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Nokia 6303 Classic review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated September 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The 6303 Classic is a modern reworking of the classic Nokia 6300. It's a no-nonsense easy-to-use handset with an attractive stainless steel finish.



The Nokia 6303 Classic is the upgrade for the Nokia 6300, which has been a bestseller for the past couple of years and one of our favourite Nokias of all-time. The 6303 Classic updates the technology and the styling of the 6300, fixing the 6300's problem of poor battery life.

Slightly larger than the 6300, but with rounded edges, the 6303 retains the smart stainless steel finish of its predecessor, but has a softer, more rounded style. The 6303 is a few grams heavier than the 6300 and feels good in the palm, but is by no means a heavy phone. One noticeable design improvement is the larger screen. At 2.2 inches across, and with 16.7 million colours, this is a comfortable display for this type of phone, and is bright and with a good number of pixels (320 x 240). The large screen, well-designed keypad and familiar Nokia menus make the phone very easy to use.

The camera has been significantly upgraded and has a 3.2 megapixel detector, with autofocus and a dual LED flash. Whilst not a replacement for a dedicated digicam, this is a respectable camera that is capable of taking print quality pictures under most lighting conditions. The video recording capability is good too, with a high maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, although only at 15 frames per second. There is no video calling, as this is not a 3G handset.

The music player can handle all standard formats, and there is also a stereo FM radio with RDS, so that you can see which channel you are tuned to, and also the details of the music playing. And we're delighted to see the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which means that you can plug in any standard-fit headphone of your choice.

An essential for a music player is a decent amount of memory, and whilst the 6303 comes with just 17MB of internal flash memory, it has the option of adding a microSD memory card up to 4GB.

A major shortcoming of the 6300 was the poor battery life - a common problem with slimline phones. Nokia seem to have solved this one, and the 6303 Classic has a significantly extended battery life, although the quoted figure of 7 hours talktime seems to be optimistic - was this test carried out standing next to a mobile mast?

Connectivity is good too. As well as the 3.5mm audio jack previously mentioned, the 6303 has USB and Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate.

The 6303 is priced at around the £100 mark at launch, so don't expect lot of high-end features. But it does have some nice touches, like Nokia Maps (but no GPS received), voice commands, email support and a web browser. The sales package is generous and includes a stereo headset, a micro-USB cable and a 1GB memory card. Nokia have done an excellent job of updating one of our favourite phones, and we highly recommend this phone for anyone looking for a budget upgrade, or in search of a solid reliable phone for business or personal use.

The new Nokia 6303i Classic is a slightly updated version with a more powerful battery and improved social networking.

Nokia 6303 Classic features include:

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Asked by john from uk on 3rd Nov 2017

Is it 3g?

Asked by scott from uk on 20th Apr 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 20th Apr 2016
No, it's a tri-band GSM (2G) phone with GPRS & EDGE data.

Nokia 6303 Classic user reviews

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Average rating from 423 reviews:

Reviewed by andrew from spain on 23rd Feb 2017
this phone is very good...........................excelent
it has an excelent sound equalizer

Reviewed by Ricky from Uk on 14th Jun 2015
This is the best phone i've had and prefer it more that androids windows and blackberry phones its a shame that microsoft bought out nokia mobile but hope nokia can relaunch mobile products.

Reviewed by christopher chawiya from malawi on 11th May 2015
This is sooooo nice phone to all its activitles.

Reviewed by Murat from Kazakhstan on 4th Jul 2014
love it ! with it, there is no need to have a hand-big smartphone ! it'll be wiser to use an ipad than smartphone!

however, i would use it till my ending if it could be easier for carrying ``` i mean, if it could be designed in wrist-style as regular wrist watch

Reviewed by banda rajesh from india on 18th Feb 2014
Nokia 6303 Classic mobile is sooo sweet and operating is easily to understand the every person and one more my personnal reuested software is improved for this genaration. thanking for this model improving batch. All the best.

