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Nokia 6670 review

 Review: March 2005  

Last updated September 2005

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6670 is a series 60 smartphone that offers a broad range of functionality within a stable, well-designed platform and is highly recommended for business use.

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The 65k screen is the same size as other Nokia smartphones (176 x 208 pixels) and is adequate but not as good as rival smartphones from Motorola or Sony Ericsson. The form factor is convenient, with a conventional keypad that's more useable that the similar-spec Nokia 7610. This suggests that the 6670 is more targeted at the business user than the fashion user (or else that Nokia has learned finally that novelty keypads don't make for great phones!)

On the multimedia side, the 6670 comes with an excellent 1 megapixel camera with a digital zoom and a choice of normal and night modes. There is a also a video camera which takes reasonable quality video, with a maximum duration of ten minutes. Full-screen video playback is possible using the built-in RealPlayer software. The 6670 also supports video download and playback and can function as an MP3/AAC player, although only a mono headset is supplied.

The 6670 supports all the normal voice and messaging features that you would expect. These include voice dialing, speed dialing, voice commands, voice recorder and an integrated handsfree speaker. There is full support for MMS and email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4), with a document viewer capable of viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. An integrated internet browser supports HTML, XHTML and WML. The memory card comes with a Netfront Web browser with suport for PDF files.

The internal memory of the 6670 is 8 Mbytes, and a 64 Mbyte memory card is supplied as standard. The size and weight of the 6670 are very good for a smartphone. Battery life is average to good.

The one area where the 6670 is weak compared with rival smartphones is in connectivity. Granted it comes with full support for Bluetooth and USB cable, but is missing an IR port. The internet connection is a GPRS connection, but there is no high speed data. This makes email and web browsing very slow.

Overall the 6670 is a great smartphone for business users. It lacks some of the functionality of the Nokia 7610, but has a better keypad. Equally it is missing some of the high-end features of the Nokia 6630, but seems to be a more reliable phone. The phone that trumps all of these is the new Nokia 6680, which has all of the funtionality without the reliability problems of the 6630. The 6681 is also an excellent phone if you don't want the 3G capabilities of the 6630/6680.

Nokia 6670 features include:

  • Operating system: Symbian 7.0s (Series 60 platform)
  • Display: TFT, 65,536 colours, 176 x 208 pixels
  • Megapixel camera (1152 x 864 pixels) with 4x digital zoom, optional flash
  • Video camera (174 x 144 pixels) with 4x digital zoom, 10 minutes max length
  • Full-screen video playback
  • RealPlayer for downloading & displaying video & audio, including MPEG4, MP3 & AAC
  • Graphical user interface with selectable themes
  • Voice Features: voice dialing, voice commands, voice recorder
  • Speed dialing
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Headset included
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4)
  • View email attachments (xls, ppt, doc) with document viewer applications
  • Downloadable Java™ applications
  • Polyphonic ringtones & True Tones
  • 5-way navigation key
  • Contacts: advanced contacts database allows multiple phone and email details per entry, thumbnail pictures, and groups
  • Integrated internet browser supports HTML, XHTML, and WML
  • Mobile Wallet 2.0
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless technology, USB with Pop-Port™
  • Synchronization of contacts and calendar with Microsoft Outlook (98, 2000, 2002, 2003), Outlook Express, Lotus Organizer, (5.0, 6.0), Lotus Notes (5.0, 6.0)
  • Memory: 8 Mbytes internal memory plus 64 Mbytes Reduced Size Dual Voltage MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • Triband
  • Size: 109 x 53 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Talktime: 2-4 hours
  • Battery standby: 150 - 240 hours

Nokia 6670 user reviews

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Average rating from 112 reviews:

Reviewed by AD from India on 21st Jun 2014
8 years running and running. Sometimes i feel sorry for this poor fellow. Of course it gives me trouble sometimes but overall it still comptetes with modern smartphones (if you have installed proper softwares for present day needs

Reviewed by mangi shah mera naam g from UK on 9th Oct 2011
it was one of my very fst smrtphoen at that timeee .. n today just want to re call those memories and come to this site ,, just wana say , the zoom was very prfctt as per those days and tech ha ha ha i wantn to go bck again and wana shw off as it was i phone i that mooment of tiem when apple dsnt knw the meaning oF THEIER OWN "I"

Reviewed by Amit singh from UK on 13th Apr 2011
I love my nokia 6670 til 5 years great smartphone i know only 1 name nokia

Reviewed by dope from UK on 13th Aug 2010
its a pathetic phone just died on me for no reason and it's says contact retailer...Pathetic i tell you!

