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Nokia 6700 Classic review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated March 2011

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The 6700 Classic has smart looks, a quality metal finish and a high specification, and has been one of Nokia's biggest selling mid-range phones in the second half of 2009. Top features include a-GPS, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, a music player, an FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth, HSPA and a memory card. But it isn't a reliable phone. Things to watch out for include freezing / shutting down and breakable screens.

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Oh Nokia, what are you doing to us? You have produced a beautiful phone that looks and feels like it's going to be bullet proof, but then you let us down with hopeless unreliability! You are tormenting us!

The Nokia 6700 Classic is the 5 megapixel replacement for the Nokia 6500 Classic. Almost the same size as the 6500 Classic, but slightly thicker and quite a lot heavier, the 6700 feels like its been hewn from solid steel! There are few handsets that have such a quality feel as this one. It's a traditional classic-style mobile, but it doesn't look or feel like the ugly duckling, even when placed next to the latest generation of touchscreen beauties. Nokia are at their very best with this classic style of handset, and they look like they've pulled out all the stops for this one.

The keypad is flat, but very easy to use, with no mis-keyed digits. You'll be able to text quickly and easily with Nokia's tried-and-tested T9 predictive text and easy menus. The navigation button is also a joy to use. The display is the same as the one on the 6500 Classic - 16 million colours and 240 x 320 pixels, but with the size increased to 2.2 inches.

The camera has been seriously upgraded to 5 megapixels, with autofocus and an LED flash, making this above average for its class. The video camera is a decent one too, able to record at up to VGA resolution. You can also make video calls with a secondary video camera.

The phone has an MP3 player that can handle a limited number of formats, including AAC and MP3. There's also an FM radio with RDS, so you can see what station you're listening to. Sadly there is no 3.5mm audio jack on the 6700, but you can use the Nokia stereo headphones supplied, or an optional Bluetooth stereo headset. The phone can also play MP3 ringtones and video ringtones, as well as 64-voice polyphonic.

A bonus feature that not many phones in this price range currently have is assisted GPS. We should also note that the 6700 is one of the first phones to feature HSPA (a faster kind of HSDPA) giving super-fast download speeds of up to 10Mbps and uploads of 2Mbps. This is perhaps an over-specification for this kind of phone, which doesn't major on internet functionality, but we're not going to complain.

The phone is well endowed with memory: 170 MB of built-in memory, which is enough for around 40 MP3 tracks, and a microSD card slot which supports cards up to 8GB. A 1GB card is supplied in the sales package and this is enough for around 250 MP3 tracks.

Now, the 6500 Classic was plagued with problems, including poor battery life, a poor keypad and buggy software. The keypad problem has been more than adequately fixed in the 6700. Battery life has also been improved by replacing the old 830 mAh battery with a more powerful 960 mAh one, increasing the quoted standby time by approximately 50%. But the software problems still seem to be lurking. Many of our users have reported a variety of firmware errors, including freezing, switching off and worse. Also, although the metal case feels very solid, there have been reports of screens cracking, and we have witnessed this ourselves, so if you buy this phone do take care of it - it's not as robust as you might think.

Why can't Nokia get this stuff right? They are the biggest phone manufacturer in the world, and this is not some high-end smartphone. This type of product is Nokia's bread and butter and they ought to be able to get it right. Don't buy this handset unless you like to live dangerously. What to buy instead? Maybe a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. If you want the features of the 6700 but you don't like touchscreen phones, you might consider the Sony Ericsson W995.

Nokia 6700 Classic features include:

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Average rating from 390 reviews:

Reviewed by Puggy from England on 16th Apr 2014
This phone is pretty good but has its problems. Whenever I use (or try to use) the mobile web browser, it sometimes turns its self completely off! And when I use maps it takes a long time to fix a GPS position and is normally very unaccuate. But has outstanding battery life, lasting me up to 3 days! Nowdays there are much better phones like the nokia luma... Don't buy if you like to use the internet or want to be modern!!

Reviewed by Puggy from England on 16th Apr 2014
This phone is pretty good but has its problems. Whenever I use (or try to use) the mobile web browser, it sometimes turns its self completely off! And when I use maps it takes a long time to fix a GPS position and is normally very unaccuate. But has outstanding battery life, lasting me up to 3 days! Nowdays there are much better phones like the nokia luma... Don't buy if you like to use the internet or want to be modern!!

