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Nokia 6301 review

 Review: January 2008  


In a nutshell: The 6301 is an enhanced version of the now classic 6300 phone. This is an elegant slimline phone finished in stainless steel, and with excellent ease of use.


The Nokia 6300 was our favourite Nokia of 2007, and launching in January 2008 comes the 6301. The 6301 is almost exactly the same as the 6300, but with the addition of one new and important feature: WiFi connectivity with UMA support.

What is UMA? It's a way for you to make free phone calls over a WiFi / WLAN network connection. Very simply, you make a call over a broadband internet connection instead of the usual GSM cellular network. Apart from being free, you have the benefit of stronger reception, and faster data connections. You can use this at home, in the office or in any WiFi "hotspot" such as Starbucks.

Apart from the addition of UMA, the 6301 is almost exactly the same as the 6300. The thickness of the phone has been increased by about a millimetre to allow room for a slightly more powerful battery, which is a welcome improvement. The only other difference is that the 6301 has more internal user memory: 30 Mbytes instead of 7.8 Mbytes, and can support microSD memory cards up to 4 Gbytes.

In other words, the 6301 takes an excellent phone as its starting point, makes a couple of minor but welcome improvements, and adds in a brand new feature: UMA. We are awarding the 6301 4 stars, the same as the 6300, as we think that these are minor enhancements and we doubt that UMA is going to take off in a big way just yet. Read our Nokia 6300 review for full details about what this phone can do.

Nokia 6301 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
  • Video camera (176 x 144 pixels)
  • Display: TFT, 16.7 million colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H.263, H.264 formats)
  • FM stereo radio with Visual Radio
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Voice commands and voice recording
  • MP3 ringtones, 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, video ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email, Instant messaging, Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Push to talk
  • Java games
  • Personal organiser with calendar, To-do list, and notes
  • Contacts (up to 1000)
  • Alarm clock and countdown timer (normal and interval timer)
  • Memory: 30 Mbytes plus microSD card slot (expandable up to 4 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB, WLAN
  • Flight mode
  • WAP, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • XHTML web browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 107 x 43 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 14.5 days (350 hours)

Nokia 6301 user reviews

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Average rating from 81 reviews:

Reviewed by Ron Wilson from England on 20th Sep 2012
Got my 6301 as a company phone, using Bury car kit, love it, so much that when I finished work I bought one and had the kit fitted to my car, only snag I have is the connector, the in car connection no longer works, same happened to a second phone, still charges etc just can't use the hands free !! otherwise it does what it is asked, Makes calls.

Reviewed by akinbo from nigeria on 21st Oct 2011
i love the phone

Reviewed by Brian from Uk on 22nd Sep 2011
UMA calls are NOT free. Only available if you are on Orange network, and all it does is route your calls through to Orange servers via a Wifi internet connection. Calls & text come out of your plan allowance

Reviewed by Ricki from UK on 30th Aug 2011
No useful features, cluttered with misfeatures, slow as a dog, terrible battery life, abysmal camera, illogical menu layout. Worst nokia phone I have ever owned.

Reviewed by KyleNClark from United States of America on 25th Dec 2010
Great little phone. As for the "hot phone" deal, I didn't really notice; I figured it was from being in my pocket. The battery life never bothered me; as long as I charged it at night, it never died on me. The call quality seemed just fine for me, a 17 year old, except for the speaker phone, even though I never really liked speaker phone on any phone anyway. My advice, though; DO NOT GET THE NOKIA SOFTWARE UPGRADES. When I did, my wifi stopped working. Other than that, I was very, VERY pleased with the phone. Brick-like and sturdy, clear and vibrant screen, good sound quality, okay music-from-speaker quality, easy interface, and more. In my opinion, if you're not looking for a smart phone, this is a good buy; well worth the pennies. I accidentally slammed my old 6301 in my car door about 6 months ago and. . . much to my surprise, it broke (this being the hundrenth-millionth-gazillionth time I've accidentally dropped-smashed-slammed-bashed it). My car door hinge caught the screen JUST RIGHT and cracked it and totally disconfigured the LED's, and I couldn't see the screen to work it. I was so pleased with the phone, though, I am actually shopping around for another 6301. The only reason I hadn't before is because I didn't want to spend the money. Again, as long as you DO NOT GET THE ONLINE "MYNOKIA" SOFTWARE UPGRADE your wifi should work fine. Nokia may have fixed this problem; I am not aware. OUTSTANDING little metallic phone. Oh, and the phone does say the caller names, you just have to put in the full numbers, and possibly "+1" before the area code; I can't exactly remember. I give it 4 stars.

