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Nokia 6310 review

 Review: January 2001  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 6310 is the replacement for the Nokia 6210, widely regarded as a design classic.

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The Nokia 6210 was probably one of the most user-friendly phones around, and the 6310 offers a very similar design, updated in style, and packing in the latest features, including GPRS WAP, Bluetooth™ wireless technology, and a built-in voice recorder.

However, the 6310 is missing Tri-band and Java, and for that the 6310i is needed.

Nokia 6310 features include:

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Nokia 6310 user reviews

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Average rating from 38 reviews:

Reviewed by Ben from Great Britian on 31st Jul 2012
5 Years old never failed to impress bashed and batered and working.

Reviewed by mickey kirkpatrick from nothern ireland on 11th Apr 2012
good phone every way

Reviewed by Pedro Salgado from U.S.A. on 28th Jan 2012
I have purchased this phone in Mannheim, Germany, in 2002 and I still use it here in the U.S.A. I have dropped this phone so many times. Great phone to have and is in perfect condition. Outstanding, and which NOKIA can manufacture more like this phone. I have not purchased a battery; still have the original. Outstanding phone!!!

Reviewed by Sharif from Sudan on 6th Dec 2011
Nokia 6310 was my favouriate cellphone upto 1997.But it is no more available for sale in the shops.I wish if I can find one now .

Reviewed by Johnny B from UK on 13th Aug 2011
There IS nothing to replace the 6310i - unfortunately I had to look having lost my last one recently (bought 2002). I've used it worldwide, only place it didn't work was some places in Argentina. Guess what - replaced it with a 6310i, the only phone I could find that combined ability to talk with people, reliability, good keys and fantastic battery life.

Reviewed by michael franklin from United Kingdom on 3rd Jun 2011
i have had three 6310 i far and away the best and most durable hand set . my proble is simple what do i replace it with

Reviewed by Nokia6310rulez from USA on 17th Jun 2009
Dis fone is de cool! u must getz it. all ic an saz is tat its aewsome. u hav to by dis gadjet now!!11!!!!1!!1!!1!!1!!1!!!!1!

Reviewed by yancan from england on 14th Jun 2009
i have just bought this phone from ebay because my car has a phone kit for this phone. I know its a very good phone as i use it in my wagon every day.I look forward to getting my hands on it.

Reviewed by ABBAS from UAE on 3rd Jun 2009
I hace this phone for almost years seven years ans still is going strong... its broken at the moment and i am using by winding a elastic band over it and i dont have any problem with it. It has fallen down quite number of times but it works like always... I am very happy by using this one. THERE IS NO OTHER MOBILE PHONE RELIABLE LIKE THIS ONE.... PITY NOKIA IS NOT MAKING THIS ONE... THEY SHOULD NEVER STOP MAKING THIS MODEL...... !!!!!!

Reviewed by Emma Metcalfe-Smith from UK on 10th May 2009
I still have this phone! A few years ago my dog ate my new Motorola RAZR. As a temp phone i started using my dad's old business phone, his 6310. I fell in love with it instantly. Four years on and i refuse to part with it, it's stunningly simple, has an insanely long battery life and is INDESTRUCTABLE!!! i've dropped it in a lake and from my bedroom window and put it through the wash a dozen times...and it's still going strong. I'm 16 and to be honest I love this phone regardless of it's age and size, it's so reliable.

Reviewed by raghava from india on 23rd Mar 2009

Reviewed by Bernie from England on 13th Nov 2008
Best mobile,ever.

Reviewed by katrina ayub from india on 5th Nov 2008
this fone is great!!!! one of the best fnes of all time! i got this fne 4 my 15th b'day as a gift, wasnt sure bwt it at first until i startd to use it! im the type of person hu lyks to pul out a Stylish fne! so this was a surprise to my frends wen i had this fne! awesome! and so frikkin reliable! best buy well wotrth every penny!

Reviewed by Wheels from England on 1st Mar 2008
What a G-R-E-A-T phone ! I have big fingers & it's ideal simply for that alone ! But all the features it has are more than enough for me. I got it on an up-grade aeons ago & I WON'T be parting from it as long as spares are available. Truly the best all round phone Nokia have ever produced. Mine has just been refurbished as I can't find anything decent to replace it. Not one has any where near the battery life. As Pepe' says, if you haven't had a chance to EXPERIENCE this phone, you really haven't lived ! I agree. LONG LIVE THE 6310!

