is the easiest way to enter text. i have a PPC too, but i prefer this keyboard and rate it as 5 stars. THIS IS ALL ABOUT MESSAGING. 6800 is java enabled. yeah it is not as amazing as smart phones but remember that a mobile phone is not for gaming. there are lots of amazing pocket games that can be purchased w/out paying too much for 'em. iac, it contains some games and has a reliable joystick for navigation and moving the game objects. THIS IS ALL ABOUT FUN. 6800 contains lots of tools such as wallet, notes, calendar, phone book, alarm clock, stop watch, etc. that is very useful for daily uses. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ORGANIZER TOOLS. until now it is rated 5/5, but the lack of camera and bluetooth is the only weakpoints of this phone. also it's a quite heavy for ladies, but i'm still lovin' it!

Reviewed by Anim from UK on 5th Sep 2004
Being a student and cant afford large phone bills I wanted something that would allow me to text easier. The keyboard feature on this phone is excelent. I can type a full reply to mates in seconds. With a 500 text contract it saves me a huge amount of money whereas other phones I would rather ring them then attempt to text. On the downside my phone broke after 8 months heavy use so i bought a cheapo pay n go one until my contract allows me to upgrade to the 6820 (one month to wait). I miss the keyboard so much :| If you text a lot then the Nokia Keyboard phones are fantastic.

Reviewed by Bede from Australia on 27th Aug 2004
excellent phone, best i've ever had. I know i bought it when it was out of date, but it only cost 70 dollars australian from an internet auction site (not ebay). Don't take any notice of the bad reviews you may read as this phone is fantastic. Doesn't take pitcures, but that's why you have a camera, isn't it????

Reviewed by Gil Becker from UK on 24th Aug 2004
about two weeks ago, i went to the shop to buy a 6600. but after viewing this one, i wanted to check it out. after comparing its price and unique design with the full-featured 6600, i decided to buy 6800! after a week, i regretted and wanted to change my current phone with a 6600. but because there was not enough time, i decided to change it in the next week. and now i want to keep my 6800 until Jan or Mar. its lovely FM radio, clear sound, laud ringtones and speakerphone and many other features that are mentioned in the latest reviews have taken a special position in my heart. i love 6600 too but 6800 is still a good unique phone specially with its foldable keyboard and acceptable price. the only drawback of this phone is the lack of having bluetooth but really better than 6810 and 6820. RECOMMENDED!!!

Reviewed by Chris from US on 21st Aug 2004
With all the phones out there that I almost bought, I'm happy that I chose this one. Very nice features include a very cool, fold-out QWERTY Keyboard, (which is easy to use, and also very easy to press the keys). Also has a Speakerphone, Internet, Calendar, you can change the text colors (which can also be a useful feature). Battery life is amazing, considering the size of the battery! :) Other features include: Calculator, Memo, To-Do List, Alarm Clock (which is VERY loud, and works while phone is actually turned OFF!) There's also Voice Command, Internet, FM Radio (which works quite well, if you live within a fairly decent range of stations), Notepad, Instant Msg, Games, Text Msg, and literally tons of other features, that I actually find myself using more & more! I think this phone is excellent both in quality & value. It's built very well, seems very durable, and for the very minor complaints I have about this phone (nothing's perfect), overall, I feel I got a great phone, the reception and battery life is outstanding (which is important)! Basically, I'm very pleased with it. Now, my few complaints are petty, but, I want to be fair, so, here goes: No Bluetooth capabilities (no big deal to me), internet speed is a bit slow, (again, no big deal), but my main complaint is the fact that the front buttons are a bit too small for my fingers, AND the speakerphone needs to be much louder. But, it's still packed with nice features, and despite the volume level problem with the speakerphone, it's still pretty handy to have! Basically, if Nokia can simply fix a few minor things, I'd rate this phone a perfect "10". Otherwise, it's well built, very sturdy, it doesn't feel "cheap", or "flimsy", and the antenna reception is awesome!

