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Nokia 6700 Slide review

 Review: May 2010  

Last updated February 2011

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6700 Slide is a slide phone with an impressive camera, fast 3G HSDPA connection and the power of the Symbian smartphone operating system. But we feel that its power is limited by the small screen size, lack of touchscreen operation, small memory and poor battery life. We also have doubts about the long-term reliability of the phone. Available in Silver or Pink.

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The Nokia 6700 Slide is an updated version of the 6500 Slide. Or alternatively, it's a slide version of the 6700 Classic. But whichever way you put it, there's no escaping the fact that both the 6500 Slide and the 6700 Classic were notoriously unreliable phones. But wait, there's more. In their wisdom Nokia have replaced the Series 40 operating system with Symbian version 9.3, making the 6700 Slide a smartphone and bringing three unreliable technologies together in one giant melting pot of innovation. What could possibly go wrong?

First things first. Let's wipe the slate clean and assess the 6700 Slide on its own terms. It's a very nice looking slide design phone. Nothing remarkable about it. It's not ultrathin or anything notable, but it looks and feels well made. Like all Nokia slide phones it's surprisingly heavy and suffers from a slight wobble, but otherwise feels solid. The display is quite good for a slide phone, with 16 million colours and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. However, it's only 2.2 inches in size, so it doesn't come anywhere near the size of the current generation of touchscreen phones. This tends to limit the kind of apps that you can run and leads us to question why Nokia decided to equip the phone with a Symbian operating system.

The phone is priced as an entry-level smartphone or a mid-range "dumb" phone, so we don't expect too many features. So it's a nice surprise to discover just how good the camera is. At 5 megapixels, with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and dual flash, this is one of the best camera phones in its price bracket, and is on a par with the more expensive Nseries Nokia phones. The video camera is superb too, and is capable of recording in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) at high quality. The phone is even equipped with a video editor, and there's a secondary video camera for making video calls.

For music, the phone uses the Nseries music player, which is fully featured and can handle all popular digital music formats. The 2GB memory card supplied with the phone is enough to store around 500 MP3 tracks, and if you want more you can upgrade the card to a maximum of 16GB. There's also an FM radio with RDS. Disappointingly, the headphone connection is a Nokia 2.5mm jack, so you won't be able to connect any headphones that require a standard 3.5mm connection.

The phone has a very fast internet connection, with HSPA providing downloads of up to 10 Mbps and uploads of 2Mbps, so data transfer is very fast. However, the small screen size and lack of touchscreen functionality hardly makes for an engaging web browsing experience, and with only a standard alphanumeric keypad, serious emailing is out of bounds. The limited range of apps once again brings into question what this phone is for.

Apart from the fast 3G connection, connectivity is rather limited, with Bluetooth and USB being the only options. Memory is also severely restricted, with just 60MB of onboard memory, much of which gets eaten by the operating system. The battery is also rather small and battery life is relatively poor as a result.

The Nokia 6700 Slide is a very strange beast. What appears to be a straight forward mid-range slider with a good camera reveals itself to be a Symbian-powered smartphone with lightning fast 3G data transfer. But with a small screen, conventional alphanumeric keypad and small memory, the power of the phone is severely limited. When you add in the general tendency that Symbian has to freeze or shut down completely, plus the many, many problems experienced with the phone's predecessors, it's very hard for us to recommend the phone to you. But it does look nice. And it's a Nokia.

Nokia 6700 Slide features include:

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Nokia 6700 Slide user reviews

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Average rating from 101 reviews:

Reviewed by Ebenezer Ohemeng from Ghana on 3rd Aug 2015
There's one thing I hate about slide phones, is that within five months you will see the neck of the phone will be shacking,So if you don't take care using the phone you wil endup breaking the cord.

Reviewed by partha pratim sahoo from India on 1st Aug 2014
Very disappointing... Some of internet options are getting unchangeable. Folder names are getting disappeared..

Reviewed by mandy from england on 5th May 2012

Reviewed by Rohan anjana dissanayake from Srilanka on 13th Jan 2012
Wow,its very good mobile phone,i like it verry much

Reviewed by Big Red from England on 28th Dec 2011
I agree with the Major, no touch screen= excellent.It can do anything a smart phone should be able to do and it fits in my jeans pocket because of it compact size.