Reviewed by anubhav from UK on 11th Jan 2010
this is the phone i have had for last 5 years, it keeps runnning running and running. I think now i shall upgrade to E63/71 but stil this phone is difficult to beat. anubhav

Reviewed by Joan from UK on 10th Sep 2009
fr Kazakhstan on 10 Sept 2009 I've had this phone from early 2004! it s still working brilliant, I didnt have any problems w it all these years. For ex.: my other Phones fr Sumsung company broke up after less than 2 yaers of using. Moreover, I'd like to point out on external view of this device: It looks like many modern smartphones bc of a great hrom color and its size. Also, It helps me many times early espacially when I could use it as a small comp. I really love it!

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
Ive Dropped it Loads of times, & it still Works, Its never Failed me like the New Nokia Phones Have,Never have i seen a Mobile like this beeing used heavily over 5 years & still working, So i rate this 5 Stars.

Reviewed by rohithdolly from UK on 17th Jul 2009
the phone is excellent

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 3rd Jul 2009
A solid phone which will last for years, ive droped mine millions of times & it still works.

Reviewed by Viv from UK on 7th May 2009
I've had many Phones before, especially the newer Nokia Phones, But this one has to be the Most Durable & Well Built of the Lot, its Built to Last as mine is around 5 Years Old, As still Works Brilliant,Being a Smart Phone(Symbion OS)you can install & Run lots of Application on it, For Example the TOMTOM SatNav Software Runs really Fast & Smooth, there are some Really Great 3D Games for this Phone. I'll Be keeping this Phone as its a Rare Item now.

Reviewed by Henry Rodríguez from Colombia on 5th May 2009
By the age of this phone it's an OUSTANDING device, I installed mini Opera and the internet navigation is superb... This is backup phone from my iPhone since that don't have assurance any more. You can install ANY kind of seftware: games, apps.. anything!! like some reviewers I can say that is a small computer. I found it brand new and CEHAP, but his capabilities are really amazing for a 5 - year old phone. I really recomend this

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 22nd Apr 2009
Amazing Phone of this Age, Still Working after years of heavy Use.

Reviewed by lizzie from australia on 21st Jan 2009
i've had this phone since 2006 and it still works beautifully - it is the only phone i've ever had that's managed to last so long with no problems. i've had several new phones, but i always end up coming back to this one because the new ones always break! highly recommended.

Reviewed by Kristof from Hungary on 13th Oct 2008
one of the best phones i've ever had, never had any trouble with it.. the battery life was long, good camera for the time and never crashed.. upgraded to an n96 now tho

Reviewed by rishabh from india on 23rd Jun 2008
amaziiiiing mahnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dis phone rokzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Piergiorgio Massari from Italy on 28th Jan 2008
Men... this phone sucks. I bought it just when it got out, with 50% discount... so I spent round 250¤. Really wasted money. Hope many of you who read this site, have ran away this dumb-phone.

Reviewed by Christine from New Zealand on 9th Oct 2007
I've had this phone for about 6 months..i bought it second hand off the internet. It's let me down twice now, and right now it won't charge at all so i can't use it. It's very convenient however, i love the format and the camera.

Reviewed by Aditya from India pune on 4th Sep 2007
Man, this mobile rocks.I am using it last two years.U can instal nearly all kind of soetwares.More over u can play N-gage games (15mb to 50 mb each game size) on it with some modification and some software.Which is not possible on N-series except N70 and N72.About speed of gprs just instal many browser available.Only drawback is INfRA red.Just contact me at adi.killers@gmail.com in any case of help..More over u get many software for s60 than N-series on internet.N-series is just for looks and memory and in music they rocks.

