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Nokia 6310i review

 Review: January 2001  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6310i adds Triband capability to the Nokia 6310, enabling it to operate worldwide. This feature, combined with the new Java applications, famous user-friendliness and features like High Speed Data, voice dialling and voice recorder make the Nokia 6310i an excellent business phone.

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The Java capability means that you can download applications just as easily as downloading ringtones or graphics. As well as Java games, you can also download applications like personal assistants, travel and information tools.

We would like to have awarded the 6310i a higher rating, but there are persistent reports of reliability and reception problems with this phone. The Bluetooth support is also limited, its a heavy phone to carry and some of its features are rather dated.

For those looking for a 6310i replacement, we recommend the Nokia 6021 which has all the features of the 6310i (and more) in an updated design.

Nokia 6310i features include:

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I still use the 6310i but am going to Japan soon. Will it work there?

Asked by Mark from UK on 8th May 2017

Reply by ben from south africa on 6th Dec 2017
how can I buy this phone 6310i

Nokia 6310i user reviews

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Average rating from 261 reviews:

Reviewed by James from England on 15th Feb 2018
I was a mobile phone user from the early days (Sony mars bar analogue). I have had many work and private phones since then. The 2003 Nokia 6310i I inherited from a company close-down in 2009 is still the best phone I've ever used. It can get a signal when workmates smart-phones can't and the voice clarity is second to none. The keypad is the best design I've ever used. I use bluetooth with a Motorola H350 earpiece which never fails to connect and is loud.
The only upgrade I suggest is buy a Polarcell battery and try to remember what the charger looks like! A very highly recommended phone even now.

Reviewed by John C from UK on 10th Feb 2017
I used a 6310i from the time they first became available - it never let me down and although I carried a couple of charged batteries on long trips I almost never needed to use one. I have used a Samsung S5 for about 18 months. As smart phones go, it is pretty good I guess, but as a phone is isn't great. I have always carried my Nokia in my business rucksack as a spare (with a global Truphone sim). The Samsung phone battery recently swelled by over 60% and damaged the screen, so I packed it today to send back under warranty. I took the Nokia out of the rucksack, switched it on (it was still fully charged) and set up a call re-direction. Wonder of wonders, calls I've made since have been much clearer at both ends. Moreover, the 6310i is much easier to slip into a pocket. Depending on what Samsung do to repair or replace the damaged S5, I am very tempted to stick with the Nokia from now on and use the S5 only when I need a Wi-Fi hotspot or a map maybe - I'm not really into apps (and have great laptop and iPad anyway). In my view and experience, the 6310i is truly an amazing phone, and arguably the best phone ever.

Reviewed by sultan from saudia on 21st Jan 2017
really i miss it .its best phone i used ...

how I can buying it from where I can get one good quality and material?

Reviewed by kevin from WEMBLEY on 29th Jun 2016
I'VE HAD MY ONE [ 6310 I ] for close on 20 years , beat that if you can
and it's never let me down . NOKIA take a bow .

Reviewed by Dave from United Kingdom on 17th May 2016
To put it bluntly, the 6210/6310, etc, etc phone is probably still even now after all this time, the best cellphone that any manufacturer has ever made. Forget slow Smartphones. If you want a phone that actually works, is sturdy, able to use abroad and is faster than any Smartphone I know of, then you purchase a Nokia 6210/6310, etc, etc.

It still connects to the latest BMW's as I have used my bluetooth on my old 6210 cellphone. Connects without any issue, is as clear as you like.

Quite amazing really as the cellphone I have gone back to time and time again after having awful stressful to use Smartphones has been my old Nokia 6210, and the phone works smoothly still, it is a proper business cellphone not a toy phone like these so called business people use today for Twatter and Facebook. I use mine for business and business only, not socialising with and giving all my location and other personal details away.

All the junk of todays Smartphones, how slow they are right through to how inefficient they are will never be as good as the simple Nokia 6210/6310, etc, series.

If you want a true business phone that will not get its knickers in a twist if you try to do more than 1 thing at once, then you buy Nokia. It is as simple as that.

People who think they have the best tech in awful fad items like iPad's and such are nutcases and are not real business people, but merely jokes in society as far as I am concerned.




Reviewed by Dave from United Kingdom on 20th Oct 2015
Best cellphone in the world. It may be basic but it works.

