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Nokia 6303i Classic review

 Review: May 2010  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The 6303i Classic is an easy-to-use budget handset with an attractive stainless steel finish and average features. Available in Silver.

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It's hard to spot the difference between the 6303i Classic and the older Nokia 6300 Classic. The only real changes are a slightly enhanced battery life and more support for social networking. It's not much, but it's better than a slap in the face with a smoked haddock. Read our Nokia 6303 Classic review for more details.

Nokia 6303i Classic features include:

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Nokia 6303i Classic user reviews

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Average rating from 106 reviews:

Reviewed by Larry McAlinden from Northern Ireland on 8th Jun 2016
Great little phone was in the water for two days found it dried it out and it works great the only thing wrong with it is the camera it is the 6303c also the batt does not last as long . But If I change it will be another 6303 I have another smart phone which does my head in some times it makes calls when I close the cover.

Reviewed by Stephen Murphy from Ireland on 30th Aug 2015
The best pre smartphone phone ever made.
Looks really great, never lets you down. Similar Nokia or non Nokia models don't come close.
I use an iPhone 5 for about 3 years. I miss the 6303i. If the 5 expires i'm going back to the 6303i Classic.
Honestly! It's not called classic for nothing.

Reviewed by Bruce Lsmbert from UK on 25th Aug 2015
That's a pretty unfair review given this is not a smartphone. I have now owned two of these phones and can thoroughly recommend it.

I use mine as a backup to my smartphone, and for use as a telephony and texting device the 6303i offers a level of performance that many new £500+ smartphones would be very jealous of. This little (i.e. very easy to hold and put in your pocket or purse etc) Nokia offers fantastic reception (including in locations where my "smart" phone often cannot get a signal) and call quality, around a week's battery life with moderate usage and up to three weeks battery life on standby.

Along with a strong chassis, a nice steel casing that survives being dropped repeatedly, a screen that doesn't crack (and render the device unable to make or receive calls) when you bend over with it in your pocket, email and when push comes to shove 2.5G internet connectivity, why wouldn't you want one?

Oh, and a maps app that doesn't send you to a wrong location, tell you to drive into the ocean or park on a railway crossing, unlike some "fruity" maps!

Reviewed by BHAJANLAL from SANCHORE on 6th May 2015
I like nokia 6303i.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 6th Feb 2014
Cannot delete from call list, a call name which has no number and this means I cannot phone that number. First time under warranty it was removed. Now no warranty left. I will never buy Nokia again! sarahlondonuk2000@gmail.com

Reviewed by Deva from India on 7th Aug 2013
6303i really verry nice mobile i most like it!

Reviewed by mr lancaster from england on 13th Aug 2012
a fair mobile not top of range, but does the job.if you want a normal mobile its worth a look.

Reviewed by Seakrea from Finland on 2nd Aug 2012
It is a piece of excrement.

It has deleted all contacts not saved on sim by itself.
Irritating menus.
Poor incoming call quality.
Low quality speaker sound.
Clock does not always display when on standby.
It has a 3.2 MP camera, yet manages to produce very coarse
pictues. Plus the flash is only a GIMMICK - you could use a lighter for more light.

But it does have a partial steel cover - wow

Reviewed by awais khan from pakistan on 16th Jul 2012
Nokia 6303ic is bst phone.l like it.I m using now 5monts.it bst!

Reviewed by Dannie from Great Britain on 17th Jun 2012
This is indeed an excellent phone with great ergonomics, features and build quality which they should continue to make forever. If you have one, look after it well.

The only rather major niggle are the changes they have made in the user interface/software from the previous, slightly slower and lower-memory model 6303. The home screen and menus don't look as nice, you don't see the clock in as many screens as previously, the home screen is not as well laid out to fit in lots of useful stuff, there is an annoying 'Your message:' legend at the top of the SMS editor screen (why??), and worst of all, you can no longer mark and delete or move SMS messages, giving much less flexibility in managing your messages. The only improvement in the user interface is the new image viewer which can show more images simultaneously and orders them by data not name, making it A LOT easier to quickly find recently taken pictures. Four rather than five stars only because the completely unnecessary software issues!

