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Nokia 6600i Slide review

 Review: September 2009  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6600i Slide is a sleek slide phone with a high quality brushed metal finish. Battery life could be better, however, and the reliability of the phone is questionable.



The Nokia 6600i Slide is an upgraded version of the 6600 Slide. It's very similar in shape, size and design, except that the plasticky case of the 6600 has been chucked in the bin and in its place is a very smart brushed metallic finish, available in silver or black. Everything about the 6600i Slide is sleek. Nokia have even gone as far as removing the volume keys from the side of the phone, which we're not convinced is a great idea. But that aside, the 6600i Slide is certainly a compact yet solid-feeling phone that looks good and feels good. The keypad is completely no-nonsense and makes texting a breeze.

The features of the 6600i are nearly identical to those of the 6600 Slide. The main difference, apart from the metal finish, is that the camera has been upgraded from 3.2 megapixels to 5 megapixels. With autofocus and a double LED flash, it produces very good results - comparable with the best in this price range. It can also record video in VGA resolution, and can make video calls. The screen is the same beautiful OLED display with 16 million colours and high resolution - a superb screen, with good performance even in sunlight.

The media player is very good too, with support for all the main file formats, plus an FM radio. The built-in memory is the same as the 6600 Slide - just 20 MB - but a 1GB memory card is included in the sales package, and in fact the 6600i Slide will accept microSD memory cards right up to a huge 16 GB.

Other features are the same as in the 6600 Slide - read our 6600 Slide review for more information - and include 3G, Opera Mini browser, Nokia Maps (no GPS though), email support, and tap support (tap the phone to silence the ring or reject a call, or to silence the alarm.)

The 6600i Slide is a definite improvement compared with the troubled 6600 Slide, but it isn't the perfect phone. To be honest, the improved camera is a minor enhancement. The metal finish makes the phone look and feel much more of a quality product than the previous Nokia, but inside we feel that the problems of freezing and cutting off in the middle of calls are likely still to be present. The battery is unchanged too, and doesn't provide very long between charges, even though Nokia are claiming improved standby times for the 6600i Slide. It's hard to know what to recommend as an alternative, as we haven't been impressed by any of Nokia's mid-range phones in recent times - especially the sliders. You could try the 6700 Classic or the 6303 Classic if you don't mind giving up the slide design. Or you could be brave and try something completely different like the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic!

Nokia 6600i Slide features include:

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Why is it that some videos do not play with volume?

Asked by future george from nigeria on 14th Jul 2017

How to use front camera in this mobile?

Asked by Jawad Ahmed from Pakistan on 27th Sep 2016

Can I use headphones on my Nokia Slide 6600?

Asked by NASOS from GREECE on 7th Jun 2016

Nokia 6600i Slide user reviews

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Average rating from 71 reviews:

Reviewed by G. Nassimbeni from UK on 1st Jan 2015
excellent phone for the money, mine is 5 + years old, with slightly larger screen it would be my perfect phone, battery looses capacity after 2/3 years but most phones in this price range do, and they are inexpensive (£10), RECOMMEND !

Reviewed by StephenM from UK on 6th Oct 2014
Firstly, this phone at the time of writing is over 5 years of since release, so anyone getting one now will be getting a used one, or if lucky like me, brand new ‘old stock’. I have an extreme aversion of ‘smart’ phones, and will only use a proper phone.

The 6600i slide is a beautiful design. It feels very solid, and the aluminium case is a delight to hold. Much of the day to day use for me can be used without even sliding it open, you can answer calls, access menus, take photos etc.

There are a few niggling annoyances which if you troll through the reviews are highlighted, but I’ll repeat some here.

The display – it disappears after 10 seconds or so. A real annoyance, though it does get you in the habit of reading texts very quickly! A symptom of non open source software as if it was open, someone would have released a ‘fix’ for this days after release. It really should have an option of maintaining the display for 20/30 seconds & beyond. If it hurts battery life, well, that should be your choice.

The ‘loudspeaker’ isn’t – loud I mean. Even with the volume notched to maximum, you still have to hold the phone fairly close to your ear to make anything out.