All the current android and windows muck phones are slow, the touchscreens mentally disturb me and the overall quality of cellphones today will never be remotely near the Nokia 6310i.

A proper business phone that does not wind me up.

Reply by Gery from UK on 11th Feb 2016
I also love this phone. It perfectly and reliably does what a phone should do and I've used it since it first became available! Unfortunately the cradle on my car kit which I've had for around 8 years now has snapped off the fixed unit......I can't seem to find a replacement car kit anywhere.....(the one which charges the phone). I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who knows if its still possible to buy one anywhere?

Reply by Alaa mostafa from Egypt on 25th Mar 2016
I need really buy it.

Reply by Dave from United Kingdom on 17th May 2016
For sure this is the best cellphone ever made.

We know what we like, us real people.

Those who use those terrible Smartphones have way to much time on their hands.

True business people use Nokia 6210/6310, etc, because we know they work, are sturdy and will never let you down.

Reviewed by Keith k from Uk on 13th Oct 2015
Bought BMW X3, son in law boaght 6310i to work with hands free, car and phone still working fine after 10 years.

Reply by Seth from UK on 6th Oct 2016
I can connect my 6310i to my hands-free via Bluetooth however I never use it while actually driving the vehicle - very dangerous even though it is hands-free!

Reviewed by Manishh from India on 16th Sep 2014
Love this phone

Reviewed by sameer pawaskar from India on 29th May 2014
Best phone in the world .I am using now also from 3 years .

Reviewed by sagar bhandari from india on 28th Feb 2014
i havent used this one , but have heard a lot about nokia 6310i, i think we should make an online petition , reqesting nokia to bring back this masterpiece.

Reviewed by Patty from Trinidad and Tobago on 21st Oct 2013
I have my Nokia 6310i since 2003 and do not want to part with it. I only charge my phone once a week. My friends and family said that the charge their phone more that once in one day, guess it playing all those games. I use my phone to play snake and make and receive calls. I dont want to give up my Nokia.

Reviewed by Mateus Kaholongo from Namibia on 15th May 2013
I am looking for the Nokia 6310i. I had one and was stolen five years ago. Where can I get the new one.

Please contact me on my cell phone +264811293035.
email address mnkaholongo@gmail.com

Reviewed by nadeem kayani from pakistan on 12th Oct 2012

Reviewed by geoff from uk on 1st Oct 2012
Hi guys.I love this old 6310i of mine,Why i hear you say well i have dropped it sat on it stood on it and it still works 100%..ok it ant all singing and dancing.So what if am not the top of the look what i got list,But i know this old work horse work,s very VERY well,I have tried TRUST ME I tied now for 7 years...Clonk click rules...

Reviewed by Nick from Scotland on 25th May 2012
I love two things here, my Nokia 6310i which does every single thing I need when I absolutely have to rely on a phone and secondly, I love the incongruity between the glowing reviews below and the mediocre review above. The people have spoken!

Reviewed by Frances from South Africa on 16th Mar 2012
SO happy to hear there's somewhere I can get my 6310i repaired! Can't wait to get to the UK to get it fixed. I hate my android!

Reviewed by Sagar Shedge from india on 28th Jan 2012
nice Fone

Reviewed by Evgeni from England on 11th Jan 2012
The best phone ever !!! :)

Reviewed by L.Senthilkumar from India on 10th Jan 2012
I am using this phone for nearly 7 years which may be a 4 years old when I bought this as a second hand phone. The Best Mobile phone of Nokia. When I am talking over phone in bike driving, I dropped the phone and it splitted into pieces on road. Immediately I stopped my bike and collected the pieces, assembled and continued my conversation of the same call. Imagine how good the phone is. I would request Nokia atleast to produce materials to repair & rectify the phone for the 6310i lovers like us. The BEST INSTRUMENT of NOKIA 6310i.

Reviewed by Jan Valk from The Netherlands on 19th Dec 2011
Best phone ever build. I am so happy these phones are still for sale. Recently I bought a 6310 just in case my current 6310i of 6 years old will stop working in the future. Amazing to see how todays phones cannot even come close because of unneeded power-consuming screens and gimmicks and too small buttons etc etc.