Reviewed by Richard F from England on 17th Jul 2010
Very Poor. Nobody should buy one on Orange if they intend to use it with a Parrott car kit. Won't connect. If it does it disconnects. It is actually mentioned on the Parrot compatibilty chart, but Orange disown the problem.

Reviewed by Tim from Nigeria on 24th Feb 2010
I use the 6301; but one thing i noticed is that it emits a lot of heat within a relatively short period of use. The heat is just too much that sometimes i don't like using it so to speak. Another thing is the picture quality; it's not all that clear despite it being of a 2Mega pixel capacity.

Reviewed by Steve Harber from UK on 10th Feb 2010
Just been given a 6301 as a company phone to replace the E51 that broke. Is ok as a phone but have noticed some features that are not available compared to E51. When the phone rings, it does not say the callers name. This is very useful if you're driving and want to know who is calling. Has anyone else noticed this or have I just not found the menu setting yet?

Reviewed by irene from philippines on 10th Jan 2010
i love my 6300 phone,its a very cute and slim..very handy u can use it anywhwere you go

Reviewed by alan from england on 3rd Jan 2010
The 6301 is the worst phone ever made for ring volume. Nokia is one of the world leaders in mobiles, but they got this one WRONG

Reviewed by comesolito from united states on 27th Nov 2009
I had this phone for well over a week, i can use micro SD card 8Gb without problems only after I upgraded the firmware (i have 8.9 version now), if the phone stops using the wi fi after the upgrade is only because you haven t rebooted the phone, after that it works like a charm.

Reviewed by Jazzie from USA on 10th Nov 2009
I've had the Nokia 6301 for about 3 yrs now and I have to say this is the best for the price. I wouldnt trade this phn at all.

Reviewed by qarawol from USA on 8th Nov 2009
I have had this phone for a little over a year. I have had many other phones in the past and this has got to be the best one yet. T-Mobile is my carrier... A nice feature is the unlimited HotSpot or WiFi (UMA) connectivity. If a call is made or received when connected to a UMA and you move away from the connection and transfer to the T-Mobile carrier service; that call duration remains free. As long as the call is initiated on a UMA system and the call never drops, there will be no minutes used even if you move out of the WiFi signal and back on the carrier’s network. pros: Unlimited HotSpot WiFi calling (small $9.99 monthly fee for 5 phones) - Very small cell phone - Tethering to use as a modem either by Bluetooth or USB cable to surf the net on a laptop ($9.95 a month for unlimited data use on phone or laptop) Try doing that with an iPhone at $30.00 month data plan. - Nokia PC Suite software is very user friendly - Drop in cradle charger option - Free email usage with text plan ($19.95 month unlimited for 5 phones) - Micro SD hot swappable memory card. Manual states 4gb max, I am using an 8gb and it works fine. Sees it as a 4gb but has access to all files loaded beyond the 4gb. I have over 1500 songs, 2 full length movies, numerous video clips, and files too for this also doubles as my flash drive - I have no problems with battery life when used moderately. I don't play music for hours on end, surf the net continuously and make long phone calls. I get a good days worth and that is playing some music, watch a short video, play a game or t wo and make general phone conversations. When surfing the web, I plug in the charger via USB. I also have several spare batteries on hand to change on the fly if needed – I don’t know what some of the complaints are about the speaker phone. It is loud enough for me and it is actually one of the best sounding speakers to play music from that is built in non stereo. Did you know the speaker is only about 3/8” (9.5mm) diameter? - Nice colorful display – AD2P Bluetooth works great with all my Bluetooth headphones, speakers, headsets etc - UI is easy to understand – Overall a great cell phone… for that is what it is… A Cell Phone… with a camera, video, music player, internet surfing capabilities, etc. Don’t expect Bose quality sound, several days of talk time, poster quality pictures, DVD quality videos or to view full size web pages at high speeds. Keep in mind that it is first a cell phone and it just happens to have some added features. I now have 3 of theses Nokia 6301’s now. One for work to accept the bumps, bruises and scratches, another for after work and a 3rd for back up. I just move the SIM card as needed. cons: unable to use the internet and phone at the same time… meaning, internet drops off when a call is received or placed but reconnects when the call has ended. – Text is way too small on some screens even when using the large font option – in the beginning, when I first got the phone, I had many dropped calls when using the home WiFi and I had connection issues. Now that I have upgraded the firmware, I have no problems at all and never had another dropped call. Njoy...