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 14th Jun 2012
This is the best mobile I have ever owned! Love the excellent camera/mapping/sat nav/calendar etc etc. Have had it through 3 upgrades now but refuse to give it up for a newer/different model. However, I am unable to get new mobile of this same model through my current Vodafone contract although I'm due another upgrade. I cannot find another mobile that will improve on this model as I'm NOT interested in touch screen mobiles or networking on my mobile. I recommended this mobile to three members of my family who now all own this model and are in the same situation as I am regarding upgrades. Why oh why has Vodafone written off such an excellent mobile !!????? :-(

Reply by James from UK on 26th Jul 2012
Hi Jen, Try googling Nokia 6303i or sim free phones - there are some UK sellers offering sim free Nokia 6303i's which is fab. I know exactly how you feel about these phones - touchscreens aren't me either and these are the best I've ever used! Hope this helps :)

Reviewed by Sara korir from Kenya on 8th Apr 2012
Nokia is the best.easy 2 use long lasting battery.

Reviewed by ahmad farid nikzadn from afgahnistan on 17th Mar 2012
i love nokia becuosse nokia is the best phone in the world

Reviewed by sasan from iran on 17th Mar 2012
it's good

Reviewed by kalifa from ivory coast on 9th Mar 2012
it's very nice with long lasting battery.

Reviewed by steve hedges from uk on 5th Mar 2012
Excellent budget phone. Long lasting battery. Tough in use. Not fancy like the brick sized Smart phones but does all you need efficiently and easy to use. Best Nokia phone I have owned. Will buy another when current set gives up (2 years so far of rough use)

Reviewed by BaBu from Bangladesh on 18th Dec 2011
I've using it for 8 months.it's good & it's battery life is excellent,internet is also good.faboulaus sound quality & clear screen.

Reviewed by Irfan ali from India on 18th Dec 2011
Excellent set sir please again launch set in india please sir i request to him

Reviewed by Saikrishna from india on 10th Dec 2011
I got this phone from bangalore i is fabulous that to camera is very good internet also good this is one of the phone ever seen before

Reviewed by atul from india on 10th Dec 2011
Listion Volume is very low. Can any one suggests me how to increase list ion call volume.

Reviewed by Kate shetekauri from Georgia on 23rd Nov 2011
I just love my mobile phone. it's so comfortable and lovely,,

Reviewed by Francis from UK on 16th Nov 2011
Outstanding phone . I have two on contract . Wonderful and the best I have tried in the car with Bluetooth . Upgrading two more on Vodafone to 6303i.

Reviewed by sabeer from india on 14th Nov 2011
Very nice

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 6th Nov 2011
Bought mine about a month ago as a backup handset as I was getting fed up either having to recharge the stupid smartphone or resolve various bugs which meant problems introduced into something that must be at least 99% reliable. The Nokia 6303i has excellent battery life and the call quality appears to be good. Enough extra features included on the phone to make it a useful device. A well-made, no-nonsense phone that should last well.

Reviewed by sahlan from iraq on 28th Oct 2011

Reviewed by karim from algeria on 22nd Oct 2011
is very good

Reviewed by Abu Dhabi lady from UAE on 17th Oct 2011
I went to buy this phone as soon as I saw it. The design, island keys, its overall shape caught my eye immediately. I would have loved to have the green one but was lucky to get the last phone in the store which was a silver and black one. It is a classic Nokia phone-I like that it has similarities to old Nokia classics in the past. I like how it is made and it works quite well indeed. I bought it from a Nokia representative store in the UAE. It was the actual overall design and colour options that made me get this phone. I am just fortunate it had everything I wanted on it.