Reviewed by Davor Okrołnik from Slovenia on 12th Dec 2011
I love this phone as well. You can still buy refurbished models on german Ebay for 59 EUR. Recently I bought for my 8 years old Nokia 6310i the new battery and guess what - after nine days still 90% power (german ebay, wannsee electronic)

Reviewed by Jane Bristow from UK on 12th Dec 2011
Brilliant phone. I am on my second refurbished one which are excellent value. Excellent battery times, always work when you want them to and an excellent in car handsfree that charges as well. I am just about to get a new/refurbished one as after 5 ish years it is very battered and the dialling tone has become fuzzy.

Reviewed by john west from usa on 28th Nov 2011
I have one of these old aligators,6310i for 16 yrs,but my on off switch finally fell out,sure would like to find the part, carry this phone around the globe and it always works,lots want it,cause it works anyone in the world.

Reviewed by Eugen S from UK on 5th Nov 2011
Best phone in the world.

Reviewed by luikasz from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
I love this phone to every bit. I used to have other new smartphones but got annoyed with charging them every day. I went back to nokia 6310i. It's slim, classic and stylish. Very tough phone. I dropped it once into the river about 3 meters down and I got it back, left to dry and it works perfectly.

Reviewed by Richard Perrett from UK on 15th Oct 2011
Have just read these reviews for the first time and am writing this in October 2011. I bought mine in 2002 (one of the first) and its still going strong with no problems. The car kit is very good with full hands free quality reception and an optional handset for privacy if needed. I have no reduction in battery performance (its the original) and now that I live in the South of France it still works brilliantly even in very hilly terrain. Compared to todays gimmicky offerings, i think this is probably the Rolex of mobile phones. If you need to listen to music or take photos, get a hifi or camera.

Reviewed by Colin Ward from UK on 29th Aug 2011
What's not to love about it. I have three now as I have refurbed the original and the 6310i is the beez neez for me. Who needs a camera? I want to make phone calls and the thing just keeps on working ------everywhere. When I go abroad it works when I step off the aircraft - France-Germany-Holland it keeps working. Nokia marketing department---when you have built the best----why worry with the rest?

Reviewed by steve from UK on 29th Jul 2011
its a reliable phone/ battery last for ever on the whole i think as a phone its the best,Nokia should bring it out of retirement,GET THEM MADE AGAIN,

Reviewed by Mary G from UK on 18th Jun 2011
My husband & I both use Nokia 6310i's which we bought new 8 years ago, both are still going strong today, we are still using the original batteries which last for 8-10 days on a full charge. I have had a couple of different, more up to date phones over the years but ended up selling them as they looked so fragile & had poor battery lives compared to my 6310i. This is a really great phone that appears to be able to go on for ever.

Reviewed by Morten from UK on 23rd May 2011
I still use this one from time to time. when camping and a long way from a charger its the prefered phone for me. iPhone and HTC desire cant outperform this one in battery standby time.

Reviewed by the1beard from UK on 9th Mar 2011
Nokia failed to make a replacment even now in 2011 nothing is as good as a 9310 for business users. RIP

Reviewed by Maikel from UK on 23rd Feb 2011
I've had it with all the crappy fancy phones. My Sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro (long name for such a small phone) is going to get the boot and make way for this lovely baby i used to own. Here comes for plain hard working nostalgia.

Reviewed by Maikel from UK on 23rd Feb 2011
I've had it with all the rubbish fancy phones. My Sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro (long name for such a small phone) is going to get the boot and make way for this lovely baby i used to own. Here comes for plain hard working nostalgia.

Reviewed by paul rath from UK on 28th Jan 2011
This has to be the best phone ever,i still use the car kit to charge it up,after 4 years its still working well,i have just got a spare, incase it fails as i can not be with out it,come on nokia same phone with a colour screen, Nokia could be on to a winner

Reviewed by mikieB from UK on 26th Jan 2011
I have had my 6310i since 2003 and it is the best phone ever. I would love to see Nokia launching this handset again with newer software. Battery life is amazing and the car kit is wonderful.It charges the battery as you drive along..bluetooth eat your heart out ! BRING BACK THE 6310i. Nokia you could establish yourself as having produced the ULTIMATE Handset ever.

Reviewed by cross from UK on 29th Dec 2010
Love it, have tried other phones but went back to 6310i dont need any gimmicks

Reviewed by BrAvUrA from UK on 18th Dec 2010
Fantastic phone! Real phone for realastic peoples. All what you need is there. I've used this phone 6 years back still looking for it.

Reviewed by David Joseph from UK on 5th Dec 2010
I've had my 6310i for years, in fact I have two - fantastic phone, nothing comparable over the years.