Reviewed by M.TAHIR from pakistan on 18th Dec 2012
Very easy.

Reviewed by Asad ullah Khan from United Kingdom on 17th Aug 2012
any one knows how long is the warranty vallid for the nokia 6700 classic my phone screen is cracked and is gone black

Reply by habib from uk on 23rd Aug 2012
Hi brother connect your phone to a laptop download Nokia suite for pc you can check if the warranty is valid but you can take it to carphone warehouse

Reviewed by FelixDaHousecat from England on 17th Aug 2012
This phone is an absolute beauty - One of the best I have ever seen. It is of course not in the same league as the latest smart phones but if you want a classic, easy to use, well made, beautiful phone for making calls and sending texts this is the one. I have not had one single problem with this phone. If you can get it, buy it and make sure its updated to the 13.10 firmware and you will have no problems.

Reviewed by bob feilders from uk on 7th Jun 2012
this is the boringest oldest phone there is and the price is so cheap at the cost of about 15 pounds and the gold one is the werst becouse it is so hevvy so do not buy this phone.

Reply by dave from uk on 28th Jun 2012
£15 ..really ? i'll buy a box full at that price there still £70+ on ebay

Reviewed by Shaun from UK on 5th Jun 2012
18 months in and I'm awaiting delivery of my fourth replacement screen, and taking the phone apart so many times has resulted in a not so solid fit any more. Having said that I do like the phone, easy to use and looks good. The picture quality is not great and even with the key lock activated the camera can be accidently switched on via the side button. All in all I will have another Nokia now I see the camera has been moved away from directly behind that fragile screen.

Reviewed by Troll from Switzerland on 19th May 2012
Till now a reliable phone.
Had it almost 2 years.
PLugged it into a iMac and killed it, awaiting its return from supplier who is mending it under guarantee.
Ordered a new high power bat as current bat is a bit tired.

Reviewed by fiona from scotland on 28th Apr 2012
This is a stylish quality phone.I haven't had too many problems with my phone.I have now got small scratches on the screen which kinda annoys me but I really love the feel weigh and the look of my mobile.the camera and video give decent quality pics and the sound quality isnt too bad.I'm the only person I know with this phone and when other people pick up my phone they always say "that's quality" or"expensive".this is a really elegant phone.I love it.

Reviewed by Mike S from UK on 1st Apr 2012
I've had my 6700 classic for about 2 1/2 years... When I bought it I said, 'I need an industrial grade phone with bullet proof keys suitable for my big fingers and tough enough to hammer nails in with. Well I've not hammered nails in with it, but it has been abused, dropped, trodden on squished by the electric seats of my car... It has been a great phone... alas the abuse is now showing... still rugged and great keys, but loses its signal all too easily... I'm looking for another one as the current crop are quite rubbishy and don't offer the same features... oh I don't give a monkey's about mini qwerty keayboards or touch screens... the only apps I really need are send and recieve calls and texts, half decent photographs... the gps is handy (tho finding a signal is hard). The only thing I'd change about it is to incorporate a small led torch for dark corners. A great phone just worn out

Reviewed by John from Scotland on 14th Mar 2012
Had this phone 2 years now and never let me down. It does everthing perfectly, no complaints. I would give it a 5 star, but the battery life is not great. 2 days max use, I'm used to having far more.

So I bought a high power, non oem, battery. Yeah 50% more capcity. Just it caused the phone to cut out and freeze. So dumped that idea and went back to original battery. never had another issue.

Perhaps some of these issues are down to the battery and not the phone.

Nokia maps is now fully free on this phone. voice navigation and to be honest for free its as good as those cheap sat-navs.

Latest update from nokia took away my windows messanger afor the 3 network in the UK. Now I cant get it back. So i'm annoyed at that. I keep looking on the net for a copy, but cannot find one :-(

Cannot blame the phone for this one, just nokia, 3 network and MSN.

Reviewed by Deborah from UK on 11th Mar 2012
Ive had my nokia 6700 for over 3 years now, and i have not had any trouble with it at all! Don't know what everyone is moaning about??

Reviewed by James from England on 8th Mar 2012
Having been an avid nokia supporter, i will advise nokia users to look elsewhere.
Dont support a manufacturer that takes its unit users for fools. There is a problem with the 6700 classic - regarding software problems (Which nokia are aware of)yet refuse to do anything about. I've sent the unit away three times for the same problem and now after the warranty, i'm asked to pay 45 pounds to have the unit fixed. Anyone thinking of having one for an upgrade or purchasing one - stay well clear of these substandard products. Take a warning research reviews dont be fooled by flashy gimmicks.