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 19th Aug 2004
6800 is the best Nokia in my opinion. I've used Nokias for many years and have tried lots of different models. This one replaces my Nokia 3650 which was excellent, but the 6800 excells. The unique feature of this model is the keyboard, which makes texting so simple. High quality colour screen, wireless connection to laptop, handsfree, email and generous memory all help to make this phone the best. Nokia PC SUite software is excellent. One thing missing is voice dialling.

Reviewed by Sean from Sweden on 17th Aug 2004
hmm, the best phone in my opinion. i've used Nokia 6100, 6610i and 3650, SonyEricsson T610 and P800, Samsung E700 and D410 before i buy this one. as you can see i have access to some new and modern phones such as T610/P800 and D410. but none of them satisfied me as this one. Nokia 6800 has a lot of new unique features. no need to tell about but here is a list of those that i really like: really useful KEYBOARD, high quality stereo FM RADIO, JAVA-ENABLED system (i'm a Java developer), 8-LINE LCD, 4096 color screen (not to mention that T610 and D410 have more colors but if you compare the quality you'll find no difference), SMS DISTRIBUTION LIST that is really useful if you are a professional message sender, E-WALLET that could be a must-have tool for all phones, wireless connection via INFRARED that is important to me (i'm a perfect PC user), good size and weight, high-quality sound through stereo headset or handsfree speaker and very efficient anthena (i've never seen the signal strength less than 6/7). that's it! why are you waiting? is T610 so popular? is P800 a modern phone? has D410 a new design? but what about their weaknesses. take a look at their reviews. T610 is so popular but what about its 2MB memory! horrible navigation through menus! P800 has lots of features but what about its weak LCD! really bad hand-writing manager! snooze-like ringtones and weak vibration! D410 has a new cool look but what about its connectivity without having IR or BT! expensive but without any new features or abilities! DO YOU WANT TO BUY A PHONE THAT HAS AN AMAZING LOOK? ARE YOU USING TEXT INPUT SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY TO SEND EMAIL, SMS OR ADD CONTACTS, NOTES AND TODOLIST? ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A PHONE THAT NEVER LEAVES YOU ALONE WITH ITS SIGNAL STRENGTH? DO YOU WANT TO USE A PHONE THAT HAS A LOT OF USEFUL FEATURES SUCH AS PROFILES, RADIO, 4MB MEMORY, INFRARED, ETC.? so don't wait any more. take a look at your local shop and buy NOKIA6800. i prefer this one to 6810 and 6820. the colors of 6810 buttons are not as nice as 6800 and 6820 is a quite bit smaller than 6800, so the keyboard can not be used as easy as 6800. now its your choice... HAVE FUN WITH YOUR 6800!

Reviewed by Ashkan from Persia on 16th Aug 2004
6800 is the best one that i've ever seen, specially if you compare its price and abilities with the other phones. its unique design with the integrated keyboard is a nice feature that makes this phone a shiny one even after more than one year since its creation date. all of my friends were amazed when they saw its folded keyboard. high-quality color screen, wireless connection to other devices specially PC via infrared, amazing good quality polyphonic ringtones, java enabled system, stereo FM radio, easy handling with either closed or opened keyboard, easy-to-use profile switching, speed dialling, stereo headset, high-quality handsfree laudspeaker, 4MB memory and so on... some of the previous reviews are based on the keyboard, the most important part of this phone. those who think that it is crashable should know that it is a handheld that means you should take care when you're using it. also those who think that the keyboard buttons are small, should be a software developer like me to find this keyboard a very useful and lovely thing;) the only thing that i should mention is that i didn't find any free polyphonic ringtones for my phone, also using PC Suit to create new ringtones is like a nightmare. if you know some URLs that contains free ones, publish it here to help all of us to find new attractive tones. ah, at the end if you think that it is not a good phone, just take a look at the other reviews specially those that are about expensive phones like P800!!!

Reviewed by Brian from N.Ireland on 6th Aug 2004
Overall a very good , well designed, user friendly phone. Could have more games wallpapers etc. Txting is simple, great looks.