Reviewed by H.Smith from England on 30th Aug 2007
This phone is amazing... I work at carphonewarehouse and i see phones come in and out of the store but this is the only phone that caught my eye over the years. No other phone has the same qualitys and features of the nokia 6670. This phone is brilliant from top to button. From music to storing word documents from the computer. If you can get this phone for £100 then you have just got a bargain

Reviewed by Mr.Balsod from Pakistan on 30th Aug 2007
wicked phone...

Reviewed by T.T.F from UK on 30th Jul 2007
ch13ft5ta said it perfectly. This phone is a computer. Full stop. It can do everything that you ask it because of its Series 60 Platform, and is very capable because it also plays nearly every kind of audio files. The camera is great, although newer phones are much better. Im going to keep this until i can afford an N-Series

Reviewed by Amit from India on 9th Jul 2007
An excellent phone. Supports lots of software. Anyone who gives importance to features more than looks will definitely like the phone.

Reviewed by Benji from England on 22nd Jun 2007
i love it, however after 3 years my keypad is screwed and the screen is broken, im looking to get another one becuase i have found it nice to use and convieniant but i am slighty irritated.

Reviewed by stuti from india on 20th Jun 2007
not bad kinda phone....hmmmmm.....cool

Reviewed by GAURAV GUPTA from INDIA on 17th Jun 2007
Hello;I am using nokia 6670 phone from the last 2years and i never felt bore because it is very easy to use and more over it have the capability to play any software which runs in 60series.The only thing which i dont like is it is very slow in speed comparitively to other smartphones.Well overall it is good phone

Reviewed by Berre from Belgium on 6th Jun 2007
I allways loved Nokia. I bought a sghd E 250 from nokia and it sucked compared with my 6670. Never had such a great phone! Never had any software problems. Only hardware: camera = not superb, watch out for dust between the phone and your cover, screen quality = very nice, phone is pretty strong (dropped him allready a few times and still works!) If i had the choice i'd buy him again!

Reviewed by ch13ft5ta from Australia on 20th May 2007
God bless symbian 60 and the phones that run it. This phone has lasted two years and going it has survived fall after fall and soldiers on. The fact that this is a small computer should indicate to most how useful it can be.I use this phone as a satnav (tom tom mobile 5),motion activated camera (spy),gps based camera (geocam),answering machine (sanswer),voice recorder (powerdictaphone),megadrive emulator (picodrive),computer remote via bluetooth (pcremote).new software is coming out all the time unfortunately only for 3rd generation symbian 60 phones.(most n-series) this phone has served me well and will continue to do so until i can afford n-series.

Reviewed by heng houy from cambodia on 11th May 2007
I Used Nokia 6670 I like it,coz I can use themes n a lots of themes ,coz i like pettry themes. A lot of Promgarm I can Instarl. Sorry my english is not good don't mind me. bye bye

Reviewed by sarath from india on 11th May 2007
good phone

Reviewed by Hitesh from India on 24th Apr 2007
I have had my 6670 for going on two years now and I am still impressed with the phone. The GPRS is a bit slow when surfing, but you get used to it. I am a dropper and this phone has seen the floor more than anywhere else, and despite the body being scratched, it has not affected the functioning of the phone. It does lack important things like infared and MP3 player, but given the age of the phone, it is brilliant still. I am upgrading and will miss my old 6670... The BEST Phone I have ever used.

Reviewed by santanu from India on 19th Apr 2007
i hav been usin this phon for almost 2 years .normally b4 this handset i use to change handset every 3 month but this phon has given me exactly wat i was lookin for.exellent phon for business class.

