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Nokia 6600 review

 Review: September 2003  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6600 features a bright 65,536-colour TFT display and a camera equipped with digital zoom.

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These complement a built-in video recorder (picture size 176x144 or 128x96; audio on/off; 2x digital zoom) and a RealOne player for playback and streaming of 3GPP-compatible and RealMedia video clips. Multimedia functions are enhanced by templates for MMS messages and a Media Gallery for organizing digital content captured or downloaded with the phone.

Sharing the Symbian operating system of the older 3650 and 7650, the Nokia 6600 offers the functionality of a "smart" phone in a (slightly) less bulky design, with the benefit of extra memory for all those applications you'll want to install. This is without doubt a very highly specified phone, with the potential to enhance its capabilities further with downloadable applications.

Nokia 6600 features include:

  • Active matrix TFT display with 65,536 colours (176 x 208 pixels)
  • Integrated digital camera with zoom
  • Video recorder with audio support
  • Streaming video and audio
  • Graphical user interface with selectable themes
  • 5-way joystick navigation
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Email
  • XHTML browser
  • GPRS (40.2Kbps), HSCSD (43.2Kbps)
  • Symbian Operating System 7.0s
  • Downloadable Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications & Symbian applications
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and infrared
  • 6 MB internal memory
  • Memory card slot for additional user memory and applications
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Local synchronization of contacts & calendar to PC using PC Suite Remote
  • Over-the-air synchronization with SyncML
  • Voice features: voice dialing, voice commands, voice recorder, integrated handsfree speaker
  • Tri-band
  • Standby time: 150 - 240 hours
  • Talktime: 2 - 4 hours
  • Weight: 122 g
  • Size: 109 x 58 x 24 mm

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Nokia 6600 user reviews

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Average rating from 188 reviews:

Reviewed by suryansh mishra from india on 6th Jun 2014
It is very good and costly phone

Reviewed by ahmed from dubai on 20th Apr 2014
Nokia 6600 it is a powerful mobile nokia 6600
I was the first phone for multimedia mobile i

Reviewed by Ajay from India on 21st Jan 2014
This mobile is better than the new Nokia mobile series like asha...........

Reviewed by Harun Astute from Uganda on 22nd Sep 2013
I am using a Nokia 6600 phone for two years now and I think I got the experience. It's easy to use because of it's simplified functions like; calling,text messaging, and the let me say The best internet service. Its internet is simple and better, easy compatibility and of corse the speed is fantastic. I love it because its simple and easy to use and I think its better than the other phones I ever held b4.

Reviewed by joshua mwesigwa from uganda,kampala on 9th Jun 2012
i truly love my phone for its acceptance of great apps but am disappointed that i can't play mp3 music.

Reviewed by ehries student teacher zambia from UK on 3rd Nov 2011
i have used differen phones concerning academic issue but i never come across to a phone that can much nokia 6600 it stores so many pages and very quick to answer your queries when using the internet.i love it and its a smart phone for business and academically because it has a large screen and zoom.

Reviewed by Kitty from UK on 19th Aug 2011
perfect "egg" mobile phone...!!!

Reviewed by UMAIR from UK on 25th May 2011

Reviewed by Nitish kumar from UK on 31st Aug 2010
Its a very nice phone nd i think tht Nokia 6600 is the first multimedia phone of nokia cmpany. I use ths phone 1st time nd i lke it very mch.. According to me i'll gve 5 rated to ths phne

Reviewed by sue scott from UK on 2nd Feb 2010
I chose this Nokia 6600f phone from my 02 shop in Carisle in August 2009 as as part of the option to update as per my contract. As i now understand it this phone has been on the market since 2003, which has obviously been supeceded by more uptodate models. I have just recently taken this mobile into my local shop who then had to send it away for repair, as even though the keypad worked and i could dial out and receive calls i could not see any information on my screen. I have now been told that it cannot be repaired as moisture has got inside. I cannot see how as it has never been near any water! Then i was told that it could be susceptical to extreme cold or a change in temperature which i have never suffered from any Nokia mobile in the many years that i have had a mobile. I have had great faith in Nokia and only always go for a Nokia each time i upgrade. I am extremely dissappointed with this model, and because i am tied to a contract for 2 years, i now have to purchase another mobile, as i am now being told this is what i have to do!!! I now look to you for your comments, and do hope we can come to some to some compromise. Thanking you Yours faithfully Mrs susan scott Repair ref: 17547131 IMEI : 355729026754098 Telefonica 02 Slough

Reviewed by pradeep narkhede from UK on 18th Jan 2010
year 2010 I am still not ready to change my nokia 6600 . It has every thing that any modern phone should posses. With symbian my nokia 6600 is dynamite. I love this phone. nokia should bring the 6600 with some more functionality like FM radio and easy connect to internet through phone in laptop(PAN network).

