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Nokia 6500 Slide review

 Review: November 2007  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6500 Slide is a slide design 3G phone.

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The Nokia 6500 Slide is ... wait for it ... a slide design version of the Nokia 6500 Classic. Or is it? You'd think that two phones that have the same model number and are so similar in appearance would have the same features, but no, the guys at Nokia clearly thought that would be too boring.

"Hey Aleksi! Why not release two phones with the same name but make them completely different inside?" ... "Cool idea Joonas! Let's put a nice 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus inside the 6500 Slide and a rubbish 2 megapixel one inside the 6500 Classic." ... "Niko thinks the Slide should have a bigger screen - that's what those Samsung boys do with their slide phones." ... "Roosa has a great idea - let's make them both 3G but only allow video calls using the Slide (hey, hey)"... "Arttu thinks that the Slide should have a memory card expandable to 4 Gbytes, but we won't put a memory card slot in the Classic at all!" ... "and why not put an FM radio into the Slide too, Kristiina? But not in the Classic!" ... "Oh and one more thing, Matias - because we left all the good bits out of the Classic we can make it ultrathin, but keep the Slide big and heavy!"

"So, run this past me one more time, Johanna. We make two phones with the same name. One is a Slide and one is a Classic. We put all the best features into the Slide, but we make the Classic really thin and better looking. And we sell them both for the same price! Our customers are gonna love this idea. How they will laugh at our wacky Finnish sense of humour! Those boring Swedish squares at Sony Ericsson will be so jealous!"

Nokia 6500 Slide features include:

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I have nokia6500s my message not going. Message failed check details come. What to do to send message?

Asked by cheena from india on 18th Jun 2016

Nokia 6500 Slide user reviews

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Average rating from 731 reviews:

Reviewed by Ndzwane Zama from Eastern Cape, South Africa on 30th Sep 2015
That was a best phone ever, such that I still need it.

Reviewed by Harshit from India on 20th Oct 2014
It was my first phone. Bought it in August 2008 and working perfectly till date. Over the past 6 years only once did i get it repaired.

Reviewed by basha from india on 2nd Jun 2014
Best phone

Reviewed by manasseh from UK on 31st Oct 2012
this phone is good but it has one problem there is no option to switch off the camera sound when you are capturing a photo or video.

Reviewed by Burray Futtock from Scotland on 11th Aug 2012
Before I received my Nokia 6500, I was a broken man. My marriage was on the rocks, I had succumbed to cancer due to the vicissitudes of a stressful job. I found myself crying in the rain as I walked to my house. I had a cloud hanging over me and friends started to drift away as I forced them away from my indifferent and self-obsessed behaviour. I thought it was all over and purchased a revolver and sat down with a drink on my sofa. Suddenly a friend burst into the room and tossed me a Nokia 6500 slide cell phone. As its sleek aluminium lines arced through the air, I felt my mood lifting. Using its superb WAP internet function, I managed to find a new job and was offered the job at interview. Friends started to phone and meet me again. Everyone commented on how positive and friendly I had become. I placed my music on the MP3 system and rocked these tunes to myself as I healed the rifts in my marriage and, using the superb compact keypad, managed to sell my revolver to a hitman who was willing to pay above the odds. Some may say that this was all coincidence or a one-off event - I say it was the awesomepower of the Nokia 6500 Slide Classic. God Bless you Nokia!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 12th Aug 2012
Mr Futtock, your story is an inspiration to all of us. A mobile phone really can change the world.

Reviewed by angel from UK on 4th Aug 2012
this phone is not charging any more it is rubbish

Reviewed by rakesh from UK on 4th Aug 2012
This is good one but i have one problem its pickuq over heating and no body repair it. I miss it lot of

Reviewed by Chaltone Chikwekwe from Zimbabwe on 19th Jul 2012
6500s works but each time i try to download certain browsers it will say no user certificate.What could this be?

Reviewed by ASHER from UK on 19th Jun 2012

Reviewed by Samsung Mobiles from India on 19th Apr 2012
Good: The camera

Bad: Everything else

I can barely make a call on this thing without it disconnecting mid call, and I mean 95% of the time this happens, now I just use it for texting and the occasional, miserably slow, single page web search. I am eagerly awaiting the end of this miserable contract so I can finally ditch this terrible phone, a phone which I have owned for 3years now.
There is no reason why anybody in their right mind should wish to own or use this phone!