Reviewed by BABU from BANGLADESH on 9th Feb 2014

Reviewed by v.ajith from india on 19th Nov 2013
Excellent very nice super camra but ican't understand except jar and txt what other types of file or formats or application does it supports . i love it it has s40v6 os

Reviewed by Marion Walter from UK on 10th Mar 2013
Excellent but I have difficulty hearing incoming voices ... is there anyway of adjusting this?

Reviewed by Declan from UK on 16th Dec 2012
for a few years, we have been plagued with endless smartphones coming out. I decided to go back to basics and get one of these. Got a decent one in the CEX at a great price with a year's warranty. You can still use a memory card if you want to use it as a music player. Strong reception, great battery life. I can still check my emails, facebook, etc.

Reviewed by Dermot from ireland on 22nd Sep 2012
The best phone i had in 20 years,battery never went flat in 3 years it fell on the ground few times still working perfect,have 2 so im sorted for few years nokia the best.

Reviewed by nikhil from india on 28th Aug 2012

Reviewed by Ciara Howes from Sulby, north beyond the wall on 6th Aug 2012
Not being funny, but the people giving the low star reviews are insanely small minded. I struggle with technology at the best of times, hence the teenager with the nokia 6303 in 2012 instead of a smart phone ( out of choice I might add), but even i know how to use the volume controls on the side of the phone. Also, how you can not hear the vibrate on this thing is an absolute mystery , it sounds like a herd of elephants doing the congo while shooting military assault rifles off the back of a helicopter. The suggestion from 'Ali G' to 'put it on vibrate and finish yourself off' would cause screams of pleasure heard from ten doors down.
In short, not a quiet phone..

This phone is indestructible. Even a dying battery can not kill this phone. Or being dropped and stamped on in world war 1 trench conditions.

Camera is great , unfortunately the screen stops the pictures from being viewed properly, however when the photo's are transferred to laptop/computer they are great ( 3.2 megapixel, more than a certain samsung galaxy y, which is a supposed 'smart phone')

My only criticism would be that when in actual phone calls it can be quite quiet and difficult to hear the other party speak, however loud speaker solves this problem as when put quietly it sounds like a normal phone and does not air any business in public, but still allows you to hear the conversation.

Reviewed by P from Ireland on 1st Aug 2012
I've had a 6303 got a new nokia then got a iphone and now gone back to a 6303. iphone too big. Always had Nokia before iphone because they work. Nokia Classic 6303 is a great phone easy to use...
I am waiting for Nokia to get their finger out and produce a decent smart phone that fits in a pocket and works. I have got my hands on some decent second hand Nokia Classic 6303 so should be able wait a few more years.

Reviewed by D Jones. from Jersey. Channel Islands, UK on 10th Jul 2012
I've had my Nokia Classic 6303 for a few years now,I can truthfully say that this Phone has an excellent battery life and I would highly recommend this phone "GREAT".

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 2nd May 2012
Got nokia 6303 and 6303i. The software on the 6303 is stabler and miles more reliable. 6303 is a great phone.

Reviewed by josh from england on 18th Apr 2012
I had a nokia 6303 classic, it had a wonderfull battery life which is a lot better than the battery lifespan of my new samsung galaxy ace.

Reviewed by saeed MUHAMMAD from UK on 11th Apr 2012
nokia 6303i classic is better all sony ericson, LG, Motorolla, samsung, and china mobiles. Easy to use, messaging a lot of, and internet system. I like very much. From charsadda.

Reviewed by Gaurav sharma from india on 25th Feb 2012
6303 is a great phone this phone is very heavy steel body its sooooooooo good .

Reviewed by Peter from England on 24th Feb 2012
Great phone keep going back to it. Its tough as nails.

Reviewed by Kishor Munot from India on 11th Feb 2012
Nokia 6303 is very best mobile for me But I face One problem
When I connect my Mobile to PC " Setting file missing from Phone" Message will come and phone will be not connected by PC suit. so give solution on My mail kishor_munot2007@yahoo.co.in

Reviewed by Anta from UK on 9th Feb 2012
This phone does have delivery report option you have to switch it on.