Reviewed by beth from england on 10th Jul 2004
this phone is rele bad and i think that people should def not buy it. i have had to get three of these phones in the last week and i hate it. it does have good features but they are hard to get 2 and the keyboard breaks alot. what ever do dont buy this phone. not worth it at all

Reviewed by Bren from USA on 15th Jun 2004
I love this phone! Just bought it from Cingular! This phone rocks. But the Email client is slow, but I do not have problem with that because I like to check my email on the comp and I'm not out that much. LOVE THIS PHONE! BUY IT NOW!

Reviewed by Mahad from australia on 15th Jun 2004
this fone rocks best fone ive ever had

Reviewed by shayabusa34 from UK on 28th Apr 2004
Great for texting with QWERTY keyboard, difficult to navigate round though. Also weak area where keyboard flips over so cracks on both sides, made of cheap plastic! No camera or even bluetooth.

Reviewed by Amit from India on 25th Apr 2004
It's really one of the great phone ever made, in looks, style and ease. I'm really not able to decide to take it or 6810. The main reason which attracts more to 6810 is it's 5 way Joystick(not Bluetooth). But, anyways 6800 is a fantastic mobile and I am going to buy it today.

Reviewed by Mark from USA on 18th Apr 2004
This phone is not quite what I expected. The sound quality is really bad. You only hear mumbling and the speaker isn't at its best. The recepetion is horrible, but I also blame it on AT&T.

Reviewed by Abbey from Maryland, U.S.A on 6th Apr 2004
Well well well, this phone looks good and dandy however the phone cr@p. My phone will automatically goes into voice mail whenever people call me, I constantly have to turn it off and then turn it back on to make sure it does not go into voice mail while the phone is on. Sometimes it say no service for not absolutely reason

Reviewed by Chiradeep from India on 3rd Apr 2004
Just happen to buy this ph. last week and I'm highly impressed with it.I simply fell for the look of it, its really smart robust and neat with a bit of corporate look to it.This phone is built only for the sole purpose of making quite large messages,and it does quite a good job.The keyboard is better than the cramped 12 numeric keypad.Its got some amazing features like the infrared,loudspeaker handsfree,FM radio,wallet code for storing imp. info. etc....The body looks cool specially with the flip open panel for the integrated keyboard. The one thing it lacks is the voice dialling but otherwise I SIMPLY LOVE IT.

Reviewed by Evaristo from Mexico on 23rd Mar 2004
I typed 5 times the incorrect code in my phone 6800, I can't use it, somebody know some software to able to unlock my phone? I need your help, my email is flaco_stereo@hotmail.com Thanks Br

Reviewed by Jase from England on 1st Mar 2004
this fone is amazing its the best fone ive ever had its simly the best

Reviewed by Michael from Australia on 18th Feb 2004
Just got my new phone a week ago and already exceptionally impressed with it. It has great looks and is quite compact given the fact that it has a full QWERTY keyboard built in. In typical Nokia fashion it has easy to navigate menus and a functional layout in general. Nice big and clear screen. Only drawback is the not so speedy email client.

Reviewed by scot from GB on 13th Jan 2004
the best! ive a 6610 and the 6800 - both have almost the same features, so if you like the 6610 youll love this phone. the full keypad is so handy for text and email and so much easier and faster then predictive typing. it turns heads when the polys sound off (i particually like the old fashioned phone ring poly!) if you want a phone to stand out in the crowd this is it. Nokia is def. onto a good thing with this design, the other reviews must try to rip the flip off when opening theirs because mine is quite sturdy, treat it with the respect it deserves and youll not go wrong - youll love it - buy one NOW

Reviewed by Dr. Jones from Belguim on 5th Jan 2004
This phone is really wonderfull. I use the i-mode (?7/month unlimited internet) 2, so instead of sms I can send emails to my friends, it's MUCH cheaper and easy! The phone options are outstanding, really everything works like I want to ... You just have to be carefull (I mean, if you are to 'hard' with your phone, it'll break). It's really a cool, unique and fine looking phone. I bought it for ?359. It's a lot of money but the phone is more than worth of it! Every interested, BUY IT! Someone to share my opinion?