Reviewed by Anand Nikam from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
the best handset i ever seen.i still eager to buy it.but not getting any where in india.

Reviewed by towheed bangroo from UK on 22nd Sep 2010
i have been using nokia 6310i since 2003 and have not switched to other.the most important thing about this phone apart from baatery life is it is a phone in real sense .i pray to god that nokia should bring this model back without any change .remember the identification of original nokia 6310i is that it has got ,made in germany /finland wriiten on a hard metalic sticker and not the paper sticker as with most chinese phones.

Reviewed by mudassar from UK on 5th Sep 2010
shhhhhhhhhhhhhh no words are to explain. its all about nokia 6310i guys. not even n97. OR 1000 of mobile.u cant camper for 6310i. well sorry other cell phones /........ i am happy with my nokia 6310i.

Reviewed by VIKAS VARMA from UK on 23rd Aug 2010

Reviewed by andrew joy from UK on 17th Aug 2010
after 8 years since my last 6310i, i decided to get a another (refurbished) as it does what i need perfectly......calls an texts. never had any probs with them b4 an they are such a classic. 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by Chirag from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
Best mofo phone ever built. I have 3 of this babies regret not stocking up more. All 3 have been dropped, dropped in the water, drenched in rain, numerous throwing by kids and whatnot, used in construction site full of dust and all the abuses. But this babies are still working. This is the ultimate gold standard in mobile phones.

Reviewed by JIMMY N/I from UK on 3rd Aug 2010

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 29th Jul 2010
This phone proves the old adage: "If something is any good, you can guarantee they'll stop making it". It is a first rate mobile telephone. The battery lasts a long time. The reception and transmission of signals is good. It is simple and easy to use. You can talk in one end and listen at the other while holding it in the middle. It works with the car. Five years after the most recent review on this site and I am still using this phone, unable to find anything to beat it (I tried an iPhobut it was useless for making phone calls). Getting true brand new ones is becoming harder (I buy a new one every 18months or so). I wish they would start making these again. I have a camera, I have a laptop, I have a wireless, I have a diary: all I need from a phone is... a phone.

Reviewed by indrajit chudasama from UK on 21st Jul 2010
best cell phone in all nokia phone.

Reviewed by montu patel from UK on 8th Jul 2010
world's no.1 mobile phone

Reviewed by Noza from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
I've had this phone last 6-7 years on and off. Whenever I had a phone I disliked or had to go back to get replacement, this phone comes back! Having used 2 Nokia E series, this phone still makes/receives calls better than any other phone. FACT!

Reviewed by deepak vadodaria from UK on 12th May 2010
the world best mobile is 6310. I used it last two years

Reviewed by kiriacos from UK on 18th Apr 2010

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Mar 2010
Best mobile phone ever developed!!!

Reviewed by Jack Hudson from UK on 8th Mar 2010
I love this phone it is beautiful and iphone eat your heart out. Xx

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 24th Feb 2010
Are all of you people feeling all right????? This phone is rubbish!!!!!! No camera or wifi or 3g or music player or torch or super AMOLED screen or Internet browser or apps or games. It's avterrible phone that just makes calls!!! Zero stars for me!!!

Reviewed by DUNCAN FRASER from UK on 2nd Feb 2010
My Nokia 6310i must be 10 years old, I have had several new phones over the years with all the latest features but over time they all develop faults and break down then I find myself getting my old trusty reliable 6310i back out and use it again, My 6310i has no camera etc but it does what it is supposed to do and that is make calls & texts, The call clarity is the best even compared to todays phones except it does not have speaker phone, But after 10 years and still going strong I believe it will go on for many more years to come, It has been with me all this time and I cannot see me without it as it just goes on and on,A TOTALLY REALIABLE PHONE.

Reviewed by Nick Parker from UK on 1st Feb 2010
I <3 Nokia6310i babe xxx

Reviewed by Luke BROSTER-GEDULD from UK on 18th Jan 2010
love it babe xxx

Reviewed by James Harpur from UK on 5th Dec 2009
I upgraded my business phone on T-mobile to the Nokia 6310i when the came available and I have had Nokia N95 N97 and Samsung Tocco as upgrades and passed them on to my children> I keep buying my 6310i on the internet and I am stocking up because this is the best phone ever made and I dont want any other, A phone is for making and receiving calls and this is fantastic for that. I have had no problems abroad or in Britain. It was made in Germany and need I say anymore?.