Whilst we are on ‘sound’, this phone does not have a standard 3.5mm audio jack, but takes it’s audio feed from the built in micro USB socket. Not a disaster, as you can easily source an unbranded adapter for virtually pennies. The official Nokia adapter is the AD 83 which is now quite hard to obtain. (this adapter has a built in volume control as well as FF etc feature)

The 5MP camera is functional, but awkward to review photos. To ‘zoom’ you need to delve into the menu rather than intuitively use the up on the cursor button like later Nokia phones. Still, the quality of photos is fine, though the ‘write to’ speed to the memory card is woefully slow at around 5 seconds for the highest quality.

Battery life is not good at all. The most I can get (out of a brand new genuine Nokia battery, after 4 drain/charge cycles is still only 48 hours on standby. Massively short of the 300 advertised – this is unforgiveable (almost), but I simply charge it up every night so I can live with it. It can be charged with the standard small pin Nokia charger, or via it’s micro USB socket.

The bundled games are very limited which kinda freaked me out, till I realised that I could copy games from another Nokia I have onto a memory card, and shift them onto this one so I still have Block’d to keep me amused in Dr’s waiting rooms.

Like I said, at the time of writing, in terms of technological equipment, this is approaching dinosaur status, but the sleekness, and compactness of slipping this jewel into your pocket will still be the envy of any smart phone owner who needs a pocket the size of laptop, and whose phone will probably bend in two when they sit down!

Reviewed by kat from england on 19th Feb 2012
had for a few years now & has been great most of the time. Any hickup's have been righted as soon as i have turned phone off & back on. Overall been good value for money. Very sturdy! If you just want a no nonsense sturdy very nice to handle compact phone then i would recommend.

Reviewed by isaac newton from uganda kampala on 31st Oct 2011
very good phone

Reviewed by Mini from UK on 20th Oct 2011
Got this phone with o2 on free contract. At first I liked it. The camera is good for a phone. The messages come through sporadically, where I get about 4 at once and no tone sounds. I miss calls all the time because I can't hear the thing or feel the vibration when its in my pocket and a lot of the missed calls do not actually ring when the phone is sitting on the table while I am in the room. My husband hates calling me on it as he can never hear me. Battery life was good for a few months now I'm lucky to get 2 days out of it with little use. Just waiting for my contract to end to change phone as I am not willing to pay a cancellation fee for a useless phone.

Reviewed by janice from scotland on 9th Sep 2011
I hate this phone with a passion. It picks up all background noises. If i make or receive a call when outside it is impossible to hear the other person. Worst phone i've ever had. Has been in for repair 4 times, only 2 months til my contract runs out, can't wait.

Reviewed by DANIEL from UK (England) on 9th May 2011
Further to my previous review, I think it is important to mention the 6600i uses a micro usb port to connect headphones. However this is an advantage because nokia produces an adapter/cable which converts the micro usb to 3.5mm suitable for any headphones. This adapter also has an in line control which gives full control over the media player, ie ff - next track - rw - Volume control, pause and also controls the phone/calls. This can be purchased on e bay quite cheaply. The unit is AD-83 Audio Adapter. I find it works well (with good headphones) and looks good !

Reviewed by Daniel from UK (England) on 2nd May 2011
This is the best phone I have ever owned. The 5mpx camera with twin flash & autofocus is superb, not having a dedicated camera button reduces casing clutter and makes it easier, the screen truly does the camera justice with such a good resolution and superb colour tones. The casing feels great in cool metal. It is designed to keep power consumption to a minimum. The media player is 10/10 - it has 2 eq settings that can be totally set by user using the 5 bar levels (bass to treble) - output is excellent - loads of bass for good headphones & expands upto 16GB memory. It is a compact look good feel good phone. I've tried touch screen phones but much prefer this type of mini power house. A real all in one unit - I hope this helps you decide. Dan.

Reviewed by Richard from South Africa on 4th Mar 2011
This is a pretty poor phone. Battery life at 3 days is pathetic - exactly as long as my previous phone, and that was when the battery was 5 years old. The slippery-as-soap brushed stainless steel finish looks pretty, but gets distinctly hot during a call of more than about two minutes duration. I've still got the thing but don't use it, deciding instead to give the nod to a Samsung Star 5233A. I don't like it much either - but it's better than the 6600i Slide.

Reviewed by Simon from British Isles on 2nd Mar 2011
I hate this phone with a passion and cannot wait for my contract to end to change it. The screen fades too quickly, it drops calls when you're trying to make them and because the screen has faded to black you don't know this, the speaker is too quiet and in the wrong place - I miss more calls than I answer, the non-ascending ring ascends - after about two weeks I took it back to the shop where I got it from and asked for a refund as I do not consider it fit for purpose. My next phone will NOT be a Nokia on the back of my experience with this phone.