Reviewed by Rahul Bhade from India on 21st Dec 2003
This phone would have surely deserved five stars if only the screen would have been a bit better.No having bluetooth does not atleast affect me much as i dont use it a lot.Even a 4096 colour screen like a Nokia 7650 would have worked wonders.Otherwise,this is a great phone,giving everything one needs,from a large 4MB memory to store images,tones and so on,to FM Radio,Wallet,Calendar,Java Applications and Games,total personalisation and how can i forget,ease of messaging.This phone is built only for the sole purpose of making quite and large messages,and it does quite a well job.The keyboard is better than the cramped 12 numeric keypad.But the keyboard buttons are a bit small,but you will get used to it.Overall a great phone!

Reviewed by chris from england on 15th Dec 2003
good phone, but as im already on my second 1 and now that has broke im very dissapointed with it. ahvin to replace it twice in a month is not really good business.

Reviewed by Harry Cahill from UK on 5th Dec 2003
Had the 6800 for a couple of weeks now. Very impressed. I\'ve had a number of Nokia handsets at this stage and I\'m starting to realise that with Nokia it\'s rarely a question of quality or lack theoreof - the quality is usually good. It\'s more about suitability, whether you\'ve you selected the appropriate handset... The 6800 is for me. This is because I have been reluctant to accept that e-mail is something you need to be at home or at least stationary (like in a cafi) to engage in. I\'ve felt for a year or so now that I wanted e-mail, that one should have e-mail with no hassle when one is on a train/whatever. However, although many handsets boast e-mail, many let you down. They either don\'t have POP3 or IMAP, or they just don\'t make it easy for whatever other reason. One reason is the fact that you have to input via a traditional, numerical keypad. The 6800 has the regular, old traditional numerical keypad - but also folds open to reveal a full QWERTY. This, together with slow but reliable e-mail client, Notes application, larger memory than typical on phones and simple transfer to PC via admitedly overpriced lead that must be purchased separately means many people would judge that they have a laptop. Me, for example. Can you get Word? No. Internet Explorer. No, maybe someone will introduce such things in third part apps but... I never considered a laptop for any of that. I just wanted to be able to type a little/e-mail a little. The 6800 is great. It opens up sexily and is thumb-based. The phone has a variety of other functions, many casual additions that are part and parcel of Series 40, I think that\'s what the little OS is called. I\'m talking about lark like the Countdown Timer, Timed Profiles, Colour Screen, MMS.. there\'s also a radio which was a compelling point for me. There\'s a clatter of stuff and to ascertain exactly what check Nokia.com The only other point I should make is that the 6800 is robust. It shouldn\'t be transported without protection. I got a great pouch for a tenner. I find it\'s far easier these days to find appropriate cases/pouches in digital camera shops by the way. But yeah... it\'s a robust phone. It\'s v. comfortable to hold and it\'s clear and strong physically and in terms of the audio. It\'s a great little brother to your PC if you have one. Together they make a lot more sense than a PC and a laptop which these days seems like two of the same. It looks cool too by the way. Nokia\'s experimental range always look a bit different in snaps to when you actually own them. They\'re better in the flesh!

Reviewed by ross from australia on 28th Nov 2003
it is rubbish

Reviewed by Akshay from India on 21st Nov 2003
The first post under this review column by "Shilpa" caught my attention..... someone please explain what the hell she means by opting fr a "poor body" in a 6610 !!! back to the topic though, the nokia 6800 is an outstanding effort by nokia to combine a fully-operational keyboard with a cellphone. the buttons on the keyboard are a tad difficult to use if u have big fingers though, but the sheer convenience of using this phone is what stands out from the rest. Check out the evolved model of this phone, the soon-to-be-launched Nokia 6810 and 6820. I believe they will improvise even further in this inovative genius.

Reviewed by Shilpa from India on 4th Nov 2003
Hi, I just bought 6800. I believe its the best. Its classy look. While 6610 though liked by many, I believe then they must be opting for poor body and not classy. Believe if you wanna go in for best. Choose the best and thats 6800.