Reviewed by Jesse Gitau Kimani from Kenya on 14th Oct 2011
Nokia 6303i classic is a good phone for certain. Its size and feel is just right for the hand. While it does not brag of high end features, it does the basic things quite well. Its battery life is amazing. I own Nokia 6303i classic. I have not started to hate it as yet.

Reviewed by Avraam from Cyprus on 8th Oct 2011
I bought this mobile from Abu Dhabi airport duty free on my way to Australia, It has been problematic since then. Firstly, handset was not charging battery, it was fixed by Nokia representative in Cyprus. Then battery went bad and had to replace it. Bad quality mobile, won't recommend it

Reviewed by vikram from india on 7th Oct 2011
zis fon is not good! i dislkie ze fact it always dam hangs and i have to restart it everyday!

Reviewed by vikas from india on 4th Oct 2011
i like this phone very very beutifull in golden colour imeging phone

Reviewed by Isuru from UK on 4th Oct 2011
I'm using 6303i C for 1 Year, overall it was a good Phone, but now it has a software error, it shows miss calls when I try to call those numbers phone gets restarted. Those Numbers cannot be erased or my Phones Software cannot be upgraded :(

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 29th Sep 2011
Just had my 6303c replaced with a 6303i without choice via warranty replacement. I've always loved the 6303 and its predecessor phones, but I'm quite disappointed with a few featues: 1) much fewer text options - can't set up own folders in the 'saved' folder 2) when composing a new text, you don't get the band of options at the bottom, eg 'insert object', etc - does anyone know if I can I turn this function on? 3)you can't preview your text msg before sending it - quite frustrating if you've written a long one 4)you can't seem to mark individual messages, or block delete a selection of messages in any of the inbox/sent/draft folders - highly annoying! I'm gutted - didn't get a choice in getting this, and i'd love my 6303c back :-(( If anyone has any suggestions to help me find the love for my new phone, I'd be very grateful!! Thanks

Reply by David from London on 2nd Feb 2012
Charlotte, I bought this phone for battery life but was not expecting two steps backwards in the text messaging.. on my previous ancient brick, a 6310i, I could insert the name or number or detail from any contact direct into a message.. this is essential if u want to give someone limited info about a contact. The 6303i allows business card only to be sent. Why remove a function when the programming has been paid for!! No wonder Nokia is not keeping up with the competition.. You keep customers loyal by adding or maintaining standards... not by removing them.. the customer feels cheated. I now want to buy a 6303 if the battery life is as good and you can insert contact details into a message. I use it for talking and texting only.

Reviewed by P-dog from Scotland on 17th Sep 2011
Had this phone for 2 years, getting my free upgrade tomorrow. I've not had a SINGLE problem with this phone since I got it. If you need something easy to use, reliable but still cool looking, get this phone!

Reviewed by asif from india on 8th Sep 2011
I like this phöne...becz of it's look...

Reviewed by Roni Barman from India on 14th Aug 2011
No Sms draft function in this mobile

Reviewed by Richard from U.K. on 7th Aug 2011
A handsome looking phone with a much-improved display compared to the model I had before (Nokia 6070). I have taken little interest in the many features it has to offer as I only want a mobile for texting, or for making the occasional call, and nothing else. Texting from the 6303i Classic is simplicity itself and I found no difficulty in adapting to the smaller keypad compared to the 6070. But my one real annoyance with the phone is that after only 3 months, the 'Recently Used' feature no longer works. You compose your text, you press 'Send to' and up comes a list of sending options for you to choose from: Contacts, , Recently Used, Contact Groups, Number or e-mail etc. When it works, the 'Recently Used' feature lists, in chronological order, those you've sent texts to before, with the most recent at the top of the list. I found it a very useful feature. Unfortunately, mine no longer records who I've texted, so is useless ! The friendly sounding lady on the Nokia helpline took me through how to restore the factory settings, but that failed to resolve it. I've heard that I'm not the only one with this same problem. But apart from that irritating glitch, I'm happy with the phone.