Reviewed by munib from UK on 17th Oct 2009
Good phone,i use it for busines and really do thrash the life out of it and it's battery,i drop it,spill tea on it and it still works.I have 5 of these phones for business and the main problem is they tend to turn off and on at will,mine has turned off at least 3 times today - only for 5-6 seconds but it's still annoying.Good phone for business use- and i've had a few phones in my time.

Reviewed by Neil Chadderton from UK on 5th Sep 2009
I have had my 6310i since they came out in the early noughties. It is still going strong after all these years. It worked in my taxi on a Nokia Cark 91 handsfree set for years until I retired. I let my original Cark 91 go when I sold my cab (silly me!) The 6310i now works in another Cark 91 in my car. It's the best phone Nokia ever made. Why oh why did they discontinue it? My wife has had a couple of different phones, but I eventually bought her a 6310i. Result: one very happy missus!

Reviewed by j green from UK on 14th Aug 2009
i love this phone its so easy to use and it is so simple this is one of the best phones today!

Reviewed by John from UK on 17th Jul 2009
Just got a second hand 6310i as i have alot of trouble with these new fangled phones the keys are just too small for my fingers so this phone was suggested and i think it is great none of the problems you mention above and it holds the signal when lots of other phones have long since given up. battery power lasts a full week easily even when i am using it as well the bluetooth i have is good but an oldie and abit heavy otherwise really works well as it is a nokia one as well.

Reviewed by A... from UK on 8th Jul 2009
Frickin' Awesome, even in the year 2009

Reviewed by Damian from UK on 29th May 2009
The best I ever had, I went through about 3 of them I live in Africa and regularly on safari, went with it up mountains, volcanoes, just about everywghere, cannot find one now. One I had fell out my top pocket out the window 3 floors up and still worked after it hit the concrete, this this is solid phone with great battery power, it's only drawback was connecting to the computer.

Reviewed by Andrew Larner from UK on 12th Apr 2009
The 6310i is a great phone and easy to use ,however unless you actually need the advanced features like wap brousing then I would say that the 6210 is even easier to use for reading phone numbers from the names details. 6210 is easier for people with sight and or dexterity issues that many of us pick up in old age.I love them both but for slightly different reasons.

Reviewed by Roy Barnett from UK on 27th Mar 2009
I have owned and used about 6 Nokia 6310i's over the last 12 years and resisted all attempts to upgrade as I can't find a phone either as good or as reliable. When I've taken out a new contract I've always asked for another 6310i and passed on the old phone to a family member or a colleague. All of them are still working as are the 3 sitting on my desk fully charged awaiting new homes. This phone has everything a phone needs. A large memory for numbers, long battery life and ease of connectability where ever you are in the world. It has enourmous longevity. This is not a teenage posers phone, it just does what any business person wants of a mobile telephone - it reliably makes and receives phone calls. My only regret is that Nokia refuse to recognise the fact that they have created an icon and no longer support the thousands of fanatically loyal owners and users of this handset. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and I hope that they come to regret it.

Reviewed by Bradley Hanson from UK on 4th Mar 2009
Have used these phones for the last 6 years. Mine had seen better days so looked for a new one. Bought one from here www.Nokia6310i.co.uk It arrived in a couple of days and now I have an as new 6310i. I can not get on with these all singing and dancing phones. Stick to a 6310i if you can

Reviewed by Patrick , Belgiuý from UK on 25th Feb 2009
My message to Nokia us :You don't change the classics, this is the Porsche 911 of the mobile phones, just need updates, that's all ..

Reviewed by Sgt Pepper from UK on 16th Jan 2009
Fantastic phone. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Long stand-by, excellent talk-time and a quality speaker to give an excellent listening tone. Decent sized keys for easy dialling and texting too. I still love using mine 5 years after buying my first and I've had a fair share of 'modern' phones which just don't do the job as well. (Including a Sony & Motorola RazR V3) Ring tone is outdated now but that is a minor 'concern' compared to doing its job very well. It is also nice to hold and fits to your face well when talking.

Reviewed by Coral from UK on 27th Dec 2008
Well 27 Dec 08 and I still have mine - works a treat everywhere in the world including alaska, canade, europe, UK, China BUT not Japan. My husband's Nokia worked in Japan - fairly new model! How do I get the upgrades and download applications!! I am not giving mine up without a fight - actually got a new battery in Japan recently at Nokia Shop in some mall. Most helpful.