Reviewed by Abhijeet from UK on 23rd Sep 2009
The best phone ever! Solve all ur problems about this phone by following things- For mp3 support install ttpod 3.3 and mp3 codec it will give the best sound than any other phone. For camera install flexi cam 0.80 it will give you 1600by1200 resolution for video recording install eti camcoder it will record in avi format for unlimited time for memory use 1gb ncp reduced size mmc for large sound use power mp3 2.41 and do equilizer setting for any other problem mail me at krishna2318@gmail.com Nokia 6600 the best phone ever i love this phone

Reviewed by haysni from UK on 26th Apr 2008
I have had this phone for 4/5 years and it still is working fine. Been dropped a couple of time to concrete floor - so very stirdy. Easy to text, even now in 2008 still a good phone.

Reviewed by Mahendra Yensenba from UK on 16th Apr 2008
This is the Mobile I first met and I could install most of the software and I love it. When you open the smart movie application in s60 2nd edition you will see the picture of my loving phone Nokia 6600. Thanks to the manufacturer.

Reviewed by ibrahim umar abdulkarim from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
i bought a nokia 6600 symbian phone which is fairly used with the talks software already installed to accord a blind person like me to effectively use the phone. i so much enjoy the talks software which makes me to be independent from sighted people reading text messages to me or finding out who called me as i can use the software to do everything for me. my thanks to the nokia company and other mobile phone companies for enabling people with visual impairment to use their phones as independent as possible. before buying the phone, i read the review from this website and become fully convinced of the fact that it is a durable phone depending on how one handles it. my thanks also go to the designers of this website and those who have any involvement with it for telling the whole truth about the functions and limitations or downsides of each mobile phone. it is therefore left for a customer or buyer to take his/her decision as to whether to purchase the phone in question or not. nokia 6600 is worth buying for anyone who would want to.

Reviewed by Shivendra from UK on 28th Mar 2008
This is really the best economical multi-media phone. The best feature of this phone is its look; specially the camera at the back side attracts everyone. But the only drawback in this phone is that it does not have FM. But overall, good shot by Nokia...

Reviewed by patrick from UK on 11th Mar 2008
I love this phone, I have had it about 4 years now. It is manageable because of its size; not too small. It is easy to use and utterly reliable, in spite of having been accidentally dropped on to asphalt numerous times. I get annual upgrades from my provider, but I prefer to stick with this wonderful piece of engineering. My wife gets the upgrades and she can keep them!

Reviewed by saad from UK on 20th Jan 2008

Reviewed by shaheryar mushtaq from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
i think it is he best mobile

Reviewed by n from UK on 10th Nov 2007

Reviewed by sunny from UK on 9th Nov 2007
the battery life is terrible, doesnt last more then 40 minutes when your on the phone and taking pictures

Reviewed by kitpo from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
i have used the phone for quite sometime and honestly like it.however I have had some problems with how fast the screen can be desooroyed by internet virus.would anyboody out there send me the procudere of geting it cleand up.I so love my phone that I think it

Reviewed by guendouz from UK on 8th Aug 2007
it is so easy to use it

Reviewed by Utsav Vaidya from UK on 30th Jul 2007
nokia 6600 is good phone.Now i have n95.but i cant ignore nok6600.verry good.nokia is a great mobile manufecturer comney.Sony ericsson is Third class .HAHAHA.

Reviewed by leyton from UK on 24th Jul 2007
I Hate This Fone Cuz Its Realli Dull And Useless I Would Advise Everyone Not TO Buy This Phone Because Its Nothing Like The Review

Reviewed by Muhammmad Awais Khan from UK on 19th Jul 2007
wow this phone rocks like this phone very much its like a pocket pc

Reviewed by Jennifer from UK on 21st Jun 2007
I have this phone before, but it was stolen in China.. anyway, for how many months that I was using this N6600.. I can say that It gives me so much convenient.. And now, I am buying it again.. eventhough I have one celphone now.. What about you? Try it also!

Reviewed by Ziggy from UK on 21st Jun 2007
This is one of the best phones o the market, it has plenty of different functions and the memory card brings in a ton of new things to do. Right now the price is very low, but the phone still rocks your pants. Many people don't like it's shape, but i owned a nokia 3310 for 3 years and I like having bulky and heavy phones in my pocket, so I can feel them and make sure nobody stole it :).

Reviewed by aBHilash from UK on 14th Jun 2007
its very slow man....

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 10th Jun 2007
Useless. Put it in the bin, unless it is purely used for aesthetics. Battery life is not sustained for a full working day. Replaced and still no joy.

Reviewed by nicky lucio from UK on 22nd May 2007
I've had this phone for two months now.its V brilliant and its functionalities are smart.But one problem is with the low volume in the ringtones and mp3 player.I really wish I wuld Have means to raise it up.I've owned several phones in past from different companies inluding nokia but i find this 6600 model sweet.cheers

Reviewed by Tarikh Jumeer from UK on 18th May 2007
My first smartphone: when I had it, I was always complaining of its slowness, but when I no longer had it, I regretted it. It was a great mobile

Reviewed by chandrakant from UK on 14th May 2007
i like this mobile too much

Reviewed by Andreas Jaya from UK on 12th May 2007
This mobile is very good. I like to use this mobile. But this mobile phone cannot play MP3. The Camera is only VGA. This phone is bigger and bitter and more expensive than Sony Ericsson k750i,w700i,w550i, etc.