Reviewed by hugh jass from new york on 15th Sep 2007
this phone is the best mobile i have ever owended it fullfills all my need and has very nice rington capabilites. only thing i would say is that it needs a 3 megapixel camera at least

Reviewed by Pepé from uk on 8th Sep 2007
I love this phone, have had it for a long time and am absolutely won over by it, i also have a Nokia 8800 sirocco but i still prefer this phone over that one as the sirocco battery isn't exactly ace. This phone i reckon is BY FAR THE BEST PHONE NOKIA HAVE BUILT, Nokia should not have stopped production. I am thinking about getting the Nokia 6300 next but i wont be surprised if i jump back to this old friend of mine namely the Nokia 6310 as i have done it b4 numerous times. I advise every1 who has this phone to keep it, and those who haven't, well you won't understand anyways. Another thing is YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PHONES, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE HAD, IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD THIS PHONE EVERY YOU HAVEN'T EXPERIENCED THE TRUE NOKIA MAGIC AND YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PHONES. LONG LIVE THE 6310!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Keith from Warrington,England. on 31st Jul 2007
I was given this phone on a business rate tariff through work,and at first you feel like you have just gone 10 years into the past when using it because of the black and white screen and basic functions! I've had many phones with colour screens,cameras,video players,etc,etc and with those phones come the usual problems of the phone freezing etc. Plus you get bored with them after a while.......there's only so many photo's you can take and video's you can watch! If you just want to talk/text then this phone is reliable,good battery life,sturdy and can take a few bumps and knocks. It hasn't let me down yet!

Reviewed by Giorgio from UK on 22nd Jul 2007
This phone is truly remarkeable. I have had mine over 5 years now and it just keeps on going. Truly is a business man phone. I own my own accountancy firm and as you can imagine i would need a phone with excellent battery life and a phone that was designed for business. I got my 6310 in 2002 on an upgrade. Since then it only developed one fault and that was my fault purely. I dropped the phone accidentally and my secretary stepped on it, the screen cracked. This was last year so I took it to my local phone shop and ended up paying £30 for repair. It was money well spent. Recently I got the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition. Its a great phone but it has poor battery life for a heavy user. If your a low to medium user its perfect. I still use my Sirocco but it isn't for business but purely for personal use. My 6310 is by far suited to my needs and is better for business as i finish off 1600 x-net minutes a month easily. This phone is excellent and is easily the best phone i have ever had. Even 6 years on when i pull this phone people still say "Thats a great phone you got there". Now that is quite good for a OAP in the phone world. MY ADVICE TO ANYONE WHO HAS THIS PHONE IS KEEP IT!!!

Reviewed by mark from warwickshire on 3rd Jun 2007
ace fone, i have had mine since year DOT!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife has had so many different phones to my one,she has to put hers on charge about three times to my one ok,battery is bril,ok texin takes bit of a time but hey thats nothing in this day and age.its big compared to what you get these days but hey i can live with that

Reviewed by hung from vietnam on 10th Apr 2007
very good

Reviewed by Mangura from United Kingdom on 19th Mar 2007
Im a business amn worth about £6.2 million so you can imagine that buying a phone is not a problem for me bu they is no phone that can match this maybe even compees with the veru phones I will always keep his phone they should not stop producrion. LOng live 6310

Reviewed by Michael from UK/Denmark on 24th Jan 2007
I genuinely think that the 6310(i) is the best mobile phone ever made. Awesome battery life which is still unmatched, excellent reception, fantastic build quality and ergonomics, Nokia's tried and tested menu system - what more do you need?? (assuming you need a phone). Lots of people who have owned one and replaced with newer have junked the newer phone and gone back. Regarding size, it isn't easy to find as good a phone in a much smaller phone nowadays. I've had mine for 5 years, and am struggling to find a decent replacement, now that it is starting to die regularly after I dropped it so many times.