Reviewed by Anne Hanna from UK on 4th Aug 2011
Had new 6303i phone in Nov 2010. Have had so many problems with battery,it has been back to Nokia and also to repair centre,battery fully charged lasts only 10 hours. I would have thought after such short time Nokia would have replaced it. Will never have another Nokia! when my contract ends I will be leaving Orange,after many many years

Reviewed by Barry from UK on 24th Jul 2011
Great little phone, really good positive keys BUT sending a text to many contacts is a nightmare each time you ADD another contact to send to you have to scroll back down ALL your contacts untill you come to the one you want. Only choices are to select 1 or ALL of them, if you choose ALL it selects ALL stored numbers for each contact Mobile,Home,Work etc etc.

Reviewed by farzi from iran on 15th Jul 2011
I say just it is the best.

Reviewed by malik asim from pakistan on 3rd Jul 2011
i like nokia 6303

Reviewed by NoumanAshraf from Pakistan on 16th Jun 2011
this is my best mobile nokia 6303i classic.

Reviewed by David from UK on 7th Jun 2011
I spend over 2000 minutes per month on the mobile and if you need a small,reliable phone with good reception and battery life that works well with voice dialing and bluetooth headset connectivity then its hard to beat. As a back up I have two as they are cheap £40-£50 new off Ebay and two spare batteries with me (not normaly needed as lasts me 2-3 days of heavy use). I also have Galaxy S which I use for Skype calls when abroad or conference calls but it wouldn't last me a day of normal use without a recharge. If you priority is to have a phone that you can talk to someone then its hard to beat at this price.

Reviewed by Gary Beahan from England on 28th May 2011
Bought the phone about 9 months ago + liked it a lot (keypad a little miniscule for my aging eyes, but apart from that). 2 months ago, it got lost + stayed lost until 3 weeks ago when it was returned to me. Since then, the battery has gone crazy: runs out after full charge within 48 hours, on light or moderate use. I don't know if something happened while it was out of my possession - but that's my experience.

Reviewed by Mohammad Shahid Qureshi from Pakistan on 25th May 2011
I have this mobile for last two weeks, and I would like to comment on the things, which i could not find in the reviews before purchasing this one: -> Battery timings: Its giving me 3 days on average with modest use. Talking of 5 to 7 days, is not true. -> Display: The display is very superior. I liked this the most in this phone. Very good even in the sunlight -> Keypad: Keypad is not the strongest point of this phone, unlike someone mentioned this in the review. Its very difficult to use the keypad with one hand, due to the position of the keypad too low in the phone. Especially the bottom 3 keys are problematic. The upper 3 keys (1,2,3) are also not well placed for typing, because they are on the slope. Anyway i can tolerate this, due to the beautiful shape of the phone. -> LoudSpeaker: The loud speaker is not at all loud, and i always miss few calls daily, despite using the highest volume settings. And waking up with the alarm on this phone, is possible only if u had enough sleep already... :)

Reviewed by Neil from U.K. on 13th May 2011
Had this phone for a year now and can honestly say its the best performing phone i have ever owned,best for battery and signal. 1 hour charge and 17 days use (sweet)For a straight forward phone its the best and would well recomend

Reviewed by chuckie from UK on 5th May 2011
GOT MINE YESTERDAY, AND DOES ALL IT SAYS Also used the 'text' to "Drafs" option no problem what so ever, unlike a previous reviever. Radio stations, with headphones good also, sound option is very good. So quite pleasing all round, so far.

Reviewed by Alex from Brasil on 23rd Apr 2011
Well the fone in it's simplicity is a great peace of work, it does it's job, i had it for more than a year now and it felt quite a few times on the floor, so i can say it's shock resistant. This fone is not full of tricks but there is the beauty of it, for me this fone is nokia peace of art it comperes with an alfa romeo car. It's great.

Reviewed by weisel from ireland on 18th Apr 2011
its a good phone but its so basic and not for me................