Reviewed by Emi from Bosnia on 6th Dec 2011
awesome phone..I have it for 7 months and no problems yet.

Reviewed by Lil from England on 13th Nov 2011
Love the phone would not live without it excellent worth the money love the colour purple disagree with all the bad comments because i've had it for years nothing wrong with it

Reviewed by steven from Australia on 10th Nov 2011
awesome phone i'll have to disagree with the limit of apps i love it have usefull apps and rlly fun game i'd recommend it for anyone that wants a cheap but suffcient phone i love and the camera is awesome

Reviewed by Mrs T from England on 26th Oct 2011
Do not have this phone under any circumstanses! its as simple as that!

Reviewed by BOOTMASTER from UK on 22nd Sep 2011

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 21st Sep 2011
Oh dear!!! poor call quailty, slow on the web, constantly freezing and now after 13months has gone to sleep permanently. Always had Nokia's but poor experince with this one has me looking elswhere

Reviewed by Garry Shine from UK on 11th Sep 2011
Great phone, N96 features for one fifth of the price of a new N96

Reviewed by The Major from Ponders End on 4th Sep 2011
First class, super, jolly good chap of a phone, no blasted touch screen either

Reviewed by Bill from Uk on 27th Aug 2011
A great phone, no problems with mine at all, but then I am not an idiot who struggles with technology

Reviewed by Thomas from Sodah on 26th Aug 2011
Da best phone ever ever ever

Reviewed by cathryn whatt from England on 15th Aug 2011
dont think i will ever have another nokia phone only bought it as it had a good camera it is a load of rubbish had it less than a year the spring has gone were you put the memory card and now my camera does not work wish i had never bought it.

Reviewed by Jane from Denmark on 11th Aug 2011
I have always had Nokia phines and have only had good experiences with them... That was untill I tried the 6700,what a load of rubbish!!! I hope it is not the standard of new Nokia phones as I will have to find another brand then... Very disappointed!

Reviewed by zaid from england on 18th Jul 2011
never get the phone i paid£ 120 for it put the battery in and the in was dead so evan before i had the phone my mate had one i tried bying it of him but he said you wouldent want it the battery drains so quick so the i got the xperia play.

Reviewed by Catherine from Kent on 16th Jul 2011
HATE THIS PHONE! Do not buy one. I bought it in December 2010. I found the user guide to be completely unfriendly and had to search to find the most basic information. Then I started having most of the problems other people have listed, the phone freezing, then switching itself off, the internet freezing, text changing itself to only typing the first character available or numbers only and wouldn't correct itself unless the battery was taken out. Then two weeks ago the phone froze on the internet, switched itself off and then died completely. Been to Nokia for free repair, they said it's broken due to moisture ingress into the phone, which is not covered under the manufacturers warranty. I wouldn't mind if I'd had the phone anywhere wet. They say it's likely to be caused by excess atmospheric moisture, extreme climatic conditions (you may like to note that I live in England!!) or steam from the kitchen! A complete load of rubbish! It was a rubbish phone from the start and now it's completely broken and I'm over £100 out of pocket. Will NEVER buy Nokia again.

Reviewed by P.Strauss from South Africa on 14th Jul 2011
I loved my Nokia 6700 , but it is stolen.

Reviewed by phil from australia on 23rd Jun 2011
yep. I got mine as a gift and it worked fine until I had an issue with the battery cover , no probs getting warranty fix, except they upgraded the software version and its been useless ever since. It freezes, it shuts down, it takes over 5 seconds to respond to most things like 'new text message', if i try to display more than one image while on the internet all i get is a white page and a 'memory full' message :( The sound from the tiny speaker at the back is useless for handsfree talking, like Im suppose to do while driving because I cant have the phone right to my ear. Its slow to delete my inbox and sent box, usually if i try delete a couple hundred old messages i will often start it up and then go make a coffee. My old 6500 slide was much better :( it finally died after a few years of faithful use. I miss it alot. Im considering 'dropping' this piece of junk in the nearest puddle so I can ask my wife for a new different phone :) SHAME ON NOKIA !!!