Reviewed by adi from UK on 27th Apr 2007
it is a decent phone and is very solid but on the other hand it is very much heavy weigted which is a bad feature...the video recording is very much poor quality aswell as only 9seconds of recording....there is no mp3player and the buttons on the phone are also very much rubbish ..... its the 21st century for GOD sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by charan,india from UK on 24th Apr 2007
this is a very excellent phone.i'm using this from past 18months i didnt have any complaint.only drawback of this phone is no mp3 ringtones.

Reviewed by mike from UK on 12th Apr 2007
This phone is just superb i got it 2 months ago and the detail is amaizing it does take a long time for it to load up but still u get rewarded with the amaizing uses of the phone i recomend this phone to anyone also the look of the fone is just great in my eyes its a 5 star phone if u dont have one get one

Reviewed by VINESH from UK on 31st Mar 2007

Reviewed by Sheje from UK on 28th Mar 2007
Helo, this model of nokia6600 have a gr8 feature but there is one thing voice recording duration is too low, may be some one here whose know how to make it larg, please tell me its too urgent.

Reviewed by mahdi from UK on 27th Mar 2007
exelent cell phone 6600

Reviewed by azmy from UK on 25th Mar 2007
the mobil 6600it is very importan mobil and my review is the 6600 is good mobil 4 stars thanks

Reviewed by tobius from UK on 4th Mar 2007
Best phone in the world

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 3rd Mar 2007
amazing phone

Reviewed by saurabh singh from UK on 1st Mar 2007
nice one

Reviewed by bob from UK on 23rd Feb 2007
well i think i wasted £200.00 in ot

Reviewed by charan from UK on 17th Feb 2007
it is excellent

Reviewed by ~>~> ali <~<~ ~>~>15<~<~ from UK on 10th Feb 2007
safe ppl add me msn ali_586@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by isaac from UK on 9th Jan 2007
could i know the prices of this nokia 6600

Reviewed by Yahya Naveed from UK on 17th Nov 2006
Well, I have this phone over 6 Months, and I am quite satisfied with it..Its powerful symbian OS can bet any other phone in its range.. honestly, if u look at it specs. You cant guess ts total potential..its Main Weapon is its OS.. which can include Mega Power Apps...the only disadvantages I have found are bad camera and slow speed.. but in this price..its the best option..

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 5th Oct 2006
I've had this phone for about half a year and I think it's awesome. This phone is suited to people who don't care about how big and ugly their phone is, but just want the features. It is a Series 60 phone, which means that it can run a whole slew of applications from Symbian. Chances are, if there's something that this phone doesn't have, there's a Symbian application to fix it. If only they hadn't put the MMC card under the battery.

Reviewed by Rakesh Reddy from UK on 27th Sep 2006

Reviewed by Anand P R from UK on 13th Sep 2006
Its a extremy good phone.only disadvantage is the size.

Reviewed by matthew from UK on 18th May 2006
I think this phone is a great phone because when i went on it i felt like this was the phone for me but i was wrong it is a great phone but want a differnt phone now but it is a brill phone and who ever made it they sould be proud well done that phone is great thanks for the phone i like it but it is a bit to fat!! i thik and if you did srink it down a bit it would be a great phone like it is now. WELL DONE THAT PHONE IS GREAT!!

Reviewed by P P Shroff from UK on 6th May 2006
Hello, First of all I want to know what is the difference between 6600 & 3230, as I am totally confused, can anyone tell me ? According to me this is a complete package of success in all the phone that I have ever seen. Ya, one thing is sure that you have to somewhat compromise with Camera resolution & somewhat clarity of screen only in comparision of other phones like 3230,7610,6670 & like sony ericcsion, otherwise this is a fantastic phone. You should blindly purchase this phone as it is just 110 pounds. Buy it !!!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 22nd Apr 2006
I've had many phones but keep going back to my trusty Nokia 6600 because it really is a nice bit of kit if a bit lacking in more modern features and style. It doubles up as a cheap GPS system, has upgradable software (mine now takes me to places via Tomtom mobile, plays mp3s, and records long videos if I desire and the keypad is so well laid out (unlike newer nokia phones). If they could do a 6600 with upgraded features and a sensible keypad then I might well get one next time. The 6680 looks promising but doesn't really do enough extra for it to appeal (I want more MMS functions such as being able to send midi files!) Sadly time has taken its tole and the spec 0.3MP camera, large size, old version bluetooth, limited battery life and only 6MB of internal memory (cannot use external memory card for ringtones or sending stuff by bluetooth) make it look rather primitive compared to my new w800i. But it did get years of use compared to me swapping other phones after just a few months! I'll keep it as a GPS/mini computer and who knows, I may tire of the fabulous Sony w800 and end up using it so more. Afterall it is nicer to text on!