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 8th Feb 2012
Great phone to own. Easy to use etc and it Does have delivery report option you have to switch it on or if using 02 put *#0# at beginning of texts. Reports are dependant on network not the phone.

Reviewed by James from UK on 3rd Feb 2012
Glogs Delivery reports do work on this phone its down to the network not the phone. Ive used it on voda an orange. Go in an activate the settings. Great phone.

Reviewed by glogs from UK on 24th Jan 2012
worse phone ive ever owened. plus no delivery reports on this phone

Reviewed by darren from jersey on 21st Jan 2012
i had a nokia 6303 for 18 months,, best phone ive ever had,, ive just upgraded to a nokia 500, by the way i use the term upgraded loosely!! as far as im concerned its a step backwards,,the more technoligy involved the more problems you have,, this is my 2nd handset and soon to be my third,, the slightest problem and the whole phone freezes, im actually goin to get it fixed and swap it for a new 6303,, i guess what im trying to say is never ever get a nokia 500 and oldschool is always best!

Reviewed by viola from new york on 10th Jan 2012

Reviewed by toddy anora from phillipines on 1st Jan 2012
verry good phone

Reviewed by John Martyn from Australia on 30th Dec 2011
The 6303 has been a great phone but a bit dated now as it is definitely not a smartphone. I do use the internet on it using the built in opera browser, but it is quite slow and cumbersome to use. Getting a bit old now and the battery life is definitely not what it was when I bought the phone. I've got a 4 Gig card in it and lots of MP3's, a bit sad that the radio only works when you plug in a set of headphones. Camera is good, one of the main reasons I bought the phone was for a reasonable camera with a flash. The built in maps have also been more useful than you would think without the GPS receiver. I have found numerous addresses with the phone and you have the ability to scroll around the map which is a plus. I will eventually upgrade to a smartphone, but am unsure whether to stay with Nokia, go Android or something like Bada. Th longer I hold off the better and cheaper my new phone will be. But the 6303 is still doing a streling job.

Reviewed by Aakash K from India on 27th Dec 2011
Bought it probably three years back and man,to my surprise this phone has never troubled me till now.. Its as easy and handy as it was before.. No crash, no viruses yet.. Just love this phone.

Reviewed by Asif from Rourkela from India on 26th Dec 2011
Nokia 6303 classis is the best phone. It is simple in handling. It also give 3.2 mg with flash camera i like it

Reviewed by Nitesh Prakash from India on 5th Dec 2011
i love dis mobile...

Reviewed by heyoe from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
Nokia is the best fhone ever made

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 28th Oct 2011
This phone its not rubbish its class i keep going back to 6303 after having i phone an nokia c3 01. This phone does what it says in the manual. The light sensor adapts the screen brightness to different lightings ie daylight dark etc. This is class phone.

Reviewed by Ikrombek from UK on 25th Oct 2011
Nokia 6303 very good for use, but just I don't understand what is the light sensor and how does it work?

Reviewed by Mohammad Motiur Rahman from UK on 19th Oct 2011
I am faceing softwere hang problem sometimes

Reviewed by vinay from UK on 18th Oct 2011
my nokia 6303 bluetooth did not turn on ,when i try to turn on ,then my mobile just switch off...you need to flash the phone. once you flash the phone, it will commence work properly.

Reviewed by Raphael Jimmy from UK on 16th Oct 2011
its a great phone, although i'm having problem with the backlight.

Reviewed by ella from UK on 14th Oct 2011
rubbish!!! it froze so i turnt it off went to turn it on again and oops it didnt... what a load of rubbish.

Reviewed by fabrice from UK on 17th Sep 2011
all i can say is thumbs up to nokia,its a great deal if you buy the 6300.i love it!!