Reviewed by john from ENGLAND on 7th Apr 2012
it is bad, do not buy it. FAULTY!


Reviewed by Zain from pakistan on 26th Feb 2012
I have nokia 6500 slide i love it it have many featcher

Reviewed by snowy from england on 17th Feb 2012
The nokia slide 6500 isn't to bad but I ave to say it has its down fulls I defo wouldn't say to any1 to buy it! But its a fone and it works so its better than nothing I guess lol

Reviewed by sanjana pasan from sri lanka on 15th Dec 2011
this phone haven't wi-fi and gps

Reviewed by Arun from UK on 12th Dec 2011
I luv my 6500 Slide, had it more than 5 years now, it's a soldier phone, drop it and it just gets up and gets going. Made of steel, I've bashed it, dropped it, and still survived! Solid build, clear voice, clear microphone, good speaker phone, buttons that just won't die. Don't get me started n the 3.2 Meg camera! Crystal clear. The flash is awesome, and the screen is still intact. Why would I need a SmartPhone when I have a Nokia 6500 Slide!

Reviewed by caroline from UK on 29th Nov 2011
I've had the Nokia 6500 slide for a couple of years & it's been great. Just lately though it's been cutting out after a few minutes when making calls, so I upgraded my contract to get a Nokia C3-01, but the C3-01 is so inferior I'm binning it and ordering a new Nokia 6500 slide online. Basically the 6500 is a good quality phone, I didn't realise how good it was until I tried to upgrade it!

Reviewed by neo from UK on 16th Nov 2011
cant use pc suite i cant use usb port

Reviewed by fair-c media inc from UK on 9th Nov 2011
the phone is super. buy it. it 'll never give u problems

Reviewed by Afiya from UK on 29th Oct 2011
it is not a very handy phone. I would prefer a BlackBerry than wasting on this phone. Sorry but it is what i feel !

Reviewed by sidhant from UK on 1st Oct 2011
Lots of problem with this phone pata problem,screen become blank

Reviewed by afeef from UK on 25th Aug 2011
i have a 6500s, ya its good if u want to use internet, because internet works very well on it also providing support for youtube videos its not good for messaging because it does not automatically match the name of person you typed in the 'to' block, you have to type the full number or manually search it from the contacts... It also does not provides the option for copying an image or any other file with in the mobile... You can only move it its camera is provide good quality picture and a very good quality video with resolution of 640 x 480. Front camera is only for video calling you cant take pictures with it and thus skype will also wont work... One great problem is that its button stops working suddenly and u have to change the ic. Memory card space is also 4gb not good enough... Over all for daily using aaa hmmm.......... Ya its just good

Reviewed by shahg 4rm pakistan from UK on 16th Aug 2011
im uasing this phn 4 a year and im vry glad to say dat it is a grt phn 4rm nokia good cam 3.2mp long bettery life good sound beautiful and preeti in hand go buy 1..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nitesh from UK on 2nd Aug 2011
love this mobile mobile nokia 6500

Reviewed by har from UK on 29th Jul 2011
Its looking good and executive. The slide was very smooth. In my openin its excellent.

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 21st Jul 2011
had it for over 3 years. still works good. back cover does not fit properly which does something to the memory card and does not read unless i press it down with all my strength. when i first got it the phone kept freezing until i did a software update myself.. still sometimes goes blank on me holds alot of messages which is great camera is good, sound is excellent call quality is good i've dropped the fone on concrete lots of times and it survived battery life is decreasing i think. if you are a business person who relies on mobile fones then this is not good for you coz 3 calls and you're looking at low battery i started using iphone for a while but couldnt stand it so m back to my nokia

Reviewed by Shahrukh from UK on 20th Jul 2011
Ohhh. Nokia 6500s is a great phone wid gud battery life best cam and also 3G features and its 3.2MP Cam is Excellent . Its owSUM. Instead Nokia 6500c is not a good phone . Only 2MP cam and no 3G i think Nokia 6500s is better then Nokia 6500c

Reviewed by nouman ashraf from UK on 6th Jul 2011
nokia mobile is my favourite mobiles. i hate samsung mobiles

Reviewed by Rins from UK on 28th Jun 2011
i got this set since 20/2/2008 i likt it v much everything is ok but i faces a problem with 3 minits after phone automatic swic h off . it is not stable and i reback to the agancy i am realy dessappionted . my past nokia 6288 has the same problem and i sell it no what i have to do ? I have always been a Nokia fan but now i am not

Reviewed by SANTHOSH. . . from UK on 29th Apr 2011
My nokia 6500 slide was soo nice.it gives me royalty. . .