Reviewed by master from Serbia on 10th Apr 2007

Reviewed by Kristof from Hungary on 8th Mar 2007
I had this phone for nearly a year and it has never let me down. Although it is slow to load up and the design is a bit old the phone is very clever and can do most things required. Running on Symbian OS provides great programs and the phone has some very good features. I have now upgraded to an N70 but I have never regretted getting the 6670 in the first place

Reviewed by Avinish from India-mumbai on 4th Mar 2007
Man tis phone sucks with slow GPRS support n frequently hang-up is killing me...Slow sound n hard keys is really agonising...No FM radio & video tone support makes phone gud4nothn...I rue most why i bought tis phone..Pals plz don buy tis phone r else u'll cry..Well i heard unconfirmed news tat tis model is stopped being manufactured..Well nokia lacks quality..Yes they launch 3-4 handsets monthly but nevertheless they lack quality..Tis phone is awful...:(

Reviewed by xxdarkishxx from malaysia on 3rd Mar 2007
good phone only abit slow on connection and bluetooth but doesnt beat the fantastic n73

Reviewed by Frank from Scotland on 12th Feb 2007
This phone sucks! I paid a fortune to have it the week it was released, i had lots of problems with it, like the texts didnt open properly, the sound was bad. After 13 months, it stopped working, it wasnt under warranty anymore. I paid £330 for nothing, i was asked to pay £100 to have it fixed.

Reviewed by Mark Carter from South Africa on 6th Feb 2007
I have had my 6670 for going on two years now and I am still impressed with the phone. The GPRS is a bit slow when surfing, but you get used to it. I am a dropper and this phone has seen the floor more than anywhere else, and despite the body being scratched, it has not affected the functioning of the phone. It does lack important things like infared and MP3 player, but given the age of the phone, it is brilliant still. I am upgrading and will miss my old 6670...

Reviewed by ranjith from india on 19th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Ravi Panchal from India on 9th Jan 2007
Its quiet good handset to use ya but its fact that it does not fullfill all our requirement. I am quiet unhappy with its performance. Eventhough its very userfriendly and flexible for using in routing purpose..... Its good model but I am looking for more upgraded model... lookwise good

Reviewed by Dr.Yogehwar Tewari from India on 26th Dec 2006

Reviewed by Samuel from Australia on 19th Sep 2006
This phone is great, but there is one thing, how do i watch videos in full screen??

Reviewed by Nilofer shaikh from India on 24th Aug 2006
Eversince I have got my Nokia 6670 ,I have just gone crazy about it. It offers me all the facilities of a smart phone, Yet its so handy & user friendly. It has excellent features & is best suited for corporates, however if it could had an FM radio then it would certainly be very popular amongst the youngsters too.Also if the inbuild phone memory could have been a little more would certainly add to its popularity. thanks Nokia for making such a GREAT PHONE, I M CRAZY about it.

Reviewed by masudi msemo from Tanzania. east africa on 23rd Aug 2006
fone miss fm radio.other thing okey! big up nokia 6670 im support for this 2006 and up!!!!!!!.MSEMO FROM TANZANIA

Reviewed by mukul saxena from India on 10th Aug 2006
6670 with 1mp camera and Quick office is very good for business purpose and i like it very much. The only thing which is missing is FM radio. I want solution for the same in the same model. Can any body tell ? Otherwise 6670 is good, smart executive cell.

Reviewed by azad from india on 30th Jul 2006
it has very excellent feauture.it has very good battery backup.and easy to use.it has smart look,easy keypad and excellent display.thanks

Reviewed by Haseeb from Kuwait on 28th Jul 2006
its a gud cel bt gues it has sum prob wid its RAM

Reviewed by Lil Gee from Belgium on 2nd Jul 2006
Hey everyone! i had this phone a while ago, then gave it to my mother to buy a 6111 because the 6670 phone is very chunky! when i used the 6111 i thought "ooooh my god" wich means, the 6670 is a very good phone with its big screen and i must say a good 1mp camera. only con: the size and the weight!

Reviewed by prabudh from India on 14th Jun 2006
hi, 6670 is a phone which you won't like to apart with, powerfull and stable, never had any problem in last 6 months. however i need to buy a new handset now and iam just not able to convince myself for any other smattphone. But viewing the reviews of 6681 at www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk I think i'll be buying the nokia 6681 very soon. see ya, prabudh

Reviewed by ricardo from italy on 14th Jun 2006
i love the phone

Reviewed by Aria from IRAN on 8th Jun 2006
The quality is good,before this phone i had 6600,but it's better than 6600 and 7610 also,This phone (6670) is awsome

Reviewed by WC from Canada on 27th May 2006
This phone SUCKS!!! Everything is good except for the mp3 player. This phone is not compatible with dual headsets. Am i supposed to listen to music with one ear??? HELLO???