Reviewed by Md.Asif Zafar from India on 19th Jun 2011
Hey Pal i have purched nokia 6700s in sahudi Arbia in february 2011. All thing are superb as like- Camera, wap & 3G etc.It is a fantastic smart phone. But some problam are creat in set as like hangi and music player law sound etc so i say that this mobile better no best

Reviewed by William from Germany on 15th Jun 2011
This has got to be the worst phone ever made. It will lock up mid-conversation then not turn off. Once I do get it to power off (usually y removing the battery) it will not power up again. The one trick I learned (but isn't working anymore) to fix the "lock up" is to remove the battery, press and hold the power on button until it vibrates and then release. This may take several tries for it to work but keep pressing and holding. If this doesn't work, try the same steps I mentioned before but with the power cord attached. If this doesn't work, try banging it on the table. This method has actually worked for me as well. WHY DO I HAVE TO BEAT MY PHONE IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK?!?!?! Shame on you Nokia for making such a poor product. I wish there was a zero star rating or a minus star rating. This phone definitely deserves the lowest possible rating.

Reviewed by Carol from England on 4th Jun 2011
Aweful. Screen freezes - often when calls come in so I don't know I'm being contacted. Sometimes it turns off completely with no warning. Looks arn't everything. I think Nokia should replace all 6700s for free.

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 4th Jun 2011
What a load of rubbish!! I've had nothing but trouble since I got this phone. This phone has a habit of freezing and turning itself off when texting or talking on the phone (I would say I got cut off from about 90% of my conversations!!!!) Also the weight an balance of the phone makes texting quite awkward....Annoyingly I'm locked into a 2 year contract and the company I'm with seem to think it's perfectly acceptable for me to have a phone that doesn't work and want me to sort it out myself!!....It's really not worth the hastle

Reviewed by Dicky Taylor from UK on 30th May 2011
Awful phone. Trouble from the start and things became worse as time went on. The camera might be good but operating it is a nightmare.Use my old phone now. Do not waste your money. 6700 Slide is a poor poor mobile.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 17th May 2011
Love my 6700s best phone I ever had, no problems at all, works like a dream, 12 months all good, my bird's android phone-15 months of problems, NOKIA KICKS ASS.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 10th May 2011
When I first had this phone, the camera packed up, kept crashing, was like that for a while, now it works! Quite a slow phone, but decent camera, video. My is Pink and it's quite nice looking. Changing it soon though for a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Reviewed by matt i from england on 7th May 2011
one of the best phones i have ever owned.... When it works.... When it doesnt oh my do you wanna commit murder... Mind will work perfectly although maybe a wee bit slow sometimes for weeks but when it decides to pack up it really does pack up 1st it freezes then resets itself then shuts off then wont turn on my god its like a petulant child!

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 4th May 2011
A piece of Junk would make this phone sound better than what it actually is ! Had all the problems other people seem to of had + it has a habit of corrupting or losing photos in the gallery , had about 200 photos at one time & now down to about 30 , the rest being corrupted with a little blue cracked icon taking the place of a photo ? The worst mobile i have ever owned ! Avoid at all costs !

Reviewed by Ron from Aus on 2nd May 2011
Great phone mate anyone who has problems- learn how to use a smart phone yer big galla

Reviewed by jo daniels from UK on 30th Apr 2011
This is not a reliable phone it freezes ,it turns it self on and off , it does not always charge ,it cuts out and turns off during calls .Mine has been repaired twice and needs repairing again .Apparently after this time if it breaks my network provider will replace it,WELL I DONT WANT ANOTHER ONE!only had it 4 months.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 28th Apr 2011
Great phone but I got this as a replacement for a broken N85 as this was all that was available, this sort of phone was what Nokia did best and they should produce a high end S60v3 phone with buttons once again, but for now the 6700s is about the best

Reviewed by Ponders End Phil from ENGLAND on 17th Apr 2011
Best phone I ever had, no issues whatsoever, clear sound during call and from music through head set. Screen is fantasticly bright and easy to read. People, do not forget that this is nearly the same spec as a N96 but only cost a hundred quid, N96 cost nearer five hundred quid, respect it and it will respect you.

Reviewed by Jamie from U.K. on 13th Apr 2011
Not great to be honest, infuriating at times, I would change it but I'm locked into a contract. Makes simple things difficult.