Reviewed by Ren from USA on 11th Oct 2009
This phone seemed like the greatest thing to get my man because he works for a tree service and often times, he doesn't get reception. Neither does he at his house. The WiFi looked so good because of that and we got the phone for him. As it turns out, it was great, for a week and then it all went to junk. It started to cut out on calls and lose battery life until finally, it wouldn't charge, at all. So, we thought it was just a random dud and we got it replaced. It wasn't a random dud. This new phone is starting to drop calls and lose battery life. Overall, it is a sucky phone.

Reviewed by B.easy from USA on 29th Jul 2009
Cheap. Crappy headphone slots. Tinny sound quality. Shell out the extra bucks and get something worth it.

Reviewed by poor boy jones from botswana on 20th Jun 2009
its a perfect phone and not too expensive, i think its a reaaaaaaaaaly great phone!

Reviewed by mhamed from usa on 16th Jun 2009
the battery in nokia 6301 is very poor. ringing sound is not loud enough. the phone became hot while I am using it. the other features are ok.

Reviewed by david from usa on 14th Jun 2009
Good until I dunked it! Doesn't get loud enough on either regular or speaker. Not enough shorcuts on the display....if you want a feature you have to hunt for it. Overall good.

Reviewed by Neil from U.K on 31st May 2009
Had this phone a couple of weeks now and its o.k It replaced a Sony and the reception is far better on the Nokia. Wi-fi works well for me altough it does have to be close to the router. The phone works fine with my hands free Parrot and even though the battery is not great it just about lasts a day. So far no glitches

Reviewed by Shadeux from England on 6th Apr 2009
Had around 6 nokias over the years but i really do think this is the best of them all. Love it.

Reviewed by dan ag from usa on 8th Mar 2009
great looking phone but have been having problems for some reason phone keeps turning off when an unknown icon??? looks like an envelope and flips back and forth like an attachment icon??? very annoying phone carrier replaced phone twice.battery life is good compared to my z3 motorola.camera not that good.

Reviewed by Brianne from Canada on 28th Feb 2009
got my phone from Fido, good service. good camera considering its a CAMERA PHONE!!! the a bit sluggish but overall good performance. wifi works good at home but not at work ( ? ) Battery life is ok, i'm lettin it die a few times. the first day i didn't and i should have, it didn't last very long but even after letting it die completely once the battery life has improved! Very durable, great size, overall a decent phone.

Reviewed by James from UK on 25th Feb 2009
Had this phone through the ocmpany for 4 months now. First 6301 got v.hot during a call, and ate the entire battery. Got a new one from orange. This phone has a ton of good features, done badly. The bluetooth is hopeless with a hands free kit, frequently crashing, disonnecting and generaly undoing the benefits of a hands-free kit. The WLAN works intermittantly. During a half hour call to Canada, it started on UMA then spent the last 29mins over the cell network, at overseas rates! Does nokia have a firmware update to fix this phone yet?