Reviewed by > from UK on 13th Mar 2006
when the nokia 6600 came out i knew that i had to have one. i was having money problems at the time so i visited the sunday market where i picked up a second hand one for £150. i had the phone for two years with no problems whatsoever. i bought a 128mb memory card for it and it held over 150 pictures, and over 60 videos. the camera quality was fantastic. i managed to get an mp3 player from the internet and downloaded it to the phone with no problems, and i also found a camcorder which recorded videos with sound which i managed to record 2 hour videos on, then transfered them to my pc using a blutooth stick. it was the best phone i ever had. one day i got a call from t-mobile saying my phone had been reported as being stolen by the previous ownwer. i had proof of purchace, i had the box, origonal charger and booklet to proove i bought it but they still bloced and barred the phone. i had to drop it off at the nearest police station. i didnt understand why i had owned the phone for over two years and they were only letting me know now. but there was nothing i could do about it, i had to let the phone go because it was useless. i went out to buy the cheapest camera phone i could find just to keep me going until i found another 6600. the phone i got was pathetic compared to my old phone so i took it back. my husband came home the other night with a brand new 6600. i have registered it to my mane and address to stop anything happening to this one. i tend to have this one til it dies of natural causes. its the best phone i have ever owned. my boyfriend upgraded to a nokia 6630 but hes going back to the 6600 when his contract runs out in april....buy it now....

Reviewed by George borg from UK on 23rd Feb 2006
It's amazing but big the nokia need to think to do more small and nicer phones to attach more people to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Marco Cidonius from Greece from UK on 22nd Jan 2006
Nokia 6600 is told by many crackers that can run more symbian applications than any other. It's true, that's the reason I selected it. The loudspeaker is perfect, you just have to use a good application the oggplay for example, not the ultraMp3. If you dont care for the camera resolution that much it is the best phone for you.

Reviewed by Salman Mand Khan from UK on 26th Dec 2005
its the mobile set which is best of the best in all the mobiles whith its high memory and more good functions its outstanding and has to be bought by every one its the best of all

Reviewed by TAYO McJOE from UK on 30th Nov 2005
Its just the best phone I have had so far! and I am happy for that. I love the phone and the camera was absolutely good. U better got urs.

Reviewed by Costash from UK on 31st Oct 2005
Hey all! All I have to say about this phone is that it's great! I have my 6600 for one year now and it still a super phone! 5 stars from me! I only have a problem...i cant seem to find software for it (like mp3 soft., 3p, and other like that)...and i heard it can be used like a remote control unit for the tv.....now where can i find softwhare like that?! PLZ PLZ PLZ help me!!! my e-mail adress is costash81429@yahoo.com thnx a lot!

Reviewed by jeff from UK on 31st Oct 2005
i got this fone last week and it has broken twice but i do like the weight and shape the menu is easy to control i just hope nokiia sort out the sticky buttons and the freezing problems

Reviewed by Saad Romaan from UK on 28th Oct 2005
Wanna phone with all the best features and with a small valued price tag...yes! then go for Nokia 6600...this is the best phone i had ever buyed. It has all the features of high end phones such as bluetooth, Infrared, Camera, Symbean, Supports MMC and comes with a 32MB free MMC...so go and GRAB it

Reviewed by Ruchi from UK on 24th Oct 2005
This is the worst phone i have ever had in my life , So much problems in the battery back up . It charges fully , and then again become zero with in half an hour . Battery also replaced but same problem again !!!!!! Pl. help if any body from Nokia service . vineet_456@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Shizzle from UK on 4th Aug 2005
I feel that the Nokia 6600 is perfectly competent as far as mobile blowers go. The picture quality is fairly decent (as good as you really need from a 'phone'). However, it would be nice to be able to record a decent length video. It is a very robust phone which hasn't hiccuped once since I've owned it (2 years approx) despite being dropped on many occasions. My brother and several of his friends have Nokia 6230s. I and they agree that the 6600 is a better overall phone. The main reason for this is that the picture quality on the 6230 appears poorer and it can't fit the entire image on it's pitifully small screen. Also, you have to search for other bluetooth handsets every time you want to use this function. My beloved Nokia 6600 will be sorely missed as I am about to replace it with the arguably all conquering Nokia 6680. I'd just like to give a shout out to my home boys 'Ghost Faced Bubbles' and 'Grand Master Ruffles'. Respect boya!

Reviewed by Gohar Shah from UK on 26th Jul 2005
It is the world class mobile which have many dynamic functions.

Reviewed by Mr Lizard from UK on 22nd Jul 2005
Had this about 8 months, never let me down (although the battery only lasted 2 days at the end, but I was given the phone by a mate so it's over 2 years old now!) Upgraded to a 6680 - guess why? This things mint, good memory, big screen, easy to use, bluetooth, half decent camera, ok so its a bit quiet, a bit bulky and a bit slow but I can forgive it coz it's indestrucable! I've been testing it's 'limits' since I have a new phone. SO far its survived being chucked out a 1st floor window onto concrete 3 times, flung into walls, the floor, air and down the stairs about 30 times, it's been stood on, kicked and dropped. IT even survived a vicious attack with a corkscrew. Its pretty battered and the backlight for the screen gave up but it still makes and receives calls perfectly. I rest my case.