Reviewed by Sally from NZ on 10th Apr 2011
Worst phone of my life. First one got replaced after 2 weeks with the speaker not working, cameras not working, internet not working. Got a replacement, now the key pad light turns on only when it wants to, the back light is constantly going dim then bright, freezes whenever I open a text, unable to receive calls, no notification of new texts instead I have to search through my inbox, internet rarely works, battery life now only lasts a day. DONT BUY THIS PHONE. Absolute waste of money! Useless phone. If you are extremely desperate for a phone still don't buy it because it will only cause frustration, a waste of money and time and it wont do what you want it to do anyway!! Pathetic excuse for a phone.

Reviewed by Ollie from UK on 29th Mar 2011
I hate this phone. I have missed so many calls, texts and voicemails because there is no function for reminders on these which to me is fundamental. Yes I downloaded an app now but I shouldn't have HAD to! There used to be a ribbon at the top of the home screen which you could use to look for missed calls, texts etc but that's disappeared - can't for the love of me find it to get it back.

Reviewed by Alen from Slevenia on 18th Mar 2011
Good phone.I have it for 2 months and I never once had eny problems stated befour .Only thing I miss is smile's. Other than that it is a good phone.

Reviewed by John Worth from UK on 13th Mar 2011
Cant see why all the bad publicity on this phone.A friend let me have a new, boxed, upgrade he didnt want for £30. Then I saw the prices the new ones are fetching on ebay,so they cant be all bad. Seems you love em or hate em. Easy to use,set up,long battery life,and smart to look at.Would have been good to have a self choice screen feature like my old 3600,and stopwatch /timer, but thats about it.Anyone want to give me 80 quid for it ?

Reviewed by kelly from england on 13th Mar 2011
i have had my phone since christmas and wish i had read this b4 i brought it as i a having the issue of it turning off intermitantly when i close the slider i went to an O2 shop yesterday guy was very helpful and changed the battery but allas still doing it a bit annoying as i use my phone slide it closed chuck it in my bag and hours or days later i take it out only to find its been off since the last time i used it

Reviewed by SymbianX from England on 8th Mar 2011
I have had it for six weeks and have found it to be eminatly reliable, all it's functions have produced stellar performance. E-mail any questions you have regarding this or any other symbian phone to me at mwookey@gmail.com and I will give you well informed advise.

Reviewed by KJ from UK on 7th Mar 2011
SIMPLE PHONE - Great if all you want to do is ring, text and take pictures and hate touch screens. Nice feel to the slide (mine isn't at all 'wobbly'). Would like to see a folder for deleted txt as if you delete one by accident it's gone.

Reviewed by Charles from England on 6th Mar 2011
Excellent phone, one just has to take an hour to learn how to use it especially if one had a simple phone. Always make sure that you have no applications running in the background, that will prevent freezing. Back up your files, then perform a firmware update using either N.S.U or O.T.A, when compleated perform a hard factory reset. When in general use thereafter don't over install sis or java applications on c-drive instead utillise e-drive, keep your R.A.M consumption low. Operating within these parameters will ensure a very smooth user experience and will enable you to get the best from your phone. Simples.

Reviewed by Edel Faherty from Ireland on 4th Mar 2011
OMG they should really recall this phone and give us new replacements with a different type completely!!! i am having major problems in particular it keeps on seizing up in the middle of using it... the screen freezes and it goes back to the nokia logo and then back to main menu... every single time i use it!!! gggrrrrr i am soooooooooooo mad! its terrible phone would not recommend this to anyone although i always used nokias before now! Frustrating to say the least...

Reviewed by irene from UK on 4th Mar 2011
was great but just after 3 months of use has now started freezing and cutting out.. thats bad.

Reviewed by Jules from England on 2nd Mar 2011
Have to agree with everyone else - it's an awful phone!! This phone was recommended to me by Vodafone when I was due to upgrade at the end of my contract - they definitely saw me coming! The backlight on the keypad goes off when it likes and you are left in darkness when trying to text. The battery life is poor and I've now had 2 chargers as the first one didn't charge the phone at all. The screen is way too small to use the internet. It freezes when it feels like it and I have to remove the battery to get it to restart. I have spoken to Vodafone and offered to upgrade my existing contract just so I can get rid of this phone but they have refused outright so I'm stuck with this dreadful phone for another 18 months - won't be renewing my contract needless to say!!