Reviewed by fani from albania on 24th Feb 2009
i love it, but camera is not the best :))

Reviewed by upkiller from Canada on 13th Feb 2009
this is the most useless phone i ever had, i owned a SE K800i for 2 years (not a single glitch) then decided to go with the nokia 6301 beacause of no reception where i had moved... pros: slim phone, nice screen. cons: ridicoulous camera, very sluggish interface especially if you use "my personal menu"(or wtv it`s called) useless battery (power both wifi and BT, + a little talk and you won`t last a day on a full charge), wifi drops calls all the time and now (just after owning the phone for 2 months) it won`t power on anymore... and no, it didnot fall or receive abuse. all in all, i HATE this phone

Reviewed by JW from Engerland on 27th Jan 2009
Nice phone,Good reception,dont know what the fuss is about the battery life,let it run out before you recharge it and no problems so far.One minor gripe is the quality of sound when in loudspeaker mode,it just aint loud enough

Reviewed by mikey! from canda on 25th Jan 2009
all you people r complain about battery and how it does not charge its probaly your fault for not lettin the battery die when yo get and then charge it.

Reviewed by lee from United Kingdom on 25th Jan 2009
this is a great phone but if you want to use it with an in built bluetooth or a bluetooth parrot buy another phone as the software of this phone isn't compatible i constantly have problems were it won't conect it plays up inone way or another generally every day ive contacted orange and nokia and neither company will admit liability as it would cost them millions

Reviewed by madeleine from USA on 7th Jan 2009
Terrible battery life, and also phone got very hot even during a 15 minute conversation. Although I only used it as a phone, the battery ran out of power after less than 2 hours total talk time. After two days I returned the phone.

Reviewed by CC from USA on 6th Jan 2009
This is the worst phone I've ever owned. Here are my pro's and con's Pros: Easily syncs with Outlook, Bluetooth (when it works), WiFi (wehn it works), FM Radio (when it works) Cons: Battery life is 24hrs at best, Phone becomes sluggish after being powered on for more than twelve hours requiring constant rebooting, very annoying after owning a razor for 4 years and only turning it off on the airplane. WiFi drops calls repeatedly and I don't have great reception where I live resulting in a lot of dropped calls. Radio sometimes won't start until I reboot the phone. Bluetooth randomly disconnects, Phone randomly drops calls with excellent tower strength etc... Don't buy this phone unless you have money to waste. In fact don't buy anything from T-Mobile.

Reviewed by Philippe from France on 21st Dec 2008
I'm not satisfied about my Nokia 6301, I have to charge it every two days. I think, the battery is not adapted to the mobile (not enough power)

Reviewed by Howard from England on 5th Dec 2008
? Seams like a great mobile in all aspects, But I am now on my 3rd phone due to poor battery life(not the battery the phone drags it down)my current phone discharged within 24hrs from a full battery and I only received one 5 minute call And the second complaint is the bluetooth after working well for a short number of days then decided to stop working on two out of the three

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 29th Nov 2008
I liked the phone but like other users have found out the battery doesnt last very long which is annoying when your out early in the morning and decide to go out at night!

Reviewed by Chris* from Canada on 27th Nov 2008
Please understand one thing...just because some people on here can't figure out how to use the phone properly doesn't make it a bad phone (it mean they are stupid people). The phone is solid and an example of what a good quality build is. Reception and battery are better than ANY Moto, LG, or Sony period!

Reviewed by Gino from Canada on 25th Nov 2008
I must of had about 20 different phones in the past 8 years and by far this phone is the best i had.reception is great, easy to use. Had the 6300 for 3 years must of fallen 1000 times and still never had problem. Lost it about 3 weeks ago and just got the 6301. It works like a beauty. BEST FHONE FOR YOUR BUCK

Reviewed by Priya from London on 15th Nov 2008
great phone. just loved it.

Reviewed by robert from australia on 10th Nov 2008
greatest phone its plain and simple eassy to press the keys and most of all its good for ringing people playing music and for the teens the blutooth is excellent

Reviewed by Nokia from USA on 21st Oct 2008
Yes, battery life is too short. But i did an improvement. My nokia came with battery BL-4c which is 720 mAh. I got a BL-5c with 1000 mAh. I made some adjustments to my battery and it did fit phone. Now battery life is much better.

Reviewed by sikandar from pakistan on 20th Oct 2008
i like this product

Reviewed by Anthony from UK on 15th Oct 2008
Phone is nice but Nokia should clarify that you can't browse the internet over WLAN. VOIP calls are only possible if you buy a UMA bundle from your provider. I saw WLAN in the specification and assumed I could browse the internet using it but you can't

Reviewed by chris from usa on 3rd Oct 2008
absolutely love this phone amazing realiable, great call quality and the wi-fi are great. only con is the sub-par battery life, but easy to deal with. I highly reccomend this phone.