Reviewed by Luckygirl from UK on 6th Mar 2012
Had this phone since Aug 2009 and i love it so much i'm having it refurbed with a new original screen and both keypads all genuine Nokia parts of course as now they are a little scratched (original screen broke last sept on last day of hols - wot a bummer - replaced it with a cheapy- bad idea) I chose the very shiny steel model and it looks proper classy. Always kept a gel slipper on it so the back fascia is mint. Nev had probs with calls dropping out - it does what i want it to do and is quick enough for me - photo and vid quality is excellent too. Its one of them phones that Nokia produce every now and then that has kudos and i will be keeping my little beauty for a few more years to come. Easy to use and easy whips out of your pocket - well done Nokia - can you make another one like it please ???

Reviewed by Ebenezer from Ghana on 2nd Mar 2012
I have regretted buying this phone. Infact this phone is very bad and has some many problems such as freezing, restarting, and a whole lot.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 20th Feb 2012
I had this phone for about six months and it was great, it had a really good camera and internet access it was easy to use etc.
It got knocked onto a soft floor from about two feet and never worked again :-(

So for build quality and toughness I would only give it a two star rating.

Reviewed by Sandeep pratihari from India on 10th Feb 2012
This is good but its softwere problem is increase!

Reviewed by Karen from Ireland on 5th Feb 2012
I have had this phone for 2 years now,the glass screen has had to be replaced twice as it just became loose itself and fell out,you cant just replace the glass screen you have to buy a new cover cost of £30,if your like me and just use your phone to chat and text its ideal though it has got a lot more going for it,good camera also.

Reviewed by John from nyc (newyork) on 22nd Jan 2012
this is my 2nd 6700 in about 3 yrs and its great.1st one fell hardd and broke then i just fixed the screen and i have it for a 2nd phone. the only thing is on this one when i text, out of no where, it switches to chinesse letters then i switch it back. lol. blahhhhh to the touch screen phones. btw, i never had no problems with the screen freezing or shuting off... from the 8210, i went to some others then to the 6300 and now 6700 again.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 9th Jan 2012
On my 2nd phone now we all the problems other have submitted. Phone restarts for no reason with bluetooth not working. Nokia as a brand have taken a nosedive with quality and will certainly not purchase another Nokia again in the future. Do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by CMMB from Uk on 3rd Jan 2012
Fab phone. Battery life is excellent and nice phone to handle I am on my second now, except that I have just dropped it down the loo and, well you can guess!!!!!! Nokia need to make their phones water proof! Otherwise I have been very pleased with it.

Reviewed by hyden from UK on 3rd Jan 2012
Nokia 6700 classic---great phone, magnificient if you treat it with respect, best phone i've ever had. easy to use, wonderful camera, fell into the bath once,retrieved it sharpishly, switched off, opened up,removed battery, shaked off excess water and allowed to dryout in airing cupboard overnight, next morning reassembled and it worked as though nothing ever happened! a foretaste of communication in heaven!!

Reviewed by Arsh hunjan from India on 24th Dec 2011
I have nokia 6700classic bought last month but it has problem like auto restart,while open camera it shows camera on standby.plz tell the solution about this problem.i m very sad from this problem.please tell me

Reviewed by dave from england on 20th Dec 2011
not amused with this 6700 clasic at all on 2 my third in 6 months.. 1st 1 poor signal 2nd 1 pluged it into the laptop was ok for a fortnight then showed that i had to disconect it from my laptop to contine.

Reviewed by Alan from Malawi on 19th Dec 2011
its ok but the phones back is not strong enough

Reviewed by Jimmy from Yorkshire- UK on 19th Dec 2011
Good looking phone and easy to use. However has a fundamental software fault, and the latest software from nokia wont sort it. they say its not a fault they are not concerned, so i have a phoen that the bluetooth wont work on.. Well done nokia yet another quality product, think i'll try samsung or blackberry next. T*****s.

Reviewed by South5 from england on 18th Dec 2011
has worked fantastically ( on 02 network uk ), NO issues except ...... when it collides with your bedroom wall at 50+mph it DOES NOT SURVIVE. hence phone 2. Sod all apple/touchscreen/waste-your-life-on-a-phone, a phone is a phone. computer is computer. tv is tv. nokia phone is a phone. IT WORKS. Enough Said. first mobile, nokia. company loyalty yes, reliability when running your own company? absolutely. top notch.