Reviewed by BOOTMASTER from ENGLAND on 16th Feb 2011
THIS IS THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER USED OR OWNED! It freezes, it cuts me off, I cant access the internet, It keeps telling me I have be blocked please re-enter my PIN, DUH. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. REPEAT; DO NOT HAVE THIS PHONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. U HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Reviewed by eileen from england on 11th Feb 2011
Had 2 of the 6700 slide. First one terrible, no end of problems. Phone and sim card replaced. Had phone for 8 weeks. Second phone, always needs battery charging, freezes and have to remove battery to unfreeze, switches off on its own. Had 6 weeks. This phone is being replaced. This is the worst mobile I have ever owned. Not user friendly at all.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 10th Feb 2011
Like the Nokia N96 but a more managable size, better build quality, and most importantly none of the N96's firmware issues.

Reviewed by Monique from The Netherlands on 7th Feb 2011
Hate my new Nokia 6700 slide. Very poor user guide. Can't find simple things. Not logical, very complicated. And I always was such a nokia fan! Not anymore

Reviewed by Sheila from Australia on 7th Feb 2011
I have always bought Nokia phones as I have never had a problem with them, never again! The 6700 is disappointing, particularly the slide function to answer calls which stopped working after one month. The dealer wouldn't even replace it. Usability is also poor with functions difficult to find, the only thing I like is the camera. Certainly wasted $200 on this one.

Reviewed by Kaye from England on 18th Jan 2011
The worst Nokia I have owned. Slider stiff. 'Phone keeps freezing and only way to free is to remove battery.

Reviewed by B!l4lmagikal from uk on 6th Jan 2011
ive had nokia before, but this one came out the worst phone ever had. The internent is not good or the radio, the best thing about the phone is the camera.

Reviewed by J redmond from scotland on 5th Jan 2011
I have had nokias before but this is the worst phone I ever had.fiddly and the radio switches the phone off every 5 minutes.My only regret is it's a contract phone-they must have seen me coming.I will never choose another phone without thoroughly researching it first.Cant wait till I can afford to replace it

Reviewed by Fran from Australia on 1st Jan 2011
At first, I loved my slide. I got it in October and it was great for two weeks, then the camera button came off. I was given a brand new handset and that was super ... til it froze. They replaced that one too and I got it back yesterday morning. It was alive for all of five minutes before it died, never to work again. It's sucky and to all of those thinking about getting one, I'd say choose a different phone!!!!!

Reviewed by Roy Ferguson from UK on 1st Jan 2011
I left a bad review in July. Kept getting missed calls although on phone it would list the call as received. Tried sorting it with Orange-they tried various things. Then carphone warehouse updated software, then swapped it for a new one in December. Just about to give up when I found my keys stuck to my phone case, it closed with a magnetic catch. I bought the case on e-bay. Well changed my case and problem solved! Lovely phone!

Reviewed by Amanda from England on 27th Dec 2010
I've had Nokia's for years so assumed this would be reliable like all the others but i was wrong! Started off with the screen freezing and having to wait for it to clear, it will randomly store up incoming text messages and send them all through during the night (my signal is fine so thats not the issue) and now it has just started turning itself off when it feels like it. Dont get this phone, it is the worst Nokia i have ever had. I feel a row with O2 coming on!

Reviewed by Marie from UK on 7th Dec 2010

Reviewed by Robby from uk on 5th Dec 2010
i have only owned one about a month and ime content so far. not amazed with the fone but it gets me by. the camera is very good. The problem i hate about it is the wobble when the slide is open, i took the fone back to the shop and they replaced it with another wobbly fone, i have got use to it now, at first it made me want to be over cautious .

Reviewed by Caroline from uk on 4th Dec 2010
i got this yesterday - and i'm already missing my 6500slide which died the day before. the jury is out as i still need to get aquainted - but i'm trying to find out the basics such as saving numbers on the sim card - will it do automatically??? doubt it

Reviewed by Nikhil from India on 28th Nov 2010
its a great phone

Reviewed by Simon from England on 26th Nov 2010
Well i bought five of these on o2 for my employees. Since which i am seeing them far too often. Please boss my phone doesn't work right. it keeps freezing and cutting calls. This is not from one but all 5. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE ITS POOR TO SAY THE LEAST.