Reviewed by Murat from Turkey on 14th Dec 2010
I decided not to buy Nokia anymore because this is really a nightmare.......Actually the rating is 0 star.

Reviewed by Max from UK on 14th Dec 2010
TERRIBLE phone. Bought Nokia's for years and now I will never buy one again. Backlight fades out too quickly and cannot be adjusted. Speaker quality is bad (tinny and no background noise cancellation) and if the back of the phone is facing you in your pocket, you won't hear it ring. Battery life is poor. Reception is intermitent at best of times. Camera does not focus correctly, blurry shots. Lucky for Nokia it was bought for me as a gift, otherwise I would have read other reviews and NEVER BOUGHT ONE! Out of good will Nokia should refund all purchasers of this product or replace with a functioning model. This phone is unfit for purpose.

Reviewed by angela from uk on 31st Oct 2010
this is a nightmare !!!!! i have had it repaired 3 times and each time the fautls are the same ; backlight goes out so you cant read texts, cuts out on calls, sends texts to anyone in your phone, makes calls and wont let you switch off, switched itself off and wont allow you to switch back on, it does tiny pixel cubes on screen and wipes out photos and data on phone, it puts sent messages into inbox and then wont let you read and tells you you have unread messages,for 10 years plus since using a mobile i have always enjoyed using the nokia brand and until now havent had a problem but this is my last nokia , i got through tmobile and its a top end contract they basically say tuff and nokia dont want to know as when sent to tmobile to have repaired they didnt send to nokia so they donbt want toknow and im stuckin the middle with a faulty phone thats not fit for purpose and never has been and treated like a non customer by both , somuch for branding, customer retention and realising a product has problems and withdrawing , DO NOT PURCHASE it will give you more problems than you can ever imagine

Reviewed by Adam W from UK/Asia on 3rd Oct 2010
I have this phone I have always hated Nokia phones they are for peasants ( in my mind ) i got a deal on the 6600i , i have used the UK networks and I now use the Asian networks . This phones feels great works great never drops a signal and has great battery life .. I have no idea why mine works so good but I will say with regards to battery life in Asia and other parts of Europe my V8 lasts 4+ days in the UK its dead by 2 pm each day .. Tell me thats not networks .. Dont blame the phones UK networks are Junk.

Reviewed by C.T Munyanyi from Zimbabwe on 19th Sep 2010
The phone is just good!! The weight,camera,the LCD,battery life- all is good. i really love the phone coz it obeys me-it has all i want..

Reviewed by Matilda from England on 26th Jun 2010
Having used this phone for the last 6 months I am at the point of screaming with it. The camera is very good and picture quality is excellant, however for the purpose of what it is meant for, phone calls, it is less than useless. The sound quality is very poor and the phone continually cuts out on calls. The signal on the phone rarely gets above 2 bars and if I have any missed calls which i often do due to lack of signal it takes approx 30 mins to advise me that i have received a missed call. You may say poor signal is due to the service provider although i have never experienced problems like this with any of my previous phones most of which have been nokia's. The memory on the phone is good although you do have to go through various files etc in order to locate a photo only taken seconds earlier. If you want a mobile purely for gadgets then this phone is great. If you want a phone to communicate with people I would not bother spending your money on the Nokia 6600i slide you may find 2 cups and a piece of string are better!!

Reviewed by rani from singapore on 14th Jun 2010
i agree sound quality bad .. i just bought the phone its good on the imaging and nice to carry for a women. does not hv vol control button i was wondering whr to ajust hmmmm its hard to switch off they say can use the tab screen hmmmm i like the silver color and for me its an average phone as i dun use high features hopefully its good for long run

Reviewed by Dean from UK on 4th Jun 2010
Had phone eight days then i put my foot on it very hard.

Reviewed by frank from uk on 31st May 2010
Very poor phone. Very poor battery life. can't use e.g. stopwatch because screen blacks out. Sound quality is ppor. Some settings don't work.