Reviewed by AMADI SOPHIA from NIGERIA on 12th Apr 2011

Reviewed by John Westover from UK on 26th Mar 2011
I bought a new phone october 2010...worked great for three months...then would not hold a charge...back to Nokia three times !! picked up and dropperd off by courier paid by nokia.Still not cured...offered a refurb. but declined...great phone as long as it holds its charge !!

Reviewed by muhammad yahaya from nigeria on 23rd Mar 2011
an excellent easy to use and handle device.there seem to be some manufacture differences between the ones in uk than what is obtained here in nigeria, even though the make is from europe. why?

Reviewed by bgk10 from nigeria on 20th Mar 2011
i bought 6303i classic last 4 month., i can tell u i enjoy battery standby..actually i am 4rom 9ja, a country of blackout..dat is y i chose NOKIA...go 4 nokia, go 4 6303i classic!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 3rd Mar 2011
POOR ,battery life no good, this replaced my old 3120,this was really good. The 6303i has been out for repair twice since I purchased it early Jan. 1 dc jack replaced. 2 software fitted.

Reviewed by John King from England on 26th Feb 2011
Wanted a mobile 'phone to use as a 'phone and a diary/calendar. The Nokia 6303i was suggested to me, so I bought it. It is brilliant. It does exactly what I wanted without me having to pay a lot for all the bells and whistles that I do not want and would not use. Reading some of the critical reviews, I wonder what some users are looking for in a 'phone that costs relatively so little. For example, I do not know much about the quality of this 'phone's camera or video performance, but I did not buy it for this sort of purpose (in fact, both functions worked well when I tried them). To get a decent camera or video camera I know I would need to spend a good deal more! I did not buy this 'phone to use as a radio, for example, but I tried this function out when I discovered it and was amazed it the quality and clarity. I am delighted with the 6303i, its 'phone, messaging, voice mail and diary functions. Plus a lot of other clever facilities. And I am amazed that it offers so much at the price. If this is regarded as a basic 'phone, I wonder if the word "basic" has lost its meaning. I totally agree with all the reviewers who have given it 5 statrs.

Reviewed by tom millard from ireland on 19th Feb 2011
i WOULD NOT BUY THIS PHONE AGAIN ,IN FACT I would change to another brand. Charging device would not work,repaired after 4 weeks ,new pnone purchased erly JAN. Now battery will only last 2 / 3 days ,I am not a big user. Not very happy ,in fact going to get a new phone,to day if I can force O2 into replacing same,folks stay off this phone as its a wreck.

Reviewed by Sharka from London on 15th Feb 2011
I got this nokia phone as a work phone about a month ago - and was not pleased because my previous nokia kept freezing and had many faults of the screen that I decided never get a nokia phone any more. However, this one feel ok, it's surely enough for calls and texting. The batery is ok, about 2-3 days of normal use. And it's light; that is really nice - it doesn't weight even 100g. I am still reluctant to nokia brand, but am giving this one 4* - for features and weight.

Reviewed by Oiedipus from Wales on 13th Feb 2011
The numbers fell off!

Reviewed by Tony from Wales on 13th Feb 2011
Gaynor. Go into settings, and yes you can set the navvy key to flash when you have either a missed text or missed phone call.

Reply by Tim from UK on 10th May 2011
can you tell me step by step how to activate flashing navi key for missed calls and messages. thanks.

Reviewed by warren from wales on 10th Feb 2011
elegant,sturdy simple to use just love it

Reviewed by Gaynor from UK on 9th Feb 2011
Hello I have had this phone for 4 days now and it's ok, I bought it to replace my ( nokia 6300 brilliant phone ) The only thing I can't find is a text notification reminder....no blips of flashes like the 6300. Anone know if it has it or not.