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 24th Nov 2010
This 6700 slide is a disaster and I have now gone back to my old 6500 slide.It took forever to find how to personalise the nav keys, I still can't stop the start up tone, the largest font is too small and the micro SD card cannot be found in any of the menus. Messages cannot be deleted in bulk or even by folder, it is the same with the contacts list, so if someone find this phone in the dustbin all my contacts are still there. When searching for a contact you only get shown one number when you know there are others under the same name, then you have to go into options. This is progres!!! Roll on death

Reviewed by Lynne from England on 24th Nov 2010
I hate this phone, it's the worst nokia ive ever had, non stop errors, the screen freezes and the phone wont switch off, its been back twice for repair and ive given up on it now, definately not reccomended

Reviewed by Promise from Nigeria on 20th Nov 2010
Presently,using it,so i can say its a perfect phone for consumers.

Reviewed by Panneer Selvam from India on 17th Nov 2010
This is Panneerselvam from Chennai. I bought Nokia 6700 Slide mobile on May 21, 2010. Initially got the below problems in the mobile 1. Mobile got hang when incoming call comes in mobile is using Media Player. Then I need to open the back cabinet and take out and put the battery again and then switch on the mobile. 2. Normally headset not detected. Everytime need to switch off and on the mobile for headset detecting 3. Sometimes "Call summary" not shown when I attend the incoming phone call by using flip open. 4. Mobile get restarts when sending Bulk SMS. 5. Sometimes FM Radio volume is decreasing when after attending incoming call whille using FM Radio 6. Mobile unable to switch on when the face the problem #1.

Reviewed by Emma from England on 14th Nov 2010
Very poor camera, No way a 5 mp, that poor in fact that i never really use it so if you want a decent camera do not go for this phone. Internet is ok but remember it has a small screen and needs at least 3 bars signal to work. The handset itself is cheap and my camera button has already fell off after only a few months. Predictive text is annoying as the sinple word of 'a' always comes up as 'c' and no amount of changing this letter it keeps coming up 'c'. Seems petty but you see how many times you out 'a' in a sentence and you'll understand. Overall, i am not picky. I don't want to ,uch from a phone and this still seems to disappoint. Sorry.

Reviewed by michelle from swansea wales on 6th Nov 2010
I really liked it the first two weeks and all of a sudden the screen froze, there were lines through my screen then it went white shut off and its been a piece of crap since.turn it on it loads fine then within 30 secs freezes screen goes white then off. when i try toput it on now the dcreen is wite with flickering black lines then just shuts off again. ainyt been workinbg now for 2 days. nokias use to be my fav but ju7st over 4 weeks with this mobile which was bought as payg and its a total waste of money

Reviewed by Gary W from England on 4th Nov 2010
Had the phone for a week and so far, so good. The reports of software issues are unfounded. Not had a single problem with it. I'm not a touchscreen fan, and prefer a phone that lasts for more than one day without the need for charging. I also need a phone that sits in my pocket and if it gets scratched, wont cost £350 to replace. The battery life appears fine and gives three days with normal usage. The internet is very, very fast on this phone. I'm on Vodafone and the 3.5g it uses loads very fast. Hot syncing with my pc i used bluetooth and it worked first time. Calls are very clear. The camera is great, but dont expect too much from it. I love the calendar and the ability for the phone to display my next appointment on the front screen. So far this phone is a brilliant workhorse, unlike my iphone 3gs that ran out of battery within a day.

Reviewed by Diane from Scotland on 26th Oct 2010
I have owned this phone for 2 weeks and it is driving me crazy. The screen freezes and shuts itself down daily. The worst issue so far is the unreliable signal, which comes and goes making phone calls very unpleasant.Prior to this, I have never had a problem with reception in my flat, my husband's phones have all worked fine too, however this nokia is a nightmare. I have to do the dance in front of the window saying into a dead phone "are you still there? Can you hear me?" etc etc... ANNOYING.. This issue is not limited to my home,using the phone in the park or in the street can also result in lost signal/shutting itself down. I am heading back to shop today as this phone is not fit for purpose.