Reviewed by James Sage from England on 2nd Aug 2006
What a phone (For its age!) it has so many features and animations i was shocked when i found it had bluetooth too, my much more modern 3510i doesnt even have that. And its Tri-band not Dual-band so reception is great, battery lasts for up to 1 and a half weeks, yes the size is annoying but i've had worse and i think people on this review page have been cruel. Thanks for Reading

Reviewed by Andrew Downes from UK on 10th Jul 2006
I'm just about to say a reluctant goodbye to my 6310 after it has accepted about 4 years of abuse by giving me almost zero trouble in return. Sadly, the right-hand side of the keypad is slowly giving up. The battery (original) STILL lasts for a week or more, I never switch it off. Yes, it's irritating that the text inbox takes an age to open (fixed on the 6310i, which I also have as my employer provides it), but that's the only thing that was ever wrong with this handset - an outstanding communication tool and a design classic. At the present, I don't see the need for a blocky camera, crackly FM radio, tinny MP3 playback and battery-sapping colour screen, but as I'm replacing with the 6230i, which has all these features, I trust that I'm about to become a convert. I just hope I'll be as moved by its passing to record my opinions in a review! In my judgement the 6310 was the ultimate of its generation - the pre-colour handsets - and therefore deserves 5 stars. May someone somewhere give mine a good home when it's been reconditioned.

Reviewed by Marcus Blunkett from England on 27th Feb 2006
Having read the other reviews, I can state several things: firstly, you don't need to state the size of a phone in a review - that much about it ought to be obvious. Secondly the use of "textspeak" by countless reviwers surely renders their reviews as irrelevant. This telephone performs in terms of battery and bluetooth features. The voice activation is very useful too. In other words as consummate an article as a telephone can be. If it's cameras, colour screen etc that you want, then clearly a telephone that is so good in regards to communication isn't for you.

Reviewed by nadia g from plymouth on 5th Jun 2005
very ugly, plz dont waste ur money bad screen, (my nans got it!)

Reviewed by GLENN from NORTHERN IRELAND on 21st May 2005

Reviewed by millie from england on 28th Feb 2005
all i can ay is that this might aswell be a brick. i had to use it when my other phone broke once and i actualy kept mistaking it for the housefone, infact i would rather carry around a house phone than this! sorry but its pathetically big.

Reviewed by edward from engand on 19th Feb 2005
this phone is a realy great but a bit out of date, however it is great fun and has loads of memory. yeah it may not have a camera or other fancy items but it is by far a great phone.FOR THOSE OF U WHO HAVE NEVER HAD 1, U SHOULD BE ASHAMED BECOZ YR MISSING OUT

Reviewed by Dougie from Scotland on 11th Jul 2004
Size of ahousebrick, no decent features, pish really

Reviewed by Fevin Mascarenhas from U.A.E. on 25th May 2004
The fone is pretty Ok. Just rite 4 da business consumer. If ur lukin 4 fun then just 4get dis 1. It luks as well as feels like a brick. Da blue2th feature is da best but da rest r mediocre.

Reviewed by Chris from N Ireland on 16th Apr 2004
I was using this phone when waiting on an S300...did the job, held more messages than my 3410, never crashed...almost perfect. The size bugged me, however.

Reviewed by Mark Croston from UK on 5th Jan 2004
Excellent phone, lacks the current fashion for colour screens and photos, but makes up in other areas. The battery will easily go well over a week without going near a charger, and the nokia PC suite lets you control all aspects of your phone over IR or bluetooth including outlook sync. Also the size of a proper phone and nigh on indestructable.

Reviewed by DEL from UK on 5th Jan 2004
Kushti little number easy to use and carry. Looks good against my Robin Reliant.

Reviewed by QUAZ from UK on 1st Dec 2003

Reviewed by Dave Gwynn from England on 20th Nov 2003
I borrowed one of these six months ago from a friend and must say I am very impressed indeed. The battery does indeed last forever, and the phone is the most reliable i have ever used - no random crashes or messing about so far. One word of warning - fill the phone with messages and opening the inbox can take an age (well, about 15 seconds) Apart from that, fantastic!

Reviewed by sam from Can on 12th Sep 2003
hey!! i think that is fone might not be as good as other new models but i can give it a 3 stars!!

Reviewed by jkdunne from ireland on 19th Jun 2003
Great phone along with the 6310i they are the best and most reliable non colour/photo phones i have used. The battery just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going................

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