Reviewed by mengistu from ethiopia on 17th Dec 2011
I like app

Reviewed by chandra livingston from india on 24th Nov 2011

Reviewed by Robert Thorne from UK on 19th Nov 2011
Nokia 6700 - Worst mobile phone I have ever come across!!! Right from Day 1 dropped calls constantly to the point I had to call people 4 or 5 times on occasions to finish call. After 3 months the '0' digit on the keypad stopped working and when pressed threw up either 9 or #. Took it back to CPW and went in for repair and also to sort call dropping problem. Got it back and keypad sorted but still dropping calls. Tried to persevere for a month or two with it but had to take it back to CPW again as couldn't live with it. They had the audacity to tell me that it had internal water damage and couldn't be repaired which was absolute nonsense. After another attempt at repairing it they conceded it was faulty and gave me a new one. No difference to the call dropping problem whatsoever! Have tried to live with this for months now and getting very tedious! Looked at it this afternoon to check for texts and screen has packed up now and going to have to go back to CPW again on Monday. The phone is an absolute nightmare and not fit for the purpose. very funny how the temporary phone (a basic plastic job one step up from a piece of string and two yoghurt cartons) given to me while it was in for repair never dropped one call?! 10 months left on my contract and not happy!

Reviewed by DG from UK on 7th Nov 2011

Reviewed by Kazz from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
The greatest phone ive ever had, been with me for 2 years, battery life was amazing, my mates have iphone's and blackberrys yet they admit my 6700 is classy! AMAZING HANDSET...DROPPED A MILLION TIMES YET STILL IT STOOD LIKE A MAN...unfortunately y'day i got in 2 a scuffle and it was stampeded on..but amazin

Reviewed by Carol Comrie from UK on 20th Oct 2011
This is the worst mobile I have ever bought. Screen cracked, freezing, no connection and many other problems.

Reviewed by May from UK on 28th Sep 2011
I bought new Nokia 6700 locked to organge. I use t-mobile so ordered unlocking code on the ebay. untill I unlocked the phone I used it to listen the radio. a week old phone never been used with sim card JUST TURNED OFF AND WON'T TURN BACK ON. it is dead. I have charged it and it had full battery. I think it is a rubbish phone. Won't recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by neil rose from UK on 6th Sep 2011
i can't give this phone zero star rating, UNFORTUNATELY. Had nokias for 5 phones now. This is a piece of junk. Back at the repairers for the third time. Hasn't even made it out of the shop before it went wrong again. Predictive is rubbish, camera is slow and complex to use. Looking to change both make of phone and network after the way this has been dealt with by vodaphone hereford.

Reviewed by Johnbob from UK on 5th Sep 2011
I love my 6700 Classic... the camera is fantastic and good enough to produce A3 size calendars from the pictures. I don't want a computer; I want a good camera phone, and this definately fits the bill. Best phone I've had for a long time.

Reviewed by Edna from UK on 30th Aug 2011
I so much love this phone. I used it a couple of months after which the phone got spoilt because it fell on three different occasions and the charging system was compromised. I was told the motherboard too was affected and therefore had to be changed. I wish to use it again

Reviewed by mae from UK on 27th Aug 2011
i got this fone for my 20th birthday (sept. 2009) a few weeks after it was released here in philippines. I love it's elegant design, it's heaviness and those high quality pictures that this fone produces. Too bad i lost it 2months ago. I replaced it with c6-01 but still i miss and love that 6700 of mine. I wanna buy one like this again but it's already phased out.. :(

Reviewed by andy from UK on 23rd Aug 2011
on the advice of 3 i got a nokia 6700, as i am in the building game, and it seemed to be a robust phone. which it is, unfortunately the workings of it aint it as crashed wiping out all my contacts and logs twice, to sim and memory. and now it has totally died r.i.p. nokia 6700,its a shame as i have always liked nokia phones

Reviewed by Blob from UK on 21st Aug 2011
No free sat nav on this phone, I am dissapointed and have been conned! apart from that I like it, although it does freeze now and again.

Reviewed by charles ejeh from UK on 18th Aug 2011
very good

Reviewed by nazir saghir from UK on 14th Aug 2011
just baught. my friend recommended it. look nice.