Reviewed by ********** from UK on 7th Dec 2008
execellent phone it does not break, i have run over it with a car and just picked it up again and still worked, dropped in muddy water, chucked it down a hill and still works the phone is just amazing buy one now

Reviewed by thomas from UK on 4th Dec 2008
this phone is great!! this deal is a bit offy though - i got mine for £10 when it first came out!! true :)great phone - and great ringtones ;)

Reviewed by Mike Farrow from UK on 4th Nov 2008
Best phone ever made. If it does ever go wrong just look at www.nokia6310i.co.uk and they can repair it. Wonderful.

Reviewed by erick oduor josiah from UK on 14th Oct 2008
this is the world greatest phone ever made. performance and reliability is execelent !this is a prove why nokia engineers cannot be matched with others in terms of research and competency.GOD bless nokia engineneers with more wisdom !

Reviewed by thomas loyson from UK on 26th Sep 2008
out standing phone,not to be seen or buy a new one.

Reviewed by heeru from india from UK on 15th Sep 2008
now, we r going to mail sony ericssion to launch something like 6310 i, nokia go to hell or launch 6310 i again.

Reviewed by khizi from UK on 10th Sep 2008
this cell is not good

Reviewed by Dawna from UK on 3rd Sep 2008
I've had my nokia 6310i for about 7 years, travelled all over the world, dropped it, banged it, watched bits fall off it and STILL it keeps working. Strong battery, good reception, syncs with my computer. I love it. I don't want a tiny little slip of a phone that has countless useless gadgets, just another solid model like this one. I'm not going to give it up until I find another one like it.

Reviewed by Kalyan Das from UK on 24th Aug 2008
I'm on my THIRD 6310i and introduced several to this phone, all of whom now would not trade it for anything else! My mother has this for three years and her friends tease her to get a new one but she won't give this up!! Just like every says: bulletproof, works every time, all the time and all over! I just need to replace the front case and the crystal to smarten it up!

Reviewed by Kieran Overall-Barnes from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
The nokia 6310i was and still is a brilliant buisness mobile. I still sell alot of these mobiles. There are alot of people out there that just want a phone. So they can text and talk. Simply to use and hard to destroy. If your after a nokia-6310i.co.uk i'll give you 10% off - simply quote prf10 in the comments if you place an order on my site nokia-6310i.co.uk or kobogear.co.uk. Nokia listen to your customers and make a revamped nokia 6310i.

Reviewed by mr p from UK on 12th Aug 2008
the nokia 6310i is one of the best phones in the 6 series range there ia a great demand for these phones check any website and you will see i have been using this phone since they were released and even absoulete so my advice is to hold on to your nokia 6310i ladies and gents they are brill

Reviewed by d34np from UK on 19th Jul 2008
my dad has one and he wont get a new phone because it hasnt broken. that is good because he has has it for about 4-5 years now and has had NO problems with it... :) allthough it lacks features :(

Reviewed by BHARGAV from UK on 14th Jul 2008

Reviewed by ganesh from UK on 19th Jun 2008
Ikeep looking to buy a new phone as my 6310i is getting very knocked about but every time I fail to find a phone that does the essentials ( battery life, call quality, bluetooth, durability ) as well and has a comfortable size and shape with the right amount of weight. It really amazes me that with no real problems on my budget I am going back to buy refurbished 6310i's . It really is that good. I have looked at the latest Nokias but they feel lightweight and too small. Camera's etc are just gimmicks

Reviewed by aadil from UK on 7th Jun 2008
best cell phone in world .....

Reviewed by yashraj from UK on 6th Jun 2008
This phone is bullet proof, I've had mine for about 3 years now it has travelled all over the world with me on business, never failing to find a local network before I've got off the plane. It syncs perfectly with my laptop. I've dropped it countless times, I've sat on it and even rescued it from the dishwasher! the facia is getting a little worn but everything works just fine.