Reviewed by zahid anwer from jharkhand on 3rd Feb 2011
i like nokia mobile phone

Reviewed by Bellybel from U.K. on 1st Feb 2011
I've read most of the reviews on this page, and my phone has a draft folder, and is able to delete messages either one by one, or whole folder at a time. Mine is a Sim Free version, so maybe the networks take some of the features!! I give this phone 5 stars, because its just so easy to use, alright its not a smart phone but for the money its outstanding. Battery lasts approx 4 days with normal use. Camera's basic but ok for price. I've had fancy phones but they freeze all the time, and the novelty soon wears off! If you want a basic phone to text and make calls this is the one to go for!

Reviewed by Matty from U.k on 21st Jan 2011
Awful phone reboots and wiped 2 different makes of my memory cards. Make sure you have you pics etc backed up elsewhere. It creates unknown files on memory card in imgcache folder it keeps creating. Battery doesnt last long and phone memorys been used by non existent files and keeps growing. Check your image folder on phone memory mines growing with nothing in there to delete. Awful phone.

Reviewed by maavudiya from cuba on 21st Jan 2011
hmmmmmmmm nice phone

Reviewed by Sally from South Africa on 13th Jan 2011
Like it, but why no drafts folder in messaging? Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get this? I often compose messages and then put them in drafts to send later, or when I had my old phone if I was in the middle of composing a message and had to suddenly exit it automatically saved it for me in drafts.

Reviewed by Anthony from Nigeria on 2nd Jan 2011
I love my 6303i classic especially the sound. But, what i hate about it is that it isn't 3G.

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 27th Dec 2010
For the money, this is a great phone. I just got one for my mother as a replacement. If you want something basic, easy to work, cheap, reliable and with a half decent camera, great battery life you cant go wrong. Dont expect miracles at this money though. The phonne is also very nicely put together, scratch resistent aluminium back and a tough screen. Also lots of nice little features for a phone at this price. I gota give it 5 stars because bang for buck, i cant fault it!

Reviewed by MS Rahman from Bangladesh on 22nd Dec 2010
Smart and nice with function.

Reviewed by aasem mesbah from Egypt on 18th Dec 2010
wow! What can i say about this phone? I bought it 2 weeks ago and so far it is perfect in every aspect.it has top notch call quality,attractive design and strong hardware and feels so good in hand.no freezing what so ever.even the pictures are so good for 3 m.p.camera.

Reviewed by Praveer from India on 14th Dec 2010
Cheap and basic phone. avg. home screen,battery,camera,phone book,networking, etc poor video recording. good value for money...

Reviewed by MyReALiTe from TR on 7th Dec 2010
I am very happy with the good battery life of the device. I want to ask Sheba, what version of software are you using? You can find it by *#0000# I am using V09.83, my mother's is about 07.XX version and suffering from her batter life.. Both of the devices are new. Just I upgraded my device by using Ovi software.

Reviewed by TONY from UK on 7th Dec 2010
To delete bulk messages click on messaging, then more, then delete messages, then all messages. Simples.

Reviewed by Jez from England on 6th Dec 2010
Nice looking,easy to use phone. Good battery life. but.... No way to delete text messages other than one at a time.Very occasional lock ups on the homescreen.

Reviewed by Ahad from UK on 4th Dec 2010
I had this for couple of months now. But now the keypad lock is not working, and I'm worried it might dial any number. Also I don't know how to delete bulk messages.

Reviewed by Sheba from U.k on 2nd Dec 2010
Hate this phone every time i look at carosel of photos on phone memory the image folder on phone memory grows when i look in that folder theres nothing in it! It grows and grows. the imagecache folder on memory card keeps coming back after deletion with unknown files in it. The battery doesnt last as long as it does in 6303c either i own both and compared. This seems as if its been rushed out 6303c in my opinion is streets ahead.

Reviewed by xpress from Sierra Leone on 2nd Dec 2010
The best nokia phone ever.