Reviewed by SG from UK on 26th Oct 2010
this is a brilliant phon

Reviewed by loraine jackson from england on 14th Oct 2010
Ireally hate this phone,used it for 31days,then it started freezing,which I have been told is a common fault,now I have to buy another phone so that this one can be repaired!I will never trust this phone....not really sure why I am having it repaired,but cant afford to throw it away,nokia have let me down with this one

Reviewed by eric from thailand on 10th Oct 2010
This phone is excellent if you are the kind of person that wants to avoid the big heavy Smartphone Slab appearance, and likes a sharp, well-built metallic phone design. However, it does have moderate smartphone features. I own it, it's sharp, I've got it syncing with my computer, the UI is good, messaging in particular is cool, the standby screen design is pretty handuy. If you are interested in this phone, I answer questions and issues about it on my Nokie 6700 Slide blog. Check out the information at metamango.com/nokia6700slide/ Have fun...

Reviewed by Abo Hema from Egypt on 5th Oct 2010
Good phone

Reviewed by iqbal khanzada from pakistan on 3rd Oct 2010
good phone

Reviewed by Gerry from England on 20th Sep 2010
I need help. Anyone know how to stop the screen going dark. It is driving me mad. Thanks

Reviewed by james from england on 12th Sep 2010
I just got this phone and I think is lovely. Poor battery? Well thats not a big surprise, I knew it before I got it. Its obviously the compromise you get whit small phones and not only this one. Poor camera? I think whoever experience that with this phone needs to return it because the camera is brilliant. I guess for people used to big touch screens, qwerty keyboards etc. this phone is obviously not a good alternative. However, if you are not a phone-internet-browse dependent and use a phone for making calls and texting then you are going to be more than alright.

Reviewed by leyton dodds from UK on 12th Sep 2010
the best phone ive ever had , heard a few complaints about battery life, mine is great i can go 4-5 days without charging, although it takes a little time to get used to the operating system on the phone ive found it to be very simmela to that of the n95, all in all a great little phone,

Reviewed by Amanda Moray from United Kingdom on 8th Sep 2010
I've got a Nokia 6700 slide and don't like it much. One feature I'm trying to figure out and can't is how to forward a contact number to someone. Such a simple task but so complicated.

Reviewed by Gem Gem from England on 8th Sep 2010
Well ive had this phone for about 4 weeks now and i havent had any problems with it so far. I think its a good phone for the price and the screen size is no smaller than it was on mobiles a couple of years ago before touch screens came out, its big enough to see and thats all you need really. If i wanted a big screen i would have bought a bigger phone. The one slight critisism i have is that the txt format has changed and sometimes can be a pain having to go back through the message to change words but that i can cope with if thats as bad as it gets.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 6th Sep 2010
Best phone I ever owned. I can't believe this gets 3 stars when the Samsung Jet gets 5. I replaced my Samsung Jet (which I didn't like, 1 reason being the awful FM receiver the Nokia 6700s has an excellent FM radio receiver) with this Nokia 6700s phone. (I realised also that I don't like touchscreens much) The only draw-back to this phone is 2.5mm audio jack instead of 3.5 but you can buy good quality 2.5mm headphones nowadays so not even this is a problem. I can txt very quickly with this phone, with the sole use of my right hand, if you like classic-style phones and not into touchscreens this phone is ace. Excellent and cool software, I can change mp3 details and have slide-show wallpaper. This phone has kept my faith in Nokia, they are the best for me.

Reviewed by karen from uk on 5th Sep 2010
Have always loved the nokias until buying the 6700 slide. texting is now a chore, no recently used option for texting and have to search contacts every time.txting format changed so making txting very long winded. battery life very poor. will be getting another phone as this is the first nokia i'v hated!

Reviewed by lynsey from n.ireland on 1st Sep 2010
i just got this phone and didnt like it as soon as i turned it on but thought i would give it a go... the camera is to slow then when you look at your photos they r blurry 4 about 5 seconds b4 you see them clear.. the keypad really small hard 2 text with.. also its a very heavy phone... it looks nice thats about the only thing going for it i wouldnt recommend it and dont think it is worth the money i will be sending it back 2moro... thought i would look at the reviews and hopefully see some good ones but as u can see there isnt any

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 31st Aug 2010
I nearly always go with Nokia's, but I hate this phone. I am a big texter, and the keypad is really bad for texting! Maybe I've just got big finger, but the top section of the slide gets in the way when trying to text. I didn't find it at all easy to use, and have gone back to my old phone.