Reviewed by Gerry from UK on 13th Aug 2011
Very disappointed! Shame on you, NOKIA!

Reviewed by money from UK on 30th Jul 2011
looking so slim

Reviewed by Douib Aissa from UK on 28th Jul 2011
I love it

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 25th Jul 2011
Have had this phone for nearly two years with orange with a patchy signal. Even with full (3G)reception I have had missed calls. Not sure if it's orange but I reckon its the phone, I am tempted to try another contract with orange to see if it is the phone and not the operator.

Reviewed by Daudu umar from UK on 24th Jul 2011
Oooh nokia,ur phones are fantastic,u are the best.

Reviewed by Rob W from UK on 24th Jul 2011
I got this home hoping it would have a decent size font for texting but found the largest setting is so small it went straight back in the box again. Why can't manufacturers realise we don't all have perfect eyesight and its not always practical to carry reading glasses around all the time. very disappointing

Reviewed by Caron Rigden from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
I would like to say that i have had my nokia 6700 for over a year, and i have had no trouble with it at all. The phone has never let me down and never froze or crashed. The photo i have taken have been excellent. The only thing i would say is that the walkman not that great. Good phone and reliable.

Reviewed by billydog1421 from UK on 21st Jul 2011
The nokia 6700 classic looks nice & feels nice,but that doesnt make calls alone.Its been in for repair twice with total software failure with no end of problems,i only wish i read the reviews first,stay away from this phone.

Reviewed by Richard Knowles from UK on 17th Jul 2011
This 'phone is quite simply the most unreliable Nokia I have ever owned and it is less than five months old! The phone hangs in mid call and today the phone froze when taking an important call and will not switch on again! I am in contact with Nokia and will attempt to get it replaced under guarantee with another model; It will have to be, of course, a Nokia but I will never buy the Nokia brand again. A quick move around with SIMs and my next phone will be an Apple.

Reviewed by billy from UK on 13th Jul 2011
excellent phone for a business person as you can hear very clearly.

Reviewed by simon from UK on 12th Jul 2011
Ive had this phone for 18 months now & although im due an upgrade I cant really see anything I like that has this phones features. ( I wouldnt have a touchscreen in a gift! - they are still 20 years away from getting those reliable!) Its not perfect tho, the GPS is a joke ! if you leave it sitting outside undisturbed for several hours it SOMETIMES shows its position but thats worse than useless! My cars GPS is 11 years old & will show the position within 2- 3 seconds! Its also meant to be a 3g phone ( whatever that means!) but Ive never seen the 3g symbol on the screen! other than those niggles I love the phone although its getting very worn looking now - pity Nokia dont do their Xpresson covers any more! all in all a good all round phone.

Reviewed by mark from uk from UK on 10th Jul 2011
very good phone ive had keep it up nokia

Reviewed by parag from UK on 25th Jun 2011
worsttttt cell produce by nokia

Reviewed by Shivam Damle from UK on 23rd Jun 2011
This phone is good for anyone who has a busy life with running biking etc. I myself use this phone in that way because i am a schoolboy. I think it is good apart from the fact that the screen breaks superfast.... This makes life a teensy bit difficult but it still works great. The bluetooth does not work but it has a great camera.... And it fits in your hand. Oh and it won't slip out of your pocket.

Reviewed by yasar from UK on 21st Jun 2011
perfect pone

Reviewed by jo from UK on 20th Jun 2011
or over a year I loved my 6700.... what a shame Nokia had to distribute a "performance enhancing" software update that killed the phone and took all my contacts with it. AAAAAGH. :-(

Reviewed by PJ From Surrey from UK on 11th Jun 2011
Have A 6700 slide for just over a year...the phone itself works ok but I am unable to download content from Nokia or the Web at all. I am thinking of changing my phone soon and will not be getting a Nokia as it is not user friendly...also the button for taking pics has come off! Had a Motorola for ages...should have stuck with them!

Reviewed by Bijay Singh from UK on 8th Jun 2011

Reviewed by Asmo from UK on 23rd May 2011
I have had this phone for 15 months now and i am counting down the days for my upgrade. A attractive phone no doubt with a huge list of problems! the bluetooth has never worked,freezes when it feels like it and switches on and off itself. This phone is not an ideal phone! STAY WELL away from it!

Reviewed by Md. Jaashim Uddin from UK on 20th May 2011
Its look very nice & a nice useble set.So, I proud of it.