Reviewed by burt from england on 3rd May 2006
i had this fone for a whiles tob fone loved it had al the latest real tones on it but it got rob aout 2month a go and im gutted at the momment im useing a k700i samsung its notbad but i pefer the Nokia 6670

Reviewed by Kristof from Hungary on 23rd Apr 2006
Not only does this phone look quite stylish but if you know a little bit more than an average person about mobile phones then this handset is incredible. To start off with it has symbian os drive so you can download the best softwares and games for free from appropriate websites and make good use of the extendable memory. The 1.3 megapixel camera is not the best you can get but it sure does look proffesional even if you're bad at taking photos. The mp3 player is also a good feature and the loudspeaker is quite loud so you'll rarely miss a call even in loud places. This phone is fantastic and I'm extremly satisfied with it.

Reviewed by Abhijit from India on 15th Apr 2006
It is surely a classy piece, better looks.......better everythin......and much more better than nokia 7610 in keypad. but the biggest disadvantage is its mono sound......yes the fone isnt compatible with the stereo dual headsets. i dont understand....wat was nokia thinkin....makin such a expensive cell but not makin it compatible wid dual headsets....(I HOPE NOKIA MD WILL READ THIS AND LAUNCH A DUAL HEADSET COMPATIBLE WITH 6670). this feature of 6670 and 7610 really sux. so i do not advice this cell to those who want a cell for listening to music......in that case the 6630 is better.........

Reviewed by TonyM from UK on 29th Mar 2006
Just love this phone. I've tried other brands and just keep coming back to Nokia - they're the dogs doodahs. This may be an older design but as a phone it's got everything and it's easy to use. Love it!!

Reviewed by HF from UK on 23rd Mar 2006
THis phone is wicked! I dunno what martin is on about k750i and w800i. Those are dedicated mediaphones whereas this is a smartphone- series 60, install apps! Earth to martin>: They dont compare to this phone at all in that department

Reviewed by ant from england on 8th Mar 2006
i have one and they are amazing

Reviewed by Scott.B from Scotland on 6th Mar 2006
Although my rating says five i would give this phone a million ! i love it so much and ive not even got my own yet (its in the post"i hope") i always jst nick ma lil bro'z ! advice 2 any1 looking for a new phone NOKIA 6670 ALL THE WAY !!!!! oh and by the way I LOVE THIS PHONE !!!!

Reviewed by Dan from england on 9th Feb 2006
i found it is a really good phone and the picture quality is amazing. i found it was very durable even tho i broke it last week.

Reviewed by kelly from england on 24th Jan 2006
I have had this phone for nearly a year now and it is brilliant! It has been dropped about a thousand times (thanks to the kids), it has even been dropped in a bucket of water!!! AND it still works absolutely fine. It has near enough exactly the same spec as a nokia 7610 but isn't as funky looking as it makes it easier to use. The camera is brilliant and has en excellent screen size. Some people think that the phone is a bit bulky but what do u expect? big screen = big phone. The only thing i found was that it slowed down a bit and i took it to my local nokia dealership and they upgraded the software and it now runs better than ever! This really is a brilliant phone. that good that when i get my free upgrade im going to sell the new one and keep this!!

Reviewed by ch@rl0tt3 from England. on 15th Jan 2006
I got this phone around march 05 and it is fairly pants! Well, as a 13-year-old, most teenagers get a mobile for the camera. I qould say the camera is good quality and the video is quite good- up to 10 minutes recording. I thought the alarm clock was rather annoying as you can't set an alarm for the same day as you set it (e.g if it's the 16th march and you set an alarm for 3:00 16th march, you can't it will set it for the next day) excuse for the 'kufuffle'. Games- Snake EX- this is ok quite boring after a while but catchy at the same time & Card Deck- 6 card games boring for me but maybe not for others. Bluetooth is just the same as most phones. It took me a long while to get used to the 'menu' button. Usually you press the middle button or in the middle button where the arrow keys but on this phone there is a small button at the bottom left. The * 0 # keys are fairly smaller than the other keys and need practice with but as I'm a 13 year old I have quite smaller fingers than say adults. What REALLY annoyed me was the battery! It's absolute rubbish! I usually charge it for about 6-9 hours or overnight, and it is usually flat by a day. Now I have to charge it every night otherwise it'll just go flat (and this is without playing games or anything).