Reviewed by andrea k from uk on 27th Aug 2010
I also don't like this phone !!!!!! I have owned Nokia's now for many years. I also use regularly the countdown timer and always love to use smileys on texts.( only good thing is BATTERY ) This phone does not have them. I'm thinking of going back to using my Nokia 6500 classic ( but battery on that is rubbish ) ....... so might just opt for new phone. any ideas on blackberrys

Reviewed by jatt from india on 26th Aug 2010
6700 slide camera quality is very very poor. n73 is 3.2 mp, its pic quality is very very good.

Reviewed by Liz from UK on 24th Aug 2010
Just got this phone, don't like it already. I cannot find the stopwatch and countdown timer, both of which I use regularly (can anyone help?) and there are no smiley's. Always had Nokia before, but never been disappointed, until today

Reviewed by Suf from UK on 13th Aug 2010
brilliant phone, very fast with some lovely features

Reviewed by shane from england on 8th Aug 2010
The worst phone i have ever had!I love nokia phones they are easy to use,but the 6700 freezes and some times never turns back on.I was sent a new one,put all my numbers in it,yep did not back them up,did not even make a call on it and the phone was dead !sent the phone back. I had 5 of these in my 18 month contract with a £15 insurance fee .The fee was not the issue,it was loseing my numbers.I orderd a nokia x6 some one pray for me !

Reviewed by Sue from England on 26th Jul 2010
Have got on with the phone quite well though only using it for calls and text messaging BUT the big downfall for me is the font size. It should come with a free pair of reading glasses!!

Reviewed by Lee from England, UK on 24th Jul 2010
I have had the issue of not being able to send a text until i restart the phone. Not a bad looking phone but i would avoid if im honest. I now have the HTC wildfire and will review that now (Super phone)

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 20th Jul 2010
Looks and feels nice, the camera is good. I don't like texting with it and the text on the screen is quite small. The front is wobbling more and more each day. This was my first slide phone and I am changing it for the 6700 classic

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 6th Jul 2010
Lovely looking phone but... I had to send 2 back because of faults. The phone drives me nuts sending texts! It is a lot slower than any phone i have ever had! Even with full signal it can take between 5 - 10 secs. to send 1 message. Text also very small so if your eye sight is not perfect may have difficulty. Has some good features but i think if i had known how slow it would be i wouldn't have had it.

Reviewed by Drucilla from UK on 5th Jul 2010
I do generally like the 6700 Slide, but two problems with it are really bugging me. As stated above, the phone has a tendency to freeze up. The other, and bigger problem for me is that it regularly fails to send through texts from other people. I have to keep turning the phone off, then back on again, and sometimes I then receive 8 or more texts all at once. My daughter has also phoned me and said she can't get through, but I haven't been on the phone, the phone is just blocking calls as well as text messages.

Reviewed by Roy Ferguson from England on 5th Jul 2010
I bought 6700 Slide in April. I had internet turned of because I was billed for use I had not intended or knew I had used. I had all diverts turned of because my calls kept being diverted to answerphone. Now instead I keep getting calls - just one or two rings and nothing. Not a missed call but a received one according to the phone. I have tried with Orange to sort this. First they changed the gap between rings-? Then told me to only use GSM. No luck yet. Keyboard keys are a bit small and hard to feel. It is a beautiful phone but receiving calls is 50% of the point for me.

Reviewed by Lyndon Chapman from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
This is without doubt the worst device I have ever owned in 20 years of mobile phone useage. As a mobile phone it fails continuasly to received signals, the bluetooth connection is at best fagile and the screen so small that unless you have perfect conditions you cannot read it. It receives e-mails well but the "text" key pad is totally unsuitable for a responce. A completety ill conceived device that looks good but does not deliver on any normal criteria.

Reviewed by Al from UK on 19th Jun 2010
was delivered this phone by accident but have given it a go. Despite having same button layout as the ergonomic disaster e52 that it replaced they are different heights and sizes so it is very easy to use. I mainly use it to phone and text but no gps or wifi are a little annoying. I have marked it down because of the appalling battery life which is just as bad as the e52 (less than 36h) if you are a light user with bluetooth on.

Reviewed by Aks from England on 17th Jun 2010
nice phone, camera tad bit slow.

Reviewed by Love 6700 slide from UK on 13th Jun 2010
For £10 per month (24 months contract), this is fantastic value for money. Nothing for £10 or even £15 matches this for spec or quality.

Reviewed by Georgia from UK on 2nd Jun 2010

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