Reviewed by S Pearce from Wales on 1st Oct 2008
Love the phone Why has the rabbit screensaver stopped moving though! My garandson and myself are gutted! Photo's good but how can I transfer them to my computer

Reviewed by John from Canada on 11th Sep 2008
this is a great phone.I figured out how to use the camera, and really appreciate the quality of the display. Great Phone, recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by John from canada on 9th Sep 2008
camera sucks i dont like it

Reviewed by michelle from france on 7th Sep 2008
I live in an area with poor mobile reception & thought that this phone would solve my problems. unfortunately I was wrong. It just doesn't always find the connection even when i'm next to the live box. When you do get a connection, it often loses it again, so i spend a lot of time redialing. I find it incredibly frustrating. Apart from the unreliable connection...which is perhaps the most important feature...it's a nice phone. So, recommended only if you want a phone to play with, not talk on!

Reviewed by Marat from USA on 23rd Aug 2008
The phone is ok. Not great, not what i expected. The battery life for me is about 24 hours but i did have my Bluetooth on the whole time. I find it that when i use the media player the battery life goes down almost instentaniously. WiFi is horrible. Sometimes it cant find the network when im sitting near the router. Looses the connection ALOT. The good things are tho its easy to use. great for connecting to the PC. Great memory. All in all....for the price of this phone you make the choice. You take the ups with the downs

Reviewed by james from kazakstan on 21st Aug 2008
a rubish fone does nothing a complete waste of money no won should buy this naf fone

Reviewed by Ameen from Palestine on 16th Aug 2008
This phone has EVERYTHING you need in life it has a mp3 it has a calculator and it look very nice

Reviewed by Pete from US on 10th Aug 2008
I despise this phone. I am on my 3rd one presently and have yet to have a battery last more than 14 hours regardless of usage. The looks and the features are great, having to bring the charger with me or purchase a secondary charger I think is an un-needed hassle. To compare, I left both my Blackberry Curve with WiFi and Bluetooth on. Not only did the BB outlast the 6301, I have had to charge the 6301 3 times now and the BB is still over half a battery. After talking to T-Mobile Tech support, I was told that the battery was only rated for 8-10 hours on standby. The website says 14.5 days, which the tech support actually argued with me about until I read the URL to them. I was then assured that it was my fault for not charging it properly (which I did ver-batim to the users manual). I didn't want to write a bad review so I sent in for a replacement, 2 phones later, no improvement. Bluetooth is hit or miss and easily gets confused and locks up if there are 2 devies in the area that are paired. When I do talk on it which is not much, it gets very warm and is uncomfortable to use. The volume is inferior to even the cheaper phones out there as well.

Reviewed by van from usa on 2nd Aug 2008
Would love to love this phone--unfortunately it seems to run a little hot when you are on a call---I tried a new phone thinking it was a defect but the new did the same..other than a hot phone everything else seemed great.

Reviewed by Ithc1 from USA on 1st Aug 2008
Received the first 6301 and out of the box it had problems. Battery cover did not fit correctly and it would fall off while making calls. Also the desk top charging tool could not be used with battery cover on as it would not fit flush. Was sent another one and it was exactly the same as the first. Pro: Wonderful color graphics on home screen. Easy to use and easy to connect. WiFi. Good call volume and clarity through ear piece of unit. User friendly menus. Con: Very poor battery life. Speaker phone has very little volume or clarity. Quality of fit of unit. Keys on key pad are not spaced well and it is very difficult to not press two keys at once every time you use the unit. Ringer volume very low even at max setting. Calls sometimes produce at sharp tinny sound while listening and while talking it echoes back. When calling an automated service it does not connect well with voice. Has happened on all calls back to T-Mobile. Found out after going to 3 T-mobile stores that the reason the battery cover does not fit is because when taking it off to insert battery the metal case bows in the middle and will not seat properly , the store manager used extreme force and got it back to fitting flush but each time you must be careful to force it back on. The metal or designing of unit is the cause. I am probably going to send it back.