Reviewed by ian booth from UK on 14th May 2011
I am considering wrapping this phone in bubble wrap. The screen has cracked twice and been repaired twice! It seems to be the display under the top screen that has been the problem. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. Eggshell screen.. seriously.

Reviewed by Samson from UK on 13th May 2011
I love my nokia 6700classic.wonderful features and easy to use. Only no earphones jack.wish it had one.

Reviewed by murtaza from UK on 10th May 2011
ples...ples...Don't buy there is too much problem.in this set i am fed up

Reviewed by Doug Forrest from UK on 27th Apr 2011
Feels like a tough phone,but sadly not the case told it was a robust handset suitable for my trade(vehicle repair).Screen problems mainly freezing,going blank,went down again tonight told yet another handset required 3rd in 3 months.Pity really because its easy to use.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 26th Apr 2011
My Nokia 6700c is OK but unfortunately locked to Virgin Mobile where the coverage is VERY POOR (what’s left over from T Mobile)

Reviewed by BRIAN FLECK from UK on 24th Apr 2011
had this handset changed 5 times in 10 months complete and utter rubbish

Reviewed by ChainSawNick from UK on 19th Apr 2011
Don't waste your money on the Nokia Classic 6700. There is a problem with the BlueTooth and no solution to fix from Nokia.

Reviewed by Ed Bevan from UK on 19th Apr 2011
I purchased a classic 6700 GOLD and after 3 weeks had to return it as it kept loosing the phone signal. I returned it 11 times in four months & nokia then gave me a new one. I still loose the phone signal & after 3 weeks Nokia is sending me another new one. I have been advised (NOT by nokis) to change my sim card,

Reviewed by Di from UK on 16th Apr 2011
Bought this phone one week today. Was really impressed with it, although twice it turned itself off and I had to take out battery and put it back in for it to work again. This morning I sent a text, the screen came up to tell me how much credit I had left, and froze. Turned it off, and now it won't switch back on. So I'm now fuming.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 14th Apr 2011
So how is the Nokia 6700 Classic two years on from release? Well if my experience of buying from Carphone Warehouse is anything to go by, still pants. Bluetooth audio drops if the phone is more than a foot or so from the headset. So don't even think of placing it somewhere extreme like a trouser pocket. The tapping facility simply doesn't work. GPS takes an eternity to get a fix. Camera shutter lag is unacceptale. To cap all this CPW & Nokia seem to have entered into some sort of conspiracy as these CPW specific handsets cannot be updated to the latest software. So no free SatNav. Nokia should be able to produce this kind of thing with their eyes closed - it's hardly cutting edge. I ignored all the negatives & was swayed by one individual. Don't follow my mistake. :(

Reviewed by TIM from UK on 12th Apr 2011

Reviewed by Garry from UK on 8th Apr 2011
I like my 6700, it's a good looking capable little phone for the money, but want to like it more... Unfortunately I am now on my second 6700 after having to return the first to Nokia, during the warranty, after it ended up totally inoperable due to the all too common freezing and crashing issues, that many others besides myself have had. Nokia couldn't get it going again so sent me a replacement. Five months later, that replacement phone is also now shutting down, freezing and crashing without warning. I've had one mobile phone or another for about ten years now, mostly Nokia and the 6700 is the only one that has ever needed repair/replacing of any kind. There seems to be no clear reason why some have no issues at all and others, like myself, have recurring problems with their 6700s. I don't think Nokia are any the wiser either because the random crashing and shut down problems are no secret and are widely reported yet sucessive firmware updates have not resolved anything. You might be lucky or you might end up with a phone with reliabliity issues.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 30th Mar 2011
do read what they say the phone ok its the best one i had

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 23rd Mar 2011
I've had this phone since sept 2009, still have it and have had no problems! I love it and have no intentions of changing it until it breaks as it seems better than most phones on the market currently and can't match its specifications. Dropped it many a time and its fine and also I've never really experienced it freezing only when I have over 2500 texts

Reviewed by Nabeel from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
Best Phone Made Ever

Reviewed by Miss R from UK on 16th Mar 2011
In the last year I have had to return my 6700 classic 4 times. I got it back two weeks ago after another two weeks away. It lasted 2 days and went again, I've had enough of it I've gone back to my old reliable. My friend has a 3 month old N8 did exactly the same, another friend a X3-02 something is up with nokia software; NOKIA whats happening

Reviewed by Pratap from UK on 15th Mar 2011
It is quite a cute phone, but heavy, it works well but the draw back is that you havae to carry a charger unlike the other models which use standard charger for all phones.