Reviewed by shax from uk on 27th Dec 2005
GREAT!!! great sounds, great photos, great videos, great connectivity, great availiability of memory, great all around!! guess what i think of this phone? GREAT!!!would definately recommend and i have only had this phone for 1 week!

Reviewed by Bill Ganda from UK on 22nd Dec 2005
Great phone excellent battery life and you can get loads of applications for the symbian 60 platform.Found that video playback can be a bit blocky on occasion,and found the quality of camera quite good.I found it very useful for work having a document viewer but had to download another version of quickword as I could not get the one supplied to work.It would have been nice if it was supplied with stero head phones or a bluetooth headset as opossed to the old fashioned styled handsfree set.Its a shame the internal memory was not bigger but I recently got a DV512mb memory card of Ebay for about £30. Its quite a rugged phone dropped it a few times but still works.It would have been nice if the phone wallpaper stretched over the entire screen but this is just personal preference.On the whole an excellent phone with loads of features and well worth a look.

Reviewed by Chris B from Poland on 22nd Dec 2005
Though it is good from technical side(s60 and a fair camera) it has a suprisingly slow BT(twice as slower as the one in P900) and what is a major pain it lacks the infared? Is a few cents more for one more small but significant function too much? An another thing is the keyboard - it was supposed to be a normalized 7610 - they almost done it, cause I got big hands and the bottom keys need practise to use. The cross is good but not when carried in a safe case. The cam is pretty good though it doesnt have a constant fps(slows down a lot though phone memo is almost free). Though Nokia owns the cell market they should learn from SE about ergonomy and dump the drunken designer for their phones keyboards.

Reviewed by Mr from F on 6th Dec 2005
This is a very nice phone for a business user or teen alike. Very good value for money (£180). Better than the 7610 but the 7610 is better for your money (about £70) if you just want a stylish phone with a good camera and big screen

Reviewed by popg from usa on 6th Dec 2005
this phone is awesome i had it for 1 week and i am already lovin it it is the best if u ever want a good function phone then there is 6670 infront of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is super speed and amazing tech i will never say goodbye to it stay alive with it

Reviewed by vijay dhiman from india on 4th Dec 2005
6670 which i bought last month is good phone only thing it lacks is proper headphone to listen to caller or even music (the quality of headphone provided with the pack is really poor we expect better standards from nokia) and somtime on receiving of a call the phone get hanged.

Reviewed by Mr H from United Kingdom on 30th Nov 2005
Very Good All-Round Phone which only has the problem of not having a IR port or Radio. Very good, a little slow loading but has all the features of a business phone. Much better than the acclaimed (sort of) 7610 and faster when tested on a benchmarking program. Ideal for the business user and recommended as a first phone. Another phone to consider as a long time business phone is the 6310i(some may debate)

Reviewed by Lilly from Uae on 29th Nov 2005
this fone is the best, it looks way nicer than 7610!! 5 outa 5!

Reviewed by Melvin from Philippines on 29th Nov 2005
Wow!!! thanks to Nokia again, I just bought the 6670 and im really impressed with the looks.The looks are far better than the 7610.The keypad alone is very impressive.I like the colors the camera and the battery life is just fine.Guys out there if your buying the 7610, try to look first at the Nokia 6670 because their specifications are almost the same.Again 5 thumbs up for NOKIA and the Nokia 6670! (",)

Reviewed by Haris F from United Kingdom on 16th Nov 2005
Just Luvin' It! Good all-round phone and a massive jump from my old nokia 6310i. Many good features and hasnt gone wrong, ever!