Reviewed by siobhan from england on 30th Jul 2008
Love the phone! keys easy to use, sleek and nice, problem is their is no flash on the camera and so the camera is poor in dull/dark conditions inside places, battery life is not as long as it states it should last but that is only when I have played music on it for a long period in the day, other than that the battery lasts a while. Having problems with the wifi though, do not think it can connect to a wireless network and browse the internet through the network which is disappointing

Reviewed by Mamun from USA on 29th Jul 2008
This phone is awesome for the price. Though it has battery low life and low ringer volume, it makes up with the rest. With the Nokia PC suite downloading and installing everything is a breeze. The phone feels nice in hand the ease of use makes it a perfect phone for noobs and oldies.

Reviewed by K from UK on 20th Jul 2008
Battery life not great. Does not connect to WAP. Unable to play the music I have downloaded. Orange don't seem to have a clue about the problems. On the plus side, it's great as a paper weight . . . .

Reviewed by Peter Zorg from France on 16th Jul 2008
This phone has really a big issue: battery life. Apart from that, really classy BUT Only 2 days of battery life !!(really far from even 5-6 days). I am really disappointed. My old 6670 has a tremendous battery life compared to the 6301. I turned all possible economy modes on and all radios and bluetooth, etc off, and the battery is down in 1.5 days (with at most 2-3 5 minutes GSM calls). If you care about battery life: don't buy !

Reviewed by Marc from England on 14th Jul 2008
Had the 6301 for 5 days now. initially found the battery life pretty poor, but has improved since. The trick is not to have bluetooth activated unless you need it and to limit the use of camera/mp3 etc. The phone is easy to use with excellent intuitive menus, classic Nokia. Build quality is good, the phone feels solid in the hand. Camera and video are basic and will not set the world alight. I just need a phone to make phone calls and this phone fits the bill perfectly.

Reviewed by Derek Baker from UK on 1st Jul 2008
I've had my 6301 for 2 weeks now & find it's a great mobile Phone. Nice to handle & once the menu is mastered & profile set up, I love it. One hiccup though. I tried the radio shortly after getting it, then discovered the battery life to be less than I'd hoped for. I've since realised that the radio must be switched off afterwards or it continues to drain the battery. It now holds it's charge very well.

Reviewed by jimmy from japan on 18th Jun 2008
very good phone love the wifi. it allows me to surf the web just like my PC, obviously not as fast but just as gd!

Reviewed by Ange from Uk on 16th Jun 2008
Great phone coming from the prism i find the battery life good. Very classic and easy to use and has s40 5th edition software ill keep mine for a long time im very happy with it.

Reviewed by Dustin from Canada on 14th Jun 2008
I got the phone from FIDO its a good thing I have 15 days to take it back. It wont connect to any of my wireless networks (WAP) (WAP2) I was not told it was UMA not a real wireless phone what a joke. I will be returning this phone. Worst battery life ever!

Reviewed by Greate from MY on 31st May 2008
GREAT PHONE !!!! The best phone ever !!!

Reviewed by Johnny from UK on 29th May 2008
High pitched noise rings out from the ear piece making calls incredibly painful. I'm sure this is not good for the hearing. I seem to be experiencing tinnitus like problems. If I could this phone would be on par with minus 10! (-10 rating). You cannot put a price on your hearing.

Reviewed by jay from canada on 22nd May 2008
purchased the phone and loved it, all the features and clarity, wife bought the LG chocolate and is exchanging it for 6301 Nokia. Had many phones from the first Motorola (brick) to a Diamondtel, and so on, technology has come a long way, and this phone is one I would recommend. Ease of use and tons of storage. One downfall is battery life, can be a bit longer, but hey with all the functions thats why it drains fast, i can't get my hands off of it.

Reviewed by Tracy from England on 20th May 2008
I have recently got a 6301 and love it except for the fact that the battery only last 5-6 days before it needs charging. A long way from the 14.5 days it's supposed to have! Other than that it's a great phone and really easy to use.