Reviewed by frenzie from UK on 18th Jul 2005
This fone is overall a piece of junk!!! Do not I beg u buy this phone! When it first came out it was a gem but with the introduction of so many other fones with better functions, this fone has gone down in my estimations. Get the 6230i a much better Nokia.

Reviewed by - from UK on 3rd Jul 2005
Best phone in the world! Yes, it's basically a very expensive brick with a screen, but it is great for anyone who with the lot, to go! All symbian phones need getting used to, but it doesn't take long. In fact, if i can use it,anyone can.

Reviewed by batman from UK on 22nd Apr 2005

Reviewed by PETE from UK on 5th Mar 2005
I have had this phone for approximately 8 months, and am happy with it, apart from the lack of volume on the incoming ring tones. I can't find any way of turning this up, even on maximum setting, it's still quiet compared with other phones. If you buy a larger memory card, the movies you can watch on this phone are excellent. I recommend a 512meg memory card, which can store around 10 full films on it, as well as loads of good quality ringtones and images. If you are thinking of buying this phone, i would recommend it, but the volume lets this down slightly.

Reviewed by Russ from UK on 13th Feb 2005
Nice phone plenty of useful features, still camera not bad for what you get at that resolution, Video! well I'm not impressed with it as far as sharpness goes and the 10 sec clip is extendable to what ever the memory will hold by downloading Phillips Life Vibes Camcorder Pro especially for the 6600 from Handango www.handango.com at $29.95. transfers from the computer to the phone via bluetooth and it's a breeze to do and giving brightness and contrast adjustment too! Just wish the pictures were sharper.

Reviewed by Cherie from UK on 29th Jan 2005
I liked the look of this phone shame it dont play mp3...unless you pay about another #15 to download it , What on earth is symbion 7 operating system, the main thing that put me off it was the joystick ( made my thumb really sore)found menu hard to figure out..so much used to basic ones..lol All in all this i think is a ok phone but just not for me...it took me quite a few days to chose between this and 6320 ( which i found much easier to use).... in total i have 5 nokias already = 5110,5210,3330, 3200, 7250i ...so i like to try before i buy..which means borrowing other peoples phone's or spending hours in local phone shops...comparing and asking loads of questions !! i've found out you can get changeable covers for it in many different colours !! (e-bay) If you dont mind the size of it...then i think its a worth while buy

Reviewed by Dava A from UK on 9th Oct 2004
Had a 6600 for quite a while now and wouldn't have another one. It was one of the first video phones but the video quality is pants. camera is OK for a VGA but not that special compared to newer megapixel cameras. All the people I normally talk to tell me that the call quality is not good and I would say that reception is not that special either. The most anoying thing (apart from the stupid menu system which is much worse than Nokias previous excellent system) is that after six months a couple of buttons on the left of the phone became harder and harder to respond including the green button which you use to answer so that when someone is calling you press and press but the call goes unanswered. I've had many Nokias in the past and liked them all but now I'm looking to buy a Motorola (V3?)

Reviewed by poooky from UK on 6th Sep 2004
my phone is very very excellent but i wanna ask something and plz reply , the images looks very dark when i see the display from an inverted vertical position from the top.. is this normal or just it is the TFT display... any way the phone is OUTSTANDING

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 10th Mar 2004
What a proper nice phone! Excellent camera, video playback is sweet - catches some funneee moments! 3rd Party Software is easy to get to the phone via email. All WAP / Email etc... settings available from www.filesaveas.com - very useful site with links to software as well as step by steps for whatever you need. Only cow is trying to use the camera for a still shot, and then open up Video Recorder, only to find that the camera is still in use by the "Camera" application. The fact that there is a 3rd party app. called Application Killer to rectify this problem suggests that it is a generic problem. Apart from that - excellent quality and the 32mb MultiMedia Memory Card that comes with it is a real bonus - plenty of room for clips & stills.

Reviewed by Boyne from Ireland on 18th Feb 2004
This is truly the best smartphone in the market so far. The basics are solid - good GSM tri-band antenna performance, built-in Handsfree speaker, large keymat for comfortable texting and a beautiful large 64K colour display. The camera is really easy to use for quick snaps. You can synchronize with your Outlook so you don't need to carry a PDA anymore. The user interface is easy to use with the joystick and nice graphics. You can add in extra applications to suit your needs. It comes with a 32MB MMC Memory card in the sales box.

Reviewed by Nokia lover from Holland on 6th Feb 2004
Its just the best phone I have had so far! Only little problem I have found so far is the famous bluetooth problem but there r plenty sites where you can find the fix for that. And people stop complaining about no mp3 because mine is playing it pretty good now with "ultramp3". Its not perfect because the speaker isnt that good but its better than nothing. So buy it and have fun with it!