Reviewed by Reeko from UK on 26th Mar 2011
I have had the phone for over two years now and i can honestly say its been a pain from the start. I had only had it a few months when it went wrong so they sent me another one which turned out even worse! It takes absolutely ages to connect to a call and a lot of the time it doesn't even ring after an exceedingly long time of connecting. This isn't because I live in an area with no signal in fact even when it won't connect it still says I have full signal! Also I found that it takes a very long time to send/receive any messages and the time that it says you received the message is almost always wrong! All i can say is that the keypad is good for texting and there are quiet a lot of features on it for people to use. All in all not the best phone.

Reviewed by jessica cramer from UK on 25th Mar 2011
nice looking phone, small, big screen. great camera. having a lot of problems with mine though. it turns itself off a few times a day for no reason an can be slow when its turn on

Reviewed by Ammar from UK on 23rd Feb 2011

Reviewed by drew from UK on 31st Jan 2011
have had this phone for about 2 years now great camera easy to use layout. But the best thing about this phone is its resiliance.Let me explain i lost my handset while on a dog walk in january of this year(2011) for three weeks it lay out in frost snow and -14 temperatures.luckily i found it again and it seemed dead but after 4 days to dry out i tentativley plugged in the charger and it began to flicker into life after a full charge it is now fine. I have nicknamed it LAZARUS!!!!

Reviewed by dineshdk from UK on 27th Jan 2011
only one word it's awesome phone

Reviewed by sham from UK on 22nd Jan 2011
this mobile looks good but its not very practical,doesnt have flash light as my other lg viewlight has,the cam quality is rubish aswell it delays da image for a bit and comes out darker even with flash my older phone sony ericson has same 3.2 mp but pics came out good quility,,has battery life problem and switishes of without warning,worst phone ever ,gona buy some simple phone like nokia 1100 lol

Reviewed by Mt.Titi from UK on 3rd Jan 2011
best phone ever made

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 27th Dec 2010
It has a very fine finish, nice camera. Although the flex has let me down. Well, flex phones always have the same problem, they're delicate and faulty.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 21st Dec 2010
I think this is a nice phone. great memory and reception. camera WOULD be great but there is some delay that ruins it. i think 2 stars is harsh though just cause its heavy

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 17th Dec 2010
This phone is rubbish it goes faulty after a month dont buy it!!!!!!!

Reviewed by charmaine from UK on 22nd Nov 2010
i love this cell phone

Reviewed by Button from UK on 17th Nov 2010
I'm on my third phone in 2 years, all have broken due to no fault of my own, I'm not a heavy mobile user neither, very disappointed as I'm off to replace my third phone as this too has died, roll on the end of my contract so I can buy another phone - not a Nokia though :-(

Reviewed by Ziyah from UK on 17th Nov 2010
The best phone av eva had.... i jst luv the sound quality, picture quality, the appearance in general... ican go on and on... But all in all Nokia phones rock! BRAVO!

Reviewed by akram maqsood from UK on 4th Nov 2010
i purchased this mobile on last year i like this mob. Very much but after sometimes it creats problm of displaying as soon as i push the slider it display dissapper and i tke th mob. Nokia care they say it has a problm of flux and 2500 rs will charged for bipas the new flux and i become mad. I hit my head on wall.

Reviewed by Billa from UK on 20th Oct 2010
Ya good and excellent

Reviewed by annonymous from UK on 9th Oct 2010
it is RUBBISH i bought it and it was such a big mistake i really hate so i will give every1 not 2 buy it

Reviewed by gordon o'neill from UK on 22nd Sep 2010
I have a nokia 6500s and I really like this phone. However it is now quite old and developing some problems.. I would really like to replace with all of the same attributes can you help?