Reviewed by gerrard from UK on 12th Mar 2011
the back keeps falling off it, i have it secured with blue tac stuck on the inside on the battery. also, poor quality when playing micro s d music card. sent it back to o2 and same problems exist after they said they had fixed it,, avoid.

Reviewed by James from UK on 8th Mar 2011
don't buy!! like loads of nokia 6700 owners I have experienced a black corrupted display after having the phone for 6 months and looking after it carefully.

Reviewed by boo from UK on 8th Mar 2011
don't buy the nokia 6700 the bluetooth doesn't work so rubbish

Reviewed by Lek from UK on 7th Mar 2011
I still have mine. Love it.

Reviewed by Joy Sayers from UK on 3rd Mar 2011
When I first got the mobile, I took it back to Optus, only to have the assistant take the battery out and then put it back in. Then it worked. Well I have done this a number of times when it has dropped out. However, after a year, it is dropping out all the time and is very frustrating when you have a conversation broken into 3 phone calls or more. Also it drops out even when it shows 3 signals! So now I am really confused. How can it be bad reception?? Have I bought a lemon?? Also the picture would turn to blank/white and so the opening of the back, take the battery out and put it back in, would take place before hopefully it would start up again.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
Every morning when I try to turn it on, it turns itself off for every 19 of 20 tries. It looks like restarting 2-3 times, and then turns off. So it's a half hour show to just get this on....

Reviewed by Jaycee from UK on 17th Feb 2011
Very poor phone. Don't buy it.

Reviewed by brian/londonderry from UK on 16th Feb 2011
got this phone on orange contract,now on my 4th inside a year .screen went blank,freezes,losesc network for hours complete tat

Reviewed by Pam from UK on 12th Feb 2011
I eventually got used to testing on it! The problem being the keyboard is sooo low down on the phone that it's awkward to get to the '9' key comfortably & extremely awkward to get to the key below it! That infuriated me for a few days as I like to text fast! My prob now is that the screen has been acting up with lines down the screen which has progressed to a dark dark screen over 2 days! Pissed off as only have the phone since last Sept, I didn't drop it & it was the most expensive phone I've bought so far & has lasted the least length of time. Had a look at some later reviews & apparently it's one of the probs with this phone. Back to my old bAshed up 2.5 yr old K Nokia that has been dropped, chips off the paint , back falls off occasionally but guess what she's still going! Sorry I left her in the first place ... Looks aren't everything!!

Reviewed by Alastair from UK on 11th Feb 2011
Strange reading all these reviews where the phone freezes/switches off, I have had a 6700 for about 6 months now and have not had any such problems. The main beef I have about mine is the appalling battery life, on standby it lasts about 48 hours, which is not very good. Another problem is that if you replace the memory card with one larger than the one supplied, you loose your GPS facility, the files required for this operation are on the memory card supplied with the phone and I have found it impossible to copy them to my new card. Guess it is going to be a Sony next time which is a shame because I have had Nokia phones since they were bigger than a house brick....

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 10th Feb 2011
I have had this phone for nearly 2 years and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. All the features work perfectly and the camera is great !!

Reviewed by Judie from UK on 31st Jan 2011
Love this phone however this is the second handset ive had and am now writing to O2 about it as they wont give me a replacement, screen freezes on texting, and have lost my recently used option when messaging and the message recipients in the log menu, very annoying and time consuming having to scroll through my contacts all the time, when are they going to listen to people and get the software right, theres enough complaints on here from what I have read. Very disappiointing, had two 6300 prior to this and had no problems. Disheartened.

Reviewed by Lynette Fatchen from UK on 30th Jan 2011
I bought a Nokia 6700 slide July 2010, by November the speaker had packed it in (BTW this phone sees very little use and is mint condition), took it bak to the dealer and it got sent to a Nokia care centre here in Adelaide Australia and didn't get it back until late January only to find the speaker is still not working. Returned to the dealership only to be told the only thing they can do is send it back for repair. What the? It only came back and hasn't even been used. I would love to just get my money back, but oh no they are only a dealer, so they can't refund my money. Well Nokia you are going to get a phone call about this. Not satisfied at all. Looks good but is a piece of nothing worth owning.