Reviewed by asg from UK on 8th Sep 2011
Nokia is my favourite...& 6303c is truely an awesome phone, I'm using it for almost 2yrs now, fallen from my hands so many tyms'sumtyms so roughly but stll workng great,perhaps one of the most toughest phones ever came across, its stainless steel body really protects the phone well,after all nokIA are masters of the phone hardwares....best.... :-)

Reviewed by wasim from UK on 7th Sep 2011
6303c speaker is too low

Reviewed by J Ward from UK on 1st Sep 2011
Absolutely hopeless. Breaks down Charging function conked out after 15 months Bought new charger and new battery - Still no good Can only get get it fixed by returning to Nokia - up to 10 days to fix. Ridiculous So, had to spend more money on a temp phone as Orange wont replace the phone until 2 year contract is up. Oranges attitude was'well it's electronic and they will go wrong' - useless as well and no help whatsoever.

Reviewed by indra narayan sharma from UK on 29th Aug 2011
I like this phone and this software, this is a official mobile phone

Reviewed by rupert from UK on 28th Aug 2011
i never wanted the 6303 classic but when i was given it, that changed. I have now had it for a year but still get confused with the way that it is organised. I am now moving on to a smart phone though, but it is still my favourite phone of those that I've had

Reviewed by Yaseer from UK on 21st Aug 2011
Nokia 6303 is very nice to use.fast internet&best youtube play,its like to use 3g mobile,comfortabale key board to type fast.

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 19th Aug 2011
I really like this phone, however disappointed that it is not fully supported by Applemac with the i sync app. and Nokia's Multimedia Transfer app.. Also I have had trouble setting up Email. The phone itself can be a bit top heavy when texting etc due to the layout but has some good features and the camera is good at 3.2 mp. Overall though this phone is well worth its now lower price than the initial £120 that I paid when it was first bought out.

Reviewed by Badger from UK on 14th Aug 2011
Some of its cons that bother me: 1.no document reader(but its not a problem anymore as u can download a .doc .docx &pdf reader frm ovistore) 2.low fps while recording vids. (as said above) things i thought it wouldnt hav (when i bought it): 1.(very)decent quality camera,and the are pretty much HQish. 2.ultra uber soft keypad (i mean it)

Reviewed by HateNokia from UK on 11th Aug 2011
It is not at all goodd...it has multiple problems..Network access, switch off suddenly, speaker problem

Reviewed by Marlon from UK on 4th Aug 2011
The best phone i hv used, mwah

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 28th Jul 2011
I am thinking about getting another of these as mine has actually been under water several times and dried out ok.I was told that the phone may start to degrade gsadually and it has some 6 months after its last bath.The contacts memory is a bit wonky but otherwise it has been a good phone as I am a bit careless I dont want to pay alot and this has a good camera for the money.

Reviewed by Lucky Augustine from UK on 27th Jul 2011
I love this 6303.. Its user friendly.

Reviewed by Umair Chaudhary from UK on 25th Jul 2011
some problem with its content its content is not deleting from dailing list but it is best for using internet

Reviewed by Angie from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
Great phone i have the 6303c an 6303i. I much prefer the 6303 an keep that as my main phone as its problem free for me unlike 6303i. You do get delivery reports on text messages if network supports them. Im on vodafone an i get them fine. 6303c is a great handset.

Reviewed by Swap from UK on 19th Jul 2011
I luvs my cellphone

Reviewed by sumit aher from UK on 9th Jul 2011
i m sumit using nokia 6303classic i have many problem with my mob . One major prob is that mobile need flashing in each and evry week . It very irryteting and costing money . That mobile dead in every week . So plz send the solution about that problem on my e-mail ----- sumit.aher007@gmail.com

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 27th Jun 2011
this has some great feature but the signal capture is very poor. one minute 4 bars then the next nothing

Reviewed by Kheiro Rahmani from Algeria from UK on 6th Jun 2011
it's an amazing phone. i like it so much. it's just perfect. the camera.screen.sound.memory...ex

Reviewed by klanging from UK on 31st May 2011
its an excellent phone BUT, i turn my phone off each night using the top on/off switch, TWICE within 18 months this has broken resulting in me being unable to turn my phone on. It seems to be a typical Nokia fault. it seems to happen just after ive turned it on in a morning, it turns itself off then thats it it ceases working!!! SO ANNOYING! So I DEF wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone

Reviewed by Shreya from UK on 23rd May 2011
I Just Love my phone....ahhhh its Awsome

Reviewed by atik waghela from UK on 22nd May 2011
its a nice phone but dere is one problem dat it doesnt show the correct time of the meassages..wt to do!