Reviewed by roy from England on 30th May 2010
This phone has caused me to miss numerous calls because reception on it is poor.I have 2 more phone lines on T mobile both nokia phones and the both work fine,proves it,s the phone.I keep getting fobbed off with :there,s a problem with reception in your area: Funny how the other 2 work ok.Battery lucky to last a day but I think this may be due to it trying to find reception.The faults seem to be fairly common

Reviewed by Upendra from Singapore on 11th May 2010
This is the worse Nokia phone I have ever used, Voice quality is really bad and difficult to take long phone call s more than 10 min without hand free set. Because phone gets heated due to metal frame and very worm to keep near to your ear. But the problem is its hand free set, connection jack is not stable and time to time you lose the connection when you touch the wire or move. Very difficult to listen to music on the move due to this worse usb jack connection. So it is missing very basic things in this phone and I am really disappointed with this product and never thought Nokia will release a phone like this.

Reviewed by Ade from England on 16th Apr 2010
Having read all the reviews on this website and others, my feedback is pretty similar to that of Gerry (2nd Apr 2010). Functionality-wise, this is not the best phone on the market, but for the price I paid (£149.99) I wouldn't expect that. The 6600i isn't a touchscreen/symbian/android/amoled/dedicated camera/HD recording/smart/music device - it is a pretty decent, compact, well-built phone that allows you to make calls, send texts, utilise 3G services (including video calls), connect to bluetooth devices, charge from USB (a first for the recent Nokia models), use internet email accounts, take 5 MP AF photos, and also record videos. It also allows you to synchronise your contacts and calendar and make quick calculations. Battery-life, whilst not a step back to the days-on-end scenarios of pre-3G handsets, it is pretty decent and will last for a minimumn of 2 days (unlike most smarphones which need a minimum daily charge). Responsiveness-wise I had an initial issue with the music-player taking 5secs+ to switch tracks but this was due to me having inserted an 8GB memory card full of music - 1GB or so of music and it runs as sweet as a nut. On top of the above, the phone feels nice to hold, is dead simple to navigate, and is a joy to use. It isn't a mini-computer, it's a phone. For simplicity, 3G connectivity, off-the-cuff video taking /photo taking/ music listening, electronic-diary checking, you won't go far wrong. If you want anything more then the 6600i slide isn't for you, but I think in general, we have all perhaps become quite complacent with regards to what we expect a mobile phone to deliver.

Reviewed by Bharath from India on 15th Apr 2010
Althought the phone looks cute and compact, But the battery life is veri poor and surprisingly it has no calculator function, which is required for business....and very distorted sound.therefore the model is good only for its looks.

Reviewed by malinga from sri lanka on 13th Apr 2010
i love this phone......very easy to use and can do big things.....great

Reviewed by laura from england on 6th Apr 2010
is anyone esle having a problem that there fone keeps on freezing when ever they try and delete there indox? the nokia 6600i slide this the first ever nokia fone that i have brought i am never going to buy one again it is rubbish that is all i can say rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Gerry from Ireland on 2nd Apr 2010
Was not my first choice of phone,but had a lot of problems with a touch phone a 5530 music express,after using that for a few weeks the Nokia 6600i at first seems very basic,but it does the job i need it for very well,and I have come to like it.I have the black version,it has a metal case,it fits nicely in your hand,and it does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed by RACHEL from ENGLAND on 26th Mar 2010

Reviewed by paul oracz from england on 25th Mar 2010
I recently got upgraded to this phone,i found it did not work in places my other phone used to work.very difficult to use with one hand,and i got complaints about the reception being crackly.battery life no good at all.I have sent the phone back, dont buy it.

Reviewed by bobby ewing from uk on 21st Mar 2010
got the phone last week . so far the phone has been great !! initially put off by the reviews ,glad i didnt !!

Reviewed by Jason from Australia on 17th Mar 2010
I like the phone but!! The music that's on it sounds like its distorted or somthing, and embarasing to have as a ring tone!. but other wise the camera is great and the smallness is superb.

Reviewed by Me from England on 15th Mar 2010
This phone is rubbish... please do not buy as you will waste your money! 1)Battery life is rubbish 2)Cant hear people when there calling 3)Often just vibrates on its own 4) Hash button has gone on my phone so i cant put it on silent ( i have to go into profiles and settings) It doesnt say whether its on silent or not either 5) the end call key doesnt work properly and doesnt let me end applications when i want to 6)Lights on the keypad do not work 7)When calling it says that i am on 2 calls!!!! T mobile are no better at dealing with these problems either!!!!