Reviewed by H.F from England on 11th Nov 2005
It is an excellent all-round phone which has everything except infrared connectivity. It looks good and has a massive screen which is very clear and good. the camera is good and 10mins for a video is excellent

Reviewed by BUBU from Romania on 9th Nov 2005

Reviewed by fred from South africa on 5th Nov 2005
The 6670 is a really cool phone and very stable, i've dropped it bout twice now and it didnt evan crash. My brother has a Sony ericsson k750i witch boast a 2megapixel cam yet he says he would swap his 4 mine anyday...now thats gotta say something! I got middle size hands and i battle 2 use the keypad but i just cant stop playing with it. Nokia says its weak at browsing the web? Sure it makes a slow modem but the data cable u use 2 use pc is slow anyway. But browsing with the phone it self is very fast in my opinion. This is a must get!!

Reviewed by daniel from england on 27th Oct 2005
this phone is absolutely awsome camera is great, screen is nice and bright. menu system, is easy to use looks great. i recomend this phone to anyone who has got style

Reviewed by Marius from Romania on 26th Oct 2005
is not a phone! is...more! this is the best

Reviewed by imran khan from india on 25th Oct 2005
the handset is very neat and its very sleek good fetures clarity is awesome and thing i like the most is the battery pack up.

Reviewed by Manesh Gangwani from Pakistan on 5th Oct 2005
Its the most koolest handset i've ever had in ma lif!!!i had 6600 and dis iz much more better than 6600 it has all da features what a perfect handset must have... It iz too fast also.Nokia have made a most coolest set but the its look iz also very nic which gives it 5stars!!!

Reviewed by James Heller from South Africa on 28th Sep 2005
I have found that the 6670 is reliable easy to use, has all the functions on would need of a mobile of this type. The Nokia suite (ver 7.5) is much improved and synchonising with the phone from your PC is feultless and easy to use, especially witha bluetooth dongle. My choice was the 6670 as apposed to the 6680 as I see no need for the second camera.

Reviewed by KK from Jupiter on 7th Sep 2005
this phone is cool.....but i bought a 7610.it was much better.then ibought a 6600 it was the best....but i still give this phone 4 stars.....

Reviewed by Cool Black from Mars on 26th Aug 2005
YO! this phone rocks! I love the camera quality 1 megapixel and the 10 min. video recording is too fab and clear and the mp3 songs sounds great and the bluetooth which i find it useful to transfer applications. I reccomend this fone to anyone. So i wanna give this fone a "5" STARS!

Reviewed by Rajesh.Y from India on 2nd Aug 2005
Pictures has got good clarity even after uploading to PC. Has got great styling and has equally great features too. Got some probs with the Quick Office, which I am trying to fix. Video recording quality is the best in its catagory. No need for a second thought. Its a must phone for those busy guys out there.

Reviewed by john michael lim from philippines on 22nd Jul 2005
the nokia 6670 is an nice phone.it is easy to use and it had great functions. i think ntaht this is the best phone that nokia ever made. when you buy this phone you wont regret it.

Reviewed by Padmalochanan Nair from India on 15th Jul 2005
Loads of features fitted into a compact machinary. Taking into consideration all the mobiles that come in its price range in Indian market(Indian rupees 13000 to 18000) this is one of the best buy along with Nokia 6260, which my friend own. It is not very attractive in its looks but it is compact and not ugly either. The camera works fine and the quality of video is not bad. The best thing about this phone is its sound quality. All in all, value for money.

Reviewed by james bond from uk on 15th Jul 2005
not all tat 7610 wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better much faster and better video quality.i have compared the phones with my mates one and my one is 6670 the phone is absolotely rubbish go for 7610 now im jelose of my mate

Reviewed by Pure Evil from USA on 6th Jul 2005
I have owned countless numbers of phones. I am a gadget freak. I can't help but buy the lastest and so called greatest thing, however I must say this phone delivers. It is everything they claim and more. I can't imagine a phone much better than this one. I have the bluetooth keyboard and it make this baby a jewel. The applications that can be ran on this phone is endless. As a business owner I don't know how I lived without it. It is a mobile office on my hip and the new fax program I just added. INCREDIBLE!!