Reviewed by Ellen from UK on 29th Apr 2008
I upgraded from my 6300 to a 6301 with orange. Thank goodness they offer a 7 days no quibbles return option. The build quality of the 6301 is inferior to the 6300 - materials used are not as nice, keys stick and the casings front and back don't match smoothly. Colours are icky brown and orange (lights) as opposed to the black and blue lights of the 6300. Functionality is essentially the same a few nice tweaks with the SMS functions. Orange are advertising it as WiFi - which it is but it is NOT for browsing, only making internet calls - you can set it to automatically pick up your home network when you are in range which is neat but very thirsty on the battery which, despite hearing is improved on the 6300, it is not. It is exactly the same battery - I know this because I had my old 6300 and got the batteries muddled - they are exactly the same - same capacity etc. So I sent it back and am sticking with my 6300 for now.

Reviewed by neil prince from united kingdom on 16th Apr 2008
A superb phone.Clearly Tom from London is mistaking his for a hammer or possibly a jemmy.Perhaps he should stick to landlines.

Reviewed by Tom from London on 10th Apr 2008
Replacement phone now falling apart like the last. Only been out of the house for an hour and a half. The face of the phone is coming away in the corner and there is no tool thhat I have ever seen to tighten it. Annoyed. A great phone but in my experience poor build quality.

Reviewed by Tracey from Manchester on 1st Apr 2008
After enduring the torture that is a Nokia N73 for a whole year I finally upgraded. I was very biassed against getting another Nokia but this phone has restored my faith in them. Quite simply, it works! The entire phone is well thought out, incredibly simple to use and everything is exactly where you intuitively expect it to be. The reception is a huge improvement, the buttons are nicely engineered and the whole thing has a very pleasingly slim but solid feel. All in all, I'm delighted!

Reviewed by Tom from London on 31st Mar 2008
Absoluite gem of a phone. Really regret moving away from Nokia in the past and this is a welcome return. Battery life is far better than my wifes 6300 and much nicer overall. Only gripe is the build quality as the silver front to the phone is coming away at the top of the phone but Orange are more than happily exchanging this and I suspect is a one off. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Wayne from Manchester on 27th Mar 2008
This is a brilliant phone, the only fault I can find is the ring volume. Even on full its not good. But apart from that it gets 4 stars for me.

Reviewed by Suzanne Winter from UK on 22nd Mar 2008
Lovely phone to use. Only one complaint though - even on max volume, this phone does not ring loudly.

Reviewed by Sangvad Keaney from England on 13th Mar 2008
I have this about 2 days now. I am pretty pleased with its slimline appearance and feel. I am disappointed there is no integral light and I am finding it a little difficult to get my ringtones up and running as its not easy and straight forward. I am still waiting for the phone which will give me DAB radio too.

Reviewed by Krys from UK on 2nd Mar 2008
Just got this as upgrade. Huge improvement on previous(6111).Poor reception where I live but this phone gets good signal.Easy to use like all Nokias. Minor quibble, hand book could be more user friendly. Great phone!

Reviewed by Allie from uk on 29th Feb 2008
I got the nokia 6301 yesterday and it's fab!! My dad has the 6300 and I said i liked them, but the 6301 is even more awesome

Reviewed by kevin from uk on 28th Feb 2008
I had the nokia 6300 found the battery to be very poor needed charging daily its nice to see nokia have bought out a new updated phone with better battery performance and wi-fi the camera is also very good on this phone the call quality is also very good I would recommend this phone but not the 6300.

Reviewed by bonia alhein from sudan on 22nd Feb 2008
pretty outstanding fone.. great camera.. love it..

Reviewed by luqmaan from england on 20th Feb 2008
best phone in the world

Reviewed by nicos from cyprus on 16th Feb 2008
just an a perfect phone!

Reviewed by piers from england on 7th Feb 2008
best phone ever

Reviewed by John from England on 31st Jan 2008
I still have my 6300, and i love it. I would get this phone for the Wlan, Wifi, and Uma support alone, seems a welcome change. If its just like the 6300 with improvments as your saying, I'll get one. Definatly.

Reviewed by rob from england on 26th Jan 2008
had a bad experience with the n73, a really poor phone. got the 6301 yesterday and am really pleased with it top marks in every dept. superb phone nokia at their best

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