Reviewed by bilal from UK on 18th May 2011
it is nice

Reviewed by Prasanna from UK on 17th May 2011
Sound is bad

Reviewed by doug from UK on 8th May 2011
Great phone, easy to use but cant get it to work with my car bluetooth. connects ok but no sound coming from car speakers, also will not transfer contacts list

Reviewed by mrs M Akrigg from UK on 4th May 2011
I really liked this phone but unfortunately someone stole my handbag and i now don't have it and i miss this phone liked it better than any other i've had

Reviewed by Mac the bum dipper from UK on 21st Apr 2011
I've had this phone for a year now. Great little thing, good battery life. Couple of issues - once it has been running for maybe a month or two, certain functions stop working and it needs a restart. Also, and mainly, the quality of what people hear on the other end of the phone is poor, like the signal being sent from my phone is too loud and it's distorting. Apart from that, love the toughness, love the look. Love you Hollie, never forget you.

Reviewed by rnr from UK on 20th Apr 2011
I bought my nokia 6303c last january 2010 and it is still performing well up to now. It seems to be still one of the latest midrange nokia phones of 2011. Simple to use but with great features and i use its camera for snapping pictures and turns out so clear and crispy when saved to images. Still my primary phone together w my nokia n79.

Reviewed by Rashid khan from UK on 18th Apr 2011
it's good phone but,6303i its better than 6303

Reviewed by MELVIN HOWARD from UK on 5th Apr 2011

Reviewed by Magan from UK on 4th Apr 2011
I have been using nokia 6303 since last year. No doubt the handset is good , camera clearity in high as dual led flash makes it powerful... U may face a little problem for texting as the keys are very close to each other.... Other thing its low internal memory , although it comes with 17 mb but u wont get even that... It will to only 7-8 free memory available... If u want a budget mobile , its a best deal...

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 1st Apr 2011
This is my second nokia63031 and i chose it because I am an old dinasour and had one previously... only problem is that it only shows CALL when I have incoming calls and not who it is... I have my 'notification - show all' on as someone previously suggested, and I dont have any numbers duplicated but it hasnt sorted the problem...help greatly appreciated before I have to make a journey into town and try and find an orange shop to help. Thanks

Reviewed by Pixie from UK on 27th Mar 2011
Got this phone from a hand-me-down of my Dad. Despite having quite a positive review, teenagers around the age of 14/15 arent really going to find this phone cool. However, the pictures are quite despite the video being only able to take short videos and the messaging is quite good too. Aswell as that, i find the music player pretty rubbish and VERY low but the games are alright. Ive had this phone for about a year now and let me tell you, IT'S REALLY BORING.

Reviewed by Sabrina from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
It's not a bad phone if your funds are low or you're not looking to spend a lot. The camera is pretty good for the price of the phone and the screens not bad either. I bought this phone as my samsung tocco lite broke and I needed something just untill I could afford the phone I wanted, but I ended up keeping it for a little longer than planned. Also the battery life is good. Internet is decent but youtube is poor.

Reviewed by Di Garside from UK on 14th Mar 2011
Ive come across several problems with this phone. I turned my phone on yesterday and I have lost several of my telephone contacts! Other faults Ive had with this phone was the phone disconnecting/cutting off mid way through a conversation. Also problems with the speaker of the phone not working and people not hearing me when I answered the phone. All in all Ive not been very happy with this phone.

Reviewed by Somsamorn from UK on 14th Mar 2011
I really like and have been using it for 5months but i would like u to upgrade and update it 3G phone. I really want to use in 3G PHONE AND SMART PHONE.