Reviewed by shambhu sah from UK on 21st Sep 2010
its nice but real player does not contain tv application

Reviewed by Hattie from UK on 19th Sep 2010
I got this phone in december 2007, and it was a great phone at first, but decreased over time. It's easy to use, I can change setings and text and stuff without looking. But within the first year f having it, battery life decreased rapidly, the phone froze every time i got a missed call, froze every time I deleted multiple texts, and the arrow key chipped. My phone is now broken, the system started to get slower, then suddenly the buttons stopped working. Only get this phone if you want it for a year. After that is useless.

Reviewed by junior from UK on 4th Sep 2010
I like the phone so much but hate the internet securities and software. GHANA

Reviewed by jassi from UK on 28th Aug 2010
exellent phone but have a problem in slide and in its colour

Reviewed by ian bell from UK on 27th Jul 2010
good phone but battery needs charging every 4 days

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 18th Jul 2010
I deal in used mobile phones as a bit of a hobby, so as you can imagine, I have had loads of phones over the years. This one is the best phone I have ever had. I realise it doesnt do as much as the newer phones on the market, but lets not forget - its a phone, not a music player, not a camera, not a computer for the internet, but a phone. It does what it is designed to do perfectly. Excellent!!!

Reviewed by rahu rayhan from UK on 29th Jun 2010
This is a nice looking junk. All it have the body. As a technician I could handle It but anyone else would have thrown it away by this time.

Reviewed by Mont from UK on 23rd Jun 2010
All n it s good macho lookin cellphone, good fr ruff n tuff guys, bt main problem is its hanging, n stuckin when accesin ,abhishek

Reviewed by rok from UK on 10th Jun 2010
i hav this phone past 1 year its cool looks camera is awesome but its software really sucks ........ please don't buy it

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 7th Jun 2010
worst nokia I have ever had! Have had the phone for a year and have just been sent my 5th replacement. Main issues have been speaker buzzing so you cant hear anyone. Rubbish !!!

Reviewed by sevanly from UK on 9th May 2010
6500s key doesn't work

Reviewed by annon. from UK on 8th May 2010
ok now ive had my phone for a good 2 years,and at first i thought it was a good phone, the battery life was good and it was a sleek design but now it always dies on me within 24 hours or so and my phone keeps crashing, probably due to the excessive amount of time i spend on the internet on my phone and the amount of texting i do, although i have to say it has done me well, anyways back to the internet to search for a new phone :)

Reviewed by charis from UK on 7th May 2010
I had this on a two year contract. After about a year it started getting very hot during calls and turning itself off randomly, only to come back a few seconds later and take ages to access contacts and messages. Also it won't unlock sometimes, which is very frustrating if you need to make a call... my network refused to give me a new phone. Was very happy to eventually be rid of it.

Reviewed by Laura Gray from UK on 6th May 2010
I hate this phone. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! This phone will not allow you to communicate or hear friends even when they are on line coz the speakers are so bad. Useless I hate it die Nokia die....

Reviewed by Majid Jatoi from UK on 3rd May 2010
my mobile signal drop 6500-s any time i always restsrt my cell and again recv signal help me now what i can do ? to time repaired my nokia frm nokia care center:( majid_jatoi2000@yahoo.com

Reviewed by tyrone cassidy from UK on 18th Apr 2010
great phone. awesome double led flash on camera. blinding, infact! easy to navigate. outstanding design. tough-as-old-boots! i,ve dropped mine atleast half-a-dozen times and my other-half -during an argument that i won't go into just now- drilled it into our wood-laminate kitchen floor. it must have been travelling all of 50mph! needless to say when i found all the pieces and put it back together again it worked as if nothing had happened. i couldn't believe it and nor could she. well, my 18month contract is up now and it's time to try something new. i'm gonna keep this little nokky though for the camera alone.

Reviewed by rah from UK on 16th Apr 2010
Got phone today , okay , charger broke straight away and im getting a different one , £40 pounds wasted , although for a ggd camera thts a good price!