Reviewed by Mohamed from Sri Lanka on 3rd Feb 2004
I've used many phones before but the Nokia 6600 just puts them back in their places. I've used this phone for 2 months and it's just excellent. The downloadable applications are just beyond belief and the phone's imaging features are just outstanding. For those of you who had problems with their MMS just like me, just enter the gateway IP address in the Proxy Server Address field and enter the Proxy Port No which you can get from your operator (mine is 8080 and yours probably too). Doing this, you should be able to enjoy the fantastic features of Nokia best phone to date!

Reviewed by Hassan Azzee from Saudi Arabia on 30th Jan 2004
I wopuld gove this phone a 5star however the pc suite that comes with it is very problematic until now I have not been able to get it to start up. Every thing is working fine in connection with the communication between my notebook and the phone I am eve receiving and transferring images and files using infrared and bluetooth but when it comes to running pc suite it really does not work. I have heard it has got a lot of bugs as usual with nokia software.

Reviewed by d.3.B.R.1 from philippines on 26th Jan 2004
HELP!!! i really need help. it been a week now and i still cant open my 6600. every time i turned it on, it just hanged. anybody out there know what to do? i tried pressing the green button then * then the no. 3 buttons before turning on my 6600, but it still doesnt work. any nokia people out there know what happened?

Reviewed by Mohd Nadzim from Malaysia on 24th Jan 2004
I bought this phone two months ago. I had problem when knowing that MAXIS Malysian leading mobile operator still does not support the phone for GPRS and MMS. It its kinda frustrating when had spent expensive price for the phone and you can't fully utilized the phone feature. My phone now is any always giving slow respond on swicthing and when using the gallery option

Reviewed by Nico Remory from Belgium on 23rd Jan 2004
Previously owned a Nokia 9210 Communicator and a SE P800. This phone is the best phone I've ever owned!

Reviewed by OSKI from United Kingdom on 22nd Jan 2004
This is just to help the below with the problem of short vids!!: I have a 7650, and as bluetooth on that does not support audio I am looking at a 6600... A few problems i've herd tho 1. Get horizontal lines when taking pics 2. Bk light goes out quickly and there is no way to change it 3. The vids don't last very long. 1 and 2, well... bummer... but 3.... (not tested) I have a disk full of apps n games from my 7650 which I have been assured that most of which will work with the 6600... amongst these include an uprated vid corder app which basically records untill the memory caution appears on my 7650... I see no reason why this can not be loaded onto the 6600 apart from the zoom. Hope this may be of use to someone! Oski.

Reviewed by d.3.B.R.1 from philippines on 22nd Jan 2004
ive bought my 6600 barely a month ago. ive noticed that it takes a long time to start-up when you switch on the phone. also, there's a one second delay every time you push a button (ex. opening the menu). AND MOST OF ALL!!! My mobile is busted!!! one time i was sending a TexT Message, the 'memory full - delete some file' popped-up. i unwittingly switched-off the phone. when i switched it ON, it hanged! only the nokia logo appeared, and after an eternity, it dissappeared, leaving only the white background. right now im holding a very expensive TORCH.

Reviewed by mart from philippines on 22nd Jan 2004
this is the most fantastic phone ive ever seen..coz diz phone has a integrated digital camera with the largest resolution of 640x480 pixels, and it capture and record a video with 2x zoom.. its also have a real one player that plays realmedia and 3GPP-compatible files..and this phone has a one touch internet access,, and has a email protocols:SMTP,POP3 and IMAP4 and connectivity: bluetooth,IrDA,GPRS(3+1),HSCSD,WAP2.0,SyncML and SMIL....

Reviewed by Ashraf from London on 19th Jan 2004
This phone is brill, but my cuz just got the 6620 from America ans thats much better...

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 15th Jan 2004
Having had mine for a few weeks now I can honestly say its the best phone I have owned.I actually work in the industry and I have not been able to suss out how to increase the length of video recording.Like Tom, I have spoken to nokia who tell me you can't do it!! So come on Tom share the good news with us all!!

Reviewed by kjer2002 from uk on 14th Jan 2004
i had phone about a 6 weeks now i love the phone got mp3 player and load of games from yahoo groups

Reviewed by Chris from London on 13th Jan 2004
Although i said to send the phone back when i got it because vibration alert was broken - it is still a fantastic fone.. it does far more than i'll ever need it for.. but it's been well thought out and is very user friendly. O2 (network operator) were pretty slow setting up the Media Messaging function.. but not Nokia's fault of course.. and i'd thoroughly recommend buying this fone..