Reviewed by BIMAL KOIRALA from UK on 7th Mar 2011

Reviewed by DONATUS DZISSAH from UK on 2nd Mar 2011

Reviewed by MGC from UK on 18th Feb 2011
Excellent no nonsense phone only spoiled for me by Vodafone re-programming the software to prevent you from re-allocating the right navigation key to any task other than "Web". A very neat way to ensure you regularly go onto the internet & get charged for it whether or not you wanted to! This key is the main key for exiting other functions & is therefore very easy to hit in error, which is what Vodafone rely on. Buy this phone from Nokia & the key is able to be allocated any task!

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 16th Feb 2011
Superb phone i agree with dave the 6303c is miles ahead of 6303i. It works as it should the software is bug free on mine whereas 6303i says my phone memorys full when theres nothing on it. I got my 2nd 6303 recently as there discontinued in uk and wanted another as there superb well worth the buy. Go for it.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 10th Feb 2011
nowhere near as good as the original.i have sent 2 brand new phones back to orange due to software problems.can't mark messages or insert contact details into messages,memory full when it obviously isn't and many other faults that you only find out about when your 7 day refund policy has expired! don't touch with a barge pole get your old 6303c or 6700 reconditioned and save on stress(i'm no further on a month after my upgrade)

Reviewed by Nithin from UK on 9th Feb 2011
very good phone.. value for money

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 29th Jan 2011
Like so many other people I have had allsorts of phones. My recent two were/are the Blackberry Bold 9700 (sat on it and the screen cracked) and now the HTC Wildfire. My other half has the iPhone 4. I know this is a review for the Nokia 6303 but I’ll get to my point in a min. My Bold 9700 was the daddy for emails and texting. It was good for browsing the web. It lacked the capabilities of an iPhone, but the iPhone lacks what the Bold 9700 has. So in all they fair against each other for different reasons. After I broke the screen I was looking for a new phone that could be both a BB and an iPhone. I looked at the HTC brand as a whole and decided that the Wildfire would suit. How wrong was I. The Wildfire has a terrible battery life. Worse than that of an iPhone. My battery lasts 20 hours if I am lucky even when little used. What is the point of having a phone with all those features if the battery does not last? My Bold 9700 lasted a very long time even with heavy use. I now have a choice. Keep using the Wildfire for which I have gotten past the ‘New Gadget’ stage and use my good old faithful Nokia 6303. I bought this 6303 a few years ago before I ventured toward Blackberry. The Nokia is basic, but it still does most of what I want. Basic email, text and phone calls. Not a gamer really and never would buy a phone to use for games. The 6303 does lack GPS that I use when out walking, mountain biking etc and want to track my route etc. I think I will do what most people do when they have a basic phone or a Blackberry and use my Wildfire like a iPod Touch. Nokia 6303 rules…………….

Reviewed by WillJBT from UK on 27th Jan 2011
Love it. Longlife battery, SD card up to 32Gb, bluetooth connection to sony bluetooth headphones lasts all day even after a year! Even links well to a nokia GPS module & have half the world on maps. Whoever said it only holds 70 texts never put a bigger card in it, doh! Probably get the same for my next upgrade for a backup.

Reviewed by Roy from UK on 21st Jan 2011
I have had the 6303 classic for 6 months and its a great phone. Everything works as long as its set up as it should be. The only gripe I have is that the vibrate function will not work on its own. It works if the sound is on as well, but not if the sound is off. I've looked through all the settings for the "vibrate only" setting but its not there. Anyone any ideas? Thanks

Reviewed by Todaishe Mangwiza from UK on 21st Jan 2011
very gud screen. good battery life. good music player and volume. bad night photography. faulty phonebook. but it passes.