Reviewed by Jana from UK on 14th Apr 2010
Hate it because of real player absent

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Apr 2010
I have a nokia 6500 slide. Altough the battery life maybe poor it charges up real quick. the camera is an excellent quality and takes amazing photos.The weight is a bit above the phone i previously had but on the other hand 6500 slide is slimmer.My dad had this phone before me for a year and i have had it for 4 months and no replacement has been required. My previous phone was a w850 - sony erricson. if i had the choice out of the two i would definitely choose the nokia 6500 slide over sony erricson w850 due to the fact that all the features are better in quality. ;D

Reviewed by - from UK on 1st Apr 2010

Reviewed by Ange from UK on 26th Mar 2010
Great handset camera is superb its easy to use and has fantastic screen

Reviewed by robyn from UK on 20th Mar 2010
has anyones started to show a black 'fizzy' screen every so often? heavy, easily broken, go get something else tbh :)

Reviewed by Anjila from UK on 18th Mar 2010
I love this phone. It's true that it's heavy... But camera works really well no need of digital camera and mp3 works..like an ipod. <3 it

Reviewed by gemma from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
for some reason my phone will only aknowledge my sd card if i squeeze where the card is,thus, break screen!has any1 else had this and can it be fixed?ive tried putting cardboard behind the sd....it dont work!!

Reviewed by The 5310 owner who complained about that too :) from UK on 28th Feb 2010
Replaced my 5310 i had a moan about last time,and this phone just freezes when you open a video,and also if you take it off charge when its full(during the night,presumabely it'd woke you up and u go back to sleep)the battery goes completely flat O_o when i tried charging one battery then another,one battery didnt work(nothing to do with the phone)and when i put the fully-charged one in it were flat,i took it out put it back in and it said it was full :/.On the upside it accepts my 4gb sdhc,outstanding camera,big keys,good looking,not too bulky,and battery life does tend to last 2 days max with music pictures and texting.On a whole a brilliant phone,just a little unreliable at times ;)

Reviewed by Funky from UK on 26th Feb 2010
I have had my Nokia 6500 slide for 7mths. I was happy with it at 1st, but then it started turning itself off & the battery life was awful. I had a replacement phone delivered (after quite a few attempts), which was a recon one. I had to send that back 'cos it wouldn't pair with my hands free kit. I then waited another 3 days for ANOTHER recon one which seems to be behaving itself - so far!! I would NEVER have another one - well Orange don't even do them anymore cos their so old!!

Reviewed by charles blascsok from UK on 26th Feb 2010
Phone is still going strong with no problems since being fixed in October. Battery life is still min. 5 days. Camera is very slow but takes excellent quality shots if subject holds still! Works for me!

Reviewed by Cliff from UK on 18th Feb 2010
i've had this phone for 2 years and found this a good phone, the only problem I have had has been with the sound quality after I dropped it - which was fixed that night by tightenning 2 screws at the rear of the screen on the slidey part. Battery lasts about a week between charges (light user) and I love how easy it is to send texts from it. Always had Nokias for the last 10 years and resisting pressure to change manufacturers.

Reviewed by Roshan from UK on 17th Feb 2010
Going on 2 years with this phone and still very happy. Solid product which does exactly what it's asked to do without complaining or giving up. I've even dropped it in the loo and it lived to tell the tale. Battery life starting to evaporate, but that's to be expected. A bit old-fashioned in these touchscreen times, but has a charm about it.

Reviewed by ahmed from UK on 15th Feb 2010
it is the best phone you can ever have all my friends told me to get it, people say its good but they dont have anu idea of this phone, it contains all the gadgets and features that handy on every occations