Reviewed by Anthony Pekrins from UK on 5th Mar 2010
Good overall phone but issue with backlight as it only lasts up to a max of 10 seconds before the screens goes black which is very frustrating when reviewing messages/photos etc. Additional problem with battery life in standby mode. I have had 2 new phones 3 new batteries and the battery only lasts up to 24 hours even with no use whatsoever. If these 2 problems were solved it would be a great phone, but with them I feel like throwing it in the bin!!! This is the first and last time I'll use a Nokia.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 23rd Feb 2010
Good solid phone, backlight does go off fairly quickly but that doesn't really bother me. Very happy with it.

Reviewed by JULIE from ENGLAND on 23rd Feb 2010

Reviewed by nick from margate on 20th Feb 2010
not very impressed so far had it 2 days.what does it do?everything i try doesn,t work.wanted to download songs through the usb doesn't work.it is not worth the 180 asking price.

Reviewed by Babur Kabir from Pakistan on 20th Feb 2010
I like this model 6600i nokia is nice phone its a perfact phone

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 11th Feb 2010
Got a 6600i slide in late October 09. So far I was on my 3rd one. No problems with reliability but reception strength is pitiful I had taken to putting my SIM into an older N95 in order to get reliable signal. After a couple of heated conversations with T Mobile they exchanged the phone for a Samsung i5700 Galaxy, same price range but worlds apart for useability

Reviewed by sumit from nepal on 4th Feb 2010
its nice!!

Reviewed by natasha c from UK on 29th Jan 2010
This is undoubtedly the worst phone i have ever had in all my 13 years as a t mobile customer. The backlight going off after 10 seconds is extremely irritating and yes the other reviewers are right..there is nothing you can do about it. I have also had problems with the earpiece/audio . This is the 2nd time in 3 months i am having to send the phone away for repair as cannnot hear anyone when they call or vice versa. Most annoying. Even more annoying is that t mobile refuses to replace what is clearly a faulty handset. Bye bye t mobile at the end of my contract....you've just lost a loyal customer for being so disinterested in customer loyalty. Don't get this phone...it's a complete waste of time. Also internet connection in evenings is rubbish . try getting onto facebook then...is nigh on near impossible.

Reviewed by taybe from turkey on 26th Jan 2010
1- battery life is not too bad 2- Screen gets blank in 10 seconds is true but it's safer for battery also, doesn't matter 3- loudspeaker is behind the mobile, it's funny, you can miss calls easily 4- and my terrible problem is when s.one calls me I can't exactly hear, sound is not clear 5- but SAR value is awesome, for body and head

Reviewed by eddy from england on 21st Jan 2010
had this phone a few days . cant fault it really. good phone all around . small compact feels good in the hand . nice camera . nice features . comes with 1 gb memory . VERY NICE . ive had in the last few months : sony w910i , samsung u900 , u600, nokia 6600, 8800, 8800 carbon arte , w810i, nokia 6500 classic, and few more . this beats all with no faults that i can see. the phone seems to rattle a bit when opened...i duno if this is with all of them or just myne ??

Reviewed by leigh from ENGLAND on 21st Jan 2010
THE BATTERYY LIFEEE IS BEYOND USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by hakim from egypt on 21st Jan 2010
wanderful phone

Reviewed by Scorpio from India on 18th Jan 2010
Pro: 1. very compact and handy 2. camera is superb 3. pretty fast Con: 1. goes to power saver mode a bit too soon- but i wouldnt take it as a complaint. 2. it can stay about 4-5 days for an average user. not more. 3. the cam in front is only for video calling 4. the tapping facility doesnt really work. atleast not on mine. yu will like have to HIT it and just MAYBE it will light up. these apart, its not so bad. Might not be fit for ppl who want everything to be "perfect".

Reviewed by spyros from greece on 13th Jan 2010
I bought this phone yesterday for my wife. It seemed very attractive but there are many problems that made me rethink my purchase. First of all when phone is open (slide mechanism open) there is a gap between the two phone parts. If you try the menu button then it seems that the phone will get broken. Another major problem is the camera. It fails to focus. I managed to focus in just three photos. In all other cases the focus rectangle would not turn green and photos were blurry. Last but not least the stupid energy saver. I hope i can get rid off this joke-phone soon. It is by far the worst mobile ever to deal with

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 1st Jan 2010
Have just returned my 6600i to carphone warehouse because battery life is a joke.Nokia claim 300 hours on standby; reality is more like 36 hours! This is with blue tooth switched off as this drains battery quicker.I complained about battery around 6 days ago and was given a new battery from stock - this was no better than original. In my opinion this phone is not fit for purpose

Reviewed by shiz from UK on 30th Dec 2009
good little phone. light wight and has got gud camera quility. you can do everything that another phone can do.