Reviewed by Andrew Lawton from UK on 3rd Nov 2003
Well I purchased this phone a while ago and all I can say is WOW! This phone is perfect for anyone who lives life on the move, it has everything you need to stay in touch with people through a number of ways (example sms, mms, e-mail, chat but to name a few). It matches the nokia 3410 in size but has many benefits over most phones today, the intergrated keyboard is a great feature on this phone. It makes writing e-mail and texts a doddle and lets face it while texting through a \"normal\"" phone with dictionaries is good nothing beats being able to type whatever you like with having to go through every word possible from the key strokes you make. The only improvement I would make is to have bluetooth instead of infrared but overall an outstanding phone TOP MARKS"

Reviewed by Dunlop from Canada on 24th Oct 2003
I've been using this phone for 2 weeks now and think it's a waste of money! You convince yourself that you need this but to tell you the truth, predictive text is just the same as having a full sized keyboard. Found the 6800 to be too bulky, the flip keyboard is very fragile and too much pressure on it will break it (if you're like me an have big thumbs, this device is a real pain in the a$$) in my opinion, a full-sized keyboard is meant for a computer. it's rediculous on the phone I can't return it because i've got too many damn data charges and have gone over my talk time ... gonna have to give it 4 stars because of this (i can't be buying a crappy phone) laterZZZZ

Reviewed by Samer from Saudi Arabia on 14th Sep 2003
Hi, the mobile is great and stylish as well, and has nice features also, but other main features used to be in the old mobiles like voice dialing, dedicate ringtones to specific callers are no longer available in this one !!! There is something that pesses me off in it which there is no automatic keypad lock if you don't do it manually ... this is very bad, because sometimes I forget to lock it then I discover that it's about to call somebody on it's own!!!! But it's nice mobile in general, and excellent memory.

Reviewed by from on 6th Sep 2003
ive had to order two of these phones and they both just died within 5 days of using them...they have good features but those features doesnt work..so i wouldnt suggest this phone for purchase at all...

Reviewed by George from Ireland on 3rd Sep 2003
Woderful features but... tinny sound from speaker, difficult to navigate through menu and worst of all, will not properly synchorise with Outlook Express. I have had two phones in a month with same synchro problems. No good for business.

Reviewed by Salma from UK on 1st Sep 2003
The Keypad feature is excellant, this is the best phone on the market. No stupid gizmos like camera's and nonsense just great for phoning and texting.

Reviewed by sara from USA on 1st Sep 2003
would have given outstanding if they came out with an excellent case or cover for it.

Reviewed by Davey Jay from England on 4th Aug 2003
Sexy, sassy and a phone well worth having. WOW your friends with the flippy out keypad thing and scare them with the quality of the colour screen. Maybe its only downfall is the camera application. Tough to get used too, but still a fab phone!

Reviewed by KILLA from UK on 1st Aug 2003
this phone is sh*t, its got the good features and stuff, but dont fall in love with the phone, its the features you need but i had a problem calling out and automatically switching off which really p*ssed me off! good fone but very faulty!!!!

Reviewed by dave from england on 31st Jul 2003
nice phone picture messaging rubbish everything else is brilliant its a shame nokia messed up the picture messaging but its a great phone if you dont need the picture messaging

Reviewed by Pete from Finland on 4th Jul 2003
Have been using Nokia 6800 for 6 weeks now. My best phone yet, asd would not liek to return to my previous one (Nokia 9210i) any more. This is very practical, keypad is still big enough to be usable, and the size is small enough when keypad is folded in. E-mail syncro with Exchange works well, and battery life is excellent. Only minusa: a bit too slow e-mail client.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 4th Jul 2003
Have been using Nokia 6800 for 6 weeks now. My best phone yet, asd would not liek to return to my previous one (Nokia 9210i) any more. This is very practical, keypad is still big enough to be usable, and the size is small enough when keypad is folded in. E-mail syncro with Exchange works well, and battery life is excellent. Only minusa: a bit too slow e-mail client.

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