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 26th Nov 2010
I got the 6303i after my Sony ericson because it was the only one i liked the loko off after being offered two diffrent hand sets, now in some ways i wished i went for the other model offered because I have had a few issues with the nokia. one is they keyu pad goes out after a few seconds mainly when im sending a text, and like mentioned before before the camrea has no focus, when taking pictures it sometimes cvomes out blurred, thsi is an annoyance when I wanna take pictures of my pets. Also for some weid reason, from time to time it rings but no soun comes from the hand set when it is on genrual and sound is up on full, the speakwer isnot the best quality. I went for the nokia because i was told it as a really good model to get, but this one i give 2/5 stars beause im isapointed with this one, when i get my next phone in june it will NOT be this one

Reviewed by Tony from U.K. on 21st Nov 2010
Both my wife and myself have this phone and we think that for the price and specification this handset is excellent. It does everything exceptionally well, has a quality feel about it and a superb battery life. Buy a smartphone if you want anything else, but this phone certainly does the basics very well indeed.

Reviewed by Angela from U.k on 19th Nov 2010
Mine displays name an number of caller. I noticed if you miss 2 calls or 2 texts by 2 different people/numbers then it doesnt but neither does 6303 or 7230 you cant have everything! For its job (phone) it does job well.

Reviewed by David Jones from UK on 8th Nov 2010
I bought this phone as a replacement for my 6303 which was stolen as I liked it so much. I was expecting it to be better than the previous 6303 being the "i" model. To anyone thinking about doing the same, beware... The camera now has no auto-focus, it just snaps instantly, often causing blurry pictures and the video recording now only goes up to a definition of 320x240, NOT 640x480 like the old one did (or this review suggests I might add!) which is, quite frankly, unacceptably cheap of Nokia considering even my 4 year old 6233 had 640x480 recording! I'm very disappointed that Nokia decided to actually cheapen the old 6303 up. I thought the "i" series were supposed to bring improvements?

Reviewed by David Jones from UK on 6th Nov 2010
I had the original 6303 and it was stolen so I decided to go for the 6303i since I liked the 6303 so much. Sorry to say, I wish I didn't bother. This phone is a step backwards in technology. The old phone used to display the name of whoever texted you when you received a text message but the new one doesn't. The video recorder now only records at 8 frames a second as opposed to 15 like before and the camera doesn't seem to focus anymore when taking pictures, it just snaps straight away without focusing, with no options to change this. Finally the software is awful. Programs are difficult to find and located in weird locations/files and the clock now takes up half the screen rather than staying in the corner so it's pointless having a wallpaper. Not impressed at all.

Reviewed by john from india on 6th Nov 2010
6303i is a great phone its camera ouality is too good it has 3.2mp cam with flash its sound quality is good it is the good phone

Reviewed by Keter from Kenya on 29th Oct 2010
This phone is really good, it is four days now since i use it. I like coz of battery life and many more.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 26th Oct 2010
I bought one of these for my wife at the beginig of the month as a replacement for her worn out Samsung, and am so impressed with it that today I picked one up for myself to replace my batterd Nokia 6500slide. What a gem of a phone, sturdy build, great basic functions, top notch call clarity and superb battery life. All I require is a basic phone to be used as a phone not a camera and for anyone else who just wants an utterly reliable phone this handset can't be beaten

Reviewed by Luke from England on 24th Oct 2010
Having been annoyed for the last ten years by every mobile ive owned the 6303i is a breath of fresh air ,easy to use ,well built,great menu,small,battery lasts forever and really clear reception.

Reviewed by Hamu from India on 20th Oct 2010
I purchasd a slim bodied mobile having enormous fuctions and entertainable music. It iz good product of nokia. 6303i got a stylish look and awesome fuctions.. I suggest u to purchase it..