Reviewed by Monty Python from UK on 11th Feb 2010
Compared to others who have submitted reviews on here, maybe I got lucky with my 6500 slide but Iíve had very few problems with it over the 2 years I have owned it on an orange contract. I had an issue with the background wallpaper going blank which was solved by a firmware update which I did myself. Battery life with normal use seems to average about four days which for me is perfectly acceptable considering the functionality. It pairs up with my cars Bluetooth no problem and clarity on calls has been excellent. The Camera quality is good for snapshots and is perfectly acceptable and miles ahead of a Sony Ericsson that I had owned previously in this regard. The phone also seems to hold onto a signal very well even in patchy reception areas and apart from fluff and muck getting behind the battery door too easily, the build quality also gets a thumbs up from me. I also enjoy the weight of the phone, as it is nice to know I have the phone in my pocket. I moved to this phone from an all bells and whistles HTC sliding front smart phone which was bug ridden piece of junk compared to this Nokia. The HTC totally died after only a year of use so I decided to go back to basics at contract renewal time, and I havenít once regretted it since or missed any of the smart phone functions. I was honest with myself and realised that I didnít need or use most of the smart phone functionality and the 6500 slide has been a faithful companion. So much so that now my contract is up for renewal, I am not sure what to get that will compare in terms of build quality, looks (love the brushed aluminium) and reliability... suggestions are welcome.

Reviewed by Barnsley fan from UK on 2nd Feb 2010
Battery life poor - having to charge on a daily basis. Camera ok & music player good.

Reviewed by giorgina from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
i had the nokia 6500 slide, it is an amzing phone and is very easy to use. I loved it ever so much. It is stylish but at the same time very pratical. However, mine broke about 7 months after i had it as i had dropped it and the screen broke. I was devestated. Overall, i would say the this phone is amazing and easy to use. It comes with good applications and is suitable for everyone. :)

Reviewed by SP from UK on 22nd Jan 2010
i have nokia 6500 slide mobile, even its a good set but has got many of the problamatic stuffs. for example battery prob, back cover problem, and its missin a cam cover.. recently my display has completly gone... have to go to nokia care..

Reviewed by Verjolas from UK on 17th Jan 2010
I've had it for about a month now, really enjoying it to be honest. Great camera quality, fantastic black-metal design and slimmer than the nokia 6280 I've had before. So far I haven't experienced any softwarehardware problems. To sum up, great looking phone, also very good as a cameramp3 player.

Reviewed by anon from UK on 12th Jan 2010
This phone makes me angry, not only does it freeze for ever, and whenever you turn it on, you have to wait an age for it to load, but the stupid memory card doesnt work, because of some stupid problem in the stupid phone.

Reviewed by Yiannis from UK on 10th Jan 2010
Have this phone for 16 months now. During that period i came upon the following problems, the first 4 of them, as i noticed, is common to most owners: 1. Speaker broke down. Took it for a fix and said i broke it, possibly by a drop and paid 35 euros for replacement (of the speaker). Yet, even after replacement, the speaker sounder as bad as before the "fixing"; you could hear the person on the other line as it was speaking in the background. 2. Screen faded some times showing weird colours for a sec or two. 3. Battery's life too short. 4. Restarts some times. 5. The screen just "burned out" a few months ago so i had it replaced with a new one (65 euros). This is the worse mobile phone i ever had!!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 9th Jan 2010
Excellent phone, Although I had to return it initially due to a pixel fault it has been fault free since then. Best feature is the camera. Seriously thinking about keeping it when my contract ends next month.

Reviewed by mark king from UK on 6th Jan 2010
I have this phone on 3 stay away from this phone and network they are no help at all. This phone has been sent back 3 times as speaker keeps going wrong and i have to use external speaker.counting days to change phone and contract

Reviewed by ANAND from UK on 29th Dec 2009
this mobile is very comfortable for all

Reviewed by rsh_ from UK on 28th Dec 2009
Not a good phone. Screen saver keeps on going off and resets ring tones. Keeps on freezing. When writing texts writing vanishes.

Reviewed by Francis gallagher from UK on 27th Dec 2009
Usual Nokia story Phone packs in 6 months into 18 month contract no insurance and Nokia say it's water damage. Can I prove different NO! They say it could be condensation caused by being close to my body!! Three visits to the shop for repairs £50 later phone won't even power up! Stuff Nokia never again! Not since the 3310 have they made a phone worth having LOL.