Reviewed by VIVEK (gandhi nagar) from UK on 21st Jan 2011
It is phone with really good camera ,,,,its screen gives a almost hd clearence of videos u want to see............but shall buy 5230 after

Reviewed by Rajabilal from UK on 17th Jan 2011
Ange sir i have genuin nokia 6303c and actually my father gift to me in starting 6303c i gonna be good but after 4month i used i seem there problems now more problem camra say standby and also now radio not playing and vedio files also am bored now this phone bluetooth also what what what could i do please please help of i also uptodate fireware 10.12

Reviewed by Ange from UK on 15th Jan 2011
Rajabilal is yours genuine nokia or a copy? Ring nokia helpline and theyl tell you if its genuine. Mines made in hungary bought from reputable seller an is great. Take yours back an ask for an exchange or repair.

Reviewed by Alan w from UK on 14th Jan 2011
I've had mine for 18 months now, its my favourite phone over the many years and phones. its slim, stylish, reliable, great battery life, clear speech and earpiece, holds onto a signal well. lets not forget above all else , we all want a good prforming telephone.....as a telephone. and its great at that, lots of features i dont use much, but a cracking bit of kit with a nice clear display. I give it 5 stars because it deserves it and i'd replace it with same tomorrow, well done Nokia !!

Reviewed by Rajabilal from UK on 14th Jan 2011
I have and i hate it because when i got this mobile in since 2010 gonna be exelent and now i have because i don't know what happen autooccuilly have problem bluetooth hange and camara also and its also warnted 7 month left hange e.t.c but i like it lcd. Please if any body have solution please contat me at rajabilal2@gmail.com i

Reviewed by Peter james from UK on 13th Jan 2011
Had many phones since 6303 but still go back to 6303. Top phone in every aspect

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 11th Jan 2011
Great camera. Sound loud i dont understand how people cant hear it. Unless they have it on silent its a great phone. Dont know where you got yours nicola but ask for another. This phone is very good.

Reviewed by Nicola from UK on 10th Jan 2011
Got this phone as a replacemene first few weeks then the key light decided to flicker a lot, when i took it back they said its a sensor when its dark the keys will light up, even though i said it was fine a min ago before i came in, also the sound is pants, it will take ages to get loud by the time i can hear it ring if in my bag, it has gone to voice mail and i have missed the call. Also, the camera is rubbish, takes ages to take the photo, and the moment has gone. I need to now charge it everyday, even if the phone is off i will loose alot of power. now a problem has occured that it wont turn on when i turn it on, the keys flash then nothing it takes ages before it reconises that i have turned it on. Do not buy this phone, role on the 25th jan when I can order a new WORKING phone. I was told that nokias are the best, they are but this is a mega dissapointment! 0/5 starts

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 7th Jan 2011
Some people pick up on silly things. This is a phone its miles better than 6300. Its a different phone altogether. The os Superb. The message operation superb. Miles ahead.

Reviewed by lithuanian from UK on 5th Jan 2011
I`m huge nokia fan, had 6300 and was very happy, bought this phone and thouth it would be the same but with better battery life and cameta. The battery and camera are really good, but i HATE the new OS. in previous models if you have new sms it its allways on top in the inbox, but not in this model so if you have new sms its stays in the same place no matter if you read it or not. Second thing i hate about 6303 that you cant insert phone number from phonebook in sms, you only can send visit card or sent number as mms msg... HATE THIS PHONE!!!!

Reviewed by Angie from UK on 1st Jan 2011
Super phone beats 6303i any day i have both an much prefer 6303. Works a treat.

Reviewed by Hammad Wattoo from UK on 31st Dec 2010
I love my mobile so much but after 1 month my mobile became the most bad mobile in the world, because of his camera,bluetooth,radio,video quality has been lost since one month so my friends what can i do i am so missing my mobile phone camera and everyting which was lost please tell me a way to find a way to set my mobile camera please please please pleaseplease pleas!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 26th Dec 2010
Great phone go for it if you can get one.

Reviewed by Ankit from UK on 8th Dec 2010
I advise u never to buy Nokia 6303 my mobile accidentally get kernel crush once again and i have to go to NCC once again I have to wait for 7-14 days just for reinstalling software... :(

Reviewed by sweety from UK on 1st Dec 2010
fantastic camera GOOD

Reviewed by ajit from UK on 20th Nov 2010
excellent phone

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