Reviewed by Gothika from on 18th Jun 2005
this is the best mobile on the earth!!!!!

Reviewed by Nitin from India on 15th May 2005
well it is one of nokia's best makes till now excellent features and a mindblowing camera

Reviewed by Dube from Nottm on 13th May 2005
Excellent phone but please help. Do i have to download the ring tones or does this phone have its own. Long time since i used Nokia and can not find them in the menu. ( i did only get it the 12.05.05) Please someone help or i will shout very loud.!!xx

Reviewed by Wilna from RSA on 12th May 2005
Overall a "smart" phone. Very difficult to use the low keypad without almost letting the phone fall. Screen at least clear and big to view. I'm devestated that I cannot write sms's via PC, even after downloading the PC Suite 6.5. This is so unfortunate that the Symbian operating system took this useful feature away. Of course no-one warns the customer about this in advance.

Reviewed by DarkO from UK on 12th May 2005
Very good phone it has mp3 and the wualitiy of picture is how dan said AMAZING this phone offers a lot of possibilities 4 a "cheap" price!

Reviewed by Zaid Sultan from Pakistan on 7th May 2005
A Tremendous Effort By NOKIA but Still some main functions are hope to be Add in future.Why they not try to maximize the screen resolution in the rest of all....like SAMSUNG did..

Reviewed by kumarjit from india on 3rd May 2005
guys don get me wrong....i'm not advertising this cell..i'm jst being honest.6670 has 1 of da best software interface .it's supiriority can't b compared wth sony ericson, samsung ...both doesn't support 3rd party application.it has da best megapixel cam n display in it's class.video capture is avg 2 good..not outstanding.now da software section makes this phone uncomparable wth ne other set...u can download almost ne compatible application..this renders amazing flexibility 2 da cell.wonderfull media support...mind u it's media is even comparable wth da upcoming 4gb n 71 by nokia.. now lets see things not so good abt da cell...(no fm radio..not a problem 4 business users like me)..it's mmc swapping is a real problem...i wish nokia had taken care of this!agreed de have upgraded da feature in 6630.infra red absence sudn't b much of a problem as it has bluetooth support,connectivity n data synchronisation is lil slow,so overall ...amazing cell in it's catagory...( awsome browser,ms office ,word ,excel support, good music player makes a complete package 4 non business buyers tooo..) hope u guys who buy da phone in future will enjoy it's relibility

Reviewed by AMANDIO from PORTUGAL on 26th Apr 2005
I bouth it at 3 weeks ago and until now it is the best phone that i had. Good pictures for a phone ( with 1 mb ) , good screen , work like a pc , i work with word , excel , pdf ,powerpoint, make change in the documents creating a new documents, send and receive by e-mail , check my e-mails , etc everthing with this phone. congratulations NOKIA , you are the best in mobil phones. This is my opinion that i have already more than 10 mobil phones during last 3 or 4 years.

Reviewed by Lia from England on 8th Apr 2005
Oh my god! I never want to get rid of this phone, I love it. How happy I am to own a Nokia phone again :)

Reviewed by Dan from uk on 26th Mar 2005
my dad has this phone and he lets me use it sometime.the problem is it take ages to turn on. the pic quality is good but the video is a bit slow. it is packed with features best of all bluetooth. texting is hard cos the keypad is small i would rate it 4 out of 5 Dan.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 26th Mar 2005
my dad hs this phone and sometimes he lets me have ago. the pic quality is amazing but the video is a bit slow. when you turn it on it takes ages to get it on.there are a lot of features and it has bluetooth.( when i get a phone it has to have bluetooth). the texting is a bit hard cos the key pad is small but over all i would give it 4-5. Daniel

Reviewed by bob from uk on 10th Mar 2005
rubbish dont buy had tones of problems says vidieo dosent work and battery last about 30 mins do not buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by joy from philippines on 4th Mar 2005
well its so cool..en nice...nokia,i think u shud dvelope mking flip top phones..

Reviewed by ADAM from england on 3rd Mar 2005
this is a good phone and it has a 1 mega pxil camra and gr8 mp3

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