Reviewed by Aziz from UK on 11th Jan 2004
Great phone........wat else can i say. Its packed full of features and everything you can need. Im not going to talk about all the good features now because theyre endless but ill tell u the down sides of the phone. The battery life sucks....its lasts 2-3 days and not as long as it says it does.....no FM radio but you can get MP3 software which kicks ass but needs a large MMC card like 250mb. its also quite a large phone so if u like small skimpy phones go for the siemens sl55. Video quality is not the best....but new technology never is but the camera quality is the best ive seen on a mobile. Ive had this mobile before christmas and i think its great. Not worth buying if you dont use your phone much but perfect for a business man. The phone is not da best when you get it but with the software and applications available for this phone it kicks majour ass!!! I would have to say it\'s a great buy......and one of the best on the markets......and don\'t waste your money on a 7600!!! any questions email me aoelgindi@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Susanna from Finland on 10th Jan 2004
Nice phone...excellent pictures and colours. Pictures taken with camera are nice and they look good in computer screen too(made larger). Of course they aren“t very sharp, but quite good however. Easy to use, as Nokia phones all are and like the navigation button. Suitable size. Quite slow, but doesn“t bother.

Reviewed by Muarrif from United Kingdom on 9th Jan 2004
The Nokia 6600 is a great phone with functionality packed to the top. A large colour screen at high resolution. Exceptionally good quality built-in camera with 2X Optical zoom. Includes most functions offered by a hand held PDA. User friendly interface (A Nokia Speciality). Customizable fields in the contacts phone book to add or remove exta details. Web browsing is enjoyable due to the large screen. Bluetooth enabled and sync with PC is no problem and there is no need for data cable. Easily recognises other devices via Bluetooth (tried with PC, Sony6110 & XDA) Speaker phone facility is ver handy. If that was not enough it also records videos and playback is very good. Videos can be stored on the provided memory card (32Mb) however that can later be upgraded to up to 1Gb. hours of fun. Some good games available such as PinBall & good old (or New) Snake. If you are use to tiny phones such as Nokia 8310 or Semines SL55 then you will find this phone a hand full i.e. in size but you get use to it after a while. Its not that much heavier weighing at 125g. Overall a great phone especially if you need to sync with PC contact and keep track of your appointments etc.

Reviewed by Colin from Singapore on 6th Jan 2004
There are few features that are lacking on this particular model (Nokia 6600) The ringtone is too soft to be heard. E.g. while placing phone on the front shirt pocket without blocking the loudspeaker, when the phone rings, the ringtone hardly heard. The phone only display the last timing (for received,missed and called timings). E.g. if you have 10 missed call, it will just display the timing of the last missed call. No chinese software is installed. No auto-keypad lock compare to Nokia 6510. Please think twice when getting this phone. Suppose nobody would like to constantly check on his or her phone for missed called due to soft ringtone.

Reviewed by JynX from UK on 5th Jan 2004
I have had this mbl for like 2 months now i have had no probs wid it. Although it is waisted with me - as i dont use all the features, it's nice to have the option though!!! I do find sometimes that it takes a hell of a looong time to start, and sometimes when i switch between options, it takes a while to load. The fact that the keys are placed at the lower end of the mbl makes it difficult to txt a message coz the bulky part of it is at the top and u r unable to get a solid/stable hold. It's bulky lookin thing but suave non the less. It is definately a biz-mans phone. Thumbs up to Nokia for this one (though i much rather prefer my 7250!)

Reviewed by Mat from UK on 30th Dec 2003
Hi, this looks agr8 fone, tom, how do you get the video to record for longer though, i've never heard of that, i know u can download programmes which can play MP3's as software is only required!!! but how the extra video time???? THANKS

Reviewed by Dr.Victor from Hungary on 29th Dec 2003
I hate mobiles. I hate tiny sounds of them, I hate gui, and designs as well. But !!! The Nokia 6600 arrives... Friends ! This is a must have Mobile for us ! I'm amazed. It's not mobile, it's an computer. With outstanding connecting features. Really nice gui, themes - never boring your telephone. Multitask. Can't beleive it. I'm talking about degrading name called "mobile phone". When watcing the TFT always amazed. I . It's SO SO SO NICE! I'm playing around 4 days, like a little children, it's so big game for computer fan. This is the only mobile I know from today. There is no borderline: Mobile can give you pain, or warmness and happy to get your hands. Congratulation.

Reviewed by grailph from Philipiines on 27th Dec 2003
Bought it yesterday, so far so good its been a joy to use. Haven't found any problems yet. Still waiting for software freebies hehehe...

Reviewed by The Godfather from United Kingdom on 24th Dec 2003
After having the Nokia 7650 for roundabout one year i felt it was time for a change,and boy was it worth it!! The Nokia 7650 was a great phone but this baby the Nokia 6600 destroys them all. I had ordered it without even laying my hands on one,i had just seen the pics on the web and instanly liked the new design. I must admit the size worried me but when you take this beauty from the box it is amazing how much smaller it looks compared to the 7650 and the design is fine. The features are excellent and very similiar to the 7650 so if you could work one of them there wont be a problem. The bright 65k colour is a joy in its self with taking pictures,video or even just getting yourself round the menus. What has impressed me is the Nokia 6600 pc suite software,again very similiar to the 7650 software but this time around it comes with file transfer which will allow you to grab a mp3 of your pc put it through the file transfer which will convert it so you can send to your phone when you are bluetooth enabled,and the result well its only mono but a real true tone blasts out of your handset,great for ringtones and sms alerts!!! I could write all day about this phone,Excellent.