Reviewed by Brett from UK on 27th Jan 2011
This phone was good for over 6 months but now has issues with battery life. I have tried resetting the phone to factory setting and have recently replaced the battery with no success. This is my fourth nokia and the first with any real problems.

Reviewed by Shirley from UK on 16th Jan 2011
I bought my Nokia 6700 classic and now after 4 months the screen just goes black & blank. Does the mobile have a 1yr guarantee. If it was not for this the phone would be a smart good mobile.

Reviewed by Benny from UK on 9th Jan 2011
Wish i'd read this before buying this phone. bought it to replace my 6300 which was the best phone ive ever had this is probably the worst. loads of great features but far to delicate to put in your pocket!! shame because all my other nokias have been virtualy bulletproof. now on my 3rd screen microphone has gone and it keeps crashing.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 5th Jan 2011
I got this phone via 3 in Feb 2010 - was unsure whether to go for it after reading these reviews but the guys in the shop convinced me.... It has been great until the beginning of Dec 2010 when it switched off mid call and wouldn't switch on again. Took it back to 3 who sent it away for repair, came back apparently fixed, however when I came to put my sim card in it wouldn't switch on again...took it back to 3 again and it switched on fine in the shop so I took it home again - went to to put my sim in and it wouldn't switch on! Took it back again today and it switched on in the shop but while the guy was playing with it it did switch off and wouldn't switch back on so it has been sent off for repair again...watch this space!! Seems this model really does have a problem that will make itself apparent sooner or later!

Reviewed by JESS from UK on 1st Jan 2011

Reviewed by youhaveearnedmyhatenokia from UK on 28th Dec 2010
I do not trust any of the positive reviews. I believe many if not all were written by Nokia people employed to trawl the fora and fix bad press. I suffer daily trying to use this phone. Yes it's nice and shiny and solid and heavy and the display looks pretty. But there are issues. The GPS doesn't work and both the Nokia and the provider claim it's not their problem. The phone does freeze a lot, particularly while trying to take photos. It's as if it didn't have enough RAM, and crashes. And the damn software is SLLOOOOOW. Editing, it takes forever to get over telling me it's copied something to clipboard. I can't customise this stupid popup away. Sometimes the contacts takes forever to open. The predictive text appears to be broken, and I don't know how to fix it. I've tried connecting to the computer and updating; always 'up to date already'. Examples; every time i want to type the common word 'send', it thinks i want 'rend'. 'Rend' is rare. I don't know if I've ever used it. The phone doesn't seem to be learning. Yet once, I must have used the ampersand, and now every time i want a full stop, I get the damned ampersand instead. So it's learning; learning the wrong thing. There's a problem with plurals; the phone doesn't seem rigged to accommodate them, so I've got to stop and reverse up and enter 's'. grr waste of time. Same with 'cafe', I word I use all the time. It thinks I want 'bade', which I've never used. There aren't words for how much I hate this. But worst of all is the fact that the dictionary is absolutely moronic. It feels like if you have a vocab of more than 200 words, the phone chokes. I need a phone with a proper frigging dictionary that contains a broader lexicon so I'm not continually having to add, add, add to the damned dictionary. When you make a typo, which is fairly often because the keyboard is recessed, flat and with relatively undifferentiated keys, you get the questionmark which forces you to reverse before you can enter the right letter. That's a drag. I wish that the menu items had nembers as of old so that I could just enter the series and get to the branch of the menu I need without the necessity to scroll, scroll, scroll. grrrRR Waste of time! This phone wastes my time in every way! It is just cumbersome and slow and stupid in the software. Is it Nokia or Symbian who should be blamed for this? I don't know and don't care; out of poverty and interest I've built my own computer, but understand me please Nokia I don't want to have to learn to build my own damned phone and firmware. One more HUUGE gripe; the impossibility of legally installing more than one language and character set; how DARE they presume based on geographical location what language we should have! It's as bad as DVD zoning. If only the phone was as easy to hack as my DVD player :(( One star for feel appeal. Damn you to hell Nokia

Reviewed by keith from Cairns from UK on 27th Dec 2010
u always have to put the phone on speaker or people can't hear you...

Reviewed by Robert Martin from UK on 25th Dec 2010
sadly i have to agree with many of the current reviews.Having only just started to use the phone within 3 days the phone has frozen. very disappointed and it is also a finger print magnet

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