Reviewed by Frank Butcher from UK on 24th Dec 2009

Reviewed by Gemma Evans from UK on 24th Dec 2009
The Nokia 6500 slide is the most useless phone I ahve ever, ever had the misfortune of owning. I ahve stuck it out now for 13 months. It ahs been sent to be repaired 2 times and now completely refuses to even switch on so I am using my husbands identical phone with my sim card and even his phone is rubbish: Some of the faults are: 1.switches off for no reason 2.Poor battery life 3.Speaker stops working intermittently and I ahve to speak on the phone using the speakerphone 4.People sound like a dalek when you do get speaker to work 5.Screen savers and wallpapers disappear without warning 6. when text messaging using pre-emptive text it decides to add letters in words from buttons you are not even pressing. 7. Video quality very poor I could go on more but I will run out of breath. Only good thing about phone is the camera is quick and quite good quality. BTW 3g will not give you a replacement handset when this goes wrong so I ahve had to BUY, yes, BUY a pay as go to use when I ahve sent it off for repairs. Coverage in my area not bad though. MOAN over!

Reviewed by bla bla bla from UK on 22nd Dec 2009
this phone is the most beautifu8l phone

Reviewed by tony from UK on 21st Dec 2009
it was good when i first purchased it a year ago.now the phone has become quite faulty a big problem is the memory card slot as the cover when pushed disables it...also the phone is giving me a error conection every time i try and call someone..doe's anybody have similar faults ???

Reviewed by Donna Kemp from UK on 10th Dec 2009
This is the worst phone I have ever had! The reception is absolute rubbish, the line is continously breaking up, it cuts off, often doesn't even connect, the battery life is is really bad lasts about a day at the most, signal is the biggest disgrace and when you complain to the 3 store they are not very helpful at all! My bf has had the cheapest mobile which is also nokia and paid only £30 pay as you go, and his phone is far more reliable than this piece of sxxx

Reviewed by user from UK on 5th Dec 2009
I've been using this phone for almost two years and it failed me three times. One was my keypad not working well. Secondly my slide, the inside, it torn off and the whole phone wasn't able to work. Third was that it restarted a few times NON STOP. The whole thing spoiled. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
I hate this phone, the battery doesn't last longer than a day, whenever i set wallpaper it changes it back to the original theme one within an hour, it resets my ring tone, the back is broken, it has developed black marks on the screen, it crashes and doesn't let me open messages, i have to turn it on and off to get signal arghhhhhhh i cannot wait until my contract is up and can get rid of it!!!

Reviewed by Nureen from UK on 1st Dec 2009
Rubbish Phone.......I have had this phone for 5 months and replaced twice and still have the same problem, the key lock, the phone doesn't reconise the memory card, phone switchs off itself. The phone get stuck, so if someone is ring you it will come as engaged. The worst phone I have ever had.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 30th Nov 2009
Rubbish phone! Had it one year and its now broken. Screen flickers & phone calls make a buzzing noise. I've had to update the software once because it kept on resetting mid conversation! The camera is a really good quality - unless you zoom in - however it takes AGES to take a photo.. You press the button and then 10seconds later, the photo is taken. When you update the software, you lose any purchased applications! Overall... Rubbish :-/

Reviewed by Chris Maddox from UK on 29th Nov 2009
Awful phone, Battery lasts a day if that. Corrupt, turns off during phone calls. Am trading in and going back to Sony Ericsson. Avoid!

Reviewed by Elaine from UK on 29th Nov 2009
I have had my Nokia 6500 slide for nearly one year and I have to say it is THE WORST Nokia I have ever owned. I am hugely disappointed with it as it has started to play up and I have never had a Nokia that is so unreliable as the 6500 slide. I would not recommend this phone to anyone and can't wait for my contract to end with my current provider so I can get shot of such an awful mobile phone. The battery is rubbish and I have to charge the phone every day even if I don't use it very much, the screen has started playing up, the internet freezes, you have to wait ages sometimes to erase letters in texts you are writing and overall it has a very slow response to all applications. The volume of ringtone is poor too. If it was possible I would rate it at 0 stars!

Reviewed by Pree from UK on 28th Nov 2009
Ive had this phone for over a year (still have it now), dropped it, thrown it so many times and it still works. Sometimes freezes 4 a sec nd goes off, but not all the time. Battery is ok, lasts 4 3 days. Its also one of the best phones to txt from, even friends agree, soo easy. Best thing is the camera, the pictures come out better then my 10 mega pixel sony camera!! Also, its a nokia so you cant go wrong nd i highly reccomend this phone.

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