Reviewed by Tuo from UK on 24th Dec 2003
People, the nokia 6600 is not much of a change performance wise compared to its prediscecorz (3650, 7250). The only major change perhaps is the 65k screen (previously 4k), which is a great change-but with the extra price hike, its probably not worth the trouble spending the extra few hundrew for a better quallity screen. Physicaly the 66 is a smaller fone, its easier to handle, and is well suited for large palm. One bad thing i found about this 66 was that it didnt have X-press on covers, which would eventually lead to a scratch on the screen if i droped it (which is more then likly considering i use my fones for day to day useage at school n that, of course covers can be changed through a nokia dealer..but its a hassel. Another down side to this fone and the 3650 is that the little plastic screen covering the camra lense at the back is unprotected. I personally think that nokia is doing this on perpous to just age the phones quicker. Its not a problem if the fone is used properly,! but everyone makes mistakes, n one of thoes mistakes might be your new, pricy 6600 fallign down to the ground, and its camra lense smashing to minute peices while you cry mircy. thirt party software is god send. the nokia 6600 is a ordinary fone when it comes to preinstalled aplications..but ad the 3p software..damn..you got a good fone. Theres everything from mp3 players n photo shooting sofwear that will imporve the performant of your camra, but watch out..Mp3z are big!..so be ready to pay for a larger memry card if your going to enjoy a satifactory playlist. The 66 is a fone most suited for busness people. Not for play. but if you pay for a fone that doesnt give wot your paying for..and using it for play n lessuir. I strongly reconment you not to get it. All in all..the nokia 66 is an alright fone..but if you want the same thing just a little bigger get the 3660( it has covers :D) latahz dudez if you have any inquiries about the 66..email me or add me at locked_on_target@hotmail.com

Nokia 6600 "handy hints"

Submitted by Paul Simpson from UK on 4th Jan 2005
ANY OF YOU OUT THERE THAT HAS "PROBLEMS WITH TRANSFERRING PICTURES AND RING TONES TO YOUR PHONE (ANY THAT TAKE AN MMC OR SD CARD ie SHARP GX30/i NOKIA 6600 & 7230) TAKE NOTE!!!! Y O U D O N T N E E D THE PHONE MANUFACTURERS' PHONE "DATA MANAGEMENT SUITE". THE EEEESIEST WAY OF DOING IT IS GO TO A PC COMPONENTS SUPPLIER (PC-WORLD ETC) AND PAY, O N L Y £15 (ish) TO GET A MEMORY CARD "READER" (THERE IS ONE THAT READS SD & MMC ALL IN ONE). THEN PLUG INTO YOUR PC (USE THE MEM CARD DRIVERS IF NEEDED, BUT MILLENIUM/2000 & XP USERS DONT NEED THEM), AND HEY PRESTO! USE IT LIKE A FLOPPY DRIVE/ADDITIONAL DRIVE!! JUST COPY/CUT AND PASTE FILES BACK AND FORTH USING EXPLORE MY COMPUTER ETC.. *** NOTE-if the phone FORMATS the memory card with folders then DONT delete them as the phone WONT recognise whats gone on (if you do, you'll need to let the phone re-format it to its way of formating and then start again) *** THIS IS GREAT TO RECORD (USING WINDOWS "SOUND RECORDER") UPTO 30 SECOND SAMPLES (IN WAV FORMAT) OFF A N Y OF YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC CD TO BE USED AS A RING TONE!!! (AHEM, COPYRIGHT ERM, APPLIES);-).. NOTE - WAV format sounds are quite big in data size, so anything more than 30 seconds in length can be hazardous to your mem cards' space!! ;-) THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE PHONES THAT CAN USE MP3 TRACKS AS RINGTONES (SUCH AS NOKIA 6230) USE THIS FORMAT AS THEY SAVE A LOT OF SPACE... THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO TRANSFER FILES TO YOUR BUILT IN MP3 PLAYER TOO!! IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS, OR HAS BOUGHT A MEMORY CARD READER AND FINDS SOME DIFFICULTY IN TRANSFERRING THEIR PICS/SOUNDS TO AND FROM THEIR PHONE THEN I'LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP OUT IF I CAN... MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS paulgrahamsimpson@hotmail.com HAVE FUN, ENJOY! ;-) PS 6600 a damn good phone, only downside is it SHOULD have had a built in MP3 player. I bought the "Gravity" MP3 player form the Nokia software website and it doesn't play ANY MP3's correctly, it sounds like a Sinclair ZX Spectrum trying to play Eminem!! So my next phone will be the 6630 (after i've tried the MP3 player on it), and if its no good, then i'll go to the GX30i (had the use of a GX30 for a too short a time and it to was a damn good phone..

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