Reviewed by Raimund from UK on 22nd May 2008
The Nokia 6310i has been my faithful companion for more than 5 years now of heavy, daily business use. It has fallen many times from my breast pocket, sometimes right onto concrete floor. It survived all abuse and battery uptime is still good. (I had both the front cover and the battery replaced, though, after one devastating drop). Most used functions are speech, Bluetooth for handsfree in car (Audi), address book, SMS, modem (9.6 kbps) and alarm clock. My only gripe is that I never got the GPRS with enhanced data rates to work with my notebook PC but that was alledgedly a problem with my provider. I can thoroughly recommend it to all who consider buying second hand a reliable work horse with excellent car connectivity.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 10th Apr 2008
Best phone ever had mine now for past 5 years and travelled all over the world with me. Sadly now it's looking battered and keeps switching it's self off will need to replace it but can't find another as suitable. NOKIA PLEASE BRING THE 6310 i BACK !!!!

Reviewed by irene from UK on 1st Apr 2008
I love the 6310i. I have a car kit for it and have a couple of spares gleaned from friends who upgraded to other models so that they could have polyphonic ring tones and a camera. The last two times my network supplier upgraded me they gave we a 6086 and a 6300. They are still stuck in the box and will remain so unless someone can advise me of a simple way to use either of them in my 6310i handsfree car kit.(or until I change my car)

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 5th Mar 2008
I seem to have had my 6310i for years and its never let me down. Colleagues all seem to have up to date small 'phones and chuckle when they see my 'old fashioned' Nokia. I always have the last laugh when I seem to get a perfect signal and they can't or their batteries let them down and mine goes on forever. What a shame they stopped making it.

Reviewed by justin. from UK on 4th Mar 2008
I am an electronics engineer and have used lots of phones via work and in my profession the 6310i is the best phone ever i up graded to a new one camera color screen etc i went back to my 6310i nothing can beat it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by JEETANDRA from UK on 26th Feb 2008

Reviewed by KASHIF from UK on 17th Feb 2008

Reviewed by rey from UK on 13th Feb 2008
the 6310i is the best phone ever made by nokia .. then why is nokia not making a new model that follows on after the 6310 i ? WE WANT NOKIA TO PRODUCE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A 6310 i BUT HAS COLOUR SCREEN , AND OTHER FUNDAMENTAL FUTURES WHICH THE REST OF THE NOKIA MOBILES HAVE ... !!!! PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE TELL NOKIA TO PRODUCE ANOTHER MODEL THATS LIKE THE 6310I

Reviewed by Gaspar from UK on 11th Feb 2008
I have this Nokia 6310i and I am very pleased of it. It is both weapon under arm, and a phone for communicate. I have heared that these phones also cant be spied by government security organs. Wow can you imagine? and also I changed it with other phone and now how much I used it I can change it back wit 2 such mobiles I changed before. The price is decreasing. Though it is a warhammer, but I keep that phone, may be I shall sell it in future as a golden warhammer :))))))

Reviewed by Coco from UK on 1st Feb 2008
Absolutely fantastic phone! Nokia please make it again with the same size keypad and if you could just add a camera, for me it would be perfect. Mine has flown off the roof of a moving car, bounced on the road and landed in the hedge. After removing the mud from the joints, it worked fine :)

Reviewed by Hendrix from UK on 12th Jan 2008
Mine broke down last week. It was dropped in sea water. Had it for almost 5 years. Best phone ever. Trying to find one now second hand. There are two kind of people. The ones that see a mobile phone as a toy, and the ones that see the phone as a serious working tool. The last ones use the 6310i, even after production halted 4 years ago.

Reviewed by Richard Ball from UK on 4th Jan 2008
I've had this 'phone since the day it came out as a company issue. It goes with me everywhere and it works everywhere. It will pick up a signal down a coal mine , and is so robust you can hammer nails in with it ! My company has reissued all sorts of fancy replacements which are rubbish compared to these, and a number of us have refused to change, taking our car kits from one motor to another. I had an overnight repair to the power on button a year back, and all is still great. For heavens sake reissue this as a Vintage model like guitars - it'll sell like hot cakes. Oh yes, and the battery lasts forever.

Reviewed by Brendan from UK on 27th Dec 2007
I have enjoyed the Nokia 6310 and 6310i phones for over 5 years. Have just bought a Mercedes 500SL and wanted a retro phone that would suit, again a 6310i will fit in lovely

Reviewed by Alan McDermott-Roe from UK on 15th Dec 2007
I have used the 6310i - having free up new phones given to me ... they all end up on ebay when i give up with wap, mobile internet etc etc. I do not want mobile internet, a camera, video calls, an mp3 player etc I JUST WANT GOOD AUDIO AND A NEW 6310i....

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