Reviewed by Alan from uk on 18th Oct 2010
Excellent basic phone that has a decent camera plus flash and the ability to collect email. I wanted camera phone mainly to take pictures for facebook, but wanted a good quality phone. For the same price the LG viewty snap and sony erricson elm have better capabilities, however the 6303i is smaller sleeker and of an excellent build quality - big deciding factor in my case. The keypad also has seperate buttons for each number - again a major plus for those with big thumbs. read a few complaints reference quite ring tones - you need to open a tune with the media player, turn the volume right up then set it as a ring tone. When looking at build quality,capability and size for under £100 this definitely deserves five stars.

Reviewed by Toprak from Turkey on 9th Oct 2010
actually, the only great problem for me is the sound level not the quality, because the speaker is located under the phone and when u put it on some surface(not solid), the sound really goes down :s u can barely hear its ringing..also the camera quality is not good but its normal for a non-carl zeiss lensed phone

Reviewed by ROhan shirodkar from India on 20th Aug 2010
I was using 6303C for past 8 months (In India). . . had loads of problem with it . . . . . . cell completely hanged (white screen) more than 8 times . . . . . but this time it went blank forever . . . service center guys replace it . . . & gave me 6303i . . . now this is different in terms of user convenience . . . but i dunno . . . which is better . . . . the speaker sound quality seems lower than earlier . . . . & I dunno whether NOKIA gives updated mobiles in India or not because when I check the software version its 7.10 . . . Instead of . . . . 10.12 or 9.12 I am not aware of the fact that which mobile is better . . . . hopefully this will turn out to be . . . a better choice . . . .

Reviewed by James from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
Simple phone with sleek styling. Bluetooth 2.1 should be useful in combination with the Nokia PC Suite SMS facility. I have changed to this phone from the Nokia N95 8GB, as its slightly cheaper but has all the features I need. The camera is not as good as that on the N95, and the lack of the customisable desktop background with shortcuts to applications is also a drawback. Otherwise, this phone does what a phone should: make calls!

Reviewed by yogesh from india on 28th Jul 2010
i am satisfied with its because it hangs less and has more speed than the older phone

Reviewed by Christine from England on 27th Jul 2010
Brilliant phone compared to the 2 very unreliable (for Nokia) more upmarket 6700s I just tried (which kept freezing up and had to be returned to the shop) but WHY have they taken the 'mark' feature out of messaging, so you can't mark lots of messages and then delete them all in one go?? And why no drafts or saved messages folders in messaging ?? That's really irritating, but I still love the phone for its simple, no nonsense, reliable working and excellent battery.

Reviewed by Raul from India on 21st Jul 2010
Very good battery life. BL-5CT 1050 mAh Li-Ion battery. Talk time: 8 hrs (GSM) Standby time: 515hrs/23 days (GSM). For those who wants good battery life with all latest features in budget.

Reviewed by nyong, israel from Nigeria on 19th Jul 2010
The phone seems cute but the problem am having is that the 2Gb memory cards is not often read by the phone but if you try this card in another device it seems ok. There is also concern about the screen saver thing, it doesnt really work. The phone is not also auto focus, they lied about that too.

Reviewed by Declan from UK on 9th Jul 2010
Got this on a contract from the carphonewarehouse simfree and a very reasonable tariff. If you just want to make calls, send texts, listen to music with your own headphones(yes, you can), check facebook pages, this is for you. I had a touchscreen for a few days and hated every second of it. Battery life is reminiscent of the old Nokia 6310i(still have it as a spare!!). If it had 3G and was Quadband it would have got 5 stars. Stick to basics, that's my advice.Don't waste money on gimmicks

Reviewed by calin from Romania on 5th Jul 2010
video recording is worse. but has abyone o photo made to a document?

Reviewed by Alex from Wales on 16th Jun 2010
Good phone but find flashing warning light for messages and calls goes off after 10 minutes and also there are no slepp or power saving modes in settings so screen is completely blank after 5 minutes, doe anyone know how to put this right?

Reviewed by noel hews from mongolia on 15th Jun 2010
better than chilli powder !!!!!!

Reviewed by woodie from uk on 11th Jun 2010
6303 I have is fab but would like the i for the extra battery life regardless.

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