Reviewed by ali raza from UAE on 24th Dec 2009
well i just bought his phone today...and it is going great it is simple and compact...the backlight is not so annoying for me i mean it doesnt go off if your using it...but i am having troubles wid the connecting with the computer...i need help wid tht...i mean i cannot eject it...i can transfer and do things wid databut fr ejecting it doesnt show that it is connected at all....any help people

Reviewed by sarah from newcastle on 22nd Dec 2009
just got it today have to say its not the best phone in the world it has lots of problem with it

Reviewed by Kat Harrison from UK on 16th Dec 2009
I love this phone. Has everything I want and does everything I need it to. Love it, love it, love it.

Reviewed by Chantelle from Australia on 15th Dec 2009
Good basic phone, fairly customisable, but the screen timeout is already really annoying and I only bought it yesterday. Don't understand why they added the 'power save' and 'sleep mode' functions when they are useless. SMS tone is quiet and can't be increased. I'll only use it for calls and SMS'ing, with the odd photo, so even though I'm disappointed, it'll do. A big step down though from my old Nokia 6210, which I loved.

Reviewed by Dan from England on 7th Dec 2009

Reviewed by RJ45 from NL on 5th Dec 2009
how difficult can it be, to make the display backgroundlighttimer adjustable, so the user can choose between 5 and 5000 seconds? here you see the advantage of open source software. If this firmaware was opensource, it would be changed the same evening. the programmer(S) who wrote this firmware can probably do it in 5 minutes. it really is only this (easy fixable) irritating short backgroundlight that makes this phone unusable. ridiculous timer setting those 10 seconds.

Reviewed by timo koho from finland on 2nd Dec 2009
Screen gets blank in 10 seconds and there is NOTHING you can do about. You CAN NOT set the screen blank time say to 15 seconds. Firmware update does not help. This phone is rubbish. Even worse: NOKIA does not listen customers complaining this.

Reviewed by sadaf khalil from kuwait on 30th Nov 2009
i just bought this phone and i love it....there is just a problem with the screen going black within few seconds...but then its ok.....every phone has got some probs with it.....u cant be critisicing it for every small malfunction..anyways love the phone n is happy with it :)....thnks nokia

Reviewed by sadie mcleish from uk on 29th Nov 2009
I love my phone,its is easy and simple to use.It is a small good looking phone

Reviewed by darko from macedonia on 16th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Ghada from Egypt on 12th Nov 2009
This phone is the worst Nokia I used ever!! Apart from the disadvantage that the sceen goes black so quickly that you won't even finish reading a message. I have a very bad voice clarity, I feel that that there is somthing standing between the earphone and my ears!!! I don't know is this a problem with my phone or with all 6600i phones?? Could any one help

Reviewed by Roger Ramjet from Australia on 4th Nov 2009
Please ignore the 5 star ratings, either they want a camera or they work for Nokia. At the end of the day it's a phone and the CALL QUALITY sucks big time. If you want two good phones that are cheaper with more functions and crystal clear call quality and very loud ring tones; The Nokia 6720 Classic and the Nokia 6220 Classic are the way to go. Thankfully I was able to sell my 6600i slider within a week of buying it. Rubbish. Run!!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
I have stuck with it, and to be fair i now like it. For what i want it for calls, texts and the odd picture its ideal. the only down side as said before, is it blacks out to quickly..

Reviewed by abdul from england on 1st Nov 2009
This fone is so rubbish. bought it last week and 2 days later refunded it. it has all fualtys for camre music everthing. pahteitc fone.

Reviewed by just me from england on 28th Oct 2009
I've had this phone for a month now and I love it! It's simple but not basic, it does everything I need, and it does it well. The best part about it is it is small and compact. No problems with it what so ever. I've noticed some people have been quick to review the phone, without properly looking through the phone or getting used to it. You can actually shut off/answer calls by opening and closing the slider, you just have to change the settings. It is easy to text on and use as a phone and it is reliable. I do wonder what people expect from their phone these days. 5 Stars.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 25th Oct 2009
Taking mine back, screen saver and power save mode are non exsistent, as said before goes black on you after a few seconds, which when writing a text is very annoying. Also when you have a message or a missed call, it goes black to quickly, so you have no indication you have a message. My Nokia before would show a message symbol with the date on the screen save, nothing with this..

Reviewed by Faye from UK on 25th Oct 2009
Just got this phone yesterday. I agree with Julie, the light going out after seconds is ridiculous and there doesn't seem to be any way of changing this. Also when you close the slide it doesn't automatically shut off the call, which my Samsungs always have. Other than that quite content to have a phone that you can phone and text on. After having a Windows Tocuh phone for two weeks that took forever to respond to touch commands there was no way I wanted to replace it with another touch screen. If there is a way to resolve the back light issue, I will be quite happy! Hope someone is able to help!

Reviewed by Julie from England on 24th Oct 2009
I do like the phone, but the thing keeps going in to time out after 10 seconds and it's soooo frustrating, especially if your playing a game. EERRRR!!!!! It even does it when your writing a text and your thinking about what your writing. If anyone has any idea how to make the screen stay a bit longer I will be very greatful.... PLEASE XXXXXXX

Reviewed by queline from uk on 25th Sep 2009
This is the first time that I have had a Nokia phone. Luckly for me I got it as a Free upgrade. However, the timeout light or back light tends to go out too quickly. The front camera can only be used with video calling. Phone memory is limited although it does come with a 1gb memory card, and navigating around the phone is long in some cases. There are limited options to personalize the phone. (Nokia could not resolve problems above with light) I have always had a Motorola and my last one was the v8 razor which I think was a better phone and have never had any problems with it. Options were endless. On the plus side of the Nokia, it does have a 5m camera with flash and map options, both of which I use. Looks nice and it's smaller too, great for pockets and those tiny evening bags!

Reviewed by Gman from England on 20th Sep 2009
I have just purchased this phone and i love it! The feel and the weight of it are just perfect. Lets just get one thing right here, THIS IS A NO THRILLS PHONE, it does what it says on the tin!! I use mine for work and on an average i am getting two hours talk time which is good! If you want something that plays your music, takes brilliant pics, you want to watch films then get something else! This phone has been designed to be a phone i.e. make and answer calls and that is it!!

Reviewed by Greg from Australia on 18th Sep 2009
Geezez I get tired of reviews and comments that go on about the camera and the display and the radio and the games. Who cares. It's a phone!!! Hello, I want to know how good it's call functions are. Most importantly what is the call quality like. Unfortunately for me Nokia still haven't changed in the last 20 years. My old Panasonic GD75 finally packed it in unfortunately. It had crystal clear call quality irrespective of signal strength. If I phoned people they thought I was on a landline it was so clear. (Siemens A55 was also pretty good). Both these phones are bottom of the range and would beat any Nokia hands down on call quality. Unfortunately with the Nokia 6600i slider phone like most Nokia's once you cut through all the rubbish it still has terrible call quality and zero noise cancellation. A pity for an otherwise very nice phone. Come on Nokia wake up. I use my phone to make phone calls.....Duh!! Thanks again Nokia. I broke my own rule. Never buy Nokia and now I'm paying for it again.

Reviewed by Damo from UK on 16th Sep 2009
Been a big fan of nokia since my first phones 6 years ago but this phone has been a big let down. I relly dont know what nokia was thinking when they designed this phone. This phone just isnt what you would expect. i've just gone from a 6500 slide to this and i'm having massive regrets. Theres no buttons on the side for volume and camera and its little things like that which make you think nokia are putting all their efforts in to the N series these days. One of my biggest problems with this phone is the speed in which it prosesses pictures! You take a picture and it must take about 5 seconds for it to show the picture. Which my old 6500 it was near instent surely it should be quicker! Next time i upgrade i really am thinking of going for a Samsung. I really couldnt recommend this phone to anyone due to its out dated feel and lack of dedicated buttons on the side of the phone.

Reviewed by Arron from UK on 15th Sep 2009
@Mobile Phones UK: In what way does this phone have a 'hi-res' display? It's QVGA over 2.2 inches - utterly bog-standard!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 15th Sep 2009
Arron, you're probably right. But it does look better than the specs suggest - it's the OLED.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 6th Sep 2009
Good phone. Slim and compact and a slightly more masculine appearance and feel. It is also significantly heavier thanks to an all round all metal construction. Features are comprible to the 6600 except that this one has a 5mp phone. The 'touch off' interface is a little more responsive than that of the previous phone. One downsides are the exceptional weight and no external buttons to activate the camera or turn up the volume.

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